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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the split rocking hollywood. >> i'm speechless. >> what tore chris pratt and anna farris apart? >> why aren't you wearing your wedding ring. >> and what anna's revealing in her new memoir. >> doing the right thing. >> plus, confessions from jennifer lawrence. her first interview about her boyfriend. >> whoa. >> i know. >> then taylor swift stares down the man she says groped her. inside the denver courtroom. >> plus, glenn campbell remembered. we look back at our six decades account music legend. then the first video of bachelor in paradise. >> cut it. cut it.
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>> remember "dynasty"? how the remake is even wilder than the original. >> oh, my god. >> and what's better than a gas station dance party with channing tatum? ♪ ♪ >> our exclusive road trip with the superstar. >> imagine that. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." what a week it's been for chris pratt and anna farris after they announce their eight years of marriage is unfortunately over. breaks your heart a little bit, right? what went wrong? well, we have clues to why they separated. >> have you been celebrating, having quality time? >> it's been awesome. yeah. yeah. >> subdued and seemingly uncomfortable by the mention of chris three weeks ago at her "emoji" movie. clues there was no trouble after he was nowhere in site after wrapping on the jurassic world sequel. anna's date, 5-year-old jack.
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>> it's terrifying to bring your kid to a public event, right? am i doing the right thing as a parent? but, whatever. >> in their joint social media statement on the split it makes sense why anna questioning bringing jack. for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. >> it's a world. he's growing up in the circus whether he likes it or not. >> the couple's last public appearance together was in april. e.t. was with the seemingly happy couple with "guardians of the galaxy 2" premiere. >> i get to spend every day with this incredible man. >> two days later anna gave a walk of fame speech. >> i was moved to tears. i was grateful. >> what weptd wrong? it suggested hectic work schedules could be to blame. anna is shooting season five of
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the sitcom mom. chris's month long shoots were a factor and at 40 years old anna wanted more children but chris didn't think he could juggle a growing family. >> your goals evolve and things change. >> in 2015 chris's target by a tabloid and they say the rumor just isn't true. adding, anna and chris were so in love it's just insane. anna discussed the emotional toll. >> i remember feeling so hurt. >> she's been with the couple since they got married in 2009. at that time anna was the big jest movie star. chris was dmast "guardians of the galaxy." >> it's very surreal. >> we were with chris at the 2013 london shoot. anna was home caring for their
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nearly 1-month-old. >> i'm out here for five months. i'm doing this interview and my wife and child are in a.l.a. >> now chris is worth an estimated $30 million. anna is worth an estimated 20 million and if there is no prenuptial agreement, divorce attorney says coming to a financial resolution could get complicated. >> whenever you're dividing assets, it doesn't matter. it's only when you're calculating spousal report. >> off a little memoir not out yet. we'll take a look at that, hear what she says about chris and his co-star, jennifer lawrence. >> this is all jennifer lawrence's fault. watch them be a thing. wow. here's the thing, jlaw actually
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has a man and now for the first time she's talking about it. >> that would be so bad. i would look immediately guilty. >> what kind of car were you expecting? >> the topic is j. law's one year relationship with the boy friend. she's 26, he's 48. we had energy but quickly adds, i had energy for him. i don't know how he felt about me. >> speaking onpenly, he describs darryn as brilliant. >> are you happy? >> the couple started dating after they wrapped on the movie "mother." keelan went to a darker space. jennifer hyperventilated and hurt her wrist. it was out of focus, we've got to do it again. i was like, go bleep yourself.
