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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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♪ mel b beaten and blackmailed at the hands of her husband while he impregnated their nanny. the new twist after her shocking abuse claims. what he's now demanding from her. plus olivia munn and aaron rodgers split. >> i cannot wait for them to get married. >> we're not even engaged, mom. >> is his family to blame? then a mama june exclusive. >> what do you weigh today? >> revealing her weight after her total body transformation. >> i promise you i'm not eating salads every day. >> her surgery scars and what you never knew about the reality star. >> what's wrong? >> plus harry styles' extreme stunts. why is he hanging from a helicopter? then dancing's simone biles on her most memorable year and new boyfriend. >> he's got a good body.
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i'm just sayin'. and -- how amy schumer got goldie hawn to come back to the big screen. >> am i going to be, you know, funny anymore? >> our exclusive with the comedy duo. >> smart as a whip. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." >> it has been quite a week for mel b. thanks for joining us, everyone. cameron math son is off. we've been following the new developments involving the america's got talent judge. this after she says her husband was behind those bruises we've seen on her body. here's the latest after mel b filed a restraining order describing his alleged abuse in disturbing detail. mel b is claiming the abuse followed a pattern. at the height of her successes, her husband of almost ten years, stefan belafonte would, quote, beat me down to let me know that he was in charge. she included photos as evidence. this image of her with a bandage on her face and another from the
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uk x factor where she claims bruises are visible. her time lane dates back to november of 2007, the day after her finale on "dancing with the stars." she claimed stefan placed both of his hands around her neck, began choking her and slammed her down on the floor. in july of 2012 as a judge on the australian x factor, she said a planned segment with usher sent belafonte into a jealous rage. she claims he purged her with a closed fist and split her lip. then more abuse claims the following month. in august of 2012, she was part of the spice girls performance at the closing ceremony of the london olympics. the following day, she says belafonte, quote, punched me in the face with a closed fist. at the time, mel b posted this photo of an injury and claimed that she fell while running in seven-inch heels. now in the court papers, she said that stefan forced her to post the story as a cover-up. in 2014, mel b says that around
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the very time these instagrams were taken, stefan told her that their nanny was pregnant with his child. her name is lorraine. she's a german former exchange student who was hired at 19 years old to be the nanny. lorraine worked for mel and stefan for six years during their marriage. mel b claims belafonte ordered her to have an abortion and, quote, used money earned by me to pay for it. >> any truth in the allegations about mel b? >> the nanny was walking her dog with her husband at her side. belafonte's lawyers vehemently deny mel b's allegations telling "e.t." they're outrageous and unfounded and a smear campaign. in his response, belafonte is asking for spousal support, and the 41-year-old movie producer is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their 5-year-old daughter, madison. meanwhile, mel was spotted at her lawyer's office twice this week. on thursday, she was accompanied by items which maying significant in her divorce case, including photos.
