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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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napa county. and one in mendocino county at this point there are no reported containment numbers on these fires. (pam) santa rosa is one of the communities affected most by these wildfires. homes burned to the homes burned to the ground by the block...(steve) kron-4's j-r stone saw the devastation close up at the coffee park developmentand talked with some neighbors who have lost everything. (jrs)
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((2shot))((steve)) all day we have been hearing harrowing stories of people fleeing their homes with little warning.((pam)) many don't know if they will have a home to return to.kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke with evacuees.. she is live santa rosa hermela? c(pam) c
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hermela? hermela?
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c c(pam) as we've been telling you much of santa rosa was devastated. many neighborhoods completely wiped out.(steve) kron-4's dan kerman visited one of those neighborhoods and joins us live --- dan (dan) that's right i was along crestview drive and it was completely wiped out
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michelle martinez and her father spent monday afternoon scouring through the rubble of their santa rosa home, looking for anything that was salvageable.sot the family lives along crestview drive which saw total devastation most families had just minutes to escape as the flames headed toward them sot michelle martinez/house burned down 22- 32as the sun stared down on the rubble families began comtemplating what was next. sot ruben martinez/house burned down 44-54102/i don't know (steve) 102/i don't know54102/i don't know
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(steve) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here .(pam) and brittney we know the wind had a major role in fueling these fires overnight. are we seeing any more dangerous conditions tonight?
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♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - this week, classico extra virgin olive oil is just $3.99. (steve) napa county also
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hit hard by this devastating firestorm. as of 9 -oclock tonight - at least 100 people have been injured in wildfires burning in northern california.. according to officials in napa(pam) st. joseph health said 100 patients have been treated, most for smoke inhalation, at two of its hospitals, santa rosa memorial in santa rosa and queen of the valley medical center in napa. meantime... kron4-'s rob fladeboe got to see the destruction close up in napa..
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(pam) some 68- square miles in the north bay are affected by the firestorm.. because of that, fire crews are stretched thin ... so, many residents have taken extra steps to keep their homes safe.(steve) world renound vineyards are also threatened... reporter justin lum spoke with the owner of a winery who scrambled to save his vines.
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(steve) there are evacuation centers set up throughout the fire area. kron 4's vicki liviakis is live in the newsroom with the update list. (vicki) yeah steve... so many people forced to leave their homes and find safety. some shelters are already at capacity for the night. we've got a list of those that are still taking people in. the center is open at the calistoga fairgrounds in calistoga. so is the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa. and the petaluma community center. neighbors are being asked to
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go to the santa rosa veterans memorial hall. sonoma valley high school is open as well. evacuees are being asked to go to the napa valley college gym. two evacuation centers are open in the city of sebastopol ... one at the sebastopol community cultural center and another at analy high school. and the cloverdale citrus fairgrounds is open as a center as well. in fairfield, an evacuation in fairfield, an evacuation center is open at the solano community college parking lot ... elsie allen high school in santa rosa opened its doors. people with small pets can take them to the napa county animal shelter in napa. there is also a shelter open at hessel church in sebastopol. shelters have opened up at cook middle school in santa rosa. the healdsburg community center in healdsburg is open as an evacuation center as well. there are many more shelters... to see the complete list head to our website at steve, pam back to you. (pam) the following
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the following school districts will be closed again on tomorrow due to the fires in napa and sonoma counties: howell mountain elementary school district, napa valley unified school district, pope valley union elementary school district and st. helena unified school district. in addition napa valley college, and the offices and programs of the napa county office of education, will also be closed tomorrow. and all classes at sonoma state university have been suspended for tuesday... families and staff are advised to follow public health advice regarding smoke and air quality, and to stay safe. at this time, calistoga at this time, calistoga joint unified school district has not announced plans for tomorrow. (steve) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp
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is here now.(pam) and brittney we know high winds played a role in how fast these fires spread... is that expected to ease up tonight?
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firestorm is a devastating hit for so many communities. our justine waldman spoke to one woman in santa rosa's coffey park development... about the impact of this fire. (pam) as you just heard ---
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that resident said they found a cat half-burned in their truck. just one of many animals affected by these flames. many people have had to evacuate their animals to safety. and we're seeing stories of people helping each other. dousing hotspots and looking after homes. (steve) toss to break ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up.
