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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 13, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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(dan kerman) (dan kerman)it's not unusual
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for plane to lands on these runways at sfo but now we are getting an idea of just how close a call it was for an air canada jet got last friday night at sfo.a preliminary report from canada's transportation safety board confirms air canada 759 was lined up to land on the
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taxiway, where jets were preparing to leave, not the runway video from sfo's online flight tracker shows just how far off it was on the left you see the runways as the air canada jet descends from 500 feet the plane is lined up to the right of them. canada's transportation safety board estimates this air canada jet was just 100 feet above 2 of the jets and just 29 feet to the side. sot captain laura einsetler is a commercial airline pilot she says even more unusual, is the report's suggestion that air canada 759 overflew the jetway for a quarter mile before being told to go aroundsot capt. laura einsetler/comm ercial airline pilot 1050115. listen to the audio, when another pilot brings it to everyone's attention.sot 144/maintain 3000 (grant) investigators say a 60-year-old woman whose roomate shot her at a home in saratoga this morning - has died. the shooting happened around 7... at a home on bucknall road near quito road. deputies say the suspect called 911...saying he shot his roomate. when deputies arrived, they arrested the man without incident. police have not yet released the victim's or the suspect's names... the shooting remains under investigation. (vicki) in the east bay... prosecutors have filed two murder charges against a woman who is accused of stabbing her
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parents.(vicki) 50-year-old menique lashon was charged yesterday with two murder charges with knife enhancements. police say lashon stabbed her 73-year-old father and 67-year-old mother in this pittsburg home last friday. lashon staged her parents death to avoid suspicion. police say lashon who was living with her parents at the time confessed to their killings a day later. lashon is being held at the contra costa county jail without bail. (grant) a man suspected of sexually assaulting a child in concord has been arrested. police say 60-year old jose chavez was caught on camera assaulting a little girl at a laundromat while she was doing laundry with her grandma.. the grand mother called police after the incident on tuesday.. investigators say after looking at survaillance video... they were able to identify the suspect and arrest him two days later. police are looking into the possibility that there are other victims.. chavez is now in custody in martinez. (vicki) a 34-year-old man
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is now behind bars... on suspicion of indecent exposure... at a popular park in san mateo county. san mateo sheriff deputies were called to portola redwoods state park near la honda... tuesday morning - for reports of a man allegedly exposing himself to children. a child's parent witnessed the incident and called police. officers then arrested timothy smith of watsonville... and booked him into the county jail. the incident remains under investigation. (grant) bart's new police chief says crime on his trains and in his stations is on the rise, as it is in many cities throughout the bay area. riders have noticed it too, at a time, when bart changed the way it releases crime information to the public. kron four's philippe djegal reports the chief knows there's public interest in sharing surveillance video of crimes... but says that info and video has to be released on a case-by-case basis. (philippe) on trains, platforms and at bart stations system wide... just a month and half on the job...
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new bart police chief carlos rojas is noticing an alarming trend.carlos rojas/bart police dept- "i'm seeing it throughout the state. crime, crime increasing and i don't see us any different." chief rojas says bart is budgeted for 224 sworn officers... but right now, has only about 184 on staff... leaving the department about 40 officers short.carlos rojas/bart police dept- "we're in the process of hiring now." bolstering the staff, he says, will allow him to focus resources on crime hot spots... carlos rojas/bart police dept- "we're looking at the robbery issues -- putting out a robbery suppression detail to try to prevent these crimes. ideally, we want to be on the side of prevention, because we can't arrest ourselves out of a problem." instead of emailing out police logs of crimes happening at bart stations... the chief says he recently decided to make that information available on the website crime-mapping- dot-com. freeing up the officer who would typically create the log, to perform other duties. as of this year, every station entrance
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and train car is outfitted with surveillance cameras. and, despite the will of many bart riders, the chief says not all surveillance video of crimes will be made public. carlos rojas/bart police dept- "it's really a case by case basis and it really has to be fact-based. um, i would not be in favor of releasing sensationalization purposes or anything like that. i mean, uh, i think about our victims as well. i think that's, uh, very important to have compassion for people that are victimized. bart system or in a the chief consider releasing captured on camera has and won't investigation. in san philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) and, tonight on kron four news at six, we'll hear from a some members of the bart board of directors who talk about the need for transparency when documenting crimes. that story in about an hour. (vicki) the search continues tonight - for a montara man who has been missing since may. and today - a search party may have discovered a clue as to
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what happened to the 22-year- old. richard moss was last seen back in may... leaving his home in a blue hyundai tiburon. today, a person who was out looking for moss discovered car parts near montara beach. investigators are working to determine if the parts are connected to moss' vehicle - however, they are unsure at this time. his family is now trying to raise 10- thousand dollars to offer a reward for information about him. (vicki) earlier today a highway near american canyon was shutdown for several hours after a truck carrying mail overturned. you are seeing images from this morning where the 55-foot u-s postal service truck landed on it's side northbound highway 29. c-h-p officers say the crash happened around four this morning. no injuries were reported but mail fell out of the truck spilling all over the highway. the cause of the incident is under investigation, investigators believe the driver may have been sleepy. all lanes were reopened around 9 a-m. (grnt) toss to weather
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(grant) senate republicans unveil their newest health care bill... which would allow for cheaper plans - but would come with a different kind of price. we'll explain coming up, (vicki) then, more toxic algae discovered in the east bay... which areas you want to avoid this upcoming weekend. (grant) and next, a shark warning is not stopping these surfers... what police in
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santa cruz plan to do - if you they catch you in the water.
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a complete loss. a fire rips through a commercial building in the east bay... destroying nine businesses. (vicki) the fire started last night... just before midnight. (grant) the building is on lafayette circle... it housed at least nine businesses. kron four's terisa estacio reports.... as investigators look for the cause, people who worked there and lived nearby...are in a state of shock.
