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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 2, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thank you for joining us i'm catherine heenan(steve) and i'm steve aveson. nearly 24 hours after the deadliest shooting in u-s history- police are revealing more about the mass murderer stephen is what we know 59 people are dead --- more than five hundred injured. after stephen paddock opened fire from the 32-nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. in the past hour -- police say the shooter had a cache of guns --- 42 in total. (catherine) tonight we have team coverage on the horrific massacre ...we start with omar jimenez live in las vegas. (steve) (steve) so many questions
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surrounding a motive tonight. grant lodes joins me now...with some details on the shooter's background...and his stockpile of weapons.(grant) this was a well planned attack. and
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within the last 40 minutes we learned just how many guns steven paddock had. 42. 23 of them were with him in the hotel. 19 more were found today in his home in mesquite nevada, north-west of vegas. investigators have also been investigators have also been searching property he had in reno. he had a girlfriend who was in toyoko at the time... it's believed he acted alone. his brother in florida is stunned, beside himself. saying steven did not have any strong religious or political views.
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(catherine) there were more than 22-thousand people at the country music festival in las vegas. many of them - now sharing their stories. they're describing the horror of what they were seeing and hearing. (steve) here are some of their chilling accounts.
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this cop car. and i remember just gettin around this cop car and hearing bullets just whizzing, bouncing on the ground nearby. these girls were just screaming and crying, just covered in blood shaun hoff: " "it would not stop. it just kept going, and going, and going. that was the scariest thing - is like, i thought, 'this has to stop at any minute. this is a bad situation, but at least it's going to be over soon.' and it just wouldn't end. i think they said the shooting went on for five minutes. it felt like it was like 30 minutes. it was nuts.">(steve) there are many more there are (steve) there are many more stories of survival -- you can hear more from those who escaped at kron-4 dot com (catherine) there were emotional embraces at bay area airports today. as family members reunited with loved
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ones returning from las vegas. people - absolutely shocked and distraught over what they had seen... kron 4's justine waldman caught up with some of them as they arrived at oakland airport.that's where she is live for this part of our team coverage. justine? justine: i could tell the people coming from there, because they looked exhausted, frightened. some still crying as they got off the plane.pkg the hugs, just a little bit tighter and a little longer for loved ones coming home from deadly concert in las vegas. back in the bay area after what was supposed to be a fun weekend. that turned into the deadliest mass shooting in us history. ricky rosas sot seeing the performer stop playing take cover and then we realized it was real"sot it was crazy all of a sudden hearing fire crackers sot we realized after they were hitting the stage it was actual gunshotsnatsmany said the gun shots went on for what felt like forever. jennifer stroh sot someone said go go go run and we did and we started taking cover behind anything we couldall of them saw - a person shot, or a body on the ground.danny dominguez sot "there were a lot of people that got shot there was a guy with his arm, another with his head it was a nightmare a total nightmare" sot kevin desai "we ran all
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the way from mandalay bay to aria and we saw a guy shot in his chest"it is something they will never forget. at first in the front row, then running for their lives.nats i am shaking still we did not sleep much last night david fox / discovery bay sot people were hit right by us, chest face handbut in the face of evil, some signs of good.. and that is what they want to remember. shellie seyer discovery baysot people were picking up bodies and putting them in their trucks and taking them to the hospital it was amazing to see justine a lot of people returning from vegas did not want to talk about what they saw at the concert. some telling me they were not ready. like woman from modesto, who showed me her bruised and scratched arms, she says she got from jumping over a fence trying to run away from the bullets. she tells me, she will never go to las vegas again. live in oakland justine waldman kron 4 news.thank you so much,
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((steve))a bay areawoman who was attending the concert remains missing tonight after she and her husband and friends were separated during the shooting. (catherine)((dbl bx))kron's dan kerman's live in novato tonight with her story. dan? missing novato woman in vegas 100217 8pkg like many vinnie and stacee etcheber of novato and
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their friends were hoping for an enjoyable night of country music in las vegas but when gunfire broke out sunday night vinnie who is a san francisco police officer stayed behind to tend for the wounded and told his wife and their friends to run for cover. sothe told his wife and three other people he was with to