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at her home, another item was retrieved. a computer which could be crucial. mel b alleges stefan extorted her by secretly recording her sexual encounters and then threatening to release the tapes. >> how are you doing today? >> looking beautiful. >> on friday, mel b was spotted with her realtor leaving her hollywood hills home, which she just put up for sale. and mel certainly has a lot on her plate, but she will be back when the new season debuts on may 30th with new host tyra banks. let's get to some other headlines this weekend including j.lo and a-rod, the pair known as j-rod was everywhere this week. here's the latest couples news. ♪ a-rod impressed mother and daughter last sunday in new york, he was hand in hand with jennifer as her mom, grauadalup strolled alongside them. later with guadalupe away, j.lo went super sexy in a leather peekaboo skirt for a dinner date with alex. the former yankees slugger got
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the door and said they were inside for an hour and a half. alex seemed very attentive to her. the next day, a-rod was all business leaving an afternoon midtown meeting, lady lopez on his arm, in a midriff-baring red outfit. j.lo's crop top was ripped offer the runway at more than 2,800 bucks. next, does this new photo prove that katie holmes and jamie foxx are a couple? a blogger snapped this sneaky pic of katie and jamie dining together last sunday in new york's east village. jamie, in a fedora. katie in a black jacket and glasses. the pair have never publicly confirmed their relationship, but rumors of a romance started in 2013. a source tells "e.t." the relationship is serious. now, a celebrity split. olivia munn and aaron rodgers have called it quits. ♪ the actress and the nfl quarterback started dating three
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years ago after meeting at an awards show. a source close to olivia tells "e.t." the couple broke up about a month ago, adding it was president over anything specific. they just grew apart over time. they tried to make it work but just couldn't. next, is big bang's kaley cuoco sharing baby news? >> is this giving you baby fear? >> no. >> no. friend marla sock love wasn't giving anything away. kaley was merely in awe of the clothing line, little moon society. >> what was the inspiration for this? >> i think the biggest inspiration really was our kids. >> these are like super glittery and fun. >> what we love so much about our summer collection is so many pieces are unisex. >> and kaley hopes stylish celeb kids were rock her designs. >> what about beyonce? bl blue ivy? >> i think both of us would have
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a heart attack if we saw blue ivy in it. >> now this "dancing with the stars" duo pro, shawna burgess and bolton can't escape the rumors that they are a couple. but is the showmance gossip just a ploy? that's what we wanted to foe when sharna shared her plan to win it all with "e.t." online's lauren zima. >> we want to improve as much as we can each week. i think my goal for him is to have him moving better with his injury. >> sharna admits that strategy took a little bit of a hit. >> i did not expect charleston thrown at me so early in the season. >> did that feel a little bit unfair to have that thrown at you? >> it did. honestly it did feel a little bit unfair. >> so how do they bounce back? well, expect that. is there something more happening between these two off the dance floor angle to stick around? >> dancing isn't just acting. everyone wants that chemistry to
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be maybe romantic or something else. i guess we look good together, you know. so the story line goes a certain way. >> and if that doesn't work, sharna has got a secret weapon ready to go. >> i'm not really one for doing shirtless all the time or trying to be overly sexy with the costumes. but, you know, it's going to come. i think everyone is waiting for me to rip that shirt off. i'm holding it hostage. >> keep voting for team denim and diamonds because it's going to come. >> they'll need those votes to compete with the likes of olympic gymnast simone biles. get this, the 20-year-old told us things are heating up for her off the dance floor. >> i've never had a boyfriend in my life. i've been on maybe one proper date. >> how did that go? >> are you going to go on a second date with this guy? >> yeah, probably. >> what if he's watching right now? >> hey. he's got a good body.
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i'm just sayin'. i'm just sayin'. >> she is just too cute for words. well, next week the theme is most memorable year, and simone and sasha told me that her pick will not be her olympic year but a seminal moment leading up to it, and it will be emotional. now, this week must have been emotional for barry manilow. he officially came out of the closet at age 73. and the music icon is talking about his love life for the first time on camera with cameron. ♪ >> is this something you've been wanting to share for a while? >> it never really dawned on me. i mean i was really proud of the guy, you know. i don't even like people knowing the names of my dogs. i don't mind at all. i'm proud of it. i am. ♪ >> barry actually married his
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longtime partner and business manager three years ago in a quiet ceremony. there were headlines soon after, but no comments from barry. >> what's been the reaction? >> i have not read one negative response. to me, it is so moving. it is so deep for me that these strangers were so happy that i was happy, that i wasn't alone. ♪ >> the two met early in barry's career and have been together as a couple for 39 years. known to their friends but not to the public. >> i made a deal with myself that there's two careers. one is for the public, and the other part is mine. 90% is the public. i got that 10%, and you can't come in unless i invite you in. >> what has been the secret, do you think, to such a successful and long-lasting relationship? >> separate bathrooms. ♪ >> barry still making music, of course, with a new album, this is my town, songs of new york. ♪ >> you can't get rid of me.
