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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(steve) just days after protests spiral out of control in berkeley... the big question tonight -- is the city doing enough to keep people safe?(pam) this is video from saturday.. violence broke out between pro- president trump demonstrators and counter protesters. in total -- twenty people were arrested. tonight we are getting answers from berkeley's mayor. good evening i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. but first ... there is one particularly disturbing piece of video from the protests going viral. it shows a man punching a woman in the face.tonight...we are hearing from that woman.
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grant lodes is here with that -- and what we are learning the man in the video.. grant? (grant) man is believced to be nathan . from oakdale...he's a student at cal state stanislaus...and people on campus today that were interviewed say he's known to be involved in these sorts of right speech...whatever you want to call it. his fist landed a punch in berkeley over the's fast, so we slowed it down.(grant) her punched the young lady, fell on her, and then jogged off. earleir in the day,, he tweeted a picture from berkeley. the woman
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we an activist from the los angeles area who's talking about the incident tonight for the first time.
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(steve)team coverage tonight.. the mayor of berkeley talked to kron4's spencer blake...about how and if things will be different for rallies like these in the future. (nats)you didn't have to be close to hear the commotion on saturday.and people around the world saw images of bloody protesters.berkeley police arrested 20 people, and 11 people got hurt."the people that were injured were people that came and willingly committed violence against each other. these weren't innocent people."monday, mayor jesse arreguin expressed appreciation for the quote 'excellent job' police did in responding to the violence.but we wanted to know why the brawls were allowed to happen
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at all."i was hit on the head with sticks.""i think the concern is, if police go in very aggressively, and very forcefully, then that could escalate things and incite further violence and pose a risk to officers and to the public."mayor arreguin recalled the protests that turned violent at u-c berkeley in february, when alt-right speaker milo yiannopoulos was scheduled to make an appearance.the city hadn't expected violence that time. but this past weekend, the mayor says, police were prepared with adaptations.the fenced off martin luther king, jr. park.they confiscated weapons.yet the opportunity for these demonstrators to exercise free speechstill turned ugly."part of it is we don't know when something's going to evolve from a peaceful demonstration to a violent demonstration. that's the issue."while the mayor says berkeley wants to protect both free speech and people's safety in the future, he stopped short of a sweeping ban of specific groups and their yelling matches."what is the solution? do we profile people because they have a trump flag, or they have a sign that people disagree
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with? i mean, where do we draw the line, and is that really in keeping with our communities values?"(looklive) mayor arreguin says the police department has his full trust to assess those types of situations, and he added that violence is not freedom of berkeley, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) happening now: an emotional plea for a killer to turn himself in.. this comes after a man in cleveland was murdered -- in cold blood -- and the video was posted on facebook. the victim was 74-years old ... and on his way home from an easter meal when he was randomly killed. this is the suspected killer.steve stephens. a nationwide manhunt is underway for the stephens who is considered armed and dangerous(steve/bam ) reporter brynn gingras is tracking developments..... and has more on what we know about the suspect.
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chief calvin williams, cleveland police department: "our message to the community at large is to be careful."a cross-country manhunt tonight for a cold-blooded killer, as schools are placed under lockdown, and communities in five states are urged to take precautions. 37 year-old steve stephens is on the run after he shot 74-year-old robert godwin on sunday...then posted video of the killing on facebook. the video shows stephens randomly choosing his victimas he can be heard saying quote - "found somebody i'm about to kill, about to kill this guy right here this old dude then stephens is seen getting out of the car and pointing a gun to godwin's head. the video stayed up on facebook for hours before it was taken down.many who saw it called 9-1-1, but stephens was already on the run, describing himself in a separate video as a "monster" with "built in anger and frustration.chief calvin williams, cleveland police department: "steve,if you're out there someone." ...those pleas also coming from stephens' mother. she tells cnn her son says he was shooting people because he was angry with his girlfriend. seconds before the killing-
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stephens can be heard in the video asking godwin to say a woman's name- quote- "she's the reason why this is about to happen to you."stephens also boasted on facebook about killing at least a dozen others, but police say no other victims have been found. chief calvin williams, cleveland police department: "we've interviewed several people involved in this, and i don't think there's any rhyme or reason for it happening." authorities say the woman stephens references in the video is cooperating and safe. she has told multiple news agencies that she and stephens had been in a relationship for several years, texting cbs news - "steve really is a nice guy. he was kind and loving to me and my children."in fact, stephens mentored children, helping young adults in the foster care system find jobs, according to a spokeswoman with beech brook where stephens worked since 2008. (steve) the victim had ten children of his own and 14 grandchildren. his family is asking people ánotá to donate to gofund me accounts -- saying they are fake. now the mother of the victim's two
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youngest children is pleading with public to stop sharing the video.
