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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 13, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, mel b versus the nanny. >> have you got a restraining out against lorraine now? >>. then, janet jackson steps out her split. why the new mom is ecstatic to be single. plus -- jen and justin's paris adventure in matching outfits. details on their chic france vacation. then -- jennifer hudson versus adam sandler. >> i have a very serious question, who's the better singer? >> operaman ♪ >> before their new movie the sing-off on "e.t.." ♪ >> and we're out! now for april 12th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." is mel b on a desperate
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search to find sex tapes that she claims her husband shot without her consent? >> last week the "america's got talent" judge got a restraining order against her ex, stephen belafonte. she claims he extorted her by secretly recording her sexual encounters and then threatening to release the tapes. >> but who here's the question, who may have the alleged tapes? it seems mel b has set her sights on their former nanny. >> mel, have you got a restraining order against lorraine now? >> that's mel b leaving the hollywood police station yesterday after reportedly getting a court order to retrieve items, including alleged sexually explicit tapes she told a judge were being held in a storage unit controlled by lorraine. lorraine is the german former exchange student-turned-nanny whom mel b claims got pregnant with stephen's child and then had an abortion. >> any truth in allegations about mel b? >> lorraine is now married and a source told "e.t." mel's allegations about her are lies
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and have leif lorraine devastated. yesterday, however, a judge did order her to stay away. >> did you get a court order for the storage locker, mel? >> yesterday, mel b made two trips to this locker. the lapd said she was there to quote get assistance to go to the storage unit and police said it was a civil matter. >> i need to have certain amounts of sex. >> while she and ex made numerous sexual references her reality show in 2010, sex tapes never came up. but it's not just individuals you the former spice girl believes are being held hostage in the storage. videos of mel b are critical
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evidence to refute her allegations that he forced her to have sexual relations. this thing looks like it's going to get really dirty and messy. all right, let's move on. that's exactly what janet jackson is doing. the singer was spotted out the first time since we learned of the breakup of her marriage and now we have new details offer in new life without her billionaire husband. how's janet coping with the split? well, just look at her all smiles yesterday as she was spotted out shopping, looking at fake plants and furniture to decorate her new london apartment. the 50-year-old dressed comfortably in loose-fitting harem pants and a $2200 black poncho by chloe. a source close to the jackson family tells us janet is doing well despite her breakup with the billionaire, quote, janet is ecstatic. she's so happy with her baby and that's all she is focused on.
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♪ >> oh, and she's moving out. this morning, a giant moving van and men carrying baby toys and boxes were spotted outside of the house janet once shared with the billionaire businessman. but, what went wrong in janet's third marriage? here's what we know. a source tells us that janet's ex was very, quote, disproving and wanted to change her from this to this. we're told janet converted to islam and she tried to become the devout muslim woman he wanted but in the end it was a clash of cultures. so, who's in janet's inner circle. we learned she's leaning on her mother katherine and her sister revi and her brother lives in london. our source claims that janet will raise her baby boy as muslim. as janet settles into mother
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hood. a new baby on the way to report about. our favorite reality villain couple heidi and spencer are expecting their first child. >>/, my gosh. >> the reality star in tears after her ultra sound. heidi and spencer who don't know if they're expecting a boy or a girl celebrated their big baby news with a beachside photo shoot. they kissed, joked around and held a print of her son know gram. heidi is due in okts. spencer is looking forward to a family addition. >> i was thinking, wouldn't it be so cute if there was a kid. >> the couple has been holding off on kids because partly they've been on a reality roller-coaster. heidi stirred things up on the uk's big brother in january.
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>> are you afraid of being homeless? >> i'm not afraid. we didn't have the reality of my dad letting us live in the guest house. >> the main issue they're dealing with is the child's name. these people have very wild names these days and i want to have a more wild name than them. >> with this news, heidi and spencer trying to come up with names, a total of five stars from "the hills" who are having babies at the same time. lauren conrad, scott waller, and others. cameron mathison joins the party on another star couple. >> let me ask you something, would you ever dress up in coordination with your wife? would you ever rock leather pants?