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>> that's right. >> you can't get rid of me. i'll be making music until a croak. >> that's right, barry. you ain't going nowhere, except on the road because he's got a limited series of concert dates that are coming up in may. well, coming up, our exclusive with carrie underwood. is she planning for baby number two? >> does isaiah ever ask for a little brother or sister? then mama june's weight loss surgery. the scars and the surprising mental toll. >> do you have any regrets? plus our hollywood night out with brad pitt. but did this hunk steal a movie role from him? and goldie hawn dishes details on her family vacation with her movie daughter, amy schumer. >> with me and my two ♪
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer finish quantum, proven don't to clean better thanlean. cascade complete gel. switch to finish quantum and get really clean dishes first time, every time. indid may imagine april showersy bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ man, she looks amazing at the ac m's last weekend, but
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unfortunately for carrie underwood, her husband mike fisher wasn't able to be there. they're really great together, don't you think? they also have an adorable little boy. so are they ready for more? "e.t." online talks family with country music power mom. >> so now that isaiah is officially 2, are you thinking about having more kids? are you ready to expand the family? >> um, you know, we're just -- we're on god's good timing or whatever you might call it. i'm just trying to figure out where life may take me next. >> does isaiah ever ask for a little brother or sister? >> oh, no. no. as a matter of fact, if a dog like climbs up in my lap, i feel like he gets a little jealous. >> so a bigger family, we'll have to wait and see on that. but one thing we know for sure. carrie is one hot mama. check her out at the acm awards where she had four wardrobe changes. girl spends time at the gimym. >> least favorite workout routine.
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>> i don't know if i have a least favorite because they all do something. i just do whatever. >> carrie is a busy mom these days. she was in vegas last week but this week she was on california's catalina island. she doesn't get a lot of time off, but when she does, you might be surprised by how she spends it. >> i clean my house and bake, try to make food, and spend time at home with my family. if there's a bag to unpack, i like to unpack it. >> carrie was in catalina performing on the carnival imagine cruise ship, celebrating the support she has given to military families. so she's pretty much super girl, but she does have one weakness. >> i loved all the cakes that i've been seeing on your instagram, your birthday cakes. >> yeah. >> holy cow. >> my best friend's a baker, and she just knows me so well. >> another star with a reason to celebrate, brad pitt who made a surprise first red carpet appearance of 2017. >> brad. >> it was good to see brad smiling. his look was business casual in a black jacket, cap, and sporting a salt and pepper
9:16 pm
goatee. he was there to support the loss city of z. he's an executive producer on the film. brad didn't stop for interviews but he did do a quick shoutout. >> brad has developed this for years and years. i think initially the intention was he was going to star in it. then he decided just to produce it. >> charlie hunnam took over that room to star with robert pattinson. >> we saw a little brad pitt action out of the wood work. you didn't see him? oh, you weren't here yet. >> but for big surprises, no one can best one direction singer harry styles, who took to the skies, performing an incredible stunt for his first solo music video. ♪ that is the 23-year-old dangling from a helicopter and singing. just one safety cord visible as he soars over the scottish sea. taking a break from one d,
9:17 pm
the flying acrobatics are for his first single, sign of the times, which dropped friday. his trademark long wavy locks are growing back. he chopped them off for the upcoming world war ii movie done kirk. he's coming out with a solo album and it also appears he's flying solo and not dating anyone publicly. ladies, listen up. here's what he's looking for. >> someone is nice with a good sense of humor. up next, sarah michelle gellar slays it again. >> do we have knives? >> in the kitchen with her kids. the cooking tips she learned from her husband. and how chris evans' co-stars are making us love him even more. >> when i look into chris evans' eyes, i feel like it's christmas. >> that's the best thing i've ever heard.
