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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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natlas vegas police release body cam video of the chaotic moments as gunfire rained down from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel.more nat nearly 48 hours later, investigators admit they still lack a motive for the worst mass shooting in u=s history. "the world has changed. who would have imagined this situation?" (steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan --- in for pam moore. tonight we're not only learning more about the extensive planning of the las vegas shooter. we're also seeing what police saw as the rampage unfolded. tonight we know that the gunman---stephen paddock - installed cameras both inside and outside his hotel room... including one in the peephole of the door new photos reveal the gunman's arsenal .. including firearms altered to mimic an automatic weapon.
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(steve) and just in--- body-camera video as police zero in on the shooter.(steve) las vegas police confirmed tonight that crime scene photos leaked to the media are genuine.grant lodes begins our coverage. "who could imagine this situation? i couldn't imagine it. and for this individual to take it upon himself to create this chaos and harm is unspeakable." investigators say the attack was meticulously planned. stephen paddock checked into the mandalay bay suite three days before the shooting, with more than ten from the daily mail show some of the 23 weapons that he smuggled into the of them is next to paddock's body. others were cradled in two chairs pushed together .still more are on the floor. investigators say some appear to have been modified with something known as a "bump stock," ... an inexpensive device allowing a shooter to fire hundreds of rounds with a single pull of the trigger..nat paddock kept firing for nine long minutes until police
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pinpointed his location."there was something that happened to steve that i'm not even trying to excuse anything or anything, but something happened that drove him into the pit of hell." bullet holes in the door reveal where paddock fired at officers ... wounding a hotel security guard.police confirm that he had positioned a video camera on a food service cart in the hall to warn him as police approached.when they broke in, he had shot himself. i assure you this investigation is not ended with the demise of mr. paddock. paddock's girlfriend is one of those loose ends.marilou darnley left the country shortly before the shooting and is in the philippines. paddock reportedly used her name to check into the hotel. and police want to talk to her, she is currently a person of interest. (steve) the clark county sheriff says marilou danley is currently in the philippines. her linkedin profile says she worked as a hostess catering
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to high=rollers at a reno casino. (catherine) grant lodes is here now with some chilling body camera footage from first responders -- just released tonight. grant? (grant) we want to warn people who might have young kids watching. it's as the gunman was spraying down bullets. (grant / con't vo) a chaotic, terrifying
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situation...trying to get people to safety while at the same time figuring out where the shots were coming from. to see more of that video, you can go to (catherine) we're learning more about victims of the las vegas massacre. at least three of them have ties to the bay area - and even to each other. they are michelle vo.. stacee etche-bear and denise cohen. both stacee and denise went to cal high school in san ramon.(catherine) tonight we begin coverage with kron-4's justine waldman. (steve) she joins us live from san ramon... justine spoke with friends of denise---who only wanted to share their story with her
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tonight.justine... her friends found out today denise cohen passed away.and they came here to the memorial at california high school that has the names of past students who died in a tragic way stacee ethchber and denise cohen are both being remembered here.for denise's friends. pkg
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fighting tears, tina added denise's picture to the memorial at the school.etched in stone are the name of other alumni who have passed away. denise's name will be added soon.for now, there are balloons and flowers from her fellow grizzlessot i hope that whatever happened she wasn't suffering that it happened quicklythe mother of two moved away from the bay area.. and lived near san luis opibo.but was supposed coming back home for her 40th high school reunion next week. denise's love for live will be greatly missed.sot what happened with denise is so surreal and senseless we are all shocked this community is really shocked> the class of 77 has their 40th reunion next weekend during homecoming weeka moment of silence is now planned to happen at some point during
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the varsity football game, in memory of denise and stacee. live in san ramon justine waldman kron 4 news. (catherine) a dynamic young woman from the south bay is among the victims of sunday's massacre in las vegas. after graduating from independence high school in san jose, michelle vo went on to study at u-c davis. she moved from a job at synopsis in the bay area and was employed by new york life in southern california. the 32 year old is being remembered by her former co-
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workers as an indispensable member of their team. facebook, twitter and other social media posts describe michelle as "a sweet soul." one person wrote that "her personality and smile lit up the room," (steve) san francisco police confirmed today that the wife of an officer also died in the tragedy.(catherine) stacee etche-bear got separated from her husband in the chaos of the shooting. she was one of the people killed that night.. today family members honored her life.. describing her as someone who loved her family...dedicated her time to raisingher two children....and said she was a supportive wife who also took care of her
