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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 17, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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supporters and opponents of president trumpwhoosha national manhunt for the killer who posted his crime on facebook.peter elliott/u.s. marshals service: "we're going to make this individual's world very, very, very small." and we ask facebook ... what can they do about it.whooshin the santa cruz mountains ...we are treating this as a rare, isolated incidentrare ... but terrifying ... a mountain lion sneaks into a family home and steals their're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) two days after literal smoke settled in the streets of berkeley following a protest and a counter-protest, the city's mayor is responding to the events that caught national attention.(steve)good evening im steve aveson..(pam) and im pam moore.. kron four's spencer blake is live in berkeley tonight.spencer, the mayor released a statement, but you also spoke with him in
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person.. what did he say? mayor jesse arreguin says it was out-of-town groups that chose berkeley as their battleground, if you will.he says the city will always support free speech, but violence is not freedom of speech. this is what the street i'm standing on looked like on saturday afternoon.crowds, fights, projectiles, smoke bombs.police arrested 21 people and 11 people got hurt. it's reminiscent of the violence that broke out on u-c berkeley's campus in february, when people protested and counter-protested a planned speaking engagement by milo yiannopoulos.this weekend was different, the mayor said, he said february's violence was unexpected, but this time police had various strategies in place ahead of time, like fencing off civic center park, and confiscating weapons from people as they arrived.still, a lot of people wondered, as did we, why police didn't seem to stop the fights happening left and right that often left
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people bloodied. (sot) mayor jesse arreguin ÷ berkeley"what do we do in that situation? do we insert ourselves and put officers and put other people at risk if people are hell-bent on committing violence? or do we respond appropriately and make arrests when people commit violence? it's a tough call." (vo)the mayor expressed appreciation for the police chief and his department , and told me he trusts them to make the right assessments during violent events like's hard to know when a peaceful demonstration will turn into a violent one. (steve) so spencer, in the future, will the city prohibit these specific pro-free speech or anti-fascist groups from holding rallies again?(spencer) 7 speech that incites violence not protected7 mayor shied away from profiling based on
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signs, flags, messages7 profiling wouldn't be in line with cities values (pam) there is one video, in particular, from saturday's protest that is sparking outrage... the man at the center of the video is nathan damigo... he has been under fire before and has been called a white supremacist. in the video, you can see damigo make his way through a crowd... before punching a woman with dreadlocks, in the face. that same day damigo posted pictures of himself at the protest. damigo has said in the past .... that he is not a white supremacist... he says, he is only trying to promote what he calls "european interest".. damigo is a student at c-s-u - stanislaus. now school officials are responding saying, they
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have quote "zero tolerance for the use of violence" ... and that they will take the necessary legal and disciplinary to make sure students are safe. no word on whether any charges will be filed. (pam) we are following the fallout from the berkeley protests at kron- 4 dot com. there you can see the full list of people arrested in the violence. and our photographs from the ground ... on the day of the protest. it's all at kron-4 dot com. (steve) a family in rural san mateo county says a mountain lion took their dog from inside their house it happened early this morning near the town of pescadero, just east of high one. so far, neither the dog nor the mountain lion have been found.kron 4's charles clifford has details.
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(steve) oakland mayor libby schaaf isn't wasting anytime.she's announced today she's running for what would be her second term if re-elected come november of 2018.(pam) kron 4's ella sogomonian met with the mayor... she is live in the newsroom... ella - what's the reason for the early announcement? it's part of a campaign strategy to get a head start on headlines and funding - plus its a way for mayor schaaf to show she means busniess. mayor libby shchaaf, oakland
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"it's definitely a family decision."mayor libby schaaf is hoping to convince the people of oakland that she is the right woman for the job...announcing today that she is running for a second term. "i'm excited to finish the job and bring some stability to this city." mayor schaaf made the announcement monday 19 months before the next election as part of an early-in strategy. "so that i can be prepared and show oaklanders how serious i am about sticking with the hard work ahead for the long term." she's counting on oakland to give her a second chance despite a challenging two years.she says she fought hard to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas.the warriors are also leaving oakland for san francisco. both...on her watch."it is true that i lost the oakland raiders and that is soul crushing to me as a lifelong oakland fan. but i've been pleasantly encouraged that people supported the stance i took and recognized the viable plan i had on the table that the raiders and the nfl chose not to take." not to mention back to back fatal fires at the ghost ship warehouse and the san pablo halfway house. "certainly oaklanders have seen me respond to a series of crises i've been open and honest about them and have gone right to work to fix them."
