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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 25, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- ariana grande after the terror attack. calling off her concerts, what we just learned from inside her family compound in florida. plus, how music's biggest stars are standing up in support. then, beyonce baby watch. >> these are the twins the world is waiting for. plus, after "dancing with the stars'" shocking finale. >> crazy. >> is normani backing out of her date with bonner. >> oh, shoot i did say that. what do i feel like right now. >> a loser. >> cheer up, blake. how alicia really rubbed it in.
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>> blake -- now for may 24th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." ariana grande made the announcement today that she's suspended her concert tour in the wake of the manchester terror attack. >> that means, of course, she won't perform in london thursday or friday. we have exclusive reporting tonight that sheds more light on ariana grande's set of mind. ariana grande remains in florida right now trying to make sense of what happened in manchester. she's an emotional mess a source says, explains it's difficult for her to process the fact that children died at the concert. quote, she goes from being very quiet to crying hysterically. her mom who helped fans escaped is standing by her side. a source now, right now, she's in condition to even talk about her next performance. >> let's stand u7 for manchester
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and show them that we care. >> shrine dion paid tribute last night. in dallas, new kids on the block vowed to stay strong. >> miley paid tribute on "the voice." >> i'd like to dedicate this song to my good friend ariana grande. >> and chris blue and usher dedicated their song to manchester. ♪ >> last night l.a.x. nicki minaj sent her friend ariana grande love and support. >> it's heartbreaking. >> despite monday's attack the show goes on about 100 miles away from manchester, katy perry snapped leaving jfk last night will perform at bbc radio one's big concert. >> this kind of attack will not
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win. >> josh duhamel is married to fergie. she travels around and plays that kind of show. and does it give you pause to think about her going on the road? i did think about it right away. >> we all got to come together and sort of prevent it as best we can, take as many security measures as best we can but i'm gonna stop me of living my life. there's more fallout. the london premiere of "wonder woman" has been cancelled. more on that. movie in just a minute. meanwhile, something a little bit lighter. that was the scene inside beyonce's star-studded push party. the big question now, will those twins arrive? i got an update from beyonce's mother and stepdad. >> can you tell me about the carter push party, how was it? >> yeah, nice and intimate and just a lot of fun. >> tina styled that so everything you saw, she created that.
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>> that's just her vision and i just help make it come alive. >> beyonce hasn't revealed her due date, but that double baby bump has clearly dropped from just two weeks ago. fans are continuing to speculate about the twin's gender, looking at beyonce's wardrobe for possible clues. how is beyonce doing? good, great? >> she's doing great. she's just ready to, you know, to see her babies. >> but the world is waiting for the announcement. >> okay, hopefully soon. >> any updates? >> no. >> i have a suggestion -- >> okay. >> be patient. it's going be an amazing thing. >> tina's not stressed about becoming a grandma again, at 63 years young. you're like the benjamin buttons of mamas out there. >> life is awesome. you know, i supported my girls and i promised never to embarrass them but they're grown and i'm enjoying my life and i'm not worried about being so
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upright. >> the new michael jackson movie. the revelations about michael during the last two years of his life are fascinating. that's just minutes away. rashad and emma! >> wait a minute, what? >> rashad won? that's so not what you predicted last night on "e.t." >> what do you mean, i said rashad all the way? >> i think we ahave the tape. >> normani is going to take home the mirrorball. >> but in my defense this was such a close season. any one of the three finalists could have won. i feel amazing. like, i can't -- i feel good, truly. to come on the show, never danced a day in my life and her winning. i'm her biggest winner.
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>> the nfl running back is the fourth football player to win in 24 seasons. his pro partner emma slater takes her first mirrorball trophy after seven seasons. and one of the secrets to their success -- logging more than 362 hours in rehearsals in just 3 months. a hundred more hours than the next person, that's insane. >> and you know what? we were thinking, "we need to rehearse more." >> so rashad earned the win, but second place was a bit of a shocker. despite having the lowest judges' scores of the finalists, world series catcher david ross edged out normani for the runner-up spot. >> it was quite a shocker for me as well. but i've gained so much from this experience. i'm so happy. >> the good thing, out of all of this now you're cleared to go on a date with bonner. >> oh, shoot i did say that. >> he's hiding i know. >> he's like looking at the calendar. three more days. three more days, girls. >> i'm not ducking it.
