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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 5, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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ryan seacrest just relocated to new york city to be kelly ripa's co-host. here's what ryan said just last year about a possible "american idol" come back. >> for me, never say never. >> what form would it come back in? would you host it again? >> i would love that. >> and the ratings since ryan joined kelly, as you could imagine, there was a big ratings spike monday. it was the number one talk show that day. then they levelled off. but higher than when kelly was
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trying out other hosts. and they hope to bring in new viewers now that ryan will be in every morning. today, they tried out cupping therapy, and partner yoga. we're told that kelly is happy to be part of a team. >> ryan certainly knows how to do it live. and ll, how do you think ryan will fit in? >> i think he'll have a great time. he's not as tall as strahan, but he'll get the job done. >> mariah carey also knows ryan well. but last night, a lavish birthday party that will blow your mind. ♪ >> happy birthday! >> the super-tight dress,
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eye-popping cleavage, 2,000 s l stilettos, check. and the car, a gift from her manager. it was given as a belated birthday present for mariah. and the best part, both mariah and her daughter don't have a driver's license. so, they'll both have to be driven around. it's good to be a part of mariah's squad, she's her selfie partner and part of her entourage.
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and they also act as a bartender on occasion. will there be a second season of her series? >> never say never. >> i'll be coming back on. >> he'll be coming back on. >> where is kevin? he should be here, actually. he's with his wife, celebrating her birthday. meanwhile, mariah not the only star on fire. so is paris jackson, with some big-time speculation about her next career move. >> her dress was a calvin klein creation. and now, a new report claims she will sign a seven-figure deal to star in his new campaign. following in the footsteps of
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some very famous faces. we learned, there is no signed deal with calvin klein. paris just took to instagram to rant about career rumors. >> they're saying i spent 20 grand a month of my inheritance to be a super model. >> she told jimmy fallon she got bit by the acting bug early. >> i enjoy it a lot. >> and she just landed her first feature film role. c it's not exactly what this 8-year-old told her dad she wished to do. >> what do you want to do in the future? >> help the poor. >> very sweet. >> but it's all a part of a bigger strategy. >> if i wasn't doing this, no
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one would listen to me. if i build a platform, people listen to me, i can do important [ bleep ]. i don't want to be a super model. >> great she wants to make a difference. let's go back to 1993. who is this tough guy here at the mtv movie awards. >> that's moi. he looks serious, but he ain't that tough. >> and this year, the awards ceremony coming on right after "lip sync battle." >> right. >> and this guy right here, adam devine, you think he's ready to go? >> i think he is. >> we found out. >> it's adam devine. i'm hosting the -- sorry. let's just go back and do it again. >> when you were approached to host, what was your initial
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reaction? >> i went, like, it has been my dream since mike myers shimmied on to the stage, i was like, i want to those that so bad. >> and kevin hart hosting last year. before that, amy schumer and rebel wilson. >> rebel wilson. >> rebs. >> have you reached out to her, gotten any advice? >> i haven't yet, i probably will last-second when i start to freak out. but now i'm playing it cool, like, i'm going to crush this. then an hour before the show, i'm like, please help! >> and the generation award will be given to the very deserving cast of "the fate of the furious." >> there's always room for family. >> do you think you'll always get the day-of butterflies? >> i think if you don't get a
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little bit of butterflies, you're dead inside. so, i'll have a few tickles. >> you hosted the grammys five times. did you have any tickles? >> yes. >> what's your best advice for adam? >> do this. >> and a big movie premiere last night. >> i'm in london for the premiere of "alien: covenant." but the film was actually filmed on the other side of the world, in sydney. what was the hardest thing about acting opposite yourself? >> it was just fun. >> doesn't look too fun, when you have ridley scott's alien to
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deal with. and he recently visited his girlfriend, alicia vikander, shooting "tomb raider". coming up next, charlie hunnam's chiseled "king arthur" body. why his looks almost cost him the role. and new kids on the block,
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diane lane had a full circle moment, she's
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well, that's a school day those girls will never forget th. >> they lost it when rihanna walked by. >> here's a fella who makes grown women lose their minds. we're talking about charlie hunnam. he packed on 20 pounds of muscle to play king arthur.
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and that transformation made all the difference. >> looking at charlie's chiseled abs, it's hard to believe director guy ritchie didn't want him to play the king. >> he wanted someone physically imposing for the role. >> charlie was up against some well-known actors, so he threw down a challenge. >> i said, bring them all in here, and we'll fight. whoever walks out the room, gets the role. i think that's the moment, he sort of liked that moxie. he said, all right. >> charlie reportedly beat out micha michael fassbender. >> how intense was the training, and what was the hardest part? >> maintaining the diet.
