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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 26, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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people who may not share its views. but feared violence and fled the city. speaking to reporters in pacifica instead. good evening, i'm justine waldman. i'm jr stone. kron four's spencer blake was there, and joins us live tonight from crissy fieldwhere this event was originally schedueled to take place. spencer, i know you spoke with organizers earlier today. are they admitting defeat? the thing joey gibson and his fellow organizers kept repeating was that they didn't want violence, but they worried there might have been violence here or at alamo square because the event had been billed as a white supremacist rally.organizers say that description of their group was wrong. after cancelling the patriot prayer rally in crissy field, then announcing a press conference in alamo square only to have it blocked off by
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police, joey gibson told reporters to meet him in pacifica for a quick press conference."we gotta be in, we gotta be out. basically all day that's what it's gonna be like - going from spot to spot, trying to hide from people who dress like ninjas. they run around, they wanna burn stuff down, they wanna commit violence."he was referring to antifa and 'by any means necessary,' or bamn, whom he thought might try to find his small group in pacifica and cause far as we could tell, counter- demonstrators never showed up. patriot prayer organizers say, though white supremacists have shown up at others of their rallies in the past, they denounce them, along with neo-nazis and the k-k-k."there is no way that i am a white supremacist. there's no way that i could support white supremacy. i can't imagine they would invite me."they say those racist groups - and other extremists -- have distracted from patriot prayer's overall message. gabriel silva ÷ organizer "our message has always been about unity. it's been about bringing together people on the left and on the right and creating a healthy environment for conversation."gibson says he supports peaceful demonstrations of all kinds, and cited peaceful marches
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he's seen done by thousands of liberals in portland.even at those events, he says it was just a handful of quote 'antifa punks or anarchists'w ho ruined the whole thing for everyone.though the rally didn't happen saturday, gibson traveled around to unannounced places throughout san francisco throughout the day to carry on his message."i really don't see this as a loss, i see this as an opportunity for america to wake up, to understand, okay? we can't let people silence others, especially when we have such a positive message." we asked them what their plans were for berkeley tomorrow. they didn't seem to want to get into that topic -- they kept emphasizing that that rally had also been canceled. live at crissy field in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. several counter-protests took place throughout san
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francisco. the mayor and police chief spoke earlier this evening. saying... people peacefully united to reject hate. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live at civic center plaza where a huge rally was held today. she joins us live now.. heremela.. you spoke to officials - and they seemed please there was no violence in the city today... (hermela aregawi) no, fortunately, police tell us there are no major incidents to report.there was one arrest for public intoxication, but besides that everyone was more or less on their best behavior. thousands showed up here at civic center holding signs like love is the way, resist hate.. and anti-kkk and fascism signs..a lot of people standing up against president trump as well blaming him for the division between the various groups that rallied today. mayor ed lee, spoke a short
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while ago.he said he was pleased with how police handled the day. and how everyone that showed up conducted themselves. they marched all throughout the city with that basic theme that we're going to resist hate. we're going to make sure our city is safe. and they marched for each other. they yelled and screamed for each other. and they made sure that the themes of love and compassion dominated over hate speech and inciting violence. (hermela aregawi)some people on the right have pointed the finger at the mayor and congresswoman nancy pelosi for exaggerating what people could expect from the alt-right groups here today.the mayor told us he didn't care about being accused of blowing things out of the proprtion. and that after what we saw in
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charlotesville.. his main priority was keeping people far, it looks like the city has accomplished that goal.coming up at 8:30, we'll here from people that marched today about reporting live in san francisco, aregawi, kron 4 news. (j.r.) our team coverage of today's demonstrations in san francisco continues now with kron four's philippe djegal. he covered the peace rally at civic center plaza and spoke to those who showed up. (philippe) among the crowd of thousands... hannah ayasse (aye-yes) from oakland... says the decision join the demonstration across the bridge at civic center plaza in san francisco was a no brainer. she wanted to publicly denounce hate and shared the day with her mother and friend.hannah ayasse/demonstrator- "i feel like its our responsibility right now to show up and be a body and be a peaceful protest against hate." she says she rejects the white nationalist message that not all races are equal.hannah ayasse/demonstrator- "i am multi-racial. i am hawaiian and white and i feel like as a white passing person, its my responsibility to reject that message." and, she wasn't alone. the crowd made up of both young and older.
