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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 29, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, a "the big bang theory" star's home and 300-acre ranch destroyed by wildfire. what johnny galecki is say about the tragedy today. then -- ♪ >> who is rihanna's new mystery man? >> i want a man who cherishes me. >> what we uncovered about his millionaire boyfriend. plus -- tyrese heats up havana as another "fast and furious" star threatens to leave the franchise. and -- >> traumatizing to me. shania twain opens up about her darkest days. what is the scariest thing? >> releasing her first album in 15 years, and our exclusive with the legend. >> chuby cheeks. >> oh, my guard.
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now for june 28, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." details on rihanna's new man. hi, everybody. we're going to get to riri in just a second, but first, a "the big bang theory" star's home goesz up in flames. >> john galecki owns several houses, and now he is speaking out about the one that just burned to the ground. >> that's ga he i can on his ranch in happier times before this fire ripped through the area ripping his home to ashes. several other homes were destroyed in the 1,500 of acre fire, which is about 100 miles north of l.a. he said, quote, my heart goes out to all in the area who are also experiencing loss from this vicious fire. right now, the fire area near galecki's area is still dangerous and retrikted. all though johnny and other residents will be allowed to return to what's left of their
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homes tonight. he told koenen o'brien he brought it as an escape pad. >> i feel like if you are going to have that kind of lan, it should function. i'm a vegetarian, so livestock was out of the question, but i like wine. >> in april, galecki, who also playing guitar, performed near the ranch at a concert. ♪ the star shouted of the a big thank you to firefighters and vowed to stay strong. quote, it's never the structures that create a community. it's the people. once the smoke has cleared, literally and figuratively, it's a time to reach out and rebuild. >> such a great perspective. so resilient after such big loss for him. >> and now johnmy may be gaining a new role. there's talk he could join his former co-stars for the "rose yan" reboot. >> rihanna is having a wonderful time with a new man. >> she is feeling all right.
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leo and drake said she has been caught locking lips with another handsome guy, but is he a hot hookup or does rihanna have love on the brain? ♪ must be love on the brain >> sexy shots of riri's romantic vacay have inentired hilarious memes. they are trying to find out the identity of this hot mystery man. this had us laughing. drake opening up twitter, just finding out rihanna has a boyfriend. #rere yaw yn hasa manparty party. >> i want a man that loves me, cherishes me, challenges me. ♪ we found love in a hopeless place ♪ >> so who is just rihanna's new man? he is has sawn jameel. his family is worth $1.5 billion because his family has the sole right to sell toyota in saudi arabia. he has been linked to naomi
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campbell, and we're hearing ri has been keeping this relationship under wraps since the new year. since 2011, single rihanna explained to ellen why it's hard to balance career with men. >> i do put a lot into my job. my personal life is pretty much nonexcess tent. >> mm-hmm. >> which is not good. not for me, not for her. it's not fun. >> wellen's reaction, we agree. it looks like everything is all good now because if rihanna's happy, we're happy. we know katy perry is happy. she is on "american idol," and she got paid $25 million. nischelle turner here, because she is making news today. >> she talks. we love the openness. keep it coming. >> she talks a it lot, and who is she talking about now? her number two ex-lover orlando bloom. remember when he got naked with
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her? she showed herself too. >> i was just not in the mood. >> that's katy's explanation for not stripping down with orlando for their paddle boarding adventure. she joked about the time on the jay i can o. radio show, and revealed even though she opted out of a public display of assets, she stripped down on their private yacht. they dated for a year before calling it quits last march. speaking of exes -- >> i don't know. >> that's after mariah was asked about her billionaire ex-fee yaw say. >> i don't know. for real. ♪ also getting sassy with reporters, miss britney spears. the pop star who is performing in tel aviv next week took offense that she lip syncs. >> i think it's fun thai that a lot of people that i don't sing live. because i'm dancing so much.
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i do have a little bit of playback, but there's a mixture of my voice and the playback. ♪ i'm busting my ass out there and singing at the same time, and nobody ever gives me credit for it, you know? ? >> britney might have some hate es, will you lindsay lohan isn't one of them. she added britney to her dream team list for our birthday fest at this times in greece. she tweeted this, nice girls, briet nebraska spears, paris hillton come to my birthday many weekend. beyonce, too you. she tweeted at emma stone, asking the oscar winner to do a "mean girls 2." she wre, quote, i think we would be friends. it would be so fetch. >> i don't know. those two redheads? that's a lot to handle. >> that's a lot. if you look at this crew, very happy to be back at work. it's the gang of "bachelor in
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paradise." >> oh, yeah. we got new pictures from the mexico set. contestants are back in that pool, and drinking. shocker. is the production putting the brakes on the hanky-panky? >> it looks like business as usual, but new rules are in place in paradise. alcohol intake is reportedly being regulated, and now we're hearing contestants have to ask for permission to have sex. >> according to a new report, contestants want to get busy must first find a producer and say they consent. if that producer feels like that person is too drunk, they can stop them from engablging. this comes after the hookup in the pool with demario and corinne that shut down the show and prompted an investigation. they say no misconduct returned. neither corinne nor demario returned. >> if the money is right, are you going back to production or what?
