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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(steve) now at ten... a concord man is in custody... accused of molesting a little a laundromat. thanks for joining us i'm steve aveson.. (pam) and i'm pam moore... surveillence footage captured inside the laundromat ... helped police catch the suspect ... identified as 60- year -old jose chavez. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the concord police department... with details on what happened... ella? live chavez was doing his laundry before he allegedly distracted a woman then had his way with her granddaughter. coin laundry customers and
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employees in concord were shocked to learn a man was accused of molesting a child as he did his laundry on tuesday.sot: sara rodriguez, 17 year laundromat employee// "i was shown a photo but i've never seen him here before." sara rodriguez says in her 17 years of working at the laundromat she's never seen the suspect before. 60-year-old jose chavez was arrested hours after the victim's grandmother called police.sot: sara rodriguez, 17 year laundromat employee//"in all the time i've worked here nothing like this has happened so it surprised me. this person is sick or something because i can't understand how he did something so horrible here."surveillence cameras captured footage of chavez
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interacting with the grandmother and the little girl. sot: steve bergstad, coin laundry owner// he was saying that the machine ate his money and from what i understand that so talked her into piece of paper and then kept as close to the little girl as he could." concord police issued a "be on the lookout "to all officers using the footage .later chavez was arrested plaza.sot: corporal summer galer, concord police department// "through investigative leads and footage we identified chavez of arrested him later that day."sot: steve bergstad, coin laundry owner// ""it feels great i have a young daughter myself so i'm very happy to somebody off the streets that's a creep like that we don't want him around here chavez faces charges related sex acts with a victim under 10 years old. chavez is being held on a 1.5 million dollar bail at the martinez detention faclitiy. in the hands of costa district attorney. live in concord ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) more than two years after kate steinle was murdered... in a case that has drawn national headlines for its political implications... tomorrow, the murder trial finally begins.(steve) grant lodes has been closely tracking this story and is here with a preview. (grant) this is the first part of the murder trial... jury selection will follow... and this case will be closely watched across the country because of how publicized it's been... as it relates to sancuary cities and the immigration debate. 54-year-old juan francisco lopez-sanchez has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. he was in the country illegally after previously being deported to mexico five times. in 20-15...he had
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recently been released from jail but san francsco officials did not cooperate with federal immigration officials. and the un- documented immigrant's public defender says lopez-sanchez áaccidentially fired a fun he found under a bench on pier 14. steinle, a 32 year old living in san francisco, was killed as she stood with her dad taking in the sights near the bay bridge. president trump has repeatedly used the steinle case as a way to champion his crime and immigration crackdown. and last month, the house of representatievs passed kate's law...which would go after people who come back to the u-s after being deported. steinle's father says he does not want his daughter's name used in connection with any bill in congress. we'll be following this murder trial every step of the way. (pam) another big story we are following tonight.... a pilot killed... and three others injured... when a small plane crashes in a north bay field. a child had to be airlifted from the wreckage.