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pam, more than 50 people packed into the school board headquarters tonight. this was the third community meeting focused on keeping kids safe. it appears progress is being madebut there are still major problems according to parents and students.sot my child for one is not in a gang but there are gangs in union city and i think some of the children are associated with them.just one of the many concerns raised at this community meeting in union city. one held to address the racial problems that continue to plague the new haven unified school district in the form of on campus fights.sot there is problems often between especially black and brownsot when you say black and brown what does that mean. african american students and latino students.james logan high school students tell me that there continue to be problems with people from other schools
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such as conley-caraballo coming to logan. the co- superintendent says they are addressing campus safety concerns at logan and will make changes.sot some things can be done immediately and will be done this summer but some things are going to take longer but we absolutely know we have to change the physical structure of that school.the district plans to create a peace board for a diverse group of students to try and work out their problems in meetings among themselves. they also plan to purchase cameras and allow students the opportunity to record their perspective on campus and in union a sort of student video contest.sot people are looking for quick fixes but a lot of it just comes down to empathy and understanding.some though want answers quicker.sot no offense to these meetings. i think these meetings are great but we need to find solutions now. not six or 12 months but we need to do something today. the co-superintendent told me
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this was the largest crowd they have had so far. they say the more participation the better. the students i talked with believe more students need to step up and start attending these meetings. live in union city, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (steve) happening now: police are looking into the attempted rape of a jogger yesterday near sonoma. a 24-year-old woman says, she was jogging along the sonoma overlook trail just after 1-in the afternoon. she says a man yelled at her near norrbom road, but she kept going. then the woman says she was suddenly pushed from behind and the suspect fell on top her... punching her several times. she was able to escape and call for help. the attacker is described as white and in his fifties, with a white, bushy beard. he had on black clothing and a beanie ... and his jeans were dirty.
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(steve) a benicia high school teacher has turned herself in. for allegedly having sexual relations with a student. police say they arrested 23 year old riana lane just a few hours ago. for both unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation with a minor. the arrest comes after an investigation at benicia high school last week. that involved marijuana on campus and stolen property. today police leanred the teacher was having an inappropriate relationship with the 17- year-old student, who was involved in the earlier incident. the investigation is still ongoing. periods of light rain the rest of this afternoon will increase overnight as the next weak weather system moves onshore. lingering showers tuesday morning with partial afternoon clearing. dry and seasonable wednesday, then the next front moves into the north bay wednesday evening with a chance of light rain down to the golden gate by thursday morning. drying and warming trend thursday through the weekend.
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(pam) coming up:a vehicle used to help families in need... stolen. only on four -- where it was recovered just hours ago. (steve) then:the mayor of oakland running for re- election.. tongiht -- she opens up some of her toughest challenges in office... like losing the raiders. (pam) and next:a frightening story on the peninsula. a mountain lion enters a home and snatches a family dog in the middle of the night. what you need to know, if you encounter a big cat.
