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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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preteen girls reported that a man showed them pornographic pictures.whooshthree dead in fresno ... the shocking reason the gunman gave for choosing his targets."all the shootings that occurred today were random whooshan intense two day manhunt ends with the suicide of the facebook a craving for chicken nuggets led to his death.whooshand in the east bay, an eleven year old boy disappears after school.the story just took a different're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) tonight... a killing spree in fresno has ended... but not before four people are dead in downtown fresno. thank you joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore police say, the gunman says wanted to kill as many white people as possible. grant lodes is here with the disturbing
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details of this case. (grant) kori ali muhammad was taken into custody late today...after police say he randomly killed white people...including a pg & e employee. here he is being led away. another victim was found dead at the base of his stairwell...walking home from the store with a bag of groceries. a third man was gunned down in a charity parking lot. today's killings come after police named muhammad as a suspect for the murder of a security guard last week. the chief says muhahhad revealed he wanted to be known as someone who killed many white people and not just a security guard. muhammad allegedly said ali akbar as he was being arrested...god is great in arabic. despite that...
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jerry dyer / chief, fresno police:"we do not believe, based on the information we have today, that this is a terrorist related crime. based on the information that we have been provided and our investigation has shown is that this is soley based on race."(grant) on what appeared to be muhammad's facebook page, he repeatedly posted "#letblackpeoplego" and encouraged "black warriors" to "mount up."court records show kori ali muhammad was charged with more than a dozen felonies and misdemeanors between 1997 and 2004 using several aliases. they include forgery, domestic violence, criminal threats and d-u-i. (pam)tonight the frantic search for an 11-year-old boy from the east bay is over.we first told you about this in push alert earlier this evening from our kron 4 mobile news app... the boy is now safe and sound with his family. (steve)kron 4's justine
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waldman is live tonight in pleasanton with details on where the boy was found. (pam) the three so-called
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'drifters' .... convicted of killing a san francisco tourist and a marin hiker back in 2015 - now know how long they will spend behind bars. sean angold, lila alligood and morrison lampley - were all sentenced this afternoon... for the october 2015 deaths of 23-year-old audrey carrey ... and therapist steve carter. alligood was sentenced to 50- years to life for her role in the two murders. morrison lampley- the gunman- was sentenced to 100 - years to life. angold was sentenced to 15 -years to life for the second degree murder of steve carter.... after agreeing to testify against the other two. the widow
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of carter spoke in court.. to the three drifters who killed her husband and shot her dog. as far as i'm concerned, no punishment however harsh could do justice for the horrific, unforgivable crimes that you three have committed, fully intentional and as far as i know without any remorse whatsoever. today all three suspects expressed guilt for their actions in court . (steve)tonight police in the north bay are warning parents to tell their kids to be careful.(pam)there have now been two reported cases of a man driving up to young girls, pulling out his phone, and showing them lude images on that phone.(steve)kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live from rohnert park police. j.r., when did this most recent case happen?
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"i looked out and said it sure does look like him ... and she was already on the phone by that time." (steve) some quick thinking by some fast=food workers ended the hunt for the facebook killer (pam/ bam) the suspect - steve stephens shot himself to
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death... after being cornered by police in erie, "i looked out and said it sure does look like him ... and she was already on the phone by that "i looked out and said it sure does look like him ... and she was already on the phone by that time." (steve) some quick thinking by some fast=food workers ended the hunt for the facebook killer (pam/ bam) the suspect - steve stephens shot himself to death... after being cornered by police in erie, pennsylvania.(steve )his flight from justice ended with an order of mcdonald's fries.