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protect themselves behind a scaffolding, and when the shots stop he told them to run for it. that's when he lost site of them, that's when they became separated.stacee etcheber and her friends then got separated.. and the novato mother of two has not been seen since sotit's very tough going right now, we don't know the status of my sister in law, it was complicated by the fact she did not bring her cell phone with her and that her i.d. was being held by my brother for safe keeping.kron 4 news spoke with stacee's brother in law al as he and friends headed to vegas to be with his brothersotit's heartbreaking to know someone can go out and do a horrific and tragic event like this. etcheber says stacee is a great mother who loves the outdoors. he says waiting for news is excruciating, but they remain optimistic sotshe's tough as nails, knowing her she probably turned around to help other people that were victims of the shooting or went back to look for her husband , so she is someone who is sound and tough and that's why were are optimistic she is going to pull through wherever she is right now. 137/right now (catherine) despite having trained for the very thing
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that happened in las vegas last night, the odds were against first responders - in reaching the shooter before the damage was done. that's according to a former bay area swat team member. mark ryss...who's also a retired san mateo sheriff's deputy... says there wasn't much las vegas police could do to stop the carnage. the gunman was firing from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay casino...making it virtually impossible for officers to reach him in time.(sot) "....1st responders and cops on the street were trying to manage that chaos and getting people to safe places and not knowing where the fire was coming from, they were doing the best they could.. (catherine) ryss says that among the things which should be considered going forward -- tighter security and keeping large crowds away from tall buildings and other high ground. (catherine) in the wake of the tragic shooting....ther e's been a tremendous response from people wanting to help. (steve) people are lined up in las vegas for hours... to donate blood.
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this was the scene early today outside united blood bank services in las vegas. some people showed up even before dawn to wait in line. the las vegas mayor and sheriff made a public call for blood donations. urging anyone with the ability to donate blood to help the shooting victims to do so. (steve) locally -- the blood centers of the pacific says they are seeing an increase in donations here. officials not only seeing a dramatic number of blood donations but monetary donations. the clark county commission chair from las vegas set up a go fund me page for victims and their families. it has raised more than 2-million dollars in just over 13 hours ahead at eight.. rock legend tom petty hospitalized tonight after being found unconscious. plus. a violent attack on a berkeley student who says he was beaten by a group of men he did not know and next. how the massacre in las vegas is affecting san francisco's
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fleet week events.
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the massacre in las vegas has put security concerns at the top of the list san francisco -- which is hosting several major events expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people. (catherine) kron4's maureen kelly talked with mayor ed lee about how the tragedy in las vegas affects fleet week. last night's sniper attack into a large crowd in a major metropoltian city is chilling to watch.and hard to comprehend.but with more people hereclearly what happened to las vegas. is on our minds i just am still in shock about how one person could so so full of people so many people and just understand that thissan francisco mayor ed lee talked to reporters on board the uss essex.after welcoming members of the armed forces arriving for fleet week.but that's not the only thing happening in the city this week.60,000
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peopleat oracle open world, with a major concert at at&t park hardly strictly bluegrass, thousands coming here for fleet week of this is of course the number one thing is to be alert be aware and see something say something is everybody is going to be the model all throughout the whole weeksan francisco police say they've beefed up staffing aheadcops are not allowed vacation time during this busy week.the military adding their own an additional layer of security..we're gonna be prepared we are very much aware and they'll be extra security and private concert organizers are having as well just that they can be that much more alertthe mayor says the unthinkable events of last night has him realizing that new tactics might need to be taken to keep the public safe. it's sickening to know that someone had such elaborate plans and had so much ammunition an automatic weapon ready to make that happen. i think we need to be ready and think outside the box. i think sometimes having people who don't do the ordinal ordinary traditional security and come in and say what is the things that were aren't thinking aboutbecause no one would've thought that that would occur. in a statement the san francisco police say there are no known threats to the city or special events. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(steve) bart is also not taking any risks... after the mass shooting in las vegas bart police are increasing their visibility at bart stations throughout the bay area. their officers are being asked to maintain a high level of vigilance during this period, while the police transit agency continues to monitor the situation in nevada (steve) a big story we are tracking tonight... rock music icon tom petty is hospitalized tonight after going into cardiac arrest. there was a report that the 66 year-old had died. but the los angeles sheriff's department says those reports are not accurate. tonight t-m-z reports... petty has been taken off life support and is in grave condition. tom petty and the heartbreakers had just wrapped up a summer to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary.