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linda martin says she just got tired of watching peaceful demonstrations like this from a distance... and, wanted to share her voice too, in a discussion that has been marred by division.linda martin/demonstrator- "the hate, the bigotry, the lies. the fake news, the fake media. how else are we gonna know? who else are we gonna believe? can't believe the man in the white house." and, demonstrators say despite what happened in charlottesville... they felt safe at civic center plaza. there was a large police presence and it calmed the nerves.alicia mcclintic/demonstrator- "we are super thankful that they are here doing their job to protect the city."hannah ayasse/demonstrator- "i feel safe with all these people and i feel like we're protected here." and, fortunately, the event remained peaceful. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) there were counter protests at several different parts of san francisco today... from alamo square to the castro district. kron4's maureen kelly takes us there. police officers stand guard at barricades put up on the streets surrounding alamo
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square.the second choice location for the patriot prayer gathering, which was later scrapped. it left these two who wanted to counter protest with a humorous twist without a place to go.we're inviting all the neo-nazis to come down and do partake in a pillow fight. we think we can make both sides laugh that's the first step to bring everybody to bring everybody togetherno hate not in our town chanting no hate, not in our town a massive crowd of demonstators took to the streets of the castro before heading down to join the city sponsored rally at civic center. some carried rainbow man threw glitter. it's about our community today our love our joy our civil rights one woman i talked to said she didn't mind that the out of town nationalist group was a no show.i can't keep up with where where they are where they're going to be i'm happy to march with like- minded people regardless of what they're doingone splinter group of counterprotestors who had started around alamo square broke off and gathered at 24th and mission.someone
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burned president trump in efigy.others celebrated what they considered a successful day of was a total victory that's what we have the salsa going and the dancing we're all of right now we showed them we made them run away one man saying today's counterprotests were done in the spirit of san francisco's summer of love.maureen kelly kron4 news even though another right- wing rally planned in berkeley for tomorrow... was denied a permit. the city still spent today preparing for violence and demonstrations. tonight we are getting word that another organizer is calling on people to show up at martin luther king junior park...anyway. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live now in our newsroom. ella, you spoke with berkeley's mayor today. how is the city preparing? what did he have to say? first it was called off now it's said to be back on there is a lot of confusion revolving around the no
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marxism in america rally in berkeley - and despite the organizer assuring kron 4 the rally isn't intended to spark fights - the mayor has called on heavy police presence saying better safe than sorry. the city of berkeley gave away 20 thousand posters on saturday that read berkeley stands united against hate. the message was plastered across town in anticipation of possible violence at the martin luther king junior park where a rally titled "no to marxism in america" that was planned for sunday afternoon.a permit was not granted stating the organizer failed to arrange first aid and sanitation. and although the right wing rally was cancelled by one organizer -a second is now urging people to show up. so the city is preparing for the worst calling on help from police agencies across the east bay. sot: jesse arreguin, berkeley mayor// "berkeley stands for free speech but violence is not free speech and we need to do everything we can to respect people's constitutional rights but to prevent the kind of violent episodes we've seen in berkeley in previous events." it's violence like this seen
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at this protest turned riot back in april on the same field that is forcing the city to discourge people from gathering. although an organizer of "no marxism in america" amber cumming assures the rally was intended to speak against hatred and had nothing to do with white supremecy. sot: jesse arreguin, berkeley mayor// "what we've observed on social media is violent groups like the proud boys and their leaders have been advertising this event and encouraging people to come to berkeley." cummings told kron 4 news in an email "i cancelled this event to the public and plan on attending alone in the interest of safety. i am asking please no one come to my event. i thank you for your support but i do not want anyone here risking being hurt."but co-organizer ansen hatcher claims it's still on. so 24 hours in advance - an interfaith group gathered at mlk park to support a message of love and inclusion. sot:claire heinzelman, berkeley resident// "to clean out the bad energy from this space and leave good energy here for whatever is going to happen tomorrow because at this point we don't know what's going to happen."