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(estacio reporting) the hot burning fire quickly raced through this complex in downtown lafayette destroying everything in its path. with embers flying through the air - nearby residents at several apartment structures were evacuated. mark lagorio was one of those who had to leave. mark lagorio, "years ago, my home burned down, i lost everything. fortunately, this time, mark lagorio did not lose his home, fire fighters were able to contain the blaze to the building - but the damage intense. 9 businesses a complete loss, including a restaurant, la finestra. susan foord, local business owner. "it was such a sweet, lovely restaurant. also in the building the lafayette chamber of commerce, as well as a hair salon and a therapy office. throughout the day - workers came by to take a look, as well as other residents. chris fernandez, i think the magnitude of looking at it, is what gets to you. george laing, contra costa fire protection district captain. "this has been one of the biggest fires in lafayette in recent memory. (estacio, reporting) with walls teetering on collapse, crews came out and built a fence around the now fragile structure. when it is secure, fire inspectors will start the process of figuring out the cause. the restaurant was open on wednesday night - residents say they heard loud popping sounds as the fire kicked into high gear - empty
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outdoor heating lamps lay on the ground charred. sierra. i hope it was just an accident, and not intentional.see this tree - in the winter, this large eucaltypus fell near la finestra - it survied, but now nothing remains. susan foord. it is hard to have a small business, and to see this, it will be interesting to see what the outcome is. . lafayette circle was closed for quite some time because of the fire, but reopened in late afternoon. terisa estacio reporting.
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(vicki) we first told you about this morning fire in lafayette... through a push alert. and don't forget to download the free kron four mobile app to stay on top of breaking news. (grant) it's been a couple of days since a kayaker emerged unscathed after a great white shark went after his little boat in santa cruz. people have been told to stay out of the water until saturday, or they could face a fine. kron fours rob fladeboe is joining us now live santa cruz where the surf was up todayand so was the number of surfers in the water in spite of what's been happening. rob? (rob live) i'm here at steamer's lane on west cliff drive. the kayaker was attacked right out thereon tuesday. but this happens to be one of the most popular surf breaks on the coast and many a surfer is not about to
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let the threat of a ticket or the possibility there might be a shark lurking nearby keep them out of the water. day three of a four day ban on entering the water along a one mile stretch either side of steamers lane found dozens of surfers in the water. driving highway 17 to get here is much more risky says matt kurvin"....everyone knows there is a pretty healthy great white shark population out here but they usually stay
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outside the kelp line and we surf inside the kelp line so we feel relatively safe..." indeed, the kayack, now sporting bite marks, was hit beyond the kelp line but it was considered an aggressive action nonetheless. in 30 years of surfing steamers, hamid martin says he has never encountered a shark.hamid martin/surfer".....they call it a predatory attack but i see it more like a curiosity bump. i'm not worried. i just send them so love..." there were few, if any swimmers in the water off nearby cowell beach although i did seea few people on kayacks and lots of surfers there too. as gave his board a fresh wax job, kevin maclean admitted he might be just a bit more on guard now.kevin maclean/surfer"...theres a lot of people out there so everybody is looking out for each other and if we something weird we're going to let everybody know about it..." signs like this are posted along the water. a few merchants say business is off some. and while the shark attack has created a bit of a
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buzz among the spectators here, it's little more than a distraction for surfers, who just want to catch a break. matt kurvin/surfer"....the thing is, if you think about it when you're out there, you might as well not be out there because you're just going to worry about it and you won't have a good time...." (rob live) a few surfers told me they think the water ban is a bit of an over reaction but the city is just doing it's due diligence. you can imagine the consequences if they did nothing and then there was another attack. so far, no tickets have been issued. the ban is to be lifted at sunrise on saturday. but, as you can see, it's (grant) police are searching for a suspect who spray-painted a derogatory anti-police phrase outside of a sacramento law firm. in
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this video you can see several volunteers tyring to remove the graffiti. the law firm targeted is known for representing officers and their unions. lawyers there are denouncing the act..
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investigators say they found multiple stolen items at the second suspect's house that belong to san leandro unified school district.. police say it is unusual for suspects to be this young in this type of crime... they are hoping these arrests prevent this kind of behavior in the future. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the
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first part of next week.
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(vicki) coming up, evacuation orders are now being lifted in butte county - but the massive wildfire continues to scorch thousands of acres. we've got the latest info on several wildfires burning in california. (grant) and next, president trump on a whirlwind trip to paris but the president still can't escape the russia cloud hanging over the white house. what he is now saying about trump junior's recent tweets.
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(vicki) senate republicans have unveiled their newest health care bill...(grant) the big question - will the changes be enough to sway partisan skeptics? catherine heenan is here with the latest.. (catherine) senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has released a revamped republican health care bill...and there's a showdown vote set for next week.. this version tries to win over conservative support
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by letting insurers sell low-premiumpolicies with skimpy coverage.. it also contains lots of extra funding for opiod treatment. gives money to states to help lower premiums for high-cost customers. but it also keeps two obama-care era taxes on the wealthy.. and maintains significant cuts to medicaid. senator chuck schumer - they're rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. they're pointing fingers at who should bear the most medicaid cuts. senator mitch mcconnell - i'm disappointed that our democratic friends made it clear they're not willing to engage in a serious bipartisan effort to fix this problem. but they have a renewed opportunity. i hope they take it. protestors continue to show up - and be escorted away from legislative offices today... meantime, republicans have been struggling to make a new health care bill happen.... they need 50 votes.. senators rand paul and susan collins are still saying that they doubt they'll
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support it. grant and vicki? (vicki) the parents of baby charlie gard stormed out of the u-k's high court today during a deeply emotional hearing on their terminally-ill son's future. his parents are fighting u-k doctors to keep their 11- month-old child on life support while they take him to the united states for experimental treatment for a rare genetic disorder. specialists in the u-k are saying they do ánotá think the treatment in the united states will help charlie and could cause him pain... one american doctor..who legally could not be named... also testified today saying the recently emerged treatment is worth a try. (vicki) don't go in the water... coming up, more dangerous algae found in the east bay. the spots you need to avoid this weekend. (grant) then, a major development in the case out of pennsylvania - where 4 young men mysteriously vanished last week. the deal made to avoid the death penalty.