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it happened near the sonoma skyport airport. kron-4's hermela aregawi talked to a man who tried to help the victims ... moments after the crash they were headed to a water park in san jose, according to airport employees.but they never made it.the pilot - 38 year old william sachs goldman of san francisco died in the crash.a woman and a little girl were airlifted to a hospital.. while a little boy was taken by ambulance. witnesses describe the aftermath.robert castillo/witness: when we got there, the pilot had been ejected from the airplane. the little girl was unconscious and we were able to remove the top of the airplane because it was broken by cutting with knives, cut the seat belt off the little girl, was able to take her out with her car seat and put her on the ground away from the plane because of the smell of fuel and we were able to pull the seat forward, cut the little boy out.people on scene say the boy, walked off the plane and appeared to be fine.and the woman was conscious but injured.robert
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castillo/witness:i was talking to her to make sure she stayed conscious and with us. we couldn't get her out because the pilot seat was on top of her, the four of us we couldn't pull it up. the firemen got here and put a neckbrace and a backbaord, they slid her up adn got her out.the cirrus sr-22 took off from sonoma skypark runway around 12:45 in the afternoon.. and crashed about about a thousand feet southwest on private property. witnesses say in the minute before the crash they heard unusual sputtering then saw the plane glide down.robert castillo/witness:at that point i heard a pop and i saw what i now learned is a parachute deployed from the back. it slowed the airport down. at that point the airplane went into the ground nose first. i've never seen anything like that and i have two daughters so seeing the little girl was tough.(hermela aregawi)the faa arrived on scene earlier this afternoon.the cause of the plane crash is still under investigation.reporting in sonoma, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) we sent out the alert about this breaking news at 2-58 this afternoon... through the kron four mobile app. it is available for free.. to download for apple
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and android devices. just be sure to enable the push alert feature. (steve) in the east bay... firefighters put out a two- alarm house fire this afternoon in antioch...but not before it did some major damage to the home. the fire started just before two oclock at a home on west 19th street.. one person was in the house at the time and was able to escape without any injuries.. a house next door also had some minor exterior damage.. the cause is under investigation. little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a
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warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. (steve) another big story
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tonihgt... senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is re-writing the republican health care plan.(pam) the senate is set to vote on health care next week... but it is not yet clear if this latest version of the bill... will convince more republicans to support it ...(steve) kron 4's washington correspondent mark meredith is on capitol hill with where things stand tonight. .... senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is re-writing his obamacare overhaul."it aims to make insurance more affordable and flexible so its something americans want to buy"whats new: insurance companies can sell less comprehensive coverage than allowed before. the bill also adds 43 billion more dollars to fight the opioid crisis.what stays: future cuts to medicaid - a decision that could leave millions of people uninsured. people like 12-year-old natalia ricabal from tampa. natalia is recovering from bone cancer but today she and her mother are on capitol hill
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to send a message. "if it were to passwe would have problems with her care"democratic florida senator bill nelson agrees and hopes his colleagues across the aisle hear from more families. "when a parent is coming and pleading, medicaid saved my child's life, don't take it away, that has special resonance" senate leaders say they expect to vote on health care next week.but republican senators lindsey graham of south carolina and bill cassidy of louisiana are going a step further and introducing their own health care plan. among their ideas - let individual states choose which health care model works best. "if you believe obamacare is the right solution, then you can keep the structure, but if you're like our states then you can get new money, just spend it on health care"while republicans appear split, senate democrats say they're united against both plans. republicans can only afford to lose members if they hope to pass health care reform.on capitol hill, i'm mark meredith.
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(pam) a bay area man who was charged with jumping the white house fence earlier this year, pleaded guilty today. 27-year-old jonathan tran from milpitas .... pleaded guilty to a charge of entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds. tran was discovered by secret service agents ... walking the white house grounds back on march 10th. tran claimed to be a friend of the president. his sentencing is set for september 25. (steve) in the south bay tonight... investigators say a 60-year-old woman... who was shot in her home by her roommate... has died... the shooting happened around seven this morning... at a home on bucknall road near quito road in saratoga. deputies say the suspect called 9-1-1...saying he shot his roommate. when deputies arrived, they arrested the man without incident. police have not yet released the victim's or the suspect's names... the shooting remains under
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investigation. (pam) and in the east bay... a woman accused of stabbing her parents... has been charged with murder... prosecutors filed the charges yesterday against 50-year-old menique lashon. police say, lashon stabbed her 73- year-old father and 67- year-old mother in a home in pittsburg last friday. they say, she staged her parents death .. to try and avoid suspicion. police say, lashon who was living with her parents at the time, confessed to their killings a day later. she is being held at the contra costa county jail... without bail. (steve) coming up on kron4 news at ten... a nasty scene out of oregon after a truck overturns.... spilling live eel fish all over the highway... but where is all the slime and foam is coming from? the disgusting reason ahead... (pam) plus... surfers ignore the shark warning signs ... all because they want to catch a wave... but what happens if they get caught in the water? we'll explain.