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oh, yeah, that's the kind of relationship these two have. >> and the harvard grad does not get j law's obsession with reality tv like the real housewives and the kardashians. >> no talking. >> i can hear you thinking. >> talking about her man and looking glam at her fashion smoot. >> i used to talk because i didn't have a problem. i don't want to talk about it anymore. whatever. >> let's move on to taylor swift. the singer was in federal court facing off against a former d.j. who she claims groped her. we were on the ground in denver and things got very emotional. >> taylor, ready to get on the stand? taylor swift appeared confident. she called the alleged groping, quote, horrifying and shocking. she testified david mueller
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reached under her skirt in 2013 and that, quote, it was a definite grab, a very long grab. at one point mueller's lawyer challenged taylor that it was muell mueller. >> i know exactly who did this. this is not alleged. this is a fact. this is what happened. i don't need you to grill me. this is what happened. >> taylor says her version of events hasn't changed since four years ago. quote, you can ask me a million guess about it. i'm not going to say anything different about it. andrea swift was not present. she was not feeling well on thursday morning and the judge did accept her arequest to be excused. she cried as she recalled how she heard about the alleged incident. >> i don't have any comments about this case. >> on friday taylor swift's
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former body guard took the stand. he was present at the 2013 meet and greet where taylor claims david mueller groaned her. when he went to put his hand around her his arm went under his skirt. he generally takes his cues from taylor who did not indicate at the time that she was in any major distress. at the time the plaintiff's questioning did get a little bit repetitive. taylor seems to be visibly annoyed. she did roll her eyes and hsieh quiet quietly. she was on hand for the 2013 photo op. she was standing five feet away at the time of the alleged groping. mueller's attorney asks, did you see mr. mueller's hand, the flesh make contact with miss swift's rear end? her answer, yes. the case goes to the jury on monday. >> now the trial is expected to last into the end of next
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weekend. taylor says she'll donate the money to charitable organizations dedicated to protecting women from sexual assault. all right. shifting gears here. some sad news in the world of music with the passing of country star glenn campbell. glen died tuesday at the age of 81 with a battle with alzheimer's. here's how hollywood and everyone are remembering a legend. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy." >> i'm not labeled a country music star. >> he sold more than 60 million. he became a star whose music defies labeling ♪ by the time i get to phoenix oaths. >> that's all i've known. thinking about good songs and melodies. i did what i wanted to do. >> his life changed in 2011 when
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he revealed his battle with a debilitating illness. >> it was sometimes difficult to do daily tasks, but he was able to do what he loved most, sing. he rocked the grammys ♪ the lights are shining on me >> born in arkansas, one of 12 children, he was one of the top gi ar tarrists. he had his own primetime show, the glenn campbell hour. >> good evening, everyone. i'm glenn campbell. i went in one day and i come out the next day, everybody knew my name. >> in his later years he had trouble with alcohol abuse and was arrested on sush spunnion. i think we can do the best we can while we're here. ♪ ♪
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>> glen's 30-year-old daughter ashley posted this photo holding her dad's hand. the caption, i owe him everything i am and everything i ever will be. glen will certainly be missed. moving on to another music legend that we lost, george michael. his ex-boy friend is going on the record talking to kevin frazier ♪ got to have faith >> how hard was it to lose george? >> you know, very hard. at first you are in shock. >> kenny goss had a 13 year relationship with the singer. they first met in the '90s in los angeles. he asked me out. the first couple of days he said he didn't know if i was gay or not. >> it was a major moment when
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george curbed about kenny on oprah. >> i'm talking as though i live with a man i love dearly. i have more love and sentences depth and security in my life than i could ever have dreamed of. >> what was it like knowing george was announcing his love to you for the world. >> incredible. >> george wrote the song "amazing." ♪ i think it's amazing >> all the songs when you hear them now, what do you think? >> reminds me of him. >> what? >> what i love so much. how sweet he was ♪ easy, your heart is on the line ♪ >> they split in 2009, reportedly because the singer's problems with drugs and alcohol tore them apart. >> would there be any chance you and george would have gotten back together? >> i don't think so.
