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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(pam) tonight at ten: tragedy in san jose... two children and a grandfather are dead... after a fire ripped through a mobile home. the flames broke out earlier today in the golden wheel mobile home park. tonight - we are learning more about the young victims. good evening i'm pam moore.(grant) and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson. right now -- investigators remain on scene -- looking into what started the fire. kron4's charles clifford is live on the scene. (grant) new tonight at ten: a tree trimmer seriously hurt after nearly falling into a wood chipper. it happened in napa. kron4's j-r stone is live tonight.. jr what do we know about the tree trimmer?
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we know his name jeremy booth and at last check he was here at this hospital in napa in critical conditon. he was taken here after this accident this afternoon. i do want to go some of the video here.this is a picture of jeremey booth. i'm told he's in his early 20's and has young children. witnesses tell me he was part of a three man crew taking a tree down. they were using ropes to take the high branches down and then booth was the man putting those branches into the wood chipper. at one point it appears he got tangled in a rope that went into the woodchipper and at least one of those ropes was pulling him towards the woodchipper. they eventually got the woodchipper to turn off but the ropes had been around his neck and i'm told he lost oxygen. he was
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in the loading area of the woodchipper when they got it stopped. witnesses say it was an awful situation and they won't forget the screams from one of the workers who was up in the tree.again, at last check jeremy booth was in critical condition here at queen of the valley medical center (pam) developing tonight: a stunning about- face from president
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trump who just yesterday condemned neo=nazis for the deadly violence in charlottesville. today, the president lashed out at what he called the 'alt=left' ... and defended some of the people who attended the rally. it was an extraordinary scene in the lobby of trump tower today.. the president doubling down on his controversial statement last weekend... that the alt=right supporters who rallied in charlottesville .... were only partially responsible for the deadly violence there.. all of this comes, as the bay area now gears up for alt- right protests. . "what about the alt-left, they came charging at what you say the alt-right. do they have any semblance of guilt? what about they came charging, clubs in hand, swinging clubs. do they have any problem? i think they do."he praised the torch=carrying marchers on friday night."not all of those people were neo-nazis, believe
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me. not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch. those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of the statue of robert e. lee." and he signalled his opposition to what he called an attempt to change history. "this week, it's robert e. lee. i noticed that stonewall jackson is coming down. i wonder is it george washington next week? is it thomas jefferson the week after? you know, you do really have to ask yourself where does it stop?"asked about the driver who killed a counter=protestor by driving into a crowd ... he refused to call it domestic terrorism."then you get into legal semantics. the driver of the car is a murderer. and what he did was a horrible, horrible inexcusable thing." the day began with this presidential retweet showing a c=n=n reporters being run down by a trump was
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quickly taken down ... but hours later, the president was unabashedly hostile to the network "wait a minute i'm not finished, i'm not finished, fake news. that was a horrible day. .. i will tell you something. i watched those very closely ... much more closely than you people watched it. and you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. and nobody wants to say it, but i will say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very very violent." (pam) new at ten: we talked to some local trump supporters... who are defending the president's comments. one supporter says, the president was correct in saying... that both sides are to blame for the violence in charlottesville.