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meanwhile nearby business owners we spoke with say they plan to remain open unless they see any sign of chaos. sot: hyo lee, business owner// "we're not sure yet but if things get crazy we will probably close tomorrow." across town a counter protest called "bay area rally against hate" is still set at uc berkeley's west crescent for 10:30 sunday morning. uc berkeley police discourage people from attending but say if you still go to leave backpacks, weapons, glass bottles and a long list of dozens of other items behind or they will cite and arrest. you can check out the complete list on kron 4 dot in the news room ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) the best way to stay on top of this story is through our website kron four dot com. we will send you breaking news push alerts directly to your phone. just like we did today to keeo you informed. and - don't forget you can download the kron four mobile app for free in the app store and google play store. (justine)record heat today.(jr
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stone)lawrence karnow has a first look at the forecast. lawrence karnow: in the bay area hot weather has returned to many areas away from the coast. triple digits were common in many of the valleys. heat warnings are now posted until monday for most inland locations. high pressure will keep skies mostly clear tonight except for some patchy dense fog at the coast. overnight lows will also stay very warm in the valleys and over the mountains with some lows in the 70s. tomorrow will be hot again here and around the state. temperatures over 100 degrees will be common away from the coast. coming up at eight. one person is dead as tropical storm harvey pounds down on texas. we'll have a closer look at the damage.. plus new details on president trump's ban on transgender people in the
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military. and we will have continued coverage of the rallies in san francisco following a patriot prayer gathering in pacifica. .. another live report is at 830. stay with us. stay with us. at at&t, we believe in access. stay with us. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (justine) what was..
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hurricane harvey claimed the life of one person.... the storm is brining torrential rain to texas. even as it has been downgraded to a
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tropical storm... (j.r.) catastrophic and life- threatening flooding is now a major concern for a system that is still hitting texas hard. more than 22 inches of rain is forecasted to flood parts of texasthis as harvey weakens in strength and stalls over the lone star state.houston remains a big concern as the city typically begins to flood after just two or three inches of rain.hundreds of thousands of people along the texas gulf coast have no power... 130 mile per hour winds have uprooted trees, tore houses apart and destroyed entire buildings. streets in those areas are littered with debris. wide spread devastation is being reported by the mayor of rockport whoadvised residents riding out this storm to write their name and social security numbers on their forearms to help first responders should they need to identify a body. the texas governor spoke on
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saturday."we have focused on and working with and supporting evacuees especially from around the corpus christi area. still the most important thing that all texans can do that is affected by the storm is to put your life and the protection of your life first and foremost."people are being urged to stay off the roads and seek shelter before the expected flooding.president donald trump has issued a major disaster declaration and plans on traveling to texas next week to assess the damage. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. lawrence karnow: harvey made landfall but the devastation will likely continjue for many
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days. you can see the circulation around the center of what is now tropical storm harvey. it will likely weaken but the moisture will remain dropping epic amounts of rain with some places seeing as much as 40 inches. more flooding and devastation is likely. in the bay area hot weather has returned to many areas away from the coast. triple digits were common in many of the valleys. heat warnings are now posted until monday for most inland locations. high pressure will keep skies mostly clear tonight except for some patchy dense fog at the coast. overnight lows will also stay very warm in the valleys and over the mountains with some lows in the 70s. tomorrow will be hot again here and around the state. temperatures over
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100 degrees will be common away from the coast. around the bay there will be a big difference in highs from the coast to the valleys. highs at the beaches tomorrow will be in the 60s and the 70s at the coast, 80s and 90s around the bay, and 90s and 100s inland. it will remain hot for the week ahead although it will likely cool toward midweek before warming up again next weekend.
