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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 18, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, beyonce's mom tells all about the twins. >> it's a wonderful experience. >> what only a grandma knows. exclusive baby details and what we have just learned about the meaning behind those names. then -- >> the family, and that's what's so powerful about it. >> behind-the-scenes of carrie fisher's final "star wars" movie. >> plus what it's really like working with oprah. >> we're going to wake up at 5:00, and then we're going to hike, and then we're going to a vineyard. >> reese witter spoon's experience with lady o. why was justin bieber pulled over by police? where is leo wearing a heart monitor? and from berlin. >> i'm -- >> are you sure?
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>> no. now for july 17, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hello and welcome to the a picture perfect day in berlin because i'm standing next to these women. we are here for the premiere of to their new, tb tb. the physicality is amazing. >> hollywood is a real place? >> it can seem unreal at times. i'll give you that, shar leez. we begin with news about beyonce's twins because we have news from tina knowles. >> one baby is a lot of work, and i can't imagine two. how are jay z and beyonce adjusting to life with three kids now? >> well, it's exciting, you know. it's a wonderful experience. >> you can't forget the first born, right? how is blue ivy doing as a sister? >> very proud and excited. >> beyonce's mom, tina knowles, is gushing over the twins.
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they debuted the twins in this instagram post, and as of today, the picture as almost 10 million likes. despite her post baby body, she hasn't worked out since delivering the twins. ♪ >> we spoke to tina at the design care event, and she was there with her husband, richard l lawson. >> we have a girl named -- >> rumi. >> and a boy nanled? >> sir. >> what's the significance? what do they mean, and how do they come up with? >> they are not my babies. >> rumi is a 13th century persian poet, and some of the most popular quotations, including, love is the bridge between you and everything. as for the name, sir, well, it suggests royalty and power. >> you guys are probably just over the moon. >> we are. very excited. >> grandma is twieted. sir and rumi are grand kids number three and four because
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solange has a son, and cameron matthews is here with the news from d23, and tens of thousands of people turned out for it. >> disney fans are some of the most loyal fans out there, and they were not disappointed. so much to get excited about. it turned emotional with the new "star wars" because we got our first look at princess leia, and of course, the late carrie fisher at work oven her final film. >> action. >> it's hard to accept, you know. i still think of her in the present tense. she is such an irreplaceable part of that legacy. >> carrie is seen behind-the-scenes dancing with mark hamill. she gets a hug and a kiss. we get to hear her voice talking about her final film. >> it's about family, and that's what's to pour powerful about it. >> she represents one of the first female superheroes of all time. >> her daughter is also in the trailer.
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>> i see so much of carrie in her, that it's just -- it's status anyi satisfying in a way to see the legacy pass down from a generation. >> "star wars" wasn't the only thing that got us excited at the expo. >> we are actually friends. >> we really are friends. take that, ellen. >> these two, oprah and reese, along with mindy kaling gave us an eye-poping look at "a wrinkle in time". >> the ladies told me what it was like working together behind-the-scenes. >> we're going to wake up at 5, and at 7:00, we're going to hike, and then we're going to take a helicopter. >> what are you doing? i got to squeeze the juice out of this orange. >> out of this orange every minute. every day. >> also at chris hemsworth, robert downie jr., and all the superheroes together on stage. kristen bell and josh reunited,
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and check out emily blunt as mary poppens. >> my 3-year-old hasn't seen the original yet. i want her to wait for my version. >> that has to feel pretty cool as a mom, right? and a disney project lined up. >> that's amazing. >> they announced the cast of the live action "aladdin" is complete. owemy scott will play princess jasmine. you think power ranger, and will smith will be the genie. >> that has to be a wish come true. we know that rachel got her wish because she announced she finds mr. right by the end of this season. >> we're big sfans of rachel because she takes the high road. could that be why ratings are down 24% this season? "e.t." online's lauren zima found out. >> you said you were not here for the drama, and we have seen ratings fall from last season.