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>> we may hear from him when the members reunite. demario was first. one of rachel's guys. alert though, it looks like one of her six remaining men made his way to paradise. we spot dean chilling next to raven at the pool. five guys left. it looks as if dean is also on the chopping block. >> it's on matter of time, man. >> up next, derek hough on the dualing, dancing wedding. julianne and maks and peta are getting married on the same day. they are torn. . plus -- a lifetime of sadness. >> shania twain tells all here her most trau matic moments reshe vealed. >> everything i went through. honestly. >> hemally blunt is not so rainbow sweet in the new "my little pony" movie. we have an exclusive neek peek. >> how about we start with your complete and total surrender? >> it starts off in equestia.
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just a regular day, and my character comes back and starts to wreak haskin. >> it is i. >> with chisen chen wech, liev slooib sleeber, they play in this movie that hits theaters in october. >> get her now. >> i think they can expect to see something that's cute and funny, but also an epic adventure. closed caption. provided by --
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sara was a great peshen she really cared for the girls and wanted them to do their best. that's so important. >> "dance mom" maddy zigger ler talking about the new kinder, gentler coach.
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she is filling in for abby lee miller, for bankruptcy fraud. >> maddie was in the debut of the new show after the curtain i where we found derek hough, and shows the moment we get scoop on his sister, julianne's upcoming i-dos. >> how emotional will you be? >> i'm excited. i'm excited, you know? it's my baby sister getting mar pripd it's special to have the whole family there. for, like, a week long event. st going to be amazing. >> >> julianne will wed hockey player brooks laich on july 8th in southern california. and looks like her just wrapped dancing tour with derek got her in great shape for the "i dos." here she is showing off her insane abs in l.a. yesterday. >> are you going to make a toast? will there be tears? >> i think i will be. i think i will be making a little speech, yeah. >> some surprises in store? >> there's always surprises with my family that aren't planned, so there's plenty of surprises. >> but with julianne's wedding the same day as dancing pros' maks and peta's, could the biggest surprise be who shows up at each wedding?
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ohio will you make sure everybody gets celebrated? extra parties? what do you think? i vote for extra parties. >> i don't know. i don't know. we have different friends. different group. >> sharna burgess and tony dovolani are in maks and peta's wedding party. nick viall and vanessa, amber rose and nyle dimarco are on their guest list. as for julianne's wedding, derek's bestie, mark ballas, his new wife bc jean are sure to attend. so is derek's girlfriend, hayley erbert, who is currently on tour with "dancing with the stars live." >> i'm going to be seeing her very soon now for a whole week. so it's good. >> still ahead, our shania twain exclusive. >> my whole life being is story of ups is downs. >> opening up about her public struggle, divorce, her parents' death, and the health crisis that nearly destroyed her voice. >> my voice will never be exactly what it was before. then the hot young star of "baby driver," reveals his love story with his high school sweetheart. >> i wanted a girl who would
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drive me crazy, and my girlfriend is literally that girl. and fast stars get egg serious? who is threatening to quit the franchise, and why tyrese gibson was left out of a chase in cuba? >> i was missesed that i wasn't in any of those scenes.
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look at that. miley cyrus clowning around with during an interview for season 13, which debuts in september, and has started. miley, from the looks of things is clearly pumped for her to join her like and dam on the panel. >> remember last season when they added a fifth chair? that was for shania twain. she is 51, and the lady is red hot with new music coming your way. she and i talked exclusively in nashville. ♪ >> shania pours her heartbreak into her music. her parents died when she 22. she temporarily lost her voice after a battle with lyme disease, and her 16-year marriage to music producer, mudd lang ended bitterly. >> you went through a public divorce. >> my divorce was traumatizing to me. my parents dying was the most devastating time of my life. losing my voice.