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catherine heenan shows us how it happened. 911 audio: "cleveland ems what's the emergency?"this is where his story began, on a cleveland street corner, where steve w. stephens pulled up beside 74-year-old robert godwin senior and shot him. caller: "somebody's laying in front of my house just dead - been shot."the murder posted on facebook shocked the nation. stephens had no criminal history ... but he was a known gambler, and authorities kept a special eye on a casino near erie that he had been known to natin the end, it wasn't poker chips that led to his donwfall ... but chicken mcnuggets, "basically told him it was just going to be a minute for his fries, which it wasn't, we
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just wanted to make sure she got in contact with state police. and he didn't want to wait for the fries, which was fine. he just took his six piece and didn't want any money back and headed out onto buffalo road. the minute he turned right onto buffalo road the state police was right behind them."this surveillance video shows the white ford fusion with police cars right behind.the pursuit lasted only a couple of minutes.troopers executied a precision immobilzation technique known as a pit maneuver.the car spun around and officers approached, stephens shot himself... leaving many questions unanswered/we would like to have brought steve in peacefully and really talked to him to find out why this happenedat a developer's conference in san jose today, facebook founder mark zuckerberg said hes company has a responsibility to make sure it is not a tool for spreading images of violent actsour hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin senior and we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening
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(pam) new tonight at 8. a family is taking legal action ... in the carbon monoxide death of a man and his wife in berkeley. roger morash and his wife valerie... were found dead, along with their two cats, back in january. family lawyers now say ... they are suing the landlord and building owner... for a lack of carbon monoxide detectors. the lawsuit claims there was a detector on the first floor. but not the second floor... where the couple's bedroom was located. (pam) the meeting is still going on at san jose city hall ... renters are anticipating a vote by the city council.. on major new rent protections... which would make it more difficult for landlords to evict tenants. hunger strikers, who have been fasting since friday, along with affected tenants, landlords and campaign leaders are in a heated debate. renters are
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urging council members to require a "just cause" policy for evictions, so landlords cannot kick out tenants and raise the cost of rent. the vote decision is not expected until late in the evening. (pam) antioch police are looking for an armed man ... who robbed an umpqua bank yesterday afternoon. officers got to the bank on lone tree way, around 5 p-m after reports of an armed robbery. security cameras caught these two pictures of the suspect before he took off. he appears to be an older, white man, wearing a ball cap and glasses. nobody was injured. anyone with information on the suspect is asked to contact antioch police. (steve)this morning traffic was backed up on interstate 80... after a nasty crash that left a car pinned under a big rig. it happened around 9:30... just east of air base parkway in fairfield. another car was also involved in the accident- but was not pinned. the far right lane was closed for much of the morning. the driver
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of an overturned s-u-v had to be extricated...that person suffering minor injuries. ahead at eight.. hikers on alert ... as police search for a man who attacked and tried to rape a woman on a popular trail. plus. a spike in car crashes on a busy bay area highway. we'll tell you what's behind the jump. and next. mysterious power surges ... force nearly two dozen bart cars out of service now bart says, it has figured out what caused the disruptive problem. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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the problem of a mysterious power surge on a section of bart tracks appears to be solved! last friday electric sparks caused 22-bart-cars to be taken out of service.(pam) in between then and now... the transit agency found, the problem that is causing the spark is connected to the solution.. of a previous problem with the trains. kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story... and explains.. notice anything missing from this bart train traveling
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between the north concord martinez pittsburg stations? here is a clue...that familiar bart sound that can be heard for miles is not happening out here. bart spokesperson jim allison explains why 4 nights a week of this......rail grinding, the process bart uses to create a quiter ride. now bart engineers have determined a link between rail grinding and a recent propulsion problem that temporarily disrupted service friday between north concord martinez and pittsburg bay point another factor is the increased amount of electricty used in the section of the line
