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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 31, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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police sex scandal talks about her nearly seven figure settlement with the city of oaklandwhooshhe sat while drivers fumed.the upper deck of the bay bridge brought to a halt by a man who climbed up on the center anchorage.the end of the story ... only on kron fpur.whooshhave you had anything to drink?nohow tiger woods went from the wheel of his mercedes to a jail cell. you're watching kron four news in prime time.
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crime is unsettling to people in bernal heights... where the body was found. kron 4's justine waldman is at a community meeting addressing neighborhood crime.... where people are unsettled by this violence. tonight at this community meeting, the police wanted people here in bernal heights to know the park they love so much is a safe place.also the family of the victim is grieving and hoping for more information as to what lead up to giovanny alveraz's murder. live: tonight at this community meeting, the police wanted people here in bernal heights to know the park they love so much is a safe place. also the family of the victim is grieving and hoping for more information as to what lead up to giovanny alveraz's murder. pkgsot if anybody heard anything please come forward.. call the police (crying)the family of 33 year old giovanny alvarez begs for answers.the father of 4 was found stabbed to death on may 25th at bernal heights park.a memorial of flowers rests on the trail now..the brutal nature of the crime has stunned people who come here. so i talked to one woman who was upset i think we are all sort of dazednat sot meeting
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san francisco police wanted to calm the fears of the community now afraid their beloved park has become a place of constant crime.people say they find alcohol bottles, graffiti and hear people partying here late into the response to the murder police have increased patrols. police also are not saying where alvarez was killed.but do think he was targeted.sot we are looking into all possibilities we don't believe it was random we are looking at all facets of a homicide investigationbut alvarez's devastated family does not know who would hurt him.and wants the killer caught.sot if he is out there walking the streets of sf they nobody is safe because anybody could be is target next (cover)sot this could happen to anybody to any of your family members and we just want justice.. (steve)the family says now they want to properly bury alvarez.. and have set up a go fund me site to help. jasmine abuslin: "i feel happy that i can close this chapter and go on with my life"(pam) jasmine abuslin is moving on... after she became the central figure in a humiliating and wide-ranging sex scandal .... which has affected several bay area law
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enforcement agencies. the young woman, formerly known as celeste guap... is moving on... with nearly one- million dollars from the city of oakland. that pay-out... now settles a claim that abuslin's former attorney had filed against the city.(steve) abuslin claimed she was victimized and exploited by oakland police officers when she worked as an under age prostitute. grant lodes is here with reaction from the 19-year-old...and what's next for her. (grant) today, flanked by her attorney john burris, jasmine abuslin attended a press conference announcing a settlement of $989-thousand- dollars in the civil claim against the city of oakland. abuslin has told our haaziq madyun, who broke this story last year...that she worked as a call girl....had sex with dozens of police officers, including a few when she was a minor. today she said she was relieved this chapter was over...acknowledged the toll it's taken on her...and said she'd like to work with
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animals in the future. her initial claim, filed by an attorney no longer working with her...was for 66 million. abuslin was asked today if that significantly smaller amount was a áfairá settlement. (grant) abuslin will now move forward with civil claims agaisnt richmond, san francisco, livermore, contra costa county and alameda county. prosecutors have charged six current and retired officers for their alleged involvement with abuslin. (steve) a buffet restaurant in concord was shut down today...(pam) lin's buffet on willow pass road .... was closed because of a
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rat infestation... this restaurant is known for selling chinese food, sushi, and seafood including oysters and clams. the contra costa health department shows... that this restaurant had 15- code violations since march eigth.... and 12 since last december. some of those violations include... food not being held in proper temperatures... as well as not properly washing and cleaning hands or wearing gloves... no word yet on when this restaurant will be reopened... (steve) tonight police have identified the unarmed man who was shot and killed by officers in vacaville... the man is 20-year-old joseph godinez... and police say it all started early monday morning when officer were driving behind a honda civic they deteremined was stolen from davis. police tried to pull the car over but it took off. the chase began on interstate-80 and ended at the retail outlets near the nut tree raod overpass... police tried forcing godinez to stop by ramming him... but
