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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(pam) and i'm pam moore, in for vicki liviakis... millions of people still without power ... some areas are in desperate need of medical treatment... the white house insists ... it is providing all the necessary supplies and manpower - but some on the ground say, it is not enough. (grant) reporter omar jimenez is in puerto rico. the story of puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria is a population trying to piece back together their lives alongside a massive recovery effort.thursday though acting homeland security secretary elaine duke framed it a little differently.elaine duke, acting homeland security secretary: "i know it is really a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths that have taken place in such a devastating hurricane"but good news story isn't how san juan mayor carmen yulin cruz sees it at all.mayor carmen yulin cruz, san juan, puerto rico: "dammit this is not a good news story this is a people are dying story. this is a life or death story." /// this is a story of a devastation that continues to worsen because people are not getting food and water."
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friday, duke toured the island. elaine duke, acting homeland security secretary: "the situation here in puerto rico after the devastating hurricane is not satisfactory. but together we are getting there." president trump is expected to be there tuesday. pres. donald trump: ""these are great people. we want them to be safe and sound and secure and we will be there every day until that happens." three star general jeffrey buchanan is on the ground now leading the military's hurricane response in puerto ricoand says they have at least á10,000 people helping with relief but they need more. it's set to be a lengthy process while millions are without power and just as many if not more try to figure out what comes next.i'm omar jimenez reporting (pam) with parts of puerto rico still flooded, with power failures and communications outages ... business on the island has now
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become 'cash- only' ... people are in desperate need of buying food and supplies ... but the stores in the area cannot run any credit card machines, take phone payments or process any electronic government benefits. people are having to deal with long lines at the gas stations and banks... at the same time, fewer than half of banks are actually up and running... bank officials say, they are working on getting shipments of money to help in this situation... (grant) tonight, puerto ricans in the bay area are coming together to raise money for relief efforts.(pam) kron 4's hermela aregawi talked with people who have loved ones there.. she joins us now with their response... how are they feeling tonight hermela? everyone we talked to lives here.. but most of their family is in puerto rico.and as you can imagine, they're incredibly worriedtheres no power, no water.they're running out of food and the puerto rican community here is doing what they can do to help. the country is facing a long road to covery.and puerto
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ricans here in the bay area are paying close attention to the crisis. miguel miranda/family affected by hurricane mariathe past two weeks have been really really intense for us. and i know it's more intense for them because they're living it. but for us that we can't communicate barely to anybody on the island. it's been really really rough. hearing that people are starting to rob each other for gas, for water for food. tonight.. dozens of people gathered at the great american theater in san francsico.. for a fundraising concert put together by sf puerto rico. gretchen zegarra/family affected by hurricane maria luckily we're fortunate enough to have strong enough to have houses that withheld the storm but certainly the devestating that's all around them and the scarcity that people are seeing now is affecting all of us i think that have family on the island. it's really devastating to see in the year 2017 that something can hit our island and affect it so badly what makes matters most difficult.. no one knows when basic services will be restored. melissa dailey/family affected by hurricane mariathere's no communication or electricity. some barely have water so everything is very difficult. trying to see if people are okay if they need something. i mean you have to go there. you cannot get there. because if there are still roads they are blocked so everything is immensely challenging.
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(hermela aregawi) the group san francisco for puerto rico is the group san aregawi)(hermela challenging. (hermela aregawi) the group san francisco for puerto rico is holding a donation drive tomorrow.the are collecting emergency supplies they plan to send to the people of puerto rico.the event starts at 11 am and ends at 4 pm at jamtown on 4th street in oakland.pam and grantback to you a slight cooling trend expected into saturday as onshore flow increases across the area. breezy conditions will also persist into the weekend with temperatures at or slightly below seasonal averages heading into next week.