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anywhere else on the bart system because those trains need to get up that big hill there. that dust was collecting in there and getting on the underside of cars and then when they reached this particular set of track it created a situation where the electricity was not going through its normal pathway and instead created a spark and that is what was frying this one component">the solution...? bart trains will also reduce the amount of electricity used by decreasing speed when traveling through this area as concord haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) a warning sign has been posted at the entrance to a hiking trail on the sonoma overlook...after a woman narrowly escaped being raped
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near there on easter sunday. sheriff's deputies says the violent attack happened in the middle of the afternoon while the woman was on norrbom road. the victim says a man shoved her to the ground and tried to rape her. she eventually got away but so did the suspect. he is descirbed as a white male with a white beard and appeared to be homeless. sheriff's are warning hikers to be on high alert. (pam) accidents are way up along one bay area highway. there were nearly a -thousand accidents last year.. on the curvy mountain highway- 17 in the south bay. officers say, speed and distracted drivng contributed to many of the 983- accidents on highway 17.. in 20-16. 160 of the accidents resulted in injuries. the total is the highest number of incidents this highway has seen in 13- years. the weather is a factor too, as drivers coped with heavy rain and mud slides last year. and officers say, another reason ... is the added
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traffic from commuters who work in silicon valley. (pam) s-f-o is getting a new therapy animal. but you won't see this one barking in the terminals.(steve) her name is li-lou and according to her trainer she may be the first volunteer of her kind at the airport. you see li-lou is a ceritified therapy pig. not only is she well dressed but she can perform tricks. including playing a toy piano. her main goal is to calm the nerves of stressed out travelers. lilou is part of the wags program --- sponsored by the s-p-c-a. she visits s-f-o twice a month. (pam) kron fours quad-copter four was hovering over berkeley this afternoon.. capturing video of a lovely afternoon.. (steve)our chief meterologist brittney shipp tells us what's ahead for the rest of the week.
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.drier conditions develop tonight and persist into the first half of wednesday before a weak system brings rain chances back to the northern portion of the region wednesday evening into early thursday morning. high pressure will then build in and bring a warming trend along with dry weather into the upcoming weekend.
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new ahead at 8. adidas is saying sorry. what the company sent out about the boston marathon that had people in shock. ((mark sports tease))"coming up.. the giants in kansas city, but without bruce bochy... we'll update you on the manager's health as he underwent heart surgery this morning... also kevin durant may be out for game two against the blazers... details ahead" ( pam) here's what we're tracking tonight at ten.. a heartwarming story about a dad.. going the extra mile for his started with an accident at school...
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but what happened when dad went to pick up the little girl, has turned into a viral sensation. his quick- thinking put a smile on the young girl's face... during an embarassing time. that story tonight on kron 4 news at ten... ))mark
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zuckerberg took the stage today at "f8" facebook's annual developer show in san jose to show off what they have been working on.kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how facebook believes the future is augmented reality. ((pkg)) inspired by the success of the pokemon go app facebook wants to take augented reality to the next level mark zuckerberg/ceo of facebook says: zuckerberg says this will lead to your
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phone being able to improve the reality around you mark zuckerberg/ceo of facebook says: this new augmented reality platform, called camera effects, right now is behind the scenes technolgoy. they are making the tools available to developers to invent ways to make augmented reality usefulone example they showed off spicing up your photos and videos. instead of posting a boring pic of your cereal you can add text. and sharks circling mark zuckerberg/ceo of facebook says: with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news
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ahead at eight.. she was killed while out on a jog. now we're hearing the shocking confession from her accused killer. why he told police he did it. plus. drastic changes could be coming to the bail system in california. how it could put people accused of crimes out of jail and back on the street. and next. more than a century later.... and the impact of the 19-06 earthquake is still being remembered. how experts are getting closer to warning you when the next big
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one is coming. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. (steve) one hundred and
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eleven years ago today. a seven point eight magnitude earthquake rocked the city by the bay. three thousand people died. today several hundred gathered at lotta's fountain to remember those who were lost. (pam) and now ... more than century later experts say, it is not a matter of if, but when the next big earthquake will strike. in order to keep people safe, geologists are working on an earthquake warning system .. known as "shake alert."