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your eye as captain america. but the superhero who is also one of hollywood's most eligible bachelors is also pretty irresistible off screen. want proof? we have video of him being both a loving father figure behind the scenes of his new movie, gifted, and a total gentleman greeting his ex, jenny slate, at the premiere. >> what would it feel like seeing her here tonight? >> it would be great. she's the best. >> how would that be for you guys? >> it would be fun. >> no awkwardness here. chatting, smiling, and cracking up, his arm around her waist. the friendly exes met on set and dated for ten months before calling it quits in january. th jenny was open about the reason for the split saying she couldn't handle his fame. quote, i have more freedom because i'm not captain america. we threw down pretty hard. no regrets, though, ever. still, she can't stop singing chris' praises. >> what was it like working with
9:21 pm
him? >> he's just an absolutely really giving performer and a wonderful actor, yeah. a total delight. >> in gifted, chrisst uncle and guardian of a math genius. >> how excited are you right now? >> i'm so excited. >> you are? why? >> because i've been waiting almost three years for the premiere, and i'm so just happy that it's finally coming out. and i'm so happy to be here. ♪ >> let me see. you look beautiful. >> i look like a disney character. >> carly sat down with chris and mckenna and, yep, she played the dad card. >> you look like you'd be such a good dad. you' has playing a dad made you want that? >> it's certainly something i look forward to. >> you'd make an amazing father. >> you're so sweet. >> we love that chris is ready for fatherhood. check him out on set holding hands and playing games with his
9:22 pm
adorable co-star. and -- >> wait, you had game nights without me? >> we only had one. it was late. it was probably past your bedtime. >> i cannot believe i was not invited to that. >> it was really late. >> octavia spencer plays the role of chris' best friend. >> when i look into chris evans' eyes, i feel like it's christmas. >> that's the best thing i've ever heard. >> right? >> ever. >> i'm really confused what she's talking about. >> omg. can i adopt her, please? just too cute for words. now, we are hanging with three former child stars of the '90s television era. these ladies are all grown up and working together to make us laugh. >> when did you realize that you were famous? >> you know, growing up in this business you have weird experience. bodyguards with you when you're 9 years old. you know, things like that that
9:23 pm
you're like, not everybody has this. okay. this is strange. >> childhood in the hollywood spotlight has brought the full house star together with beverley mitchell from seventh heaven and christine lakin from step by step on the new comedy series hollywood darlings. >> is this going to be a massage for your soul? >> i was just looking for a massage for my hands and feet. >> we would get on set and play an improve. but we wanted the show to feel like a modern family. i think we kind of nailed it. >> the show isn't afraid to poke some fun at the industry. >> if anybody tells you under 16 to have a nose job. don't worry it. doesn't work. makes you look strange. you'll grow into your nose later. it's going to be fine, trust me. >> so much going on personally and professionally. jody, how are you doing? >> great. >> mum about her split from justin hodak, but thankfully she's on the mend after surgery for multiple fractures after a freak accident from climbing a fence retrieving her daughter's toy. >> getting to do all the press stuff and everything, it's going
9:24 pm
really well. >> beverly, who played jessica biel's younger sister for ten years says she's still really close to jessica and justin. >> they're not jessie and justin to many of the people i'm with because we've been around for 20 years. >> and a few blasts from the past will join the ladies as guest stars including punky brewster's soleil moon frye, andrea barber, and christine's former step by step co-star, patrick duffy. well, speaking of flashbacks, check out the cast of buffy the vampire slayer celebrating their 20th anniversary. entertainment weekly brought them all together including sarah michelle gellar, david borianis and alyson hannigan. we were in new york talking about how she's now slaying it in the kitchen with her kids. >> i love watching my kids experiment. i love their bravery. i think that's the one thing i really take from them is they're not afraid to try an ingredient or try a recipe. >> sarah michelle is the kitchen
9:25 pm
slayer, instagramming her delicious creations for all the world to crave. >> okay. >> we caught up with her at the good housekeeping test kitchen, whiching up a vanilla cake from her organic brand and promoting her new cookbook, stirring up fun with food, inspired by her kids, charlotte and rocky. >> it's been a really great bonding for my kids to be able to see having an idea starting from scratch and actually making it into something tangible. >> her hubby of 14 years, freddie prinze jr., was her mentor. >> taking away the intimidation factor. i pretty much stayed married to him so i wouldn't starve. once i moved to california, it was a lot harder to get takeout. that was probably the initial reason i married him. >> that sexy smile might also have something to do with it. the two met on the set of, i know what you did last summer, which also celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. >> i love being reminded how old
9:26 pm
i am. every time you pass a newsstand, you're reminded that you're old. >> and reminded how pretty. still ahead -- >> "entertainment tonight," i love you guys so much. >> how jimmy fallon is helping to make snl history. >> the whole show has been a sham basically. >> then megan mullaly finally spills details on will and grace's return after more than ten years after the air. >> it just felt like, oh, hey, guys, and then i start talking in a high voice. closed captioning provided by -- i love you, couch.
