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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 26, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, a batchelor's arrest, chris soules accused of fleeing the scene of a fatal carr crash. was alcohol involved? chris farr's past run-in with the law. 15 incidents, revelations from his rap sheet and his interviews with "e.t." >> i have a little excuse for it. "dancing's" most shocking elimination ex plained, max and heather sent packing after perfect 10s. secrets behind the scoring. >> come on. $120 million mansion?buying this details on that outrageous estate with bulletproof windows and four pools. a gwen stefani exclusive. how she's using blake to teach her kids what not to do. >> i'm, like, what are you
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doing? >> now for april 25th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." former bachelor chris soules could be facing manslaughter charges tonight. welcome, everyone. nancy o'dell is off. ali fedotowsky. you know chris well. >> i do. we're fun. nerve "the bachelor" world are friends, our paths cross, go to weddings and reunions together. i truly never expected anything like this to happen. >> indeed. chris out on bail today after a car crash that left one man dead. the former "bachelor" star was in an iowa cou this morning accused of leaving the scene of this deadly accident last night. chris soules was taken into custody at 1:16 a.m. police say he was driving southbound on this rural county road when his pickup hit the back of a tractor. it drove the tractor into the east ditch. his vehicle drove into the west ditch. cops allege the 35-year-old then left the crash scene and walked home where he was arrested.
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soules was not charged with driving under the influence but his criminal complaint says that he, quote, possessed alcoholic beverages/containers. in a statement today, soules acknowledged he was involved in last night's incident and was devastated to learn that the other person in the accident passed away. >> we checked online court records in iowa and learned that chris soules has had at least 15 run-ins with the law there. most of these were vehicle related offenses -- speeding, failed brakes, running stop sign, and leaving a scene. and he also pled guilty in 2006 to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. >> did abc know about soules' priors before signing him up for "the bachelor"? when we asked the network, they declined to comment. he's fourth-generation iowa farmer who appeared on season 19 of "the bachelor." before that, he finished third on "the bachelorette." just last month, the reality star joked with us about how drinking helped him to relieve the pressures of reality tv. >> i just did whiskey for my
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therapy. the last two weeks i couldn't sleep so i'd wake up about 3:00 a.m. and i'd go work out and then i'd have a little whiskey for breakfast. >> after court today, he posted $10,000 bail and was released from this iowa jail. we've learned soules had to turn in his passport which will likely force him to miss a batchelor-related event he was scheduled to attend out of the country. we're also told he will have to be hon or theed with an ankle bracelet. >> at the end of the day, a man lost his life and this is such a heartbreaking situation. >> indeed. chris' court date is set for next tuesday after "the bachelor," he wound up on "dancing with the stars." now cameron mathison joins us with "dancing" news. a very surprising elimination last night. >> that is a big understatement, my friend. nobody saw this coming. former champ max and his partner heather morris are history and she's arguably the best dancer on the show. what makes this more shocking, the boot came after the season's
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first perfect score, four 10s. >> this is crazy. it's almost okay because it's so wrong, you know. >> i was like, okay, if this is going to happen, like let's just be positive and go out the right way. >> a flawless performance being beyonce's former backup dancer and the return of sexy max after his four-week calf injury, still, none of that was enough to keep this pair on the shelf. >> i'm so upset for him. he was so excited. he was just getting over his calf injury. the show is based so heavily on fan votes. it's not just a dancing competition. you know that. it's a popularity contest. >> it is sad and you never know. every week you start over at the bottom of the list so it's just -- i don't know. >> when it comes to who gets kicked off, 50% is based on fan votes and 50% on the judges' scoring. twitter exploded saying heather was robbed.