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with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. (pam) breaking news tonight. the north bay
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deadly firestorm burning out of control. the raging fires reducing homes to rubble. and forcing thousands from their beds in the middle of the night.(pam) these wildfires exploding overnight--- and causing devastation on bay area communities.(steve) some people have lost everything.. others do not know if their home is still standing or not. (steve) here is where we stand tonight. at least ten people are dead in this firestorm. most of those deaths right now in sonoma county with seven there two others have died in napa county. and one death in mendocino county. more than 70-thousand acres have burned the wind-driven wildfires have forced thousands to flee their homes. it has also shut down schools today. some schools are saying they will be closed tomorrow as well at least 15-hundred structures are destroyed...but that number is expected to rise. (pam)(topvo) this is an updated list of the evacuation orders .. issued for
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residents of the following santa rosa neighborhoods due to firestorm.... 7 cross creek road7 sky farm drive7 saint andrews drive7 all residences north fountaingrove parkway7 montecito heights7 the hopper avenue area west of coffey lane (between dennis lane and hopper avenue to the north and south and coffey lane and barnes road to the east and west)7 all residences east of fulton road, between piner road and guerneville road7 kaiser permanente hospital and sutter hospital are being evacuated7 all residences in rincon valley north of montecito blvd from brush creek road to eastern city limits at calistoga road 7 all of oakmont area east of melita road (steve) in napa, evacuees are wondering about their homes near atlas peak, where the original fire began sunday night at about ten o'clock. (pam) that fire has grown beyond 70-thousand acres, and
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kron four's spencer blake has been there all day to show us the dozens of homes that burned to the ground. (pkg)these friends and evacuees met up in this grocery store parking lot in napa, consoling each other over fear of the unknown."we could see the blaze on the hills surrounding the highlands, both sides. both to the east and to the west."don turner worries his house is a goner, but what makes things worse is that he just doesn't know.he can't get up the hill to see.but if he did, his house might not be any better off than these."i felt blessed in that we're safe and we're healthy."the huge fire, which cal fire says will have crews fighting it for weeks, also forced edward graziani's father to evacuate."he called this morning and said, 'hey i was evacuated. can you tell me whether the house is still there?'"he hasn't been able to get a look, either, but he knows some of his dad's neighbors already lost their home."i think we're gonna lose the house. i just gotta find him. he just lost - we just lost our mom."but finding dad is hard, with no cell service,
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and wi-fi only at hotspots like starbucks.service providers say getting towers back up is a priority. meanwhile, cal fire has been getting help from agencies all over the state to attack the historic fire from all sides. in napa, spencer blake, news. the news.kron four spencer blake, kron four news.
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news.kron four spencer blake, kron four news.
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news.kron four spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) joining us now is chief meteorologist
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brittney shipp...(pam) she has been tracking the wind speeds and the warm temperatures that have been fueling the wildfires... brittney?
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(steve) toss to break
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (steve) our reporters have
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been all over the north bay talking to many of the people impacted by the fire... kron4's haaziq madyun talk to some some residents who chosenot to evacuate...
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(pam) hundreds of residents have lost everything... more than 15- hundred structures have been destroyed. that number is expected to climb once officials have a chance to fully evaluate the large fire zone ... that could take a long while considering how many north bay counties are affected by the fires.(steve) victims are looking for answers... they are frusturated and still in shock by the disaster the firestorm has caused. (steve) police have a curfew in
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place until sunrise... it started at 6:45 p-m tonight. they are looking out for looters... that might be rooming the that might be for looters... that might be rooming the streets breaking into homes. they say if find anyone breaking in the will be arrested. (pam) hundreds of north bay residents have been forced out of their homes... many are spending the night at one of many evacuation centers.
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we spoke to some of the people staying at one of napa's emergency shelters today. this is what they had to say. say.they had to say.
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(steve ) now with brittney shipp who is tracking the weather conditions as these fires burn into the night. hopefully the wind will not whip up again tonight (steve) (pam) first responders are
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working hard to keep are working responders are working hard to keep people in napa and somona counties safe... (steve) now working for about 24 hours now... people are wondering how they can help... the pittsburg police department is taking donations of water and snacks... they are asking people to donate bottled waters... gatorade... energy drinks...granola bars... and officers will deliver it to the fire areas... you can drop off donations at the pittsburg police department's front lobby on civic avenue in pittsburg.
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this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (pam)(topvo) this is an updated list of the evacuation
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orders .. issued for residents of the following santa rosa due to firestorm.... 7 cross creek road7 sky farm drive7 saint andrews drive7 all residences fountaingrove parkwayheights7 the hopper west of coffey lane (between and hopper avenue to the south and and barnes road to the east and west) residences road, between guerneville roadpermanente sutter hospital are being evacuated7 all residences in rincon valley north of (pam) santa rosa is one of the santa rosa (pam) (pam) now at ten ... our top story tonight... a massive out of control firestorm... is ástill burning tonight in the north bay ...(steve) utter destruction as homes are reduced to ash. and at least ten people are killed ... as more than a dozen wildfires rage tonight.(pam) thank you (pam) thank you for joining us tonight i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. here is what we know right now a curfew in place in santa rosa--- for the mandatory evacuation zones and it will stay in place until sunrise tomorrow... here is what we know right now.... more than 70 thousand acres have burned in at least 12 active fires destroying at least 15-hundred structures...but that number could rise. there
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have been 10 deaths. seven in sonoma county. two in napa county. and one in mendocino county at this point there are no reported containment numbers on these fires.


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