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gas, flags and inflammatory statements, and asking to install a communist regime. they are both wrong. and that's what the president said. violence on both sides, ultra extremes wrong. the violence was instigated by these two extreme groups that didn't have a permit.">(pam) other trump supporters also mentioned the problem with the so called "alt-left"... bringing up the violent protests in berkeley during the planned speeches of ann coulter and milo yian-nop- oulos. (grant) continuing our team coverage. the bay area is bracing for two right wing rallies set to take place later this month. one... at san francisco's iconic crissy field. as kron4's dan kerman reports -- there is profound concern...the event will spiral out of control. sot no you are not welcome in san francisco, san francisco board of supervisors president london breed didn't mince any words when it comes to an alt-right rally scheduled for
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august 26th at crissy fieldsot london breed/sf board of supervisors president 12-22we will do everything we can to stop you from being in san francisco, we don't want to see our city torn apart because of the hate and the violence you continue to promote all over the country. at a news conference at city hall tuesday afternoon , breed along with the police chief and the mayor said they would be asking the u.s. park service to reevaluate a decision to allow a group to hold a so called freedom rally at crissy fieldsot ed lee/san francisco mayor 38-48we do not invite hate speech or hatred to come into our city and instigate hatred and potential violence.sot joey gibson/patriot prayer 49-54 violence is not the answer, its not the solution and a civil war is not what we want. joey gibson is a member of patriot prayer which is promoting the so called freedom rally. he says this is not a white supremicist rally says accusations to the contrary are lies. sotthis is a direct attack on our country an attack on free speechbut the mayor is standing firm.sot we do enjoy free speech but i suggest to you there is a difference between free speech and hate speech with the intent of causing must be distinguished in urban setting like san francisco.standup dan kerman/sf 133-143step 1 in
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stopping it is to send the us. park demanding they reevaluate the situation. the city has done that and is now awaiting response. at crissy field, dan kerman kron 4news. (grant) house minority leader from san francisco...nan cy pelosi put out this statement on the planned rally at crissy field: "i am deeply alarmed by the hateful and dangerous nature of the event, its timing so soon after the horrors in charlottesville, and the serious questions over whether the national park service is at all equipped to ensure public safety during a white supremacist rally."we must wonder, where is the decision to permit a white
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supremacist rally in a national park being made? at the national park service? in the department of the interior? or under guidance from the white house?" (grant) a day after that right wing rally in san francisco... another event is planned in berkeley. the east bay city has seen this before --- two protests earlier this year turned bloody. here's what it looked like the last two times conservative groups staged events in berkeley. weapons, shields, pepper spray punches both sides were violent. and after what happened saturday in charlottesville. berkeley police are getting ready...asking for assistance from berkeley businesses. telling them not to leave things on the streets that aren't bolted down. "no chairs or potted plants all that stuff turns into missiles after the fact " officers have put neighboring police departmetns on standby in case they need more law enforcement to contain the crowds. (pam) back to the story we
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told you about at the top of the hour. two children and a grandfather .. all killed in a fire in san jose. kron4's charles clifford is live on the scene with what happened .. charles? well, right now, we are inside the golden wheel mobile home park. this fire occurred just around the corner from where i'm standing but police still have the area closed off. we have confirmed that three people. . one male adult and two school aged children. . a boy and a girl have died in this fire. let's take a look at some video of the scene. this fire broke out around 1230 tuesday afternoon. when fire crews arrived on scene they found the home completely engulfed in flames. they described the fire as fast and dangerous. these mobile homes are made of lightweight material that burns very quickly. fire fighters were able to extinguish the fire by about 1 oclock. during a search of the home, two victims were found and then later in the afternoon a third victim was located. now, neighbors here in the park have been watching this sad scene unfold all afternoon. i spoke with a woman who has lived here for 16 years and
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she says she's now, the exact cause of this fire is still under investigation. the fire department and san jose police will be here through out the evening. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. now, the exact cause of this fire is still under investigation. witnesses have said they heard a pop or explostion just before the fire started. the fire department and san jose police will be here through out the evening. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. tuesday...low clouds that spread well inland overnight have mostly retreated to the coast, aside from across san francisco and around the monterey bay region. with this, temperatures are generally running a few degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. this slight warming trend is also a result of warming temperatures aloft as high pressure builds in from the west.
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(pam) coming up: the alameda county sheriff"s department re-tweets something from a white supremacist. tongiht -- we find out exactly how that mistake happened. (grant) then: shots fired outside a bay area burlington coat factory. tonight we hear from a witness who saw the scuffle that ended with a security guard opening fire. (pam) and next: tonight we sit down with the family of the local musician ..... killed while trying to stop a robbery. how they say.. someone could be trying to take advantage of the death of their loved one .
