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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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been operating overtime since the firesand providing free help in various ways until pets are back with the people who love them most. the silence in the burned-out neighborhoods of santa rosa is in sharp contrast to the sound of animals separated from their owners during evacuations."we want and need people to bring the animals in. we can provide food, shelter, and care - we have vetinary care."director of sonoma county animal services john skeel lost his home in the tubbs fire, and is temporarily living where he works.but he's hardly paused when it comes to the animals. the shelter moved 120 or so dogs to other shelters when the fires broke out, in anticipation of the onslaught of strays.but there haven't quite been as many as they expected - yet."a lot of the animals, particularly cats, ran away, and so even if they were injured they're only now starting to be seen because people are coming back to the neighborhood."experts have been setting feline traps to safely bring in some of those cats.the shelter, which was open 24-seven for the first couple weeks of the fires, is holding these found animals for a longer-than-normal 30 days.the county is also helping people whose animals survived, but who have no home to go back to."so these are people's owned animals. they're being boarded here." boarded indefinitely, and for
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free.meanwhile, online groups and posts on social media are trying to connect people with their pets.some posters have tried to hang onto animals at their own home, fearing the shelters are overwhelmed. but that's just not the case."we want to get the word out that we have capacity, if you've found the animal, to bring it into the shelter, we can check it for a microchip and quickly get it back to its owner."so far this location alone has reunited 60 of these 'fire pets'..with their grateful owners. various shelters in the north bay have been having nightly conference calls to share data and make sure all their efforts are on the same page. live in santa rosa, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) continuing our coverage of the north bay fires tonight. we flew our quadcopter 4 in santa rosa earlier today.. to give you a first hand look at the damage to date. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live in the newsroom tonight. j.r., what area did we focus on today?
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(j.r.)steve we were in the area off of fountaingrove parkway in santa rosa. on this screen you can see that even homes along this golf course were affected. this is all new video from quadcopter four showing a neighborhood off of the fountaingrove parkway in santa rosa. one that once looked like looks like this.middle to upper class neighborhoods completely burned to the ground. we took this video on rincon ridge drive looking onto millbrook drive and elkstone place which is off of the fountaingrove parkway. that's just some of the damage we recorded monday. this is the view from quadcopter 4 showing what's left of the hilton sonoma wine country hotel in santa rosa. this area that you're looking at shows what was once the main buildings at the hilton hotel. buildings that used to look like
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destruction is what we are seeing on this hillside off of the fountaingrove parkway. in fact if we zoom in to this video from quadcopter 4 you see more of the desctruction at the hilton. the area i've circled burned as our cameras were rolling. in fact this is what it looked like the afternoon those hilton buildings burned and this is what it looked like hours later when those buildings continued to burn. in the area below the hilton the fountaingrove inn burned. this is what it looked like days after the fire destroyed those buildings and this is what it looks like as we zoom in on quadcopter 4. (j.r.)this is another view from quadcopter 4 of a neighborhood off of fountaingrove parkway. you can see just how extensive the damage is. our aviator said that even the street signs in these neighborhoods were gone. steve, pam, now back to you. (pam) here are the latest
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numbers from the north bay firestorm. a total of 42 people have died from the wildfires.... 23 of those deaths are from sonoma county alone. seven are from napa... right now, the sonoma county sheriff is working 2 missing person reports.. santa rosa police say, they have 19 people they are still trying to find. we are still waiting on updated numbers on the missing in napa county. (steve) the cardinal newman high football team is coping with a major loss in their first game back.... since the tubbs fire destroyed their school and some of the students' homes. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in rohnert park ... where the team is facing off against rancho cotate. ella how is the getting through this tough time?
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their spirits are high considering some of the cardinal newman football players lost their homes and the team has had to practice on a borrowed field leading up to this game. a tribute to first responders set the scene at the cougars stadium in ronhert park monday night. it's the first game back for cardinal newman high as they go up against rancho cotate after the tubbs fire badly damaged their school. and at least five of their own players have lost their homes.but players say it's football that's getting them through it.sot: dino kahaulelio, cardinal high junior// "most of us loko at football as more than just a sport. it's more of a family aspect. so we like to come together in multiple aspect we hang out together we eat together so this kind of brings us into a mentality where we have someone to lean on when we have our sorrows."