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tonight at ten we'll hear again from mayor libby schaaf about overcoming criticism and campaigning for another shot to be oakland's mayor live in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) deliveries for a non-profit that takes food to the hungry in contra costa county, were difficult today... that's because someone stole the non-profits biggest delivery truck over the weekend.(steve) butonly our justine waldman was there today at the pleasant hill headquarters.. when the organization got the call it was desperately waiting for sot we don't know if it was criminals or joy riders.the largest truck for white pony express is affectionately named is used to pick up rescued food from restaurants and grocery stores and take it to other
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non-profits that feed the hungry in contra costa county. even though the truck was locked with a club across the steering wheel someone stole it from headquarters parking lot over the weekend.gary conner/ white pony express sot we certainly don't hold any animosity we would just like to have our truck backsu justine waldmanthe cost to replace the stolen truck. .anywhere from 30 to 70 thousand dollars.sot to raise the money to replace suzie would be a pretty big deal while deliveries to the 84 different agencies white pony express serves did go out on monday.with suzie missing in action it posed a logistical headache getting all the food to those who so need it.sot we deliver 5 thousand pounds of food a day..but then in the middle of our interview a break in the case.sot we have breaking news!yes patty? they just found it in san joseoh that is fantastic fantastic! they are towing it san jose police found itoh that is great someone spotted suzie a long way home parked on the street in san jose. prompting celebrations suzie would return.sot i'm relived and
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very happy it can help us complete our mission and we don't have to spend the money to replace such a beautiful truck so we are very happy white pony express plans to pick suzie up from the south bay on tuesday. and get the truck rolling again because so many hungry people depend on its deliveries every pleasant hill justine waldman kron 4 news. (steve) a cloudy monday and some rain in the forecast this week...(pam) and also some sunshine... chief meterologist brittney shipp has the forecast for the week.. periods of light rain the rest of this afternoon will increase overnight as the next weak weather system moves onshore. lingering showers tuesday morning with partial afternoon clearing. dry and seasonable wednesday, then the next front moves into the north bay wednesday evening with a chance of light rain
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down to the golden gate by thursday morning. drying and warming trend thursday through the weekend. (pam) in the north bay: police are looking into the attempted rape of a jogger yesterday near (pam) in the north bay:
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police are looking into the attempted rape of a jogger yesterday near sonoma. a 24-year-old woman says, she was jogging along the sonoma overlook trail just after 1-in the afternoon. she says a man yelled at her near norrbom road, but she kept going. then the woman says she was suddenly pushed from behind and the suspect fell on top her... punching her several times. she was able to escape and call for help. the attacker is described as white and in his fifties, with a white, bushy beard. he had on black clothing and a beanie ... and his jeans were dirty. (steve) in the south bay a santa clara county judge has dismissed a rape charge against former san francisco 49ers- defensive lineman- ray mcdonald. the woman who made the allegations refused to testify. so the judge dismissed the charge... one count of rape of an intoxicated person. ahead at eight.. a week after deadly violence rocked a california elementary school.. students return to
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the classroom. this time with stricter security measures. make california it's own nation. that was the goal behind cal-exit movement. why the group is ending their effort. and next.. he is the man behind a gruesome killing ... that he posted to facebook.. now, police promise to track him down in a nationwide manhunt. putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center.
