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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 7, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, george amall, and the clooney twins on the move. we have the first photo. where their private plane just landed and amal. plus what beyonce's dad just revealed about her newborn. >> i can't wait to tell you more. then what is going on? one would be with halle berry's fabulous in 50, and talking about her mama's boy. >> i don't want him to grow up. which oscar winner was caught kissing her a-list boyfriend on a yacht? and wife jada gushes about their 20 years of marriage. >> i get mushy. with their kids grown up, how they are reigniting the romance. >> mommy goes, bye!
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now for july 6, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." the first photos of the clooneys with their twins, just one month today, and they are already on the move. >> we'll take you inside the mansion this summer as george and amal touch down in italy with very precious cargo. milan airport. he then stands on the steps as the second bassinette emerges from the plane followed by new mom, amal. >> today is baby ella and alexander's one-month birthday. amal gave birth on june 6th in london, and looks amazing in ripped jeans, loose white t-shirt and tennis shoes. >> there was a large group greeting the clooney family on the tarmac, including uniformed police. george looks happy as he greets this man with a big hug. but george, amal, and the twins were not the only family members on the flight. their basset hound, "millie," was with them. they adopted her in 2015, and the 56-year-old new dad then helped his children aboard an airport transport van parked
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next to the plane. of course, george owns that fabulous home on lake como which is about 52 miles north of milan. villa oleandra is an 18th century mansion built right on the lake with a gym, a swimming pool and it's own movie theater. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> in 2005, george gave a tour of the lavish villa to abc news' diane sawyer. >> a bell rings and it's lunchtime at 2:00 and everybody eats, and there's usually about 15 to 25 people here. families and my buddies and all their kids. family. >> one surprise that emerged from the plane, two basketballs. george looked thrilled and seemed to be getting ready to practice his jump shot. jonch protects his hoops game, back at home in england, he is amping up security because workers were seen adding extra surveillance cameras to the property. beyonce is going to great lengths to keep her pregnancy
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out of the public eye, and hold on, everybody. ♪ >> the twins started in our ancestry, and she should be proud of them. >> file this under father doesn't know best. beyonce's dad and former manager, matthew knowles, busted out with that family fact yesterday on instagram. >> my grandmother hester actually had brothers that were twins. but i can't wait to tell you more. ♪ >> knowles has spoken publicly about his daughter in spite of her carefully contructed "no spilling the beans" policy. >> is beyonce ready for twins? you're going to be the grandpa of those twins. >> i sure am. he was also the one who confirmed the twins' rival in june posting this aep birthday wish from granddad even though
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beyonce and jay z hadn't made an announcement yet. that got him heat on social media for going against the family. so how close to the inner circle is he really? after hearing beyonce's good friend, la la anthony talk about the baby slour, it was unsure if he was even there. >> what was served like salty foods? >> the most amazing food i remember. it was like a backyard barbecue. >> was matthew knowles there? >> i don't know. >> la la anthony doing a great job on "power." check it out. we have something to celebrate. his album. certified platinum in just five days, which is something considering it's only available, and his title was professional. when you talk about brad pitt. >> talk about you. >> look at brad pitt. he is out in los angeles,
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smiling and looks like he had a burger or two. i like a man with a little meat on his bones. he is at his neighborhood arts studio, and he says he is healing and skut pting as he - co-parents six kids, and in tonight's know and tell, it got real for this reality star mom. >> it's a boy for former "hills" star, lauren conrad! the 31-year old and her husband, william, tell welcomed their first child, liam james, yesterday. announcing his rival on instagram. the fashion niece a spent part of oher pregnancy with maternity wear, and she will take a step back with just the life for a family of three. >> up next, miranda lambert's cosmo confessions! >> i think it's sexy when someone is kind. >> the 33-year-old singer got candid about boyfriend, anderson east, in "cosmopolitan's" first ever country issue revealing he's the person she calls when she's on the verge of meltdown. the couple has been dating for
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more than year following her split with blake shelton. >> miranda, well, she is still clearly still smitten with the 28-year-old. >> the last thing i googled was my boyfriend anderson east to show off his cute pictures. >> and finally, "flip or flop's" christina el moussa is showing off the new man in her life. the hgtv star flaunted her fab figure rocking a festive bikini on the fourth of july aboard her luxury boat in southern california. christina cozied up to businessman boyfriend, doug spedding, who a source tells us she's known for ten years. they are, quote, having a good time. she and her co-star have six kids, and they have fun hanging out. this kitchen's horrible, oh, no. >> tarek and christina split earlier this year, but they are still shooting the home renovation show.