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they've received an outpour of invitiations from area schools for a place to practice until they chose el molina high. varsity coach paul cronin says it's been tough for the team but they've gotten through it. sot: paul cronin, cardinal newman high football coach// "anytime you have cahllenges put in front of you i think people want to rise to it . although it's been chaotic the teams tells kron4 they felt prepared and are happy the game brings them a sense of normal again. cardinal newman high is really badly damaged so it's going to take a lot of work and time to get their school up and running again.their football team will continue to hold practice at el molina high indefinitely. live in ronhert park ellasogomonian kron 4 news. (steve) napa school district students are back in school...after being evacuated
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because of the wildfires. napa unified school district had to remove the ash...and clear out about nine thousand dirty air filters and replace them. officials say they will try to condense some of the lost they don't have to stretch classes summer into the summer. (pam) our other big story tonight:we tracking another hot fall day tomorrow.. this is a live look at san francisco... temperatures expected to hit the mid- eighties in the city.... chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center with what to expect in your neighborhood. .a rapid warming trend that got underway today will persist into tuesday with the potential for record to near record breaking daytime temperatures. temperatures cool slightly as offshore flow and the high pressure aloft weakens by midweek, yet temperatures look to remain above seasonal averages through late week. in addition, ongoing dry conditions will likely persist through the end of the month.
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(steve) (steve) happening now: police are looking for the gunman who opened fire on intesrstate 380 near san francisco international airport. two cars were hit by bullets. and a 49-year old woman was shot. yesterday's shooting is just one of more than a hundred freeway shootings in the last two years in the bay area. kron4's justine waldman is tracking the latest on the investigation. "two cars left covered in bullet 11 on sunday
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night on 380.. someone opened fire on a black toyota sedan. the driver, who the chp believes works for uber, had just picked up two passengers at sfo.sot it is freighting the female driver was shot in the shoulder and went to the hospital.her two passengers were not physically hurt.the chp tells kron 4 news the driver and the passengers were caught in the cross fire and not the intended targets.the crime scene stretched about a mile long.because the second car hit by bullets a black honda accord it appears broke down on 280.and the person or people inside ran away.the chp are still looking for a 3rd car involved, but did not have information on a description for it .. or suspects.or a motive.beverlee taylor / pleasanton sot hopefully law enforcement can get on it and get it solveddrivers tell kron 4 news the freeways shootings they are not worried about their safety on the streets. sot yeah it is a concern but it is not going to change me going on the freewaysbt but i am not going to stop driving just because people decide to be crazyin san bruno justine waldman kron 4 news."
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(grant) another big story tonight...investigators trying to figure out what's behind a deadly shooting spree in lake county. police say the suspect killed two people, and shot a c-h-p officer, who happened in the clear lake oaks area... alan ashmore is accused of going to two homes... killing one man in each, injuring another person at a home... firing shots at a gas station...a winery...and setting a small fire...that was quickly pu out. 911 calls came around 11:30 this morning. the responding chp officer hit was wearing body armour, which stopped a
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bullet from entering his leg. at one point a civilian who was licensed to carry...shot at the suspect at the gas station... the chevron on highway 20 at keys boulevard. police believe ashmore had several guns, including a shot-gun. witnesses say it was traumatizing.(grant) police say ashmore eventually gave himself up at a roadblock that was set up to catch him. they say they're working now to figure out if his shootings were random or targeted...and either way...why he did it. . (pam) coming up -- it is fremont's first homicide in two tonight - we hear from a witness who saw the deadly hotel shooting go down right in front of him. (steve) then -- a police chief investigating three murders says it's his worst nightmare..tonight -- we look at the possibility there could be a serial killer targeting florida.
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(pam) then - new at ten: new details about the man accused of carjacking and killing a san lorenzo dad... the wild pursuit that led to the suspect's capture... suspect's led to the pursuit
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(steve) only on kron4 --
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the two children of a man killed in a carjacking right outside his san lorenzo home -- opening up about their dad. james figueroa died after the person who was stealing his vehicle - used it as a weapon against. new tonight -- we are learning more about the man accused in the crime -- and the dangerous chase that led to his arrest. kron'4s haaziq madyun has the story.
