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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 11, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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map, this afternoon at three 10:00, calistoga was told, you have to get out. that was what we heard this afternoon, then 6:00, geyserville, a mandatory evacuation, not all evacuations are mandatory, this is solano. when they want people to be prepared for what may come, like near solano town center, they are issuing an advisory, you do not have to leave yet but they want you to be prepared to leave. same down mere 80 by the community college, it's an advisory, be prepared. you can get this information through cal fire, we are going to pri it to you throughout the
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night as well. >> back to the. thank you, steve, we will go back to you throughout the night. thousands of firefighters are on the front lines of the enormous fires. we are live from the oakmont neighborhood in santa rosa,jr, i know you were there last night. tell us what has changed and what is the latest on the fire. >> reporter: last night we knew of one home that was destroyed. as far as damage, not a lot has changed but i talked with firefighters who said they spent much of the day preparing, there is a heavy firefighter presence in this neighborhood because they expect increased winds this eerng, i want to show you a fire line up on the hill --
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evening, i want to show 3ka8ryo fire line on the hill we are near oakmont drive and white oak, firefighters spent much of the day setting backfires in the area, if the fire gets closer to the home, they hope that the backfire will help them fend off the flames, i want to go to the videos, this is hardly the only area i have been in today. i was in eldrige earlier today. you can see one of the fires that probing out alongside of the road. flames between 6 feet and 10 feet shooting into the air, the crews ran out of water and had to leave this area and come back, there was a line.
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i said this is a backfire? they said no, they were driving down the road and saw this, there were scenes like this throughout the area earlier today. i talked with the firefighters, this is what they had to say. >> we drove by and folks were waving us down to come this and help with hair property. the fire was coming down in different areas, everyone is in place doing what they can. everyone is on the same page and everyone is plugging along. >> reporter: plugging along they are. back live this evening, this is a live picture of the fire line up in the hills above the oakmont area. i can tell you it's much smokier where i am standing now compared to what it was like an hour ago, there are a number of
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firefighters still in this neighborhood keeping a close eye, we are talking about thousands of homes that are threatened in this area by this fire that you are looking at right now. just to recap, we have confirmation of one home that was destroyed. there was talk of a second home being destroyed near the first home but at this point, we just have one home confirmed destroyed in this oakmont area. >> jr, this is grant. you mentioned how the winery was on fire, that's a short distance north of downtown sonoma, did you drive through downtown and how much fire did you see and how close was it to downtown, i know there is an evacuation advisory for the area north of downtown sonoma. >> there is, i can tell you, i drove through that downtown area of sonoma, i did not see
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flames or anything like this but i saw a lot of ygpñuwsmoke. in some portions of sonoma, it almost felt like it was snowing because the ash was so big as i drove through the area, i could see some people running with, not necessarily running but walking to their cars with boxes and what not. they were evacuating that area, i have been in that area, sonoma, a number of times. is usually a busy city but today it was a ghost town. jr, i know you were in oakmont. it's a retirement community. a lot of people are watching that neighborhood but there is bound tor some relief that there is crews, much of the day yesterday you did not see anybody. >> reporter: that's correct.