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(pam) a family in rural san mateo county says.... a mountain lion came into their home and walked out with their dog ...(steve) it happened early this morning near the town of pescadero.... just east of highway one. so far, neither the dog nor the mountain lion have been found. (pam) kron 4's charles clifford has the details. mountain lion sighting are actually pretty common in rural san mateo county. they are often seen on trails or near homes. but they rarely attack pets and it's virtually unheard of for a big cat to go into someone's house.according to the san mateo county sheriff's office, a woman and her child were sleeping together in their home when the family dog started barking at the foot of the bed around 3 am. a french door in the bedroom had been left open so the dog could go back and forth from outside. the woman says that when she looked up she saw a shadow enter through the open door, grab the dog and walk out.sot<
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det. salvador zuno she was very afraid. she grabbed a flashlight to look for her dog and when she looked at the ground she saw wet paw prints.> the family called 9-1-1, sheriff's deputies searched the property but couldn't find the dog or the mountain lion, although they did find additional pawprints in the dirt.sot< det. salvador zuno it's very unusual. we notified out partners at the california department of fish and wildlife and they also said that something like this is very rare. very unusual.>sot the sheriff's department says that they believe this is an isolated incident, they haven't gotten any other reports about mountain lions in the area. in san mateo county ,charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(steve) and here are some safety tips in case you do spot a mountain lion.. - maintain eye contact - do not approach the mountain lion - don't turn around or run away - you want to appear large and threatening - and do not corner the mountain lion (pam) in san francisco... california senator dianne feinstein faced a raucous crowd during a town hall meeting monday. take a listen. while feinstein found a great deal of support in the audience on a number of issues. there were many who felt the long time democrat is not progressive enough, or at least not vocal enough in this era of president trump. following the town hall, the senator told reporters... she understands the frustration of many bay area
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voters. (sot) "if there was one branch not controlled by republicans the dynamic changes, if there were two branches it changes even more , but in this case we have all branches controlled by republicans. that's the first thing that needs to change" senator feinstein was asked if she plans to run for re- election, she declined to answer but said, a decision will likely come soon (steve) as the trump administration nears the end of it's first 100 days... tensions with north korea contune to escalate.(pam) vice president pence is visiting the region to warn the north korean leader... to stop the nuclear and ballistic missile programs. kristen holmes is in washington.... with the latest on this delicate diplomatic situation. while easter eggs were rolling at the white house monday.. president donald trump: "happy easter and have a great great time."president trump took a moment to roll out a new
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warning to north korea question: "do you have a message for north korea?" president donald trump: "they gotta behave."and half way around the world--vice president mike pence putting the pressure on north korean dictator kim jong un from just across its border in south koreavice pres. mike pence: "all options are on the table// north korea would do well not to test his resolve, or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this region." the vice president on a 10-day trip to the region... arriving in seoul just hours after north korea's failed missile test over the weekend.during a dramatic visit to the demilitarized zone between north and south korea -- pence saying the trump white house may not show the restraint of past administrations:vice pres. mike pence: "we're going to abandon the failed poicy of strategic patience" ...and ramping up pressure on china to take a more aggressive stance.the president tweeting about china's role in the situation
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over the weekend.and the white house monday saying president trump's new friendly relationship with the chinese president was paying off sean spicer/white house press secretary: "i think you see china playing a much more active role in the -- in the -- with respect to north korea. both politically and economically, can continue to apply pressure to achieve results."i'm kristen holmes reporting. (steve ) a live look outside .. at san francisco. tonight --- we are tracking rain on the way..(pam) chief metoeorologist brittney shipp is here with details.. periods of light rain the rest of this afternoon will increase overnight as the next weak weather system moves onshore. lingering showers tuesday morning with partial afternoon clearing. dry and seasonable wednesday, then the next front moves into the north bay wednesday evening with a chance of light rain down to the golden gate by thursday morning. drying and
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warming trend thursday through the weekend.
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(steve) still ahead new at ten:a million people tuned in to see the birth... now we'll take you upclose to meet april the giraffe's new calf... just how soon the two will be seperated. (pam) and next:lost and now found... where police recovered a stolen delivery truck ... that is used to help feed families in need.
