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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 7, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> mel b. dressed in all white stopped by her lawyer's office in west hollywood yesterday. she's been there twice this week. on monday she filed this restraining order, claiming he was abusive during their 9 year marriage and she was in fear for my safety. >> the filing included photos which appear to show bruises and claim the abuse ochb scope sided with mel b.'s high profile appearances. the couple's former nanny had been thrust into the spotlight. >> that's lorraine walking her dog with her husband by her side. mel b. claims bellafonte got lorraine pregnant and used money from me to pay for lorraine's abortion. bellafonte's lawyers vehemently deny all of mel b.'s claims, calling them a smear campaign. >> of course, we will continue
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to follow this story and bring you all the latest developments will. >> go to our website at e.t. news of a celebrity split. olivia munn and aaron rodgers have reportedly called it quits. the actress and the nfl quarterback started dating three years ago after meeting at an awards show. the split is said to be amicable. the news comes nearly three months after engagement rumors surrounded the couple. olivia was spotted where a ring on her finger in january. and even her mom thought they were getting married. the last time olivia and aaron were spotted together was on valentine's day, neither are thrilled to be photographed. >> olivia had a part in aaron's estrangement from his family. the rest played out when jordan rogers competed on jo jo fletcher's season of the bachelorette.
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>> all the boys. fame can change you. >> jorden told us, they were trying to keep it all in the family. >> i think anybody in our situation would do the same. family matters are sensitive and private. >> aaron's relationship with his family may be strained but he got alongwell with olivia. >> in happier times she told us that wasn't always ideal for her. >> the fortunate thing for me, my mom loved my boyfriend so much. no matter what, he's gold to her. he can do no wrong. you love aaron so much? >> yes. let's get to another big headline our newsdesk has been working on. that's a sneak peek at mama june's entrance to her ex's sugar bear's wedding. >> i ain't never seen june look that good. >> what does sugar barry of your
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new weight? >> i don't know and don't really care. i don't care what he has to say or what he has to go. >> does he know he was the real reason at first to why you did all these surgeries? >> he showed me i wasn't worth anything, you know what i mean, i felt like losing the weight made me feel empowered, honestly. >> mama june's extreme makeover included three months of workouts with a traber. >> what's the number one change you've seen in june since you started working with her? >> attitude. attitude and swagger. she has swag even when she was bigger she had it, but now that it's smaller. >> would you do any other surgeries? no, i'm done. >> i look at old pictures, i'm like, that's not me. that's not me. and that's true. >> when you look in the mirror
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do you see your oldself or newself? >> i've always seen myself, i'm not trying to be -- >> we are a few weeks away from the mtv movie and tv awards and the nominations are out. remember to keep this in mind adam levine is the nominee, adam devine is the host. >> there's always like three people in the audience that are a little bummed that they came to my show and they thought they came to an adam levine concert. >> i'm not, and you can tell by mostly this. his body doesn't look like this. >> the biggest party of the year, the mtv movie and tv awards. >> how do you prevent those envelopes from getting switched
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up? >> i'm not. i'm going to encourage it. put them in a big bucket, whisk it around. i think we might sweep. >> it will be the movie and tv awards. >> there's only one man that can combine movie and television together. a lot of people think that's chris pratt. but no. evidently, i'm a bigger star because they ask me. i also think he passed. >> if past years are any indication, expect a big entrance from adam. >> what are you planning? >> a huge one. people are going to be like -- how did he -- did he? no! . right now i'm playing it so cool. i'm going to crush this. >> adam's been waiting a long time to crush it.
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he's been waiting for this since he saw mike meyers in the '90s. up next, inside tyra banks super hip apartment that's the size of a mansion. five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and incredible new york city views. richard gere still smokin' at 67 and still talking pretty woman. >> they may do a pretty woman musical. would you make an appearance? i'm trying to win this show, i don't care if i hurt your feelings in the process, adam. >> you have no soul, wuss? but first, smurfs the lost village hits theaters today. >> demi lovato is smurf et picking up where katy perry left off. >> i think there's sarcasm i bring to the character, but i
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wanted to bring empowerment to her character. i wanted her to inspire people to find their perfect as well. >> why are my muscles so big. >> i grew up watching them just like everyone else around the world. >> on their adventure, they meet smurf willow. >> if papa smurf is sort of the father figure of smurf village, then smurf willow is the mother figure of the enchanted forest. >> it's amazing in this time, that we have a male centric franchise, that there's an entire female counterpart. >> the messages of smurfs the lost village is -- girl power! which, of course, i love.