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>> that date has to happen. >> bonner is waiting for the right time. rashad will be joining the pros on the "dancing with the stars" live tour meanwhile, there was another champion crowned last night -- this one on "the voice." >> blake was hoping for his sixth victory. but alicia keys pulled off the upset. notching her first win, and she certainly let blake know about it. >> chris blue and alicia! >> alicia wasn't holding back when her guy chris blue took it all. backstage she couldn't help but rub it in. >> a great dream of mine to put a whooping on blake shelton and i couldn't wait for the day when i could say, blake -- >> i think you're a winner. >> you do? >> yes. >> gwen consoling blake afterwards. even though he did take second
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place. alicia the second female coach to win it all. ♪ >> but now it's time to get down to business and make chris a star. none of the previous 11 winners broke through as a solo artist, so is chris going to be different? >> i'd like to be that breakout star. we're ready to get to work. i'm excited. >> we can say we started chris blue's career tonight. we can say. >> we'll see. come on, chris now, also part of the final lea last night, jennifer hudson performed and she's joining the voice as a coach this fall and blake you have to continue to watch out because jennifer won the latest season of the voice uk. nischelle turner and gal gadot. >> kevin, listen, we have decided. we have decided she's a unicorn.
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listen to what chris pine told me. >> i never felt in an audience that palpable communal gasping and men and women alike were equally moved by those images of a strong, strong woman. >> the iconic female superhero kicks butt in an attempt to save the world. . >> finally, we get to tell this beautiful, iconic's story. and it's not only great for girls it's great for boys as well. >> chris is a world war i pilot who crashes onto wonder woman's secret island. while fighting evil together, he becomes her love interest. >> it's, you know, about time. >> chris strips down in a rock pool. can we talk about the amazon pool?
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>> let's get straight to it. >> i mean, it's only right that we always get objectified in bikinis. >> he came very prepared. he's been training to be in the best shape. >> fit as a fiddle. >> i love you. >> i like that chris pine. remember what i said about gal being the unicorn earlier. he's the male version. smart, sex y five minutes i was done. new scenes from the michael jackson movies. his secret dates. and what you don't know about michael the father. then, only we can take you inside a sports illustrated swim suit casting. with christie brinkley's model daughter behind the cameras. and could these be tom cruise's most intense stunts ever? >> i've always wanted to make a movie like this. >> we're on the set as the
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54-year-old faces off with russell crowe. >> every man for himself. closed caption provided by --
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bryan cranston draws parallels to his own past and his character where his
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look at this we have finally discovered the true talent of the kardashian ladies. that's kendall and kourtney walking in the sand in cannes. that's pretty good, in high heels. >> that's impressive. >> of course they document everything they do. >> with a foot selfie. i don't know if that particular skill is needed to become a sports illustrated swimsuit model. sailor is trying her hands behind the lens. >> my mom she definitely raised me to look at things
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artistically. >> she's got her mom's classic beauty and her talent, and christie couldn't be prouder. >> this kid, she's a great filmmaker, i love her movies. >> we first met sailor when she was just 10 years old. now at 18, she's got her first gig as an assistant photographer, behind the scenes of sports illustrated's 2018 swimsuit edition's open casting call. >> it's always been a hobby and school thing. i'm nervous. >> this upcoming issue marks the first time "s.i." has hosted an open casting call via instagram, and over 5,000 women applied. >> times have chakd. it definitely not a specific height or weight that we're looking for. >> of course, sailor famously posed for the magazine with higher mom and sister earlier this year, so, big on both sides of to camera gives her an edge. >> i know how to pose to look good and i know how to tell them
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all the models to pose, to look a certain ways and it's really gives you an appreciation for the entire art still ahead -- tom cruise crazy mummy movie stunts. only we can take you behind the scenes. >> then we're in richard simmons' exercise studios as "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson takes over. and our sneak peek at the new michael jackson movie. what his family thinks. i'm home.
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rumors of a top gun 2? please say it's true. >> it's true. i'm going to start filming probably in the next year. >> whoa. >> i know. >> there you have it, start from maverick. cameras will start rolling on a top gun sequel 30 years after the original. >> the big question is, can they still volleyball after all these years? judging from some of the crazy stunts tom continues to pull off i think he can handle volleyball. >> i think so. the man is fearless. just look at these new scenes from the mummy. >> what's your story, grabs my attention. >> she's got plans for you. there are worse fates than death.