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coming up. we'll hear from more demonstrators who came out to civic center to rally in san francisco this afternoon. coming upin case you haven't notices all the kids walking around with backpacks and crossing guards. that's because school is back in session .. i spend some time in broadmoor village where some people kinda forgot that small detail ill explain in the next edition of i got caught (behaving badly?) behaving in a way i shouldn't have been wait what? people behaving badly
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school is back in session... so paying attention while driving in school zones... is that much more important....(justine) but there are rule breakers... and stanley roberts found them. she's rushing me that's why, (she's rushing you) yea because she doesn't want to be late yes it was a case of the daughter rushing the mother who ended up getting stuck in a yellow crosswalk while officer mckenna from the broadmoor village police department do you know why i stopped you? no? did you see the crosswalk you realize you were blocking the crosswalk correct and on tip of that your right brake lite is out and your plate is also altered? in case you haven't noticed this sam trans bus says it all, schools open drive carefully this is not the first time i have been to this
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intersection.. earlier in the week, i noticed there was a huge problem with people blocking the intersection and the crosswalk so i came back. stanley roberts you're the man (thank you) also, a police officer from the town of colma police department stopped by to assist morning how are you doing school time is bad but not as bad as at night now back to the first driver, while the officer mckenna was talking to the parent you gonna be late to school alright you can walk to school if you want she's going to be here for a second yes, school is only a few blocks away so off she goes.. this particular intersection at 87th and village lane according to maryanne the crossing guard is dangerous but a few blocks away at 87th and maddux drivehey stop drivers are ignoring the stop sign and stopping in the yellow crosswalk and in case you didn't know a yellow crosswalk signifies you are in a school zone do you know why i pulled you over (i stopped to short) yea you stopped too
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short when asked if she knew school was back in session, she stated she doesn't have any kids and what about the stop sign i think i stopped, but it was too short now this driver over on hillside and hoffman i thinks it's safe the say the driver just didn't stop at all when approached she kinda knew what happened you know what im taking about i think i know what you're talking about i probably wasn't thinking so be extra careful now that school is in sessions or else you ming end up reciting those famous words i got caught (behaving badly) behaving in a way i shouldn't have semantics simple semantics im just citing you for not yielding to the pedestrians in the crosswalk in broadmoor stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com ... still ahead... we're hearing more from the patriot prayer organizers who ... cancelled their demonstration scheduled for today. and we're getting new details
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about president trump's ban on transgender people in the military.
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"i feel like it is our responsibility right now to show up and be a body in a peaceful protest against hate." (jr stone) huge crowds came out in san francisco responding to a "patriot prayer" rally that was cancelled today. civic center plaza filled with counter-protesters ... for an upbeat celebration of love and tolerance. (jr stone) now at 8:30... it was a busy day of protests. thanks for joining us i'm jr stone. (justine) and i am justine waldman. let's recap our top story tonight... police made only 1 arrest today in the alamo square for public intoxication. the "unite against hate" rally drew thousands of people at civic center plaza. people who joined the counter- protests at alamo square, the castro and the mission
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districts... all marched towards city hall. organizers with the "patriot prayer group" cancelled their rallies at crissy field and alamo square.. sighting safety concerns. ...instead speaking out in pacifica... "the way it was set up is that a lot of innocent people were going to get hurt. that's a fact. a bunch of supporters, a bunch of antifa, communists, normal liberals, would have all been missed together, it would've been a huge riot, ok? and it would have been a disaster - not just for the movement, but for san francisco, for the west coast, for the country."(justine) at crissy field, people from both sides appeared later in the day. they were separated by park police... and metal fences. but people cleared out quickly. let's go back live now to kron 4's hermela aregawi. she is live at civic center plaza. hermela, what were demonstrators saying at today's rally.? (hermela) (hermela)
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(jr stone) the best way to stay on top of this story is through our website kron four dot com. we will send you breaking news push alerts directly to your phone throughout tomorrow's rally in berkeley. you can download the kron four mobile app for free in the app store and google play store. (justine) it was hot in the bay area today.