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9:30 pm
pepsi issued an apology and a source told "e.t." kendall is devastated by the situation. that didn't stop the late night shows from poking fun. >> i'm guessing it's a protest for attractive lives matter. the protest route just happened to pass by kendall jenner doing a fashion shoot for apparently aluminum siding. >> number four, olivia munn and aaron rodgers call it quits. a source close to olivia tells "e.t." the couple broke up about a month ago, adding it wasn't over anything specific. they just grew apart over time. they tried to make it work but just couldn't. the actress and the nfl quarterback were together for three years, and the split is said to be amicable. but the news comes nearly three months after engagement rumors surrounded the couple. olivia was spotted with a ring on her finger in january. even her mom thought they were getting married. >> i'm excited.
9:31 pm
>> number three, brad pitt's red carpet return. it was brad's first red carpet of 2017 supporting his new movie, the lost city of z. brad's an executive producer. his look was business casual in a black jacket, cap, and sporting a salt and pepper goatee. >> how are you doing? >> number two, hollywood mourns the loss of comedy legend don rickles. >> you say hello and they show two seconds. yes, two seconds of nothing. >> the king of insults died thursday at his los angeles home from kidney failure. he was 90. >> in 55 years, this is one of my great treats of life. and blue cross is in the truck waiting to take me away. >> and the number one story of the week, spice girl mel b accuses her estranged husband, stefan belafonte, of abuse. mel, who filed for divorce in march, claims belafonte would, quote, beat me down to let me know that he was in charge. she included photos as evidence. this image from the uk x factor
9:32 pm
where she claims bruises are visible. belafonte denies the allegation. go to for the latest. well, also in the news, jimmy fallon, "the tonight show" host, has been locked in a ratings battle with stephen colbert this season, and this week jimmy and his crew were busy taping episodes at universal studios florida, where he's also showing off a new thrill ride inspired by the crazy things he does on the air. he gave our senior news editor a peek behind the scenes. >> so close. >> what's your favorite part? >> my favorite part is my wife and kids are in it, and it looks like they're really there. it's pretty cute. >> so good. >> jimmy's race through new york is inspired by his celebrity race segment. but on steroids. >> i have undercover bosses. one with like a mustache, you know? people are clapping and laughing and hooting and hollering.
9:33 pm
one of the ugliest girls. >> a lot of jimmy's regulars have cameos like sarah and the puppy predictors. >> dressed as a teenage girl. you need both of those things. >> we're going to do it. >> jimmy's ragtime gals are in the ride and singing to those in line. ♪ there's also a meet and greet with jimmy's favorite mascot. >> you got to watch. you got to watch. ♪ i got a brand-new ride >> jimmy's ride was by george lucas' industrial light and magic. >> have your girls been on the ride yet? >> 3 and 2 might be too young to do, but they're coming wednesday. my sister and her kids are coming wednesday. my mom and dad are coming wednesday. lord help me. lord help me. oh, my gosh. >> if he survives the family visit and the ride, on april 15th we'll be hosting "saturday night live" for the third time.
