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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what's that mean? (pam) the golden state warriors have won game one of the nba finals. stunning the cavaliers -- with a 22- point victory. hello i'm pam moore.(grant) and i'm grant lodes... in for steve aveson. the warriors dominated lebron james and cavs in front of a raucous crowd at oracle.
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finally warriors-cavs game one of the nba finalssteph and lebron sharing a hg before the gamekevin durant... getting ready1st quarterlebron james big dunk over javale mcgee(james: 28 pts, 15 reb, 8 ast, 8 turnovers)late 1st quartersteph curry with the razle-dazzle and makes the lay-up2nd quarterkevin durant takes over coast-to-coast for the big dunkdurant again on the break and throws it down!... he had 20 at the half 3rd quartercurry fakes
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out lebron and hits the 3- pointer warriors up 21 (73-52)lebron blocked by durant curry the other way pull-up 3-pointer and the high kick celebration 87-68 warriors(curry: 28 pts, 10 ast, 6 reb)still 3rd quarter draymond green on lebron throws it in and is fouled by jameslebron not happyfinal: 113-91warriors lead series 1-0 game 2 sunday in oaklandlet's go live to oracle arena where alicia reid spoke to fans after the warriors blowout win over the cavs (gary) kron4's alecia reid is live at oracle with the fans. some thought this was going to be a close game, which it started out that way.then the
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warriors blew it out the box. pkgit's a celebration outside oracle arena tonight. job well done by the warriors."i myself have been waiting since tipoff of game one of the nba season for this game"cavs and warriors fans came from near and far for what they call a revenge series even this father and son team, rooting for opposing teams."one of us is gonna go home happy"that father was smiling ear to ear by the end of the night. the cavs took the trophy last year game 7, right here on our turf. not this year, says dubs fans. "i feel real confident in this one. last year was a fluke. last year they suspended draymond, curry was ill. now they have a healthy k- d. i'm calling a sweep""bottom line is it's time to put lebron james in his place" "it's just about winning the championship. i can guarantee it. it's just about winning" "now there's a lot of pressure on new comers and old comers. there's a lot of pressure on cleveland as a team, especially lebron""i think we brought the energy. i hope we keep it up through the series obviously" "this is not the first time they've done this, so they know what to do. and they need to just go out there and do it""4-0 history. let's make history" "go warriors" this is a high stakes finals, and both teams want that win. cleveland fans say this was only game 1. "lebron is gonna bring it. kyrie is gonna bring it. it's gonna be a good series. you watch""i don't
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think they have an answer for kyrie. no answer for kyrie. kyrie irving is the man"the warriors definitely came out to play may be a little premature, but warriors fans are already planning for the parade.reporting live from oracle arena . (gary) coming up tonight at 10:45. i'll be back
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with reaction from the warriors and the cavs. (grant) here is a look at the schedule going forward in the best of seven series. game two is sunday in oakland. then the series shifts to cleveleand for games three and four -- next wednesday and friday. if necessary -- game five will be back in oakland the following monday. (pam) another big story we are following tonight. firefighters in fairfield... have got a handle on this big fire. highway- 12 has reopened... and evacuation orders have been lifted for an apartment complex ... this video sent in by a viewer.. you can see the big cloud of smoke... it was in the area of pennsylvania avenue. this was actually the second fire in fairfield today. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live on the scene tonight with details..
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(hermela aregawi)dozens of residents ran out of their apartments tonight.after a fast growing grass fire spread through this field.kirti kaur/resident: my mom just came in and she's like there's a fire outside and im like oh i thought it was a barbeque. so then when i went out it was still over there and im like oh we're going to be fine. cause this happened before. but then it started coming closer and closer. it was right there.we were grabbing some of our clothes and some of our money and stuff and i'm like oh my gosh hurry up, hurry up, its like right there, we were so scared. around 5 this evening, a passerby reported the fire. firefighters showed up, closing westbound 12. and causing major back-ups eastbound.labh singh/resident: people passing by the freeway, they smoking and probably they throw their cigarettes. that's what created the fire every year.this isn't the first time this dry grass has caught fire. but it is the first time, it got just feet away from the buildings.juan
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rosales/resident: this time it was real close to where i live. i was in vacaville actually. my mom called me hyserically screaming and yelling, fire fire. so i rushed all the way from vacaville. when i got here, i put a lot of trash bags with clothes in the back of our pick up.(hermela aregawi) fortunately, no one was injured.and residents say they're happy with the fire department's quick response. but are worried that next'll be a little too late.reporting live in fairfield, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) we first told you about this fire with a breaking news push alert. download the kron4 mobile app and be the first to know about news when it breaks in your area. (grant) i'm here in the kron4 weather center with
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chief meteorologist brittney shipp.. we just showed the fire in farifield today -- it's been dry and hot in some spots -- what's ahead for tomorrow? seasonably cool conditions are expected today with slight warming friday and saturday as weak high pressure builds over california. an approaching low pressure trough will bring cooler temperatures to the area by early next week.