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(pam) we have much more on the crisis on puerto rico on our website kron4 dot com... and - don't forget you can download the new and improved kron four mobile app for free. and you can get breaking news push alerts sent straight to your phone. (grant) in palo alto... neighbors are shocked to find
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out about a violent attack in their quiet neighborhood... and tonight the search is on for two men who beat and robbed a woman. it happened around 11:00 wednesday night near bryant street and el dorado avenue. kron-4's charles clifford talked to people who live in the area---
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(grant) new at 9. a gym teacher is behind bars tonight police say he choked students with a jump rope at a fresno elementary school 64-year-old peter sam-hammer was arrested on four felony counts of child abuse. yesterday authorities received a report that students had suffered injuries
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during p.e. class at herndon barstow elementary. oficers say samhammer placed a rope around kids' necks and tightened it brifely.. before letting go. once at the scene officers spotted two children...ages nine and eleven...with red marks on their neck and shoulder areas. (grant) now to the north bay...and these are tense times for students, parents, teacehers and others at redwood high school in larkspur.(pam) two violent threats in two weeks ... and now... an arrest. a redwood student was arrested today ... for calling in last week's bomb therat... that turned out to be a hoax. police say, that student used a number masking program... when he left the phone message... hoping of course to conceal his identity. but investigators say, they have cracked the case and have the culprit... a 17-year old boy who lives in tiburon. meanwhile, as for the áshooting threat... written in a restroom stall yesterday... indicating there
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would be a shooting today... the superintendent decided to add police patrols on campus. (sot) (pam) most students showed up to students most students showed up to redwood today... saying, they talked about the situation with their parents, and made a family decision. (grant) one officer charged in the bay area police sex scandal.... appeared in court today... this case is one of several stemming from charges filed by the alameda county district attorney. initially, seven officers were charged - but some of those cases have been dismissed... and that has critics arguing, the whole issue was politically motivated... and not in the name of justice. kron-4's terisa estacio reports.
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(pam) health and human services secretary tom price has resigned. he has been under fire for spending hundreds- of -thousands of dollars in taxpayer money .... for trips on private jets. yesterday he said, he would pay back part of those travel expenses, writing a check for nearly 52-thousand- dollars. the white house says, president trump has accepted price's resignation. now, don j- wright- is expected to serve as acting secretary. meantime -- the white house says.. it is considering tougher oversight on the use of private planes. (pam) coming up... a chronic problem at camp pendleton in san diego... find out what was found floating in their drinking water... that got the camp in big trouble with the environmental protection agency...(grant) plus... governor brown trying to fix california's housing crisis... how the legislation could have an effect on the bay area. that story's coming up in a live report.(pam) and after the break.. a warning to homeowners in one east bay city neighborhood....
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we'll tell you which of the homes thieves are targeting. targeting. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone. (pam) a warning tonight
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for people trying to sell their homes - thieves may be targeting you. this, after a string of burglaries at homes which are up for sale in the east bay. these latest burglaries are happening in el cerrito ... the most recent one happened yesterday. kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to one of the burglary victims - about what was stolen... that is the value of tools burglars stole from mario vasquez, a general contractor working on this home for sale on terrace drive in el cerrito. he says burglars broke in to the vacant property and stole the tools back on monday. on thursday the house was hit again. this time the burglars took the staging furniture
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there have been at least 4-homes for sale burglarized in el cerrito in recent weeks. el cerrito police lt. steve boniniel cerrito police say if burgalries of fully furnished homes on the market continues, home sellers may have to rethink spending money on stagingvasquez says maybe it is time for home sellers to start installing surveillance cameras when staging propertiesel cerrito police have suspect descriptions in these recent burglaries. investigators are checking with police departments in the surrounding area for any possible el cerrito haaziq madyun kron4news
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(grant) happening today... governor brown came to san francisco -- arguably the center of the affordable housing crisis -- to sign a major package of 15 bills. but even he pointed out the new laws are just a drop in the bucket...of the overwhelming predicament.(pam) kron four's spencer blake is live in the city tonight.spencer, what are some of the new laws which will have the biggest effect in san francisco? from the expert opinions i gathered today, it's all about the money.a couple of these laws are either raising hundreds of millions of dollars - or starting the áprocess of getting more money from the state budgetto go towards affordable housing. just outside an affordable housing complexand with the skyline of a very áunaffordable city in the background, governor jerry brown signed 15 bills into law that housing experts sayare a good first step."this is an incredible moment. this is a moment that we've been working hard for for a very long time."