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>> i don't think i could get them off. >> well, justin did both of those things on their getaway in france. hand in hand, these two were really feelin' the romance of paris. both donned biker chic as they arrived at the louvre for a louis vuitton gala event. justin strutted in a pair of the designer's black leather pants while general complemented her man's look in a black leather bustier. cate blanchett and michelle williams also attended the soiree, where they dined next to the mona lisa. last night jen was lookin' at her man with eyes of love, and once told us why she fell for justin. >> he's just a really solid, good, kind, smart, funny -- so funny. >> monsieur theroux posted this pic of the two checking out the other treasures in the museum. they also did some sight seeing under a full-ish moon at the famous landmark place vendome. savoring every moment of their vacation, today they were
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fashion matched today as they shopped at a chanel store. she had a long camel coat over black track pants and white tshirt, while justin sported a tan biker jacket. just wish we were there to enjoy paris with them. they look fantastic. do you think they're intentionally coordinating their outfits? i don't know. another favorite couple is ryan reynolds and blake lively. uncomfortable watching your spouse on screen with another man. blake can rest easy on this one. in ryan's new movie, he just can't quit samuel l. jackson. >> my job is to keep you out of harm's way. ha ha ha. >> in the action comedy, ryan is a protection agent hired to keep samuel's notorious hitman, safe. it's kind of like "the bodyguard," but a bromance. and in the beginning the reluctant duo doesn't exactly see eye to eye. >> you won't last one hour without me. >> you're about as useful as a
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condom in a convent. >> from exploding cars, to a boat chase on a canal in amsterdam, only "e.t." can take you behind the scenes. >> okay on three -- one, two, i said on three -- you shot early. >> yeah, before they did. >> selma hayek co-stars as samuel's wife in the movie out this august. >> really, what happened to the seat belt rule? up next -- a new kids' new show. >> we're literally in our kitchen. joey mcintyre's comedy with his real-life wife and kids. plus, kelly rowland on her life as a mom. >> i think he already has the bug. >> her son's playdates with beyonce's son blue ivy. >> they're all musical. closed captioning provided by --
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the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. ♪ ♪ okay, owy mcintyre looked like he was only # years old when he sang "don't go girl" that big hit with new kids on the block. he was actually 15. >> looking at that again, it's even harder to believe that little joey has a wife and three kids now. they're altogether in new television show that debuts tonight on pop. and i joined them on the set. >> what are you wearing? >> that's a good question. >> we kind of, you know, exaggerate here and there, everywhere, actually. >> shot in his own l.a. house with his real wife barrett and three kids sure looks like a reality show. but "return of the mac" is a sendup of joey's life. >> we are literally in our
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kitchen. but, you know, this isn't the biggest budget in hollywood. so, lucky enough to have kind of a pretty house. we didn't mind showing et off a little bit. january jones. >> joey mcintyre. i have been a huge fan for a long time. i have the dolls, the pillow pillows i slept with you every night. >> it's pretty awesome. >> there are writers and a script and two other joeys lawrence and fatone, guest as themselves. but barrett is not an actress. >> i don't know how i would have got home. >> you could have got a ride home with the stripper. >> did you think, oh, gosh, she's never gonna go for this? >> i'm kind of a gamer so he probably thought -- this is not my thing. >> she's a rookie but she is amazing. >> little chicken go free. >> have you learned anything about your kids that you didn't know like, oh, my gosh? >> they're hitting their marks like crazy, not to get inside but you know when actors, you
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know, got that come into the scene got to get the right place they're doing really good at that. >> you do. nice to meet you. >> at first, it was like, do we want the family in in the end we said yes and it's been worth it. >> a adorable family. the new kids like to keep it in the family. because donny wahlberg and his wife are among the executive producers of the show. >> pretty cool. up next, kelly rowland's mom confession, she fires back against the sharms. >> no, they don't want to come to me. then, david letterman mourns the loss of his mother. our favorite moment and what ever i get from dave goes straight to ebay. then -- ♪ >> why jennifer hudson is getting singing lessons from adam sandler? (vo) gentlemen,
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try the haircolor that protects as it colors. excellence crème from l'oréal paris. we're worth it. that's my favorite photo of the day because the sheer joy on will smith's face after he cut off his son jaden's hair. that's every dad's dream. >> all right, he was getting jaden ready to shoot a new movie. but will couldn't help but try out his son's look. check that out. meanwhile, jennifer hudson
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also has a new movie a comedy with adam sandler. >> don't worry because we got to hear some singing too, when she sat down with the stars. ♪ >> i have a very serious question, who is the better singer? >> oh, without a doubt. >> easily. >> yeah, yeah. ♪ put on your yamulke here comes hanukkah ♪ ♪ >> open the mouth more and go for the big notes. ♪ operaman >> so, that settled, i think, adam cast jennifer in his new netflix movie. but one catch, she had to sing in a duck costume. >> excuse me, i'm sandy wexler.