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(steve) and caught in the act... a couple tries to snatch a pakcage from a woman's porch... but the homeowner stopped them in their tracks.. find out how after the break.
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(pam) a san jose homeowner
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... shocked, when she pulls up to her house --- and catches a couple trying to snag a package from her porch but they might not have expected what happened next. as kron-4's gabe slate tells us -- that homeowner confronted the thieves. ((pkg))heidi burrows was driving home wednesday night at five thirty pm on tulip road in san jose and saw something fishy going on infront of her house..sound from heidi burrows/san jose resident says:" i see a person running from my porch with a box to a car" this is security cam footage heidi shared with us that shows the incident play out sound from heidi burrows/san jose resident says: "and i was like wow that is just really brazen.. (laughs)" so heidi did something brazen of her own.. laying on the
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horn. she pulled up in-front of them blocking them got out of her car took a picture of their license plate and then gave them a piece of her mind sound from heidi burrows/san jose resident says:" what are you guys doing? you guys have a nice car and i don't understand why you are stealing things.. and i was yelling this at them"sound from kron reporter gabe slate/san jose says:"and after heidi confronted them something surprising happened" sound from heidi burrows/san jose resident says: " the next thing you know the box comes flying out of the car, lands on the sidewalk, and they go tearing off down the street" her package was saved unharmedironically.. the box thieves were stealing a box of an ebay seller she routinely orders shipping supplies.sound from heidi burrows/san jose resident says: " i kind of wish they kept it. i would have loved to see their face when they opened it" sound from nathan laing / neighbor"i have had a box stolen from my porch, we have had ongoing issues with package thefts in the neighborhood" nathan lives a couple houses down from heidi he was just one of four neighbors who came up to me while i was here and told me they have also had packages stolen.san jose police have issued a "be on the look out" for the license plate and a vehicle that matches the description heidi gave.. but at this point they are not actively investigating this because no actual theft took place. the police recommend you don't do did it's better not to confront in the moment. sound from heidi burrows/san jose resident says:"you don't know what those people have in their car so in hindsight i would recommend just taking a picture from your car but i was pretty ramped up at the time (laughs) " in san jose gabe slate kron 4 news.
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(steve) surfers in santa cruz are still getting into the water... despite a shark attacking a kayaker earlier this week.(steve) today is day three of a four day ban and surfers can still be seen out on the ocean. the city of santa cruz has even threatened to issue fines for as much as two-hundred dollars for anyone caught in the water. dedicated surfers are saying nothing will keep them out of the water... and sharks being in the water is normal. á
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this summer it is a reoccuring problem... often tied to hot weather.. people who live and work around discovery bay say it happens almost every summer.. exposure can result in rashes and eye irritation and other allergic reactions. in extreme cases at higher levels - people can become 'very' sick and even die officials say, you should also keep your pets away... the toxic algea is being blamed for at least two dog deaths in napa county this summer. (steve) take a look at this a disgusting scene... a truck hauling over 75-hundred pounds of live hagfish also known as slime eels... overturned on highway
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101 near depoe bay in oregon... and turned the whole area into a slimy mess. police say the flat bed on the truck completely separated from the truck and flew across the highway causing a chain reaction crash... you can see the damaged cars covered in the gooey mess... the fire department had to use a bulldozer to clear the eels from from the highway... police say when the hagfish become stressed, they secrete a slime which turns into foam... the slime eels were going to be shipped to korea to eat... ( pam)checking on the bay area weather warm up...(steve) brittney is here with the details.. little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away
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from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week.
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(pam) a fifth person has died from a hepatitis- a outbreak in san diego county.. health officials say, the outbreak started back in november of 20-16... and has grown among the homeless population.. in total, 228 people have been diagnosed with the infection.. 161- have been hospitalized. hepatitus- a is a liver infection ... and can be prevented by getting a vaccine. reports say, this is california's largest outbreak in two- decades. (steve) coming up..several businesses in the east bay go up in flames... how the owners are dealing with thier loss... (pam) and after the break, find out what a priest did on the road that landed him in jail...