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(grant) more toxic algae found in contra costa county. (vicki) this is the fourth time this summer that toxic algae has been found in the bay area. blue-green toxic algae at huichica creek in napa is being blamed for the death of two dogs.(grant)
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lake temescal in oakland and horseshoe lake in fremont are also closed because of blue-green algae. kron four's lydia pantazes reports now from discovery bay where additional toxic algae has been discovered. (grant) and (grant) and firefighters
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near oroville are making progress battling a destructive wildfire in butte county. this is happening north of sacramento near interstate- five. the wall fire has burned more than six- thousand acres. it is now 75-percent contained. so far 41 homes have been destroyed and more than 600 others are still threatened. a strike team of san francisco firefighters is helping fight the fire. (vicki) good news on the winters fire that started last week in yolo county.. it is now 100-percent contained. that fire started on july sixth near highway 128 and burned more than two- thousand-two-hundred acres. three firefighters suffered heat related also suffered a knee injury. no homes or buildings were damaged in the fire. the cause is still unknown at this time.
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(vicki) more good news to report now... the fire that erupted late tuesday afternoon in the east san jose foothills... is now fully contained. the fire started on a ridge above lariat land and claitor drive. it destroyed one home and forced dozens of people to evacuate. the fire scorched about 120- acres..burning down the canyon and into alum rock park. all of the evacuees have been allowed to return home. (grant) major developments tonight in the search for four missing men in pennsylvania...catherine heenan is here with the latest.. (catherine) the four young men disappeared last week....three of them - last seen on friday.... now the remains of one of them has been found in a grave on a farm... the search has been intense. authorities say 'other' bodies have also been found...but they haven't confirmedthe identities yet. and just a short time ago - the man jailed in
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connection with the case - cosmo dinardo - has admitted to killing the men ....according to his lawyer. he'd been jailed after being accused of trying to sell a car belonging to one of the men. paul lang - defense attorney mr. dinardo this evening has confessed to the murders of the four men. in exchange for the confession the district attorneyhas promised to remove from the table the death penalty. this is a photo of the man whose remains were identified today -- 19- year-old dean's expected the other bodies found are those of the other missing men. authorities have said the suspect is dangerous and schizoprenic. tonight a source connected to the case says he confessed to killing the men separately, after selling them marijuana
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his bail has been set at 5 million dollars... grant and vicki? (grant) coming up, stuck inside an atm machine. how one man became trapped ... and how he was able to get out.(vicki) plus, after the hazing death of a penn state student... lawmakers plan to action. we'll explain - after the break. (grant) small solid gains on wallstreet... the dow rose about 21 points. the nasdaq jumping a little more than 13 points. and the s&p rose nearly 5. we'll be right back.
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congress is looking to crack down on hazing on college campuses. lawmakers unveiled the - 'report and educate about campus hazing' or 'reach' act - this morning on capitol hill. supporters say the measure, if passed, will require colleges to report hazing incidents as part of their annual crime reports. rep. fudge: "it is my hope that the reach act will help prevemnt more families from losing loved ones. that we will curtail hazing on campuses and protect america's students. i want to give my deepest sympathies to the families of the children that we have lost. but we don't intend to lose anymore." (grant) (grant) the measure comes as the preliminary hearings began this week of more than a dozen
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penn state university students into the death of a pledge. eighteen members of the beta theta pi fraternity face charges in the death of 19- year-old timothy piazza, who was fatally injured during a hazing ritual. (grant) president trump makes his first public appearance since the scandal over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. (vicki) the president is in paris with french president emmanuel macron to discuss security and terrorism and to celebrate a french holiday. from our partners at cnn... stacey cohan has the story. president donald trump receives a grand welcome in paris. french president emmanuel macron invited trump to attend a bastille day military parade and to discuss the situation in syriaboth men are political novices but have vastly different views on many issues. emerging from a
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bilateral meeting....macron says he and trump found common ground on fighting terrorism, stabilizing syria and free trade. last month, the french president had publicly rebuked trump after he pulled out of the paris climate accord. trump implied the matter may not be closed.president trump: "something could happen with respect to the paris accord. we'll see what happens."a potentially improved relationship with macron did not provide any relief from the growing russia scandal. the first question trump faced centered on the latest news about donald trump junior's meeting with a russian macron refused to answer.president trump: "nothing came of the meeting. i think it's a meeting most people in politics probably would have taken. mr. president? emmanuel macron/president of france: "yes, to answer your question, i will not interfere with us domestic policy."the congenial press conference led one reporter to ask if the once chilly relationship between the two has improved. emmanuel macron/president of france: "at the eiffel tower, it will be a dinner between friends."president trump: "we have a very good relationship a good friendship."i'm stacey cohan reporting. (vicki) still ahead...