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something that you can't change. i can't bring my farnts back. my voice will never be what it was before. >> she since about her recovery in fir first album in 15 years, titled, "next." ♪ >> what is the scariest thing about it? >> i wrote all this musing myself, so it's all on me. if the fans don't like it, i just have to take that on myself. ♪ i feel like a woman >> she has been happily married to her second husband, fed rick for 16 years. his first wife had been her best friend until she had a relationship with her first husband. they have denied any relationship. her child has brought her joy. >> shania gave me an exclusive tour of her new exhibit at the country music hall of fame and museum. it was the first time she would
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see it. baby picture. >> clubby cheek. >> oh, my lord. >> i just want to bite those cheeks. so cute, but who knew that baby would grow up to be girl power? >> feel like a woman. this weekend, that and girl power. "fast and furious" star, michelle rodriguez wants more. that is available digitally today, and she posted this from the set writing, i hope they decide to show love to the women in the franchise, or i just might have to say good-bye to a loved franchise. >> that can't happen. let's get on the ball. you know what i'm saying? i just talked to michelle's co-star, tyrese begin zone in havana, where they filmed it. this was the first movie shot since 1963, and they went big. >> first hand, a visit to havana, is like a trip back in time.
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70% of the cars in cuba are pre-1960s. >> it's crazy because you come here and see that the majority of the cars are from back then. >> but you take one of these jalo jalo jalopy's few adjustments and this is what happens. you see how busy it is in this square here right now? imagine what it took to have massive car racing right here in the middle of the day. shooting the race between vin's chevy, and a fair lane took ten days with a crew of 200. >> action! >> but tyrese wasn't there to see it. >> how jealous are you that you didn't get to shoot here? >> i'm very jealous. i was on facetime last night with vin, and i told him i was missesed i wasn't in any of those scenes. i could have been in the front seat. i could have handled her hair. anything. >> tyrese is here to promote the movie and take in the sights
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with his new wife. >> just taking it all in. we have been just enjoying the food. it has been about lobster and seafood, and it has been, like, a real cultural experience. >> the last time i talked to you, you were still in search, and you did want to find that woman. >> i'm definitely open. i'm ready. where she at? >> tyrese found her. the single dad met the social worker through friends, and they married on valentine's day. >> did you know right away? >> i did know. pretty can only go so far in my world. it has to be everything. you have to eck which off every box. >> she is pretty too. do you want more babies? >> absolutely. >> yes? >> absolutely. >> working on more babies? >> you know, we talk about it. >> you should have seen when he introduced me to her. big smile. >> he is so happy. >> good girl. the family getting bigger. jason statham and his wife just had their first child. he was born on saturday.
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he already has these cute little stripes, and looking fresh. >> he will be beautiful with those parents. >> from babies tot movie, "baby driver," it's out after making $2 million just last night in early previews. it's got a great cast, and this guy, 23-year-old ansel elgort. three years after breaking out in "the fault in our stars," ansel's career has revved up and so has interest in his personal life. >> who is the lucky lady on your arm this evening? >> violetta. that's my high school sweetheart. >> what's so great about her that you love? >> she's real, and i don't feel like i'm a famous person until i go to these events. >> he has boy next door good looks with just enough edge, and he made james corden's mouth drop when we did this. ♪ i'm easy like sunday morning >> ansel's got it all. even an emerging music career. he dropped a new single called "all i i think about is you," and he is a family guy.
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his brother filmed this video, and he put violetta in it. ♪ >> i wanted sort of like a girl who would drive me crazy when i watch the video, and my girlfriend is that girl. >> when will we hear a full album from you? >> i'm working towards end of summer. i have a lot of music dean, and i'm trying to make sure everything i put out is good, and i love it. >> in "baby driver," she is playing up his bad boy side with john hamm and jamie foxx. >> we should hint it at 60 seconds again. >> i didn't expect any kind of relationship with these guys where they would be so supportive or, they have become mentors. >> not sure he needs mentors. he has wisdom beyond his years. he was 20 when he told us this. >> life is precious, and i'm unsure. i should be happy with what i have in front of me. >> wise beyond his years. >> somebody is going something roogt. and he is probably greatful
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today because he is set for another big role. >> huge. >> important. he is going to play young president john f. kennedy. it's a story about jfk's time in the navy and world war
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travel consideration provided by -- . welcome back, everybody. tonight on krbs, get ready for season 19 of "big brother." >> here it comes. 16 house guests are competing to take home $500,000, and the gang was asked if any of them will enter into a showman as a strategy to win. >> good night, everybody. >> there's a bunch going on, and i better jump sbiet so i'm not the only single dude.
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>> i'm going in looking to win $500,000. >> fair enough. >> i'm a huge fan of the "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- katy perry gets candid about those infamous paddleboarding photos with ex orlando bloom. >> he was just trying to show off to all the people back at the shore. >> and why she just fanned the flames of her feud with taylor swift. then, "bachelor in paradise" returns with a new sex rule. >> i don't think any girl actually feels secure. and number three -- steve carell's silver fox status has gone viral. >> what have you thought about all this response, the reaction? >> i love it. >> how it's changing his home life. >> my wife finally said she's in love with me. plus, your "insider" bonus. meet the new cast of "big brother." >> i am an auctioneer and a rodeo clown.


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