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(pam) a musician from oakland is being remembered tonight by his father ... his son was killed while chasing after his stolen laptop last week... that laptop had all of his songs... (grant) his father tells kron 4's justine waldman... his son lived for his music. and died trying to protect it. sot when you kill a person you kill his familyfacing the future without his son gene deporis reflects on the life of his boy 40 year old david deporis .nats musicthe singer- songwriter-storyteller was suddenly killed trying to protect what he loved most his music.sot and the irony is that the boy wrote a song called non-violent traveler. and that that traveler of mine that son of mine would die from violencein the middle of the day last week, while sitting at a cafe in temescal.someone stole the david's laptop.he ran after the robbergrabbing on to the side of the getaway car but was dragged to his death.nats of singningsome friends
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believe david's latest album was on the stolen laptop. prompting his reaction to run after it....sot it says he was dedicated to his music and he was brave as hella memorial is planned for september to honor the man, his father says was larger than, friend are trying to compile this music.a lifetime of art that they don't want lost with his death.they've started a campaign to raise money to make it available in one place.. from editing and producinghis recordings to share his voice with the world. nats signingsot i want to make dam sure that no one feels the pain that we are living with right nowgene was abroad when he got the life changing call his son was dead. he praises oakland police for their investigationbut no arrest have been made.sot anyone who practice violence should be taken off the streets /////sot my son died with incredible riches but he died way too soon.
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a nurse and mother of four... allowed to stay in the bay area one more day...will be deported tomorrow. people rallied around maria mendoza sanchez yesterday in
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oakland. sanchez and her husband have lived in the u-s for nearly 30 years. and for half that time they have faced deportation. their attorney says now they've exhausted all options. the couple will take their 12 year old son back to mexico. their three other children will stay here. (pam) the alameda county sheriff's department is apologizing.... after re- tweeting a video from a known white supremacist. deputy ray kelly says, it was all a big mistake. kelly re- tweeted a white supremacist news conference... while he was using the sheriff's official twitter account last night. he says, he was getting familiar with some of the white nationalist groups which may take part in an upcoming demonstration event in berkeley. the re-tweet was sent out to the office's 10-thousand twitter followers.
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think that this is a conspiracy that will think no matter what i say that i am a racist. i am not">(pam) kelly says, he had some trouble taking down the re- tweet.. it took about an hour to remove it. the sheriff's office says, it hopes that by coming forward and owning the mistake ... it will put everyone at ease. (grant)a live look outside... (pam) brittney has the forecast.. tuesday...low clouds that spread well inland overnight have mostly retreated to the coast, aside from across san francisco and around the monterey bay region. with this, temperatures are generally running a few degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. this
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slight warming trend is also a result of warming temperatures aloft as high pressure builds in from the west.
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(pam) the san francisco zoo has two, new black bear cubs ... they were rescued in alaska. this is video of the adorable bears. zoo officials say, the cubs were abandoned by their mother, about three months ago. the cubs were nursed back to health at the alaska zoo.. before coming to san francisco. the cubs new habitat includes a pool, natural vegetation and climbing structures. officials say, these are the first black bears to be at the zoo since 19-76. (grant) still ahead:you probably already know you are ánotá supposed to look at the upcoming solar eclipse.. but what about taking photos of it? new at ten: we find out if its safe to shoot it with your smartphone. (pam) but first..just
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weeks before their wedding a california couple discovers their venue has been doublebooked.. and you won't believe just how they found out.
