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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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toddler was rushed to lucile packard children's hospital in palo alto... where she went into surgery... kron 4's ella sogomonian she spoke to the family tonight who are demanding answers and want to make sure this doesn't happened to anyone else... she's recovering at the hospital tonight with her baby and is grateful it wasn't worse but upset this happened to herself and her two year old named zealyn.the two were enjoying a company picnic with more than 100 people at menlo college yesterday afternoon. when tree branch 3 feet wide crashed onto about 6 people including the mom and daughter. you can see in the video although it's a branch the tree is massive almost like a second tree the hospital jasmine found out her baby girl fractured her skull and required eyelid surgery tonight.while the mom suffered a broken toe and scratches all over her body. "all of a sudden we heard this really loud sound. it almost sounded like a house was collapsing. when i looked up i saw a bunch of branches just falling down. and it came down on me and my 2 year old daughter. as soon as that
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happened i saw her and she was just laying there she was like head down like her head was down and she was facing the ground and i was so worried." ((take vo))jasmine says this isn't the first time she's been on the campus.her company has hosted annual picnics at the site.and she believes this whole ordeal could have been avoided had the school checked the health of the trees more often. ((live))jasmine has been discharged while her baby zealyn is recovering surgery. has yet to respond to the live in palo sogomonian kron 4 news. (jrstone) one person has been injured after a fire broke out at an apartment in berkeley... take a look at this video sent to us by a kron-4 viewer... we first told you about this story on kron4
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news at 8... fire officials say it started just after 7 pm at an three story apartment in north berkeley near sacramento street and addison street. the fire was reported on the third floor of the building. it was under control by 8-30 pm. no word yet on what caused the fire. (justine) police say at least one person was injured during a shooting in east oakland earlier this evening. around 5 ... police recieved multiple calls about a shooting on 106th avenue near e street. those living in this area tell us that four people were shot. at this point authorities say none of the injuries were life threatening. police do not have any information about the suspect or suspects at this time. (jr stone) in hayward... police are investigating an officer involved shooting... it happened last night just after five on gamble court near dobbel avenue... a man walked out of his house to find another man stealing his truck... the victim called the police and got in another vehicle to follow him... as the victim followed the
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thief... the suspect started shooting at the victim...when officers arrived to the area they saw the suspect crash into several parked cars.. injuring a driver... at one point the suspect drove towards officers.. leading an officer to shoot... the suspect managed to get out of the truck and tried to run away... but officers found him and took him into custody... (justine) we are now learning what caused a ride at the ohio state fair to malfunction killing one person and injuring several others. according to the ride's manufacturer-- the fireball had excessive corrosion. they said deterioration on a gondola caused the ride to fail, detach and send several passengers airborne. one rider - 18-year-old tyler jarrell - was killed. seven others were injured. officials say the nearly two- decade-old ride was inspected hours before the malfunction. the manufacturer says it has worked with regulators to develop a new inspection protocol. (jrstone) the city of chicago is taking the department of justice to court
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in defense of its 'sanctuary city' status mayor rahm emanuel says chicago is suing the d-o-j for threatening to cut the city's funding if it does not enforce immigration law to federal standards. the restrictions were put into place by the trump administration. emanuel has fought back ever since. he says "chicago will not be blackmailed" and "will remain a welcoming city." the lawsuit is to be filed in federal court on monday. if the state loses, it stands to have billions of dollars in funding cut for things such as infrastructure and healthcare. (justine) we have learned new information tonight in the brutal killing of a hair stylist in chicago. the two murder suspects are in bay area jails tonight... waiting for their first court apperances this week... according to police, the attack so violent the blade of the knife believed to have been used in the stabbing was broken. reporter courtney gousman has the new
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details. authorities say a northwestern university professor arrested after eight days on the lam in a fatal stabbing in chicago is being closely watched in jail in california.northwestern microbiologist wyndham lathem surrendered late friday in the san francisco area. a second suspect, university of oxford finance officer andrew warren, surrendered separately also in the bay area.the two men had been fugitives since the body of 26-year-old trenton james cornell-duranleau was found in lathem's chicago apartment on july alameda county sheriff's sgt. ray kelly said late saturday that he was under intensive observation at the local jail.kelly tells the chicago tribune that lathem isn't doing well psychologicall y. kelly says: "we're keeping an eye on him."investigators say lathem had a personal relationship with the victim, though details haven't been disclosed. his attorney says he will likely waive extradition to chicago when he appears in a california court monday.outcue: "of his life"
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(justine) lathem, who is in the santa rita jail, is under
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intense watch based on concerns for his well-being... that according to the alameda county sheriff's office. he is due in court on monday. a court date for warren, who is in the san francisco county jail, has not been set yet. (spencer blake)in lafayette, a salon owner wonders if vandalism to his business... was targeted.sunday morning a neighboring business owner reported glass broken at the front door of clark russell salon.russell says someone threw a rock through the glass, but didn't steal anything.he wonders if it was targeting a gofundme poster for his husband, who was a former sheriff's deputy, or the fact that they're a gay, minority couple.but, russell also says it's possible... it was just a kid and a random lafayette, spencer blake, kron four news. (justine) still ahead.. cooler temperatures to start the work week..' but how long will it last?(jr stone) meteorologist lawrence karnow is back with your complete forecast.
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karnow: it turned into a beautiful day for most of the bay area today. highs today were hovering right around average with 80s in the valleys and 60s at the coast. the sea breeze is stronger and will bring cooler air to the valleys. if you're going out expect windier weather for much of the bay area and fog moving onshore. it was another active day in the sierra with numerous lightning strikes and more lightning near shasta too. you can see the area of low pressure moving through the state touching off the storms. the fog is going to surge well onshore tonight. that should help to keep temperatures down tomorrow too. (light organ music)
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- so we're here in pacifica. this apartment complex has been slated to come down i guess it's just was single residence. one of many this is about the third time i've been to pacifica in my career to see one of these things come down. probably be a pretty good story. i mean you got pictures you got sound. - today we're at the bay bridge and i'm gonna be doing a lot of looking out because a lot goes on here and you gotta be quick on the eye to catch it. well the bay bridge is a unique animal all by itself. people set their cars on fire. they try to run from the police they cut through here. they try to cut across several lanes of traffic


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