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. new tonight at ten...
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a north carolina priest was arrested in florida last week after an alleged road rage incident.... reporter terri parker has the story... and the dash cam video of the 35-year-old priest's arrest. natsdashcam video shows episcopal priest william rian adams getting out of his corvette after a 911 caller claimed he waved a handgun at her on the turnpike in palm city.nats:i have a report you pulled a gun on someone driving down the road, sir. that is not you have any weapons inside the vehicle. there is.. i have a concealed carry permit.adams tells troopers he is an episcopal priest on vacation with a female theology professor and that he's got a permit to carry his gun which is under the front passenger seat..but the caller claims he waved it at her.caller: this guy in a red corvette slammed his brakes in front of us and i pulled up to him and said what are you doing and he pulled a gun on meadams tells troopers the 911 caller threw a coke
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bottle and other items at his car.she says she and her son pulled up next to him to ask him why he slammed on his brakes.caller: and i just asked him why did you slam on the brakes and he cursed me and everything and then just pulled a gun out.after talking to adams' passenger and him, troopers put him in handcuffs and let him know he's going to jail.a few minutes later the priest is in back of the fhp car, his hands behind his back asking for some medication to bring with him. (steve) the church adams is affiliated with released a statement saying the congregation is having a conversation about the incident. they say father adams is being provided "pastoral care." (pam) coming up on kron4 news at ten... the main person of interest... confesses to the murders of four men... who were missing out of pennsylvania... details on the shocking crime ... next... (steve) plus... hear how bart's new police chief is responding to the recent spike in crime rates on trains....
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(pam) and we are learning new details on the close call at san francisco international airport... that could have been a major disaster... why a new report now says .. the plane involved was a lot closer than initially thought... that story .. after the break... denny's new strawberries and cream pancakes are in the house. your house. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at (pam) a disaster
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avoided in just under 11- seconds.... tonight, new details around coming out about just how close an air canada plane came.... to colliding with other aircraft at s-f-o.(steve) in fact, some people are saying ... it could have been the biggest aviation mishap in decades.(pam) kron-4's dan kerman shares the new reports.. which reveal how the plane came dangerously close to a major collision. this is communication between sfo's tower, someone unknown and an air canada jet, as that jet lines up to land not on the runway, but on the taxiway to the righttower: air canada 759 confirm clear to land runway 28 right. there's no one on 28 right but you.aca 759: ok, air canada 759unknown person: where is this guy going?tower: go aroundaca 759: in the go around air canada 759 tower: 759 it looks like you were lined up for charlie there charlie being the taxiway. how close was this descending
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air canada jet to the 4 planes on the ground .a preliminary report from the transportation safety board of canada says the air canada jet was just 100 feet above 2 of the jets on the ground and just 29 feet to the side. sotfrom the preliminary data i have this iwas a very close call.captain laura einsetler is a commercial airline pilot she says even more unusual, is the report's suggestion that air canada 759 overflew the jetway for a quarter mile before being told to go aroundsot capt. laura einsetler/comm ercial airline pilot normally as pilots as we near the threshold of the runways for landing if anything doesn't look right or seem right we immediately go around on a missed approachthis video from sfo's online flight tracker shows just how far off it was on the left you see the runways as the air canada jet descends from 500 feet the plane is lined up to the right of them. it decends to 332
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feet before climbing and going around standup dan kerman/sfo 140-150the national transportation safety board is taking the lead in this investigation along with the faa, they have not released any information at this time. among those aboard the air canada jet was california insurance commissioner dave jones. he says he and other passengers had no idea there was a problem until the pilot floored it and started climing again. he says he is relieved but plans to update his will this weekend. he says this incident speaks to how random these events are. at sfo dan kerman kron 4 news. (steve ) an investigation is underway... after a fire destroyed a large business complex in the east bay. it all happened early this morning in lafayette the burning fire ... quickly raced through this complex in downtown lafayette ... destroying everything in its path. nearby residents at several apartment structures were evacuated. fortunately, no one was hurt. it took about an hour for crews to contain the fire. however, 9 businesses were destroyed..