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because it's such a big area, and the fire line is such a big fire line on these massive hill tops, they are spread out. they have a lot of firefighters but they are jumping from street to street. we began to report yesterday of the we got a response from the firefighters who made their way up the hill and started to put out the flames, they are all keeping a close eye on the flames but they mentioned to me, they expect strong wind gusts up on these hill tops tonight and they are preparing, they have prepared all day long for that, they are hoping that this stays way up on the hill, but they are prepared in case it comes closer to some of these homes. thank you, jr. i want to turn to brittney
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shipp, our chief meteorologist, the weather cooperated just a bit today but tonight is the opposite. >> unfortunately, tonight, that's going to be the concern for us, we have the red flag warning which started at 5:00, it continues through 5:00 tomorrow. we have a possibility of wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. calistoga is a big concern, you can see, tubbs fire is burning, the wind is now coming in from the north. that puts calistoga in harms way, we have a red flag warning for the north bay hills until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. also the santa cruz mountains and east bay hills under the red flag warning. humidity levels will be dropping between 10 to 20% and wind speeds 20 to 30 miles per
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hour and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. especially along the higher elevations we could see the wind rushing down into parts of napa or sonoma coming off of the coastal north bay hills, the future humidity shows us that tomorrow morning will recover a bit. 30 fers in yachtville -- 30% in yachtville. and breeze and moisture coming in off the water but instead we have drier air coming down in the humidity is dropping to 12% in napa. coming up we talk about when we will see relief in the forecast. >> thank you. just getting new information about a major city in the north bay that is now also included in the evacuation advisory, we
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have the specification on that after the beak. >> as the devastating wild fires continue in the north bay counties, kron four will continue with regular updates and will interrupt programming as events warrant. stay with kron four (grant) more (grant)
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breaking news into the kron four news room, earlier we were talking about parts of the city
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of sonoma that are thousand under an evacuation advisory that's now expanding to another major city in the north pay. >> we have a look at the most recent evacuation orders. >> that now includes parts of napa. earlier this afternoon it was calistoga, now is the city of napa. we have given you geyserville here and now sonoma, this map guess you into the heart of the city here. here's where the exact locations are, this is not a mabd tri evacuation order this is an advisory, for the people in the area, it's going to be in this general area, it's east of highway 29 between highway 221 and the jameson canyon road
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teen highway 12 and the napa/solano line, you can see why, there are a lot of things surrounding the city of napa. if you are in the city of napa, this is your opportunity to pull together a go bag, you can go online, come to our website, or go to the website for cal fire to get the specifics, this advisory has been issued for the city of napa or parse of it. >> thank you, steve. so it's not mandatory but it's an advisory in the city of napa. this is video of flames coming close to homes in sonoma county. the coverage of the fires continues after the break picture looking out over the
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we continue our breaking news, we have coverage of the north bay fire storm. this is a picture looking out over the bay, it's been hazy
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all day, people noticing the fires from the bay area. the smoky air is macking it hard for some people to he breathe, some people feel it more than others, we are getting reports from the south bay, places like morgan hill and gilroy, but if you go into the north bay and the city of napa, the air quality index is terrible. it's way above levels that we consider dangerous and the pittsburg school district just announced it's canceling classes tomorrow because of the dangerous air quality. that's in addition to the districts that we have already reported. west contra costa, antioch and mount diablo are all saying no school tomorrow. we are live in the city of san francisco. what is the air quality life right now, danny? >> reporter: again, you can smell the smoke in the orin san
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francisco. it's looking nicer now that the sun has set. i am going to have my photographer pull out a bit. it's looking like it's been lightly snowing, you can see pieces of ash coming down. here you can see there is ash that has been collecting on this window sill. it's a strange sight to see, is 61 degrees in san francisco but it looks like snow. it seems in the past few hours, more school districts have been canceling school for tomorrow. i drove up from fresno, they have been canceling all outdoor activities for tomorrow because the bad air is drifting down and coming into the central valley and its effecting the schools there. this is a california wide issue
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that we are seeing. the ash is coming down and falling like snow. one thing that i will say, i was coming across the bay bridge, now it looks stunning but it was hazy earlier. we saw cars driving by with people wearing masks to protect them from the air. >> thank you danny. >> get out of the air while you can. i know you are going to be back in it. this is a live look at the golden gate. under the cover of dakness, it's difficult to tell how unhealthy the air is. the weather is impacting everyone, you can see it on your car or your patio, you will ins all of the particles in the air, ins some of the worst air quality we have seen in the bay area, we have a
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spare the air alert. as we go into sunday, we are unhealthy for the north bay zones, east bay, south bay, moderate levels, in san francisco, parts of the you peninsula are inhealthy for certain groups, if you have breathing difficulties i want to be careful and limit your activity. we have a little weather disturbance to the north of us, that's why the wind speeds have been picking up. we have a red flag warning due to the wind speeds picking up. drier air is coming into the bay area from the north. our north bay hills east bay hills, santa cruz mountains are under the red flag warning through 5:00 p.m. thursday, wind speeds at 15 thirp to 30 miles per hour gusting to 40 miles per hour.