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happy international kissing day, everybody. miley cyrus celebratedly posting this pic of her and liam helpsworth. well, i give you michael fasz bender. they are kissing on a yacht. i love it. it's kind of their thing because they met on the set of the movie, "the light between the ocean" years ago. >> wait a minute. you guys aren't the real avengers. that is "spider-man: homecoming." it opens tomorrow, and it's expected to pull in more than $10 million this weekend. i have seen it. fantastic. >> so good, right? the studio is banking on the new cast to put a fresh spin on the franchise. tom holland told "e.t." said, what's new? >> it's such a different backdr backdrop. the casting is so diverse. having a character just other
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superheroes. him being a kid and in high school. it's an endless list of differences. >> spiedy is just 15 years old in the new version from marvel, so enter the baby-faced holland. he was 20 years old during filming. toby mcguire was 25. he was followed by an dry garfield who was 27. >> you will be in a marvel movie, and be in "spider-man." what was your reaction? >> i was screaming and shouting, that is awesome! >> i screamed and cried and jumpjum jumped all in one motion. >> i was getting a massage. >> you were evangelicaling out. >> i was excited. yeah, cool. yeah, cool. i'm freaking out inside. i didn't didn't do a good job of hiding it. >> this time, the avengers are invite. >> we're seeing a different version. >> peter parker is an intern for robert downy's tony stark. >> i can keep that suit? >> doesn't fit me. >> this is not a reboot.
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it's a whole new thing. >> are you an avenger? >> basically. >> and aunt may is back, played this time by oscar winner, marissa toe may. >> she is maternal, and worried about him. >> one thing will never change. spiedy's stunts will always be death guying. >> i would go as far as they wanted me to do, until they would stop me. >> careful. >> we want to see you in many more of these films, tom. so you might be wompbding what toby mcguire is up to today. he is just chilling in very good company. he is out in new york with leo, and orlando bloom. he was there for another hang in malibu bu. >> sean penn was also there. that's the gang. coming up -- >> quick quick welcome.
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>> is kate gosling losing it on tv again? plus julie chen on the big brother eviction. then -- >> i think it's time who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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all right. i want you to think real fast. which star under that green stuff. >> i think i need more clues. >> it's mandy moore. these shots letting her fans know how she transforms from the young version of her character, rebecca to the older one. it takes two coats of green silicone, and then plaster and about 30 minutes. >> i wish that's haall ill tooko look younger. that's on september 26th. and "kate plus 8" returns on mopd, and kate probably wishes she could put on a mask to hide from the eight that are teenagers, and wreaking havoc. >> leah, quickly. quick. run. i need the rolling pin. quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. 911 in there! in there! in the baking drawer. i mean it. >> kate always seems so stressed out. "kate plus 8" was canceled by tlc back in september. but the network promised fans occasional updates of happenings
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in the gosselin clan. the result is three new episodes starting monday. >> it's our 13th birthday, and we're going 'glamping.' >> i can't believe my little brothers and sisters are 13 already. >> that's mady, one of the couple's twins. she turns 17 in october. the short season ends with the sextuplets' 13th birthday party. jon lost custody of their eight kids last year. he held a separate birthday party with four of the sextuplets, leah, hannah, aaden and joel. jon's still a part-time deejay. and just returned from a vacation in mexico with his girlfriend, colleen. as for kate, she posted this photo of the kids celebrating the fourth of july at a fireworks display over the weekend. hopefully she got to relax a little bit. little. >> i'm, like, literally sweating. this is, like, freaking me out, because i can't get it perfect. >> things are cray ze, but look at this. when you look at the logo for the new season, is it just me or does the "k" in me, look like "h," which would spell hate
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plus 8. i wonder if they are sending a subliminal message saying she hates her life dealing with all those teej irs. >> let's hope not. coming up next -- >> don't talk to me. we're not friends. who is getting the big brother boot? >> that's the one you got to -- plus i'm with hollywood's hottest mom, halle berry. and what jada pinkett smith would have told her 20-year-old self. >> i would have been dangerous. dangerous. closed captioning provided by --
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now will smith grabbing lunch in malibmalibu, and he is of letting his beard go a little bit gray. i kind of like the look there. >> nothing wrong with a little gray. he is 48. wife jada pinkett smith is 45.
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here's the thing. if you don't get caught up in all the gossip that say they are in trouble. jada is there, having a ball. they have grown and adapted. may favorite moment on the set was i was there there, and will was there, and between every take, these two sat together and cuddled. i was like, this is some real love stuff. >> i love it when will's on set with me, because it just makes me feel relaxed, you know what i mean? i just, i get real mushy because he's there and i just feel taken care of. >> they've been taking care of each other ever since they got married 20 years ago this new year's eve. and you know it's true love 'cuz who else goes on a swamp tour with his wife's co-workers? >> you took will and jada on a groupon date? >> yes, i did. >> and at first i was like, me and will! >> and so you and will walked up to a groupon -- >> that part, i was like, tiffany, you don't understand. like you might think this is cute, but things could get out of control really fast. >> and i was like, don't triip. i'm from south central los angeles.