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residents that were evacuated were thankful for the quick action taken by the fire fighters. (steve) the cause is still under investigation... the damage is estimated to be in the millions (pam) search crews looking for a missing man .... found possible clues.. some car parts at montara state beach this morning. crews have been searching for 22-year-old richard moss who was last seen back in may. moss was leaving his home in a blue hyundai tiburon on his way to work but never arrived. now investigators are trying
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to determine if the car parts are connected to moss's vehicle. his family is trying to raise 10-thousand dollars to offer a reward for information about his whereabouts.. (pam) san jose police are looking for suspects who brutally attacked a 7-11 clerk. this is one of the suspects involved.. police say the assault and robbery happened back in feburary at the 7-11 on white road.. one suspect reportedly came into the store and took a case of beer with out paying for it. when the clerk ran outside to chase him down...that's when police say the clerk was beaten and then stabbed.. the group reportedly ran back into the store and grabbed other items before taking off. the clerk suffered some injuries but is doing okay. ( pam ) tonight.. bart's new police chief is square at the center of a transparency debate. the chief held a short news conference today... to address a recent violent crime spike.(steve ) this comes as bart recently stopped
10:34 pm
emailing detailed crime reports to the public. grant lodes is here...and some board members want more transparency from chief. (grant) robberies, fights, shootings... bart's chief of police, carlos rojas, has been on the job about a month and a half... and, he's put an end to emailing crime logs out to the public and media, instead making that information available on a website. he says he is doing his best to be transparent, and is also in the process of hiring more officers to curb crime which he says is trending up. board member debora allen says she understands not every crime caught on-camera warrants a surveillance video release to the public. but she says many crimes do -- and, that it can be done without compromising the identities of minors who may be suspects or even victims. debora allen/bart board- "if they're minors, then their
10:35 pm
faces can be blurred. there is a state law that says you cannot release the video of minors. however, sometimes its difficult to know, uh, how do you know if you haven't caught the people, whether they're minors or not."carlos rojas/bart police- "we are a police department that is short-staffed. we are making a lot of, uh, effort to hire more folks and we're doing the best that we can with the resources that we have allocated at the moment." (grant) rojas says his department has about 40 vacancies for sworn officers. (steve) in national new tonight... a second suspect is in custody tonight... involved in the murders of four young men in pennsylvania... this comes as the main person of interest... confessed to the murders....(pam) cosmo dinardo's confession comes... as we learn about a plea deal to avoid the death penalty... reporter mary moloney has more on the shocking case.. ((nat pop)) cosmo dinardo/ confessed to murder: "i'm sorry."the man who'd been arrested in connection with the case of four missing
10:36 pm
pennsylvania men, has confessed to their murders. paul lang/ defense attorney for cosmo dinardo: "mr. dinardo this evening, confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to the participation or the commission in the murders, of the fours young men. in exchange for that confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney, that he will spare his life, by not invoking the death penalty." 20-year-old cosmo dinardo was originally taken into custody wednesday, after authorities say he tried to sell a car that belonged to one of the missing men.police activity has centered around the dinardo family's land in solebury township, pennsylvania, about an hour northeast of philadelphia ... and late wednesday, the body of one of the missing men, was found there in a make-shift grave, twelve and a half feet deep matthew weintraub/bucks county district attorney: "i'm very very sad to say that we can now identify dean finocchiaro 19 years old of middletown as one of the people that was found buried in that grave"finocchiaro was last seen on july seventh.he and three other men -- 19- year-old jimi patrick, 22- year-old mark sturgis, and 21- year-old tom meo -- went missing over the course of a few days last week--dinardo's attorney says his client has told authorities where the other three bodies are buried. a motive however, was not yet released.i'm mary moloney, reporting.