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was runover by mr. alvarez fleeing car and broke his leg, the pursuit continued on, mr. alvarez crashed that vehicle. he then tried to flee and carjacked an unsuspecting citizen, as he was carjacking that citizen, oakland police and deputies converged on him"> victor alvarez was arrested for murder, carjacking and being in posseeion of stolen property. james figureoa's family is relieved that the murder suspect has been arrested
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(steve) happening now: police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who crashed into a mom pushing two children in a stroller. tonight those kids are in critical condition.... it happened yesterday afternoon in the intersection of tuner parkway and foothill drive... right in front of century theatres. the mother was are brand new pictures of the car police are looking for. it is believed to be a white acura e seen this vehicle...contavehicle...conta ct vallejo police. (pam) today, the trial began for the man accused of killing kate steinle. the suspect is an undocumented immigrant, who was deported five times before police say... he comitted the murder. the killing was nearly two- years ago along pier- 14 in san francisco. despite kicking off a national debate
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on illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies... kron4's maureen kelly says, the immigration status of the accused was hardly mentioned during opening arguments. matt gonzalezdefense attorney 119-149201 stdthe hallway outside courtroom 13 was a media circus despite the fact that no cameras were allowed in court.that's because the killing of 32 year old kate steinle became part of the 2016 presidential campaign..used as an example by now president donald trump as why sancutary cities like san francisco are bad policy. a few months before the shooting jose garcia zarateorginally known by his his alias juan lopex sanchez , had been released from custody from san francisco jail without anyone alerting the feds.but his immigration status was not mentioned by assistant district attorney diana garcia who started off her opening statements by showing the jury the murder weapon used in the killing of stienle. the ada said that garcia zarate pointed the gun at kate steinle's direction and pulled the trigger.altho ugth she admitted there was no eyewitness who saw him shoot steinle and there is no evidence that he was the one who stole the gun from a car belonging to a federal park
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ranger, other than he was wearing baggy clothes that could have concealed the gun. he also tested positive for gunshot residue.she said the 54 year old started off his interview after being taken into custody by lying about where he was until police lied to him saying they'd already found the gunwhich didn't reallly happen until later. his attorney says the gun was wrapped in a rag and it went off when his client picked it's not unusual for police to lie it's a tactic it's also not unusual for people not to want to admit where they were when they think they are in trouble.he eventually did and he told them ti was an accidentthat's all it was. that must have been hard to watch, do you want to comment the mother and brother of kate steinle were both in the courtroom but didn't talk to the media and walked out with an escort of law enforcement. maureen kelly kron4 news. (steve) (steve)a live look outside
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tonight (pam) brittney is here with the weather .a rapid warming trend that got underway today will persist into tuesday with the potential for record to near record breaking daytime temperatures. temperatures cool slightly as offshore flow and the high pressure aloft weakens by midweek, yet temperatures look to remain above seasonal averages through late week. in addition, ongoing dry conditions will likely persist through the end of the month.
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(pam) still ahead:you"ve probably seen this on social media -- a couple finds dozens of pounds of marijuana in her amazon order...tonihgt -- we'll show you how amazon apologized.... (steve) but first -- if you shop at safeway, whole foods or trader joes... pay attention.. we have details on a major vegetable recall you need to know about.
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(pam) happening tonight-- a
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leading vegetable supplier in california... is voluntarily recalling products that might have been contaminated with listeria. the mann packing recall involves bags of mixed produce... sold at produce... sold at several supermarkets across the u-s and canada... that includes stores like walmart, whole foods, and trader joe's. the company says, the recall is being done... out of an abundance of caution -- and it is cooperating with u-s and canadian health officials. mann packing says, no illnesses have been linked to the products. a florida couple gets a shock when opening a package in the mail. they found a large amount of marijuana in the box. reporter jeff deal has the story.
