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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 4, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> not like we're having just these crazy obscure people come in that we just say no right off the bat. >> we don't play gnat game anymore. >> reporter: yesterday was their first day of auditions. host ryan seacrest helped document the journey. >> this is "american idol." >> we ran long on our first day because we were really, really careful. >> we're dealing with people's dreams. >> we can encourage. we won't let you go through right now. but, come back in two years. i'll pose it that way. not i hate it, you'll never work again in this business. >> reporter: the revamped show is set to premier in 2018. that could make for a very fun competition between "idol's" luke bryan and "the voice's" blake shelton. the two are best buddies, and blake unleashed this epic country zinger to "e.t." just days ago. >> well, think people are going the realize just how -- how -- dumb he really spp i love him like a brother. he's just dumb. >> there's only one room for an old country boy on tv, blake.
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>> oh. >> fighting words. >> wow. >> it is on between those two. now, in reality, blake told us he had a lot of conversations with luke about him joining "idol." they're really tight. why it's okay to go at it like that, right, kev? >> i would love to see those shows go head to head. more tv news. a shocker for many. pauley perrette is walking away from the number one drama in the world, "ncis." >> i'm really sorry, gibbs. >> reporter: the news came on pauley's twitter feed at 12:46 this morning. it is true that i am leaving "ncis" after this season. >> what did you just say? >> reporter: pauley continued, quote, there have been all kinds of false stories as to why. one of those surfaced this summer. that pauley was supposedly leaving to pursue a skin care line. then there were the fake news stories too. you're living "ncis." >> because of a skin care line. it's so frustrating. cbs, my net work, and "ncis yts
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my show is all mad at me. it was crazy. >> reporter: pauley does say, no, my network and show are not mad at me. and in a statement, "ncis" producers say they've known about her departure for some time. and are working toward a special sendoff. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> reporter: in fact, from the beginning, it's been an "ncis" lovefest with pauley. >> we aum get along so well. >> we can't stay away from each other. i think it's the greatest show ever. >> reporter: fans think she's the greatest. pauley has the highest likability rating, known as q score, of all actresses on tv. higher even than kaley cuoco, kerry washington, and sofia vergara. we saw that during a visit to the real "ncis" in 2005. >> you have to turn around. [ applause ] hey! >> when the decision was first made, pauley told me and a few other close friends. this is not an easy decision for her. there will be life after "ncis"
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for pauley. >> one of the micest people. another star who just left a popular show, julianne hough. but are her "dancing with the stars" days truly over? she reveals ought to "e.t." online's lauren zima. >> it was hard. i wanted to make that choice. i wanted to take time to focus on my acting and kind of get back on that path. but, yeah, i miss it. >> is there a return in the future for you or derek? >> it's something i always feel like i'll be a part of it in some way, shape, or form. i'm really excited. this is a -- a different chapter. >> reporter: right now, julianne is preparing to play fitness legend and pinup girl betty wieder in "bigger," a movie out next year. >> how are you getting in shape for the film? >> she has a tiny waist. a full-figured woman. i changed my workout. it encourages me to get up with the little buzz on my wrist.
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>> reporter: the 29-year-old's also adjusting to married life. she wed hockey player brooks laich in july. >> has it changed your relationship at all? >> it's so amazing. i feel more independent. more strong. sexier. i could go on forever. what are we here to talk about? >> obviously still on her honeymoon. back to "dancing." seems the infighting is water turpd bridge. maks tweeted, quote, i had to leave the show last week to take care of some personal issues. i take full responsibility and want to apologize to my partner, vanessa. hopefully, they're okay. >> it will be interesting to see how those two do in the coming weeks. meanwhile, a different tone in las vegas last night. lots of tears, love, emotion as celine dion returned to the stage for the first time since sunday's tragedy. >> i never start the show like this. standing in front of the curtain. but tonight is very different.
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>> reporter: choking back tears, an emotional celine reassured her fans there was a reason the show must go on. ♪ the heart does go on on sunday, we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls. but tonight, we are going to let these families know that we are supporting them. so i want you to know that the proceeds for tonight's show are being donated to the victims' families on your behalf. [ applause ] >> reporter: the heartfelt show at caesar's united over 4,000 fans. and 100% of the proceeds will go to the vegas victims. >> thank you. >> oh, celine always wears her heart on her sleeve. she says she feels her fans deserve to know. she didn't keep it a secret she was blessed with her three kids with the help of ivf. and now, chrissy teigen and her
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husband john legend are about to embark on the next one. >> baby boy is coming soon. >> really? >> i don't know. i hope. >> reporter: baby luna much closer to having a little sibling? that's the hope for chrissy and john legend. teigen tells "instyle magazine" that after two attempts with ivf, she will carry the last of three frozen embryos in the coming months. saying, quote, the first little girl didn't work. and then the second is luna. and they're hoping this one will be quote good for your body. >> hello, i'm chrissy teigen. >> reporter: the model mommy also gets playfully candid for the magazine's video confessional, even dropping this secret. >> my husband makes fun of me because i'll always watch a zac efron movie. i don't think a lot of people know about my zac crush. it's not a physical crush on him. it's that i really enjoy his films. he's not my celebrity crush.