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i'm a talent manager. she didn't look cute when we were shooting all day long in the 200-degree weather. >> it was hot. i was burning up. >> sandy is based on adam's real-life manager who was sitting just offcamera and within striking distance of adam's trash talk. >> he's doing what he does best, sitting in a chair. i'm telling you, you can be somebody. >> how do you keep a straight face? >> that probably was my biggest challenge. >> the dopey voice. >> where do we get these kids. >> before leaving we got one more singing hit to settle the better singing argument. note. >> we're out. meanwhile another singer, kelly rowland of destiny's child busy working on "the voice
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australia." she's also raising a 2-year-old. kelly opened up about her life as a mom with our senior news editor. >> days gone by without showering? >> all right. >> how many months did it take you for the lose the weight. >> about a year. >> question your sanity? >> i think i lost count on that, too. >> just look at that face, little titan is almost 2 years old and already he hangs with some famous friends, blue ivy and he's got his mommy's musical talent. >> nothing that we have discussed. >> kelly's superbusy these days, she's writing new music and she has a new book out for new moms. we played a game what would
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kelly do? >> i don't think so, mommy, what my child just said after i asked him to pick up the popcorn he threw all over. >> we try to sing a song to get him into the spirit of cleaning up. he looks at me, yes, sing it. it's a lovely song. >> john legend responded to a bunch of mommy shamers. >> he's such a good guy. good for you, chrissy. >> what would kelly do? >> we're not here to shame each other. we're here to figure out it all together. >> listen, just turn those hearts. by the way, she told us that titan calls her money, not mommy. i'm going to start reading a list of songs and you're going to start applauding and we won't get out of here until sunday. >>s that was david letterman with his epic beard making a
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rare public appearance just five days ago. at the rock and roll hall of fame. today's dave's 70th birthday. his beloved mom dorothy passed away yesterday at the age of 95. >> did you have a nice trip? >> beautiful. >> are people being very nice. >> very nice. >> that was dorothy's first late-night appearance back in 1986, dave seemed a little nervous. we quickly saw why fans loved her. >> attention new york -- >> attention new york. >> my name is jane pauley. >> jane pauley. >> i'm being held prisoner by willard scott, he's not wearing pants. it brought the two of us closer together and i think that's part of the deal. >> we spoke with dorothy back in 1996, her most famous segments were her olympic reports and
1:11 am
cooking segments. >> i'm doing the best i can, mom! you're driving me crazy! >> the truth of it is, mom, she drives me crazy, so we're leaving her at home. >> well, dave, i see you didn't get the tonight show again. >> we love watching her tease dave in a way only a mother could. >> whatever i get from dave goes straight to ebay. sometimes i have to pinch myself, hey, he's mine and yet he's just dave. >> how adorable she was. >> such a sweet, sweet lady. more sad news to report, our condolences also go to eddie murphy and his family. his brother charley murphy passed away a long battle with leukemia. charlie appeared on screen with eddie. he also was best known for chap pell's show. he was just 57 years old. when we come back -- news of
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a possible season two of "big little lies." we carefully craft ghirthe finest chocolate,sco. so you can savor life's sweetest moments. we pour our hearts into every square.
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travel consideration provided by -- big little lies was designed to last only one season on hbo. listen the fans have been calling for it to come back and even star reese witherspoon has asked fans to lobby liane. >> she said she has seen the questions and she absolutely open to it. she said producers have approached her about coming up with fresh, new ideas. >> okay, this better not be a big little lie.
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we want season two. bye, everybody. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> mel, you have a restraining order now? >> number one. mel b's divorce drama gets uglier. why she's targeting her former nanny now. >> did you get a court order for the storage locker? >> but what does a rumored sex tape have to do with it? then, oprah reveals the secret to her positive mental health. >> i had never gone to a therapist, ever. >> how she's managed to avoid the pitfalls of celebrity. >> don't want to go down that road. i saw what happened to that lady. and number three, hollywood's baby boom is in full effect, as tori and dean introduce baby number five. plus, your "insider" bonus. >> i was really nervous about brad seeing the film.


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