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we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. (steve) tonight...a big story...generating fear and outrage around the world. a nationwide manhunt continues for the suspect in the shooting death of a cleveland grandfather... police say the suspect - 37- year-old steve stephens - streamed video of the apparently random killing on facebook... adding to the horror...that grandfather was gunned down on easter sunday. (pam) grant lodes is here tonight with the intense manhunt for the suspect... and now we're hearing from the victim's family. (grant) moving words from that family...forgiving the suspect. and police are now offering a reward of up to 50-thousand dollars for information on steve
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stephens... the fbi is involved in this now nationwide manhunt. stephens is accused of killing a retired cleveland man... the victim - 74-year- old robert godwin senior - had 10 children and 14 grandchildren.he reportedly had just finished an easter meal and was out walking when he was killed. it appears based on the live facebook stream that the alleged killer was upset with a girlfriend he'd broken up with. the victim's family...talking tonight with our partners at cnn. debbie goodwin/ daughter: "he was a kind man, he was a giving man, he was a loving man. he loved his family." tonya godwin baines/ daughter: "each one of us forgive the killer. his murderer. we want to wrap our arms around him. debbie goodwin/ daughter: "i feel sadness in our hearts for himcleveland police chief: we've interviewed several people involved in this and i don't think there's any rhyme or reason for it happening. i don't think there's anything we can point to specifically
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that this is what sparked this. we're all standing here because of what unfortunately happened to one of our citizens here in the city, minding his own business, going about his day on easter. i mean, it is personal. definitely." (grant) the former girlfriend - joy lane - has told reporters that she's overwhelmed by the news of the murder - and called stephens "kind and loving." meantime - a string of states were put on high 'alert'....because the suspect is still on the loose. aside from ohio - they are indiana, pennsylvania, new york and michigan . also today - authorities say they have not found evidence of other victims...despite the fact stephens claimed that he killed other people... (( pam )) the brutal killing is the latest in a string of incidents posted to facebook or unfolding on facebook live the video was taken down after three hours, but not before it was downloaded and shared. now facebook is receiving
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criticism for not acting sooner. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate joins us now to explain what facebook is doing about these types of videos.. gabe ((gabe on camera))over the last year there has been has been a growing number of videos showing murder, sexual assualt, suicides and torture.... facebook doesn't want you to see these in your feed....but they don't want to censor eitherhere's what they are doing trying to walk on that fine line.... ((pkg)) over the last year there has been has been a growing number of videos showing murder, sexual assault, suicides and torture.. facebook doesn't want you to see these in your feed..but they don't want to censor eitherhere's what they are doing trying to walk on that fine line.((pkg)) facebook posted on their blog that this latest video of a murder of an elderly man in cleveland over the weekend has no place on their social network and goes against their policy and everything they stand for.they also laid out the timeline of when the videos were posted, flagged, and ultimately removedthey got the videos off within 3 hours of them being posted but in this connected world.. that might as well have been daysright now facebook is
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dependent on people flagging videos like this, they review, then take actionthey also have thousands of people across the globe they call content monitors looking for inappropriate videos.they are working on employing artificial intelligence across the network to discover these videos and automatically remove them but that is still a work in progress. facebook said after this terrible series of events they are reviewing how things are reported and flagged and if there is something they can do to improve the system but for now all their actions take place after a video is posted. anyone can post anything the only way to truly prevent these types of videos is for them to review videos before they are posted or streamed this is a big question for society for you the facebook user would you be ok posting a video and having to wait for facebook to approve it before it pops up on your friends feeds? are you willing to be censored? this is the challenge facebook and other social networks are facing.. ((gabe tag))i would like to hear from you. would you live with more censoring to avoid seeing these types of videos?? or do you think social networks are a real reflection of us.. the good and the bad and we should not filter it.. you can send me an email.or a tweet to @gabe slate back to you guys (steve) new at 8. a
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benicia high school teacher has turned herself in. for allegedly having sexual relations with a student. police say they arrested 23 year old riana lane just a few hours ago. for both unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation with a minor. the arrest comes after an investigation at benicia high school last week. that involved marijuana on campus and stolen property. today police leanred the teacher was having an inappropriate relationship with the 17- year-old student, who was involved in the earlier incident. the investigation is still ongoing. (steve) classes resumed at north park elementary school in san bernardino today.(pam) just one week after the school shooting .. where a gunmen killed a teacher and a student... then pulling the trigger on himself. now, new security measures are in place to reassure concerned parents and children. police say, visitors are not allowed past the locked front office.. and everyone entering the school
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will be screened and buzzed in at the door. their i-ds scanned against the megan's law website ... and given a badge. district officials also consulted with officials from columbine, sandy hook and other schools which have dealt with school shootings. (steve) the effort to make california an independent nation has been put on pause. the vice president of the "yes california independence campaign" will withdraw the 20-18 ballot measure. and the president of the the same campaign says he is seeking permanent residence in russia. the movement drew interest during last year's presidential election... they needed more than 585- thousand signatures to reach the ballot. the group had only collected about 100- thousand supporters. but a new group says they plan to file a new proposal ballot measure in the coming weeks (pam) a live look outside on this monday nigth (steve) chief meterologist brittney
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shipp breaks down the forecast.. periods of light rain the rest of this afternoon will increase overnight as the next weak weather system moves onshore. lingering showers tuesday morning with partial afternoon clearing. dry and seasonable wednesday, then the next front moves into the north bay wednesday evening with a chance of light rain down to the golden gate by thursday morning. drying and warming trend thursday through the weekend.
