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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 5, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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stands up to him. a source says drama is expected. >> puts a lot of pressure on us. more work than i have ever had do before. >> is maks facing off with the producer? while one source says he's on thin ice, another source refutes that. >> this is my show. i helped make it what it is. the 37-year-old had issue wide receiver producers and judges before. >> i have been in this business for nearly 50 years. >> you're old i'm going go [ bleep ] outside because i'm about to punch something. >> we have shown him some of his outbursts. >> a lot of it was passion. >> maks has been asked baa, for 17 seasons now. while one source tells us he'll be on his best behavior, another
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source maintains maks remains in good standing with the show. yesterday, peta was busy with vanessa's hubby. vanessa telling us things are going well. they'll dance the rumba to his husband nick's song. >> not necessary for chip and jo ann na gains. is it true they ended their show due to security concerns? >> get out of here. >> i'm getting out. >> surt issues prompted them to end their number one remodelling series. but in a statement to "e.t." their rep says security has nothing do with their decision. >> i think for a while now, we felt like season five was going to be our final for this
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chapter. rur rumors of a marital flip is never going to happen. the statement went on to say the couples wanted to catch their breath for a minute, to rest and spend more time with their family and growing businesses. >> we started out as business owners, our beautiful business here if waco needs our attention. >> the business is definitely growing. their home decor company moved to a 20,000 square foot barn and they're planning on opening the restaurant by the end of the year. >> i think that work ethic brings us together. create for everybody! >> family will always come first for the couple and their four kids. >> we have to make intentional efforts to connect with each other on date night and our children. if we can keep that as a focus,
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everything else will work itself out. >> family over everything. >> we have got more reality news. nischelle turner joining me now. bachelor nation is happy about. >> so happy about this. fans were upset when peter krause once named the bachelor. but he'll be looking for love and going for gold on the bachelor winter games. >> instead of a gold medal, you make it love. >> i like it. >> let's talk about hollywood bachelor brad pitt. >> it's just a new role. topping tonight's "know and tell" brad's factor. >> we see you brad. he, rocked a full astronaut suit on the set of his film. a source tells "e.t." brad is
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friendly and genuine on the set. but when he's not filming he spend time alone in his trailer. he always arrives ready to work. production on the film is set to wrap in a few weeks and we are told his six kids have yet to visit him on set. >> tom cruise is back on the set of mission imable 6 seven weeks after breaking his ankle while filming a stunt. >> i'm doing really well. >> before filming scenes in a helicopter, he was careful not to put too much weight on his foot. >> i can't wait to see this. it's very extreme. >> more action now, this time on the set of "snl." >> hey guys. >> this week's host, wonder woman, gal gadot smashes through
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the wall. it's her first time ever on the program. >> you cannot do that! we have rules hooer. >> the door. i should have used the door. so sorry. >> it's gal gadot. >> shut up. >> gal said actually that she is a bit nervous about her "snl" monologue, especially the fact that she has an israeli accent. >> well said. you imagine you can't get more nervous than the halftime show at the super bowl. justin timberlake may be joined by some familiar faces. >> maybe it's like the mtv music awards. if it's right, we'll do it. >> joey fatone hinting at a reunion. he's not the only one pushing
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for it. >> super bowl halftime show? yes! give us a call, nfl. >> j.t. was close to finalizing a deal. ♪ it would be the group's second time performing on super football's biggest night. they brought the house down jani joining aerosmi, the h on stage. fans are hoping for another ride, because as joey told "e.t." all the pieces have to fit. >> no word from justin's camp. the nfl is keeping mum about when we'll get an official announcement. again, telling "e.t." quote, we are not going speculate on a particular artist. the reunion we want to see? >> britney spears. >> in the denim.
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thank you. >> coming up, jennifer garner's new workout. going from mom to action star. >> then, the new movie about whitney houston's daughter. what happened when bobby brown came face-to-face with the star. >> i recently ran into him in new york. >> then our "scandal" sneak peek. the cast gives us hints. >> i want olivia to drowned. >> first, morgan freeman takes charge on madam secretary. >> we have morgan freeman of the united states. >> i space out all the time when he's talking to me. >> all hail mr. freeman. it costars taya leoni. >> chief justice. >> we're on set in new york as freeman pulls triple dumt of
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♪ jennifer garner giving us a serious alien vibe there. general sharing her, quote, recipe for turning a mom back into an action lady. apparently it includes three minutes of cry yo therapy. >> i tried that. it's the worst. meanwhile, another tv mom has her return handled. "scandal" returns tonight. this gladiator returns on set. why? >> why what? >> why do you have to go? >> you don't just move on a, you don't walk away. >> are you going to take anything? >> i don't think i can admit that on television. have you seen her closet?