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(steve) after years of development, the system is getting close to going public. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco with an update. charles. . . well, the shake alert system has actually been in place for a long time but until last year it was mostly just an academic experiment. in 2016, the state provided some badly needed funding and that has given the project a huge boost. if all goes well, the public could start getting earthquake alert, on a limited basis, starting next year. natsthe shake alert system, is a network of seismic sensors that can provide a few seconds of warning in the event of an earthquake. that might not sound like much time but it could be enough to stop a train, pause a surgery, or slow down a car.right now the shake alert system is at what's called a production prototype level meaning only a handful of pilot groups including schools, fire departments, police departments and transit agencies actually receive the
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alerts. but thanks to a $10 million dollar funding boost from the state of california, shake alert is expanding. earlier this month, both oregon and washington states were added to the project.sot if all goes well, the public could start receiving earthquake alerts as early as next year albeit in a limited capacity.sotin the meantime, experts are reminding people to always be prepared for earthquakes. sot
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have an earthquake kit prepared.> now japan and mexico both have similar earthquake warning systems already up and running and those newtworks are being studied to learn how to san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) incredibly graphic revelations today... connected to the murder of a young, new york city jogger. grant lodes has been tracking this story since last summer... he has today's deveplopments. (grant) karina vetrano's accused killer apologized to his own mother during his arraignment. today at the arragnment...prosecutors say supect chanel lewis told detectives the following:lewis said quote: "i was mad and i was walking on the trail listening to music. she was running toward me and i just lost it. she didn't do anything, i was just mad at that time. i beat her to let my emotions out. i never really meant to hurt her, it
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just happened."according to the statement, lewis fought with the jogger for about five minutes...before strangling her, at which point she fell into a puddle face down and drowned. the suspect's supporters talked to reporters today. rev. kevin mccall/ national action network:"show us the evidence, show us what you got. 'cause we want to see it, show us what you got."(grant) after lewis pleaded not guilty to the 13 count indictment charging murder and sexual abuse... his legal aid lawyers said it is now up to the queens district attorney to turn over all evidence related to the prosecution of this case.lewis was ordered held without bail (steve) the c-eo of united airlines is speaking out... saying no one will be fired for the so called- "dragging
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incident" where a passenger was forecebly removed from a flight. the airlines says it is too soon to know if last week's incident is affecting ticket sales. c-e-o oscar munoz and other executives apologized again today...before discussing the airline's latest financial results. munoz says he is taking full responsibility for making this right and will have more to say later this month after a review of united airlines policies on overbooked flights. (pam)in sacramento. . . california lawmakers discussing a bill that could eliminate having to post bail for many crimes within the state.(steve)a hearing was held today. . . supporters of assembly bill 42. . .say the existing bail system hurts people of lower economic status.they say the bail system can cause people to lose their jobs and more. . . while being detained pretrial. the average bail is 50- thousand dollars. . . 10- percent of that usually required if you go through a bail bondsman.but the bill 42 could change that.the new
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system would assess flight and crime risk. . . and then decide between jailtime, home detention or other alternatives.critics who showed up to the hearing. . . including reality t-v star dog the bounty hunter. . . say that people who are placed under supervision rather than having to pay. . .will not show up to court. assem. rob bonta, d-oakland "it's a system that punishes poor people for being poor, it's a system that has had massive impacts on poor communities of color. duane chapman, bounty hunter "we need a monderization of it right now but that does not mean to let lawbreakers go home and say they're poor, that don't happen."one committee approved the bill . . . now it heads to an appropriations committee (steve)a live look outside at conditions on this tuesday night .. (pam) our chief meterologist brittney shipp has the latest on the forecast for the week. .drier conditions develop tonight and persist into the first half of wednesday before
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a weak system brings rain chances back to the northern portion of the region wednesday evening into early thursday morning. high pressure will then build in and bring a warming trend along with dry weather into the upcoming weekend. new tonight at new tonight at has
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been several months since an historic church in berkeley went up in work is underway to restore it to its former glory.we sent quadcopter four up to get a unique look at the work being done..and the challenges the church still facesit's a story you will only see on kron 4...tonight at ten. still ahead at 8. adidas apologizing after what they said to boston marathon runners. and next.. a northern california student stabbed to death at a party. why one of his friends is saying.... it was racially motivated.