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new ahead at 8. a mom arrives to pick up her baby at daycare...only to find he is not alive. now police say an 8 year old may have been involved.(pam) and next. a raucous local
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crowd challenges california senator dianne feinstein in a town hall. what she had to say in response. ((mark sports tease)) the raiders are bound for las vegas, but for now, they still call oakland home. the silver and black opened their offseason workouts today.. later in sports, we'll hear from derek carr and khalil mack on the sin city move, carr's recovery from broken leg and get their thoughts on marshawn lynch. (steve)here's what we're tracking tonight at is video that will make you cringe..a man seen slugging a woman during saturday's protest in berkeley.we know who the man is throwing the punch...tonight we hear from the victim.why she says she won't back down if violence erupts the next time.that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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"now woah woah woah woah."(pam) longtime california senator dianne feinstein faced a rowdy crowd at a town hall meeting in san francisco today. while feinstein supporters were in attendance ... there were also people who think her politics are not progressive enough. senator feinstein is standing by her record... saying she is challenging the president and opposing his policies, legislation and nominees. (pam) the crowd delivered a mix of boos and applause for feinstein's responses. the senator says, she understands voter's frustration. and that the first move toward changing the dynamic... is winning back branches of government for democratic leaders.
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arrests surging amid a federal crackdown on undocumented immigration ahead at eight.. how much the effort is costing taxpayers plus. the first lady gives the president a wake up call. the sharp reminder she gave him during a crucial moment. and next. north korea warning of nuclear war. while the u- s fires back with a warning of its own.
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the era of strategic patience is overtomahawk nat(pam) first the missile attack on syria.then the mother of all bombs in north korea is in the crosshairs.(steve)vice president pence leading the charge in an escalating war of words.( pam)and an american carrier group is in striking range .... to back up those
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words.catherine heenan shows us the high stakes in confronting kim jong un.. at the white house egg roll, any message for north korea sir? gotta behave.and halfway around the world in south korea, the message was the same."north korea would do well not to test his resolve, or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this region."natnorth korea's ambassador to the u=n, also ramping up the rhetoric.< kim in ryong, north korean ambassador to u.n.:> "it has created a dangerous situation in which the thermo-nuclear war may break out at any moment."north korea says it will not hesitate to unleash its nuclear missiles if it's attacked. "nuclear capability for kim jong un is primarily about his security, it's an insurance policy, so long as he has that he knows that even the us, the world's only superpower has to not only think twice, it has to think 3, 4, 5 times before taking any kind of military
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action.""he may be an evil person, reckless cruel yes, but it doesn't means he doesn't know what he's doing"national security advisor lt. gen hr mcmaster says all options are on the table, "this is coming to a head."the vice president visited the demilitarized zone today ... showing his game face to north korean soldiers photographing him from the other side.pence: "this is a frontier of freedom. the us intelligence community is examining last weekend's military parade in pynongyang. these canisters could carry a missile capable of reaching the u=s. but are they real, or what one intelligence official called just big green tubes. just hours after the parade, a medium range ballistic missile exploded after a test launch, the second such failure in a row. it may be just mechanical failure but experts say u-s navy submarines could secretly attack those missile launches, jamming their electronics.
