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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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(jrs/@bam) our big story tonight... two professors...on the run for nine days ...are arrested in oakland and san francisco...for a brutal murder in chicago. i'm jr stone.(justine@bam) and i'm justine waldman... their capture ....ends a nationwide manhunt. both men now face first degree murder charges... and will be returned to chicago... for interrogation...(pkg) "the biggest mistake of my life"is what chicago police say 42-year old wyndham lathem refered to the murder of 26- year-old trenton cornell- duranleau in a video to friends and family.sot in crimes of passion which i think you can call this to see that after 9 days on the run, lathem gave himself up late friday at the oakland federal building.arund the same time 49-year old andrew warren
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surrendered to the san francisco police department. the two men had been fugitives since an annoymous 911 call lead chicago police to the victims body in lathem's chicago apartment on july 27. the cosmetologist was found dead mutilated with multiple stab wounds.lathem is an associate professor at northwestern university ... and warren works for oxford university in the appears to us marshals the suspects have friends in the bay area their surrender friday night followed negotiations with an attorney and talks with some of latham's friends.their relationship to the victim is unclearpolice are also trying to figure out why on the day the victim was found the suspects were in wisconsin and made $1,000 donation to the lake geneva public library in the victim's name.a former fbi agent has his theories..former fbi agent ross ricesot i could only characterize the donation as a vain attempt to make things right. (justine) lathem is being held without bail in the santa rita jail and has his first
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court apperance on monday morning. he is being closely watched in jail ... because he isn't doing well psychologically. warren is in the san francisco jail.. but at last check there is no information about his next court appearance. (jr stone) santa rosa police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened today.. it happened on west steele lane near north coast street... witnesses say they reported a man "acting erratically"... holding a knife inside a home... when police arrived to the home and they found the suspect hiding under a bed. police ordered him to surrender multiple times but the man charged at officers with his knife... police opened fire... shooting and killing the suspect... video of the shooting was captured by officers body cameras... but police are not releasing the video... the officers involved will be placed on administrative leave. (justine) happening now... police in san francisco are investigating a stabbing that took place on a muni bus. it happened just after nine tonight on market street
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near duboce avenue. authorities have not release any information about the suspect. no word yet on the condition of the victim. there are now extra officers in the area... (justine) a murder on the peninsula... and police are still looking for the gunman... this is the first homicide of the year in belmont... neighbors were scared out of bed early this morning after hearing gunshots. as kron four's philippe djegal reports... the victim did not survive his gunshot wound. (philippe) crime scene technicians with the belmont police department... zero in on an apartment on the 500 block of ralston avenue. danny all lives next door... danny all/neighbor- "i wake up and the scene is going on. there's the person's mom whose crying, 'my baby, my baby.'" police say the gunshots were reported at around 5-15 in the morning.danny all/neighbor- "somebody came into the apartment and popped a couple of shots and killed somebody." captain patrick halleran, at this time, will only say that the victim is a man who
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was visiting and didn't actually live in the apartment. he says the motive behind the murder... belmont's first of the year -- is unclear.capt. patrick halleran/belmont police dept.- "it is unusual to get a shooting, uh, and it is unusual to get a homicide." when officers arrived on scene.. captain halleran says a group of people were standing outside of the apartment. he says investigators with his department and inspectors with the san mateo county district attorney's office are working with those who may have witnessed the shooting to piece together what happened. neighbor danny all says regardless of the factors that led up to the shooting...danny all/neighbor- "i feel hurt inside." he's frustrated by gun violence.danny all/neighbor- "if you have a problem with somebody, swing -- hit 'em. try to talk it out first, but don't use a gun. you can always go to the emergency room for a black eye or for a broken jaw, just, uh, let's get the guns off the streets, please." captain halleran says the gun has not been found and neither has the suspect. police have also not released a description of the suspect but the captain adds that he doesn't believe there's any threat to the in belmont, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) tonight oakland
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athletics outfielder matt joyce has been suspended for two games without pay for using an anti-gay slur that he yelled at a fan. joyce will lose more than 54-thousand dollars. the exchange happened in the eigth inning of friday night's game against the los angeles angels. joyce grounded out and as he returned to the dugout he uttered several profanities at the fan. he used the anti-gay slur and challenging him to a fight. joyce says the fan origionally yelled vulgar and obscene words about him and his family. joyce has since apologized on twitter. the oakland a's will donate the 54- thousand dollars to an organization that supports the l-g-b-t-q community. they say this type of act will not be tolerated by the team. (justine) in the east bay... a former high school football player has been through intensive physical therapy... after an accident last summer left him unable to walk. as kron4's ella sogomonian
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explains...the 19-year-old has put the past behind him...and is now headed to college. playing football has helped jake javier get through a tough year after a spinal cord injury last summer left him unable to move from the chest down.sot: jake javier, thankful for support// "just having something like a goal to strive for i think is huge. in football it's always been to be the best i can be and in rehab it's been working toward getting back independence and just getting my life back." jake dove head first into a pool - a move that changed his life forever.sot: isabelle javier, jakes' mom// "and unfortunately at his height and weight 6'4" 216 pounds being a football player he hit his head at the bottom of the pool. he fractured his neck." news of the accident spread reaching a former rival high school coach.taken by the story he organized a fundraiser on saturday where jake played at the san ramon valley high football field. sot: bob ladouceur, de la salle high football coach// "i knew of him as i coached against him. i knew what kind of a player he was. he was one of their best players. team captain, one of those kids that's a great student, loved
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by everyone in the school. and when it happened to him i felt really bad about that and felt i had to do something."'teams from five area schools raised money toward a $100,000 goal that will pay for the care jake will need in his first two years of college.he will study biomedical engineering at cal poly san luis obispo. sot: isabelle javier, jakes' mom// "jake was the fifth recipient in the world to receive 10 million stem cells, embryonic stem cells injected directly into his spinal cord. so he has a huge interest in that regard to see if he can make that work."sot: jake javier, thankful for support// "i always thought i'd do engineering it's a good major to have i should go into it. but after my injury i had to defer a year and got to reapplying and did some more research and thought to combine engineering and my medical experience because at this point i think i'm kind of an expert in certain fields. so just combine it to have something i'm really
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let's meet at a sleep number store. lawrence karnow: it's a cooler
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start to the weekend as low clouds were slow to clear today. gone are the triple digit temperatures and 80s and 90s have returned. the fog is moving back on shore as the sea breeze picked up this afternoon. if you're going out tonight expect increasing clouds with drizzle and maybe even a few sprinkles even in the north bay. you can see the monsoonal clouds and
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thunderstorms over the sierra while fog is moving in along the coast. cooler weather is on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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