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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 10, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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jackson could stand to make bank. ♪ all for you >> other numbers to pay attention to? three that's how many months old the couple's son eissa, is. the name means jesus in arabic. there is also the number of janet's marriages that have led to a split. the singer has spoken to us about her breakups in the past. >> what my divorce, it's a pain in the butt but you have to go through it. you learn from the negative. you get over it and you move on. >> she traded in her trademark cleavage-bearing tops for high-neck, loose-fitening all covered up looks. there are reports that janet allowed wissam to dictate her appearance. a source tells us that during the marriage, quote, janet was very rarely seen leaving the house she shared with wissam. the team of staff seemed to tend to all of her needs. two drivers, a house keeper, her
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over p.a., a nanny and more we have learned that janet started to take back control of her life approximately eight weeks ago. at issue, wissam was disrespectful to her mother when she visited in london. janet looked at high-end apartments as a possible new place to play. an eyewitness blooechs that janet is living with her son minutes away from wissam's house. another allegedly rocky relationship. i was in new york this weekend for the massive fate of the furious movie premier. more about the film. on-set feud between the rock and vin diesel. tell me about it. where does it stand now. >> because at the end of the day, the most important thing is making a movie. right, often times just like in life, you have different philosophies and people have different philosophies.
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different fundamental philosophies on how you do things. again, the most important thing is the movies. i'm happy we're here in new york city and the fans love it. >> we still love each other. when i was making that difficult decision, should there be an eight or not, i called him and he said, brother, i will be there shoulder to shoulder with you to make sure it's the best movie in history. >> fast fact number two, the first film in the shot since the death of paul walker. chris eastwood joined the scene. what was that like? >> no replacing paul ever, ever, ever. paul was a good friend to all of us. this is his family. what better way to continue his legacy. >> did you get hazed a little bit by these guys. >> first they called me mr. nobody. >> fast fact number three,
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tyrese told me how he pulled off that secret valentine's day wedding to samantha lee. he told friends no phones, no tweets, no instagram. it was the first red carpet ever for tyrese' new wife. fast fact number four, details on those dread looks. i was told that was a heavy wig. >> such craftsmanship behind it. attend of the day when we took it off it felt like 20 pounds had been removed off my head. >> charliez is a fantastic villain. mariah carey's news. she's done with backup dancer bryan tanaka. nick cannon, her ex had doubts. >> i thought it was bizarre somebody watching from afar. i thought the show fabricated a
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lot of stuff. i don't know what the relationship actually is. >> yeah, nick isn't exactly alone. a little six months after mariah and james packer broke up and she went on to date bryan, this pair has called it quits. the reason -- sources say that bryan was using her for her fame. >> most men are jealous of me. i'm in new york. i didn't hear about this. >> back in february i asked mimi point blank about rumors this was all for show. in an interview referred to him as your boyfriend. >> i would say he's my boyfriend. kevin, if i refer to him as something wouldn't that be what i was referring to him as. >> whatever they were, sweet, sweet fantasy or the real deal, neither bryan or carey's rep would confirm the split. bryan won't be performing on her
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tour with lionel richie. meanwhile, nick is busy filming the ninth season of his mtv show, wild about out. >> a place of me and my friends would hang out and have fun, kevin hart, gone on to do amazing things in their careers. >> nick admits he does miss his agt co-stars and he's reached out to mel b, she's now locked in a custody battle with her ex and leveling allegations of abuse which her ex deny. >> reporter: definitely a shock to me, you know, we want her to be as happy as possible. >> amen to that. back to mariah for a moment. she announced that a new studio album is in the works and should be ready later this year. ashton kutcher, listen to the way he gave credit to mila kunis. >> it's for my wife who kickses
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my ass on character every day. >> ashton returned to his home state to receive a pillar of character award. i thought i was awesome 'cause i got up early and helped with the >> when my wife and i had these kids and we got to share that amazing, amazing, amazing honor, my first response was i wanted to call my parents and say, i'm sorry because i never knew how much you loved me. >> honored for his charity work, he also reflected back to the days when he was accused of cheating on his then-wife demi moore. >> i am probably also the first person to get this award for character who had like his name splashed across every gossip magazine as an adulterer like five years ago. character comes when those magazines tear you apart for something you may or may not have done and you have to go out and perform tomorrow when >> the 39-year-old also shared with the audience how he overcame an early arrest when he was just 18 years old.