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elderly in laws. she's also remembered as an active member of the novato community. she was a soccer and football mom, and loved the outdoors and horses. : (catherine) her brother in law says her legacy will live on through her children -- ages 10 and 13. the family is now focused on helping and supporting them. (steve) stories of heroism are surfacing now after sunday's horror. in the midst of the massacre, some displayed amazing bravery -- putting themselves in danger to help others. vicki liviakis brings us some of their stories. chaos erupting, you would understand why anyone would want to escape from the hail of bullets...vanessa, an off-duty nurse, initially ran for cover, but then her
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training kicked in, and she ran back into harm's way. vanessa, first responder to attack: "we went back because i'm a nurse and i just felt i had to. so i went to 3 different scenes and by the time i got to the third one, there was just dead bodies." addison short was shot in the leg while trying to get away -- a stranger came to her aid: short: " i just want to -- if the guy who helped me is watching, i really just want to tell him how grateful i am for basically saving my life." addison says she never got the man's name. mike cronk: "most people started scattering and they climbed the fence but i had to stay with my buddies." mike cronk - rushed to help his friend - who was shot three times in the chest.mike cronk: "so we got him over the fence once the firing stopped and slid him under a stage so we were safe."amid all the bloodshed.... countless stories of heroism coming to light.vanessa, first responder to attack: "there was so many people, just normal citizens, doctors, cops, paramedics, nurses, just off duty. everyone is just communicating and working together. it was completely horrible, but it was absolutely amazing to see all of those people come together."vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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(steve) helping more than 100- people get to safety. that's what three brave bay area men did when bullets began raining down on the 22- thousand people sunday in las vegas.(catherine) today one of those men described the life or death situation they were dealing with... to kron4's haaziq madyun. that was the decsion made by david munger and his two best friends chris riley and andy alcaraz when the shooting massacre occurred sunday night in las vegasit didn't take them long to realize that it was not fireworks but gunfire. he says his buddy chris helped their two female friends got to safety while he and andy stayed behind to help people running from the bullets
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munger/helped people during las vegas shooting: "me and my buddy started grabbing people and throwing them into this bar. we grabbed chairs and anything we could to stop people from getting inside. people were coming in bloody. the shots were still going on bang bang. the other group we were with we got them out so we didn't leave. we were like we can do more here helping people out">it was an heroic act of courage by david munger and his two best bros that likely saved multiple liveshe showed me this text he received from one of the young ladies he and his friends saved it reads in part...thank you for helping to save our lives kind of a heroic thing you did bro. how do you feel about that? you're kind of a hero in walnut creek haaziq madyun kron4news (catherine) you can continue to follow developments on the las
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vegas shooting at kron-4 dot com. you can hear from more survivors who are now sharing their stories.. and see photos from inside the hotel crime scene. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. (steve) the night
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before jason aldean played the harvest festival in las vegas, he was here in the bay area at the shoreline amphitheater. tonight shoreline is host to a las vegas based band called "imagine dragons." (catherine) kron 4's dan kerman talked to concert-goers tonight about their concerns - in the wake of the vegas shooting even before 5 people startling trickling into the shoreline amphitheater as a soundcheck was underway for tuesdays night's imagine dragons concert.soti'm really looking forward to my favorite band imagine dragonsthe band is based in las vegas and the mass shooting that happened
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there sunday was front and center on many people's minds sot danielle pellegrino / concertgoer 18-22i definitely thought a lot about coming and my parents called and asked me not to comesot todd hanks/ concertgoer 23-28you know you certainly wonder whether there's extra security or any extra attention being paid police were easy to spot, and most concertgoers were comfortable coming to the show sot eric vejby/ concertgoer 33-40the layers of security that are brought into venues like this are really helpful in lowering that sense of dread sot kathleen dillon/ concertgoer 41-50this venue is really safe i think your odds are very good that nothing's going to happen so i feel 99.9% safemore importantly though most agreed terrible incidents like the mass shooting in las vegas should not keep people from living their lives.sot jessica dhillon/ concertgoer 59-109 it's important not to see this as a way to lock ourselves up as the only way to stay safe but just to be more aware when we are out in publicstandup dan kerman/mountain view 110-118while imagine dragons is here now, coming up wednesday, coldplay at levi's stadium. in mountain view, dan kerman kron 4 news. (steve) the man involved in a
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highway shooting last week has been arrested.(catherine) the shooting happened wednesday on the on-ramp to northbound 880 at industrial parkway. this is video of sadel wilkes being arrested at an apartment in oakland. witnesses say he walked up to a car stopped at a metering light... and fired his gun into the car....and then jumped into a getaway car. wilkes is facing a string of charges including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. (catherine)kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast look for another round of cool overnight temperatures the next couple of nights along with sunny conditions during the day. a ridge of high pressure will build into our