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meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. lawrence karnow: harvey made landfall but the devastation will likely continjue for many days. you can see the circulation around the center of what is now tropical storm harvey. it will likely weaken but the moisture will remain dropping epic amounts of rain with some places seeing as much as 40 inches. more flooding and devastation is likely. in the bay area hot weather has returned to many areas away from the coast. triple digits were common in many of the valleys. heat warnings are now posted until
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monday for most inland locations. high pressure will keep skies mostly clear tonight except for some patchy dense fog at the coast. overnight lows will also stay very warm in the valleys and over the mountains with some lows in the 70s. tomorrow will be hot again here and around the state. temperatures over 100 degrees will be common away from the coast. around the bay there will be a big difference in highs from the coast to the valleys. highs at the beaches tomorrow will be in the 60s and the 70s at the coast, 80s and 90s around the bay, and 90s and 100s inland. it will remain hot for the week ahead although it will
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likely cool toward midweek before warming up again next weekend.
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(justine) we are now hearing from joe arpaio... after the president spared him from serving jail time. arpaio ..the former sheriff in maricopa county, arizona ..was found guilty in july of criminal contempt... for disregarding a court order in a racial profiling case. arpaio has contended the order was not clear and he didn't intend to violate it. arpaio was set to be sentenced in october. the 85-year- old..was looking at up to six months in jail. and he spoke out today about his pardon. (sot) (justine)"he's a big supporter of law enforcement. i know it came from his heart. two years ago i supported him first rally and i always said regardless of pardon or no pardon. i'll be with him till the end. and i say that. so i'm really happy with all the support i've received across the nation, arizona for this
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pardon. and i'll have more to speak out. let the true story come out about the use of the judicial system in politics." (justine) in a statement released by the white house, president trump says arpaio was a worthy candidate for a presidential pardon because of his "more than 50-years of admirable service to our nation." (jr stone) president trump has signed a directive- banning transgender troops from serving in the military. the new approach is based on formal guidance the pentagon expects to receive soon from the white house. the guidance - appears to be less rigid than the complete ban that the president announced last month in a tweet. he said the government "will not accept or allow" transgender individuals to serve "in any capacity" in the military. the official said the new guidance was expected to give the pentagon six months to determine circumstances in which openly transgender troops might be permitted to continue serving. the challenges rescue crews faced after a man was
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struck by lightning. we'll hear from that man after the break. why a woman says she is no hero after she rushed in to help a pennsylvania family .. badly injred in a car accident.
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in pennsylvania-- a family of seven was hit by a car --now police are trying to figure out why the driver crashed into the family. all seven were taken to the hospital. five children, including an infant and two adults were critically hurt. according to police -- the family was walking down the road in the afternoon... when a woman in her 50's, swerved into them. the driver was taken to the rice township police department... and is cooperating with authorities. a doctor heard the crash near her home and responded to the victims immediately dr. annette mann: "started triaging everybody and assessing who was the one who
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needed my help the most and that was the infant. i managed to get her stabilized. when i was able to open her airway up and she took that breath, nobody was happier than me." (jr stone) doctor mann says she doesn't see herself as a hero, just one of the many first responders who were near the crash. hospital officials say two of the children were treated and released. all the others remain hospitalized with one of the adults in serious condition. (justine) a man was hit by lightning while hiking in the sierra. the man was burned --- but he survived. reporter ali wolf show us the efforts taken by emergency responders... to get the hiker out of the remote area.
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their shoes and thats what happened here"chp air operations rescued mathias steinhuber tuesday..after a bolt of lightning left the austrian hiker burned and bloodied in the sierra. steinhuber calls it "like a dream"...(nat)"they didnt use any rescue harness they actually landed right by him" chp officer david white calls it "crazy"(officer david white - flight officer paramedic chp) "whats really crazy is that he survived a lot of people that get hit by lightning dont survive"officer white says steinhuber was walking ahead of his girlfriend and friend on tinker knob tuesday.. when....(officer david white - flight officer paramedic chp) "all the sudden bang a big boom a big flash of light and they dont see him"chp medics used this helicopter to bring steinhuber to incredible story--with an unlikely outcome..and an important lesson about lightning in the mountains: (officer david white - flight officer paramedic chp)"its rare to get hit by lightning but when you travel up to the mountains to the mountains and theres thunder storms youve just really increased your chances" (justine) the hiker was taken to the u-c davis hospital burn center... and is listed in fair condition.
