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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 24, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations. (grant) the prosecution is laying out its case in the murder trial for the man charged with
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killing kate steinle in san francisco. prosecutors called steinle's father as their first witness...he was at his daughter's side when she was shot to death on pier 14... in july of 20-15. (vicki) steinle's death touched off a national debate on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities... because the suspected gunman had been deported five times.(grant) kron4's maureen kelly is covering the case for us...and joins us live in the city... maureen) grant today the witnesses we heard from where people who say they saw the accused killer that day on the pier both before and after the fatal shooting. the first witness on the stand today was michelle loan east coast tourist who like kate steinle.was pier 14 that day back in july 2015 to sightsee with her family.speaking thru a cantonese interpreter she
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told the jury that she saw a man dressed in black on the pier who appeared meone she identified as the man on trialjose garcia zarate.seen here an earlier court appearance because cameras are not allowed in court now. lo says the accused had been sitting in a chair on the pier, swivelling around and around looking at people and laughing.the procescutor showed pictures taken by low that caputring zarate garica sitting in the swivel chairwhile kate steinle could be seen in the background with her back to the camera towards the water.low testified walking towards the bay to see some fisherman when she heard a loud bang. and then a very sharp scream. she says she saw a kate steinle on the ground her father holding on to her and people coming to help. but the man in black was walking away.she testified that she gave those pictures to police.witness photographs pictures helping police make the arrest that night.defense attorney matt gonzlaez tried to poke holes in her testimony refering to a police transcript where she told
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police she only glanced at the man and belived the person she saw to be black. his stragedy centers around the guna model that has no external safety.that he says his client found wrapped in a gun. bitethis was an accident waiting to happen. anyone who tinkered with ti could have caused an accident(maureen) late this afternoon a central valley school teacher got on the stand who was staying at a hotel right across the street from the pier 14. she testified that she came to her window after hearing the shot and screaming.and saw one man in black walking quickly others stayed with the victim or ran towards the scene to help. (vicki) firefighters are getting closer to full containment of the deadly north bay wildfires. this is exclusive video of the destruction in fountaingrove
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from our quad copter four. you can see the homes are burned down to ash. the damage has been declared a public health emergency because of household hazardous waste... including freon or asbestos. and the process of cleaning all of it up --- could take months. (vicki) in the midst of that effort - trying to track down missing persons connected to the wildfire. (grant) tonight we have new information about this tragic, but necessary, part of the situation. kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to the sonoma county sheriff about the change in reporting someone who's missing. here at the sonoma county sheriff's office in santa rosa, while there has been progress tracking down missing persons connected to the north bay wildfires, the effort to track down those who have not been found continuessonoma county sherff rob giordano says that number 12 reported missing in the county was a lot smaller on monday
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last night we had 2 missing persons in our jurisdiction and today we have 12. we literally got 22 more calls last night. they already found some of those 22 and we are at 12 at the moment">this is video from last week's massive search and recovery effort blanketing the county, however with the number of missing decreasing from over 22- hundred reports to about a dozen, sheriff's office is handling the investigations each of these reports... to speed up missing person investigations there is an important request the sheriff's office wants you to hear before you call to report someone missingalso important to note, going forward the sheriff wants you to call his office directly to report missing persons in sonoma county connected to the will find that number on our website in santa rosa haaziq madyun kron4news (vicki) today the red cross is
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opening a center in napa to help victims of the north bay fire storm. kron 4's lydia pantazes in napa tonight with the details. ( lydia )inside the first united methodist church of napa is where the red cross will open their client service center. (take vo) this is where the red cross will offer affected families the opportunity to meet one-on-one with trained red cross caseworkers who will assess their disaster-caused needs, offer recovery information and referrals to other agencies, and provide some financial assistance to those who qualify. families affected by the fire need to bring proof of pre-disaster address like a utility bill or electric bill. they open for the first time at this location. they'll be open daily from 9am through 7pm through saturday, october 28th. red cross volunteers will also be handing out cleaning and comfort items in the hardest-hit communities devastated by the pocket, tubbs, and nuns fires. these items are free, and include water, snacks, and clean-up items such as gloves, trash bags and dust masks. (tag)
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red cross volunteers will also be handing out meals over the next few days in the neighborhoods in sonoma county hardest-hit by the fires daily from noon - 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 - 7 p.m. reporting live in napa, lydia pantazes kron4news. (grant) another truck load of supplies is on the way to fire victims in the north bay. (vicki) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the relief is a joint effort between a south bay sikh community and san jose police. the north bay fires touched a nerve here at the sikh gudwara temple in san jose. this, the third such truck load of fire victim relief supplies is heading for shelters in napa count says long time leader bob dhillon. bob dhillon/sikh gudwara "....people need to realize that disasters like this can happen to anyone, you know, god giveth to you and god taketh away..."san jose police sergeant and sikh gudwara member hartaj johal enlisted the san jose police officers association to join the relief effeort. together the group collected food,
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clothing,diapers and other goods that are bound for five different shelters. they literally cleared many south bay store shelves of eye drops to help fire victims deal with the smoke. bob dhillon "...this is simply one of the basic values of the sikh religion that we are supposed to work hard and share with other people in need..."sikh gudwara has also prepared and delivered meals to some 2,500 fire victims and a spokesman for the police officers association says it is also working on a separate relief effort at the same time.rob fladeboe/san jose "...........sikh gudwara has also been active in hurricane relief efforts and is planning a blood drive next month. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (grant) here we go again... the f-a-a is investigating an air canada landing at sfo after the plane failed to hear radio signals... ordering them to do a fly by.(grant) newsfladeboe kron 4 news