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it's a professional, i enjoy him in a professional manner. >> reporter: chrissy's november issue hits news stands october 13th. the glamorous mom is sharing her past style faux pas. just blame it on youth. >> high school. eye grows. oh, don't take off your eyebrows, kids. i don't know why i did it. they came back somehow. >> yeah, they came back to frame a supermodel face. >> and nobody is better with 140 characters than that lady right there. up next, the latest on the "sex and the city" feud as kim cattrall goes after former co-stars. and chelsea handler and blake shelton. >> we have to play a song that i know. >> how the fighting continued after they left the car. and elizabeth smart, 15 years after her abduction. which lasted more than nine months. our first look at the
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♪ we made a deal, ages ago. >> men, baby, doesn't matter. we're soul mates. >> soul mates, yeah, maybe not so much. >> right. >> because kim cattrall is slamming her "sex and the city" co-stars, especially sarah jessica parker.
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sarah said how ds appointed she is that they're not going to make a third movie. and there have been reports it is because of demands by kim. >> you know kim is taking issue. she told piers morgan. to be thought of as a diva is absolute sli ridiculous. i really think she could have been nicer. i don't know what her issue is. i never have. >> well then. >> but, in the case of blake shelton and chelsea handler, maybe vodka shots can cure everything. their car pool karaoke ride got a little bit bumpy. ♪ hillbilly deep inside >> you understand the concept of karaoke? >> we have to play a song that i know? >> normally supportive with con tes cants on the voice. with chelsea? not so much. >> i had to listen to all his albums and act like i have heard them dozens and donees of time. ♪ get on down with me
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>> the playful clashes not confined just to a car. >> oh, my god. what an idiot you are. >> yeah. >> reporter: no truce even at a place both hold sacred. the bar. ♪ living on a prayer snet. >> you're a [ bleep ] singer. why do you have to pretend? >> reporter: yesterday, blake and chelsea used their faux feud to promote the episode, shelton posting, don't worry, chelsea handler only messed up some of my songs. she then retweeted him with an expletive. so what do they bond over? blake's lady gwen, who's besties with chelsea. >> are you a country musician now? >> no. >> was there a certain person that sparked your interest? >> i'm sorry. that car pool karaoke was a disaster. they did get a ride home from the bar. >> a clarification there. still ahead, oprah brings her new project to "e.t." >> this is perfect. it's an "e.t." moment.
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♪ zplrnlgts then, how a horrible tragedy in kate winslet's life led her to finding the man of her dreams. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ welcome back, everybody. and look who is here at the "e.t." table. miss oprah winfrey. i can't believe this is the first time you have been at "e.t." >> it's the first time that i've sat at the table that i'ved a mared from afar. there's food on the table. >> first time ever. this amazing spread >> reporter: this amazing spread is from oprah's new food line called "o that's good." >> i have been instagraming photos of my garden and vegetables. it's a way of bringing nutrition and access to something delicious for everybody the. >> so you get a garden. that feels organic. >> reporter: the food's not actually from her garden, but inspired by it. and just looking at the broccoli
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cheddar soup was making us hungry. >> oh, that's good. >> oh, oh, that's good. >> sit good, though, really? >> did you take any samples on the set of a wrinkle in time? >> i have not done that. we were more like, we were wrinkle in time is more for our tequila set. >> are you making sure we have good margaritas? >> i'm making sure we have good marg reet tas. and there's been a watering down problem. >> how to you have time to do all this? you run a network. >> this is the best time of my life. >> how did you learn not the be stressed out? >> the reason why -- this is perfect. an "e.t." moment. the reason why you're always stressed is because you want this moment to be something that it's not. so at any time, you're telling yourself, oh, i'm late. i need a -- take that call. you just stop. and you accept this moment for
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what it is. >> reporter: and now that she's got that "60 minutes" gig -- >> are you going get the interview with beyonce after her twins? everybody wants it? you think i'm going to tell. >> are you working on it? >> you think i'm going the tell? >> oh, she's working on it. thank you so much for stopping by. >> thanks for letting me come to the table. >> you can join us anytime. >> i'm going to take y'all up on that. >> how know our house is your house. let's check in with cameron mathison from new york. he has kate winslet news. what's up? >> looks like she's reunite with her titanic director james cameron for the four upcoming "avatar" sequels. meanwhile time, she has a new movie with idris elba called "the mountain between us." it was the script that hit home for kate. [ buzzer sounding ]
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>> two people. extreme conditions. survival. but if you were finding yourself in these conditions. >> it actually happened to me, because, yeah, i can. i met my husband in a house fire. so, i -- yes. yes e. i know it can happen. >> reporter: kate and her husband, ned rocknroll, both escaped from a house fire on necker island when it burst into flames. the private caribbean island is owned by sir richard branson, who is also ned's uncle. >> he was the only dude who had a head torch and pair of shoes. everyone else left everything behind. i took a bra, my passport, and my children. >> so she married him. >> so i married him. it's too high. >> reporter: while shooting "the mountain between us," the stars endured bitterly cold conditions in western canada. >> ben! >> reporter: no stuntmen for this scene. that's idris pulling kate out of a hole in the ice. >> come on. there's no cgi.