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>> character comes out when you go to jail for breaking into your high school and everyone in town knows it. you're not a bad kid you just made a bad choice. that's when character comes out. >> boy, does he has bounce back. >> look who else is family man now, bradley cooper, word is finally out that he and his girlfriend had their baby two weeks ago. congrats. . the new mom was spotted out shopping for strawberries with her mom in l.a. up next, sexy date night fashion. the color coordination and how selena and the weeknd just took th
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tonight, on reelz i'm paying tribute to joan rivers the grandmother/grandson
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rumors have been flying that katy perry and ryan philippe are
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a thing ever since they reportedly hit it off at elton john's 70th birthday party last month. >> i really like this pairing. ryan has something to said about this. he posted in all caps no less, quote, i am not dating katy perry. barely know her. please stop flying helicopters over my house. she is not here. >> meanwhile, we do know that j lo and the a-rod are the real deal. >> and they're kicking off our breakdown of some amazing date night fashion this weekend. her man on her arm. her style on point. jrod is still going strong. the couple of almost two months left a recording studio in l.a. friday night, j. lo looking pleated baby blue turtleneck dress. with zanotti shoes. on saturday, she traded her heels for sneakers and cuddled up with a-rod to watch his former team the yankees on tv.
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later that night, they hit up hot spot nobu, a place she was spot in jeans. less than 24 hours later, a-rod was at the airport leaving l.a. also having date night, mrs. kanye. kardashian west wore a pair of ripped up high-waisted jeans, with a body suit and superlong black coat. check out that gold necklace that's kim's way of supporting her man's new line of yeezy jewelry. the collection just hit stores friday. a chain like that will cost about $11,000. and finally, the legend date night comes with plenty of legs. chrissy teigen's mini dress perfectly matches her pumps. they left baby luna with the baby-sitter for this date night in beverly hills. and chrissy wasn't shy about showing some skin. not only is she good to look at
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she has a good heart. over the weekend, she helped a twitter fan live her dream of going to beauty school. the internet went nuts and chrissy responded to the fans saying, i'm really excited to live out your passion. way to go ux chrissy. still ahead -- kevin hart going for oscar? >> he brought tears to everybody. >> we're behind the scenes as the comedian tackles a serious new role. then, "dancing with the stars" romance clues is sharna dating bonner. what her former partner james is only telling "e.t." and katherine heigl mom tips. how she gets alone time with three kids in the house. >> and yes, i need to get away. closed captioning provided by --
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look closely that's tom cruise behind the wheel filming his underway in france on mission impossible 6 that movie
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did due in theaters in summer 2018 zblmpkts meanwhile, no funny busy in kevin hart's new movie, "untouchable." a very different side of the comedian. i talked to his co-stars about the change. does he ever stop? does he ever slow down? >> i get him into a serious conversation. >> you get -- you got him into a serious conversation. >> i did. but it was off the record. >> talking about marriage, giving some advice. she told me no married man should come home after 12:00. i'm like, what do you mean? that's when all my work happens. shut it down. my husband is a musician. that's no excuse. >> nicole's handing out some very strict relationship advice to her co-star and newest bff kevin. check out the bond these two have on set. >> i gave her first nickname,
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cole. >> i love it. >> what's up? >> oh, and kevin is about pretty serious bromance with bryan cranston. >> kevin is unbelievable. and he's so smart, he's going to surprise a lot of people. we shot a scene last week that he brought tears to everybody. >> wait. what? tears? yes, the comedian is getting serious in a remake of the french film inintierd by a true story which made nearly $445 million worldwide and nominated for an oscar. he pays a former criminal down on his luck. the two become unlikely friends. >> i got to make some changes. >> it's a love story between two straight men. >> it's not a love story it's a