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amie fishman is the executive director of the non-profit housing association of northern california, and was there for the governor's signings.she says the laws she lobbied the hardest for over the past several yearswere s- b two and s-b three - the ones that start getting money funneled into affordable housing.the first one adds a 75-dollar document recording fee to real estate transactions, and could generate two hundred to three hundred million dollars a year that will then go towards affordable housing units."we know the solution to our problem, and it is that we need to invest in our housing infrastructure. we need to invest in homes that people can afford."s-b three ensures that a four-billion-dollar housing bond will appear on the ballot in november of next year, so that money is not yet guaranteed, but fishman feels good about the measure's chances."there's been momentum that's been building toward this moment and it's so clear how much of a priority this is for everyday californians." peter cohen, with the san francisco council of community housing organizations agrees s-b two and s-b three will be huge shots in the arm, but says cities still need to press for more revenue from the local level.he says san francisco has been doing that very well years.governor brown also says there's plenty more to be done, but acknowledged
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those who already worked to get the 15 bills through the legislature.the biggest bill signing that i've ever seen." some of the other bills help cut through the red tape that has been making it take so long for affordable housing to get built.coming up at ten, i'll explain what kind of authority one of the laws gives local governments...when it comes to new in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) a scary week for visitors at yosemite national park-- a series of rockslides killed one person and seriously injured two others. the park is now taking precautionary measures and closely monitoring el capitan - the site of those rockfalls. a climber fell today in the
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area... the injuries are unknown tonight. on wednesday, huge pieces of a massive rock.... killed 32- year old andrew foster of wales... and seriously injured his wife. to be on the safe side, roads inside yosemite valley were rerouted. some of the debris that landed on roadways has been cleared ... and caution signs have been posted. (grant) new tonight at nine: flames ripped through a docked commercial fishing and research ship earlier today... sending thick plumes of dark-gray smoke billowing over san diego bay. harbor police say the focus is now on minimizing damage to the bay. crews are trying to contain any contaminants that will come off of the boat so they can minimize the pollution problem. the cause of the fire is under investigation. no injuries were reported. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief joining us embarcadero... joining us
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now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... a slight cooling trend expected into saturday as onshore flow increases across the area. breezy conditions will also persist into the weekend with temperatures at or slightly below seasonal averages heading into next week. (grant) still ahead... how ikea is making it easier for you (grant) into next week.
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(grant) still ahead... how ikea is making it easier for you put their furniture together....(pam) and first it was target, then sonic and chipotle... coming up... the next big chain .. hit by hackers.... new tonight at ten.... a bay area community...rallying behind a star high school football player.carson pforsich was paralyzed in a diving accident last weekend.
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tonight his teammates honored their captain at tonight's game as he continues to recover in the hospital...that story tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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4 your money tonight.... add another company to the hack list.(pam) now whole foods is reporting a credit card breach .... that could affect its customers. the company says, hackers got access to credit card information for customers... at some of its in-store restaurants and tap rooms. investigators say, hackers targeted the machines where you swipe or insert your credit card. whole foods is not saying exactly which places were targeted or how many customers might be involved. the f-b-i has been contacted.. and is investigating. (grant) volkswagen is the
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world's largest car-maker...if you go by sales...despite its diesel emissions scandal. the company's already shelled out roughly 30 billion dollars to make good on the scandal. the german automaker admitted in 20-15 to rigging millions of diesel cars across the globe to cheat on emissions testing. the company agreed to buy back people's disel cars... or compensate owners who would rather have their vehicles fixed. prosecutors say volkswagen engineers knew as early as 2006 that their new diesel engine wouldn't be able to comply with regulations. (pam) the days of trying to figure out how to put together furniture from ikea.. could soon be in the past. the company is making moves ... so you don't have to assemble a sofa or bookcase by yourself. ikea announced yesterday, it is buying san
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francisco based task-rabbit. it is an on-demand services platform ... that lets users hire people to help the move, clean your house, or assemble furniture. the services will be offered in stores soon. task- rabbit will remain an independent company.. and stay based in san francisco. (pam) still ahead... new video out tonight of police detaining n-f-l star michael bennet. why they say, the arresting officer did nothing wrong...(grant) then, san francisco native o-j simpson will soon be released from jail in a matter of days.... what the hall of famer wants to eat and buy - once he's a free man. (pam) and after the break, a former santa clara county probation counselor ... makes her first court appearance... accused of sexually assaulting two teen boys.... the charges against her.. . next.
