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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 3, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, kathy griffin in tears. >> i screwed up. >> why she's all lawyered up now. >> he picked the wrong redhead. >> then, new video of tiger woods in jail. struggling to take a breathalyzer test. plus, who is returning to "american idol"? we're with two former judges. what does paula think about katy perry's reported $25 million payday? and we're behind the scenes of "celebrity family feud." we're getting the dirt on
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boyfriends. >> mom! >> cash, career, crib and car. >> can we start over? >> now, for june 2nd, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome. it was just three days ago that kathy griffin was apologizing for posing with a bloody, severed head of the president. but now she's fighting back. >> i was there this morning as kathy lawyered up, and melted down. >> i've had everybody turn on me, and i just want to make people laugh. i screwed up. >> she the outcry has caused her to fear for her life. >> the death threats are constant, detailed, serious, and specific. so, regarding the image that i participated in, that apology absolutely stands. i feel horrible. >> she called the press
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conference to say she's being bullied by the trump family. >> a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady, are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> "e.t." contacted the white house for a comment. we d not hear back by our deadline. griffin says she will not be silenced. >> i'm going to make fun of the president, and i'm going to make fun of him more now. more. so, i'm not going to threaten him. i have no desire to harm him, or anyone. >> griffin has hired an attorney, but no accouncement of a lawsuit. have you had a chance to talk a anderson cooper yet? >> no. >> admitting she made a mistake, kathy was at times defiant, and
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wanting to take on the white house. >> this president, of all people, is going to come after me? he picked the wrong redhead. >> the consensus on social media seems to be that people are not rallying to kathy's side. new video just released of tiger woods in jail after he two hours had passed, but it's clear tiger was still heavy impaired. >> that's tiger, disoriented and attempting to take his first of two breathalyzer tests early monday morning in the jail. >> blow out. don't suck it, blow out. okay. take a breath in. >> in the 12-minute video, tiger slurs his speech, and seems to struggle to keep his eyes open while standing and sitting. >> come back here, and you're going to sit in the chair.
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>> cops charged tiger with dui after they found him asleep behind the wheel in jupiter, florida. >> do you remember being asleep in the car? you don't? >> after failing several sobriety tests, he was taken into custody. >> will you state your full name? >> tiger even at one point cracked a joke. >> your hair and eye color? >> mostly brown and fading, and brown. >> before doing a second breathalyzer test, tiger became confused by the handcuffs. >> i can't unlock my two bracelets. >> he registered a 2.00 on both tests. >> have you taken any illegal drugs? >> no. >> any medication? >> yes. brandy, the singer
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apparently lost consciousness on a flight from los angeles to new york. here's what the pilot reported. >> we have a passenger who is unresponsi unresponsive. >> paramedics carried brandy off the plane, and was taken to a nearby hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. >> we wish her the best. meanwhile, look at ariana grande, getting ready to take the stage in manchester sunday for that all-star concert to benefit the victims of the terror attack. >> it's the first sighting of arian ariana since the attack. accompanying her, her boyfriend, mac miller, and her mother.
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security is being ramped up for sunday's concert. the royals haven't said if they will attend, but prince william is in manchester visiting police and the injured as a children's hospital. also today, abc and freeform announced they will air the show here in the u.s. live on freeform at 2:00 p.m. eastern, highlights on abc after the nba finals. katy perry made a pit stop in paris. and also making their way -- >> it's going to be emotional because of the setting. >> we spoke with the black eyed peas in wales. >> no one is replacing fergie. she has a dream, and we support
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it. >> she is working out a solo album and will not be performing. >> we might also hear tomorrow, because they're kicking off a huge soccer match in cardiff. the uefa soccer final. the most watched sports event in the world. and katy perry, a judge on "american idol." i had to get paula abdul's take on it. >> she said, i'm getting paid. >> i'm proud that as a woman, i got paid. >> good for her. >> while katy celebrates a reported $25 million contract, the numbers are bittersweet for the 54-year-old singer. were they paying you enough? >> let's put it on the record, i was not getting $25 million.