9:34 pm
for the first time, the show will be live from coast to coast. >> if i'm in new york city at 11:30 p.m., you're in los angeles at 8:30 p.m., it's both live. you're seeing live images. >> first time ever in the history of the show. >> the wlohole show has been a sham basically. "saturday night live" has never been live. >> also coming to nbc, the return of will and grace. yes! we've got karen, megan mullaly, talking about her famous sitcom going back on the air more than ten years later. >> it never, ever dawned on me that the show would come back. i never thought, well, i guess maybe someday we'll probably do will and grace again. >> is it easy 0 just to slide back in with those guys again? >> yeah. i mean it felt like we'd just been away for the weekend. the weirdest thing about it is that it didn't field weird. it just felt like, oh, hey, guys, so, um -- and then i start talking in a high voice. it's just really bizarre. like it just was totally there.
9:35 pm
i think what everybody is shooting for, because they've already started writing, they just want it to be funny. like that was the goal before, and it's the goal now. ♪ >> but before megan starts shooting those new episodes, she's making music with stephanie hunt. their duo is called nancy and bess. ♪ the tour started this saturday in l.a. and they're keeping it a mystery why their band doesn't use their real names. >> which one is nancy, which one is bess, or have you picked yet? >> we have picked. and no one on the planet except for stephanie and i know who is who. >> mm-hmm. >> there's madonna, and then there's nancy and beth. it's liberating when you perform under a different name. >> yeah. >> well, on the way, the unexpected way amy schumer convinced goldie hawn to do her
9:36 pm
first movie in 14 years. >> i also haven't worked in 14 years, but not by choice. >> plus does mama june regret her total body transformation. >> what do you weigh today? >> her scars from you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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welcome back, everybody. here comes honey boo boo star mama june successfully dropped close to 300 pounds and our senior news editor got the scoop from june herself on her revenge bod. >> how heavy were you at your heaviest? what was your highest weight? >> 460. >> 460 pounds? and what do you weigh today? >> i'm in the 160s. >> you're in the 160s. that's 300 pounds. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh! >> mama june says she paid more than $50,000 for her surgical makeover. it included a gastric sleeve surgery, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and skin removal surgery. >> how many pounds of skin? >> five pounds in my stomach, and a pound apiece on my arms. and then like maybe half a pound off my neck. you can't see the scars.
9:40 pm
you can't see anything right here. >> are you still on pain killers from the surgery? >> oh, no, no, no. i didn't honestly take a lot of pain medicine during the surgery. i did not hurt. it was more aggravating than anything. >> mama june, who was visibly tired during our interview, said it was due to seasonal allergies. and we learned something else about the reality star. >> i didn't know you were blind. i mean what's wrong with your eyes? >> i was born with cataracts. everybody is like why didn't you ever have the cataract surgery? and i'm like, no, i'm really scared for anybody to mess with my eyes, honestly. >> as for her transformation, the biggest challenge wasn't dieting or the surgery, but hiding from the paparazzi in a secret safe house. it was all to protect the big reveal. mama june's daughter, honey boo boo, who joined our chat, found an upside. >> we kind of had to live in
9:41 pm
secret, and we stayed in this house. we couldn't stay at our house for seven months. >> seven weeks. >> what was that like? were you killing each other, or was it fun? >> it was kind of fun because they have wi-fi and we don't. >> are you scared of gaining the weight back? >> no. i will never go back. no, never. >> what will you do to make sure that doesn't happen? >> i will do whatever it takes. >> well, mama june just wrapped her docu-series, from not to hot, on friday. and this week is also a big one for hugh hefner, the legend celebrating turning 91 years old. this as the new amazon dock yew sers the playboy's life as the head of an empire. >> i don't want to follow trends. i want to create them. >> new zealand born actor matt whelan. >> this is '70s hef. you can see from this bueautifu
9:42 pm
silk shirt. >> don't forget the trademark pipe. the amazon prime limited series is part dramatization, part documentary. >> the little magazine i had started with a couple of friends was suddenly outgrowing my kitchen table. >> kevin learned first hand about hef's humble beginnings in a visit to the mansion in 2010. >> i started the magazine on no money. 600 borrowed dollars. total investment of $8,000 on my kitchen table in chicago. >> that's a lot of money. >> appearing in american playboy is hugh's son cooper, who actually grew up in the playboy mansion with his older brother. their mom was hugh's second wife, kimberly conrad. >> life was very different for me, i think, compared to most, specifically just growing up at the mansion. this amazing mecca for parties. >> hef's parties were epic.