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the price to book a flight is about to skyrocket. what airlines are planning to raise their prices - next. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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( vicki ) one of the bay area's major tech companies has plans for a big expansion. that is just one of the stories we are working on right now for kron 4 news at six. steve aveson is in the newsroom with a preview... steve? ( steve ) that's right vicki, and when we say big, we mean big. software maker adobe currently is based out of san jose... right in the downtown area. apparently the company is running out of room, fast. today in announced an ambitious plan to build... and the spot... right here in the bay area. we will tell you the location that company has its eye on and more important... the number of jobs adobe says it will be adding. that story and more.. coming up just about 15 minutes vicki. we will see on kron 4 news at six. (grant) it looks like
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passengers may have to pay a little more to fly. delta air lines says its passengers are paying higher fares on average for the first time in more than two years. in addition.... both delta and american airlines say they expect their fares to climb higher. u-s airlines have struggled to raise fares in recent years due to low fuel costs, additional flights and greater competition. but delta says fuel and labor costs are rising again and that, along with the strong demand for air travel, justifies increasing ticket prices. (vicki) the honda accord and civic... have again topped the list of most-stolen cars in the u-s... according to the national insurance crime bureau. a 2016 report by the national insurance crime bureau - using data from the f-b-i... shows that newer models are being stolen at much lower levels. the
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n-i-c-b says advances in security technology and the proliferation of smart keys have helped. the third most stolen vehicle in 20-16 according to the report was the 20-06 ford pickup.... with the 20-04 chevrolet pickup, and the 20-16 toyota camry rounding out the top five. the least stolen vehicle on the n-i-c-b's top ten list was the 2000 model jeep cherokee and grand cherokee. (grant) this is one of the stranger stories we've seen in's about what happened to a general contractor in corpus christi, texas...(vicki) he was working on a broken lock at a bank....when his day took an unexpected turn. catherine heenan is here to explain.. (catherine) people pulling up to this particular a-t-m machine had no idea that someone was stuck inside the room where the machine is....
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the guy was trapped. a few may have heard a little voice....but they either ignored it....or thought it was a joke. the contractor had accidentally locked himself inside the tiny area behind the machine....and hours went by. he finally managed to push out notes begging customers for help... one said 'please help. i'm stuck in here and i don't have my phone. please call my boss.' eventually .....somebody did call police. the officers couldn't quite believe what had happened... officer richard olden - he can't get out. he can't call anybody because his phone is in his truck.sure enough, we can hear a little voice coming from the'll never see anything like this again in your life. police kicked down the door of the room and let him out.the only way this story would be better --- if the man had hung around until photographersarrived. but you can't blame him for getting out of there. grant and vicki? (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
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little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week.
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(vicki) it could easily have ended in tragedy. a young child falls into a hotel swimming pool.(grant) moments later another boy.. a 12-year-old.. sees him floating in the water.. seemingly lifeless. dana chicklas tells us what
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happened next. applauding their teammateús bravery, 12-year-old brayden armstrong went from wrestler to hero in a split second. brayden armstrong / pulled toddler from pool: 'iúm glad that heús okay.'a fluke paired with immediate action:brayden was staying here at the mt. pleasant days inn and suites for a nearby wrestling camp when he walked back to the pool to grab his forgotten clothes.brayden armstrong / pulled toddler from pool: 'i forgot my clothes because i was swimming before and i saw this little kid just staring at this body floating in the water. so the little kid ran away and i jumped in, pulled the kid out. brayden says he saw a 3-year-old boy face down in the water, not moving, telling that boyús young brother standing at the pool side to run for help.brayden armstrong / pulled toddler from pool: 'i just saw the kid and jumped in. like, i was standing there for a second thinking like well maybe heús going to get up, like he was just messing around in the pool, and i realized he wasn't getting up so i jumped in and grabbed him.' blake armstrong / brayden's older brother 'this lady came out of her room and told her she knew cpr so she started giving him, and this old man walked out of his room and said he was a nurse
5:51 pm
and he flipped the kid over and was patting him on his back and rubbing his back and thatús when the ambulance arrived.' the isabella county sheriff says the toddlerús parents work at the hotel..and as one parent was about to go home with their kids the three-year-old wandered off, slipping on the steps, trapped underwater nearly two minutes. heús thanking braydenús quick thinking calling him a hero. sheriff michael main/isabella county sheriffús office: 'when you talk about heroes, heroes are people who do things outside their wheelhouse, things that arenút normal to them or they havenút been trained to do, those are true heroes. for a 12-year-old boy to walk in, comprehend whatús going on that quickly and pull him out of the water, thereús no other word to describe him than hero. thatús what our fiber is made up of human beings, and thatús a great story and thank gosh that he was there because he definitely absolutely saved this young toddlerús life.' (grant) as for that toddler... he
5:52 pm
is expected to be o-k. (vicki) up next, we are getting a closer look at a massive iceberg... that broke off from part of antarctica. what scientists are now saying ... next. scientists are
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examining the causes and effects -- of an enormous iceberg breaking away from the antarctic peninsula. the 22-hundred square mile floating block of ice represents one of the biggest "calving" events ever recorded. (grant) it's getting global attention for its significance in climate change
5:55 pm
studies -- and its potential impact on sea levels -- since it holds átwiceá the water volume of lake erie. cnn's kyung lah has more. a crack more than a 120 miles long on the east side of the antarctic peninsula finally breaking off.creating a spectacular iceberg weighing more than a trillion metric tons.roughly the size of delaware triparti: "it's one of the largest icebergs in human history."u-c-l-a professor aradhna tripati has spent her career studying antarctic ice traveling to the very peninsula where the ice shelf, called larsen c broke off.professor tripati has seen two other big sections of the peninsula break off and dissolve the first in 1995 and then another in 2002.she watched as this crack grew for years caught off guard that this break happened so soon.what this latest break means is something scientists aren't yet agreed on antarctica the coldest place on earth is a
5:56 pm
continent covered in ice and icebergs have been breaking away from ice shelves for millions of years.but at the end of the 2oth century the peninsula was one of the fastest-warming places on the planet that warming has slowed or reversed slightly in this century.kyung lah: "you learn all this from samples of ice?"triparti: "you learn it from samples of ice and rock." this geochemist says the overall trends in the arctic point to global warming. triparti: "the fact that we've had 7 out of the 12 ice shelves on antarctica collapse in the last few decades and this one appears to be ready to go with the breakoff of this major ice berg. that is really hard to attribute to anything else. "for now scientists will track the new iceberg to see if and when it melts.and maps they'll have to be redrawn for the ever changing geography in antarctica. kl, cnn, los angeles. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. ( steve ) a story we are working on... is the close
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(vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. ( steve ) a story we are working on... is the close call at san francisco international airport. we knew there was a near miss... but tonight we are learning it was a lot closer than we initially thought. when a report that came out today reveals about what could have been a major disaster.( pam ) earlier we told you about bart's police chief ... opening up about recent crimes... now comes the response from some of the board members. they want some changes to be made in how passengers find out about some of the problems going on. that's coming up in just minuites on kron 4 news at six.
