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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 12, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight orlando bloom explains all. from those naked paddleboarding picks to katy perry. and does her new buzz cut have anything to do with the breakup? all i have to do is shave my head. then, mama june accuses her ex of physical abuse. what she's only telling "e.t.." >> i'm done. plus, nancy kerrigan's secret struggle after six miscarriages. . >> you feel like you're alone. >> her life as a mom now. and -- chris pratt is at it again. singing to his snacks. how his ray adorable wife and son are getting into the action. >> what's my snack? what's my craft?
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now for april 11th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." orlando bloom breaks his silence about the ka-bloom photos that went ka-boom on the internet. >> that's not all. orlando opens up about his relationship with katy perry today. >> did i mention he that he's talking about those naked paddleboarding shots? >> extremely surprising, that's how orlando describes being caught by paparazzi as he exposed his bloom, to is to speak. in an interview with "elle uk," the 40-year-old explains his full monty, saying he thought he and katy had escaped the cameras, quote, i have a good radar. we'd been completely alone for five days. there was no way anyone could get anything. so i had a moment of feeling free. what can i tell you? not to self -- you're never free, ha! ♪ we're all chained to the rhythm to the rhythm ♪ >> as for how orlando feels about his ex, katy? he says, "we're friends, it's
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good. we're all grown up. it's better to set an example for kids and show that breakups don't have to be about hate." ♪ hear me roar >> but breakups may what leads to a new look. five weeks ago, platinum-dyed katy got a pixie cut and last night she went even shorter, buzzing almost all of it off. >> the only thing left to do is shave my head, which i'm really saving for a public breakdown. i'm down for that. i'm always moments away from that. >> well, it's not shaved but it's gettin' pretty close. ♪ >> does new hair equal new guy? katy responded to the rumor that she's hooking up with ryan philippe. he tweeted i am not dating katy perry. barely know her. the 32-year-old katy replied, quote, can you let me out of the basement, please? followed by hi, nice to meet you, sorry about that, ryan philippe, carry on. >> if she just looks at a man
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the rumors start flying. you know, we talked about katy's hair formation. another formation that's been all over the news, mama june, who dropped hundreds of pounds. she leveled some startling newel gagss against her ex. is he abusive? >> very emotionally and physically. there's a lot of stuff that was hid for many, many years. >> mama june's startling new claims come against e which before an explosive reunion airs. >> i'm done. >> sugar bear walks off the set. mama june also claims this week that sugar bear caused their daughter's eye injury in 2013. here's how it was discussed back then.
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>>. >> it was locked so i threw them to her and they missed her and hit her in the face. >> she got bleeding in the front of the eye and the back of the eye. >> we reached out to sugar bear today, who said the abuse allegations are not true. mama june did not mention the abuse allegations when we sat down with her last week. honey boo boo however did claim that her father had suggested that she could lose some weight. >> i was mad when he said that. >> how does that make you feel as the mom sf. >> i mean -- i don't want to talk about it. i'm sorry. >> now, sugar bear also denied that he ever -- honey boo boo. cameron mathison here with
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nancy kerrigan. >> lots of tears on "dancing with the stars." the most memorable year was the theme. nancy opened up about her struggles having children. >> i mean, it was almost -- felt shameful, i think, 'cause i couldn't do it on my own. >> nancy suffered six miscarriages in eight years, and still carries that heartbreak with her. >> why was this the right time to kind of share that with people, to help people through your own story? >> nobody really talked about it with me, so, you feel like you're alone, and i think to be able to share you realize you're not alone and other people out there going through similar same things, yeah. >> "e.t." was there when nancy married her manager jerry solomon in 1995. a year later they welcomed their first child, matthew. but after that she lost those other six babies. >> you feel guilty and like, what did you do wrong? >> through invitro fertilization, she gave birth to
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a second son brian, her third child, daughter nicole was in 2008. nancy told nischelle in 2014, being a mom had become the focus of her life. >> it kind of floors me that you say you don't skate much anymore, really? >> well, i'm a mom. i have three kids. i'm in my car driving around, drooiching them where they need to go. >> all the time. >> all the time? >> today her oldest son works in theater in costume design, and the two youngest are gymnasts. little nicole also studies ballet. >> that probably helps a little bit when you're on the ice. you get strong legs and strong ankles. all that good stuff. >> and gymnastics. >> ballet and gymnastics, those are good things. >> those kids have to be proud of their mom on the dance floor last night. the fourth highest score of the night. she's definitely on the roll. number one was football star rashard jennings. first 10s of the season. mr. t. was spent packing