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(pam) now at 9:30... new details are emerging in the disturbing case of a south bay probation officer... accused of engaging in sex acts with two boys she was supposed to be looking after.(grant) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, tricia caparra... was in court to face allegations she had sex with the boys at least 23 times while they were encarcerated. rob fladeboe/san joae"....the probation officer whose alleged sexual misconduct was described by her superiors as appalling will likely remain behind bars for at least two
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weeks until she returns to court to enter a formal plea. no cameras were permitted inside department 23 this as she was arraigned but this is the mug shot of 36 year old tricia caparra of santa cruz. she was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of having sex with two under age boys at the james ranch juvenile detention facility in morgan hill. in a statement of facts, the district attorney says that caparra engaged in sex acts with one of the boys at least three times at and away from the ranch. she is alleged to have had sexual intercourse with the second victim, who was 18 and a ward of the court of the time, on at least 20 different occasions. here is deputy district attorney michael gilman.michael gilman/dep. dist. attorney "....the people are very concerned about this case because she she was in a position of trust and that by having relations with these two boys she violated that trust..."caparra is charged with 14 felonies, one for allegedly accessing probation department records to find out when one of the boys was due to be drug tested. the d.a. asked for bail to be set at a million dollars but the judge decided to set it at $655,000. the court also demanded that caparra forfeit her passport because she is considered a flight risk. in san jose rob fladeboe mron 4 news (pam) today we learned a rohnert park mom
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charged in a crash that killed her two daughters.... had drugs in her system at the time. alejandra hernandez- ruiz .... tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana... but not at levels considered to be impairing. she is now out of jail, after a judge approved her release to undergo treatment for cancer. hernandez- ruiz has 4 news fladeboe mron 4 news (pam) today we learned a rohnert park mom charged in a crash that killed her two daughters.... had drugs in her system at the time. alejandra hernandez- ruiz .... tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana... but not at levels considered to be impairing. she is now out of jail, after a judge approved her release to undergo treatment for cancer. hernandez- ruiz has pleaded not guilty to charges, including gross vehicular
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manslaughter and driving without a license. her two daughters drowned last august - after her car crashed into the petaluma river. hernandez- ruiz is not being charged ruiz is not being charged with d-u-i, but she is banned from driving, and is due back in court next month. (grant) in the south bay... one person is dead .... after a shooting at an apartment in san jose. police are investigating this as a possible home invasion robbery. it happened at around 8:30- last night... near the corner of elan village lane and village center drive. people who live in the area tell kron four ... crime has been on the rise recently. (grant) police have not released
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the identity of the victim. the motive is being investigated... and no information on the shooter has been released. police are on the hunt for suspects.. who they say attacked a dog with a baseball bat in fairfield. it happened yesterday afternoon on ohio street near virginia street. there, a witness says, he spotted three males in their 20's standing around a tan pit bull. one of the three men began swinging a bat and struck the dog on the head and body multiple times. the dog allegedly was chained by its collar to a fence so its hind legs were hanging above hind legs were hanging above the ground. police say, the trio then sped off in a 2005 chevrolet tahoe thre is a partial licence plate - starting with 'w-b-2-v'. (grant) o-j simpson's lawyer says, the former football star will live in florida after being released
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from a nevada prison. he could be out of prison as early as sunday. florida's attorney general has already taken action to prevent simpson from serving parole in florida. simpson served nine -years ... of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery. but, of course, it was a different criminal case that simpson is best known for. his trial for the murders of ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman... was known as "the trial of the century." the san francisco native was found not guilty, but the families of both victims remain convinced of his guilt. ron goldman's father fred... spoke recently about simpson's upcoming release. (grant) simpson's attonrey says,
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he wants to see his family and "enjoy the simple pleasures" of life... that includes eating seafood and steak, playing golf... and getting a new i-phone. (pam) the sheriff in las vegas is standing behind his officers who detained n-f-l star michael bennett last month. this is new footage of the august 26th incident...caught on surveillance video. the seattle seahawks player said police forced him to the ground at gunpoint and threatened to kill him because he is black. this after a report of gunshots at an after-hours club inside a casino hotel. sheriff joe lombardo says officers detained bennett because he was running away from the scene. the active shooter call in this case turned out to be false. authorities say, there is no evidence showing bennett was targeted because of his race. they also say, body-cam video shows.. officers did not hold a gun to bennett's head... as they say he claimed.
