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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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story tonight at eleven... the golden state warriors denied history as the cleveland cavaleirs avoid a sweep in the n-b-a finals.... i'm steve aveson...(grant) and i'm grant for m moore. defeated, and maybe a bit deflated...but the dubs are stlll in good shape. tonight cleveland forced a game five... beating the dubs 137 to 116...there will now be a game five in oakland on monday....and no playoff perfection. there were a few warriors fans in cleveland tonight...-but the cavs came out on fire....kevin love drains this three.part of a 49-point first quarter which is a finals record for most points in any quarter...-kevin durant..came to play. he drops this circus shot..with the foul...but the dubs would not lead the entire gamek-d finished with 35
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points.-cleveland guard kyrie irving..stole the show.carving up the warriors defense, getting to the basket at will. he finished with a game high 40 points.-lebron james finished with a triple double...passing magic johnson for the most triple-doubles in finals history.-steph curry and klay thompson couldn't get a rythm..hopefully that will change in game five.-cleveland wins game five 137 to 116.the warriors still lead the series 3 games to one.the dubs are now 15 and 1 this post-season. (steve) back here in the bay area.... it was a packed houses at oracle for tonight's game. kron 4's spencer blake was at that watch party..and has reaction die- hard fans who absolutely still believe. it was plenty loud here at
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'waracle,' but the cheers from afar couldn't lift the warriors to a perfect postseason.but now fans are looking to welcome their team back home.(pkg)after the cavs scored 49 points in the first quarter - the most points ever scored in a quarter in the finals -- things never got much better for the warriors. (sot "little disappointing that the warriors are losing but it just seemed like we were a little bit off and it took a record-breaking day by the cavs to win this game.""i just think the refs were making terrible calls. they should have done better. this was supposed to be our game, we were supposed to break a record!"behind a huge performance from lebron james, the cavs finally notched a loss in the warriors playoffs belt.(sot) "they were hitting very wel, very high percentage. we were not having that kind of night. we still had a pretty good game."but fans in oaklandsee this in a positive light"it's disappointing but they're gonna come back and they're gonna take it on monday." "we're gonna win on monday. they're gonna win at the crib. they're gonna win at the crib."
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"the positive is they're gonna be playing here in oakland next week."(looklive)but even in deffeat, the sound of dub deafening.expect a couple ámore decibels on oracle arena in oakland, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) now game five is monday at oracle arena at 6:00. the warriors will have a chance to put cleveland away and win a n-b-a title. (grant) a 13-year old boy is recovering in the hospital tonight after being stabbed at a library in millbrae. police say around 2-30 in the afternoon a 40-year old man randomly approached the teen in the middle of the library's plaza and attacked him with a pocket knife.. the boy was stabbed in both of his arms and had to undergo surgery...but is expected to be okay. fortunately a sheriff's substation is only a few feet away and deptuies responded in 20 seconds. the sheriff's department is also creng the boys friends for jumping into action after the attack.
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department//" don't know at this time its' still under investigation we're still gathering video and statements from witnesses and the officers as well."we got video of those two officers taken out of the car and then put into an ambulance they were transported to sf general hospital for what a captain on the scene says was minor injuries considering the dramatic aftermath.sot: captain jack hart, san francisco police department//"traffic in the city is always pretty dangerous we are lucky the officers survived."in sf ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (grant) the wife and attorneys representing derick almena - the man in charge of the ghost ship warehouse in oakland, that went up in flames last year, came out fighting today. the attorneys accused the alameda district attorney of grand standing saying their client should not be held responsible for the criminal prosecution of those who died. earlier this week, the alameda d-a charged derick almena and max harris the creative director with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter after 36 people died in the fire...
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however, almena's legal team countered the charges --- saying they draw focus away from the real issues.
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"act for america". that group says it's focus is fighting terrorism and promoting national security. however many people describe it as a hate group.. in a counter protest...human rights, religious and political organizations have planned a "unity rally" at the same location. the rally starts at 11 in the morning and will last until three p-m. (charles clifford)i'm charles clifford is alamo where they new hemme station park is under construction along danville boulevard. but, some neighbors are concerned that an old gas station that used to sit here may have leaked lead contamination into the ground. the county says they have done multiple rounds of testing and believe that the site is safe. neighbors we talked to on friday remain skeptical and they hope the county will take another look at this location. hemme park is scheduled to be completed some time later this year. in alamo, charles clifford kron 4 news. (dan kerman)here at oakland city hall the mayor has proposed to spend millions of
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dollars in the upcoming budget to tackle the cities increasing homeless problem. among the proposals is a new navigation system..until that's up and running the plan would be calling for a new city sanctioned encampment to house about 60 people. other plans call for bringing regular garbage service and porta poties to about ten of the cities largest encampents. the city counsel is set to discuss these proposals and others later this month. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. (steve) still ahead... skies began to clear... but not before leaving behind a few more rain drops for the weekend...(grant) meteorologist lawrence karnow is back with what to expect....
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lawrence karnow: skies began to clear today but not before leaving behind a few more rain drops in the south bay.
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otherwise there was plenty of afternoon sunshine but cooler than normal temperatures. the winds really picked up in the afternoon and continue very breezy in spots. now it's time to focus on the weekend. low pressure in the gulf of alaska will head toward the state to usher in cooler temperatures. there's even a slight chance we could see a few showers or isolated thunderstorms.
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. distracted by her cell phone, the woman who fell head first into the cellar. >> this is the spot where it happened. >> and bill cosby's wife, her imminent appearance in court. >> how her presence could help cosby's case. then, just in time. what we have learned about melania's move to the white house. >> the moving advance are coming next week. >> she's an incredible asset to him. i have always thought she was capable of more than she was doing. stranded this 70-year-old great grandma trapped in her car


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