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it's absurd that one of the west dancers went home when mediocre men are still in the competition. another fan saying people just want to see nick's body. he can't dance. >> i'm pissed. >> but things went from bad to worse for max. just before 2:00 a.m. cops were called to his and peta's house. >> they had some sort of run-in withks. just before 2:00 a.m. cops were called to his and peta's house. >> they had some sort of run-in with some man near their house, but the police were there. they took care of it. you know, they're safe and peta's okay. that's the most important thing. >> i tested with maks and said, quote, the lapd responded and my family and i are all okay. peta, who was on her way to rehearsal today, is still shaken by the encounter. >> it was scary. >> are you okay? is everybody okay? >> yeah. everyone's fine. thank god. thank god. >> here's the thing. considering that maks and peta are renters in this house, the actual dispute the between the current owners and the previous owners of house and they're caught in the middle. >> hopefully they get out of the middle and stay safe. >> exactly.
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>> on "the voice," a big addition. they added a fifth coach's chair and gwen stefani was smitten with superstar sha enia twain. we caught up with them backst e backstage. >> hi. >> gorgeous. so gorgeous. >> when i found out you were coming i had an amazing time going back and listening to all the songs and googling you and like the whole thing, then getting to know you a little bit and then working together and then googling you again and learning more. like it was just -- it's been shania week for me. >> and it's about to be the summer of shania. the five-time grammy winner getting ready to roll out her first album in nearly 15 years. last night she met blake shelton for the first time. >> so funny and he knows all my songs. >> of course he does. you're shania twain. >> i know, but i'm thinking, okay -- he is just really sweet and kind. he's gentleman. >> after the taping, blake and gwen cuddled backstage rewatching the show.
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while these two are smitten with each other t mom of three couldn't help but make fun of her man's tattoo. >> dying to ask you about the match tag toos your boys are wearing. what if they wanted real ones? >> we'd talk about what it is. that's it. okay, guys? >> got it. i think dusty rose is probably going to want some. >> probably not. i got them so she wouldn't think they were cool and wouldn't want them. >> there you go. >> blake's tattoo. >> pretty good idea. maybe if i cover my body in tattoos my daughter will never get one. big news tonight with the queen bee, beyonce. if you're going to be the queen, you have to live like royalty. she and her man jay z seem to have their eyes on an unbelievable palace. beyonce and jay z may soon own this 30,000-square-foot bel air mansion. according to page six, the couple put in a $120 million bid for the newly constructed modern home.
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and get this, it's got bulletproof windows. the eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms home might be big enough for the growing family expecting twins in june. the two-acre property features four pools, a spa, hot tub, and steam room and lots of outdoor lounging space. there's also a basketball court, room for a recording studio, separate staff quarters and a garage big enough to park 15 cars. perched on a hill with a view of los angeles, mr. and mrs. carter would have some famous neighbors like j. lo and jen aniston. they've wanted to relocate to los angeles from new york for more privacy and are looking for a private kindergarten for 5-year-old blue ivy. what we know about beyonce, home is where her family is. >> i'm always on the road, so when they come with me, that really is what makes it home. >> by the way, quick props to beyonce for putting her money to good use. she just announced her formation scholarship which will go to a young woman at four different
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colleges. >> so great. up next, this is not, us. now the movie role is way different from jack's. >> shut up! then our kelly osbourne exclusive. >> that's why i did so many drugs. >> her battle with addiction while both parents nearly lost their lives. and mila kunis shares her childhood photos. how she's repaying her parents with the help of action. >> i'm dragging my husband along to do the heavy lifting. >> whoa! >> but first -- that's america ferrara running in her second triathlon in four weeks. >> it started out as a dare to myself and with my husband, can we do this. >> her superfit lifestyle has helped the star of nbc's "superstore," lose a reported 30 pounds. but america admits she struggled with body image issue, boasting on her p 3rd birthday last week, after too many years of criticizing my body for what it isn't, i'm attempting to love it for what it is. now america has even more to
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celebrate. she was in las vegas yesterday at the world's largest electronics media show accepting the national association of broadcaster's chairman's award for being a tv industry trail blazer. >> this dynamic young woman
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tomorrow on eat "e.t." -- jessica biel on her return to tv. what does her husband justin i'm home.