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dry conditions expected for us again, talk about the humidity, it recovers overnight so we are in the 30s and 40s for a lot of locations in the north bay zone. as we go through the day our latest models are showing drier conditions, single digits by 1:00. humidity is down to 9% in napa tomorrow. 15% in santa rosa, it stays that way for a few hours, then we have more moisture coming in tomorrow night. coming up we talk more about what is in store when the red flag warning expires thursday at 5:00 p.m. and when we will see improving conditions. >> thank you. a strength of evacuation centers are opening for the people forced from their homes by the fires, so many mandatory evacuation orders. we are at one of the centers in
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american canyon where people are donating supplies. >> reporter: i am standing at american canyon high school where an evacuation center is being set up. wednesday afternoon, the city of calistoga was evacuated and those people were instructed to come to the high school. neighbors in american canyon are dropping off supplies, it's a mobilization, people are bringing truck loaz of water, diapers food and toys, supplies, they are stocking the supplies at one of the buildings at the high school. they are preparing the center for people who may be fleeing from the fire. i talked to several people who watched what has happened over the past few days and they came here to do what they could to help. >> is been difficult, we have friends that lost homes. >> here at the center, i talked
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to several people this afternoon including a family of firefighters currently fighting these fires near sonoma. they said they are getting messages from their loved ones, they are saying that they are spending long hours fighting the fires and supplies are short and they to fot know when they will get a break. we just got new information from the sonoma county coroner. sadly the death toll has increased. two more people confirmed dead in sonoma county, that brings the total in sonoma to 13 and the told is 21 overall. they are just beginning to get into some of the areas where they have not been able to get in and they have been finding new fatalities. the bottom line, 23 fatalities are being reported.
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this is video of destruction in napa county, our coverage of the north bay fire storm continues right after the break ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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brittney shipp.meteorologist with chief at the weather final look firestorm..the north bay coverage of special hour of coverage of welcome back to our continuing coverage of the north bay fire storm. people have been reaching out to us asking how to donate. the red cross is always a resource that people can go to.
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text the number on your screen, 90999 to make a donation, if you want to call on the phone, the number is on the screen, there is also a number of organizations that people can donate to including the salvation army. i can find a mailing address or also the united way is collecting money at the united way website. also crews are asking people for donations, the finley community center. they are trying to dbt what they already have. >> if you have information or you need information, the sonoma county information hot line is on your screen, you can
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also mark yourself safe and well on facebook or on the numbers of people missing have come down but 200 people, right now are listed as missing, our website, is a great resource if you looking for ways to help people or stay up to date. one of the biggest pieces of breaking news, part of the city of napa is now under an evacuation advisory, it's not mandatory in napa but they are worried that the wind will shift and the winds will be dangerous as we go through the night. our meteorologist brittney shipp is here. >> we have red flag warnings, the wind shift is why the precautions are being taken in napa. >> that's what we are watching
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as we go into the rest of tonight. dry conditions expected, 10 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour. lets look at the wind direction in napa. when you see the arrows moving around, that's the wind direction shifting. even now is a big deal. it's the difference between where it's going, as we head into tonight, looks like the wind druks is staying out of the north coming in from the north west. into tomorrow morning, we see the wind speeds gusting anywhere between 20 to 30 miles per hour. this applies for santa rosa and parts of yachtville. as we head into the afternoon hours, things are going strong in napaful we have three models showing you the possibility of future wind gusts. we want to rely on the worst case scenarios, that's wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour
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through 5:00 on thursday when the red flag warning starts to expire. most of the models bring the wind speeds down to the single digits by 8:00 thursday. we will get more moisture moving back in thursday night into friday so things should start to improve but the worst is going to be as we head into tonight and into tomorrow morning. thank you. thank you for being with us for this hour, do not go anywhere, we are not going anywhere, continuing coverage through 11:30 this evening, a harrowing night ahead as the winds are going and the humidity is down. this is a live look at downtown sonoma. we will be right back
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this is the bay area's news station, kron four starts now with breaking news. >> this is a serious, critical
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catastrophic event. >> the deadly north bay fire storm growing in size and spreading fast. fires threatening thousands of homes and forcing new evacuations. >> i did not grab anything, seconds could have made the difference between life and death. >> tonight, dangerous gusty winds could fan the flames of already raging wild fires. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i am program -- pam moore. >> the toll of the destruction is rising, the fires are among the deadliest in california history killing 23 people and burning thousands of acres, destroying homes and businesses, firefighters top priority remains protecting lives and property, that includes


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