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(grant) the verdict is in - in the murder trial of three santa clara county jail guards accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to death. it happened three years ago at the san jose's main jail, inmate michael tyree was found dead in his cell with a ruptured spleen... all three deputies are now convicted of his murder. kron 4's charles clifford reports from the courthouse. thursday afternoon, a jury found 28 year old rafael rodrigues, 30-year-old jereh lubrin and 28-year-old matthew farris each guilty of second degree murder in the killing of 31-year-old michael tyree. tyree was found dead in his cell at the santa clara county jail back on aug. 26, 2015. he was naked, badly beaten, and covered in vomit and feces. several weeks later, the coroner later determined
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that tyree had died from blunt force trauma. the three correctional officer charged with his care at the jail. .rodrigues, lubrin and farris. . were arrested the next day. the defendants showed no emotion while the verdict was read on thursday.. all three were handcuffed and taken into custody shortly there after. speaking in front of the courthouse, santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen said he believes justice has been served, but that the verdict brings him no joy.sot it's a sad day when law enforcement officers are convicted, when those who are sworn to uphold the law and protect others choose to victimize and in this case kill a mentally inmate. so it's a very sad day.santa clara sheriff laurie smith, who's department came under intense scrutiny as a result of this case, said she hopes the sheriffs office can regain the public's trust.sotwe will not be defined by the actions of these three individuals. we have been undergoing a broad transformation ensuring transparency, safety and quality within our facilities. smith also said that an internal investigation into this case continues at the sheriff's office.
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(pam) deliberations in the sentencing phase of the sierra lamar case are done for the week... antolin garcia-torres is still waiting to find out if he will get the death penalty or life in prison.. three weeks ago, the 26-year-old was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of morgan hill teenager... sierra lamar. deliberations in the penalty phase of the trial will resume on monday. (grant) family and friends of the victims involved in a deadly crash in alameda on memorial day are demanding answers from the driver. tonight, we are also learning some new information about one of the patients who remains in the hospital in critical condition. this is a picture of sergio garcia valdez. his aunt reached out to us - saying family members have been by his side ever since he was brought to highland hospital following the crash. the aunt says - sergio owned the truck involved in the crash, but he
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was not behind the wheel at the time of the accident. at a vigil last night at the scene in alameda, family members of one of the people who died said... they want the driver to face charges. (grant) witness say they saw the truck speeding down the street when it clipped a minivan and rolled several times. these are the two high school seniors killed in the crash. they are 18- year-old simon soleto and 17- year-old briana ortega. ... (pam) coming up:janitors for the bart system -- making more than 100- thousand dollars in overtime. tonight - we have reaction from the transit system. (grant) then -- new details about an east bay restaurant -- shut-down by the health department. tonight -- the signs that revealed there was a serious problem. (pam) and next: new at ten -- a pastor on the penninsula accused of sex crimes... after the break - we talk to
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members of the congregation who say.... they're ánotá surprised.