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hey, it's dinner. a lot happens on your wooden surfaces. luckily, no one cleans and kills germs better than clorox disinfecting wipes. my birthday, and i really,
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really like to see a dance. >> how can you not love him? >> and milo ventimiglia had it all from the first episode of "this is us" as romantic husband and loving father but a new ball game in his movie. we talked to milo as he hit the red carpet at the tribeca film festival. >> shut up! >> a very different role. >> are there any similarities between the creepy guy in "devil's gate" and the nice guy in "this is us"? >> you have the same initials. >> jack pearson has three kid. that's a lot to manage, but jackson fisher, he's really got a heavy burden on his soul. >> speaking of kids, the unmarried milo may have them -- someday. >> i think it would be great to have a family. i think it would be great to be a father and all that. but at the same time, you know, i'm in no hurry for it. when the moment strike, it strikes.
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>> as for his television wife, mandy moore, she and her co-stars were all just honored in "people" magazine's most beautiful issue. >> listen, i get the front-row seat to how beautiful those women are, you know, as human beings, so it's nice that i think fans and audiences see a little more of that. >> but will milo start his own campaign for sexiest man alive with co-star sterling k. brown? >> i'll tell you what, he's sexy. he is sexy, dictionary like classic -- sexy. but then there's justin harl lee, so i don't know. >> just a reminder, sterling k. brown is sexy. >> they all are. still ahead, kelly osbourne's shocking confession. >> i was at a point where i was hoeing i department wake up anymore. >> from her battles with addiction to her parents' marriage struggles. >> my dad is amazing, but try living with him. and romy and michele turns 20. lisa kudrow's story from the set of the cult classic. >> oh, yeah. there's a lot. and mila kunis' home
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makeover while pregnant. the emotional surprise for her parents remodeling their childhood condo. >> what do you think? >> closed caption progress vided by -- ♪
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breathe deeply. turn the world upside down, and taste the stars. the new atmosphere collection, fine home fragrance by glade.
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it's your basement. >> oh. this is beautiful. >> that was ashton kutcher giving his parents the shock of their lives when he remodeled part of their iowa home. and now mrs. kutcher, mila kunis, is getting in on the act, surprising her folks. >> i want to renovate my parents' condo. it kind of looks like miami vice circa 1994. >> mila's parents didn't want to move is their star daughter wanted to get them a home makeover. elvira and mark came to the u.s. when plea la was just a little girl. >> i grew up in a very small
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town in ukraine and when i was 9 my parents moved into the condo my parents still live in. everything happened there. i graduated high school. i got my first dog without my parents'permission in that condo. everything, part of my career happened there. >> she even took part in the demolition while pregnant. >> you ready? >> if anyone is knocking down that wall, it's me. yes! i'm dragging my husband along to do the heavy lifting. >> whoa! >> mila was just 14 and ashton 20 when we first met them on "that 70s show." they've been married near through two years and have a daughter wyatt and a son demittry born in mila's mom in the closing credits of "bad moms." >> sometimes you have to make people happy to lie a little bit. >> what do you think? >> oh. what i think? i don't know. >> do you like it? >> yes, i do. >> i know you want to see more. >> yes. >> make sure you check out the
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latest of it will web series "my houzz." let's talk about the house of ozzy and sharon osbourne. >> cheating, addiction, serious illnesses. it is truly shocking how much this family is dealing with. you know what? i covered it all with kelly osbourne starting with her parents' volatile marriage. did you have a moment where you thought my mom is really done? >> i had those moments all the time. my dad is amazing, but try living with him. >> it's been almost a year his ozzy's four-year affair with his hairstylist rocked the osbourne family. he got accept for section addiction and in october surprised sharon with a new diamond wedding ring. >> every time they're out i say be more gentle with mom's hand. look. holding the hand, isn't it great? >> from the outside looking in, we would say, man, sharon, gosh, when is enough, like, enough? how do you still stay? >> come over to the house and