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new tonight at ten ... across california, city officials are moving people who are homeless out of various neighborhoods .. but many are figuring out new places to sleep ... one
10:45 pm
person in placer county found a unique place where he set up an elaborate camp ... and reporter sara zendehnam explains... it is a location you might never have expected... you can't see it driving áover the highway 65 bypass...or walking áunder it....but it's what's áinside this cement roadway in lincoln that's surprising...alfonso vargas, lives in lincoln"that was quite a shock i didn't expect somebody to figure out a way to get in there"but someone did... the lincoln police department says a homeless man made himself at home inside a hallowed out section of the highway 65 bypass... lincoln
10:46 pm
police chief doug lee says the man took off a metal grate and added a ramp to get inside the area...the space was complete with a bed... stove and even a poster on the wall... but also a lot of trash...chief doug lee, lincoln pd"just garbage needles gallon bottles filled with urine rotting food" officers were tipped off when cleaning up another area of auburn ravine.. a hot spot for homeless in the city.... they noticed a handmade bridge and the ramp...a 72 hour notice to vacate the illegal campsite was posted last week... today caltrans and a cleaning company went in and cleared it filling two dump trucks full of where do the homeless go next?chief doug lee, lincoln pd"anytime we encounter homeless individuals we refer them to services it's on our notice that we post"the closest shelter to lincoln is in roseville... but the city does offer counseling and food services... chief lee says because of shelter rules and drug and mental issues many transients don't take advantage of those resources but rather rely on others for help.sometimes ending up right where they started.chief doug lee, lincoln pd"most of the homeless people have some sort of connection to lincoln they have friends or relatives here who let them or a garage or
10:47 pm
trailer in their backyard and then they wear out their welcome and are back on the street again we're not pushing them out to the next field over they disappear probably into somebody else's house" (pam) placer county neighbors say, they have noticed an increase in homeless camps in the area... they hope state and city officals can help change that. (steve) in national news.. the midwest is seeing slow-moving storms causing all kinds of severe problems.. some states are seeing floodwaters.... submerged vehicles... and up-rooted trees. in milwakee one resident says it took only a few minutes for his basement to flood from the floor to the ceiling.. dozens in the chicago area have also been forced to evacuate their homes and thousands lost power.. tony hernandez/flood victim"i went downstairs and there's a bedroom down there with a four foot window, and the water was up to that point."qadri abdallah/flood victim"the water in the middle of the street was 38 inches high, it come up almost to my waist." (steve) at least one death has been confirmed this week....a six-year-old boy drowned in an indiana creek
10:48 pm
little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. summer league action between the warriors and celtics. patrick mccaw and golden state couldn't hold off boston -- ending their run in the tournament. mccaw -- the only real highlight from today's game for golden state -- he finished with 20 points former cal bear and summer league action between the
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
warriors and celtics. patrick mccaw and golden state couldn't hold off boston -- ending their run in the tournament. mccaw -- the only real highlight from today's game for golden state -- he finished with 20 points former cal bear and second round pick, jabari bird led the way for boston he scored 17 points in the game celtics win 93-69 lonzo ball did it again -- he got another triple- double tonight against the cavaliers in the third -- he finds kyle kuzma and the second round pick lays it for los angeles -- he finished with 20 points lonzo was everywhere -- he steals the ball and slams it on the other end -- he filled the stat sheet 16 points (6-20 fg), 12 assists, 10 rebounds, 5 steals lakers win 94-83
10:51 pm
this may be the shortest stay for an executive in nba historyscott perry who was hired by the sacramento kings in april as their executive vp of basketball operations under general manager vlade divacafter helping run the kings raft and free agency with a lot of positive response perry will reportedly become the new general manager for the new york knicksthe kings granted him permission to talk to the knicks acknowedging it was a "dream job" they had to let him pursue major league baseball will resume action starting tomorrow. the giants will open the second halfin san diego taking on the padres the a's will host the indians at the host the the a's will host the indians at the colisuem this saturday the green and gold will be celebrating rickey henderson