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new at ten:a pastor is behind bars.... after police say, several victims - both children and adults - told police, he sexually violated them. and it may have been going on for years. kron 4's ella sogomonian is at the menlo park church.... where members of a shocked congregation learned the news. sot: ella sogomonian, menlo
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park//"the congregation found out here as they gathered for thursday night's service that has now been cancelled."police arrested pastor victor elizandro tax-gomez who led service at this menlo park church for at least 4 years. detectives say several victims claimed it was there he sexually abused them as adults and children - across the way from a playground.sot: commander dave bertini, menlo park police deparment//"at this point we are not giving out the number of the victims or their genders but several of them came forward about inappropriate sexual behavior by the pastor."members of the congregation of about 15 people learned the news just minutes before thursday night's scheduled service for the el senor justicia nuestra church which has rented this space at chilco street for years.sot: guadalupe robles, church member//"i've heard that a woman from this same church accused him of touching her chest so then she left." the member says she had also seen tax gomez innappropriatel y hug and kiss children too close to the lips. the 47-year- old now faces six charges that include sexual penetration with a foreign obhect of a juvenile and adult, lewd act
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with a child under 14 and meeting with a minor with intent to committ a lewd act. sot: ella sogomonian, menlo park//" pastor tax gomez is now booked into san mateo county jail with those six charges that he faces. in the meantime, menlo park police are looking for any other possible victims to come forward. in menlo park ella sogomonian kron 4 news." (grant) three men have been convicted of murder for a 20-15 shootout in west oakland that left an inoccent bystander dead... that bystander was chyemil pierce...a 30-year-old mother of three. the gun battle started after two groups got into an argument.. pierce was on her way home with two of her children when the fight broke out near by.. she was struck in the back of the head by a stray bullet while trying to get her kids to safety... 21-year-old anthony sims... 27 year old alex davis and 23-year old michael stills have all been convicted of murder.. another man is also facing murder charges... and two others who were involved in the fight will stand trial later this year. (grant) a week long
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search for a suspect... ended in an officer involved shooting in the east bay. vallejo police say they tracked a man who led them to martinez last night. they say 20 year old kevin de-carlo evaded officers twice in the past week... one time leading them on a chase....he got away. another time... crashing into a patrol car before running away. then finally last night they found him at a house near martinez. police say he tried escaping for a third time.. hitting another patrol car..and injuring an officer. that's when officers shot him.. de-carlo is now in the hospital. that officer was treated and released. the shooting is being investigated.
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his opponents. reporter scott mclean, with our partners at c-n-n ... is in washinton d.c. tracking the latest developments. ...
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(pam) today we talked to environmental group "save the bay" .... executive director david lewis called the president's decision terrible... and warns, it is a major setback in the effort to battle climate change however, he says ... all hope is ánotá lost.
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of progress on environmental causes. and on improving the climate. california is a leader in the fight, and the bay area understands climae change and what we need to do to combat it.> (pam) california governor jerry brown today calfiornia will "resist". and california is "all in" when it comes to battling climate change. (grant) this just in -- the trump administration is asking the supreme court to reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly muslim countries. the justice department filing argues that a federal appeals court made several mistakes in ruling against the trump travel policy. the government says the nation will be safer if the policy is put in place. (grant) 36 people died after a man opened fire at a resort in the philippines... fire crews say the people
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suffocated from smoke after the gunman stormed into the casino-hotel and set fire to gambling tables... before running off with a bag of casino chips. police say none of the dead bodies had gunshot wounds. dozens of other people were injured from the stampede of people who were running to escape. police found the suspect near manila's airport dead of apparent suicide. officers say there was no indication of terrorism and think robbery or money was the motive. (pam)a live look outside (grant) brittney has forecast. seasonably cool conditions are expected today with slight warming friday and saturday as weak high pressure builds over california. an approaching low pressure trough will bring cooler
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temperatures to the area by early next week.
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(pam) still ahead new at ten:a warning about the impact your smartphone could be having on your physical health. what you need to know about "tech neck". (grant) but first ---bart janitors pulling in six figure incomes... thanks to massive amount of overtime. tonight -- we have a response from bart.
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♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at three bart janitors comibined to make an astounding amount of money in
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overtime last year... but that will not be the case this year. bart records show that three system service workers each worked at least 25-hundred hours in overtime last year... and, each made more than 115-thousand dollars in o-t. that's on top of their 60-thousand dollar salaries. one of the men, liang zhao zhang jzang)... has made headlines before. in 20-15, he made more than 162-thousand dollars in overtime. bart says these hours are offered up to all system service workers... but the three in question are the one's who took advantage.
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its also because we can turn it off if we need to and that's the exact case of what happened in 20-17. at the beginning of the new year, we saw we needed to save some money, so we can turn it off."> (grant) the bart spokesperson is referring to the fact that at the start of this year... bart projected a possible 25- million dollar budget shortfall... so, it cut off all overtime for employees like the three janitors in question... that means, this year, those employees are only making their base salaries.