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it spun him 180 degrees... that's when police say godinez stepped on the gas pedal and crashed into a police car, sending it off the road. godinez then struck a second police car head on, injuring the officer and trapping him inside. officers say that's when they decided to shoot godinez... killing him. (pam) heavy hearts in the east bay tonight... as loved ones gather to mourn two teens who died in a horrific crash on memorial day. (pam) a candlelight vigil is underway right now ... where the two lost their lives.(steve) kron 4's alecia is live in alameda tonight....alecia? it's a somber evening as friends and family gather to mourn the lives that were lost in monday's crash.this prayer vigil is just getting under way for the two teenagers that were killed people brought flowers and candles to pray for the victims.friends say simon soleto loved fishing, his family, and sports especially football. . he was on the 'logan' freshman football team. 17 year old
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briana ortega attended it's a somber evening as friends and family gather to mourn the lives that were lost in monday's crash.this prayer vigil is just getting under way for the two teenagers that were killed people brought flowers and candles to pray for the victims.friends say simon soleto loved fishing, his family, and sports especially football. . he was on the 'logan' freshman football team. 17 year old briana ortega attended 'decoto' independent studies school.briana's counselor says she was a wonderful person, extremely generous, loved english, and wanted to go into business. loved ones here are struggling to cope with this loss.on memorial day, the g-m-c truck they were in, came barreling down park street. after clipping another vehicle, the truck flipped a number of times before coming to rest.briana was pronounced dead at the scene. simon later died at the hospital.the other 5 people in the truck were also taken to the hospital. simon's family tells me it still isn't clear who the driver was that morning. they're still searching for answers.those answers may take some time.this crash is still being investigatedit's extremely hard on the families involved.((alecia))as a matter of fact, simon's mother is in deep mourning.he turned 17 last month.and 2 years ago she lost another of her sons, also in a deadly crash. they tell me the mayor visited their home today to pay condolences and will be planting a tree at the spot of the crash . in memory of the lives lost. reporting live from alameda
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(pam) dramatic moments today on the bay bridge... as a man climbs up the center anchorage. two lanes were shut down and traffic was snarled for hours... spilling over well beyond the toll plaza. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with exclusive video. (vicki) yeah pam, it was a traffic ordeal that dragged on for nearly three hours earlier today on the upper deck of the bay bridge. i was one of those stuck in it. the bridge is now back open . our kron 4 reporter was on the scene, right as the man who scaled the center anchorage and threatened to jump was talked back down. take a look. here you can see exclusive video of the man...who the chp says was distraught... san francisco police crisis negotiators were finally able to talk the man down by phone.
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the chp says this all started at around 10-am this morning when his truck was spotted, stopped.
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many are publicly opposing the expected pullout--- calling it a "threat to our planet's future" and "a historic mistake". but some in the president's circle including his daughter ivanka and energy secretary rick perry---are pressing him to remain in the accord. warning that withdrawing could damage america's credibility and negotiating power. and while many do expect trump could exit the agreement. the president has been known to change his mind at the last minute. (pam) new at 8... elected officials here in the bay area also responding to news that the president may pull the united states out of the climate accord. (steve) some officials, including oakland mayor libby schaaf, were in paris when the agreement was signed in 2015 and they are not happy with the news coming out of washington.kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco with details. charles. . . well, california and the bay area have been very proactive confronting the climate change and news, that the president may pull the country out of
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the paris climate agreement is not going over well. sot sotspeaking at an event in oakland to announce a new effort to find ways to deal with climate change in the bay area, oakland mayor libby schaaf and several other bay area elected officials expressed their dismay at news that president trump may withdraw the u.s. from the the paris climate agreement.sotsot sotand if the president does decide to back out of the paris agreement, schaff and the others hope that the bay area and california will lead the way on confronting climate change. sotsotsot
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the event that schaaf and the others attended wednesday afternoon is called the resilient by design bay area challenge which will be yearlong effort to gather ideas for protecting communities that are vulnerable to climate change. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) happening tomorrow. the jury in the sierra lamar murder trial will continue to deliberate the fate of the man convicted of killing the 15-year-old girl. antolin garcia-torres' future lies in their hands as they decide whether or not he should be executed for the crime. today was the second day of deliberations in the penalty phase. this afternoon in court prosecutors painted a picture of a cold-blooded killer ...while the defense argued garcia- torres had a broken childhood. ahead at eight.. a leaked document is stirring outrage about the women's healthcare protection, it proposes to drop plus.