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(pam) deliveries were
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difficult today... for a non-profit that takes food to people who are hungry in contra costa county.. that's because, over the weekend, someone stole the non-profits biggest delivery truck.(steve) but - only our justine waldman was there today at the pleasant hill headquarters.. when the organization got the call it was desperately waiting for sot we don't know if it was criminals or joy riders.the largest truck for white pony express is affectionately named is used to pick up rescued food from restaurants and grocery stores and take it to other non-profits that feed the hungry in contra costa county. even though the truck was locked with a club across the steering wheel someone stole it from headquarters parking lot over the weekend.gary conner/ white pony express sot we certainly don't hold any animosity we would just like to have our truck backsu justine waldmanthe cost to replace the stolen truck. .anywhere from 30 to 70 thousand dollars.sot to raise the money to replace suzie
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would be a pretty big deal while deliveries to the 84 different agencies white pony express serves did go out on monday.with suzie missing in action it posed a logistical headache getting all the food to those who so need it.sot we deliver 5 thousand pounds of food a day..but then in the middle of our interview a break in the case.sot we have breaking news!yes patty? they just found it in san joseoh that is fantastic fantastic! they are towing it san jose police found itoh that is great someone spotted suzie a long way home parked on the street in san jose. prompting celebrations suzie would return.sot i'm relived and very happy it can help us complete our mission and we don't have to spend the money to replace such a beautiful truck so we are very happy white pony express plans to pick suzie up from the south bay on tuesday. and get the truck rolling again because so many hungry people depend on its deliveries every pleasant hill justine waldman kron 4 news. (steve) coming up:a hunger
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strike underway in front of san jose city hall... the protections activists are demanding for renters tonight. (pam) then - in a brand new edition of people behaving badly..some advice for driving in the rain that could not only help you avoid a ticket... but also save your life. (steve) and next:we go one on one with the oakland mayor.. as she announces a bid for re-election.. tonight - her toughest challenges in office so far...
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(steve) it's official...oakland mayor libby schaaf is running for a second term. the election is more than a year away.(pam) kron 4's ella sogomonian met one-on-one with mayor schaaf. she's live in the newsroom tonight. ella - why has she decided to announce her intentions so early? it's a strategic move for the mayor to get ahead of the race put her name out there and show the people of oakland she's serious about the job despite scandals she's been delt in her first term. mayor libby schaaf isn't wasting anytime.she's announced that she's running for a second term."i don't take anything for granted and i want to make sure that the campaign in no way interrupts work i do every day as oakland's mayor."mayor schaaf made the announcement monday 19 months before the next election as part of an early-in strategy. she's
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counting on oakland to give her a second chance despite a challenging two years."there's so much work that we've started that needs to be continued. oakland is so much safer but we have a lot more work to do to continue to build trust and strengthen community policing."trust that's been lost by many in oakland when during her term oakland's police department fell to a sex scandal that shocked the community and the nation - then led to a revolving door of police chiefs before settling with ann kirkpatrick."and oakland will continue to see reforms that it has actually made tremendous progress with. things like over a 40% reduction in crimes like shootings and homicides. we've seen over a 70% reduction in use of force."mayor schaaf has also faced critisim for two fatal fires that together claimed the lives of forty people. and has left the fire department without a chief."as someone who has been through these difficult times i know the work that needs to get done. i know how to fix the problems that have been holding the city back. and as someone who has brought forth
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those proposals i want to see them through." she also says she fought hard to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas.the warriors are also leaving oakland for san francisco.both...on her watch. "it is true that i lost the oakland raiders and that is soul crushing to me as a lifelong oakland fan. but i've been pleasantly encouraged that people supported the stance i took and recognized the viable plan i had on the table that the raiders and the nfl chose not to take." there are no known contenders at this time to go up against the incumbent but mayor schaaf says she looks forward to the dialogue and in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) happening now. activists are conducting a hunger strike in front of city hall in san jose. they are trying to pressure the city council.... to pass a