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♪ i don't want to learn to hold you ♪ >> george's legacy lives on both through his music and the philanthropy. he's receiving the elizabeth taylor a word. he was the largest individual donor. >> why didn't he want people to know he was giving all this money? >> he just liked to do things behind the scenes. >> up next -- the moment that shut down bachelor in paradise. >> cut it. cut it. >> plus, bachelorette rachel with her new fiance. why is she venting about the runner up. >> then our channing tatum exclusive on the road and missing his daughter. exclusive on the road and missing his daughter. plus, why the 4-year-old isn't having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. exclusive on the road and missing his daughter. plus, why the 4-year-old isn't it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation
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see footage of corrin and demario on bachelor in paradise right before they were temporarily shut down. what really happened in that pool? well, here's the new video. >> let me see it. >> pool time. >> she's in the pool. >> this is 30 minutes into paradise, corrin and demario are already having a blast. >> the new paradise promo shows corrin and demario were fully clothed. he tells e.t., i'm glad footage of that day has been shown. i've stuck to my truth saying, roll the tape. >> will you come here? >> yes. >> corrin is getting pulled away, demario is being pulled away. >> shut it down. >> this was not a black and white, cut and dry issue. it's really -- there's a lot of layers to it. i was there. i went through it and it was confusing. it needs to all play out. >> are corrin and demario okay?
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all we know is we aren't filming. >> filming resumed. you'd think it forced it to tone down. >> just look. the drinking, hookup, tears and drama prove otherwise. >> jasmine's like a t. rex that's taken viagra. these guys have to be careful because they might get their [ bleep ] off. >> that aired this week. rachel got herself a new fiance. talking about brian. we're with the couple in new york and told us while rachel was clearly smitten with brian, you could feel tension with her breakup with peter. >> i knew what i wanted to say. i didn't hold back. >> rachel and peter had one of the most intense backups. she cut him loose after he admitted he wasn't ready to propose. >> it was gutt wrenching.
9:18 pm
tearful, they exchanged i love yous. >> peter said he wanted to be with her forever but wasn't ready to propose. rachel tells me she felt manipulated. >> he was giving me enough to keep me and string mea long. >> the exs saw each other for the first time in three months in a tense exchange that had people fired up. >> do you think he was a different person? >> people saw a different side of him they aren't going to accept. >> the man told me i was going to have a mediocre life if i wasn't with him. >> my best life. >> oh, 100%. it felt great. >> peter is a fan favorite but rachel seemingly tried to squash that on live tv. >> the show i don't think is for everyone. >> peter can do no wrong. i feel like i wasn't hard, i was
9:19 pm
direct. >> rachel told us she and peter exchanged a quick good-bye during the live finale. she and brian are moving forward. she wants three, he wants four. no big deal, they have plenty of time to work it out. >> coming up, channing tatum's tennessee takeover. why he only told us about the road trip and the fans he's meeting along the way. >> she is going to be my date tonight. >> 98 degrees big announcement and how adam lev
9:20 pm
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monday on e.t., chris pratt after the split. his very public appearance. >> seems so unreal. >> new details on what went wrong between him and anna farris. the funniest family. why the blackhawks have new reason to celebrate?
9:22 pm
monday on e.t. >> in car. >> yeah, we've got a plan to get you out. >> come on, man, only daniel craig can make prison strikes look cool. it's by the owner of the oceans franchise. channing also kind of hijacked the potential with special screening in knoxville. >> who came up with that idea, to take this on the road? >> i think we've always been thinking of it. >> i love doing the junk when you sit in the room and people come in and out. it's fun. go back in and just do it along the way. >> one of the stops on channing's road trips to tennessee is at a north carolina. >> i was afraid she was going to get fired if i stayed any
9:23 pm
longer. i was like, what the hell. fanning money around. >> i love her, man. >> i'll spread the word! >> if it wasn't for jenna, i would marry bea tres. >> 4-year-old daughter eberle skipped the road trip. >> how do you keep up with snem. >> i have a complicated relationship. >> it's a mix and more. >> showing me motor speed. the money. >> in the new comedy daniel king does it. think nascar meets oceans 11. >> she hasn't seen this movie yet. you can't be mad at her for seeing everything i do. >> he's not impressed by -- >> my hard is there. it's the best. it's a good, humbling
9:24 pm
experience. i can promise you. i've never worked so hard to make a girl like me. please, please, please love me. please just love me. >> man, channing is on a role these days. he also has a new project streaming on amazon. it's a spoof of the 1980s buddy top show. if you want a bast from the plast, 98 degrees is back. the boys got a new project but it's soemd and wanted to know the newest thing on nicholas shay's advice. on daddy duty ♪ i do share with you >> congratulations with the baby. >> thank you. >> how are the two older ones coping. >> my oldest hugs even a little too zbliet would you do the reality thing with your family?