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slurred speech --- and unable to walk straight. video shows golf great tiger woods moments before arrest and next. an east bay city proposes a major change. the plan to ban a common item ... you may use everyday. ♪
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dixie ultra's new flexproof® technology makes it twice as strong as the leading store brand. that's strength you can count on. ♪ (pam) first, it was plastic bags, then it was plastic cups... and now there
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may be a new ban coming in the east bay... (steve) the city of berkeley is moving towards a ban on plastic straws.(pam) last night, the city council unanimously approved sending a proposed ordinance.. which would ban the use of plastic straws.. to two commissions for further study. the ban would prohibit the use of plastic straws in bars, restaurants and coffee shops city-wide. councilman ben bartlett co-sponsored the ordinance and says, replacing plastic straws with eco- friendly materials ... would serve the city best in the long-run. ben bartlett/councilmember- "there's paper, there's biodegradable, there's permament straws, steel straws, there are materials we don't even know about yet, cellulose, you know, there's a lot of food waste out there that could easily be repurposed into creating straws.(pam) the plastic pollution coalition says... more than 500- million plastic straws are used each day in the united states. in berkeley, as mentioned, the proposed ban will be studied by two commissions.. before the ordinance comes back to the city council. councilman bartlett expects to hold another vote on the
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ordinance within months .... and he believes it will pass with strong support. (steve) in vallejo . . . police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run.the incident happened tuesday night at around nine-thirty.officers reponded to reports of a man down on columbus parkway.they found 51-year-old earnest howard unresponsive. . . according to the investigation. . . howard was struck by a vehicle. . . while attempting to cross the street. he was pronounced death at the suspects have been arrested at this time. (steve)in the east bay. . . two children escape a rollover crash. . . unscathed.the two were strapped up in their car seats. . . when the crash happened at around 8-a-m this can see in the photo here. . . the vehicle completely happened on san ramon valley boulevard near bollinger canyon road.the crash closed that street down for about an major injuries were word yet on what caused the crash. (steve) new tonight at eight... women's groups are threatening to take the trump administration to court....(pam) this... after a leaked draft of a
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regulation .... revealed a plan to let employers 'opt out' of providing no- cost birth control to women ... because of religious and moral reasons. a government website shows... that a rule on preventive services - which includes birth control - is under final review by the white house office of management and budget. advocates on both sides, and leading lawmakers in congress, view the leaked 125- page draft ... as an actual administration document. the white house is refusing comment. (pam) let's take a live look outside at s-f-o tonight... (steve)brittney has the warming forecast.. .
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in the wake of this weak system passage, mostly clear skies are dominating the coastline from the california/oregon border south through santa barbara county. locations throughout the bay area and central coast should expect a very pleasant and mostly sunny afternoon. temperatures throughout the region are running about 2 to 10 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. coastal areas generally will warm to the 60s this afternoon, and inland locations from the 70s to as warm as the low 80s in the southern salinas valley.
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straight ahead at 8. a disturbing message left with candy at people's homes. what the hateful fliers said.(pam) an allegation
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that may shock travelers. how many times united airlines ... is accused of using an unsafe plane for passenger flights. ((gary sports tease))(coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, we here from both sides: the warriors and the 1 tomorrow night, there was some ugliness involving lebron james, we'll explain...and what about the giants? they doing any better? we update a little bit later in this broadcast.) (steve)here's what we're tracking tonight at ten... terrifying moments for people inside a car dealership cellphone video shows the moment before a deadly shootout while customers looked on.tonight we'll tell you who opened fire...and why bounty hunters were looking for him.that's tonight on kron
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4 news at ten...
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((pam / landing )) there are now several online medical tech companies offering to send out home screening kits.. designed to detect whether you are at risk.. for different types of cancer. our tech reporter gabe slate met with a menlo park women who says, one of these kits saved her... and warned her daughters of their higher risk. here is her story... and details on what these genetic test kits could offer you. ((pkg)) ((pkg))kim and meg are sisters living menlo park who have both benefited from the color test. a $250 home screening kit that analyzes 30 genes to help women and men understand their risk for the most common hereditary cancers, including breast, ovarian, colon, and pancreatic. meg garlinghouse /color test user:
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the test i would definitely be breast-less right now">meg says the color test kept her from getting a double mastectomy her sister kim had one after she was diagnosed with breast cancer which she learned through genetic testing was caused by a chek2 mutation. meg garlinghouse /color test user: meg did the color test which you order online a kit comes to you in the mail.. you give a saliva sample and send it back after meg did that the results were in and she did not have that same chek2 mutation her sister had meaning she could pursue less invasive treatment options and avoid the mastectomy kim who has four daughters is thankful there is now affordable testing for the chek2 mutation that runs in her genes. kim garlinghouse-jones /color test user:
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higher risk for breast cancer and knowing that they can seek early detection and screening and make better choices about health care, early detection in the name of the game, our dna is a roadmap to our health and can help avoid disease">in menlo park gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. a day before the n-b-a finals. the cavaliers' star is targeted by racist vandals. le=bron james responds to the hateful message. plus. growing backlash against comedian kathy griffin after she posts a controversial picture depicting the president. now a california venue says they've received threats because of it. tiger woods encounter with police ... all caught on dash cam. see the moments before his arrest..... next. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details
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are right after the break.