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a california college student is dead after
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being stabbed at a party over the weekend. (pam) now one of of his friends says, the attack was racially motivated. josiah lawson was a sophomore studying criminal justice at humboldt state university. police say, he was killed early saturday morning... during a party in arcata. friends of lawson say, the fight started over a missing cell phone - and ended with the student getting stabbed to death. reporter: did you know the victim?victim's friend: "i'm the one who gave him cpr. there was an altercation between some white women and a white boy that were accusing josiah based off the color of his skin on stealing the phone. and they got into an altercation at which time they pepper sprayed him and proceeded to stab josiah. (pam) humboldt county jail records indicate .. that kyle zoellner is in custody facing possible murder charges. police have not determined if the stabbing was racially motivated. (steve) active wear giant adidas is apologizing after
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it's marketing team sent a mass promotional email praising customers it said "survived" this year's boston marathon.the subject line of the email sent tuesday by adidas read: "congrats, you survived the boston marathon!" social media users quickly reminded the company about the real survivors of the 2013 boston marathon bombing. three people were killed and more than 260 others were wounded when two bombs exploded near the finish line in that attack. the sports apparel company quickly apologized, saying it was "incredibly sorry" for the "insensitive" subject line about monday's race. in sports... the warriors prepare for game- 2 of their first round playoff series... without one of their superstars... who may not be able to play tomorrow night... ... and buster posey returns for the giants... but manager bruce bochy sits at home after undergoing a heart proceedure... mark has the highlights... and all the sports... coming up
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have assembled. spider-man... black widow... captain america...
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and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! kathy deck, director of the
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center for business and economic research at the university of arkansas. 22:29:21 "we really are in the middle of a revolution right now in terms of how people shop. online shopping is having a tremendous effect on all kinds of brick and mortar stores."with nine major retailers filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the first 3 months of this year, the industry is on pace for the highest number of such filings since 2009. macy's, j.c. penny, and radioshack are just
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a few of the companies that have announced closures. economic research director at the u of a, kathy deck, says companies are starting to cater more to the online shopper.kathy deck, director of the center for business and economic research at the university of arkansas "online shopping is certainly convenient. and i think it is the convience feature of it that has really caught people's attention. 22:30:12 "one of the big ways that companies are responding to the growth in online shopping is something called omni-channel retailing. that means they sell things in stores and online. northwest arkansas clothing store, fayettechill, says they are seeing more online sales than ever before.connor cockrell- website manager fayettechill - "when we first started our brick and mortar stores they carried the bulk of our direct sales but now it's starting to even out a lot more with online carrying that." 1:31:25 online is alot more convenient for a lot of people especially if you want to broaden your reach to people outside of a
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local area where a brick and best way to do that is through more people are choosing because of the conveince factor. manager for fayettechill the online presence allows them to broaden their audience. connor cockrell- website manager fayettechill - "it does allow people the giants in kansas city tonight to open a five-game road trip. bruce bochy...not with the team as he is recovering from heart surgery. we'll have more on that in a bit, but first, highlights from kc. --giants-royals in a rematch of the 2014 world series. --buster posey...back from the d-l and right to the d-h spot. and it appears he is just fine. top 5th-- singles in his 2nd at-bat. --matt cain kept it scoreless until the home half of the 5th. alcides escobar....sends a shot to right, just barely clears the fence.. royals up 1-nothing. --giants would tie it in the 7th, and it would stay that way until the 11th. joe panik...flare to center, lorenzo cain misses on the diving attempt. nick hundley comes home. giants currently up 2-1. a's hosting the rangers right now at the coliseum. we'll have highlights at 10. more on bruce bochy--
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boch checked into a san diego hospital this morning after experiencing what's called an 'atrial flutter'-- which is an abnormal heart rate. according to a statement from the team, the surgery was a success. bochy just turned 62 on sunday... and it's worth nothing he has a history of heart issues. last august-- he was hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat. in february of 2015, he had a procedure to insert two stents... he is expected to rejoin the team friday in colorado. time now to talk some warriors-- kevin durant might not be in the lineup for tomorrow's game 2 against the blazers. kd... did not practice today labeled as questionable because of a strained left calf. we first thought this could be an issue on sunday when the broadcast caught footage of him being examined by the training staff. afterwards, he said it was nothing and he'd be fine. if he doesn't play, the team is used to going without him. he missed 19-games toward the end of the regular season due to a knee injury. here is the mvp's take on the
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situation. "obviously you wanna have everyone healthy and we'll see how it goes tomorrow... but we've been in this situation very recently so i understand next man up and the way that we need to play when certain guys are out.""the expectation s that he comes back for the series though right?""oh yeh... yeh... that's fully the expectation but you've gotta be careful with this stuff too... so we'll see how he feels tomorow." é game 2...7-30 tomorrow at oracle. moving on to tonight's action, isaiah thomas and the celtics hosting the bulls. and top-seed boston is in real trouble. --what a night for chicago's big three. rajon's one of them. lob to jimmy butler. butler finished with 22-points. --dwyane wade...also chipped in 22. bulls roll take a 2-oh series lead. to the nhl-- sharkies trying to even their first round series against the oilers. here's an update from san jose.