9:25 pm
>> no. no. when you have a family and your sole job is to look out for your kids. >> he has come a long way from his early days on "newlyweds." it shows the evolution. all of the guys from 98 degrees went from 40 to men. mayor of cincinnati. jeff has a show men of the streets. >> are any of your kids musically inclined? >> unfortunately, yes, yes. >> i was in it for medicine, maybe, law. my daughter is transitioning to become a model. trying to stand back as an experienced person in the business is tough ♪ it's the hardest thing i'll ever have to do. >> 28 years after their debut 98 degrees will release a new
9:26 pm
holiday album. >> having your whole family on the road is distracting. >> you don't want to say your fans are a distraction. >> you're short changing the fans or you're short changing bo bo both. dad father to dusty rose. they're going to start their 13 ths season. adam and blake shelton will be back together. blake found out their bromance could be in jeopardy thanks to a jonas brother. ♪ ♪ >> why did you select joe as your mentor for the season? >> look at him. he's a beautiful man. >> purely challenged. >> i love this dude. i've loved him for a long time.
9:27 pm
he's great. >> joe knows a thing or two about instant fame they may be facing. >> jonas brothers, kevin, nick, everybody, i'm joe. >> the joe bros were barely known '06 when there were scenes like this -- >> sold out arenas, concert movie and screaming fans. >> do you think you could have made it on the show? >> hell yeah. >> i would like to believe so. it's one of those things, there are so many scary things. you cross your fingers and say, i think i can do it. what they're going through is really intense. >> joe and his current band performed on "the voice" in may but he and adam were hanging back in the day, too. >> we bumped into each ear 100 times. we see them everywhere. ♪ ♪
9:28 pm
>> bowling alley, a prince concert. award shows. >> brins shows, bowling alleys. unusual places. still to come, the jealousy, the tabloid inside anna farris's new book. >> then ray romano from sitcom dad to tv tough guy. we're behind the scenes on his wild new role. >> six weeks notice if i have to take my shirt off so i can make push ups. >> owe lay eyes, deep, hydrating gel. for better hydration and your best look yet. owe lay eye collection. ageless.
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, country giant glenn campbell passed away after a battle with alzheimer's. campbell served 50 million
9:32 pm
albums. >> good songs, good melodies. >> the singer was 81 years old. next, number four, j law on the cover of "vogue" and talking about her one year relationship with her director boyfriend. she's 26, he's 48. j law said simply, we had energy. quickly adds, i had energy for him. i don't know how he felt about me. she describes darryn as an amazing father. he had a previous relationship with rachel vice. >> bachelor in the pool. corrin and demario. >> pool time. >> she's in the pool. this is 30 minutes into pair dies. corrin and demario are already having a blast. >> the new paradise promo shows corrin and demario were fully clothed at one point in the
9:33 pm
encounter. he says, i'm flat footed. he have' always said roll the tape. >> chris pratt and anna farris split. they mention their almost 5-year-old son in their statement. for his situation we want to keep him as private as we can. >> it's a circus. >> the public appearance will show up at 10:00 a.m. >> taylor swift testifies about an alleged groping incident. >> she called the alleged groping horrifying and shocking. she testified that former d.j. david mueller reached underneath her skirt during a photo op and that, quote, it was a definite grab. a very long grab. at one point mueller's attorney challenged taylor on whether she was certain it was mueller who groaned her. i know exactly who did this,
9:34 pm
this is a fact. this is what happened. i don't need you to grill me. this is what happened. >> go to egr. >> we dream about having a little bit of a farm one day. >> these are the work years. gravy years are to come. >> difficulty balancing career and family drive chris pratt and anna farris apart? anna felt the pressure of being a couple in hollywood to the tab bloits. it hasn't been published. >> i love it that i have a partner. >> anna's upcoming book "unqualified" was written before they announced their split. chris wrote the forward to the book saying, quote, she is fierce and very loyal. she rarely punishes people but when she does, it's powerful and
9:35 pm