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you just don't get to eat all the fun things you want to eat. and also, this is my natural body size. i'm a pretty skinny guy. >> one person not impressed, her girlfriend of 11 years. >> when i get really big, she says, it make s me feel really small. we've been together so long, it's like, put your muscles away and come to bed, you know? >> i like the way she things. you're bigger, i look smaller. now, ll, here's what we want to know. what does your wife think about those muscles? >> i like them. >> she's still coming home. >> i love it. >> i don't know if it's the muscles, but she comes home. i guess that's what's most important. >> might by the smile. still ahead, i'm hanging out
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with some more men with muscles. our exclusive inside of the new kids on the block rehearsal. getting in shape for their new tour. >> we're trying to keep up with our past selves. next -- chris pratt. and an "ncis: la" kidnapping.
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♪ that's a groove and those boys still have it after all of these years. new kids on the block will headline one of the biggest tours of the summer, with paula abdul and boys ii men. but lumpy also joining the show. did i mention, they still have
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i it? >> we're trying to keep up with our past severals. >> awe're getting buff. >> definitely no bad bads. and they're all in their 40s. they're careful about the menu, but not for the reasons you'd expect. >> that's bad. >> we can't say we've grown out of that. just grew smart enough to know, don't bring the cold cuts. >> here we go. >> the guys are gearing up for their new tour that kicks off next friday. with their new single. and lumpy will be hitting the road with the band. >> lumpy polices us. if you screw up, he'll growl at
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yo you. >> during the tour, will there be shirts off? >> we take turns. but i don't think for this tour. >> do y'all still get panties thrown on the stage? >> not so much panties. >> no. >> what do they throw? >> they throw their love. >> something else that happens when the new kids go on tour, their kids show up on stage. but donny's little brother won't be there. you know, marky mark. >> we got him on stage, but he didn't do nothing. i thought he might lipsynch something, at least. >> 50 cent was at a new kids concert? >> who would have thought? and donny has the season finale of "blue bloods," airing tonight
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on cbs. and "guardians of the gal y galaxy's" star, chris pratt. >> he can rap, is there anything he can't do? he even made a mix tape of love songs for his wife, anna. ♪ girl i'm so in love with you [ cheers and applause ] >> i wish she reacted that way. but for me, big miss. it's the wrong [ bleep ] tempo. >> what do you need? >> i need some edm. >> we could watch him chair dance all day. and we are obsessed with how
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much he loves his family. the cool dad teaching his son how to tie his own tie. and chris just sign languaged this message apologizing to people who are hearing impaired for a previous post to get rid of subtitles. saying it was insensitive. and he revealed he was turned down for the role of superman in 2005. but this is how he sees it. >> the nose ths that you get to might mean an even more powerful yes you get tomorrow. >> i agree with that. good for you. let's talk about sunday's "ncis: los angeles." your tv wife is kidnapped. we have a clip. >> someone is in the house!
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>> somebody is inside. michelle? michelle? >> oh! scary. does everything turn out okay? >> that's the job we have to take care of. >> a good answer without giving me an answer. >> i got to play games. i have tv answers and real answers. which ones you want? >> your real-life wife, simone, she has a survival story of her own, a 12-year cancer survivor. >> at one point, she didn't think she would walk again. but now she's up and running. >> this is the infinite love. and i love the lollipop necklace. >> can you stick around for one more segment? >> i can. >> because anthony anderson,
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he's cooking. >> ant, bring me a sandwich, superstar. kron-4 news at
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eight:a brutal attack by a mob of teens at a local park sends two men to the hospital.what may have sparked the in a live report.'s rattlesnake season in the bay area.we tag along with one wrangler who shows us where the cold blooded creatures could be hiding around your home.i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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before we go, what do you get when you combine golf, grilling, celebrities, and
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chefs? >> food poisoning. >> good point. this year, it was in hawaii, let's hope you didn't get food poisoning. >> antohony anderson showing hi ki skills on the grill. >> you can catch it tomorrow on cbs. >> thank you for being here. >> had a great time. >> even though i love kevin, you can come back anytime. >> i got this. don't worry about nothing. now at 8. knocked to the ground then punched and kicked. a father beaten by a group of front of his own children what may have provokded the attack. whoosh a double murder that shocked a small community now 13 years later .... a
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break in the cold case how police tracked down the suspect. sot < "he had information about the killings that no other person could have known>whoosh sirens warn residents to shelter in place. as workers are evacuated... and schools shutdown.sot what triggered flaring at an east bay refinerywhoosh nats they're venomous...and they could be hiding in your backyard. rattlesnake wranglers seeing a spike in calls. what you need to look out for you're watching kron-4 news in primetime. (pam) now at 8. two men put in the hospital ... after being attacked by a group of juveniles at a busy public park. thank you for joining us... i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. it happened outside the palega recreation center in san francisco's portola neighborhood last night around 7. police say eight juveniles attacked two men after the men scolded the group for havi


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