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a crazy story out of sacramento county... a bride to be is stuck in a choatic situation when her wedding venue scheduled another event at the same location on the same day. reporter karma dickerson has the latest. -nat-candlesshe's got the centerpieces-nat-miscellaneous decorand 85 rsvps and counting...sot-kayla rathjen bride-already i've a stack of people expecting to show up at mcgarland ranch at 4pm and have a weddingbut with only 5 weeks til the big day... that wedding is now uncertain,
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after the bride saw this flyer, advertising a car show at the same date and location of her wedding.sot-rathjen - i instantly thought i was going to throw up,kayla rathjen and her fiancee travis watts originally signed a contract to be married september 10, 2016 at the mcfarland ranch in galt. she says they later changed the date to september 23 of this year.sot-rathjen - we're going to move our wedding date, does this work? she said yes i will mark it on my calendarbut the galt historical society... which runs the ranch claims not only did kayla never change the date, but she she was a no show for the 2016 booking, and they hadn't heard anything from her more than a year.sot- voice of scott malm/ attorney for galt area historical society- it appears there was some change in plan and the venue was not notifiedstandup- there are two places in question, the bride needs both sot-rathjen- the entrants of the car show want their cars in a certain area which is where i'm having my ceremony the historical society is letting the annual car show go forward on the 23rd. though the society's website and fliers for the show, list different dates.both parties
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agree the historical society.. staffed largely by volunteers has an informal way of managing their affairs sot-malm-the venue is rented quite frequently.. it's quite meticulous done by handsot- rathjen- she's super old school that's why kayla says she changed her contract with the historical society as opposed to by email and text' creating a paper trail as she did with her other wedding vendors. though the parties don't agree on what went wrong, the attorney for the historical society says they want to try and make things right. sot-malm- they would very much like to provide a way for her to have her wedding and make it as smooth as possiblebut kayla says their words don't match their deeds.sot-rathjen - to be hit with this five weeks before and have to change everything i don't think is fairin galt, karma dickerson. (grant) (wrath-jenn) rathjen says she has tried to look for another venue to accomodate 2-hundred guest within a months notice. (pam) coming up - new at
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ten: a warning about credit card skimmers at atm's.. the subtle signs to look out, so you don't become a victim. (grant) then:tonight we are hearing from the former google engineer fired after writing what some called a "sexist memo". how he says it was all blown way out of proportion. (pam) and next:we are live at burlington coat factory.. tonight - new details about the moments a security guard opened fire outside the store.
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i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. (pam) a frightening scene
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outside the burlington coat factory in san francisco. (grant) a private security guard there ended up firng his gun. kron four's spencer blake is live at the burlington coat factory. spencer, who was the guard shooting at? police say there was quite a scuffle between the guard and a man who was allegedly shoplifting.things didn't end well for either of them. the burlington coat factory on the corner of fifth street and howard closed more than six hours early tuesday afternoon. the gates in front of the main doors were locked, and crime scene tape was visible inside. people walkign by kept peeking in the window, or asking our
10:30 pm
kron four team what happened. "they say a security guard shot a suspected shoplifter. wow that's crazy. i've never heard of anything like that happening around here."s-f-p-d officers say when the guard caught on to a suspected shoplifter, the suspect started attacking him, beating him until the guard finally pulled out his gun and shot multiple can still see a blood stain on the ground of the front porch. "there was this other guy. he comes over and says, 'well, the security guard from burlington shot this guy for stealing a sweater.' and i said, 'are you serious?!' then when i finally got across the street i looked right over here and the guy is laying on the ground."just before three p-m there was quite a scene, as this hotel guest across the street captured from several stories up."so there was like all these police cars at one point there was like sirens and everything. there was like six police cars and an emt and i saw somebody being pulled out."police say both the guard and the suspect - a 32-year-old white man - went to the hospital.the suspect's gunshot wounds are not life- threatening.the guard had to