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he says he feel lucky that he survived.. and is grateful for the quick response from rescuers. you can party like it's 19-99 in this house just put on the market in michigan. how much money the 10 thousand square foot home straight out of the 90's is expected to go for.
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one ) if you were up early this morning... you may have noticed that facbook and instagram were not working. both social media platforms went down around six a-m our time. that's according to down-detector... a website that tracks real-time outages. users reported having trouble logging into their accounts, as well as posting, sharing or refreshing their feeds. facebook blamed an
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unspecified technical issue... it's still unclear what caused the problem. both platforms are back up and running. (justine ) a former nfl star who played a part in bay area sports history has now become an advocate for medical marijuana.(jr stone) kron4's maureen kelly caught up with former linebacker reggie williams... as he visited a san jose dispensary. are you a niner's fan.i'm a bronco fanoh you love this pictureformer cincinati bengal reggie williams is signing autographs of picture of what you might call some his greatest hits.including when he tackled joe superbowl 16 and 23. the reason this fan fest is happening inside a san jose medical pot shop is because he's also showing off the pure ratios cannabis patch that's helping him stay flexible and deal with the pain that he's in. the fact that he's walking on his own two legs instead of being in a wheelchair is something of a miracle considering his doctors wanted to amputate his right leg.and here's why. he's undergone 24 surgerys
8:45 pm
over the course of 28 years.both knees have been replaced.but most of his problems stemmed from a bone infection in his leg. ultimately 3 inches were eaten awaynow he has to wear a corrective shoe and .this is what his knee looks like now..he's used cannabis to wean himself off opiods.. opioids as a long-term strategy of the positive quality of life is a sewer williams will be speaking at the 420 games in san francisco tomorrow.he's now advocating that the nfl consider lifting it's ban on pot for it's players. not just as an answer to the opiod crisis. he says there's even a study suggesting that players that smoke pot suffer fewer problems linked to concussions. just last month the nfl reached out to the player's union to explore the potential use of pot for pain. if the nfl spent as much time investing in the health of their players as they do in designing new stadiums to extract mor emoney out of their fans then they will explore the port pros and cons effectively. there's no way they have all the answers that says they can appropriately ban players and ruin their lives because they're using marijuana if indeed marijuana might be the only thing that is helping players deal with the x concussive effects of
8:46 pm
the gamehe hopes to push the issue forward so one day that football players can use pot for their pain instead of pills. maureen kelly kron4 news (jr stone) a massachusetts mother of two won the 759- million dollar powerball jackpot wednesday night... she came forward thursday morning... and as reporter david bienick explains, she will not be going back to work on monday.(sot) surrounded by applause and the arm of the state treasurer... mavis wancyzk walked before cameras, still a little stunned.mavis wanczyk, powerball jackpot winner: "i had a pipe dream, and my pipe
8:47 pm
dream has finally come true." wancyzk was getting off work from her job at a hospital last night......when she checked numbers with a friend... who then told her she had them all.mavis wanczyk, powerball jackpot winner: "he goes, 'you just won!' i said, 'come on, please.' he said, 'sign that ticket now.'" at first -- lottery officials had mistakenly announced that the jackpot ticket was sold at a store in watertown.they later blamed human error.michael sweeney, ma lottery director: "i want this to be very crystal clear. i am personally apologizing."officials estimate wancyzk pay 20 to 24 million dollars in state income taxes......enough to buy 125 highway snowplows... or provide a year of schooling for more than 1,600 students. deb goldberg, massachusetts state treasurer:"mass will reap the benefit and as the treasurer of the commonwealth, that's very good news."wanczyk has already told her bosses at the hospital she's now retired. she plans to pay off her car... and figure out what's next.mavis wanczyk, powerball jackpot winner: "i'm going to go hide in my bed." (jr stone) that was david bienick reporting. wanczyk said she picked the numbers herself -- which were a combination of birthdays and other special numbers. lottery officials said she chose to take a lump sum
8:48 pm
