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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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people are dead and nearly 50 others injured. (jr stone) three suspects were shot dead and 12 others have been arrested. a warning that the video you're about to see is graphic. (pkg) extra extranatskieran lovelace / witness: "it was like a big panic thing. people running, screaming, tears from what they were seeing. witnesses to the latest terror attack in london reliving the nightmare.. kieran lovelace / witness: "it was all a bit crazy. so many different emotions going on."extra extra sotthis is what it looked like shortly after the chaos broke out.nats..officials are now working to calm emotions within the city. sadiq khan / london mayor: "to reassure londoners and visitors and to make sure we're safe there will be increased police presence over the course of today and the
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next few days."around 10 pm saturday -- heavily armed police officers swarmed the london bridge area... after authorities say, a white van mounted the sidewalk and hit pedestrians -- leaving bodies lying in the roadway.natsthen -- police say the suspects, armed with knives, ran to a nearby market--- and stabbed patrons inside restaurants.the attackers.. wearing what authorities say were fake suicide belts.. were then confronted by several officers and shot dead.mark rowley / metropolitan police assistant commissioner: "we are making significant progress in identifying the 3 attackers. butt sot "work is ongoing to understand more about them. about their connections and about whether they were assisted or supported but
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anyone else."so far, police have arrested a dozen people after carrying out raids in east london. this is the second terrorist attack in the u.k. in as many weeks. (justine) new at 11... the latest terror attacks hit home in london for one folsome mother. you may have seen the picture-- the man strolling down the street-- beer in hand as others flee from the attacks. it went viral because many say it was a symbol of defiance. but when dena stephen w the picture-- she saw her boys. the four men on the left are dena's son and his friends. they were on a three-week backpacking trip through europe when the terroriest atckpted the evactuation of their hostel. (dena stephen/son is in london): "i know they were scared but they were fine. i just feel sorry for the families that have been affected by this, itús awful." luckily, dena's son contacted her to say he was safe before she had even learned about the attack. the four men plan to complete
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their trip as planned. dena says she worries about the men but does not want them to live their lives in fear. (justine) philippine police say the suspect behind the casino attack in manila.... was a heavily indebted filipino who was hooked on gambling. authorities confirmed the suspect's identity as jesse carlos. they say he was over 80 thousand dollars in debt...due to his obsession with casino gambling. staff and guests of "resorts world manila" were among the 37 people who died in the attack. police in the philippines say that the attack was a robbery, not terrorism. (jr stone) golden state warriors fans across the bay area are still sporting their blue and yellow tonight. the dubs remain undefeated this post season... beating lebron james and the cleveland cavaleirs 132-113 in game two of the nba finals. kron4's alecia reid is at oracle arena and has more. (pkg) (pkg)the energy at oracle has been through the
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roof.when warriors fans step into oracle, they expect nothing but a win.we're winning. we're here to win we're gonna get that next w againonce again, dub nation did not disappoint its fans. we're just better on every single level, our bench is better, our coach is better, our stars are better. lebron is the best player in the game, and the best player in the series, but we have a bigger collection of talent watching their favorite players in person was everything these fans expected. my favorite player is kevin durant. he's been on my fantasy teamthe last 10 years. we've grown up together. he's number 35 qand i'm 35 years old so it's basically the samemy favorite player is klay thompson. it translates well. he's a shooter. i'm a shooterthe other night it was durant. tonight we'll see. i'm hoping it'll be kd. i hope he does well. if they don't try to stop him like they did the other night he'll probably have 40 points. kevin durant came a few points short of 40 tonight. but while cavs fans believe it'll be a different story when the warriors head to cleveland on wednesday, not everyone agrees.
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he'll pick back up they gotta win one of the next 2 games otherwise we'll see what happens. they have to. the warriors blew a 3-1 lead last year. it may happen again. it willwhen we go over there it'll same thing. business as usual. the guys are really level headed this season. they're ready to go. they're not messing around. just doing work.the total number of games doesn't matter. the final outcome does.i'm thinking warriors in 5 or 6. but that's ok. as long as we take the trophy home and we get to parade through oakland and have a wonderful timestandup the warriors made the first two games of the finals look's still too early to get excited.lets keep in mind what happened last year when they had a 3 game lead, then lost it all.reporting live from oracle arena (justine) in national news.... police arresterd 1ú4 people in pro- and anti
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donald trump rallies that turned violent in downtown portland today. the rallies in response to the deadly stabbing of two portland men who tried to stop another man's anti-muslim tirade. thousands of people showed up. as demonstrators marched... officers blocked them in. police began clearing chapman square after they said protesters were hurling objects at officers. the rally was orginally organized by a conservative group in support of president donald trump. meanwhile, a number of community groups organized counter demonstration s to rally against hate and racism. officers in black protective gear use pepper spray to disperse the crowds. (hermela aregawi)in berkeley - a church reopens after a major fire shut it down last fall. for eight months members of berkeley's first congregationa l church's sanctuary worshipped elsewhere.but this morning, they held a service here.the tightnit community
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boasts about 400 members. many of whom returned for the grand reopening.last septemeber, the four alarm fire ripped through the church causing parts of the roof to left behind about 9 million dollars in damage.the members were able to raise about 100- thousand towards repairs but the building is still aways away from full rehabilitation. in berkeley, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (justine) coming up... a chance of showers is back in the forecast...(jr stone) meteorologist brittany shipp is back with for the work week.
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a slight warming trend will occur on monday and persist
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into tuesday as a weak ridge builds over the region. patchy night and early morning coastal clouds are likely early in the work week. a cool down occurs late in the week along with a chance of rain showers as an unseasonably deep upper level trough pushes through the region thursday into friday.
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- so yama and i got here about two like we normally do, we meet up in the garage and we walk upstairs, we walked up here, literally the second we sat down, the phones just started ringing, so i answer and it's cnn and they're saying, "hey, do you know about this, "do you have video from this fire in oakland?" i'm like, "to be honest, i'm not sure what "you're talking about just yet, i just literally sat down, "i haven't even opened up my emails." - our fire alarm received a call around 11:35 this morning, yesterday evening, that there was a structure fire at this location, our first arriving units arrived within three minutes, found the fire, building heavily involved with fire, with smoke.


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