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love -- it's like, you got to say it tougher. >> nicole dresses down for her role as cranston's executive assistant. what do you take away from these two guys? >> he's doing fantastic work in this film. he's digging deep for this. >> hello, ms. oscar winner. by the way, i'm here for serious kevin hart. now from untouchable to unforgettable. that's the name of katherine heigl's new thriller with rosario dawson. they have a lot in common. have you been crazy in love? >> you know, i was in a relationship in my youth that was a little too obsessive. it wasn't healthy. my mother was terrified. now that i'm a mother i'm like, ooh i can get how that could be scary to watch your daughter fall into something that's too obsessive and controlling. >> it's mine! >> katherine's new movie is a
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total role reversal for her. this time she's the crazy one, terrorizing her ex's new fiancee played by dawson. get this, even though she's the victim here she confessed up to some real-life obsessive behavior in her past. >> guilty as charged. here i am driving back and forth living you a letter that's hand wrote that doesn't have a postage stamp on it. >> but for both ladies their happiest relationship is being mom. rosario adopted her now teenage daughter two years ago. >> they are incredible and i need to get away. i'm going to go on a 12-hour vacation in my bedroom. i'm not leaving the bed for 12 hours. >> can they happen to you? because kids are always like, mom, mom. >> i may say to josh, i'm taking
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to the bed for 12 hours. >> sometimes that long nap is a long vacation. came mathison joins us with someone who's had an unforgettable weekend. "dancing with the stars" alum james hinchcliffe. congratulations, james. the indycar driver won the grand prix of long beach. it's his first victory since the crash that almost killed him two years ago. >> of course, "dancing" fans remember how close he and sharna came to winning it all. >> they were the runner-up. james weighed in on sharna and her new partner. >> sharna has said many times that you and her are long-lost brother and sister. what do you think of her and bonner, chemistry connection? there's something there for sure. you got the southern gentleman, if he can make her happy -- >> do you think bonner is interested in sharna. >> based on what i have seen i would say there's some interest.
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>> they had great chemistries last year on the dance floor hoping they would get together. but the 30-year-old has been happily dating becky dawson for a year and a half. >> flav gating being so close without it being weird. >> we included becky in a lot of things. we would go back to sharna's house and ordered in food. we tried to make it a group thing. >> are you approaching that marriage situation? >> it's on the horizon for sure. no immediate plans. but, you know, you never know. >> in the meantime the indycar driver has been busy playing matchmaker for sharna. >> one friend of mine who will remain nameless we weren't able to get them in the same room at the same time. i haven't given up. because there might be something here. >> the guy an actor or a driver? >> hopefully we'll make the
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meeting happen and sparks fly and you'll know. >> i will be at "dancing with the stars" tonight. i'm going to try and get some info for you tomorrow. spas flying between selena go mess and the weeknd, how did he just make their romance official? we'll show you when we come back. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a gunman storms into an elementary class.... killing the teacher and an 8 year old boy. what we are learning about his criminal past. an east bay school employee fired and behind bars. the crime he's accused of - involving children. i'm vicki liviakis. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
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selena and the weeknd making their relationship instagram official he posted this sweet snap of her kissing his forehead. ♪ >> the two have plenty to celebrate -- both were nominated today for billboard music awards. the weeknd was honored with 13 nominations he'll go head to head against selena's ex, justin bieber. justin is up for seven awards. ♪ ♪ >> the leading ladies, rihanna earned 14 noms and right behind her is beyonce, her lemonade album picked up eight nominations. now at eight ... we did have a
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recent rp that said it was an active shootera man with a history of domestic abuse and a elementary schoolroom becomes a murder scene.whoosh in the east bay ... a longtime public school employee under arrest on suspicion of molesting childrenwhooshhauled out of his seat because his flight was overbooked.the video has gone viral ... tonight you may be surprised at how few rights you have ...even with a confirmed reservation.whooshand it's time to play ball.we can do anythinga scary opening day for buster poseyoohyou're watching kron four news in prime time. "need to head to a shooting at north park elementary""looks like it's gonna be the husband of the employee..." (pam) three people are dead at an elementary school in san bernardino ... one of them an eight year old boy. a teacher is shot down.. in front of her class by her estranged husband. (pam)


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