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get medical clearance so police could question investigators continued their work inside, the manager let employees out of the store individuallywhile curious people still tried in vain to go shopping. "i thought, 'what happened here?' i can't believe there was a shooting." burlington coat factory did not reopen on tuesday. police say the store should be back open tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) happening now: police are looking for three men who put a suspicious device onto an a-t-m ... in novato. these are surveillance photographs of the suspects. this happened on friday night at the "76" station on ignacio boulevard. the men installed the device onto the machine while attempting to distract the clerk. the clerk later discovered the device on the a-t-m, removed it and called police. (pam) this is a good reminder to be careful when using an a-t-m .. to make sure there is no device that could take your credit card
10:32 pm
information. here are some things you can do to avoid becoming the victim of a credit card skimmer. try not to use the outer gas pumps, and instead pick a pump in view of the clerk. never use a debit card. either pay with your credit card, or use cash if you can. scan for bluetooth devices when you go to the pump. if you see anything pop up with a long number, don't use it.... and notify a clerk at the station. (grant) counting down to the solar eclipse.... we are six days away. new tonight - we look into if it is safe to try and take photos of the eclipse with your smartphone. here is what nasa says: taking a photo of eclipse most likeley will not damage your smartphone... provided you are only take pictures for a short period of time. most phones come equipped with u-v filters to limit damage to your camera. although it may ánotá be safe for some of the more recent smartphones that use larger and faster lenses. we do have some
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tips to help you safely take a photo of the eclipse. make sure and wear certified eclipse viewing glasses while taking pictures... since you will likeley look up at the eclipse while pointing the camera at the sun. you should also cover you smartphone lens with a solar filter to get a clearer photo of the eclipse. you can actually use eclipse glasses for that too. and lastly - tap on the screen and hold your finger on the moon to lock the focus. .. (pam) and we are tracking the four zone forecast for eclipse night. i'm here in the weather center with chief metoeorologist brittney shipp. tuesday...low clouds that spread well inland overnight
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have mostly retreated to the coast, aside from across san francisco and around the monterey bay region. with this, temperatures are generally running a few degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. this slight warming trend is also a result of warming temperatures aloft as high pressure builds in from the west. (pam) you can watch the eclipse right here on kron 4. our morning show will have extended coverage on august 21st beginning at 10:00 a.m. we'll have cameras across the country and the bay area as the eclipse happens. (grant) in san francisco... a 22-year-old veteran from the police department was honored by fellow officers and the city for saving the life of a 66-year-old man.(grant) this is video of the ceremony. you can see officers marching down haight street to honor officer robert fung. fung is being credited for saving the life of a man who was having a
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heart attack during a steph curry event at kezar stadium last week. (grant) fung was given a special commendation from the city. he says he did what any other officer would do... but is honored to be recognized. coming upyou never called me about the bite (what are you taking about i never called you) you never called me (what are you talking about) your dog bit somebody lets not get the dog agitated )he did not bite anyone no he did not sir) i going to introduce you to san francisco police departments vicious and dangerous dog unit in the next edition of people behaving badly
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u.s. retail sales post biggest increase in seven months. u.s. retail sales recorded their biggest increase in seven months in july as consumers boosted purchases of motor vehicles and lifted discretionary spending, suggesting the economy continued to gain momentum early in the third quarter.
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retail sales for june and may also were revised higher, which should help to assuage concerns about consumer spending, but persistently sluggish wage growth has pushed americans to dip into their savings to fund spending. economists say wage growth has to pick up to sustain consumer spending. amazon issues refunds for unverified
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denny's your house.rries and cream pancakes are in the house. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. engineer who was fired from
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google for a controversial memo is defending himself tonight. james damore's manifesto stated there are fewer woman in tech jobs partly due to biological factors." he also criticized what he calls the company's "politcally correct monoculture." damore defended his memo in an interview with c-n-n.. (grant) google responded to damore's claims that the company is psychologically unsafe for conservatives by saying -- quote -- "an important part of our culture is lively debate. but like any workplace, that doesn't mean that anything goes."