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officer don't want to miss what happens next. (pam) and next:new information from the health department ... about exactly why the agency closed a popular east bay buffet. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. now it's our lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700. ends sunday. go to for a store near you.
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(all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. (grant) tongiht -- we have new
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images..showing why a seafood buffet restaurant in concord was shutdown by the health department. the problem: evidence of a rodent infestation.(pam) today kron4's haaziq madyun spoke with the health department and customers -- who say , they have seen signs of rats. however-- the owner of the restaurant was ánotá eager to talk.. what are we doing right now? why are we doing this?while standing on willow pass road in concord recording exterior video of lin's buffet, which was closed wednesday by the health department, the owner of the restaurant came out with her cellphone, pointing it at me and when i tried to talk to her this happenedi want to talk to you about your restaurant. can i talk to you about your restaurant please? i am a reporter.she was not interested in talking about a rodent infestation found at her restaurantthe director of contra costa
10:32 pm
environmental health, dr. marilyn underwood had plenty to say about a recent inspection that led to shutting the lin's buffet down it is the day after the restaurant was closed for health reasons and the garbage area still looks like this
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the recent outbreak of botulism at a gas station near sacramento... a 22-year old survivor is talking about her horrific experienc. karina uroza says the first symptom that she experienced last feburary was blurred vision.. by the next day things escalated...karina was losing her ability to walk or even talk.. it took a few days for doctors to diagnose her correctly. she ended up staying in the i-c-u for three weeks and was forced to drop out of u-c- davis for the semester. (grant) karina recovered in about half of the usual time...she was able to return to school and is graduating this year
10:34 pm
with a degree in psychology.. (pam) a sacramento family credits a five- year-old .... with saving their lives. a mom, dad and three children were enjoying a day in the water, until the unexpected happened. reporter rowena shaddox has the latest. (áápkgáá)benjamin serna/father: "he saved my life. and ah.... i've very proud of him."there's so ámuch to be proud about his 5-year-old son, joshua. consider his age, and the fact he was able to operate a huge jet ski on his áown and help rescue his family from drowning.and bear in mind, joshua and his father had never been on a seadoo áever before.just 10 minutes after their maiden voyage began in which benjamin was toting his wife, oli, who was holding onto their 2-year-old son ben and a friend's 3-year-old daughter in an innertube behind, ádanger began as benjamin turned the water craft around to bring them closer to shore.benjamin serna/father: "the inflatable innertube started sinking."and his wife started yelling to him for help.benjamin serna/father: "and she had
10:35 pm
gone under and the two babies, she was holding them up." benjamin jumped off the seadoo and was making his way out to them.he ripped his vest off and handed it to oli to put on. then tried to swim back to the seadoo, but he was much too weak and at this point was holding onto the 3-year-old girl.benjamin serna/father: "we started calling out to my son at that point. i remember going down, and coming back up and getting a breath of air. and they yelling joshua. and then coming back down under the water."that's when both parents say they couldn't do anything and relied on god and their son for help.benjamin serna/father: "god helped him to figure out how to turn on the seadoo."and joshua began to head toward them. but the first time, he was too far from them.benjamin serna/father: "he came back around, a lot slower was able to get close to me. and i was able to grab onto the railing of the seadoo."but the girl was still in the water. benjamin serna/father: "joshua, you need to pull her into the seadoo. pull her into the seadoo. and he pulls her into the seadoo."joshua serna/son: "i picked her up and i put her right over here." two men in a boat nearby, heard the commotion and went to oli and little ben and got them into their boat.rowena shaddox/reporting: "were you scared at any time? or did you just do it?"joshua serna/son: "no. i pushed the red button. and i drive."once they were all back to shore and safe, is when joshua must've realized what he just went through and began to cry.benjamin serna/father: "i just told him that it was okay. we were all okay and that he was my hero and i was very proud of him."
