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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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bail.west contra costa county school district immediately fired and banned him the day after his arrest. "(marcus walton/west contra costa county school district): "we are not sure the number of schools he worked at right now. we are still investigating that but he would have gone to a variety of schools."they say gonzales first began working with the school district at olinda elementary as a yard supervisor. that was between august and september of last year. he then went on to work as a late night substitute janitor throughout the district's schools. but encourage anyone who may have somehow had innapropriate contact with gonzales to let them and the police know about it. in pinole ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) new at eleven: police are asking for the public's help in locating a missing fremont teenager. 15-year-old kailen glasper has been missing for nearly a week. she was last seen on mowry avenue near argonaut way
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in fremont. glasper has been describle as a black female... standing five- feet-eight-inches tall .. and weighing 280 pounds. authorities say, may be wearing a white sweater, blue jeans and white shoes. glasper is considered "at risk." if you have any information about the missing girl... please contact police or call 9-1-1. (vicki) police are also searching for this man... 23-year-old kevin redrico. the san jose state university student was last seen near the benicia bridge thursday morning. authorities say redrico left his home in vallejo that morning and was last seen getting out of his 20-14 red honda accord in benicia. police have searched by helicopter and boat. volunteers have been combing the area on foot. ((vicki))new details on that dismembered body found in san bruno.((pam))police have identified the victim...the suspect, who police say is a neighbor..appeared in court today.((vicki))as kron 4's jr stone all started over a dispute involving a
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space heater. we now know the victim was 77 year old benjamin roybal who lived in this house behind me. 50 year old david stubblefield faced a judge for the first time on monday in connection with the murder of 77 year old benjamin roybal. sot it's very very sickening and the fact that i shook his hand ya know.sot i'm really glad that guy is locked upi hope he never sees daylight again. monday new chilling details in the case came to lightinvestigators believe there was a dispute over a space heater on march 11th alleging that stubblefield first tear gased roybal then shot him in the chest. roybal's dismembered body was found at stubblefields house on april 6th. sot the body had been cut up and efforts had been made to destroy it at least in part using chemicals. a lot of the remains were in buckets and other containers. prior to that, neighbors say
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stubblefield had put up a blue tarp in front of his car port. those who lived near the victim say they recently came across stubblefield at roybal's house going through roybal's posessions. sot this guy told me that he was in santa cruz taking care of a sick friend and that i'm going to be here for a while. he was driving his truck going into his house. putting things in the truck taking them away like ben used to do it.jose aguirre lives across the street from where roybal lived. he says during that conversation with the suspect, stubblefield told him he, not roybal, was dying of cancer and had just six months to live. aguirre says the whole situation is a bad one. sot knowing that he died like that is kinda sad but i'm glad he's in jail and hoping he doesn't come out.stubblefield does have a criminal history but officials would not say what that history includes. he'll be back in court later this month. live in san bruno, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (pam) tonight -- the
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community gathered to pray for all those affected by today's deadly school shooting in san bernardino. the shooting was the rsulte of a domestic dispute. just down the street from tonight's vigil, dozens of people brought candles and balloons to the scene where three people were killed. ((vicki))tonight police are calling the shooting..a domestic incident.the shooter, cedric anderson, targeted his wife, karen elaine smith, in her classroom at north park elementary school where she taught special needs children. anderson would then killed himself. two students who were standing behind their teacher were also shot. eight-year-old jonathan martinez was airlifted to a hospital where he later died. the other child is listed in stable condition. two deadly shootings, a week from each other both in front of children. kate kain
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from the center for domestic peace says kids that've witnessed such violence will have short and long term effects. those that live in a home riddled with rage can develop emotional and psychiatric problems. many victims that are being physically abused, don't always want to leave their abuser. and those that are separated are at the highest risk for violent injury. and so once out of the home, it can become even more dangerous. crisis lines can help with a survival method. alecia reid kron 4 news here in san jose repairs are underway on rosemar court in the alum rock hills where five new homes were hit by vandals over the weekend.neighbors said a couple of carloads of young people arrived and after throwing rocks at lights, they kicked in doors and trashed kitchen cabinets and broke windows. they did an estimated $50,000 in damage. the contractor said repairs
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will take several weeks to complete buta realtor says an open house for at least one of the the 1-point-6 million dollar homes will be held next weekend as scheduled. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news here in richmond 43-year-old lawyer mcbride made his first court appearance. he was arrested for last week's shooting death of his ex- girlfriend rashanda franklin, who was killed while driving her two sons to daycaresot michael porter/rashanda franklin's father: "the boys, they are not doing well at all. they're having nightmares" sotderek butts/deputy district attorney/contra costa county:" here we have a young woman, rashanda franklin, she was brutally murdered. this also has some domestic violence overtones, which makes this even more serious."lawyer mcbride did not enter a plead. his arraignment has been postponed one week so the public defender can review discovery in the case. houndred thousand dollars. in richmond haaziq madyun kron4news in east palo alto, the police department announced the arrest of a self-proclaimed masseuse suspected of sexual march, three women
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made accusations against jose garcia placencia, who is running a massage parlor out of his home on illinois street. after some investigating, police said they had probable cause to arrest him at the end of last week.the suspect did not have a business license, and police suspect there may be more east palo alto, spencer blake, kron four news. over the weekend video of a passenger being taken off a united airliens flight in chicago has gone viral.the video is very disturbing but according to experts i talked too on monday it is perfectly legal for a pilot to ask a passenger to leave an aircraft for any reason.the pilot can also ask that law enforcement come on the plane and remove that passenger by force if s-f-o , charles clifford kron4news. ((pam))april showers set to make a return to the bay area...((vicki))meteorologist brittney shipp is back to tell us when the rain is coming..and how long it will stick around.
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a weak area of high pressure will break down this evening as the next round of systems approach from the west. look for increasing cloud cover and rain developing in north bay on tuesday then spreading southward on wednesday.
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♪[ music ] the friendly skies? really? >> uproar over the passenger who was chosen at random by a computer to get off the plane. >> oh, my god. look at what you did to him! >> then, who did it? [ siren ] >> the prankster who caused chaos when he set off 156 sirens. >> heightened security here in the u.s. after the horrific church bombings. >> worldwide jitters during holy week. plus, inside janet jackson's surprise split. just three months after giving


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