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(grant) still ahead... a distrubing and disgusting find at camp pendleton in san diego... what was found in the camp's water treatment system that landed them in hot water...(brittney wetaher tease)(gary sports tease)
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i consider myself a liberal, progressive person, but i politics in my football. i think this sunday we'll see similar to what we saw last night between green bay and chicago players locking arms during the national anthem. it's sending a message, but they are respecting the flag and the military. i've heard you tell that las vegas money grab story before. instead of knocking coaches, why did you take it?
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my mom gave me the drink. what am i suppose to do not drink it. plus i don't drink, not a big deal. why do you think jay-z turned down the nfl's offer to perform at the super bowl? jay-z doesn't bowl?at the super offer to perform down the nfl's jay-z turned why do you think why do you think jay-z turned down the nfl's offer to perform at the super bowl? jay-z doesn't need to perform at the super bowl gig. he's doing well enough in his life. by being anti- social, you're missing the
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real joy's of life.
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(grant) new tonight at nine: our stanley roberts exposes people behaving badly...and it seems 8 times out of's people breaking the law behind the wheel.(pam) but not tonight. have a look at a bold thief...who hit up a peninsula yoga studio...while a class was in session! outside alkalign studios in menlo park a lady enters carrying a starbuck's cup filled with water and lemon and a phone . oh and really large bagshe places her drink and phone on the counter and begins to workout no not the fitness kind of workout, it was more like the five finger workout i'll let the owner erin fill in the blanks we're a functional fitness studio we had a noon class going on the door was unlocked and out desk person was out sick, someone came in into our studio and basically started rifling through thingsthe big bag on her shoulder will soon be
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filled with yoga pants, and pretty much anything she could carry all under the watchful eye of this nest camera which the owner sent the recording to kron 4 nats: ambiance notice the white shirt hanging, she grabs it then poof. like magic it vanishes . then she grabs yet another item . then all of sudden poof that one vanishes too you can even see the empty hangers nats ambiance then there was the obligatory . duck and slip out of the camera frame.where she heads into this children playroom where there is no camera so where were the employees while all this was going on a staff member asked if we could help her and she said no i'll let you know if i need any help so we figured she was good not expecting here to stealing something. i'll let you know if i want something right here she grabs a pair of sock who steals socks . she basically goes for broke snagging 10 items from the store so what exactly did she take she took a bunch of fitness clothes she took a lot of our alkalign branded wear so maybe if you see someone wearing our logo that might be a tip .. she
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took everything from kids clothes to adult clothes here she is trying out a pair of yoga pants but they apparently don't fit she wasn't your typical snatch and run bandit who actually spent about 6 minutes in the studio before grabbing her water, phone, and stuffed bag our stuff is so cool people are stealing ithas been taking to everyone including other shop owners she hopes someone knows who she is . the only thing she didn't snag was the fidget spinners .. who doesn t like fidget spinners oh, we need to find her! in menlo park stanley roberts kron 4 news a slight cooling trend expected into saturday as onshore flow increases across the area. breezy conditions will also persist into the weekend with temperatures at or slightly below seasonal averages heading into next week.