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(catherine) police are investigating an attack on a u.c. berkeley student...who was beaten unconscious on campus by three men... he says they were strangers.. pictures of the scene were captured on surveillance cameras. police say the victim was walking home early yesterday morning...when he was attackedunprovoked by three men outside unit threea residence hall. the men beat the student unconscious he was taken to the hospitaland is back home tonight. a friend of the victim says he was badly bruised...and hit in the back. police have made no arrests.. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. (catherine)kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast dry and gusty offshore winds will persist over portions of our region into tuesday, especially in the north and east bay forecastwith the is here now brittney shipp meteorologist kron-4's chief (catherine)o. outside at s-f-live look taking a forecast.four zone now to our (steve)
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arrests..made no police have hit in the back. police have dry and gusty offshore winds will persist over portions of our region into tuesday, especially in the north and east bay hills/mountains, with temperatures region-wide near or slightly below seasonal averages. winds will weaken slightly by midweek with a warming trend likely late in the week along with continued dry weather conditions.
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still ahead at 8. 143 million people were hit by the huge equifax breach. but today that number grew.(catherine) also - fleet week is here --- and kron-4 has you covered. including the best places to watch the amazing blue angels. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. we'll talk quarterbacks. the news not so hot for the oakland raiders and derek carr. del rio will speak to you. and also what's going on with the 49ers and the immediate future of brian
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hoyer. shanahan will speak to you.a little bit later in this broadcast."
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. (catherine) more than a
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million people will likely be gasping and cheering - as the blue angels swoop and soar over the bay this weekend. you can share in the excitement right here on kron four.(steve) but if you want to see the angels in person ... be prepared to get there early.kron four's grant lodes put together some of the best places along the waterfront. okay, requirement number one: can i see alcatraz?because that's where the blue angels do some of their coolest stuff check out this fleur de lys from last year.natalmost as important a view of the
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golden gate for the thrilling sight of the f/a 18 hornets rippling low over the let's look at the alternatives, east to west starting with pier 39.a good view of alcatraz, plenty of food options but not much elbow room.and you have to factor in cost of parking and the hassle of getting there.nat aquatic park is also jammed during the blue angels has most of the same advantages and disadvantages of pier 39 .. plus your view of the golden gate bridge can be're better off heading to fort mason.the waterfront is bound to be crowded, but the hillside behind the fort is a great vantage point to catch maneuvers like this one.nat wheels and tailhooks down in what's called a dirty formation, one of the jets flips over to provide a mirror image of the other."a sight to see for sure."the marina green is prime real estate and like the neighborhood, it's pricy. (grant s/u) if you have the cash and want a guaranteed first class experience, big baller style, the marina green might be for you, food, drinks, a reserved seat will cost you 55 to 75 dollars, depending on the seating runs up to 250 dollars.
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natcrissy field in the presidio is the best place to watch the parade of ships this friday. but the trees can obstruct a view of the angels over alcatraz.natsome other choices to consider: the red and white and blue and gold ferry boats are offering special cruises.the world war two liberty ship jeremiah o'brien is offering special blue angel cruises on saturday and popular spot is off this year's list:treasure island officials say they are strongly discouraging visitos. that's because costruction projects have restricted access to viewing areas and parking lots. you can also catch all the action ---live and exclusively on kron 4.. it starts this saturday at 2 p-m ... our mark danon and brittney shipp will be hosting.
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don't miss the two- hour spectacular....showcasing one of the best aerial teams around. ahead at eight.. nearly 24 hours after a barrage of automatic gunfire killed at least 59 people....we're learning about the victims --- many from california. plus. a gun store owner talking about the time he sold a gun to stephen paddock...what he says he noticed about him. and we hear from bay area natives who survived the massacre a live report from las next.
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(steve) now at 8-30. our top story tonight. an outdoor concert turns into a killing field. as automatic gunfire is unleashed on a crowd of 22-thousand in las vegas.(steve) the tragedy sending shockwaves across the country tonight. including here in the bay area. kron4-s spencer blake talked with some bay area natives who saw the horror (catherine) spencer blake spoke with two men. they were ere with a group of about ten people. none of them got hurt.the things they saw were terrifying, and might be hard for some of you to see, as well. (play out nats for a few seconds!)brett eastwood is from discvoery bay.he's been to lots of jason al-deen concerts before. he has a condo here in vegas.he and his friends found a place to crouch and hideyou can see the view they had.eastwood tells me they were pretty
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close to the front of the crowd when the chaos started. "i immediately thought fireworks. i thought, 'oh, who's the drunk idiot throwing fireworks at the concert?' and next thing you know, you see jason aldean run off the stage. like his crew came out and covered him up and dragged him off stage. at that point we still weren't panicking. we still thought it's fireworks. the second round goes off, we hear it again, the same noise, and then next thing you know we start to see people get hit and hit the ground. and you could tell this was the real deal. this was actually a shooting going on. unbelievable experience that we saw this."(vo)total confusion7 didn't know if how many shooters there were7 hard to decide where to go - they saw people dropping in every direction7 eastwood and his friends were going back and forth under that bleacher about whether it was safer to run or to stay.7 they stayed for what he called the longest eight minutes or so of his life 7 crawled out, then took off running when there was a break in the shooting. eventually made it back to safety of his home.heard panicked rumors all night long about shooters at other locations - didn't turn out to be true, but show what the terrified mindset was in vegas last near the las vegas strip, spencer blake, kron four news.