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(pam) that was rowena shaddox reporting... authorities say, whenever going to the beach or lake ... always take and wear life jackets. (grant) new video of an officer beating a jail inmate in texas has just been released. it happened at the garland detention center... and it shows a police officer removing handcuffs from a suspect arrested for assault and public intoxication. then you see the officer punch the
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inmate seven times in the head and even knee him in the face... (grant) so what set the officer off? the 37-year-old suspect noah lof-quist says he was mouthing off at the officer after he was arrested at a hotel. and on the way to the jail, lofquist says he was taunting the officer and even challenged the officer to a fight, but only his handcuffs were taken off. when they arrived at the jail, the officer had apparently heard enough and when he removed the cuffs, he went after lofquist. (grant) the officer received a 56
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day suspension, the longest the department can remember giving any officer. but lofquist feels the officer deserved criminal charges. lofquist had to get staples for his head and he had a black eye. coming up(who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it than you toohmmm they can see me but not the red light i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (pam) but first..looking down at your smartphone could be hurting you... tonight - what you need to know to avoid "tech neck".
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first - keep healthy in perspective. while organic is pesticide-free - it isn't necessarily nutritionally superior.resist "healthy" terms. for example the term "natural" isn't regulated so if you're paying more for an item that claims its natural - read the label and make sure it's really a product that supports your health less or start freezing! keep in mind how much food you throw out each week and change your routine so you're not wasting resources.opt for produce that's in season. if you áneedá something out of season - get it from the frozen food isle. frozen produce is usually just as nutritious as fresh.and this one is lessabout money and more about just being healthy - when you're choosing between
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products - opt for the one with fewer ingredients on the label. that gives you more control over what you're eating. laura:: from there there are some apps you can keep on your smartphone that will help you save money once you've chosen your healthy products.ibotta and grocery i-q are two good ones that can help you save money.i'll link you to some of our other grocery store money savers on
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(pam) the convenience of
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technology seems to drive our lives these days. computers.. tablets... game consels.. and cell phones. it's everywhere... and it might be turning into a pain in the neck. tonight.. in depth.. reporter katie owens asks the question.. do you have tech neck? well it turns out a device like your cell phone can do more damage than you think.i found out how these small devices can alter the structure of our spine in this special report.a study by common sense media shows teens are spending 9 hours a day on their computers, or cell phones.but what they may not know about is a painful side effect known as "text neck." dr. tom dunlap, chiropractor: "it's very common and in fact it's something that we're seeing more cases of because the proliferation of cell phones." chiropractor, dr. tom dunlap, says it happens after looking down too long on your computer, or cell phone. dr. tom dunlap, chiropractor: "it's an unnecessary strain on the neck, which pulls the neck bones out of place."it happened to erin kelley -- erin kelley, student: "i kind
10:47 pm
of noticed it at the end of my senior year of high school... beginning of my freshmen year of college, and i just... i had a lot of like lower neck pain and kind of in my back too."(doctor "so this right here shows what the normal curve in the neck is supposed to look like.)dr. dunlap told kelley she was diagnosed with text neck, and she was surprised. erin kelley: "i didn't know that like people my age have neck pains. i didn't know that i guess many people do."through x-rays, kelley found out the aligning of her neck had moved. erin kelley: "my neck was curved the wrong way and we were both kind of surprised like the degree that it was. i had no idea that my neck was even like damaged or hurt in any way.kelley blames it on looking down at her computer for long periods of time to study. dr. dunlap: "and there's definitely a right way and a wrong way to look at computers, and with computers you want to try to keep the reading material in front of your eyes. where people get in problems is their head is bent down for an extended period of time."(doctor: "ed. eddy were going to come right down here.) it even happened to eddie thomas.his pain, likely caused by computer and cell phone usage, was so bad he couldn't turn his neck. eddie thomas: "i was in great.. a great deal of pain and it had affected me. not only in my arm, getting down into my
10:48 pm
arms, but it started bothering my lower back it was leading to other problems like my legs."(sounds: popping)after a few adjustments by the chiropractor, thomas feels like a new man. eddie thomas: "i can rest. i can sleep on my back. i had never slept on my back in years. now i can sleep on my back you know without any pain. usually i have pain." katie owen, reporting: "chiropractors say to hold your cell phone out as much as possible, instead of bringing it right here to text."and reading can also contribute to neck pain. dr. dunlap suggeests not lowering your head to your chest for more than 2 to 5 minutes.katie owen kron4 news. seasonably cool conditions are expected today with slight warming friday and saturday as weak high pressure builds over california. an approaching low pressure trough will bring cooler temperatures to the area by early next week.