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remember, when melb. was dancing. that was a decade ago. new details on how she's ramping up her custody battle. mel b questions about her fellow "agt" judge reportedly helping her to divorce her ex while leaving her lawyer's office yesterday. this, as new details emerge about her custody fight. last week, when stephen belafonte filed his response to mel b's divorce petition, he asked for "joint legal and physical custody" of their 5-year-old daughter madison. >> where's my kiss? >> now it's being reported he wants to fight for long-term visitation rights for his now 10-year-old stepdaughter, angel. >> i love my little angel. >> angel was featured on her mom's reality show, mel b -- it's a scary world. the former spice girl married stephen two months after angel
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was born -- their bond evident. >> here he is. >> daddy! >> as far as she's concerned, stephen is her dad. >> in a newly surfaced e-mail from stephen's lawyer to mel b's lawyer obtained by "e.t." belafonte asked to resolve issues asap involving his, quote, ability to see madison and angel, whom we would appreciate continuing to have contact with. but last week, when mel b took out a temporary restraining order against stephen, stating, i am in fear for my safety and that of my children. a judge prohibited him from contact with both girls. a hearing is set for april 24th. we're still about 3 1/2 weeks away from the release of the guardians of the galaxy volume 2. chris pratt is promoting the movie. note. >> chris pratt coming back with an episode of what's my snack. >> chris goes on a press tour and the whole world rejoices.
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his instagram series is back. >> what's my snack? >> and he's making the tokyo stop a family affair. bringing wife annua faris and 4-year-old son jack along. >> give me your hand. >> he captured this photo. i'm glad to you have and the boy on the tour. promoting passengers he was repeatedly cropped jennifer lawrence out of his photos. >> just crop her out. >> how do you feel about his cropping? >> really funny. >> on the first tour he revealed a secret talent. by braid iing the hair of an "e.t." intern. it's in l.a. next week.
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>> what's my snack. up next -- meet the third property brother. >> he's the good-looking brother so he had to keep him out of sight. then, j. lo's in the dirty dancing remake. how the cast compares to the remake. >> you have to go for the reality of the character. plus, chelsea handler's hollywood romance tips. >> lot of men are afraid to go ou
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before la la land's digital release go to "e.t." for a special look at ryan
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just good. you don't normally run through a meadow at sunrise. but once you indulge in rich, dark chocolate, lightly salted almonds and slow roasted peanuts... you might surprise yourself. nature valley sweet and salty bars. blissfully good. that's tom cruise he just shot a crazy new stunt in france for mission impossible 6 and take another look. the dare devil actor has no trouble flying off his motorcycle, swinging through the air -- oops, watch out for the curb, bro. meanwhile the property brothers have each other. i new this did you know that there's a third bro? >> we kept j.d. under the stairs. we didn't want him to overshadow us. >> actually you may have seen
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the third scott brother, j.d., short for james daniel on one of their shoes. >> boom, yeah! >> payback. >> j.d. is two years older but he looks younger because he's a meesly 6'2". he's like the both hair and all that. he actually used to be an adam lambert impersonator. >> just like his younger brothers he's off the market. drew's fiance linda phan shares a vegas home with the twins. >> it's not weird two 38-year-olds guys to be living in bunk beds. >> with four new upcoming shows, drew and linda are having a hard time plank their destination wedding. >> we're doing research, somewhere warm, somewhere where
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all our friends and family can get together. >> i want to elope with all our family and friends. 200 somewhere on a beach. >> but that wouldn't be loping. >> it wouldn't. >> the property brothers are musical too, they remade this flow rida hit. still ahead -- chelsea handler unfiltered about the friends she'd love to hang out with. and couples she's not sure about. >> oh, no. and meet the real housewife of new york. plus, dirty dancing comes to tv nearly 30 years after the original. our exclusive look at the new cast. ♪ closed captioning provided by --
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. august 18th, 1987, "e.t." was there when jennifer grey brought her father joel to the dirty dancing premier in new york. patrick swayze. jennifer and patrick, how can you ever recapture that magic? the tv remake is hoping the time of your life can happen twice. >> what's your name? >> baby. >> do me a favor, baby, get your own watermelon next time. >> nobody puts baby in the corner -- ever. hard to believe it's been nearly tleek decades since the original. abe gayle breslin and colt prattes the resort's dance
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instruct instructor. >> you have to go for the reality of the character and make them people love and care about this human being that you'r you're protraying. >> you might recognize the new leading man, colt, from pink's music video "try." rounding out the cast is debra messing, sarah hylan and caty sagal and that's j-low's ex. life."d songs like "tim ofour >> i'd like to people to start dancing like that again. i'd like to become people go out on a date. it's very old fashioned and roman take. >> romantic.