9:43 pm
hollywood's hottest ticket. this party for anna nicole smith was when cooper was around 2 years old. >> for me, it was just a place where i could ride my go carts. it was my childhood house. >> cooper gave us a tour. >> this is one of my favorite spots on the property. it's the pool. my childhood pool, but i'm pretty sure there's some pretty wild stories that others have. >> the famous menagerie has 150 animals. >> we know you've had a tough night when you wake up in the monkey cage. >> the mansion was also the low cal for tv shows like sex in the city and fresh prince of bel-air. >> excuse me, can i use the car please? >> and now it's the location for much of american playboy. >> my jaw dropped when i saw the mansion. it's so surreal actually being here. this is the game house. it is my favorite place on the property for obvious reasons. >> oh! fantastic. >> while this docu-series uses
9:44 pm
reenactments to tell hef's story, it also incorporates more than 17,000 hours of footage and over 2,600 scrapbooks from hefner's personal archives. well, still to come, goldie hawn on her family vacation with her movie daughter. plus john cena after his engagement. the wrestler turned actor shows "e.t." his softer side. how he's celebrating with his fiancee. and rob lowe is sexy, seductive and shirtless in his new movie. and his surprising love advice for his son. >> don't kid yourself. all your kids are doing that. >> this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which emmy winner made her film debut in one of the nightmare on elm street movies? is it jennifer aniston, movies? is it jennifer aniston, katherine movies? is it jennifer aniston, katherwelcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. you stand out in a crowd.
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gillette proshield chill with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. proshield. available with or without chill. you poor thing. you look awful. >> thank you. >> we'll get through this. >> hilarious. that is goldie hawn's movie comeback at 71, playing mom to amy schumer. cameron mathison talked to amy and goldie about mixing business with pleasure while filming the majority of their new comedy. >> who was planning the excursions that you would take when you had some time off? >> we both kind of did. she got a boat. >> you and katie were swimming out. >> i was trying to impress her, but she's like a mermaid.
9:48 pm
you see this butt snorkeling in front of you, and you're like, i know i don't -- i know that's not what i look like right now. >> these two get along so well, you think they were related. amy looks like she could be kate's sister. and just listen to goldie play the proud mama. >> it was me and my two daughters. >> amy also vacationed recently with boyfriend ben hanisch, a chicago area furniture maker. they met on a dating app. >> you're out there in utah. that looks so beautiful. >> i grew up in new york, so i've never seen stars like this. i mean it's good to grow up seeing stars and realize how like useless and, you know, insignificant you are. because where i grew up, my parents made me feel like i was very proud. now at 35 i'm learning i'm without worth. >> amy is worth plenty to goldie
9:49 pm
in their new movie playing, what else, a mother/daughter duo whose vacation goes wrong when they're kidnapped. >> it's goldie's first comedy in 14 years. none of it would have happened without a bold move from amy. >> i just approached her on a plane. i want you to be in a movie with me. she's like, okay, honey. >> oh! >> you said 14 years. you waited 14 years. i mean this is clearly the right one to come back in. >> i also vice presidehaven't w years but not by choice. >> is it time to cut back? i don't know. i was sort of doing this, and i met amy really. that's what happened. >> is she making you laugh? >> oh, my god. we had the best time. >> she made me feel so comfortable. >> smart as a whip.