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( steve ) a disaster narrowly avoided. tonight new details are coming out about just how close a plane came to colliding with others at s-f-o. some people are saying it could have the biggest aviation mishap in decades. good evening... i'm steve aveson.( pam ) and i'm pam moore. we first heard about this close call involving an air canada plane... a couple of days ago. it was called a 'near miss'. but tonight, a new report says ... the plane came dangerously close to a collision. kron 4's dan kerman is at s-f-o tonight... with what else we learned from this report. dan? this is communication between sfo's tower, someone unknown and an air canada jet, as that jet lines up to land not on the runway, but on the taxiway to the righttower: air canada 759 confirm clear to land runway 28 right. there's no one on 28 right but you.aca
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759: ok, air canada 759unknown person: where is this guy going?tower: go aroundaca 759: in the go around air canada 759 tower: 759 it looks like you were lined up for charlie there charlie being the taxiway. how close was this decending air canada jet to the 4 planes on the ground .a preliminary report from the transportation safety board of canada says the jet c was just 100 feet above 2 of the jets and just 29 feet to the side. sot captain laura einsetler is a commercial airline pilot the preliminary report also indicates air canada 759 overflew the jetway for a quarter mile before being told to go aroundsot capt. laura einsetler/commercial airline pilot this video from sfo's online flight tracker shows just how far off it was on the left you see the runways as the air canada jet descends from 500 feet the plane is lined up to the right of them. it decends to 332 feet before climbing and going around135/going around
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( steve ) ( steve ) investigators
6:02 pm
are at the scene right now of a deadly plane crash in the north bay. this video came into the kron four newsroom late this afternoon of the scene in schellville, which is just south of sonoma. the sheriff's office says one person on board died... three others were injured and have been taken to the hospital. the crash happened at about 12-45 p-m... not far from the sonoma skypark airport. the federal aviation administration has been called in to figure out what caused the plane to go down. ( steve ) we sent out the alert about this breaking news at 2-58 this afternoon... through the kron four mobile app. it is available for free downloand for apple and android devices. just be sure to enable the push alert feature. ( pam ) an investigation is underway... after an early morning fire destroyed a large business complex in the east bay, including a popular
6:03 pm
restaurant. it all happened early this morning in lafayette the burning fire ... quickly raced through this complex in downtown lafayette ... destroying everything in its path. with embers flying through the air - nearby residents at several apartment structures were evacuated. fortunately, no one was hurt. it took about an hour of intense firefighting efforts, but crews were able to contain the blaze. however, the entire structure.. with 9 businesses .. was destroyed. la finestra - a favorite italian restaurant was in the back of the building.. and it is now gone. ( pam ) crews had to build a
6:04 pm
fence around the structure because of safety concerns.. the walls were teetering on collapse due to the fire. no word on the cause.. the damage is in the millions. ( steve ) a fire that destroyed at least one house in san jose and damaged another is under control tonight. investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked the blaze off lariat lane and claitor way on tuesday. the fire charred about 100 acres not far from alum rock park. a few people had to be evacuated from their homes... they have since been let back in. no one was hurt in the fire. it is the latest in a string of wildfires in the south bay. (steve) in oakland... officials have reopened several parts of a building near the site of massive 4- alarm construction fire.(steve) officials deemed 1-8-0 grand avenue safe and accessible. certain areas are still blocked off from
6:05 pm
windows that shattered from the building after the fire broke out on july 7. two other locations in the area have been red tagged. officials with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives are still on the scene determining the cause of the fire. ( pam ) in the south bay: a man is under arrest tonight for killing his female roommate ... and the santa clara county sheriff's office says, he told dispatchers... he did it. the call came in just after 7 a-m. authorities say, the 57-year- old man told dispatchers... he had shot the woman inside the home they shared on bucknall road, in saratoga. deputies were there within minutes .. and took the man into custody. inside, they found the 60-year-old woman who had been shot at least once. the name of the victim and suspect have not been released. investigators have not said what the motive is in the case. (pam) in san jose... a 32-year-old woman was arraigned on a third- strike murder charge in connection to a fatal stabbing in san jose last weekend.(pam) amber
6:06 pm
nicole (ger-kin) was arrested for stabbing a 60-year-old man to death .. at a home located on south second street, on sunday morning. police say, the victim was suffering from multiple stab wounds and later died at a hospital. gerkin was booked at the santa clara county jail without bail. gerkin's next court appearance is july 20th.. where she could possibly enter a plea. ( steve ) on the peninsula... volunteers looking for a missing man found some car parts at montara state beach this morning. they have been looking for richard moss... who disappeared six weeks ago. the 22-year-old was last seen driving his car on the morning of may 25th on highway one but never arrived at his job at moss beach. the san mateo county sheriff's office says it is looking into this morning's discovery to see if the parts did come from moss's hyundai. his family father has come in from hawaii to help volunteers in the search. a live look outside right now...(steve) let's get our first look
6:07 pm
at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. ( pam ) a big story: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is re-writing the republican ( pam ) a big story:
6:08 pm
senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is re-writing the republican health care plan.( steve ) the senate is set to vote on health care next week but it's not clear if this latest version will convince more republicans to support the plan kron 4's washington correspondent mark meredith is on capitol hill with where things stand tonight. trt: 1:42out: on capitol hill, i'm mark meredith. 00:05 - 00:12 - sen. mitch mcconnell / (r) kentucky00:50 - 00:58 - sen. bill nelson / (d) florida 01:01 - 01:10 - mark meredith / capitol hill 01:20 - 01:28 - sen. lindsey graham / (r) south carolinasenate majority leader mitch mcconnell is re-writing his obamacare overhaul."it aims to make insurance more affordable and flexible so its something americans want to buy"whats new: insurance companies can sell less comprehensive coverage than allowed before. the bill also adds 43 billion more dollars to fight the opioid crisis.what stays:
6:09 pm
future cuts to medicaid - a decision that could leave millions of people uninsured. people like 12-year-old natalia ricabal from tampa. natalia is recovering from bone cancer but today she and her mother are on capitol hill to send a message. "if it were to passwe would have problems with her care"democratic florida senator bill nelson agrees and hopes his colleagues across the aisle hear from more families. "when a parent is coming and pleading, medicaid saved my child's life, don't take it away, that has special resonance" senate leaders say they expect to vote on health care next week.but republican senators lindsey graham of south carolina and bill cassidy of louisiana are going a step further and introducing their own health care plan. among their ideas - let individual states choose which health care model works best. "if you believe obamacare is the right solution, then you can keep the structure, but if you're like our states then you can get new money, just spend it on health care"while republicans appear split, senate democrats say they're united against both plans. republicans can only afford to lose members if they hope to pass health care reform.on capitol hill, i'm mark meredith.