payment of 336-million after taxes. (justine) considering how expensive bay area home prices are.. this will seem like a steal! you can buy a mansion in michigan ... as you don't mind stepping back in time when you walk in the front door. reporter syma chowdhry (sigh-ma chow- drie) visited the house the is still partying like it's 19-99. mark z/realtor"i feel like i went back in time. the colors are very unique. the decor is very unique."the 90's called -- they want their house back! mark z is the realtor selling this mansion in waterford and he was taken aback when he first walked in.mark z/realtor "shocked that the decor has not been updated from back in time when this was the style." he isn't surprised the listing is starting to viral...the house on forest bay drive boasts more than 10,000 square feet, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and this million dollar view.the various shades of pink, purple and turquoise travel from room to room.mark
8:49 pm
z/realtor"paint your home in neutral colors. this is the exact opposite of that spectrum."it's on sale for about $800,000 although it was appraised for $1.8 million. mark z/realtor"it's definitely going to be a harder sell because of the uniqueness of the colors and the decor." there are some cool features like a home theater.mark z/realtor"indoor, in-ground pool in the lower level, which is awesome. it's an open floor plan. there's a lot of great things, a lot of bedrooms, a lot baths."syma chowdhry/reporter"mark z says it could cost anywhere from $500,000 to a million to update the inside." mark z/realtor"for remodeling they say anywhere from $50-$100 a square foot, i think you could recoup maybe 25% of that."mark z has a guarantee to sell a home or he will buy it - but this is a short sale so that could be tricky.mark z/realtor "we would definitely purchase it for the price that we are listing it at but in this case, like i said, we need the bank to approve it, so it kind of ties our hands."but it's okay - he believes a buyer is out there!mark z/realtor"there is a home for everyone."
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the raiders starting lineup took on america's team. ((brian tease))
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(j.r.)we start tonight with the raidersssss. in dallas taking on the cowboys tonight in their third preseason game. and that is a nice site to see for raiders fans. pro bowl left tackle donald penn back after holding out for much of training camp. first quarterhandoff to deandre washington making moves and boom. 18 yard gain. then carr looking for his man. amari cooper. he's got it and he's got a first down. later in the drive.carr finding jalen richard (rishard). makes two guys miss and he's got a first down after a 13 yard gain. first play in the second quarter. raiders
8:54 pm
still driving. carr looking and finding cordarrelle patterson. that's a touchdown. raiders would miss the extra point. raiders actually go on to lose this game 24 to 20. the dallas scrubs scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. (j.r.)tonight is a big one in las vegas. fight night. it could turn out to be the biggest boxing paperview event of all time.conor own for his mma fighting is taking to the boxing ring against floyd money mayweather in his first professional boxing fight. mayweather is the heavy favorite here. word out of vegas is that a number of last minute bets came in today on conor mcgregor. if
8:55 pm
mcgregor won though.that could be huge for those who bet on him. get thisprojectio ns out there show that mayweather could take home a hundred million and mcgregor could take home 75 million. this being boxing.. you never know what is going to happen. we'll update you on this fight tonight at 10. (j.r.)the oakland a's in action out at the coliseum today.down two to one.the athletics go to work. chad pinder says get out of town. that ball is gone. a solo shot. that would tie the game at 2. then tied at 2 matt joyce.grounder up the middle. texas can't handle it. chapman would score. athletics take the lead. jed lowrie at the plate. he says i want in on the action too. base hit to center field. a run would score. oakland would keep things going. they
8:56 pm
take this game 8 to 3. a's back in action tomorrow against texas.
8:57 pm
my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our
8:58 pm
gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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♪ as katy perry takes the stage at the vmas -- ♪ >> is taylor stealing her thunder again? ♪ >> calling out her enemies, she's on blast. ♪ >> we cracked the code to her new song. >> then is kevin hart a cheater? >> hart, hart? >> how he's firing back at his ex-wife's new claims. plus, royal interviews unlike any you've ever seen. >> i wouldn't let it break me. >> for the first time, the princes fire back at the photographers who watched their mother die. >> she was very much still alive in the back seat. then? >> i got drunk, i'm on the floor. >> chrissy teigen's alcohol confession. >> i got blasted.


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