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with his mercedes áástill running... the brake lights on and a right turn signal blinking. both tires on the left side of the suv were flat, and there was fresh damage to the driver's side. the 41 year-old's speech is slow and slurred and this is what he had to say about where he was headed...
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vicodin. he's recovering from his fourth back surgery in recent years. woods later issued a statement saying he had an "unexpected reaction to prescribed medications" ... and he takes full responsibility for what happened. woods is scheduled to be arraigned in court on july fifth. in los angeles... police responded to calls of racist graffiti ... at the home of basketball star lebron james today. someone painted the n-word on james' front gate. he was not at home at the time.. and the slur had already been painted over by the time police arrived. today lerbon responded to the hateful message... saying quote "racism will always be a part of the world...especially for african americans." james will be in oakland tomorrow night for game one of the n-b- a finals against the warriors. gary radnich has the details on the finals triology... and all the
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sports... coming up later in the show. (steve) comedian kathy griffin is feeling the backlash after releasing a video of her holding what is supposed to look like the bloodied, severed head of president trump. c-n-n has since been fired the host of it's new year's eve program-- after a decade long run alongside c-n-n correspondent anderson cooper. her performance at a new mexico casino has also been pulled. president trump today tweeted that kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. griffin's june 16-th performance in grass valley has also been canceled. the organizers say it was after they got hundreds of angry responses...including threats of violence (pam) a deadly start to the muslim holy month of ramadan.a massive explosion in the heart of afghanistan's capital ....
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has killed at least 90 people and injured hundreds more. (steve)(bam vo) according to the state department eleven americans were hurt.(pam ) catherine heenan has the images from one of the deadliest bombings in the sixteen= year afghan conflict. natit was just before eight=thirty in the morning, the streets were crowded with people heading to work.inside kabul's green zone, the most heavily secured part of the capital, the suicide bombers were stopped at a checkpoint. nat pop"i heard a very loud bang," this man says, "and then i don't remember what happened next. the waves of the explosion were so powerful."the blast destroyed a local television station é. this man suffered a head injury and went outside to document the carnage.nat pophe says, "we have come here to help, but there is no one else
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even not police."nat poptaxis with their windows blown out rushed the wounded to hospitals.doctors struggled to deal with four hundred injured victims.(map)bomb went off right across from the german embassy, where some officials were injured.,the french and turkish embassies also suffered damage.the eleven injured americans were working as private contractors for the u=s government.about 8=thousand american soldiers are in afghanistan now.the pentagon says more are neded, and president trump is considering the request.voice of sean spicer/white house press secretary: "our embassy will continue to work with our afghan and coalition partners to help bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice." let's take a live look outside tonight chief meterologist brittney shipp has the forecast in the wake of this weak system passage, mostly clear
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skies are dominating the coastline from the california/oregon border south through santa barbara county. locations throughout the bay area and central coast should expect a very pleasant and mostly sunny afternoon. temperatures throughout the region are running about 2 to 10 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. coastal areas generally will warm to the 60s this afternoon, and inland locations from the 70s to as warm as the low 80s in the southern salinas valley.