6:10 pm
president trump was soaking up all the pageantry of his visit with the french president in paris today... catherine heenan is here with details on how he used the occasion to defend his son's meeting ... with a russian lawyer linked to the kremlin.. (catherine) it was a change of scenery for president trump....but no escapefrom the russia cloud hanging over the white house.. in a joint news conference with the french president...he took the opportunity to defend his oldest son. insisting that that he's a wonderful person....and that nothing cameof the meeting.. president trump - he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. not a government lawyer, but a
6:11 pm
russian lawyer.most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research, or even research into your opponent. i've had many people i have only been in politics for two years, but i've had many people call up, oh, gee, we have information on this factor or this person, or frankly, hillary. that's very standard in politics. politics is not the nicest business in the world, but it's very standard. the president is continuing to leave open the possibility that he'll reconsider hisdecision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. but he says if it doesn't happen, 'that will be ok too.' tonight both leaders along with their wives...had dinner at the restaurant in the eiffel tower. french president macron is acknowledging his differences with trump over the climate issue...but says the two countries also share 'major common goals'. pam and steve? ( steve ) it is being called one of the largest health care fraud busts in u-s
6:12 pm
history. what hundreds of people are accused of doing... involving opioids.( pam ) and there is a serious tech boom going on in the bay area. adobe says, it plans to expand... and in a big way. where the software company plans to put up a new building and just how many jobs will come with it.( steve ) and bart board members take issue with a change in how crimes are reported to the public. their demand for more transparency from the transit agency.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
bart made a habit of telling people about crimes that happened on trains or at parking lots ... sending out an email or alert to media and the public.. no matter how big or small the problems were. not anymore... that policy recently changed ... and now, those warnings have all but disappeared. ( pam ) transparency is a must. so say some members of the bart board of directors. ( steve ) they tell kron four's philippe djegal... that, people in their district's, are concerned about the way bart now alerts the public about crime. (philippe) robberies, fights, shootings... a member on the bart board of directors, debora allen says riders in her district, central contra costa county... debora allen/bart board- "would like to, to, to have video of these types of things released." she understands not every crime caught on-camera warrants a public release. but many do -- and, that it can be done without compromising the identities of minors who may
6:16 pm
be suspects or even victims. debora allen/bart board- "if they're minors, then their faces can be blurred. there is a state law that says you cannot release the video of minors. however, sometimes its difficult to know, uh, how do you know if you haven't caught the people, whether they're minors or not." john mcpartland also sits on the board of directors.john mcpartland- "transparency is an absolute imparative." mcpartland is a retired oakland fire battalion chief, representing the tri-valley area. he says bart riders should be informed about crime if there's a significant threat to the public. but understands why the bart police department doesn't release all video.john mcpartland- "if the release of this information may compromise any kind of investigation, then it basically is counterproductive because people end up getting away in order to be able to commit additional crimes in the future." bart's chief of police, carlos rojas, has been on the job about a month and a half... and, put an end to emailing crime logs out to the public, instead making that information available on a website. he says he is doing his best to be transparent, and is also in the process of hiring more officers to curb crime which he says is trending up.carlos rojas/bart police- "we are a police department that is
6:17 pm
short-staffed. we are making a lot of, uh, effort to hire more folks and we're doing the best that we can with the resources that we have allocated at the moment." rojas says his department has about 40 vacancies for sworn officers. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) still no arrests tonight .... in a pair of pharmacy robberies in the bay area. in san ramon, a man walked into a walgreens yesterday, and demanded a powerful opioid used to treat pain and addiction. the suspect, who you see in these surveillance photos, took several bottles before running off. police have a limited description of the man but say, he was wearing a blue surgical mask over his face. ( pam ) in benicia... surveillance video caught four
6:18 pm
women robbing a c-v-s on monday. police say, the women dashed into the store and headed straight to the section where allergy medications are kept. they are then seen grabbing drugs from the shelves and tossing them into bags before dashing out of the store. the four women were last scene leaving in a gray nissan altima .. with paper plates. ( steve ) a big story tonight is a huge bust involving hundreds people in what the government is calling an opioid scam. more than 400 people have been charged... many of them health care providers. how it would work is people would receive unnecessary drug prescriptions for opioids. u-s prosecutors say the prescriptions resulted in a whopping 1-point-3 billion dollars in false billing. a rehabilitation facility in flordia is accused of actually recruiting drug addicts with gift cards and strip club visits as part of its scheme. this is being characterized as one of the largest health care fraud busts in u-s history.