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sharks....feasting right now.... up 6- nothing....over edmonton joe pavelski got it started with a goal 15-seconds into the game. we'll have full highlights at 10. turning to the raiders-- although his 2016 season came to a painful end, the start of the 2017 campaign is shaping up to work out nicely for derek carr. the raiders qb is fully healed from his broken leg... and he is on the verge of a massive payday. as he enters his fourth season, carr is in line for a significant contract extension... and a deal is expected to be wrapped up after next week's draft. in terms of figures, reports say he could see an offer sheet somewhere in the neighborhood of an andrew luck type-deal last year-- the colts qb...became the nfl's highest paid player...with a 6-year, 140- million dollar deal. of course, as you would expect, carr is not worried about his bank account....and so far, negotiations have been smooth. "the communication
8:51 pm
from both sides has been great... they've let me know exactly where they're at... what they're trying to do... we've let them know exactly where we're at... what we're trying to do... so it hasn't been hard... it's been easy... reggie's sat down and talked to me... you know it's not like some divide or anything... we're family so we'll just figure all that out... we'll let the draft happen... reggie's said he'd want to do it after the draft... they've been taking a little bit to build it... but i'll let them handle that and hopefully it just gets done before training camp." gets done before hopefully it just handle that and i'll let them handle that and hopefully it just gets done before training camp." training camp." gets done before training camp."
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when you do be sure to allow push alerts that way you will know right away when there's breaking news. start here with the kron 4 news app. download it today.">
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tonight at 10 it's very inconvenient for the shoppers because they have to have someone come and open the cabinets have you noticed some of your stores are now on lockdown. i'll explain why in the next edition of people behaving badly the x-files is next...then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, including people behaving badly, mark carpenter has sports and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten... right here on the bay area's news station. (steve)unicorn and starbucks. . . ever thought of combining those two things together?(pam) well the coffee giant is.. starbucks is now coming out with a "unicorn
8:56 pm
frappuccino." the company says, it will be a limited- time beverage that changes colors and flavors... with a stir of the straw.the chain says, it was inspired by a trend of unicorn -themed food... online.the drink starts out purple with a sweet and fruity taste. it then changes to pink. . . and becomes tart with a stir. the unicorn frap will be available to customers between april 19th and the 23rd.a 12-ounce is said to contain 280-calories. last weather and goodbye what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop?
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what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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before the exploration of space-- of the moon and the planets-- man held that the heavens were the home and province of powerful gods who controlled not just the vast firmament but the earthly fate of man himself and that the pantheon of powerful, warring deities was the cause and reason for the human condition-- for the past and the future and for which great monuments would be created on earth as in heaven. but in time man replaced these gods with new gods and new religions that provided no more certain or greater answers than those worshipped by his greek or roman or egyptian ancestors. and while we've chosen now our monolithic and benevolent gods and found our certainties in science believers all, we wait for a sign, a revelation. our eyes turn skyward ready to accept the truly incredible to find our destiny written in the stars.


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