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for one orlando woman... amazon is just easy.woman: "we love amazon and do a lot of shopping on amazon."so, this summer when she and her fiance needed to put some things in storage...they placed an order for 27-gallon storage totes. but when the packages arrived-they knew something didn't feel right.woman: "they were extremely heavy, more heavy than you would think from ordering four empty bins." she asked us not to show her face for safety reasons.he's concerned...because after opening the box, they were hit with a strong odor. and under layers of packaging, they found 65-pounds of marijuana. they immediately called orlando police.woman: "when the first officer got here she was in disbelief."police took the drugs and launched an had been shipped by amazon "warehouse
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deals" via u-p-s from a facility in massachusetts- weighing 93.5 pounds.woman: "we were still pretty fearful our home would be broken into and we didn't sleep there for a few days."the customers said after going back and forth with amazon, mostly by email for more than a month, they never spoke to a supervisor. and finally received an email--giving them a $150-gift card-with the message "i am unable to do anything else at this time."she says what was an apology and an explanation could happen.woman: "there was no concern for a customer's safety. i mean this could have turned into a worst case scenario." that was jeff deal reporting. orlando police have yet to make an arrest, and say the investigation into the incident is ongoing. (pam) coming up new at ten: borrowing money to fight fires... why wildfires are ánotá treated like other natural disasters when it comes to funding from the governement..and the push tonight to change that. (steve) then - the northern california neighborhood that now admits it went too far when it comes to decorating for halloween... (pam) and next: fremont's
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first homicide in two years.. after the break we hear from a witness who saw it all police in fremont are
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investigating the city's first homicide since 20-15.... three people have been arrested...(pam) new tonight - we are hearing from
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a witness.. who tried to help the victim. kron4's ali reid is live in fremont tonight with details on what happened... ali? the victim managed to make his way from the hotel room where he was shot down to the lobby, and explain to staff that he'd been shot. all while putting pressure on his wound.pkgblood on his hands his arms, and on his face. at that point i went over and asked if he was ok. that's when he told me he'd been shot. he was gurgling. you could hear blood in his lungs. it was really bad.witnesses say the victim was shot in a hotel room in this building,
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before running down to the lobby to ask for happened in room 529 in building b.hotel staff called emergency services. meanwhile, chris and amber sellers tell me they applied pressure to the victim's wounds.that's where you could see this is where the bullet wound was, but right beside it was a stab wound.police showed up within minutes. by then, the 48 year old vicitm was slipping away. from like tryna talk to like eyes rolled back, head slumped over like that. i grabbed him and was kinda like you know, trying to get him to come back. and he did for a split second, then right back out. police say 3 suspectshave been arrested. right now there's no threat to public safety.the cops acted as fast as ive ever seen in my life and they did everything they could to save himstandupthis is the first homicide in fremont for this year.the last murder was in 2015.reporting live from fremont ali reid kron 4 news (steve) jasmin abuslinthe woman who was sexually exploited by law enforcement officers from multiple departments across the bay areahas dropped her lawsuit against the contra costa
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county sherrif's office. three officers faced felony chargesincluding contra costa county sheriff's deputy ricardo perez. the 29-year- oldwas initially charged with oral copulation with a minor and two counts of engaging in lewd conduct. however a judge dismissed the criminal case agaisnt perez. abuslin formely known as celeste guap...has already won a nearly one million settlement against the city of oakland. (pam) as the rebuilding process gets ready to begin after the north bay partisan lawmakers are pushing for new laws that would change the way wildfires are paid for saying the current system is broken and out of date. our washingotn correspondent alexandra limon explains. unlike earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. wildfires are not treated like other natural disastersas a wildfire burns, the national forest service borrows money to fight the firethat money is sometimes taken away from programs meant to prevent the disasters in
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the first place.sen. jeff merkley / oregon (d) :17 -:26 those forests if they're not thinned if they're not tended to, instead of being resilient to fires like an old growth forest, they burn very easily. a group of bipartisan lawmakers from california, oregon, utah, colorado and idaho introduced the wilfire disaster funding act of 2017. rita hite / american forest foundation :36-:46it says that one to two percent of fires that are the most expensive and are catastrophic, lets take them and budget for them like we would for other natural disasters.rita hite of the american forest foundation. it's a conservation organization that represents the 21 million individuals who own forest land . the organzation says wildfire funding, affects people and businesses toorita hite / american forest foundationso it impacts them directly and it also impacts them indirectly, when we spend a lot of money fighting fires and those dollars are taken away from family and individual land owners. alexandra limon / @alexlimonnews 1:08-1:18some funding for recover from this year's wildfires is rolled into the hurricane relief bill making its way through congress. but lawmakers from fire prone states say there needs to be a more permanent
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solution.sen. jeff merkely / oregon (d)very important, we have to end the process of fire borrowing, and pay for the biggest fires in a fema style fundthis year the forest service and department of interior spent a record breaking 2.9 billion dollars fighting wildfires. in washington alexandra limon anchor tag: limonanchor tag:the wildfire disaster relief act of 2017 is a bipartisan bill but it may be a tough prospect getting new funds approved from a congress focused on in washington limon. (pam) president trump is trying to calm the fears of americans with a 401-k retirement savings plan. the president wrote the following tweet this morning, quote ... "there will be no change to your 401-k. this has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays!" the presidents' comments come amid growing concerns.... that his tax reform plan could target 401-k and other retirement plans. the new york times reports, one proposal involved capping the annual amount employees can annual amount capping the
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annual amount employees can set aside for 401-k accounts... to as low as 24- hundred dollars. (steve) police in tampa, florida... are urging residents in one neighborhood not to be " held hostage" by fear... after the killing of three people in 11 days...shootings that invesigators say are related. despite the suspected connection between the three killings... police have refrained from directly calling the suspect a serial killer. reporter andy rose has more on what the community is doing to keep itself safe.
