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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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mcbride of san pablo.they say he is the man who shot and killed rashanda franklin in cold blood.((grant))kron 4's alecia reid talked to people who knew the victim. victim. a memorial is starting to grow at this intersection where just hours ago this deadly shooting happened.according to police there was a history of domestic violence in the relationship.however the two were separated.unfortunately, it appears the suspect wouldn't leave the victim alone.pkg"unthinkable tragedy, just sad all the way around"in an instant lawyer mcbride cuts off his estranged girlfriend at the rheem and 29th street intersection. rashanda franklin tries backing up. he jumps out, walks up to her vehicle, an argument ensued, then she was
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shot. her 2 young children sat in the backseat watching it all."she got gunned down worse than an animal in front of her kids that she's been showing so much love to" the 29 year old was dropping 2 of her children off to school, and noticed mcbride following her. police say she drove around the area in hopes of avoiding him, but he contiued tracking her. todd walker "it's sick i mean totally totally sick. now these kids don't have a mother, and they have to live with the fact that they saw their mother murdered. it's sickening. it's sickening and there are too many guns" immediately after that fatal gunshot, a neighbor ran outside, grabbed the 2 boys from the backseat . who she says were screaming hysterically .. and took them inside her home to safety. their backbacks bloodied. the godmother for one of the childdren says rashanda was a great mother that did everything for her boys.
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adrienne reynolds / victim's oldest son's godmother "roshanda is a beautiful young lady that loved her sons, loved god, was doing the best she could for her them. she was keeping her children in private school so they could get the best education they could"a family friend tells me just last night police were called on the suspect. before 9 o'clock this morning tragedy. rashanda's family has created a go fund me page to help with funeral expenses. in the meantime richmond police have issued a $2 million dollar warrant for mcbride's arrest. the 49 year old is described as 225 pounds. last seen driving a 2007 silver 4 door mercedes s-550 with paper plates. allwin brown / richmond police chief now to a big story kron 4 has been covering all day.san francisco police have arrested a man accused of groping at least four women on muni. tonight he faces several charges, including sexual battery and false imprisonment. this is the man police confirm is behind bars.his identity has not been happened on the n judah line today a viewer reached out to kron 4 and says she snapped a picture of the suspect after she says he rubbed his crotch up against her shoulder...
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repeatedly as she was riding the train.i was so so angry. what i didn't realize at the time initially said there were so many other women that there were so many other women that have also experienced the same thing and from the same man. this is not normal. he's committing a crime. and he is praying on women so it needs to be stopped. the special victims unit is asking anyone with information on this case to contact them. (pam) the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assautling.. a 13- year old girl ..was set to be in court today. however - 50 year-old timothy marble could not make it because of medical reasons. he was instead scheduled to be arraigned in jail. marble is accused of picking up the girl at a napa gas station ... after she ran away from home. investigators say, the two stopped to smoke marijuana and that is when marble tied the child to a tree... and
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assaulted her numerous times. the alleged victim was able to escape.. when police say she jumped out of his car. ((grant))tonight...frustrated parents sound off on several racists incidents at an east bay school.((pam))that includes a derogatory instagram account...targeting african american students, and nazi signs being flashed by some students.((grant))kron 4's jr stone was at tonight's meeting. tonight's stone was at kron 4's jr ((grant))kron 4's
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jr stone was at tonight's meeting. tonight's meeting.
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in napa an officer-involved shooting left one man dead and put a school on lockdown for more than an hour.police got reports of a man shooting a gun on linda vista avenue at about 2:30.sheriff's deputies say when they arrived he was shooting at them, so they had to fire back.that man did end up dying and his car was riddled with bullet holes. students at west park elementary were on lockdown for more than an hour, but nobody else was napa, spencer blake, kron four news. (terisa)here in menlo park - it is equal pay day and this store is drawing attention to it in more ways then one. the book store has mostly female managers and 85 percent of it's staff is women. last month they hosted feminist authors and had panel discussions on women's issues
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in addition, local ride sharing company lyft gave 20 percent of it's revenue to women's charities - research shows that women make 80 cents to the dollar compared with men - a 20 percent gap. many women took to twitter to address the inequality as well. don't put the umbrella away just yet...spring showers are in store for the bay area. ((grant))meteorologist brittney shipp is back to tell us when the rain will return. dry and dry and seasonably mild
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conditions will continue across the region into tomorrow as high pressure builds in. unsettled conditions return late in the week with locally heavy rainfall and strong winds possible from thursday night into friday morning as a strong frontal system pushes inland. unsettled conditions potentially persist into the upcoming weekend. april showers
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america's got talent judge mel b. is she a battered wife, bruises on her body? >> the shocking divorce papers. >> pancake contest disaster. >> someone is choking. hurry. >> the sorority girl that choked to death during a pancake eating contest. >> her father was killed on 9/11. >> i love you and miss you every day. >> moment of crisis. there is a train seconds away. one wrong step and they are both electrocuted. >> plus, donald trump's ferrari for sale. >> it has donald trump's signature. wait until you hear how much. >> then, the search for missing beth and her teacher.


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