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finally warriors-cavs game 1 steph and lebron sharing a hg before the gamekevin durant... getting ready1st quarterlebron james big dunk over javale mcgee(james: 28 pts, 15 reb, 8 ast, 8 turnovers)late 1st quartersteph curry with the razle-dazzle and makes the lay-up2nd quarterkevin durant takes over coast-to-coast for the big dunkdurant again on
10:50 pm
the break and throws it down! 60-52 warriors at the half (durant: 38 pts, 8 reb, 8 ast) celebritiesm.c hammer the oakland nativekevin hartjay-z rihanna3rd quartercurry fakes out lebron and hits the 3- pointer warriors up 21 (73-52) lebron blocked by durant curry the other way pull-up 3- pointer and the high kick celebration 87-68 warriors (curry: 28 pts, 10 ast, 6 ast) still 3rd quarterdraymond green on lebron throws it in and is fouled by james lebron not happyfinal: 133-91 golden statewarriors lead series 1-0 game 2 sunday in oakland we go to oracle arena... we go to we go to oracle arena... and
10:51 pm
mark carpenter i found a running theme throughout the team's remarks after the game is 'not get too wrapped up in game 1 because they know what happened last year. but how can you not be impressed and savor this kind of win...when the warriors overwhelmed the cavs in so many ways to pull off a 23- point blowout. kevin durant" its not about me. he's going to do what he does, he's lebron james and you guys know what he can do. so i just try to play as hard as i can and not make it about a match up, its about us. it's about golden state warriors vs the clevland cavalers and we
10:52 pm
are only going to do it together, that's our whole mind set. lebron james"lets just focus on game two. we made alot of mistakes and there's nothing really to be said. we know are capable of playing alot better. we didnt play as well as we know we are capable of so we look forward to the next one."steph curry "you're not oging to see crazy celbrations, you're not going to see us getting ahead of ourselves. like kevin (durant) said, we are going to enjoy what we are doing on the floor and going to be passionate about it and have eachothers back while we are out there but every 48mins is a seperate event."klay thompson"last year, as bad as it hurt was a living experience, it fueled us to get here. there's no short cuts to winning a championship and everybody knows that but we will find out. we still have along way to go to win this series." media question: "towards the end of the game you shot a three putting a dagger into them and you look toward the crowd toward rhianna. was that on purpose, or do you remeber that? "durant" i dont even remeber that, dont get in that trap, im cool; have fun with that. "
10:53 pm
-durant 38 points, on 14-of 26-shooting, 8 assists
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much more news at the top of the hour... tense moments for one bay area community... after a fast=moving grass fire comes dangerously close to their homes.keep it right here for kron 4 news at 11... all the day's big stories, and your forecast, in half the time.but first.... it's a basic rule of the road.however..our stanley roberts shows us where drivers appear to be having a hard time stopping at red lights.a brand new edition of people behaving badly is next.
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(pam) if you drive ... this has probably happened to you ..(grant) you see two red lights in a row. stop at the first...wonder if you can creep up to the second. you can't. here's stanley roberts doing his thing. (who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can
10:59 pm
publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it thank you you too while i'm recording in public is some information that will save you the headache of getting a ticket for running a red light see this black and white sign which reads stop here on red . it's pretty much self explanatory but just in case its still confusing ill try to dumb it downnats: ambiance i'm just outside the moutain view caltrain station on castro street and there are two sets of lights one set before the tracks and one set behind the tracks when the light turns red everyone must stop here at this limit line and wait for the light to turn green easier said than done. nats: ambiance because many drivers roll right past the first set of red lights and stop at the second set . the problem with that is when you do that you are running the red light nats: ambiancein other cases drivers stop at the limit line only to drive forward to the second set again that is considered running the red light whether in a car or on a bicycle nats: ambiance all day every day you will see drivers run the red risking 400 dollar ticket and point you your driving record the reason for this is simple, it's to prevent people from stopping on the caltrain tracks and potentially getting
11:00 pm
hit by a train nats: ambiance and even with a green light drivers need to keep clear of the tracks all to often i watch drivers get stuck on the tracks or have to back up when if they stayed behind the stop here on red sign they would put themselves in a sticky situation. if driver would pull there head out there phones and pay attention to the road many of the mistakes could be avoided nats: ambiance so basically keep back until its your turn you can save money by not getting a ticket or have a life by not getting hit by a train .. in mountain view stanley roberts kron 4 news


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