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region leading to a warming trend toward the end of the week. new ahead at 8. a woman waiting for a package in the mail ---- shocked at the illegal delivery that the illegal shocked at mail ---- package in the waiting for a a woman at 8. new ahead new ahead at 8. a
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woman waiting for a package in the mail ---- shocked at the illegal delivery that actually arrived(catherine) also - the unusual factor which health experts credit with improving the effectiveness of the flu shot. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this
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broadcast. the giants, their worst season since 1985. we'll let the key figures in the front office give you their excuse and look ahead. also, how big are these baseball playoffs gonna be? a lot bigger if the yankees are involved. a chance for them to advance. we'll show you twins- yanks, a little bit later is this broadcast." ((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... new details emerging about stephen paddock...the gunman in the vegas massacre. workers at the starbucks in his mesquite nevada neighborhood shed more light on his relationship with his girlfriend, who is a person of interest in the shooting.why they claim she was the victim of abuse...that's tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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(catherine) fleet week is
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upon us. and before we turn our eyes to the sky for the blue angels... high school bands will take the stage to compete in the battle of the bands.(steve) kron-4's jeff pierce takes us to one east bay school---who got the coveted invitation and will compete for the first time. nat sound marching practicethe california high school marching band in san ramone has been practicing their performance with an additional fervor this want to stand big, you want to have your elbows separated. you don't want your upper body to support your elbows.for the first time the award winning music program at cal high has been selected to compete in fleet week's battle of the bands in golden gate park. they will compete against seven other bay area high school bands. it is a covetted invitation that band director kent johnson has long hoped to bring to his program. yet most of his students were unaware of just what that invitation
8:24 pm was a dream but i never talked to about with the kids because i didn't want them to get excited about something and the we not attend.when our band director told us that we were actually a band that got selected few of us knew just what that was. the band's surprise at being selected was met with their delight.i think it was amazing that cal high was selected to be in this event and i think we deserve it because we have been working so hard.i never thought that i could be on such a stage that i would have a few thousand people watching me.for those seniors this serves as a touch stone for their years in the's my last year here and i think it's a great opportunity for me to leave members have embraced the challenge with a youthful enthusiasm as they face the competition.just being selected that was just one battle to get over. we're just going to keep out sense of togetherness and hope it gets us over this other battle. for a band director, giving them the opportuniy was reward in be able to give something to my kids and give them an experience that we may never have california high school in san ramone jeff pierce kron four news.
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(steve) you can also catch all the action ---live and exclusively on kron 4.. it starts this saturday at 2 p-m ... our mark danon and brittney shipp will be hosting. don't miss the two- hour spectacular....showcasing one of the best aerial teams around. ahead at eight.. as police search for what motivated the las vegas gunman---- a local expert who's studied mass shootings --- talks about what might
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have influenced stephen paddock. plus. one woman shows a terrifying photo demonstrating how close a bullet came to hitting her in las vegas. and next. a live report from las vegas --- as new details are revealed tonight about the massacre investigation.
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our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e
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for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california. (catherine) now at 8-30.
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we're getting a look at the hotel room where the las vegas gunman carried out a massacre police found the body of the shooter surrounded by weapons and ammunition.(catherine) but there are still many questions tonight. including what motivated stephen paddock to mass murder. (steve) but we are learning more about just how extensively planned out this rampage was. we are joined live now by omar jimenez is in las vegas omar---
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(steve) today police revealed some substantial new details about the gunman and his extensive planning. what were some of the things they discovered in the hotel room?(catherine) we know that paddock brought the guns
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to the room in ten suitcases...which may leave people to wonder how did no one notice?(steve) paddock's girlfriend (catherine) new tonight at 8. the las vegas shooting leaves us all with lingering questions like why the gunman did this... and....why this kind of tragedy keeps happening.. (steve) kron 4's gabe slate talked with a professor of sociology to shed some light on these questions. ((pkg)) sound from kimberly d. richman, ph.d. sociology professor, who is an expert on criminology issues. there is no one who are these people right there there are unfortunately many types of people who could be motivated to commit a mass tragedy variety of different reasons kimberly richman is a professor of sociology at the university of san francisco and she has a ph.d. in criminology, law and society. she has been studying mass shootings and the people