6:19 pm
( steve ) there is a tech boom going on in san jose... another one of the big name companies announced expansion plans today.( pam ) this one is going to take place downtown ... and it going to bring lots of new jobs. grant lodes is here. this is a familiar name for most us... although it's not google or facebook. ( grant ) adobe... which is probably best known for its video and photoediting software... says it is going to put up a new building not far from its headquarters. the company already employs about 25-hundred people in the downtown area. the expansion could more than double that number. adobe has a contract to buy the property... which is mainly parking lots and a vacant commercial building. we'll put up a map to show you where it will go. the address is 333... west san fernando street. that puts it right off almaden boulevard and a short distance from the guadalupe parkway. the
6:20 pm
deal is supposed to close at the beginning of 2018. no word yet on when construction could begin. this announcement comes just weeks after san jose moved forward on an ambitious google expansion plan. the company wants to put a complex over by the diridon train station... it says it could bring up to 20-thousand jobs to san jose. google likes the location due to all the transit options that would be available. the city and tech giant need to hammer out a deal before anything can happen. so exciting times in san jose as some of the biggest names in the tech world plan to stay at home and add thousands of new jobs. this is something we will keep an eye on. steve and pam. let's take a look outside right now for the current conditions in the bay area...(steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the forecast. little change in overall
6:21 pm
conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. (pam) another health scare tonight for (pam) another health scare
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
tonight for jimmy carter. what happened to the former president as he was working on a habitat for humanity home. an update on his condition.(steve) warning signs? what warning signs. the risk surfers are taking tonight at one of northern california's most popular spots to catch a wave... and what happens if they got get caught.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
(steve) police are searching for a truck that was involved in a hit-and-run accident in san mateo today. (steve) a driver sturck a fire hydrant on north san mateo drive around eleven this morning. the crash damaged
6:26 pm
the hydrant, you can see in this photo water was flowing causing some traffic congestion. several witnesses say the truck was possibly a big-rig or a dump truck. the search is still ongoing. (pam) yet another health scare for the former president jimmy carter.. carter is currently being treated for dehydration. the c-e-o of habitat for humanity says carter grew dehydrated and was taken for observation today after "working in the hot sun" in canada. he is said to be doing "okay." the 92-year-old is an active volunteer with habitat for humanity. the jimmy and rosalynn carter work project has helped build more than four-thousand homes. carter was treated for cancer in 2015. he was declared cancer free just a few months later. (steve) more toxic algae has been found in the bay area. the popular location where it has turned up and the health hazard it poses to those who go in the water.(pam) and it is a san francisco
6:27 pm
tradition. we will take you to this year's cable car bell ringing contest. you'll see whether our man behind behaving badly ... is any good. (steve) the signs are up... telling surfers to stay out of the water because of a shark attack. but they are riding the waves any way. the fines they could face if they are caught breaking the ban.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(pam 2-shot bam) it is day three of a four- day ban ... on entering the water.. that's after a shark attack earlier this week in santa cruz. the city has threatened to issue fines for as much as $200- dollars.(steve) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, no fines have been issued, despite the fact that surfers are ignoring the order. kevin maclean is one of several dozen surfers who are defying a city order to stay out of the water after a shark attacked a kayaker on tuesday. kevin maclean/surfer"....youre always looking, maybe a little more than usual but i'm not going to stay out of the water, that's for sure..."i followed maclean, as he couldn't wait to catch a few
6:31 pm
waves this afternoon, as he jumped into the water at steamers lane and joined others who don't seem to be worried about sharks.kevin maclean/surfer".....there are a lot of people out there so we're always watching out for each other so if somebody sees something weird they will let everybody know..."signs like this are now posted along a mile stretch either side of steamers after a great white shark is thought to have attacked a kayack just beyond the kelp line here. its rider was unhurt. macleanthinks it was a case of mistaken identity.kevin maclean/surfer "....they jus show up and then they disappear, they usually don't hang around unless you are spear fishing or there's blood in the water..."surfing since he was three years old, maclean says he is keeping his eyes open out there nonetheless. he understands why the city is urging cautuon, even if he doesnt agree with it. "'s like risk mangement, if the sharks are jumping out of the water and taking people down you don't want to be out there, other than that, they're always there, tghey luive there..."in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news kevin maclean/surfer"'s like risk management, if the sharks are jumping ot of the water and taking eople down you don't go out there, but other than that, theyre always
6:32 pm sata cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news more toxic algae has been found in contra costa county... this time - in discovery bay. it's a recurring problem - often tied to hot weather.. catherine heenan is here with the latest.. (catherine) this is at least the fourth time this summer that toxic blue green algae has beenfound in the bay area... it's a nasty problem that can make people and animals sick.. and for the people who live and work around discovery bay - this is an all- too familiar sight.some told us this morning that it happens almost every year.. last month - health workers began testing after some residents complained. exposure can result in rashes and eye irritation and other allergic reactions. in extreme cases at higher levels - people can become 'very' sick and even die. it's the same story for your pets.....dogs should be kept away. local residents: i definitely
6:33 pm
don't let the dogs go near the water. last year i went swimming and my body broke out in a rash.i didn't realize what it was until after the warnings came out. businesses that depend on playing in the water like those that rent kayaks or paddle boats..might be affected.we just stay out of the areas that look all slimy. in other areas - two dogs have been killed by toxic blue green algae in a napa county pond.lake temescal in oakland and horseshoe lake in fremont have also been closed or restricted because of the problem. health workers are reminding people to also make sure they don't eat any fish caught in tainted waters.. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. here in lafayette an early morning here in lafayette here in lafayette an early
6:34 pm
morning blaze causes major damage - take a look at what is left of this once large complex -inside - there was 9 businesses including the lafayette chamber of commerce, a therapy office, hair salon, and italian restaurant, la finestra. all destroyed. the call came in near midnight residents say they heard loud popping noises. several nearby apartment buildings were evacuated. fortunately
6:35 pm
no one was injured. an investigation into the cause is underway. terisa estacio kron 4 news. in san francisco... bart's chief of police acknowledging that crime, system-wide, is trending up. he says he is working on bolstering crime suppresion teams to crack down on robberies and violent crimes. the problem is he says the department is short-staffed. he says he is about 40 officers shy of being fully- staffed... but that he is currently working on bringing in more sworn officers. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now... little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable
6:36 pm
high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. (pam) bragging rights were on the line today! we will take you to the annual cable car bell ringing contest in san francisco today.
