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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 2, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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gunfire broke out from the 32nd floor, targeting 22,000 people in attendance at the route 91 harvest country music festival. today, a nation mourns what has become the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. [ rapid gunfire ] >> it could have been us. like, we thought we were going to get killed. >> reporter: "e.t." spoke are christina. she took this photo with jason aldean's pregnant wife brittany last night. they escaped unharmd. she witnessed many who did not. >> we saw a girl gt shot standing two feet away from us. she was completely covered in blood. and like her face was like, like bleeding. it was the most horrific scene i have ever seen. >> moments like this, the best word to describe it is shock. >> reporter: country duo big & rich played the festival just hours before. >> our hearts weep with all
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those who are lost. and music lovers out there fighting for their lives in hospitals right now. we're just praying with everything that we got. god be with all. >> reporter: today, the strip is in mourning. at least two major shows have been cancelled. and others this week with watching and waiting. as of now, celine dion's show is expected to go on tomorrow night. she posted this message, quote, praying for all the innocent victims and their families in las vegas. >> i still live with the fear and tragedy. >> reporter: after the may attack, c rks line said she was concerned about safety. >> we're taking as many precautions as possible. >> reporter: j. lo's shows are expected to resume saturday.
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she tweeted -- i heart las vegas. feeling so broken this morning. >> reporter: now, considering this shooting took place high above an outdoor venue, what's being done for future outdoor music festivals? >> concern is for a copy cat scenario. everybody should be alert and vigilant. ♪ you apologize >> reporter: a few major festivals are still going forward, including austin city limits, jay z, the red hot chili peppers. and many more are set to perform outside this weekend before expected crowds of 75,000. austin police are reviewing security plans. festival organizers were preparing already for tighter security. including restricting certain bags. the same week nld as that festival, the foo fighters and others will take the stage. >> if you hear shooting, run inside the nearest safe building where you can run, hide, take
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over the until a uniformed police officer tells you it's safe. >> reporter: today,'d sheeran's performance went on as scheduled for "trl's wts return. >> it's about loving you. there's not much else we can do, really. >> reporter: ed, at a loss for words. "trl's" d.j.khaled says he was shocked. >> i'm a father now. i'm praying. sending all my love to the families out there. hopefully, they can rise up and overcome this. >> reporter: new co-host tamara says they hope "trl" will be place of comfort for fans. >> it's where we're talking about music but real life events. ♪ i'm on my way >> reporter: the nypd says security in times square is beefed up.
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inside "trl" other measures are also in place. the new space, which spans an entire city block, will be equipped with metal dederkts. the movie industry is also affected. tonight, los angeles, the premier of "marshall" with kate hudson and sterling k. brown is canceled. there will be a private screening instead. nancy? >> hard to celebrate anything right now. and there is more sad and shocking news from the music world. this concerning rock icon tom petty. ♪ don't come around here no more ♪ >> reporter: the 66-year-old legend was found unconscious in full cardiac arrest sunday night at his malibu home. emts responded. he was rushed to the hospital and reportedly put on life support. ♪ it's all right if you love me it's all right if you don't ♪ >> reporter: tom and his band performed at the hollywood bowl just last week. telling the crowd it would be his final tour.
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earlier this year, he was honored by the recording academy as the music person of the year. >> i got into rock 'n' roll at age 10. i was collecting records. rock 'n' roll records. not rocks. it was rock 'n' roll. the roll designates a swing. ♪ now i'm free free falling now i'm free falling free falling ♪ >> reporter: a florida native, petty's first big hit came in the late '07s as the front man toto tom petty and the heartbraerks. he was thrilled to perform at big events. >> i'm having a hard time putting it into words. for people. there is something very special in the air today. >> reporter: a man consumed with his craft. he once told us being on the road and recording took up all of his time. >> i don't really have any hobbies. i don't collect, uh, things. most of my time, honestly, is consumed with music. trying to get -- just trying to get, you know, 15 songs done.
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15 songs written, or an album put together. very time-consuming. ♪ i won't back down >> our thoughts and prayers are with tom and his family and everyone in las vegas. the big story we thought we would be covering out of las vegas was the release of o.j. simpbson. >> i've been in nowhere usa for if last nine years doing nothing. nothing has changed in my life. what are you guys -- what do you expect? i mean, nothing's changed. >> reporter: nothing's changed? well, as of 12:08 local time this morning, simpson is a free man. that's a big change from the last nine years, serving time for a botched burglary and kidnapping in las vegas. leaving lovelock correctional center in northern nevada early in the morning to avoid publicity. an official told him don't come back. his response? i don't intend to.