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behind them for years. sound from kimberly d. richman, ph.d. sociology professor, who is an expert on criminology issues. people who don't mind giving up their own lives which is often what happens with mass shootings don't feel connected to anyone they don't feel any they can't possibly feel a sense of meaning in their life many sociologists that started theorizing about that disconnecting this at the merritt modern american society and the fact that we are more isolated than ever before because of the way americans do work now they telecommute all kinds of things that have led to a fragmentation and society were just people don't really see together and maybe they feel more alienated from one another people who have strong connections to other people and groups and communities are in general less likely to do something like thiswe are still waiting to learn more about the shooter stephan paddock but kimberly says it's looking like he might fit this disconected profile. sound from kimberly d. richman, ph.d. sociology professor, who is an expert on criminology issues. as an entrepreneur investor a gambler these are all very solitary activities in many cases and so even though he was not hold up in a mountain cabin somewhere he seemed to fit the image who's not regularly in the habit about thinking about the effects on other people or doesn't feel connected to the people who live around him when you feel connected to people it's a lot harder to take their livesit may seem like there have been more mass voilent incidents the last 5-10 years but kimberly says
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there has always been voilent or mentaly ill people doing these actions the weapons are different now.. they allow for a higher fatality rate therefore these incidents get more attention sound from kimberly d. richman, ph.d. sociology professor, who is an expert on criminology issues. there will always be crazy unstable violent people in the world but the degree to which they can do enormous damage such as tragedies and tragedies like this one has changed because what they have available to them i would say take them away the instruments that make it happen and it won't happen again it's really hard to kill 59 people with a stun gun then and i won't happen again it's really hard to kill 59 people with a stun gunin san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. (steve) more stories of survival are emerging from survivors of the las vegas mass shooting. one woman who barely escaped gunfire put out this picture. it shows her phone shattered after being by a bullet a taxi driver said it's cellphone of a woman he transported from the scene... she was not shot - and survived the attack.
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(steve) you can continue to follow developments on the las vegas shooting at kron-4 dot com. you can see the photos from inside the hotel crime scene. and watch the intense body cam video of police as they zeroed in on the shooter. and always stay connected by downloading our free mobile app. (catherine) turning now to our four zone forecast. (steve) kron-4's chief meteorlogist brittney shipp is here look for another round of cool overnight temperatures the next couple of nights along with sunny conditions during the day. a ridge of high pressure will build into our region leading to a warming trend toward the end of the week.
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end of the week.trend toward the to a warming trend toward the end of the week.
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(catherine) a south carolina woman walked out to meet her mail carrier... thinking a yoga mat she ordered had arrived.(steve) instead, she was handed a heavy box filled with four-hundred thousand dollars worth ofillegal oxy-codone! drug agents say the package was probably supposed to be sent to the woman's old apartment... which is vacant. they say drug traffickers often ship drugs to vacant buildings. someone will watch the place - and pick up the shipment. but the post office knew the woman had moved... and forwarded it to her current address. she called police - and they're trying to determine where the drugs were headed.
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ceo pledges that wells fargo is 'a better bank' than it was during sales scandal . . . in total, more than 1,780 of the 5,200 or so workers dismissed
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as the result of wells fargo's wayward cross-selling practices are back on the job, ceo tim sloan told senators. sloan faces grilling on capitol hill as wells continues to try to put the scandal in the past. wells fargo's stock has only recently turned positive thanks to a late-september rally, but is barely positive for the year. investigators and the bank have revealed that some 3.5 million accounts were affected by conduct in which employees enrolled customers into accounts without their knowledge. the cross-selling was done to meet aggressive sales goals that since have been terminated.the bank has shelled out more than $300 million in fines as well as settlement costs associated with a class-action suit. in addition, it has ended its relationship with several senior executives including former ceo john stumpf.tesla shares to plunge nearly 40% due to weak model 3 production: goldman .. .goldman analyst david tamberrino reaffirms his sell rating for tesla shares, predicting model 3 production will be slower than expected. in the third quarter, tesla delivered 26,150 total vehicles and 220 model 3 cars versus the factset estimates of 25,860 and 1,260 respectively. tesla's third quarter model 3 delivery miss is further evidence the electric car maker will have difficulties ramping up
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manufacturing for the vehicle, according to a top wall street firm. the giants held their end of the season press of the season press conference late this morning after finishing tied