9:50 pm
>> oh, i am all in on the next getaway. i'll even hit up the next location that amy shoots in. whatever gets me in the door. pro-wrestler john cena knows what it's like to hang with amy on set. he starred in her movie trainwreck. the tough guy himself has found love, and this week he took it up a notch getting down on bended knee. >> i've been waiting so long to ask you this. stephanie nicole, will you marry me? >> in the ring and putting a ring on it. cena picked wrestlemania 33 as the spot to propose to girlfriend of nearly five years, nikki bella. >> oh, my gosh. >> i mean what's not to love about that massive tiffany sparkler? the proposal comes as nikki continues her wwe comeback after neck surgery, and john prepares to take time off to make more movies. >> your career is just literally
9:51 pm
kind of going in this direction, way up. do you ever pinch yourself? >> i really am fortunate that i get a lot of opportunities. i have a very good perspective of the pendulum swings both ways. things are going good now. who knows. i look like mark wahlberg ate mark wahlberg. >> cena will follow by voicing ferdinand, the bull in the upcoming animated film based on the classic children's book. >> i'm not a fighting bull. >> you don't need to be a fighting bull. you just have to look like a fighting bull. >> i kind of make a living with wwe so everyone sees me in the ring. but there is a lot more to me than that. >> he and new fiancee nikki have more to celebrate. >> you got a milestone birthday coming up. >> that's a big one for me. i turn 40. i'm still going like i'm 20, but
9:52 pm
i'm 40. i look around and like where did the time go? i'll be in atlanta filming a movie. hopefully see my lady on that day. i really would like to see her, so hopefully she'll come on in and say hello. we'll see. surprise him. that would be a good idea. >> oh, and for the record, nikki has made it clear that their wedding will not take place in a wrestling ring. good girl. now, speaking of love, rob lowe is celebrating 26 years of marriage to wife cheryl this summer. they've raised two boys together who are all grown up now. so i wanted to hear rob's take on having the talk. >> let's face it. today the kids get the bird and bees talk from google. >> that is true. >> let's just be honest. they've been on the internet since they were 4 and have seen things that should never have been seen by human eyes. and don't kid yourself. all your kids are doing that. >> rob's two sons are now in their 20s, but still seek out dad for love advice.
9:53 pm
>> you don't say ask your mother. you sit down and you -- >> no! ask your mother? >> in his new movie, how to be a latin lover, the 53-year-old attempts to seduce a wealthy older woman played by 76-year-old raquel welch. >> how do you capitalize on your looks while you still have them? >> i think everybody should be using whatever they've got at every moment so i dontill i dont no more. >> but rob has some competition. >> no hard feelings. >> i wanted my dad to be alive again and come back because my dad was a bigger fan probably than me. dad, i'm kissing raquel welch. >> but that onscreen kiss wasn't exactly passionate. >> i hope you don't mind. i'm not going to really kiss you the way i would really kiss because if i give you a real smooch, this whole lipstick and makeup thing is going to take 20
9:54 pm
minutes to redo. i don't want you to think i don't like you, but, um, you know i don't have the time. >> also starring in this movie is salma hayek. she plays the sister and the pair are on two different
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
well, look at all those stars with birthdays this
9:57 pm
weekend. kristen stewart is celebrating turning 27. cynthia nixon is 51. and dennis quaid is 63. now, take a final look at your choices. which emmy winner made her film debut in one of the nightmare on elm street movies? well, that is the third installment, and it's patricia arquette, who is 49 this weekend. monday on "e.t." >> you see what i'm saying? >> "e.t." is at the fate of the furious new york premiere. >> it is amazing. >> uh-oh. >> the truth behind the on set feud as charlize slays. >> it's like being invited to the coolest party possible. >> monday on "e.t." well, we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website at but before we go, check out the video from x factor uk champ james arthur for his song, say you won't let go. it's off his album back from the edge, and the single has climbed into the top 20 on billboard's top 100 charts.
9:58 pm
enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye. ♪ ♪ these are 100% beef burgers that are 100% from denny's. they are 100% made-to-order, which is 100% awesome. 100% beef burgers with fries from denny's. 100% seriously.
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