10:44 pm
damore says he does not support the alt-right. he says he will most likely ánotá participate in an upcoming anti-google protest planned. (pam) tonight, five c-e-o's have left president trump's manufacturing council. that includes the c-e-o of bay area based- intel. all this follows the president's reaction to the violence in charlottesville by white supremacists. kron 4's washington correspondent alexandra limon has more from on the fiery feud between the president and the businessmen. pkgpresident trump fired back at ceos who annonced they're quitting his manufacturing councilthey're not taking their jobs seriously, as it pertains to this countrythe afl cio president said in a statement on twitter : i canno sit on a council for a president that tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism; i resign, effective immediately.ááscott paul -
10:45 pm
head of the alliance for american manufacturing tweeted.."i'm resignin gfrom the manufacturing jobs initiatiev because it's the right thing to do"he and the ceos of merck under armour and intel all chose to leave the council because of the president didn't immediately condemn the white supremacist gropus that led the violent rally in the streets of charlottesville.but the president has a differen take trump:07-:11 leave they're leaving out of embarrassment because they make their products elsewhere and ive been lecturing them about you have to bring it back to this country.alexandra limon (@alexlimonnews) 1:00-1:08 not everyone agrees that stepping down from the council is the best move.. even if you don't agree with everything president trump says and doesááárep. tom reed / new york 1:08-1:18so obviously, they chose to leave that table. from my perspective, they've lost an opportunity to influence the agenda.and some say in the end trump's feud with powerful ceos won't mattermichael cohen / interim director of political management 1:23-1:29it will become white noise, this is one of the things you've seen throughout the campaign and into the early months of the presidency. where he essentially attacks people and it's a one day blip and then it goes washington alexandra limon
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(grant) still reeliing from the violence in charlottesville.. congresswoman anna eshoo dropped by our kron 4 studios and talked to vicki liviakis. the interview actually got a little emotional.
10:47 pm
(grant) we've posted the full video with the congresswoman on our website. kron4-dot-com. tuesday...low clouds that spread well inland overnight have mostly retreated to the coast, aside from across san francisco and around the monterey bay region. with this, temperatures are generally running a few degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. this slight warming trend is also a result of warming temperatures aloft as high pressure builds in from the
10:48 pm
west. a's hosting the royals...boy with yellow mohawk haircut (a's color) 13,875 attendance top 8thmike moustakas one of 3 royals home runs in a 5-run the inning 8-4 royals (moustakas: from the west. from the west.
10:49 pm
a's hosting the royals...boy with yellow mohawk haircut (a's color) 13,875 attendance top 8thmike moustakas one of 3 royals home runs in a 5-run the inning 8-4 royals (moustakas: 35th home run) bottom 8th/ 8-6 royals bases loadedmatt joyce goes deep and off the "state farm" wall in left-center field all 3 runners score a bases-clearing triple for joyce 9-8 a's(joyce: 2 hits, 4 rbi)final: 10-8 a'skhris davis: 33rd home run the giants second of three games in miamigiancarlo stanton versus madison bumgaernerand stanton gets the best of him in the 3rd inning taking mad-bum way out
10:50 pm
to center stanton's 6th straight game with a home run (44) bumgarner didn't like the way stanton looked at his drive sraring him down all the way to 1st basetop 7th/ 4-4 tiedenard span singles through the hole carlos moncrief decides to test stanton's arm in right stanton throws the ball away at 3rd base and into the stands an extra base for moncrief who scores on the error 5-4 giants(span: 3 hirs, 2-run homer)final: 9-4 giantsbumgarner (3-5): 6 ip, 9 hits, 4 runs stanton cleared waivers today and can now be traded the raiders back at camp in napa todayderek carr doing a little stretchingkhalil mack dancing to "bank account" by 21-savagecarr didn't play the
10:51 pm
first pre-season game but should expect a little action saturday in oaklandbut the big story remains. marshawn lynch who sat on a water cooler during the national anthem in saturday's pre- season openertight end jared cook says i'm with marshawn! (sot: jared cook) "i'm proud of him. i think it's awesome that he did it. everybody has a voice, especially with what happened in charlottesville the night before. i think it's important for men in our profession to step up and speak. guys like colin kaepernick have become my favorite football player because of it." the 49ers in santa clarabrian hoyer only threw 4 passes last friday may get more time