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ain't nobody finna mess with us. we're gonna have a good time, and will was like, i wanna go. >> nice to know these parents of three still have a good time together. their blended family includes will's son, trey, from his first marriage, and the couple's own two kids jaden and willow. check out mom and baby willow for her first swim lesson. >> very good. and here in 2004, she is already a daddy's girl. >> what'd you think of your dad? >> uh, i love him. >> i have two that are gone. jaden and trey are gone, but willow is still there. >> how do you deal with that, as a parent? 'cause that's probably my greatest fear in life is when my children leave. >> no, no, no. that's what you don't understand. that's what we prepare them for, to go. yes. so mommy goes, bye! >> but being a mom doesn't mean she can't play up her wild side.
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like in her new movie "girls trip," co-starring queen latifah and tiffany haddish, it's all about a group of besties who get down and dirty in the big easy. >> do you all feel funny? >> what's the routine? what's the routine? what are you doing? >> it's happiness. as i get older, i get more and more happy. i just get more understanding about myself, and about life and i get more and more comfortable in my skin. man, if i felt this way, the way i feel now in my 20s. man, i would have been dangerous. dangerous. halle berry must feel that way also. i caught up with her while she was filming her new movie. despite the busy schedule of acting, charity work and other adventures, she manages to hold everything together. i swear to you, you have got younger. what the hell is going on? i'm staring at you like -- >> oh, god bless you. >> what is going on, woman? you look good. >> this single mom of two will turn 51 next month. one secret to staying young? daughter nahla and son maceo keep her on her toes! >> my son is 3. he's about to be a full-time schooler so -- >> is that the breath of fresh air like --
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>> child, you're going to school all day. >> mommy can have some "me" time. >> yeah. >> but you know it's sad and exciting at the same time because that means he's growing, and i wish they would just stay little forever. boys love their mommies. >> they do. >> oh, my god. that's my dude and, he's -- i don't want him to grow up. >> in her new movie, "kidnap," she's a mom fighting to get her abducted child back. she's all about portraying strong women on screen, and is a big fan of a certain super hero. >> gal gadot because gal gadot is setting the stage for women of all races. so good for her, and good for wonder woman and what they did. >> halle is a wonder woman too. the mom and actress is also a boss behind the scenes as a producer on her new film. >> is it tough being the boss? >> i love being the boss. it's nice to have a hand in who the director is who the writer is. and i really wanted to be a part of this because i think it's about time for women to be empowered. >> halle really is something
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else, and she is also busy with her new digital venture. hallewood is all about health, and fitness. there will be a lot of fun op that site. >> it will be fantastic. on tv tonight, it's the first live "big bror eviction", and two house guests should be very worried. >> i talked to the host, julie chen, about who could be sent home, and what's going on with all the love in the house? >> i've seen it happen every year. why would this year be different? >> it's already a juicy season with 100 microphones and 87 cams are are catching plenty of drama. >> don't talk to me. we're not friends. >> and count them. three big showmances. >> you have to have a good gut, and hope you are not getting played. >> what'd you expect with a theme of temptation? but tonight, it's the end of the line for one unlucky houseguest who'll be booted off live. going head to head on the chopping block?
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jillian, a bubbly 24-year-old sales rep from las vegas. >> i would say jill yap is going home, but who knows? >> and christmas, yes, that's her real name. she's 33 and describes herself as a fitness superstar. >> christmas is a wild card. that's the one you got to -- >> there is added intrigue, as we have news christmas was injured this morning which may give her a sympathy vote. >> there was an accident in the house. i don't want to, you know, spoiler alert. >> the stakes are high, and some of the behavior is low and devious. it's all in pursuit of a half a million dollar grand prize, and julie says it's anybody's game. >> expect the unexpected. we have many tricks up our sleeve. >> she said the dog walker megan who quit during sunday's episode is not coming back. she will not return. >> we are coming back with oscar winner nicole kidman. sh se auditions to be the next spice girl? >> what i really, really want.
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travel consideration provided by -- travel consid provided by -- ♪ if you want to be my lover 21 years ago, this saturday the spice girls debuted their very first hit, "wanna be." it was the best single by any female group ever. topping worldwide. we're still singing it today. nancy was singing it a second ago. >> i don't want to do it for all you people out there. we'll get the stars do it. to honor the "w" magazine, they got some to do a dramatic reading. enjoy. have a good night. >> i'll tell you what i want. >> i wanna, i wanna. >> i really, wanna --
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♪ if you want my future >> don't forget my past. ♪ don't to wasting my precious time ♪ >> get your act >> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one celine dion is baring everything for her sexy reinvention. inside her paris fashion week takeover and the man responsible for her trendy transformation. >> done. >> then ed sheeran sets the record straight about his twitter exodus. >> they are making a huge deal out of it. >> and why this truly is the summer of sheeran. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> number three our mid summer box office report card. the hits, the misses and the shocking surprises. >> plus, your "insider" bonus hollywoois


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