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>> what to are you going to do? >> none of your business. >> reporter: this video was taken some five hours later at a gas station presumably on his way to las vegas where simpson intends to reside for now. >> juice. >> man, how in the world -- have y'all -- y'all stalking me? >> reporter: being stalked by paparazzi is something that simpson may have to get used to. >> please, can i have a break here? >> reporter: but his lawyer says that simpson will not become a recluse. >> he's not going to stop living his life. he's going to have a great time. just get back to all the things he's messed out on the. >> reporter: simpson now faces several restrictions, including five years of probation and limited alcohol consumption. >> nothing's changed. >> reporter: what about moving to florida to be with his now grown kids? >> they love their father. mr. simpson will be able to move to florida hen he chooses to. >> i think that camera will follow him for quite awhile. up next, kevin hart and his pregnant wife.
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out and revealing their baby's new name. then, prince harry and his girlfriend, meghan markle. where they packed on the pda in front of their mom. and ryan, eva, jay z, beyonce and more. all the gossip from inside the "snl" afterparty. and before tonight's "dancing with the stars," frankie muniz talks about his boy band obsession. >> honestly, i can name a song. he knows every move to the video.
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♪ that is kevin hart and his wife, eniko, heading into their safari-themed baby shower. the harts stood together. giving a united front despite the fact that they're still dealing with kevin's cheating scandal. >> when their baby boy arrives, he'll be named kenzo. >> there was a lot of romance
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newing this weekend. kicking off our couples "know & tell" a rare ryan and eva sighting. >> reporter: the notoriously private couple showed up to "snl's" afterparty holding hands. >> reporter: eva, looking gorgeous in a red patterned jumpsuit and platform heels, was celebrating ryan's hosting gig. >> my second time. it's the season premiere. [ cheers and applause ] jay z is here. ♪ i apologized enough for once in the ages ♪ >> reporter: jay z showed up after slaying it on stage. ♪ >> reporter: and supporting her hubby, beyonce rocked the bash in skin-tight spandex and high-wasted bell-bottoms. inside, she posed with a shocked leslie jones. >> yo, yo, yo. >> reporter: scarlett johansson dropped off her boyfriend, "weekend update's" colin jost, marking their first public appearance together. other stars partying it up at tao restaurant included diddy and guest star emma stone. but one no-show was ben affleck. his "snl" producer girlfriend lindsay shookus showed up to the party solo.
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and it was date night in toronto for prince harry and meghan markle. the couple was seen kissing and cuddling at the invictus games closing ceremony. and they shared the romantic moment in their luxury box with markle's mom, doria. and speaking of romantic, rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend hassan jameel enjoyed a late-night dinner in london. rihanna, all legs in a black miniskirt and boots, was seen leaving the chinese restaurant around 2:00 a.m. a good weekend for everybody. all right. still ahead, we go dancing with frankie muniz and his partny, whitney. how he's working his boy band obsession into tonight's performance. and luke bryan on "american idol" against blake shelton on "the voice." >> stick it to 'em. luke bryan is not cheap. he looks it. he's nout. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ go crazy crazy on you ♪ oh ♪ that sweet flowing love that is an exclusive look at 16-year-old mariah formica's crazy performance on "the voice." tonight, she gets all four
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judges to turn around. she has a lot of "heart." >> whoever gets her has the edge. blake always does. only online, we got his reaction to his buddy, luke bryan, joining "idol." ♪ hi don't you go ahead and break my heart ♪ >> i heard you sound-checking earlier. i heard gwen with you. i sure did. it's got the be nice. i see you come down here all the time with the boys. >> we have so much fun. i don't think you should be able to have that much fun. it's probably not legal in california. >> reporter: they've been together nearly two years. what was it like when the two first fell in love? >> we were just starting to hang out. together. and mess around. >> ooh, yeah. >> you know, texting and stuff is what i meant by missing around. >> uh huh. >> reporter: gwen joined blake at a concert celebrating his new
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restaurant and bar ole red in oklahoma. could they have productions of their own in the future. ♪ let's get right down to business ♪ >> reporter: do you see yourself having more kids? >> nice try. >> reporter: the kids clearly adore you. has that sparked a paternal instinct in you? >> i don't know. i think "the voice" sparked that in me if anything, and i have rolled with it. >> reporter: as for luke buy yan joining "idol" blake had a big hand in that. >> i'm sure the executives at abc are probably really pissed at me for what they had to pay to get him on the show. he's not cheap. he looks it. but he's not. >> oh, those two boys having so much fun. >> just to make it clear, we spoke with blake shelton before the tragedy in las vegas. though "the voice" was pretaped. they have added a message to the
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show that will acknowledge the tragedy tonight. meanwhile, "dancing with the stars" has canceled the press line tonight out of respect for the victims. the show will go on as scheduled. cameron mathison popped in on fra frankie rehearsals. >> frankie is obsessed with boy bands. >> i know every boy band. >> he knows every move. i can name a song, he can name every move. 'n sync's dirty pop. >> i have never danced in front of people. i never admitted i was a boy band fan. when i was 13, 14, all i wanted was to be in a boy band. >> does your girlfriend know this? >> she knows, when they come on, i'm bell belting them out. >> that's your guilty pleasure. and you're dancing two?