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do you think that has played a factor? are you too smart? >> i definitely don't think i'm too smart. but thank you. i mean, hornsly, i haven't pad attention to the ratings. the feedback i have been getting a positive. >> we love her no nonsense style, but things get intense during hometown date. >> moving onto bryan, we see he meets your family, and that they are skeptical. >> my gut is telling me bryan talks a lot of -- but i don't think there's the sincerity factor. >> i expect that from my sister. that's my older sister and she is protective, and i questioned it too at the gibeginning. >> we know rachel is engaged, and how is the happy couple keeping their relationship is
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secret until the big reveal? >> he loves his code name, and i love it. >> how many times do you get to see him? how often have you seen him? >> every couple of weeks. >> have you been watching the show together or separately? >> both actually. >> there is sure to be more drama this week when the men tell all episode shoots, so is rachel nervous sh. >> i have no idea what to kmpt, but i'm not nervous. >> what you see is what you get with rachel, and i love that. we have new information tonight about the "bachelor in paradise" controversy that temporarily halted production. we talked to a source who claims corinne's blackout from drinking alcohol and taking prescription drugs. it is not known if production was aware she was taking medication. >> let's lighten things up for a cute kids alert. look at this, would you? prince william and kate have taken their two adorable children on the road and we just dare you not to say aww. >> little prince george looked a little impatient while his parents worked the receiving
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line after touching down in warsaw, poland. princess charlotte seemed a bit more comfortable being carried by mer mom, kate. a budding fashionista, the 2-year-old's red mary jane shoes, matched her printed frock. arriving via private jet, pouty little george wore shorts, a long sleeved button down shirt, ankle socks and leather shoes. his outfit is traditional for young upper class british boys. and talk about a royal "mini-me." this was a 2-year-old prince william. back in 1984, he was led down the stairs of a private jet by his dad, prince charles. after getting the kids settled in, william and kate went right to work greeting crowds at the presidential palace. kate was charmed by a teething baby. next the royals move onto germany, but they will be back in britain in time to celebrate prince george's birthday. he turns 4 on saturday. well, maybe they will run into our kevin frazier in germany
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because that's where he is right now, but he may be distracted because he is with the stars of the "atomic blonde." >> yes, nancy. i'm here in berlin. it is a great day, hanging with char leez and sofia. and "atomic blonde" is getting a lot of buzz because you get a james bond es, female player, and i don't know if he is as tough as you are in this movie. >> he wishes he had it as good as me. come on. yeah. >> how tough was it physically? >> i feel like things could have gone a lot worse. the bruises -- it could have been bad. >> only a couple of bruises. it was shocking to see your face covered in bruises in this movie, but you also get the girl in a sense. >> yes, i do. there she is. >> i didn't think that you would show up. >> you pay attention. >> sofia, there is a scene in this movie where you two really have a lot of fun. >> that's the action scene.
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>> it was for me. >> it is. yeah. >> i didn't get to see any of the fight scenes that she does. >> no? >> not onset. not onset, so until i saw the movie, i did not realize the amount that was in there. it's to incredible. the strength and power she portrayed on screen. i was very proud. >> can you be my real life girlfriend? so nice. >> we'll get into more about the movie. the fights, the fun, and all sorts of craziness from berlin in a little while. nancy, back to you. >> thank you so much, kevin, and also ahead here, justin bieber bust. what caused his latest police dra drama. and aaron carter's dui arrest, and why he is blasting his brother. and ryan phillippe posted payful pics. why he ended up in a hospital
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dogs are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908. that is justin bieber. uh-oh, getting pulled over by police this weekend in beverly hills. the pop star was busted for using his phone while driving. he was given a citation, which usually runs about 162 bucks.
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>> i guess it was too late to say sorry. meanwhile, actor ryan phillippe spent his weekend laid up in a hospital bed after a painful injury. ryan kicks off tonight's know and tell full of stars in crisis. >> the father of three broke his right leg yesterday in what he says was a freak accident during a family outing, and shot down rumors he was injured while doing a stunt for his usa show "shooter." the 42-year-old posted several pics from his hospital bed after surgery and assured fans he will make a full recovery. and leonardo dicaprio seems to be taking extra precautions when it comes to his health. on friday and saturday leo was spotted wearing what appeared to be some type of medical device under his shirt while strolling the streets of new york city. a source tells us the 42-year-old is wearing a heart monitor, but says leo is fine, and says the device is for a routine checkup. and finally, aaron carter's
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run-in with the law. the 29-year-old was taken into custody in habersham county, georgia saturday night and charged with dui and possession of marijuana. his girlfriend, madison parker, was also arrested. aaron's rep says the singer has a license for medical marijuana for anxiety, something he told us about last year. >> i spoke weed and have anxiety problems. >> his brother offered aaron's brother, nick, reached out to his younger sibling via twitter offering support and saying, "i love u no matter what" but aaron's not buying it. blasting nick. he says, that's not cool at all to use me for his pr and kick me while i am down. he will be lawyering up. >> still ahead, is aisha tyler having second thoughts about leaving the talk? then -- >> i cracked two teeth. >> two big action movies. two fierce female leads. >> wow. i look like a black lara kroft. >> taking girl power to the extreme. and a whole new side of