terrifying. it's really over. >> entertainment weekly will send an early version of the books and criticizes what happens towards it. she wrote poemts and sent flowers to the set of mom every friday and showers her with unexpected gifts. >> she was married to actor ben indero. >> he has been the easiest person to have an on screen bromans is. he's so gregarious. she divorced her first one. the book's publisher confirms that anna writes, quote, when i met chris the most striking thing about him made him happy. farris admits sometimes being jealous of his female co-stars
9:36 pm
liken never lawrence. there's another reason the split was a surprise. they always spoke highly of each other. e.t. was there for a lot of those moments. >> he's my country boy. i'd like to keep him that way. >> i've heard people say -- he was from parks and recreation while she was known from the scary movie film. when he transformed his body, no one was more excited and honored. >> i'm thrilled to be here. i can't believe my sweet husband is a movie star. >> this year he returned as a guest star on anna's cnbc story. >> oh, god, that just makes it
9:37 pm
hotter. >> why aren't you wearing your weding room? >> i'm supposed to -- that's cool. >> the two seemed to have a lot in common. never met until they moved to l.a. both grew up with parents that battled ms. the two prayed for him while he was hospitalized in the niculescu. chr -- nicu. >> we have a beautiful son and try to appreciate the quieter times and spend quality time with each other. straight ahead, ray romano's big tv comeback with bigger hits. >> looks 4r50ik minutes. this is scary. >> plus, her tv return. >> how excited are you to do it? >> and new clues on how they're bringing john goodman's character back. >> he did? then he's a loud mouth comedian
9:38 pm
loved by stars. >> emmy nominee tol ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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they're not done yet. they still have to drill the bolt in your neck. >> there he is. many of us know ray romano from his role as raymond on everybody
9:41 pm
loves raymond. ray is coming back to tv. he gets to show his darker side with a wild new tough guy look. >> who's out for me? that guy? no. >> all right. stop it. i'll do this. >> i have to do this first of all. this takes 45 minutes. it's scary. it's a cross between ryan frazier and wolverine. >> yeah. yeah. >> in his upturned do steps into gene hackman. >> if i have a heart attack, i hope you know what to do. >> i've never been around to watch it. when i got the role, i was thinking, that's not going to be helpful. i like john tra vol at that. >> i'm no john travolta. >> yeah, you've got some big shoes to fill. >> it depends. >> chris is the extremely violent mop steer.
9:42 pm
he takes it to studio exec ray who is going to have to make the film or else. >> i would be in my own contest to do more. i want an s level. i want like a six-week notice if i have to take my shirt off. that should do it. >> now if you want to talk comedy, look no further than billy the ago ner has come the long way. what happens gone big time. tubing him on that. lots of big stars. >> you'll do this during the day and then what do you do at night? >> from steven bare, everyone wants to be part of the man on the street interviews. >> you're nominating in the same category as "saturday night
9:43 pm
live". i think we should beat them but we probably won't be. >> oh, no, you have enough awards! >> it's not reshersed, it's not staged. >> would you have sex with adele? >> yes. yes. >> good for you, that should be fun. >> he was starting out, it was joan rivers. >> don't text on the air. >> exactly. >> who are you, ryan seacrest? >> she would go to the producers and say, you have to have this guy on. they're like, who is he? now that you're the leader, i've done all of these shows. john was first. >> the 38-year-old hot commodity has a show about other people. >> this has been bottling up in me and i have a lot to say about how i sing and feel. >> they're going about it in the wrong ways. tavern on the green in central
9:44 pm
park. he'll be in the upcoming season, american horror stories. >> it's sexual. i'm not sure if people are prepared to see from me. i had a great time, having a great time and we'll get back to it. >> if it hits up on this, we'll recruit for billy on the street. sarah poultner doesn't go. >> dynasty is coming back with tv. >> this is so much better than i thought it would be. >> then is it okay to bring the tv star back from the dead? then the final cast members for scandal. >> i'll go home with you. i'm like, review it.