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series of laws to protect the rights of renters. a small but determined group of renters... has been outside city hall all day... they are protesting about the status quo.. which allows property owners to evict tenants without cause. there have been more than 2,000 of these so called 'no cause' evictions since 2010. renters want the city council to adopt a 'just cause' ordinance... which would provide tenants with some protection against unreasonable evictions. (sot) sandy perry/affordable housing network " people are being evicted unjustly, they're being forced to move out of the city. it's getting so that these people just can't live here anymore. they need some legal protection and for the city council to put those into practice"(pam) for their part, landlords believe that would threaten their rights as property owners and leave them with no way to evict bad tenants. the city council will get an earful from both sides
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tomorrow afternoon. (steve) tonight polcie are looking into whether a man accused of d-u-i... is also the person who hit two miniature horses in sonoma county. these are photos of the minature horses. the crash happened saturday morning around two-am.. police say a car crashed into a corral in penngrove -- hitting the two miniature horses. both had to be euthanized. no long after police arrested a man from oakland on suspicion of d-u-i... investigators say animal hair was found in the vehicle's damaged front end. (pam) new at ten:tongiht we are learning more about a "person of interest" in the murder of janet mejia. the sacramento state grad went missing earlier this month... and not long afterward.. her body was found.(steve) now we now police are investigating her roommate. reporter eric rucker has the latest. 25-year-old teris vinson went before a sacramento county
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judge on felony gun possession charges.minutes after his court appearance the sacramento county sheriff's department announced vinson is now being charged with the death of his roommate janet mejia.with vinson already behind bars on the gun charges, investigators say prosecutors were waiting on more evidence to charge him with the 28-year oldús murder. sot:super: tony turnbull "the das office wanted to wait on some pending forensics there was a lot of information in the investigation to that point which is why we called him initially a person of interest"mejia, a sacramento state graduate was reported missing by her other roommate last tuesday.last wednesday her car was found in the arden arcade area...but investigators believe thereús a good chance she isn't the one that drove it there.sot: "which is the other direction from her house so it's not uncommon i'm not saying this happen in this case but it's not uncommon for suspects to try to throw off the investigation"a day after police located her car mejia was found dead in placer county on the side of the road near watt avenue and dyer lane. (steve) also in the sacramento
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area -- the search is ongoing for college student aly yeoman ... she is the 20-year-old who went missing in yuba city on april first. her truck and cell phone were found shortly after she went missing near a levee in live oak... but still no sign of aly. (pam) classes resumed at north park elementary school in san bernardino today.... just one week after the school shooting that left a teacher and a student dead ... the killer was the teacher's estranged husband -- who then turned the gun on himself. now, new security measures are in place to reassure concerned parents and children. police say, visitors are not allowed past the locked front office.. and everyone entering the school will be screened and buzzed in at the door. their i-ds scanned against the megan's law website ... and given a badge. district officials
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also consulted with officials from columbine, sandy hook and other schools which have dealt with school shootings. (steve) still ahead new at ten:a million people tuned in to see the birth of april's calf.. now we're learning when the giraffe's could be seperated. > just ahead, the raiders back in alameda today for the team's off season program. we'll get an update from derek carr on his broken leg, plus his thoughts on the move to las vegas. also, draymond green....the man with the small calves? we'll explain later in sports. ((james))i want to start our
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with home sales. we have a pretty decent uptick this spring, which means good news
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for homeowners?((rob))record high prices in local markets are thwarting hungry buyers rushing in to take advantage of the low interest rates. home sales jumped 9% in march compared with last year even as the number of home for sale slumped by 13%. there is a strong demand, and not a lot of supply. a typical home went in just 49 days, down from 60 days a year ago. $273k is the median price for a home in the united states. that will get you 1/3 of a house in the bay area.((james))if you haven't filed taxes in a while, you're going to start getting phone calls from private debt collectors. is the irs going to outsource this?((rob))yes. the irs sources private debt collectors when congress needs money to build roads. so the fair debt collections practices does stand, so the irs is going to send you 4 or 5 letters, they will never contact you by phone. they will send you letters saying your debt has been transferred to a collection agency. that agency will send you a letter saying we bought your debt. this is where fraud starts to come in. if the person is aggressive, hang up. if they try to pressure you, hang up. if they ask for you to send a gift card, it's a scam. if they try to get your credit card information, it's a scam.