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(steve) we're learning more about some of the victims of sunday's mass shooting at a las vegas concert. vicki liviakis is here to show us. (vicki) yes, steve, we starting to find out the identities of those who were gunned down. some who even sacrificed their own lives even sacrificed some who down.were gunned those who identities of find out the identities of those who were gunned down. some who even
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sacrificed some who down. were gunned those who identities of find out the we starting to yes, steve, (vicki) yes, steve, we starting to find out the identities of those who were gunned down. some who even sacrificed their own lives to save others. one man, sonny melton came to las vegas with his wife heather for the concert. when the bullets began raining down on them - sonny shielded her from danger. sonny was 29 and a registered nurse. his wife is a surgeon and says he saved her life. they'd only been married a year. many of the 59 victims were from california. jenny parks, whose husband was also shot by the shooter but survived, was a kindergarten teacher for the lancaster school district in southern california. . rachael parker was a 10-year veteran with the manhattan beach police department. her fellow officers say rachael will be "greatly missed." sandy casey worked as a special ed teacher at manhattan beach middle school, and had just gotten engaged to her boyfriend. susan smith, of simi valley worked as a teacher at vista elementary years and kids say she was always smiling.there's
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jack beaton, of bakersfield... his family says he too was killed while covering his wife from gunfire. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. (2shot) it's been nearly 25 years since the deadly shooting here in san francisco at 101 california street... 9 people were killed...including the gunman. survivors of that rampage went on to create an anti-gun violence law center... today they shared their reaction to the las vegas shooting with our gabe slate.. he joins us now live -- from the newsroom.. ((gabe on camera - lead)) the law center to prevent gun violence has been fighting hard since 1993 to change gun laws.they say they have made headway in a few states like california but for the most part.nothing has changedand they predict there will be more shootings like this. ((pkg)) ((pkg)) on july 1st 1993 a gunman entered the 101 california street office building in the heart of the financial district in downtown san francisco.rode the elevator up to the 34th floor where are lawfirm was located and opened firekilling 8 people, injuring 6, and then killing himelf. sound from - robyn thomas - law center to prevent gun violence,
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executive director"this organization was founded in the wake of that tragedy so a big group of lawyers in san francisco who had lost colleagues friends family members siblings in that tragedy decided to make something positive come out of that tragic event. " robin thomas is executive director of the law center to prevent gun violence, based in san francisco, their organizatioin provides legal help to legislators, lobbyists, media, anyone looking for help understand gun laws and ways to curb the type of violence that just unfolded in las vegas. she says stricter gun laws might have prevented the las vegas tragedy sound from - robyn thomas - law center to prevent gun violence, executive director"upsetting and painful as it is to see these events it is something that we know is going to keep happening there is absolutely no reason for civilians to have these types of lethal weapons they are not for hunting they are not for sport shooting they're not for self- defense are designed to kill the most people possible in the shortest amount of time these are weapons of war and not weapons that any other country allows civilians to so easily acquire"robin says some states have become safer by implementing gun laws. sound from - robyn thomas - law
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center to prevent gun violence, executive director "here in states like california where we have political will and action happening we've been able to pass dozens upon dozens of smart gun laws that have managed to reduce gun violence here in california by more than 60%"the law center says banning assualt weapons is to hard politically there are other measures the federal government could take to curb mass shootings sound from - robyn thomas - law center to prevent gun violence, executive director"background checks on every single transfer of a weapon because that's the intersection point where we can actually prevent the most dangerous people from getting their hands on guns."i did reach out to the nra for a comment about what the gun law center and similar organizations are saying.. calling for stricter laws i have not heard back. as of now there is nothing on the nra's twitter or website about the shooting in las vegas it appears they have not made a public statement yet. ((gabe on camera - tag)) if you want to learn more about the gun laws in nevada or california or learn more about what the law center to prevent gun violence is doing you can visit our website kron 4 dot com we have links there in
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the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news. (steve) a gun store owner says the attacker in the las vegas shooting rampage had made purchases at his business in the past. but he says nothing unusual stood out about paddock.chris michel / owner of dixie gunworx: "he didn't set off any of my alarms - anything that i felt like there was a problem in any way shape or form with him. he came in again another time - he wanted a firearm. he knew exactly what he was looking for in the shotgun that i sold him. i went out and found it and i supplied it to him because i didn't see anything. police say paddock had 23 guns in the hotel room and they found 19 more at the mesquite nevada home of the mass shooter. they also found several thousand rounds of ammunition and say several of the rifles found in the hotel had scopes on them. (catheirne) our coverage of the las vegas tragedy continues at kron-4 dot com. you can hear more of the harrowing stories from survivors of the mass shooting. and see a gallery of photos from the scene. you