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>> 'n sync. it's gonna be me. ♪ it's gonna be me >> there's going to be a break down in the middle of the number. >> the members of'n sync are fans. >> whitney is only 23. she might not be that familiar. we're thinking this throwback would help. lance bass posted it in on nor of the 22nd anniversary of meeting the guys. he captioned it, my life would never be the same. >> live lonk friends who turned into family. speaking of family, it's the basis of ncbs' new comedy "9jkl," airing tonight. it stars mark feuerstein and is
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loosely based on his very close relationship with his mom and dad. >> mark. >> action. >> ah zpchlt. >> scary, huh? >> oh, mom. why? >> i spent eight years in new york shooting the show "royal pains." to save money, i lived in the apartment that my parents owned. >> i'm only staying here temporarily. >> oh, we'll see. >> my parents were in one apartment. i was right next door. every morning, my father would come in in his tightie-whities and say, mark, what do you want for breakfast? >> are you hungry? >> thirsty? >> cold? >> for 18 months, my brother, his wife, and baby were on the other side of me. >> don't mind me. i just came to get my breast milk from your fridge. >> reporter: in the show, mark plays a recently divorced actor. but in real life, the 46-year-old's happily married. his wife of 12 years, dana, is an executive producer on the show. >> it's been kind of amazing. maybe because we have already raised three children for 11 years that we understand what buttons not to push. >> reporter: elliott gould and linda lavin play mark's parents
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on screen. so how did his actual parents feel about being portrayed on tv? >> there's nothing mark is going to do that is going to embarrass us the. >> i love that it's about us. and it's so -- it's real but yet it's not real. >> really appreciate it. good night. >> i love that his parents are so deep in it. by the way, that interview with his parents was in their actual new york apartment where mark grew up. >> which make it even cooler. >> it does. it's a great, great show. >> we'll be right back. next on kron-4 news at
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eight:tragedy in las vegas.... nearly 60 people killed, more than 500 injured after a gunman opens fire during an outdoor music festival. ((steve))new details about the arsenal police recovered from the shooter's hotel room. standby for a live report from the las vegas strip.i'm steve avesoni'm catherine heenan
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the news -- at eight -- is next.
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you don't want to know what happens back here. >> cages? >> let me out! >> "e.t." is exclusive backstage. >> hey, it's your hot wife, tim. >> oh, i admit it. ♪ that's how you speak to a gigir girl ♪ >> it's your anniversary. >> i'll let you hang out with me. >> that's the best day ever. get to do that four-hour workout with you? no thank you. >> we're not perfect. just forgiven. promo considerations provided by -- tomorrow -- mila kunis,
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kristen bell. "e.t." is behind the scenes at bad mom's christmas. >> i come from communist russia where you're not allowed to have fun. >> why their kids won't get presents. >> we're instituting it this year. as we close, our thoughts and prayers to all the families in the las vegas shooting. >> we're going the lio leave yoh one of jason aldean's earliest hits. natit was like swirling gunfire natand it was just happening and happeningthe deadliest mass shooting in american history .... natthe suspect a 64 year old retired accountant with no history of violence ... something incredibly wrong happened to my brother."." (catherine) thank you for joining
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us i'm catherine heenan(steve) and i'm steve aveson. nearly 24 hours after the deadliest shooting in u-s history- police are revealing more about the mass murderer stephen is what we know 59 people are dead --- more than five hundred injured. after stephen paddock opened fire from the 32-nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. in the past hour -- police say the shooter had a cache of guns --- 42 in total. (catherine) tonight we have team coverage on the horrific massacre ...we start with omar jimenez live in las vegas. (steve)


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