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charlize theron, with you what nearly brought her to tears in our interview? >> don't, because i will bawl. >> closed captions provided by --
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at the end of this season, i'm going to be really -- >> aisha tyler barely keeping it together when she announced she is leaving "the talk". >> it has been her home since 2011. >> such a close group of ladies and thaus how much the show means to her. tonight in her first interview since that emotional day, she opens up to kevin frazier about making the painful choice to say good-b good-bye. >> why leave and how tough was that decision? >> it was so tough. for me, a door was opening, and
1:07 am
i was torn between my family and my dream. i thought, you know, am i going to stay here for another year with people that i love at a job that i love and defer these dreams, or am i going to get uncomfortable? >> with an overwhelming work schedule and forced to make a tough call, aisha tyler admits that she sought out advice from one of the women she calls family. >> julie. i went to julie. before i even made the decision. she just, she just read me right away and we just chatted and she gave me great advice. >> tyler's role on "criminal minds" will now be full time, and she's going to direct an upcoming episode. >> each of the victims -- >> but of course, the fans of "the talk," will miss the honesty of the longtime co-host. >> we decided it was better not to go through that torture. >> like the day she shared her personal struggle to become a mother and why she gave up on
1:08 am
aivf treatments. when you look back on those moments, what do you think? >> it was the right decision for me. i don't regret it and look back at things. i wish i stuck with it. at all. i want other people to know it's okay to feel that way. >> aisha's final talk will be on august 4th, and she confessed she might not be able to stay away for long. will you visit? >> of course. the choice i hope will be the right choice for me, but my friends are having jokes about me. that's how it feels. >> we moe they miss you, aisha, and she is directing an ep sod of "criminal minds," but she filmed her first movie. we'll send it back to kevin with charlize theron. >> we moved to a new spot, but we're still in berlin. >> berlin. >> let's go inside and talk about this movie because it's fantastic. >> let's do that. >> and we're not going to fight. >> you want to fight? >> no.
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>> are you sure? come on. come on. >> no. you kill people in this movie. >> don't be so scared. >> believe me. we get to see an entirely different side of charlize in "atomic blonde," taking down pretty much anyone to gets in her way. you chipped your tooth? >> i cracked two teeth in the back. lower back. >> how? >> i think panic kicked in, and i clenched my jaw that hard. >> the movie takes place in 1980s berlin, so i took the opportunity to show charlize a throwback photo. do you remember that girl from 1989? >> i do remember that girl. i do remember that girl. yes, i do. look at my sally jesse glasses. >> these were the hot look back then. >> yeah. you're welcome, sally. >> charlize was just 14 in that picture. now 41, she has two kids under the age of 5. >> i love it. i love it. i -- even the hard moments, i
1:10 am
love. nothing moves me and makes me feel as much as my kids, and they have inspiered me to want o push harder for myself and my work. >> you never think you're going to love someone that much. >> don't because i will bawl. i will bawl. >> that's what mamas do. there is another killer blonde to walk for. taraji p. hensen in a wig. if you think she is relentless as cookie, wait until you see in requested prout mary". >> she is a stone cold killer. >> nmake room for "proud mary" because she has been waiting to pull the trigger on this role as a hitwoman for hire. >> who the hell are you? >> i'm mary. >> i remember when i first put on the biker jeans and the combat boots and the leather jacket, and i had a ponytail, and i just remember saying, wow.
1:11 am
i look like a black lara kroft. >> she produced this out next year, she even got bloody for real while going her own stunt, but hold your fire because her mission gets complicated when she meets a boy when sparks her maternal side. >> you are getting an inside glimpse of this person who absolutely was numb to life, to love. when you see her now, the kill is very much different. >> where you are going? >> to teach somebody a lesson. >> taraji learned onset, don't let your guard down with co-star danny glover. >> he can go from dad, grandfather, to icy cold killer in a look. he is really a bad guy that you want to love. it's danny glover. come on. >> well, if you want to see taraji before the movie comes out, season four of "empire" is going to start september 27th on fox, and i can't wait. >> absolutely. tonight on "the late show" with stephen
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travel consideration provided by -- that's it from germany for today, but tomorrow, we will have the "atomic braend" world premiere from here in berlin. we'll be on the red carpet with charlize. we'll see what she wears. fashion plays a big part in this movie. that will be interesting. see eyou tomorrow. >> look forward to that, kev. stephen colbert will highlight his visit to the country. >> in this exclusive clip, he is the stephen colbert of russia, but they don't get along like trump and putin. >> hit me.
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>> normally -- does that me >> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> oprah winfrey. >> number one oprah's a wrinkle in time takes over the disney d23 convention. >> it's empowering. >> action. >> and a behind the scenes look at the last jedi as we catch john boyega catching a break. >> hey mom. hey dad. >> then "game of thrones" premiere with some shocking surprises. >> hollywood reacts as we go inside the stark stand out moment. >> it's really mind blowing. >> number three, inside julianne hough's tropical honeymoon.


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