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can also stay connected to breaking news by downloading our free mobile app the equifax hack just got worse---what we are learning about the scope of the massive data breach
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. (catherine) equifax says its huge data breach might have affected even more people they initially thought..(steve) the credit reporting agency says that private information for two and a half million more customers may have been compromised. that brings the total number to 145-point-five million people. the revised numbers come from an investigation conducted by a cyber-security company which equifax hired to investigate the breach. equifax is alerting the additional customers by mail - and will update its online list of potential victims by next week. (steve) turning now to our four zone forecast.
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(catherine) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with a look at a red flag warning in place dry and gusty offshore winds will persist over portions of our region into tuesday, especially in the north and east bay hills/mountains, with temperatures region-wide near or slightly below seasonal averages. winds will weaken slightly by midweek with a warming trend likely late in the week along with continued dry weather conditions. (steve)in sports... 49ers head coach kyle 49ers head in sports... (steve)
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(steve)in sports... 49ers head coach kyle shanahan is steadfast about the immediate future of quarterback brian hoyer...(catherine)... and bad news for derek carr and the raiders... gary will tell us how long he's expected to be out... he'll have that story and all the sports... coming up
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it's easy to use your credit card.but contacting your credit card company -- seems to be much shouldn't. according to a credit cards
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dot com report -- 87 percent of cardholders who asked for a late fee to go away -- got that fee removed.matt schulz/ senior industry analyst: "people have a lot more power in negotiating with their credit card issuer than they think they do."all you have to do is look at the back of your card -- and call that 800 number. and it's not just late fees. you can also ask your card to lower interest rates -- waive your annual fee -- or raise your credit limit.matt schulz/ senior industry analyst: "people would be stunned at how successful you could be at these requests. for example, about 90 percent of people who asked to have their credit limit raised, got that request granted."which can boost your credit score.and end up saving you money.matt schulz/ senior industry analyst: "if you are a little nervous about making the call to the bank, just remember the worst thing that can happen is they tell you no. but the best thing that can happen is that you get to keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket instead of handing it over to the credit card company in the form of fees or interest."
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raiders head coach jack del rio had some bad news he found out only 10 minutes before his press conference today"yesterday, i told you derek had suffered spasms, and he was in fact spasming, but the reason is he has a
8:47 pm
transverse process fracture. there is a real good chance he'll miss this week and these injuries, the time frame is typically two to six." quarterback derek carr out 2-to-6 weeks with a fractured in his back he injured it in the 3rd quarter of yesterday's game when the broncos' adam gotsis hit carr in the back and twisted him to the ground initial x-rays were negative and the injury was thought to be just back spasmsnow e.j. manual will take over under center until carr returns he was 11-of-17 for 106 yards and an inteception in carr's absence yesterdayhere is del rio again on carr's reaction to the bad news(sot: jack del rio) "i just got off the phone with him. he said he's sorry. great kid. he'll bounce back. i told him that the team will take care of business while he's healing and just get healed up and when he can come back, he'll come back."
8:48 pm
the 49ers wwre competitive yesterday in arizona but still left the valley of the sun 0-and-420 players kneeled during the anthem the first niners game since president trump's comments about nfl playersthe defense played well as they have in 3 of their 4 games but brian hoyer and the offense ineffective for the 3rd time in 4 games hoyer's numbers 15-of-27 for only 99 yards and an intereception the ofense failed to score a touchdown for the 3rd game this season kyle shanahan was asked today if he's considered replacing hoyer as the starter for the rookie c.j. beathard(sot: kyle shanahan) "i look at it as what's the best for our team right now. and if i did feel that was the best thing for our team at this time, i wouldn't hesitate at all. that would be an easy decision for me if i thought it was the best thing for our team right now. so, i look into the big picture of where we're at right now, four games into it, where our offense is, our defense is and really just our whole building, and i don't feel it is the best thing for our team right now, so that's something that i haven't started to consider."