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(steve) under president trump arrests of undocumented immigrants are surging. by more than 30 percent. since mr trump's inauguration to about mid-march ice has made more than 21- thousand arrests. including many people with no criminal record. some of those arrested blame donald trump....saying they believe they would have been let go if he weren't in office --- tonight we're also learning more about how ice actually removes people from the country. it's on a secret airline air. that airline is funded by taxpayers. and is used to transport deported immigrants out of the united states. each passenger costing taxpayers an average of 2- thousand dollars. (pam) first lady melania trump gave the president a wake up nudge during the annual easter egg roll cameras captured her nudging president trump during the national anthem. the moment prompting a lot of response on the internet. with one person tweeting "is it just me, or did he seem to have a problem finding his heart?" the president
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seemed to know exactly why he was being elbowed... and then immediately placed his hand over his heart. (steve) a live look outside.. (pam) our chief meterologist brittney shipp has details periods of light rain the rest of this afternoon will increase overnight as the next weak weather system moves onshore. lingering showers tuesday morning with partial afternoon clearing. dry and seasonable wednesday, then the next front moves into the north bay wednesday evening with a chance of light rain down to the golden gate by thursday morning. drying and warming trend thursday through the weekend. (steve) tonight...stunni ng revalations about a daycare
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death...and the person of interest in the case... is less than 10 years (steve) tonight...stunning
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revalations about a daycare death...and the person of interest in the case... is less than 10 years old. (pam) a one-year-old baby in michigan was discovered friday... badly beaten... and limp. grant lodes is here with this heart- stopping story. (grant) the mom was picking two kids from of whom was her one-year-old son-- korey. an employee told her the baby was sleeping... bryanna
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says when she lifted her baby out of the pack-n-play...and he did not move. according to the mother... he had bites and bruises on his face, fingers and stomach... and his head was swolen. she panied and called 9-1-1. paramedics tried c-p-r but it was too late. bryanna then rushed to the hospital. (bryanna reasonover/mother): "when i got to the hospital they told me, korey had already been dead for an hour." butted to "i want to know why, who did it. why no body was there to stop it or prevent it from happening." (grant) police now know korey had been crying. during that time... an eight- year-old was in unsupervised contact with the baby. authorities say a five-year- old is the primary witness to what happened.
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still ahead at 8. hate coffee staining your teeth? one company says they have the solution and next... a poll reveals a surprising shift in opinion. why some americans say, marijuana is safer to use than prescription drugs (pam) a new yahoo survey
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says, americans think it is safer to use marijuana to relieve pain... rather than opioids.(steve) two thirds of the people who participated in the survey say common opioid drugs like as vicodin or oxycontin are "riskier" to use than pot. an over- whelming 83% say pot should be legal for medical use. but they were less comfortable with children and pregnant women using pot to treat medical conditions. the
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fda has since directed doctors to prescribe fewer pain- killers to patients. and last month, president trump appointed an opioid commission to look into the heroin epidemic. (pam) so many people like coffee, but hate when it stains their teeth. well, a new brew may be your answer. this is c-l-r c-f-f... its british- based creators say, it is the first colorless coffee on the market. the coffee is made from arabica coffee beans and pure water. it's unclear what is going into these drinks... they have yet to release a full ingredient list. the company says the transparent coffee will do wonders for your teeth, as the dark color of other coffees tend to stain those pearly whites. the coffee is available for puchase online at c-l-r-c-f-f dot com, but it's not cheap. a two-pack costs about seven dollars, 50 cents. (steve) in sports... warriors game-one star draymond green has a good-natured exchange
8:42 pm
about a play he didn't make... (pam (pamdidn't make...
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((james))i want to start our with home sales. we have a pretty decent uptick this spring, which means good news for homeowners?((rob))record high prices in local markets are thwarting hungry buyers rushing in to take advantage of the low interest rates. home sales jumped 9% in march compared with last year even as the number of home for sale slumped by 13%. there is a strong demand, and not a lot of supply. a typical home went in just 49 days, down from 60 days a year ago. $273k is the median price for a home in the united states. that will get you 1/3 of a house in the bay
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area.((james))if you haven't filed taxes in a while, you're going to start getting phone calls from private debt collectors. is the irs going to outsource this?((rob))yes. the irs sources private debt collectors when congress needs money to build roads. so the fair debt collections practices does stand, so the irs is going to send you 4 or 5 letters, they will never contact you by phone. they will send you letters saying your debt has been transferred to a collection agency. that agency will send you a letter saying we bought your debt. this is where fraud starts to come in. if the person is aggressive, hang up. if they try to pressure you, hang up. if they ask for you to send a gift card, it's a scam. if they try to get your credit card information, it's a scam. ((james))post your questions on rob's facebook page and we will answer them on the air. the raiders opened their offseason workout program today... and despite reports that this was close to being a done deal, marshawn the raiders opened their