9:45 pm
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9:48 pm
ly an aguilera found out. >> oh, my god. >> what the hell are you doing here? who the hell are you doing here? >> this is not his parents' dynasty. >> what i've really found i can explain. once the number one show, blake carrington has backstabbing. now he's replaced by grant sho. >> i had never seen dynasty until i got this audition. the brand new thought i was, what did you think it was going to be? >> shoulder pads and a cat fight? >> junk. it is a little bit of junk but in a fun and complex way. >> tell them i'm there. >> you-2 is know for being over
9:49 pm
the top in kansas. >> this really good part is smackdown. expect more duck ducks in the remake. >> linda evans was blake's wife, crystal. she's now played by vampire diary star, natalie kelly. i have very big shoes to fill. >> it was set in denver, now it's in atlanta. it's originally graduated them. >> we'll assume martin is the first one. >> i'd say jump on board now. i say hop on board early, join your fan club and get ready. >> good. the show will premiere on cw in october. kick off with, yes, you guessed it.
9:50 pm
some things never change. >> also coming back to tv is roseanne, desperately staying bood buy back from the dead. >> call somebody. >> was it all a dream? we'll find out when "roseanne" returns. john goodman will be back. last week abc president says that, quote, i can't confirm dan is definitely still alive. it was something we talked about back in may. >> dan passed away the last episode. >> he did? her teenage daughter is there.
9:51 pm
>> there's something i want to talk to you about for a while now. i'm a talk show host. >> for a minute there i thought you were going to tell me you were gay. >> your only fear is you don't want to do a bad version, right? you don't want to damage what's been done. yeah, i think it would be amazing. [ applause ] >> all of the kids will be back for the revival including both of the actresses who played older sister. not confirmed yet is jaclyn. >> i can't believe he bought that whole bread. >> timing could be the issue. he'll be busy with season 11 of "the big bang theory." >> how excited are you to do it for them? >> it's exciting. >> and just to prove what's old is new again, they're planning
9:52 pm
to revive their practice. that is pretty amazing. over on abc this fall viola davis is back for another season with how to get away with murder. >> julia is going to join. >> we love working togd. genesis came to the set. buy just had a blast. >> parents of the 7-year-old have been working hard to do this. >> i can't tell you anything because i might lose my life. >> better to die than go to jail. >> it was great working with viola. we loved working together. this was the fifth or sixth collaboration. >> do you feel like you'll be running lines at home? >> i hate running lines. >> really?
9:53 pm
>> i hate running lines. i don't talk about word at aumt r home. >> now to another show. scandal it's teed up for the seventh and final season. >> it's over. >> while the cast is sworn to see krens si -- >> unfortunately, the prop i would take would be the dinos r dinosaur. >> oh, my goodness. they built me a beautiful new residence. inside i was like, this carpet is stunning. carrie said, that might go home with you when we're done with this. i was like, oh, that's a thing? >> well, scandal is saying good-bye, david is saying so you
9:54 pm
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title considerations brought to you by -- birthdays this weekend.
9:57 pm
casey affleck is 42. danny bonaducci, george hamilton is 78. which parenthood actor is dating his former co-star? peter franza. he and lauren graham have been dating since 2010. >> very public appearance. >> just seems so unreal. >> new details about what went wrong between him and anna farris. >> we're with tv's funniest family. >> let's go! >> why the cast has a new reason to celebrate. sunday on e.t. we are almost out of time this weekend but for all the late breaking hollywood news go to our website. before we go, check out the new video for his single "back to you -- he haase rakd up 22
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(jrs) tonight at ten: a state of emergency has been declared in virginia. fights breaking out at a white nationalist rally between demonstrators and counter protesters. then - a car rammed a crowd... killing one person... and injuring more than a dozen others. tongiht the streets of charlottesville are quiet -- but police remain on high alert. thanks for joining us i'm j-r stone. just in tonight -- the man police say rammed the crowd has been identified. this is a newly released photo of the suspect. he is 20-year-old james alex fields junior from ohio. we also have video


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