10:52 pm
day. the first 20-thousand fans will get a white rickey henderson jersey saying "oakland". the a's hall of famer will throw the first pitch back in april -- the a's honored him by naming the oakland coliseum field "rickey henderson field" we go to wimbeldon... venus williams taking on johanna konta in the semifinals venus was looking to reach her sixth wimbeldon final. in the first set -- each with four sets -- venus slaps this one down the line for a forwhand winner from that point on -- the 37 year old took over the match -- she wins it in consecutive sets (6-4...6-2) she will face garbine muguruza (moo-guru-zah) on saturday if venus wins, she will be the oldest women to win a grand slam in the open era
10:53 pm
stage 12 of the tour de france a group of kids forming number 2024 as the country is hoping for 2024 olympic games. chris froome loses control of his bike... he can't stay on the road.. he heads to a camp site in the final lap -- romain bardet takes the lead over leader fabio aru -- the frenchman holds on to win stage 12 aru's lead in stage 12 -- was enough for him to hold on to the yellow jacket and remain as the overall leader (pam) ahead at 11.. brand new video of a ferrarri engulfed in flames at a gas station... we'll show you where - next... keep it right here for kron 4 news at 11... all the day's big stories and your forecast, in
10:54 pm
half the time(steve) but first...the 54th annual cable car bell ringing contest was held today...we'll show you how our stanley roberts faired in the competition..
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(( pam )) the annual cable car ringing competition is famous aroundthe world. and this year, organizers decided to spice things up by lettingcertain judges play along.(( steve )) you'd think this might be a setup for stanley roberts, something like a bell ringer performing badly, but in the end it turned intoa story about someone leaving their heart in san francisco. your 2017 world bell ringing champion is mrwait . too soon, we can't announce the winner nope not yet welcome to the 54th cable car bell ringing championship an only in san francisco event where amateur and professional cable car bell ringers compete to see who's the best nats:
10:58 pm
ambiance the amatures represent certain bay area charties and the professionals compete for bragging rights, tropyes and oh yea cash nats: ambiance i was one of the many judges to keep the event fair and impartial . when i judge i try to be as fair as possible as each person or group in the amature competition did their part including joe fitz from the examiner and kmel radio bumping e 40 whilkd ringng the bell nats: ambiance i had to grade them nats: ambiance then came the professionals .. each one had 30 seconds to warm up and they were not allowed to use any music only their skills as a cable car operator nats: ambiance just a heads up, i tried to learn from retired sfpd officer carl payne who is a 10 time bell ring champion nats: ambiance but it was a case of people ringing the bell badly the people being menats: ambiance finally after every one competed it was time to annound the first place winner byron cobb . this was it his 7th win but it wasn't just for
10:59 pm
him this is for my mom for all those drum lessions she gave see his mother passed away recently so the win had special meaning .. congradulations byron .. im sure your mother is smiling right nowthe cable car bell ringing contest is one of those only in san francisco treats this is my second time bing a judge and i enjoy every moment of it in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news ((steve)) now at 11a family outing turns to tragedy in the north bay...i'm steve aveson.((pam)) and i'm pam moore the f-a-a is investigating a deadly plane crash in sonoma county. tonight.. we are learning
11:00 pm
more about the man killed onboard.((steve/fsc))he has been identified at 39 year-old william sachs goldman a professer at the university of san francisco.two children..and a woman were also injured.((pam)) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to a man who tried to help the victims.. moments after the crash. they were headed to a water park in san jose, according to airport employees.but they never made it.the pilot - 38 year old william sachs goldman of san francisco died in the crash.a woman and a little girl were airlifted to a hospital.. while a little boy was taken by ambulance. witnesses describe the aftermath.robert castillo/witness: when we got there, the pilot had been ejected from the airplane. the little girl was unconscious and we were able to remove the top of the airplane because it was broken by cutting with knives, cut the seat belt off the little girl, was able to take her out with her car seat and put her on the ground away from the plane because of the smell of fuel and we were able to pull the seat forward, cut the little boy out.people on scene say the boy, walked off the plane and appeared to be fine.and the woman


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