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see them together and then you get it. i've never seen two people that love each other more. >> that kind of love comes from facing a life filled with intense struggles. in her new book, kelly reveals that in 2002, ozzy od'd while sharon had a seizure stemming from her battle with colon cancer. kelly saw both parents flatline at the same time. >> how did you keep going when you were in your head thinking i might lose both my parents? >> i don't know how i kept going. i think that's why i did so many drugs, to be honest. >> you think. >> i numbed myself. painkillers don't just kill physical pain, they numb your mental pain too. >> the battle with drugs nearly cost kelly her own life. she went to rehab seven times to fight the same addiction that haunted her dad. you talked about being 19 years old and having to clean up your father's vomit. >> i didn't know any different until my dad got sober. the truth is when you love someone and you understand someone and what we have been through in my family between my
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mom's cancer, my dad's parkinson's, coma, bike accident, addiction, my brother's addiction, my brother's ms, my lyme disease, my addiction, we've been through so much together and supported each other through everything, we are not perfect, we are never going to be and never want to be. if we can share our pain with others so people think they're not alone, then that's what we would rather do and keep loving and moving forward. >> wow. that family has been through it. kelly today is 32, single, and by the way, totally fine with that. the medication she takes for her lyme disease has caused her to gain a little weight, but she says she's okay with that too. remember the prom? you got so thin by then. >> i know. i was so lucky getting mono. that was like the best diet ever. >> lines like that are why we love that movie. this year marks the 20th anniversary of "romy and michele's high school reunion." the movie became an instant cult classic with its platform shoes, the well-made dresses and
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unforgettable dance moves. so we took lisa kudrow on a trip down memory lane. ♪ you will find it time after time ♪ >> that big dance sequence was everything. >> the dance sequence where i didn't actually do much. >> that was the goal? >> that was the goal. >> really? >> i closed, basically. >> "e.t." was on the romy and michele set in 1996 for another of lisa and mira sorvino's epic dances but it didn't go as planned. >> if they would have gotten it right, we would have been dancing really, really good. >> it has some of the most iconic lines. >> oh, yeah. there's a lot. yeah. i'm the mary. you know? >> i'm the mary. and you're the rhoda. >> i'm the mary! >> okay. my favorite. >> i'm sorry. i couldn't find my -- i'm sorry, i couldn't find my bra. yeah. i couldn't find my top. >> she's wearing a bra.
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>> i'm sorry. i couldn't find my top. >> did you do that for your shoes? >> yes. >> did you see that 16 pounds for your shoes? >> the film came out in 1997. "friends" had already made lisa a huge star and another "friends" connection, jennifer aniston's future hubby, they ju thero theroux, played a cowboy. >> what is your name? >> clarence. >> cheer leaders greeted the stars. lisa played along. >> whooo! >> when that movie came out, it inspired all of my passions. >> made a lot of men happy. by the way, disney announced the release dates of some of their biggest upcoming movies including the live action "lion king" hitting theaters in july of 2018. >> what i'm most excited for and my daughter, "frozen ii" comes out in november 2019. >> tell me about it after you've watched it 2,000 times. still ahead, why is nicole richie wearing see-through
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shorts on prime time tv?
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travel considerations provided by -- so 13 years after "a simple life," nicole richie is returning to prime time tv tonight on nbc starring in the comedy "great news." >> she plays a tv news anchor who will go to any lengths to capture her audience's attention. >> are we sure we want to go with a skirt that short? >> of course not. when we tape i'll be wearing clear shorts. >> i love that. of course she's also lionel richie's daughter, going on tour this summer with mariah carey. >> i already requested 500 tickets, and -- i'm not exaggerating. i need 500 to your and mariah's show. i'm so excited. who doesn't love that? i can't stop.
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>> nicole, can you spare two? can we go? >> we need ten. take care, everybody. >> bye-bye. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, maks returns to "dancing" and immediately gets the boot. >> heather and maks. >> there's no explanation for this. >> inside their major ballroom upset and why maks missed his "gma" appearance with heather morris. >> they had some sort of run-in with some man near their house. then bill o'reilly speaks out six days after his fox firing. is he crying conspiracy? >> i'm very confident the truth will come out. and number three, just how hard is amy schumer girl crushing on goldie hawn? >> as much as you can just be in love with a human being without being sexual about it, even though that is something that i am open too.


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