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michael bolton and jane seymour were among the stars honoring palm spr
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♪ chain smokers have been all over the radio since 2014. but believe it or not, they
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never actually released an album. that is until today. paris is one of the songs on their debut album memories do not open. today we were with them in new york city as they brought to life the bedroom on the album's cover arts. and invited fans to stop by the pop-ups to meet them. >> they're really just asking for selfies. >> personally, i'd like to listen to the chain smokers in my own bedroom, but it's pretty cool. how would you like to own tyra banks's bedroom, family room and kitchen. tyra ace incredible new york city apartment is up for sale. miss banks is leaving the building. she's selling her deluxe apartment in the sky, for a cool
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$17.5 million. tyra combined four units to create this 7,000 square foot condo with five bedrooms and eight baths. the master bedroom has a private sitting room and mini-bar. spectacular views of the hudson river. there's a wood paneled library and eat in chef's kitchen with plenty of room to entertain. don't have the mega cash? no worries, you can rent it for 50,000 per month, bargain. still ahead, full house meets seventh heaven meets step by step. we're with three '90s child stars all grown up. >> if anybody tells you under 16 to have a nose job, don't worry about it, it doesn't work, it makes you look strange. hugh hefner's son gives e.t. a tour of the playboy mansion. richard gere with his 34-year-old girlfriend.
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how the 67 actor is getting better with age. >> i feel like i have more energy. closed captioning provided by -- last year's champion -- >> won again. >> persil original beat every single detergent tested.
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i feel like a drowning man trying to wave an ocean -- >> i'm a good swimmer. >> don't forget that. >> let's talk about richard gere for a second. he has a new movie, the big premiere was this week. he's even more handsome than when he swept julia roberts off her feet twice. >> who's your date tonight? >> you apparently. i've spent the whole evening with you. >> so not complaining. >> skat 67 years young, richard has that silver fox charm. how is he getting better with age? >> i haven't eaten meet really since i was 27. so 40 years ago. >> that's why you look so good. >> it does help. it's kind of amazing, i feel
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like i have more energy opinion. >> we fell in love with richard in pretty woman. hard to believe it's been nearly 35 years since he made us swoon in "an officer and a gentleman." >> would you like to get a drink. >> i remember how great of shape i was in, and after shooting, i was doing two more hours of karate for the movie. i've never been quite that fit. >> they might do a pretty woman musical. would you make an appearance if it happened? >> no, of course not. >> he makes it his job to know everyone who's anyone. >> excuse me, i have to leave. this is unacceptable. >> tell my partners that we had a good conversation much. >> a lot of people are saying this is the best role of your entire career. how does it feel to share that, and what is the secret to this level of longevity? >> well, it's -- first of all, like every movie i do, they say, he's never been better.
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like i've been really terrible before. now, finally figured out how to do this. >> recognize those three beautiful faces? i bet you do. especially if you grew up watching tv in the '90s like i did. they were among the biggest child stars of the decade. now, they're all grown up. and joining forces. when did you realize you were famous? >> growing up in this business, you have weird experiences, like stalkers at an early age, bodyguards with you when you're 9 years old. things like that, oh, not everybody has this? okay, this is strange. ♪ whatever happened to >> childhood in the hollywood spotlight has brought the full house star together with two other child actresses. >> we would get on set, we wanted the show to feel like a modern family, feel like a sitcom.