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(steve) according to a new study -- when nevada has gun shows... california sees a
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spike in gun-related deaths and injuries. researchers at u-c berkeley conducted the study. they looked at gun deaths and injuries in california... before and after gun shows in california and nevada. according to them -- after shows in california -- the golden state didn't see a spike in gun deaths and injuries. but communities within driving distance of nevada... did see an increase... after a gun show in the neighboring state. researchers found those communities saw deaths and injuries from firearms increased nearly 70-percent.
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that suit included allegations of suggestive emails, non=consensual sex .... and ended with a multi= million dollar settlement. (steve) gretchen carlson isn't the only fox employee who's furious tonight. megyn kelly really tore into her former employer on her nbc morning show. "this must stop, the abuse of women, the shaming of them, the threatening, the retaliation, the silencing of them after the fact, it has to stop."over the weekend, the new york times reported that o'reilly paid 32-million dollars to long time fox news legal analyst lis wiehl.the times says wiehl threatened to sue o'reilly for alleged sexual misconduct.a month later, fox news renewed o'reilly's contract for 25 million dollars a year. the contract included protections allowing fox to dismiss him in the event of new allegations... here's what o'reilly told n- b-c news about the sexual allegations last month.
10:39 pm
complained."kelly said she protested to fox management after o'reilly appeared to dismiss her accounts of sexual harssment at fox. ... and that management's response was shocking. "he was permitted, with management's advance notice and blessing to go on the air and attack the company's harassment victims yet again. according to bill o'reilly, there is only one victim: himself.the times released an audio tape of his phone complaining about the latest article."we have physical proof that this (vulgarity). (vulgarity), okay? so it's on you if you want to destroy my children further. alright, cuz it's all crap. . ."
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coming upthere are times when having your business logo featured prominently on the news.this isn't one of those times there is a green strip of roadway on many streets in san francisco that the wrong people are using, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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rlines you get a companion ticket visaevery year.card so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick packer. ♪ county-- a street known for it's halloween decorations is scaling back this year. neighbors say the crowds have become too much. it puts an end to a ten year tradition. families in the arden arcade neighborhood used to put up elaborate displays. including a giant pirate ship. however -- news of the
10:43 pm
over the top displays spread through word of mouth... attracting thousands of kids to see it from all over sacramento. one neighbor said it clogged the street with parked cars...and brought in an influx of trick or treaters and their parents. she is disappointed some are opting out of decorating their homes... but respects their decision. trina hoogendyk:"the lawns were getting kind of messed up. and flowers were getting ruined. it was a little chaotic. a lot of people on this street are a little bit older. and to have that big of a crowd it costs a lot of money to buy 3 thousand pieces of candy."(steve) neighbors say that although the pirate ship will not set sail this year, they still want trick or treaters. as long as the kids are from this neighborhood. (steve) how many times have you been sitting in traffic only to see a motorcycle go zooming by .. (pam) if you are thinking they are permitted to split lanes ....well they are, but there is one exception (( steve )) and that would be one case where people behaving badly could have
10:44 pm
deadly consequences. there are times when having your business logo featured on the news is a good thing this isn't one of those times this is a caviar delivery service in the wrong place at right time the motorcycle is in a bike lane nats: ambiance people for what every reason have taken to the either stopping in the green bike lanes like this uber on the embacaderso or riding in them nats: ambiance for example, watch the motorcycle take the right turn lane then jump in the bike lane to bypass traffic that is a common problem in the bay area this scooter rider, every one wave at him, he also jumped around traffic and utilized the green like lane nats: ambiance here we have to scoot riders, with scoot you don't even need motorcycle endorsement, all you need is the app but from the looks of the riders they think they are doing the right thing well they are not and neither is this one that ran the red light nats: ambiance
10:45 pm