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monday night football washington redskins at the kansas city chiefsone player did sit during the national anthem chiefs defensive back marcus peters an oakland native and mcclymonds high school product continued his protest4th quarter 42 seconds left tied 20-20alex smithrolls out of the pockets abd hits albert wilson for the 37-yard gain tio the redskins 35-yard line chiefsfinal: 23-20 goal to win it!final: 23-20 chiefs seems like some good news for long-suffereing a's fans as unlike prior years management looks committed to retaining their young potential star playersat his end of the season press conference today billy beane said the team
8:50 pm
plans to lock up some of their young players to long-term contracts in the near future young sluggers like matt olson matt joyce and ryon healy all 25-years-old or younger helped the a's win 17 of their last 24 games this seasoneven khris davis whose 43 homers were the 3rd most in the majors is only 29 years oldfor years the a's would let their best players leave for other teams to cut salary... but with a proposed new stadium scheduled to open in 2023 they seem to be taking a new tact the celtics began their exhibition season today at t-d garden in bostonand that meant the debut of kyrie irving in a celtics uniform he didn't light things up
8:51 pm
shooting 4-of-11 for 9 points 3 assists and 4 rebounds in 19 minutes including a dunkthe celtics beat the charlotte hornets 94-82 the warriors play in china thursday and sunday against the mionesots timberwolves more drama involving the ball familyaccording to the los angeles times father levar ball has said he is going to pull youngest son lemelo out of chino hills high school and home school and train him himselflemelo who is only a junior like his two older brothers committed to ucla lest season he scored 92
8:52 pm
points in a game for chino hills where he had been a starter since his freshman year accoring to espn lemelo is the 7th ranked high school junior in the country
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(catherine) in the grips of a housing crisis san jose's mayor has plans to build several thousand new homes.(steve) mayor sam liccardo held a press conference earlier discuss the big proposal. liccardo's goal is to have 25-thousand housing units just five years. the mayor wants ten- thousand of those units to be affordable. liccardo admits it's not going to be easy, but believes this project will reduce the
8:56 pm
growing housing gap in san jose. last week...governor brown signed 15 bills to provide more money for affordable housing. next year... state voters will vote on the bills' approval (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant)) we're staying on top of developments in las vegas..where people are remembering the victims of last night's mass we learn more about the gunman, and the arsenal recovered from his hotel room at mandalay bay. the latest on the in a live wife of a bay area police officer, is among the missing in las vegas. now the san francisco p-o-a is headed to the scene to help look for her.((grant))we'll have those fleet week is here.what the city of san francisco is doing to keep people safe in the wake of the tragedy on the
8:57 pm
vegas strip.((vicki)) and will the weather cooperate? keep it right here...kron 4 news at nine starts after the break. at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins.
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and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. (grant) horror on the las vegas strip... as a gunman opens fire during an outdoor country music festival... turning thay joyous event into a mind-numbing bloodbath... (grant) thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis... nearly 60 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern u-s history. here is what we know at this hour...(grant) the nightmare began just after 10 o'clock last night at
9:00 pm
the route 91 harvest festival...22-thousand people were there. at least 59 people were killed. more than 500 people have been injured. and the gunman has been identified as 64-year-old stephen craig paddock of mesquite, nevada. police say paddock started shooting automatic weapons from a window on the 32nd-floor of the mandalay bay casino-hotel.(vicki) we start with reporter omar jimenez who is live in las vegas - with the latest, omar? this package/segment contains third party material. unless otherwise noted, this material may only be used within this package/segment. usage must cease on all platforms (including digital) within ten days of its initial delivery or such shorter time as designated by cnn. --supers-- :00 - :07luke broadlick:07 - :09twitter@edusamani:09 - :11 shaun hoff:14 - :20taylor brunnerwitness:21 - :27steven mccarthy:27 - :31from facebook :31 - :37manhattan beach department:37 - :40captain tim hagemanmanhattan beach police deptkcal/kcbs:44 - :47 eric paddock:47 - :51eric paddock


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