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(pam) the latest trend in dining ... involves some unusual food combinations.. some are hits - others are misses.(steve) when it comes to food marriages made in heaven - these are not. tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis gives us a taste of oddball eats. when is a beverage not just a beverage? when it's coffee. hipster barristas serving up these avo-lattes... the new culinary concoction is a java avocado mash-up. and so you'll never be short a hot cup of espresso - the mokase is a smart phone case that serves up a shot on the spot. if the idea of a brown brew doesn't appeal to you - there's always coffee clear. and to prove the force is with of star wars - can pick up these light saber churros at disneyland... (disneyland diners) we are enjoying our sparkle light saber churros!(cat cafe diner) hello my name's... cat cafes are all the rage so it's only logical rats get in on the action. think
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ratatouille. diners and rodents share a table at the pop up rat cafe inside san francisco's dungeon. rats are safe - lizards apparently are not. iguana meat is showing up on exotic menus. and yes, it tastes like chicken. orange is the new snack. met with mixed reviews - bk's mac n cheetos. mac cheese in the shape of cheetos. easier to eat without a fork for sure.(vicki liviakis) if plain old fashioned oreos just doesn't do it for you anymore... you can pick up a bag of fireworks oreos...with popping candy that goes off in your mouth. speaking of mouth - forget white strips - a homemade tumerick and coconut oil paste is all the rage. (vicki liviakis) hard to imagine - this is supposed to make your teeth whiter. maybe once you wash it out. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. still ahead at 8.
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united facing another setback. after they're accused of using an unsafe plane --on nearly two dozen flights. plus. the president's typo goes viral. and it had the internet scrambling to figure out its meaning. and next. a community messages of hate dropped at their door. there's a place like no other...
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where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days!
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(steve) new ahead at 8, neighbors on edge in a texas neighborhood after finding bags filled with candy at their homes....(pam) and inside those bags --- information on how to join the k-k-k. the disturbing message said "help save our race... join the best or die like the rest."recruitment poster from the k-k-k. one neighbor says, it is as if they were targeting kids..
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others saying, the hateful message is disgusting. police are trying to figure out who left the bags. meanwhile, the majority of people in the area say, there is no room for hate in their neighborhood. (steve) the government is accusing united airlines of flying an unsafe plane. the f-a-a has proposing a 435-thousand dollar fine against united for allegedly operating an airplane that was quote "not in air-worthy condition." the f-a-a claims the united did not complete a required inspection after a fuel pump pressure switch was replaced on one of its planes. according to the f-a-a-- united flew the aircraft 23 times before the inspection was performed. and two more times after the f-a-a notified them about the problem. united airlines responded saying it has identified the problem and is working closely with the f-a-a to solve the issue. (pam) what happens when someone makes a late night typo on social media?(steve) when it is gibberish tweeted by the most powerful
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man in the world-- the answer is infinite viral potential. a midnight tweet from the president featuring the word "covfefe" has set the internet on fire. users are spreading the word of a man of not-so-few words. one california man already bought the vanity plate. and even merriam webster was stumped. after just a few hours, hashtag covfefe was trending number one on twitter. by the morning, the president had removed the tweet and joined in the fun. (pam) in sports... we'll update you on the giants... as they try to avoid a sweep to the nationals...(steve) ... and warriors fans were probably hoping this guys wouldn't show up... but "the king" is here... lebron james' day... however...was marred by racism off the court... gary explains... coming up
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. danon: we're talking about home prices here
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in the bay area. everyone asked, 'why are they so high?' why are they so high, rob? black: well you looked at what's happening in portland because they're soaring. recently they had 34 homes sell between 15 and 42 percent over asking price. and what you see is that this isn't the city's only turn. this has happened in the bay area, but we're slowing down a bit. it's basically about the inventory of homes for sale. as a general rule of thumb home prices go up when there's under six months of inventory. they go down when there's over six months of inventory. and right now in portland, there's 1.6 months. so if there's a thousand homes for sale, 500 homes are sold each month. that's two months of inventory. you could tell it's . . .as soon as they're on the market in portland, they're gone in 1.6 months. across the
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united states we're at about 5.7 months inventory so it's still a buyer's market but if you search for companies, you search for hot markets that have very low inventory. you're probably going to see some home price appreciation so that's the little trick. danon: alright, the new target retirement age is climbing up there. it's now at 66. black: yeah, someone took a poll. i think it was (?) took a poll of 1000 plus senior citizens. and they used to say they want to retire at 65. now they say they want to retire at 66. some things to think about is there's some significant changes. a lot of people work and you can get retirement. you can get social security at 62. but if you get social security at 62 and you work until you're 66, you're going to get half your benefit. you're going to get less than you expect to. so be careful on that. don't forget you need to apply for medicare at 65, even if you're retiring at 66. and you only have seven months of the year to do that. and you don't have to withdraw from your 401k until you're 70 but you can do that as early as 59 1/2.danon: post your questions on rob's facebook page and we'll answer them on the air here on kron4.