only human powered bicyclist are permitted to use those lanes they are not shortcuts for motorcycles and they are not pick up spots for ride hails nats: ambiance driving a car or riding a motorcycle in a bike lane if caught can set you back 238 dollars and point on your driving record ans so is using the dedicated right turn lane to go straight crossing over where the bikes have to ride nats: ambiance it's-a big problem on the embacadero especially during the commute hours. i hearing reports that some riders are actually blowing their horns at bicyclist remember the green paint for the bike lanes does not mean it's ok to drive on them it means keep out unless you are riding a bicycle in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
10:46 pm
the warriors playing their 3rd of 3 road games in dallasdirk nowitski still doing his thing at age 39he had1st quarter warriors come out trongkevin durant 3-pointer 15-6 warriors 40-24 at the end of the 1st quarter(durant: 25 points, 8 rebounds)but the mavs cut the lead to 3 at the halfklay thompson takes over in the 3rd one of his 3 three- pointers in the period 80-68 warriors(thompson: 21 points) ens of the 3rdsteph curry hitsbthe long 2 to close outnthe quarter 100-84 warriors(curry: 29 points, 13-of-13 from the line)4th quarter warriors up confortablyrookie jordan bell... throws it off the back board to himself and slams it! and look at the warriors bench curry cheering durant stunned steve kerr laughing final: 133-103 warriors warriors back at home wednesday against the wednesday at home wednesday against the toronto raptors fines have come down for steph curry and andre iguodala from saturday night's loss to the
10:47 pm
grizzliescurry was fined $50,000 for throwing his mouthpiece leading to his ejection from the game although he says he was not trying to throw it at a referee the league seems to disagree with a relatively hefty fineiguodala was fined $15,000 for "verbally abusing an oficial" neither player will be suspendednot fined was kevin durant who like curry was also elected from the game then gave the "ring finger" not the middle finger as it first appeared as he left the court with curry
10:48 pm
sharkies at the new york rangersmadison square garden less than 2 miutes into the gamelogan couture scores off the slap shot in front courture has 6 goals in his last 4 game including the hat trick saturday 1-0 sharkslate 2nd period 2-0 sharksjoonas donskoi scores off the breakaway assist to joe tornton and joe pavelski 3- final: 4-1 sharksmartin jones: 33 saves the 49ers are 0-and-7 with no the 49ers are 0-and-7 with no end in sighta turnover on a
10:49 pm
muffed punt right off the bat led to a dallas cowbys early tochdownezekiel elliott took it from there 213 total yards and 3 touchdowns including this tip-toe down the sidelines or a 72-tard td make it 27-3 dallasmeanwile. c.j. beathard in his first start at quarterback couldmn't get anything going for the 49ers he had a couple of costly fumbles completing 22-of-38 for 235 yardsthe 49ers upset and frustrated as they drop to 0-and-7 40-10 cowboyskyle shanhan talked about the most recent loss today(sot: shanahan) "by no means does anyone feel good about themselves when you lose. it's tough. it wears on you, and you've got to recover and come back the next week and reset and find a way to get a win and we haven't been able to do that. definitely played our worst game yesterday and the results showed it. but, we weren't feeling great before that. we need to get a win and that's not going to be easy. we've got to now put in the work and find a way to do it." the 49ers next opponent the philadelphia eagles looking good tonight against the washington redskinscarson wentz 64-yard tuchdown pass
10:50 pm
to mack hollins hollins' 1st- career td and he does some celebrating including the baseball swing and miss(wentz: 268 passing yards, 4 tds) final: 34-24 host 49ers this sunday at 10am from zombies to politicians -- halloween scares up big bucks. the national retail federation says this year -- americans will spend in total 9-point-one billion dollars. that's 700 million dollars more than last year.which means -- the average household will spend a little more than 86 bucks.of the 179 million
10:51 pm
people participating in halloween -- 95 percent will buy candy.72 percent will spend money on decorations.and nearly 70 percent will buy costumes.on average -- men will spend nearly 20 dollars more than women perfecting their halloween looks.this year's top costume?adults will stick to witches and a batman character."oh, awesome. that's the bat signal, that's your - oh sorry!"kids like superheroes and princesses.and don't forget about dressing up your related costumes like pumpkins and hot dogs are this year's big as you're planning to fright and delight this halloween -- know that you won't be alone.
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this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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he's brought us to the obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your
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member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. .a rapid warming trend that
10:55 pm
got underway today will persist into tuesday with the potential for record to near record breaking daytime temperatures. temperatures cool slightly as offshore flow and the high pressure aloft weakens by midweek, yet temperatures look to remain above seasonal averages through late week. in addition, ongoing dry conditions will likely persist through the end of the month.
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