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>> there were a couple of coats that i was like, ooh, get that. >> i don't own them, so we might have to figure that out. >> one thing for sure, olivia will continue to slay her style this season, but how will the series end? the cast maintains they don't know. >> the best thing is being surprised. >> i would love to shoot another scene on the island. >> with your wife or with olivia. >> my wife, maybe. >> i want olivia to brown. >> you know what? >> oh, i like that ending! where did that come from? >> unless they're going make a scandal movie. >> now it's up to me. >> and because this tight knit cast will become the graduating class of 2018 -- >> we were like, no, not senior year. >> what superlative would they
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give olivia post? >> most likely to scare my children at 3:00 a.m.? >> most likely to cause deep mischief. >> based on that picture? >> based on that picture. >> most likely to be committed. >> that's pretty good. >> when the gladiators see tonight's episode, they're going to say this same thing because he's on 10 tonight. our first look at a controversial movie about whitney houston's daughter. what you never knew about their final days. then -- >> i had a huge fall. >> margot robby on the biggest challenges of her tonya harding transformation. >> she just texted me on the way here. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. why did you bring her
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tonight? >> because it's children's night. it's about the kid and she's our inspiration for things we do they we love most, our children. >> whitney's love for her daughter was never in question. >> now a tv movie called bobby christina tries to recapture their special bond and what role it might have had in her death three years later. >> all i ever do is listen to you. why do you have to be a mess? >> i think a lot of people are thinking we are going focus on things that are negligence tiff and we didn't. we approach it with of and respect. >> i've got to look out for christy. i can't handle this. >> vif ka fox plays whitney in the last days and how it center daughter into a downward spiral. >> i knew them.
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i would never be involved with anything that would defame their lega legacy. those are my friends. >> this newcomer is bobbi christina. it shows the days that haunted her that led up to her death. >> her connection to her mom was so powerful and strong. i think once whitney left, half of her or more left. >> whitney's father, bobby brown has spoken out. >> bob by was not happy about this. >> i ran into him in new york. he said, you good? i said, yeah, you good? i said, all right. nothing but lover if you. >> doing bobby trusts you now? >> i hope so. i have nothing but love and respect for the family. i just want him to know that. >> i do want to point out that the houston family is working on
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a documentary and they did not want this movie. you can see it sunday night. real life story on the way. and cameron matheson has the details. margot robby is playing tonya harding, whose husband was involved in bashing the knee of her rival, thnancy kerry gan. shed to learn how to skate like a pro. >> i hasn't done anything like that before in a role. yeah, it was really intense. >> four months of training. five days a week for four hours a day helped gar goe with the skating. but it was the wigs and breached eyebrows that clearly transformed her to tonya.
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>> i know you met tonya herself. tell me about the meeting. >> she just texted me on the way here. it was really sweet. she said good luck. i told her i was nervous. she said chin up. it will all be good. >> we were with her at the premier. and on the cover of "w". >> the choreography was incredible. never sympathetic. she was like, get up, let's go. the one time i had a huge fall, she came over and said, that was a real scary fall, you can have a minute. i was like, cheers. okay. >> margot also produced the film, but it's playing the skater she won't forget. >> some characters i play i can let go of quickly and i'm ready to let go of them.
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tonya wasn't one of them. i found it hard to shake her off. >> i can understand that. i don't know if isla fisher has ever had one of those roles. >> i live in such a funny house. even the cats are funny. >> they're even funny? helping her keep her house in stitch are her three kids and her hubby, sasha baron cohen. >> how important is it for you to have your kids stay grounded? >> i never talk about my kids personally. i feel like they deserve a normal childhood. i have been with my husband 16 years. i have never spoken about him publicly. >> ow! >> my father warned me about people like you.
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>> the mom has no problems putting it all out there. one of her all-time favorites, "wedding crashers". >> don't ever leave me. >> ever. >> good. because i would find you. >> people who are unusual or quirky. >> her latest quirky characters are in her children's books. >> i started doing a funny voice of marge, the main character. i can't even do her. then jakeky is a little boy. and the other is very earnest. >> you would jump back and forth? >> yeah. >> how? >> it's always been my dream to play all the characters. >> she has a movie coming out next year about a crazy game of tag, adults who have to travel all around the country to tag each other.
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tag. you're it. >> copping up, get ready to see a whole loft of pink. her new now. is next. next on kron-4 news at eight: breaking news tonight---police are investigating after a woman falls to her death from a cliff chilling new details about the potential other targets of the las vegas gunman. i'm steve aveson. i'm catherine heenan. the news -- next.
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real housewives star is ready to start over. she's getting divorced after 11 years of marriage. >> what are you most excited about? >> just getting focussed on kelly. >> only "e.t." was invited inside her mansion before she moved out. along with her realtor, host of
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real estate wars. see is home tour on "e.t.."com. travel consideration provided by -- before we go, exciting news for pink fans. get ready to see her at a city near you. tour kicks off march 1st in phoenix. >> she just dropped another single called whatever you like. ♪ always darkest before the light ♪ ♪ >> i love her voice. >> she's beautiful. >> looks as if her 9-month-old jameson is ready to hit the
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road. she posted this adorable photo of him. now at eight ... tragedy on a san francisco cliffside. we are at the scene of a deadly accident at fort funston.whoosh disturbing new details about the las vegas gunman ... preparations to attack other music festivals ... and what he planned to do with the powerful explosives found in his car.whoosha new violent incident at a troubled public park..neighbors say they are fed upit's out of controlwhoosh natno mistaking the stars of fleet week.the blue angels are back in the bay ... details on where and when you can see them again on kron four news in prime time. (catherine) breaking news tonight out of san francisco. police are investigating after a woman


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