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>> yes, indeed. >> the dirty dancing remake will air may 24th. >> they have to win me over. i love the original so much. i'm the person they'll have get to watch. >> i bet they will. chelsea handler. >> she has no filter, nancy. we sat down with her. >> what celebrity couple would you like to be at the dinner table? >> a celebrity couple? danks shepard and kristen bell. they're a great couple. >> everybody today says j-rod. >> oh, gosh, no. no. >> they don't do it for you? >> i like j lo. >> do you think they're going to last? >> dooou think i think about that is the better question. >> unfiltered bff. her squad includes jennifer aniston, rece witter spoon and
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gwyneth row. 42-year-old chelsea's mantra seems to be i don't need a man to complete me and by the way neither do you. >> i know a lot of men are afraid of going out with me they're afraid i'd talk about them. that would be right. >> would you ever do the dating app? >> i'm on all of those apps. don't get me wrong i like to hook up when i'm out of town i'll do that. i'm on tinder. >> what catches your eye? >> in the area, within a seven-mile radius. >> this is art department. >> the woman who's worth an estimated $35 million gave me a tour of her chelsea's offices. chelsea's a totally cool boss providing a massage chair and ping-pong table on site.
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she's not cool with getting dragged into the brad pitt and jennifer aniston thing. did you think it was odd or normal they were texting? >> i don't know anything about their communication. if i say anything about brad pitt or jennifer aniston from five years ago they still run it like i said it yesterday. i'm over that. >> chelsea went a step further saying it's not just jen, brad and angelina we need to get over, she said we need to stop obsessing over celebrities' lives in general. millions of people are obsessed with the real housewives. atlanta will stiit down for the reunion special saturday. and here's a new housewife for new york, she comes with a rap sheet. tinsley mortimer.
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>> she had the whole world at the fingertips. >> last year this mug shot became her most talked about photo ever. >> i went back to his house to get a backpack. we got into a fight. i called the police so to get the bag back. it's all about me taking my power back. >> with a backstory like that, mortimer fits right into her new gig as the new addition of the real housewives of new york. look to butt heads with bethenny frankel and side with sonja morgan. >> what was sonja like as a host. >> take the elevator -- i can't bring a guy home. >> okay, fair enough. >> i didn't know that at first.
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>> i didn't know that was a rule. so, i found out the hard way when i had someone come over -- >> i mean, thattensy, she's 41 not 15. when we come back -- nthe secret to why his ghirardelli of san francisco. we carefully craft the finest chocolate, so you can savor life's sweetest moments. we pour our hearts into every square.
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travel consideration provided by -- still hard to picture new kid on the block are married. they're kids. >> they're all grown up. >> joey mcintyre will celebrate their anniversary. >> owy told us exclusively shooting their show has strengthened their bond.
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>> you can see for yourself how it all week "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, the tears flow at "dancing." as the stars share their most memorable year. >> i had six miscarriages in eight years. >> nobody shared it with me. so, you feel alone. >> how they turned their personal tragedies into ballroom triumphs. >> i felt a tornado of emotions. then, did simon cowell convince mel b to file for divorce? how her "agt" boss may have intervened. number three, national sibling day gets the hollywood treatment. the stars share their family photos.


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