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((james))post your questions on rob's facebook page and we will answer them on the air. (steve) after months of anticipation.. "are you "are you watching this?! i the air.answer them on page and we will rob's facebook questions on rob's facebook page and we will answer them on
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. (steve) after months of anticipation..april the giraffe gave birth to her baby giraffe calf over the weekend, with over a million people watching it happen live.(pam) new at ten:reporter mike tanzini went to animal adventure park in harpursville
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new york to see what's next for the animal star. "are you watching this?! i turned on the camera, and sure enough we were in active labor," said animal adventure park owner jordan patch.the newest member of animal adventure park was brought, well bounced, into the world on saturday, with 1.2 million people watching it happen live on the live stream.april's been expecting to give birth since february, and the world was finally notified with the click of a button."we promised the world that we'd let them know when the process started. our text alert and facebook live went into effect. we did everything we possibly could to tell everyone," said patch. the birth took about two hours, and the new baby boy was delivered healthy and safe as park staff and caretakers watched close-by.after about 45 minutes on the floor, the giraffe-calf was up and moving on his new legs.when mike stopped by on monday, he was a
10:46 pm
little sleepy.animal adventure park owner jordan patch says although he's tired, he's doing very well."they're doing great. progress is absolutely perfect. the calf has gained a pound a half, which is exactly like to see. over the next few weeks, we'll see significant weight gain and some growth. mom is doing phenomenally, and dad is very interested in the calf which is a positive," said patch.animal adventure has been in the spotlight for months since launching a live webcam to document and showcase the birth to the world.patch says the entire endeavor was a lot of work, but well worth it."we've been under a microscope but we're using it to our advantage. whether it's the message of conservation or furthering our business potential at animal adventure park, we're really embracing it and running with it," he said.and the work isn't over, as animal adventure is set to open in less than a month."yes, we have a calf on the ground, it's humbling, but outside of this barn, everything is still going on. there's 200 animals out there that need our help, feeding and our care. we have a park to open in 3 weeks and we have a lot of projects underway," said patch.patch says the giraffe will be at animal adventure for the entire season.but, its life will continue elsewhere once
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the time is right. (steve) the baby giraffe will stay at animal adventure park until the weening process is complete. that can take about eight to 15 months.. then a new home will be found for the girafe. animal adventure is holding a baby naming contest, where people can make a donation and submit a name suggestion. periods of light rain the rest of this afternoon will increase overnight as the next weak weather system moves onshore. lingering showers tuesday morning with partial afternoon clearing. dry and seasonable wednesday, then the next front moves into the north bay wednesday evening with a chance of light rain down to the golden gate by thursday morning. drying and warming trend thursday through the weekend.
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before the a's even took the field tonight against the rangers, they got some bad news on two fronts. pitcher kendall graveman...plac ed on the 10-day dl with a shoulder injury. and shortstop marcus semien out for at least six weeks because of wrist surgery. regardless-- the green and gold must play on. --we go to oakland... here's someone taking advantage of the untarped upper deck. 15-dollars....for that seat in the house. --and he didn't have a good game to watch. top of the 5th-- carlos gomez...belts a double to right center all the way to the wall. that makes it 3-zip rangers. --and the a's would have no offense. four pitchers shut down the oakland lineup. texas rolls 7-zip... and a's lose a 4th-straight.
10:50 pm
now to the other team that plays at the coliseum, at least for now. the raiders opened their offseason workout program today. here's a look at the players checking into alameda headquarrters. quarterback derek carr... is fully recovered from his broken leg suffered at the end of last year and he has no limitations. the other big topic surrounding this team--- relocation to las vegas. last month-- nfl owners approved a move to sin city. and the raiders are expected to move into their new 2-billion dollar home in the desert in 2020. in the meantime, the raiders will stay in oakland for the next two seasons. let's hear from mr. carr. "we have our fans here that we need to take care of and that's really important to me to take care of our fans here. to make sure that we enjoy our last times. what is it, two years, thee years. who knows, but that's my focus to make sure that i'm giving everything to this city. my focus is here and now making sure that our fans feel appreciated knowing they are gonna get the very best version of me and my teammates every time we step out onto the field."