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for the worst record in baseball the main topics what do they do to get better and how do they do it?here's manager bruce bochy g.m. bobby evans and v.p. of baseball operations brian sabean(sot: bochy, evans, sabean)"we had some issues everywhre, so we are going to rol up our sleeves and talk about this all winter. in fact we've already had discussions on whwere we need to improve. we've met with players, could be some position changes. we've done a good job of being creative and doing these type things and that's what we need to do now.""i think we'll be creative however we can build the middle of the order. i mean we want to do thatand it doesn;t necessarily have to come domestically. sure, we're open to outside options and whether that's trade or free agency or obviously want to look internally as well."we had a last place season. that can happen in sports. just like you have a lost year in life. ut we're not last place people, and we're not a last place organization." meanwhile bochy annonced he
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will undergo another heart proceedure during the offseasonit will be his 2nd of the year but it is considered minorthe giants skipper said he has an atrial fibrillation and that he almost had the procedure during the season but he pushed it back.indians manager terry francona had a similar procedure this season and made it back quickly. he will manage in the postseasonthe 62-year-old bochy had two stents inserted into his heart during spring training in 2015 sidelining him temporarily american league wild card twins versus yankees in the south bronxright now the yankees lead 8-4 in the 8th inning... aaron judge has hit a 2-run home run new york new york yankees rookie aaron
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judgefinished his first major league campaign with the most popular player jersey of the 2017 season= it's only the second time a rookie has finished an mlb season with the most popular jersey. judge was 2nd in the majors with 52 hoime runs and added 115 rbi to lead the yankees back into the playoff in fact they are playing the wild card game right now against the minnesota twinsjudge broke former oakland a mark mcwire's rookie home run record of 49 set in 1987here are the top sellers(wipe to fullscreen) after judge 2 cubs kris bryant and anthony rizzo came in at 2nd and 3rd dodgers ace klayton kershaw is 4thand the top bay area player the giants buster posey in 6th place (bryce harper is 5th mike trout finished 8th) the raiders host the baltimore ravens sunday without quarterback derek carrhere are some of the players on life without carr(sot: corarrdale patterson and lee smith) "we goota just keep him in our
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prayers. we know derek, he's just as pissed as anyone else. because of how hard he worked and everything he did. for something like that to happen, but he'll bounce back.""all of us just ned to ma=nage our rooms and do oiur jobs. farm your own land man, that's all we need to do." at the end of last night's redskins-chiefs football game caused quite a stir for gamblersafter taking a 3-points lead with 4 seconds left the chiefs picked up a fumble and scored with no time left to make it a 9-point game the problem for gamblers who bet on the redskins is the chiefs were a 7-point favorite the td changed it from 3 points to 9 pointsand the over-under was 48 1/2 points the touchdown made it a 49 point totala seemingly meaningless scorein fact... a friend of our 6pm producer friend of our in fact... a scoremeaningless seemingly
8:52 pm
point totala made it a 49 touchdown made it a 49 point totala seemingly meaningless scorein fact... a friend of our 6pm producer brad won $55,000 on a 10-team parlay thanks to the touchdown... he bet $100
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this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (catherine) you've probably heard that being in a good mood can improve your health...(steve) now
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researchers say a positive attitude may also boost the effectiveness of your flu shot. british researchers found that optimism can make you more resistant to the common cold. they studied data from 138 people between the ages of 65 and 85 - who all got flu shots. the researchers looked at several health indicators including mood and antibody response to the shot. they say the people who reported a more positive mood had higher levels of antibodies in their blood. (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant)) the nation continues to mourn the loss of 59 innocent people in las vegas. now we're learning some of the victims...are from the bay area. we're live in the north bay where a vigil for stacee etcheber, the wife of a san francisco police officer, just wrapped up. the emotional tribute in her new at
8:57 pm
outdoor concert in the south bay.the headliner...las vegas-based imagine dragonsthe beefed up security measures concert-goers will be seeing in the wake of the vegas tragedy.((grant))those your fleet week forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp.((vicki))keep it right here...kron 4 news at nine starts after the break. (grant) las vegas police...
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releasing intense body camera footage of officers responding to sunday's mass shooting in las vegas during a country music festival... as they try to probe into the shooter's background to piece together why he carried out such a heinous act.(grant) thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and
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i'm vicki liviakis... we're learning that the shooter had cameras set up inside his hotel room...and on a food cart in the hallway.... but at this time, police still do ánot have a motive in the shooting. we know the gunman - stephen paddock - was shooting at 22-thousand people...for nine to eleven minutes... 59 people were killed.. including one that just died tonight... 527 others were injured...(grant) tonight, we bring you team coverage. kron four's jr stone is live in the north bay where there was vigil for a local victim... stacee etcheber...the wife of a local police officer. and our spencer blake is live in las vegas....with heartbreaking details on etcheber's family's search to find her... but our coverage starts with omar jimenez, who's standing by live now from las vegas... with what we are learning... about stephen paddock - the man behind the massacre. omar? the man behind the massacre in las vegas accumulated weapons for more than 20


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