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i think we nailed what we wanted to do. >> the show isn't afraid to poke some fun at the industry. >> if anyone tells you under 16 to have a nose job. don't worry about it, you'll grow into your nose later, trust me. >> jodie how are you doing? >> mum about her split from fiancee justin hodak. but she's on the mend after multiple fractures. >> i finally started walking last week, so getting to do all the press stuff and everything, it's going really well. >> beverly who played jessica beals younger sister for 10 years, says she's still very close to jessica and justin timberlake. >> they're not jesse and justin to any of the people i'm with. >> we found out there will be more blasts from the past popping up as guest stars, including soleil moon frye, andrea barber and christine's
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former step by step co-star, patrick duffy. this sunday the founder of playboy will turn 91 years old. his life is the stuff of legends. that's why a new story about how hef changed the way the world looks. >> i don't want to follow trends, i want to create them. >> playing hef in the early years, matt we'll and. >> this is '70s? yeah, can you see from these sweet flairs and beautiful silk shirt. >> my side burns, yeah. >> don't forget the trademark pipe. keep puffing. before they say action, hopefully it will stay lit for a little bit. >> it's part dramatization,t comedy. >> he learned firsthand about
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the empire. >> i started the magazine with $612 on my kitchen table in had chicago. >> appearing in the movie is hugh's son cooper. their mom was hugh's second wife kimberly conrad. >> all my boys. >> life was very different for me compared to most -- specifically just growing up with a mansion, amazing mecca for parties. >> hef's parties were epic. hollywood's hottest ticket. this party for anna nicole smith is when cooper was around 2 years old. >> for me it was a place where i could ride my go-karts. it was my childhood house. 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms. >> this is one of my favorite spots on the property, it's the pool. it's my childhood 3508, but i'm sure there's wild stories others have. >> heaven, i'm in heaven.
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>> the famous menagerie has 150 animals. >> you know you've had a tough night when you wake up in the monkey cage. >> excuse me, can i use the car please. >> now it's the location for much of american playboy. >> my jaw dropped when i saw the mansion. it's so surreal being here. >> this is the game house, it's my favorite place on the property for obvious reasons. >> fantastic. >> while the dock u series uses re-enactments, it also incorporates more than 17,000 hours of footage and over 2600 scrapbooks from hefner's personal archives. blake and adam outtakes from the voice. their best slams you were never meant to see until now. kron-4 news at eight: we
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are tracking a storm heading for the bay area. we'll show you what to expect... plus the damage that has
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already slammed our region. plus 49er tramaine brock arrested for domestic assault. we'll have the details of the investigation. i'm grant lodes. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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let's talk about when you got braces for the first time? >> i did have to wear head gear. >> popping off rubber banneds, breaking off brackets. >> and by the end my teeth moved back again.
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>> we straighten and brighten smiles for 70% less. travel consideration provided by -- e.t. is at the site of the furious new york premiere. >> it's amazing. >> the truth behind the on set feud. >> it's like being invited to the coolest party possible. monday on e.t. which is more fun to watch on the voice, blake and gwen's romance or blake and adam's
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bromance? >> easy, the bromance. wait until you see the blake and adam moments that did not make the show. >> i think you have the worst team. >> you have the worst attitude. >> you have the worst face, i'd like to punch it. >> you have the worst breath, i'd like to cover it. >> you have the worst outfit, so there. >>. >> i'm on this show to win, i don't care about it. >> exactly, you don't care who you hurt along the way. >> i'm trying to win this show. i don't care if i hurt your feelings in the process, adam. >> you have no soul, wuss. now at eight ... in about 30 seconds in burst through and started coming down really fast april showers bring buckets of trouble; landslides, down
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trees and power outages.we are live in the oakland hills where three homes have been red=tagged.,whooshforty niner fans react to the news that one more team member has been arrested on domestic abuse charges,i was like, another one? i thought this was over. whooshnatfirst the missiles, then the backlash. president trump's reckless military strikes last nightbay area protests against the attack on syria.whooshand here is a sight to warm the heart of any warriors fan ... kevin durant back on the court with no restrictions, you're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) we are tracking rain across the bay area tonight. good evening i'm pam moore. (grant) and i'm grant lodes. kron4 meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking this storm and has more from the weather center. lawrence?


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