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(grant) in san diego... camp
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pendleton will remain in the hot seat...after officials found rats and frogs in the water treatment systems.(grant) inspectors say dead and rotting rats and frogs were discovered in june. camp officials say that water is consumed by 55-thousand marines and their families. since then camp officials say the water is safe to drink. the environmental protection agency will continue observing and enforcing clean water regulations. (grant) now to the state of missouri... where a car accident almost took the life of a woman.(pam) the woman survived thanks to a missouri state trooper. now, the victim is finally meeting her hero. reporter ariel rothfield has the latest on this joyful reunion. latoya holmes: "i didn't think i was going to make it."on
9:51 pm
july 24th latoya holmes' life changed forever. now she's waiting for it to change once again.latoya holmes: "like so, so, long. i never thought i would see him again." specifically to meet this man- trooper david smith - on patrol the night of her accidentnat pop: nothing ? haven't seen anything yet. trooper david smith: "her car was probably a good 200 feet off the road and it was past a tree line so i don't think anyone would be able to see it in the daytime, let alone at night."nat pop: is she seeing that she could describe? any signage or anything like that? on the other end of the line? nat pop: negative. all she sees is black and grass. she's pinned underneath the vehicle dispatchers natalie copeland and jacob smith pinging the phone.nat pop: phone is pinging east of lone jack route f9 and x? 10-4 i am in that areanat pop: "i'm in that area. i'm going to turn my siren on. if you still have contact with her see if she can hear it."trooper david smith: i kind of just put myself in her shoes. that was the only thing i could think of at the time ."now- almost three months later ...natsthe two are meeting for the very first time.nats: you're so good. how are you feeling? ok. thank youlatoya holmes: "i
9:52 pm
love you so much. i will never ever forget you. you are always in my heart."latoya giving her hero first a hug and then a letter.nat pop: trooper and latoya meeting latoya holmes: "i just remember you yelling stop with the sparks, you got gas on her pants ."talking about the day that forever changed her life. and the first responders who will forever be in her heart natslatoya holmes: "you deserve a medal, everything, gold stars. i love you. you made it possible for this day." (grant) since the accident... latoya has already undergone six surgeries. she is scheduled for her seventh one in a couple of weeks.(pam) latoya has plans after her surgery to visit dispatchers once she feels a little better. (pam) coming up next... seattle seahawks players living a little on the áedgeá... literally... getting the chance to walk on the halo of the seattle space needle.... and the cameras were rolling... see their reaction next..
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some seattle seahawks players accepted a scary dare... at the city's iconic space needle. they were harnessed to the observation deck at the top of the tower... and then they had to walk the outside edge of the halo- which is 520 feet off the ground! some players were freaked out... but others even showed off a
9:56 pm
little bit. (grant) the stunt was part of a dare by a t-v station in the area... and if you're an adrenaline junkie... you can have a shot at the experience... but you can only do it if you contribute to the needle's cancer research fundraising effort... (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at 9.(vicki) but kron4 news in prime time continues.steve aveson is here with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 10. ((steve))that's right pam and at ten...a bay area community coming together for a high school football star paralyzed in a frightening diving accident.tonight he continues to recover...and is not giving up hope of walking his teammates and fans are honoring their first game since his injury.the heartwarming story...coming up in just
9:57 pm scary week for visitors at yosemite national park--a series of rock falls killed one person and seriously injured two others.the precautionary measures the park is now taking to keep visitors safe. ((steve))plus...we talks to puerto ricans here in the bay area raising money to help with the relief effort following hurricane maria.keep it right here...hour three of kron 4's primetime news starts in two minutes.
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(pam) new tonight: a bay area community coming together... showing support for a high school football star, left paralyzed during a day at the beach. we first told you about carson pforsich ... earlier this week on kron4 news at ten. the sebastapol senior injured his spine --- jumping into the water at bodega bay. hello i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson... when we talked to carson just days after his accident.. he was making some real progress towards a recovery.... and as kron4's ella sogominan shows us -- he has a whole lot of support behind him. there's been a lot of support for analy high school football
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captain carson pforsich after a swimming accident last sunday from visits at his hospital bedside to the football field friday night. (nats) players honored pforsich in a major game against marin catholic by wearing his name and number 13 written on their wrists and some across their forhead.sot: sam ballenger, carson's friend since third grade// "oh man it's been hard for us just trying to get through it this is the biggest game for us tonight too. so for that to happen for us it's just a heart breaker."his younger sister kelsey pforsich wore his jersey and stood in his place on the field for the coin toss.head coach james foster has trained pforsich for three years and says this is the first time he's dealt with a devastating injury for one of his players.....but says the tight knit team is now motiviated twice as hard to beat their rivals in their captain's honor.sot: james foster, head coach// "we actually brought the whole team to him at the hospital last night and he filmed a


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