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currently on tour, sh le seasons, reportedly over money. but she's not ruling out a return. >> i don't think i want to judge anymore, but if they called me and they needed help, mentoring with the kids, or anything like that, that's what i do. >> last night, "e.t." caught up with randy jackson, who gave his blessing and joked about being approached. >> they wanted me to take ryan seacrest's job. they said, man, you've got it. you know how to do it, dog. >> and it doesn't hit the a airwaves until next spring, but the competition with "the voice" is heating up. kelly clarkson tapped as a voice
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coach. >> we just got two brand-new coaches. can't wait to see the fireworks between blake and kelly. >> because they're both spitfires. >> bffs in real life, the best foes. and tom cruise, in "the m mummy." tom's hot bod is the best special effect of all. >> the only way to turn that -- >> the one scene, they were going, like, ahh. >> we came up with the idea right after the plane crash, that would be funny. >> for the plane crash, tom went zero gravity in a real plane. 64 drops to shoot the scene. >> luckily, i didn't get sick. i have to do the takes, i can't be sitting in the corner tapping
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out. >> tom plays nick, who makes a big mistake by removing the mummy's casket. it's a very different role for you. >> he's a funny guy, a thief who finds his humanity at the end. don't want to give it away. will there be female fighter pilots in the cockpit in "top gun 2"? >> i can't say anything. but i'm very excited about it. >> you can't blame a girl for trying. and this boat, tom's cruise. seems to be part of a stunt with james corden next week. up next, we're getting a dirt on the "bachelorette" men. rachel reveals why she's already
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enga engaged. then, the first photos of taylor swift with her new man. and bindi
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hey, it's dinner. a lot happens on your wooden surfaces. luckily, no one cleans and kills germs better than clorox disinfecting wipes. that is the staredown that
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sent social media into a frenzy. rihanna, courtside at the nba finals, and yelled brick when kevin durant dropped a free throw. and then he mean mugged rihanna. >> i have ri ri in five. >> monday night, rachel's search for love is getting down and dirty. >> the winner is bryce! >> brady's hair is a force that can't be reckoned with. i don't know what hair products he's using today, but he needs to patent it. >> the masterminds behind what may be the dirtiest bachelorette
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date in history, her friends. monday night's other group date, sticks with the men's shirtless theme, when they go on "ellen" and strip down, "magic mike" style. >> oh, my god. >> if this looks familiar, the date already aired on "ellen" back in march. producers are okay with leaked secrets. rachel has already announced that she's engaged. what's behind abc's strategy? were you like, i have to tell people? >> i think it was mutual. i'm saying it. they're like, let's do it. people will be more invested, knowing that it worked for her. i think people will tap into that. >> see, kevin?
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don't be a skeptic. she found love. still ahead, celeb dating details from a "family feud" face-off. moms give the scoop on the men in love with daughters. then the gloves come off in niecy nash's new show. >> don't judge me.
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that's taylor swift, spotted for the first time with her new man, joe alwin.
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>> the hoop up over her head, boarding a jet to fly back to l.a. there's joe pulling the same routine on the steps. but we promise, that really is them. >> come on, guys, just bring it out in the open. and we have the latest on bindi and chrissie, on their new men. >> this is chrissie and her mom and three sisters versus bindi, her brother, mom, and her cousin and his wife. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> where you see a "celebrity family feud" face-off, we see an opportunity to get dirt on boyfriends. >> you do approve of him? >> yes. >> but is there a checklist?
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>> he had the four "c"s. >> what are those? >> cash, career, crib, and car. >> cash, career, crib, and car. boom, boom, boom, boom. are you okay? what other "c"s can we come up with? >> cute. cushion cut. >> should i call him and let him know? >> that's up to you. i'm not putting any pressure on anybody. can we start over? >> behind the scenes, your boyfriend chandler is here. i thought maybe he would be on the panel, but i guess you got to be blood related or married. >> yes, and we haven't adopted him or gotten married. that won't quite work. >> do you approve of chandler?
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>> wonderful, very kind to bindi, very smart and talented young man. he's utterly perfect. >> but it's not all about their love lives. cameron managed to get something about bindi. >> she loves tea. she's addicted to tea. >> her version of partying is sitting down and drinking tea. >> you know what happens when you get that third cup of tea in you. last night, the premiere of "claws," and they were supporting some fierce nails. >> they're cute and trendy. >> my good friend nancy o'dell needs a manicure. >> and the series shoots in new orleans, but it's set in
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florida. >> it's not all about manis and pedis. >> i said, she definitely has some meat on her bones. now, i got meat, beignets, jambalayas, and a little etoufee on me. don't judge me. >> baby, this is what we do. >> biggest export after oranges. >> it's a front for money laundering. >> i like to say that the tone of this show is, if "orange is the new black" had sex with "breaking bad."
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>> we had a tough time finding our perfect virginia. then i called the powers that be and i said, what about her? and the next thing we know, she was a part of the cast. and she's the best thing about us. >> i have to get my hair, makeup, and nails, and look fabulous. i hate it so much. >> the women actually went to a beauty school boot camp to learn how to do eyebrows and gels and acrylics. but wardrobe uses a shortcut, press-on nails. >> an artist designs the nails,
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and they just stick them on us, and we go. >> all the designs aren't just for show. there's meaning behind each and every manicure. >> the nails tell a story on "claws." when the nails change, something is going on. >> follow the nails. columbo never thought of that one. we'll be right back.
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we're out of time. but join us monday for all the emotion from the "one love manchest manchester" concert. and that's not all we have from
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england. >> we're here with james corden with car pool karaoke "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, kathy griffin in tears after her presidential photo controversy. why she refuses to remain silent. >> i'm going to be honest. he broke me. he broke me. >> then, did brandy norwood lose consciousness on a flight? >> a passenger unresponsive. >> what we know about her health crisis. >> and, number three, my old friend star jones and her daytime divas are dishing the tv dirt. >> should i be worried? >> girlfriend, our life is going to play out on screen.
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>> plus, your "insidbo


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