10:52 pm
at home this saturdaybut the big storykatie sowers was a coaching intern with the 49ers this off-season the niners want her to stay on as a full-time assistant becoming the 2nd women to be a full-time nfl coachshe was also an intern for kyle shanhan in atlanta the coach talked about her today(sot: shanahan) "she did a really good job for us in atlanta. she's done a real good job here. she's a hard worker. you don't even notice her because she just goes to work and does what's asked and because of that she's someone we would like to keep around. we'd like her internship not to end. so, i guess that would mean full-time." for those who think nba payers like kevin durant and lebron james don't like each other these guys are all pretty friendly in fact here are durant james carmelo anthony and other nba players playing a pickup game all three are training at "the academy" in new york city described as "'black ops' training for nba elite" the location is evedently kept a secret
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in two- thousand and- one a san francisco resident by the name of diane whipple was attacked and killed by two dogs. after that... the s-f-p-d created a special unit .(pam) any and every dog attack, dog bite, or aggressive behavior case.. is turned over to this unit... to investigate. our stanley roberts got to spend some time with the unit .
10:57 pm
so mr bowling if i bring your dog in for a vicious and dangerous dog hearing to protect the citizens of the city and county of san francisco for the guy that was bit down masonic you'll come. i would like to introduce to the san francisco police department vicious and dangerous dog unit.i don't know why he bit do you know why he was being protective someone invaded my personal space like the sidewalk is clear and someone did not just walk by me they ran right up- right in my space and my dog got a little bit protective sir we'll come back here in a moment.. the city is san francisco is a very dog- friendly city but they have their limitations. there are several dog laws on the books i need to speak to doobies owner one is the leash law and doobie was off leash in golden gate park here is something you probably didn't know, the leash must be in your hand not tied to parking meters, trees or in this case a fire hydrant this dog named sunshine was tied to one on haight street whos dog is
10:58 pm
this? that's my dogand this dog was attached to his owners overalls again the dog must be on leash and the leash must be in the owners hand you are also required to have proof of registration, and shots if the dog is 4 months old and above. and if your dog has been accused of biting someone, that incident needs to go through the vicious and dangerous dog unit .this pitbull named bode was wanted by officer crockett when the owner saw him he instantly diverted his course to avoid a conversation but that didn't worki already went to court for that sir you never called me about the bite (what are you taking about i never called you) you never called me (what are you talking about your dog bit somebody lets not get the dog agitated (he did not bite anyone no he did not sir)he tore someone's t-shirt. the dog was also not neutered as required by san francisco health code . so they asked for the owners id so here's my id, why are you even doing this to me i already told you twice why are you harassing me officer crockett wants the owner to attend a hearing to
10:59 pm
determine if any restrictions would be place on the pit bull but he refused to sign the citations claiming he lives in sacramento im not getting my dog registered in san francisco i live in sacremento until a sergent arrived and told him if he can prove he lives in sacramento actually i'm homeless in sacremento . he eventually signed the ticket ive been looking for you dog for quite a few weeks this is the first time a tv news reporter has been allowed to follow the unit, the unit tries to educate dog owners of the basic law in hopes of cutting down on menencing or aggressive behavior in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant)a tree trimmer... in critical condition tonight after nearly falling into a wood chipper.i'm grant for steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. it happened in napa earlier today.kron 4's j.r stone talked with neighbors about what happened.
11:00 pm
we know his name jeremy booth and at last check he was here at this hospital in napa in critical conditon. he was taken here after this accident this afternoon. i do want to go some of the video here.this is a picture of jeremey booth. i'm told he's in his early 20's and has young children. witnesses tell me he was part of a three man crew taking a tree down. they were using ropes to take the high branches down and then booth was the man putting those branches into the wood chipper. at one point it appears he got tangled in a


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