6:37 pm
affects you and the entire bay area. getting the kron 4 news app is really easy. just go to googleplay on any android device or the apple store if you (pam) bragging rights were on the line today! we will take you to the annual cable car bell ringing contest in san francisco today.
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6:40 pm
(steve) the annual cable car bell ringing contest was held today in san francisco... (pam) this contest dates back to the 19-50's.. cable car conductors... crew memebers and some
6:41 pm
amatures gather each year in union square .... to show off their bell ringing skills. this year, our very own stanley roberts got to participate as a judge along with some city officials.. the contestents compete for prizes ... trophies and of course, bragging rights.. this years winner is six- time champion bell ringer ... byron cobb. in sports... baseball's first big trade didn't directly involve the giants... but it affects them... we will explain...... and the warriors summer league play comes to an end... gary has highlights... plus, a little dubs recap of last night's espy's (ess-peez)... coming up
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
summer league action between the warriors and celtics. patrick mccaw and
6:45 pm
golden state couldn't hold off boston -- ending their run in the tournament. the celtics came out on fire -- landen lucas helps boston jump to a 15-point lead in the first mccaw -- the only real highlight from today's game -- he finished with 20 points former cal bear and second round pick, jabari bird led the way for boston he scored 17 points in the game celtics win 93-69
6:46 pm
espn's espy awards were last night peyton manning was fabulous as the host including this jab at a stone- feaced kevin durant"our gymnastics team was so dominant, that kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. and i gotta tell you, i don't think you'd start for that team, kevin. russell westbrook, what do you think?" durant looked like he was hiding a smile and he won as espy as well taking home the trophy in the "best championship performance" category for his finals mvp playthen the big one the
6:47 pm
warriors won "best team" durant steph curry and zaza pachulia were there to represent the teamsteph said a few words followed by a couple from zaza(sot: curry & pachulia) "it's an unbelievable year. a lotta noise and hype around us from the beginning of the season, but we tried to keep our head down and focus on the process. and nine months later, we got another 'chip, so we back and it's an amazing feeling. zaza you got something for us?"i've got two words: nothing easy" this may be the shortest stay for an executive in nba historyscott perry who was hired by the sacramento kings in april as their executive vp of basketball operations under general manager vlade divacafter helping run the kings raft and free agency with a lot of positive response perry will reportedly become the new general manager for the new york knicksthe kings granted
6:48 pm
him permission to talk to the knicks acknowedging it was a "dream job" they had to let him pursue major league baseball will resume action starting tomorrow. the giants will open the second halfin san diego taking on the padres the a's will host the indians at the colisuem this saturday the green and gold will be celebrating rickey henderson day. the first 20-thousand fans will get a white rickey henderson jersey saying "oakland". the a's hall of famer will throw the first pitch back in april -- the a's honored him by naming the oakland coliseum field "rickey henderson field" as major league baseball comes out of the all-star break the time for big trades has begun the first big one the chicago white sox sent starting pitcher jose quintana to the cubs for prospects quintana
6:49 pm
was having one of his worst seasons but had been pitching his best baseball latelythis impacts the giants as the cubs were one team they weere hoping to talk to regarding johnny cueto who could opt into another 84-million- dollars after this season cueto is 6-7 with a 4.51 era this season we go to wimbeldon... venus williams taking on johanna konta in the semifinals venus was looking to reach her sixth wimbeldon final. in the first set -- each with four sets -- venus slaps this one down the line for a forwhand winner from that point on -- the 37 year old took over the match -- she wins it in consecutive sets (6-4...6-2) she will face garbine muguruza (moo-guru-zah) on saturday if venus wins, she will be the oldest women to win a grand slam in the open era
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
(steve) some pretty cool video to show you tonight... watch a skeleton of the largest animal on our planet come together.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
(pam) london's natural history museum is unveiling a new addition to it's main atrium.(steve) museum curator's are suspending a whale's skeleton from the ceiling.(steve) in this video you can see crew's working on putting together the blue whales skeleton. it is said to be 25-meters long. museum officials say the name of the female whale is "hope." she represents
6:55 pm
a symbol of humanity's power to shape a sustainable future. the museum will be hosting a gala launch party and one of the attendee's will include the duchess of cambridge kate middleton. last weather and goodbye final look with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
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>> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, it was an emotional date night at the espys. >> we met here ten years ago. >> as a former first lady makes a powerful style statement serena williams gets support after the john mcenroe slam. >> serena will be the greatest and nobody can take that away from her. >> then it's an oscar winning face off at this year's emmys. >> they reward you because they see how hard you sweat. >> we're breaking down the surprises and snubs. >> there's no more competitive race this year than the lead actress in a limited series. >> as "saturday night live" brates a political emmy high. >> then winter is finally here. >> i'm realizing how long i've been away from the "game of thrones."
7:00 pm
>> did you miss us? >> how is the "game of thrones" cast preparing this seasons punishment? >> plus your insider bonus. jamie foxx gets a major beat shazam boost from mariah carey. >> and -- >> in the elevator, butt naked. >> our marlon wayans exclusive. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> reese versus nicole, susan versus jessica. where is oprah? and what a morning for "this is us", and the nominations are nothing short of the story. we have a lot to talk about. >> a lot to talk about. let's talk about the espy awards tracking at number one. the finest specimens in sports mixed with the finest specimens in hollywood and even a former first lady. ♪ >> today


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