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tom gets his butt handed to him, by a girl. okay, not just any girl -- an undead, superscary mummy, played by sofia boutella. >> she is real, i have chosen! >> but behind the scenes, cruise is still the "i do all my own stunts" man. you see him, at 54 yours old, getting thrown 20 feet, strung by a wire. he's in the way of a speeding bus, then jumps inside for this supercool action shot. he runs, he jumps, he rappels, he falls out of cars. and he goes one-on-one against russell crowe. >> much as i would like to slam my head against the wall for four more takes. >> russell crowe in your film -- >> he's incredible. we had some great fight scenes between the two of us. >> every man for himself. >> there's a bit of martial arts. there's a couple rugby moves. >> as one of the world's richest actors, here's how you know
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tom's worth every penny, no matter what, cruise will always get the shot. >> you're the only actor in the world who could find their frame mid-air three times. it's really me. it's rally me. it's me. >> that's impressive. well tom is about the only one who had it rough on the movie. sofia had to show up at 3:00 to endure up 3 hours in mary and makeup to become the mummy. you know, before she was an dress, sofia was a street actress and starred in this michael jackson video. the new lifetime movie searching for neverland. it focuses on the last two years of his life. and i guarantee you, you'll learn things about the king of pop that you never knew.
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>> he doesn't want to be the king of pop he just wants to be mike. >> the biggest revelations from the hour tv movie. michael went on secret dates, with women, and once even tried to sneak into a bar. the king of pop was broke. and he also had a strange obsession with hot sauce and spray butter. he carried it everywhere he went. another thing -- michael was terrified of performing. >> sit in the corner and sing kumbaya. can't do five nice a week, it would kill me. ♪ 'cause this is thriller >> now, don't expect to hear any of his music, the estate didn't give lifetime permission to use it. navi took the role. >> good people in the world and there are bad people who always protect you. >> it was authentic. it wasn't the crap that you get
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that's been sensationalized. it's about the human being the father. >> how does the michael jackson's family feel about the portrayal. i asked suzanne. what does the family say when they saw it? >> i showed it to mrs. jackson and jermaine. it was a very emotional experience. >> would michael be happy with the kids? >> paris is very intelligent and very sweet. michael would be proud. >> listen, it's a lifetime movie so it has its sappy moments. overall the movie is very good and very, very entertaining. it's worth the watch. >> hold on a moment. i made a lifetime movie. >> all right moving on. let's talk about richard simmons whose life is shrouded in mystery this year. he remains in the hearts of so many including "dancing with the
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stars" pro kym johnson who took over the studio that richard simmons made world famous. >> developers almost tore down slimmons exercise studio and turned it into office space before kym brought it in february. >> i saw an article that it was closing down. >> here's the before and after. >> we kept the gold stand. it wasn't gold. i spray painted it gold. >> i heard you were going to frame the original slimmons sign. >> yeah. i didn't know what to do it. then they wanted it. so, of course. >> i did one of the "dancing with the stars"-inspired workouts. but we're told richard hasn't stepped foot in the revamped studio. now, called the bod by kym herjavec. simmons tells "e.t.", i wish kym all the best of everything in
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that space. some of my greatest memories are from slimmons. >> kym's partner turned husband, "shark tank's" robert herjavec was at the studio's opening celebration, and actually credits simmons for changing his life. >> i actually watched richard simmons and he really inspired me and he did that for a lot of people. >> good to see that studio living on, isn't it. >> it sure is. stick around. we're hitting new york food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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travel consideration provided by -- pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no teams. the cast has been promoting all over the world. last night in new york city. >> the stars have one thing in
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mind -- >> three weeks of promotion, i think it's time to rest. >> get some shut-eye. >> rest, rest, rest. >> bye, everybody. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. . number one rashad jennings reaches the en zone and scores dancing's mirror ball as we celebrate his victory. >> y'all hear this. >> we love y'all so much. >> then katy wants her feud with taylor squashed or does she? how they're both cashing in on the bad blood. >> and number three behind the scenes of the love actually sequel. >> why haven't we done that since? >> why not everyone was excited to return. >> that's what we're


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