8:46 pm
offseason workout program today... and despite reports that this was close to being a done deal, marshawn lynch is still not on the roster. like many around the bay area, team leaders derek carr and khalil mack are hoping this gets finished soon and it would be a treat to play alongside beastmode. but that topic-- is secondary to some other major offseason news. here's a look at
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the players checking into raiders headquarters. today marks exactly three weeks since nfl owners overwhelmingly approved the team's move to las vegas. the raiders...will soon be trading in the coliseum for a near 2-billion dollar, 65- thousand seat stadium in the desert. it's projected to be completed by 2020, so in the meantime, the raiders will stay in oakland for the next two seasons. team leaders derek carr and khalil mack offer their thoughts on the move. "we have our fans here that we need to take care of and that's really important to me to take care of our fans here. to make sure that we enjoy our last times. what is it, two years, thee years. who knows, but that's my focus to make sure that i'm giving everything to this city. my focus is here and now making sure that our fans feel appreciated knowing they are gonna get the very best version of me and my teammates everytime we step out onto the field.""it feels weird right now, but i feel that once we get in that stadium and get around the fans and them knowing that the players, we don't have control of those
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things. it ultimately comes down to us coming to work, doing whatever it takes to win."'we still have some good years ahead of us here and i think that our fans are really excited about that. i think that they realize that.' another major item discussed today-- carr's health. that season-ending broken leg he suffered in week 16 against the colts... essentially ruined any hope of a deep playoff run. good news though-- there's nothing to worry about heading into next year. he is fully recovered and has no limitations. here's dc with an update. "i feel great... i've been running, jumping, throwing, cutting... everything... so i''m readt to rock... i'm ready to do absolutely everything... i did everything my teammates did today.... i'll do everything again my teammates do tomorrow... so hopefully that just gives an idea... i feel great." moving on to the nba playoffs. --two games on the docket today, here's one of them --cavs-pacers in cleveland --lebron james... with lebron type highlights. a block leads
8:49 pm
to a fastbreak the other way... james all by himself and angry at the rim. he finished with 25-points and 10- rebounds. --the other star of the night. kyrie irving... with a game-high 37-points. --pacers made it close, but cavs win 117-111 and lead the series 2-nothing. switching now to the warriors-- yesterday-- golden state got a fight from the trailblazers, but when a spark was needed, you know who you can count on. draymond green...what a performance. 19-points, 12- rebounds, 9-assists and 5- blocks. a game that steve kerr called phenomenal...and he's not sure that anybody else in the league is capable of. we also need to talk about the highlight that wasn't... a missed dunk in the fourth quarter. if he converted, the arena would have erupted. apparently, that sparked some trash talk between he and cj mccollum. green tells us what was said. 'he told me i need to do more calf raises, but we were talking back and forth
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the entire game. that's just a part of the game." "he does need to do some calf raises after that dunk... where i'm from if you talk trash to me i'm gonna talk trash to you. it's nothing disrespectful. i'm not talking about nobody's mama or anything like that. i've known draymond since he was at michigan state, a little chubbier since he was at michigan state. he's done really well with himself. he's worked hard. he's one of the best defenders in the nba, but if i see something that i wanna say, i'm gonna say it and he'd do the same thing." here's a look at the rest of the series schedule. game 2 is wednesday night at oracle. then, the series moves to portland.... game 3 on saturday and game 4 next monday. finally, the a's facing the rangers right now at the coliseum... we'll have highlights later tonight. until then-- some rough news on the injury front. let's start with the pitching staff-- kendall graveman... placed on the 10-day disabled list due to a right shoulder strain. the hurler has been solid so far...winning his first two starts with a 2-point-0 era.
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that's not all. shortstop marcus semien out he is having surgery on his right wrist. not known exactly how or when the injury happened, but reports say he's been dealing with pain in that area since spring training. the procedure is happening tomorrow...and he'll be reevaluated in six weeks. tonight at 10
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tonight at 10 yep it's still raining and as usual one drop of water on the bay area freeways means people lose their minds . what are the rules while driving in the rain we'll explore them in the next edition of people behaving badly law and order s-v-u is next...then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, including people behaving badly, mark
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carpenter has sports and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten... right here on the bay area's news station. last weather.. goodbye hanging out in here.
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male announcer: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. >> dad, why are we doing this? it's gonna rain. >> come on. we're having fun. we're outside, spending time together. see, your old man's pretty goo--oh, oh! oh, oh! aah! >> dad! >> vicki, help me! >> dad, are you okay? >> yeah, i-i think so. is it bad? >> i don't see a cut. >> then where'd this blood come from?
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>> [screams]


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