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warriors cavs tip off for game 1 tomorrow night at about 6:10pmtoday mike brown and steve kerr both at the tradfitional "media day practice" at oracle arenasteph curry bobbing his head to the music nice and relaxed draymond green he has been golden state's best all-around player thus far in the playoffs kevin durantofensively it's basically been him and curry carrying the load this is what he came to golden state for to play in the finals but he says it all comes down to a "team thing"(sot: durant, andre iguodala & curry) "it's a team game, i can't go out there and do everything on my own...or, i can't go out there and let my teammates do the work for me...i gotta do my part and we all gotta make it come together as a group." "what people want to say about my game, or lebron or kyrie or kd however you wanna match us up and compare and
8:48 pm
contrast and all that kind of the end of the day, we're all trying to win championships and if we can accomplish that, that's good enough for me." after the warriors practice and the players talked the cavaliers took the court lebron james 7th straight nba finals and the first player to take 2 different teams to 4 kyrie irving hit the winning sht in game 7 last year and seems to playing even better kevin love kind of the "x- factor" has had a much better playoffs than last yearlyron lue 2 seasons 2 nba finals for himjames talked about his legacy while tristan thompson responded to steph curry's comment that the cav's are the "quote, unquote champions" (sot: james & thompson) "you know, we're the champs, you can say whatever you want...we gotta
8:49 pm
go out there and prove ourselves so that quote-unquote champs, right?" some nasty off court stuff on the eve of the finalslebron james' house in brentwood was vandalized with racist graffiti the n-word was spray painted on the front gate lebron and is family don't stay in the house regularly he has people who take care of it when he is away the slur was discovered about 6:45am and the staff quickly covered ittoday lebron was asked about the incident and he spoke deeply about race and racism in america and the world(sot: james) "no matter how much money you matter how famous you matter how many people admire
8:50 pm
you, being black in america -- it's tough..." giants rtrying to get their first win against the nationals in three games... right now... a's in lebron james country... 5th/ 1-1 tie chad pinder 2-run home run his 2nd of the game 3-1 a's bottom 5thaustin jackson. lines out to left field on the hit and run khris davis throws to shortstop pinder to 1st baseman yonder alonso for
8:51 pm
the double play 7-6-3final: 3-1 a'ssean manea: 7 ip, 3 hits, 1 run, 9 k's stanley cup finals game 2 watch party in nashville but their fans would be dissapointed by the events in pittsburghtied at 1-1 going into the 3rd period the penguins explodejake geuntzel the hero from game one puts them up 2-1the predators knock one into their own goal 3-1 penguins (scott wilson got credit)evgeni malkin on the 2-on-1 lturns on the red light 4-1 penguins final: 4-1 penguinspittsburgh leads series 2-0 game 3 in nashville saturday
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tonight at 10 generally the people coming down ocean avenue don't want to believe that their stop sign is as strong the ones coming across where is this and just how bad is it? we'll explore in the next edition of people behaving badly (steve )marvel's agents of shield... is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, including people behaving badly, gary has sports and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. (pam) we use google for almost everything these days-- even as a spell check.(steve) now the search engine has released a list of america's most misspelled words by state
8:56 pm
this year.(steve) take a look at this graphic... it shows the most misspelled words of 20-17 based on "how to spell" searches. so what is the most misspelled word in california?... it's beautiful. in fact... that word-- along with pneumonia-- topped the list of most searches in four states each. but get this in wisconsin---- the most mispelled word..... is wisconsin. last weather and goodbye er 9, 2010,
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e
8:59 pm
the safest energy company in the nation.
9:00 pm
.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.. i got another glimpse into the future. i don't know when... but someone on our team is gonna die. keep the faith, alphonso mackenzie. your friends are very persistent. they keep fighting us. if it happens again, there'll be no absolution. every inhuman is here for a reason and serves a purpose. [ gasping ] now you're free. ragtag base, i'm coming home. hive could create an all-in-one virus that instantly transforms any humans into swayed inhumans completely under his control. if he finds a way to disperse it high enough in the atmosphere. he could potentially infect a significant percentage of the human race. he has a way. he stole a fully operational warhead.


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