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time now to talk some nba playoffs. --let's head out to texas-- spurs and grizzlies-- san antonio-- a potential western conference finals opponent for the warriors. --tonight was all about kawhi leonard. the claw....just casually dunks over another grown man. he drops 37-points with 11- boards. spurs roll 96-82... and take a 2-notihing series lead. --in the other game, cavs-pacers in cleveland --lebron james... with lebron type highlights. a block leads to a fastbreak the other way... james all by himself and angry at the rim. he finished with 25-points and 10-rebounds. --the other star of the night. kyrie irving... with a game- high 37-points. --pacers made it close, but cavs win 117-111 and lead the series 2-nothing. finally, the warriors got a worthy challenge from the blazers in game 1, but when they needed some energy, you can count on one man. draymond goodness. 19-points, 12-rebounds, 9-
10:52 pm
assists and 5-blocks. steve kerr called his game phenomenal. but we also need to talk about the highlight that wasn't... a missed dunk in the fourth quarter. apparently, that sparked some trash talk between he and cj mccollum. green tells us what was said. 'he told me i need to do more calf raises, but we were talking back and forth the entire game. that's just a part of the game." "he does need to do some calf raises after that dunk... where i'm from if you talk trash to me i'm gonna talk trash to you. it's nothing disrespectful. i'm not talking about nobody's mama or anything like that. i've known draymond since he was at michigan state, a little chubbier since he was at michigan state. he's done really well with himself. he's worked hard. he's one of the best defenders in the nba, but if i see something that i wanna say, i'm gonna say it and he'd do the same thing." (steve) thanks mark.. here's
10:53 pm
what's next... coming up: yep it's still raining and as usual one drop of water on the bay area freeways means people lose their minds . what are the rules while driving in the rain we'll explore them in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(steve) when it rains there is no question bay area roads become a much more dangerous place...(pam) what is questionable though -- is just how many drivers don't seem to know what to do... when the roads get slick.(steve) new at ten: here's how not to be one of "those" drivers. interstate 280 comes to a halt as officer montiel from the redwood city area office of the california highway patrol removes the hood of a car from the freeway nats: ambiance the driver literally just crashed, so we were the first on the
10:57 pm
scene, at first i thought all the debris was from the crash. but apparently, other drivers have crashed here in the pasti was just driving along then all of a sudden i musta just hydroplaned, next thing you know i was just spinning aroundyou know how fast you were going 45 50 i think i just got into 4th gear driving in the rain has always been a challenge to bay area drivers .. simply because they forger some of the important rules of the road . so here is a reminder of the some of the issues i have covered well when it rains and you have your windshield wipers activated you must turn on your lights nats: ambiancenow i'm going to clear up a few myths related to headlights and wipers, because there are a lot of people who think any light on the car turned on meets state law first off you need your headlights on, not your parking lights, not your running lights, not your blinkers in other words, your tail and head lights are required to be on .. in the day as well as nighttime don't drive into to water where you
10:58 pm
can no longer see the road, this guy did and now he is trying to push the mini out the water by himself until a tow truck from blue water towing who has to drive in not so blue water comes to the rescue and apparently isn't his first rescue nats: i already got three out of here today so the mini van gets rescued and the driver follows along heading to dry land shortly after that this driver is about to drive into the same water past the same orange cone until common sense kicks in one important rule is to reduce speed . the driver in the black range rover was paced at 75 plus on interstate 280 by officer williams of the san francisco area office of the california highway patrolrange rover i need you to keep driving to the next exit please maintain freeway speed exit at millbrae please when asked if he knew how fast he was going he said yes because his cruse control was set to 80 so i asked him a
10:59 pm
couple of questions: is it a good idea to set your cruise control in the rain? absolutely not because you could hydroplane it's very dangerousthen i asked him want are the dangers of speeding in the rain the dangers are spinning out if you have a blowout/ it slick its one of the first rains it's oiley you're in the far left lane where a lot of the water is going to pool this could cause you to crash . and repeat after me crashing is bad mmk to make a long story short slow down in the rain turn on your headlights don't follow to close and don't drive in flooded areas .. if you practice these you can avoid a crashstanley roberts kron 4 news ((steve))now at eleven...a story you will only see on kron 4.racial tension on the rise in one bay area community. i'm steve aveson.((pam))and i'm pam is so union city parent says fights have become normal between students.((steve))and as kron 4's jr stone shows they're demanding the
11:00 pm
school do something to keep students safe. sot my child for one is not in a gang but there are gangs in union city and i think some of the children are associated with them.just one of the many concerns raised at this community meeting in union city. one held to address the racial problems that continue to plague the new haven unified school district in the form of on campus fights.sot there is problems often between especially black and brownsot when you say black and brown what does that mean. african american students and latino students.james logan high school students tell me that there continue to be problems with people from other schools such as conley- caraballo coming to logan. the co-superintendent says they are addressing campus safety concerns at logan and will make changes.sot some things can be done immediately and will be done this summer but some things are going to take longer but we absolutely know we have to change the physical structure of that school.the district plans to


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