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no special effect. it's about two human beings. oh, come on. >> we really did everything. it was at 10,000 feet. our coldest temperatures were minus 38. all those things of warming tents or fancy bathrooms that surely magically must be there or special fancy food. there's none of that. >> the green room. >> none of that. >> all right. moving on. imagine being held cappive for months. going through some of the most horrendous things you can think of. and then reliving it all by producing a lifetime movie about her own life? that's what elizabeth smart, married mom of two, is doing 15 years after her abduction. we have your first look. >> i have a divine proclamation that i must obey. >> i've only watched it once so far. it was maybe one of the hardest things i have had to do. >> get out of bed now. >> why would you do this?
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>> the lord commanded me. >> i'm really proud of it. that being said, i don't want to watch it again. >> reporter: it's clear the movie stirs up painful memories for elizabeth. still, throughout filming, she was on set working with the cast to ensure the film's authenticity. >> i take you as my wife. >> we're not married, we're not. >> reporter: since her nine-month-long abduction at age 14, elizabeth has been an advocate for other victims of abuse. but says she never considered doing a movie about her story. until now. >> i felt like i need to share my story. i need these other survivors to know that they're not alone. you can be happy again. you can move forward in your life. >> you are mine forever. >> reporter: "i am elizabeth smart" is inspired by the 29-year-old's book. and stars newcomer alana boden as young elizabeth. and skeet ulrich as her abductor, brian david mitchell. elizabeth herself appears on camera as the narrator. >> what's your name?
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>> i am -- i am elizabeth smart. i am elizabeth smart. >> wow. >> tough. she continues to pay it forward. speaking to other victims of physical and emotional violence all across the country. >> we'll be right back. next on kron-4 news at eight:new details in the las vegas shooting investigation... what authorities are saying about the shooter's planned escape following the massacre, and a possible accompliceand police are on the hunt for two suspects seen stealing laptops from several bay area coffee shops.just the latest in a series of incidents in recent weeksi'm catherine heenan i'm steve aveson. the news -- at eight -- is -- at eight -- is woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early.
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how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. "wow" means is tyou save 50% or more.ngs. there are three stages of "wow". denial. - is this price right? - acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - this week, classico extra virgin olive oil is just $3.99. why? >> why what? >> before scandal's final
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season. >> why do you have to go? why does it have to end? >> we're getting cast confessions. >> are you going the steal something pr the set? >> i want on the steal enough presidential phones write for the rest of my days. >> i'm on the record. i'm not stealing anything. >> coats. bags. i'm going the take a few things. >> more can dal louse confessions tomorrow on "e.t." >> it's "scandal." promo considerations provideddy bsh . tomorrow, in you details on maks and vanessa's dancing drama. we he really apologized. is he on thin ice with producers. >> the ladies want to know, too. are you single? are you looking in are you
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taken? >> oh, i'm everything. >> how can you be single, looking, and taking? that says you're a player. >> i'm just everything. >> oh, my gosh. >> so real. >> new england patriots rob gronkowski is 6'6", 250 pounds of everything. and hollywood has taken notice. >> row have seen gronk in katy perry's music video. he's hosting the second season of mvp on go 90 app. >> there we go. >> welcome to it. hello. >> oh, gronk. we see you. meanwhile, um, go the work tomorrow on thursday night football. because at 2 hch 2, the pats need to get it together. they're taking on the buaneers. >> everything muscle. >> everything. >> bye, everybody. >> everything. gunfire natdozens of modified
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weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition ... pounds of explosives.las vegas authorities expressing doubt that gunman stephen paddock acted alone.(sheriff) you gotta make the assumption he had to have some help at some point'paddock's girlfriend, back in the united states, says through her lawyer she had no clue that the man she loved would unleash the deadliest attack in u=s history,"i knew stephen paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. (steve) good evening. i'm steve aveson.(catherine) i'm catherine heenan, in for pam moore,there are some fast moving developments to report in the vegas strip massacre. (steve) investigators reveal that gunman stephen paddock stayed in another hotel in downtown las vegas before moving to the mandalay bay last week.they say they are not ruling out the possibility he may have had accomplicesand they say the cameras paddock set up in and around his hotel suite were not set to rrecord anything. (catherine) paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley - is reportedly cooperating with the f=b=i, but denying any


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