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(grant) here we go again... the f-a-a is investigating an air canada landing at sfo after the plane failed to hear radio signals... ordering them to do a fly by.(vicki) this is the second incident involving an air canada flight that could have led to a catastrophe.(grant) this happened sunday night when air traffic control was trying to clear the area for the plane to land. the tower controller told the air canada crew to go around because he was not certain the runway was completely clear. the air canada crew did not follow the controller's instructions...i gnoring the command six times! (grant) in july, you can see in
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this video that an air canada plane almost landed on the taxiway instead of the runway at sfo. at one point... the plane flew as low as 59 feet above a plane on the ground. the pilots in one of the planes on the ground alerted air traffic controllers... saying the air canada plane appeared to be headed right towards them. the tower told the incoming jet to go around and at the last second the air canada pilot pulled up and flew over the other planes. (grant) the oakland raiders will be without their most popular running back this weekend.(vicki) coming up on kron four news at five... hear from players about the suspension of marshawn lynch. (grant) a public feud explodes between republican senators and president trump.... just as the president heads to capitol hill to pitch tax reform. we'll have the details on the conflict within the g-o-p. (vicki) plus after the break... a hit and run in the east bay... and tonight police have the suspect behind bars. (brittney) i'm chief
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meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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(grant) police arrest an elderly man in connection with a hit-and-run that injured three bicyclists in danville. 83-year-old daniel brennanwas arrested on three counts of felony hit and run yesterdayfor two separate incidents that happened over the weekend. police say brennan was driving saturday
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afternoon when he collided with a bicyclist on diablo road. brennan sped off.. and the victim was left with minor injuries. a couple hours later the 83-year-old collided with two more bicyclist traveling on diablo road near clydesdale drive. both of áthoseá victims suffered severe injures..but will be ok. brennan was released from police custody pending the completion of the investigation. (grant) we are now getting a look at the car that hit two toddlers... in vallejo on sunday night. police have released these pictures of the car. it is a white 2000 acua t-l with a sunroof. police say it may not have a license plate. the two children were hit while being pushed in a stroller by their mother. it happened on turner parkway in vallejo. a 2-year-old who was hit remains in critical condition. (vicki) jasmin abuslin the woman at the center of a
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bay-area wide sex scandal... has dropped her lawsuit against the contra costa county sherrif's office. three sheriffs deputies faced felony charges including contra costa county sheriff's deputy ricardo perez. but a judge recently dismissed the criminal case against perez. abuslin who is formerly known as celeste guap ... has already won a nearly one million dollar settlement against the city of oakland. (vicki) a well-known homeless camp in the east bay - given an 72-hour eviction notice by bart police over the weekend. but activists are rallying to keep it there. the camp... is very visible to traffic entering berkeley from martin luther king jr. way and adeline streets. now dubbed " the poor tour"... the camp ground is the property of bart but activists.. say that doesn't matter. protesters have called for an " evicition resisitance party" at the camp this evening. (grant) new tonight at five... the oakland a's player who took a knee during the national anthem... says he was denied service at a restaurant in his hometown. catcher bruce maxwell tells
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t-m-z that he went to lunch at an alabama restaurant with a local politician. he was then confronted by a waiter who is a supporter of president donald trump. he says the waiter then said he was a president trump supporter and he stands for everything the president stands for. maxwell says he then complained to management and they were given a new server. maxwell recenlty flew back to the bay from his offseason help victims of the north bay firestorm. he said he was watching he said he was watching coverage...and just had to coverage...and was watching coverage...and just had to come help. (grant) marshawn lynch's appeal of his one-game suspension for shoving an official has been declined and the running back will miss oakland's game this week at buffalo. the nfl announced
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today that appeals officer james thrash upheld the one- game ban without pay. lynch was suspended for coming off the sideline during a scuffle in the second quarter and then shoving a game official during oakland's 31-30 victory over kansas city last thursday night. lynch will not be allowed to be with the raiders until october 30th. here is running back jalen richard on how it will impact the team. (grant) the ban will cost
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lynch more than $100,000 in salary and per game roster bonuses. (vicki) mountain lions are back at it again roaming around san mateo county. this incident happened around six this morning in the community of el granada. a witness spotted the mountain lion on el granada boulevard. sheriff's deputies combed the area looking for the big cat but couldn't find it. wild life officials say if you do come across one... do not run away. instead ... make yourself look big... by waving your arms, throwing rocks and making loud noises. (vicki) and a snake found on a santa clara v-t-a bus last month is up for adoption. the snake... a ball python named " rumple snake skin" was originally taken to palo alto animal services but because no one claimed him he was moved to the humane society in burlingame. experts believe the snake is a male and is quote "super friendly". the fee to adopt "
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rumplesnakeskin" only $35 bucks. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. strong high pressureover the region this afternoon along with offshore flow hasresulted in very warm to hot temperatures. many inland locationsthroughout the central coast have exceed 90 deg f with the big surstation reporting 101 deg f. a few lower 90s also being reported in and around the oakland area at at locations such as half moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling
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overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations.
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said the two senators did not represent the views of their constituents...... and couldn't have been re=elected if they had decided to run. "the personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms, and institutions, the flagrant disregard for truth or decency, the reckless provocations....""i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard, and debases our country in a way that he does, but he does."nine months into the trump presidency, the two senators say they're giving up. they say donald trump is out of control and beyond saving. "you know you would think he would aspire to be the president of the united states and act like a president of the united states but you know that's just not gonna be the case "we must stop pretending that the degradation of our politics and the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal. they are not normal."arizona conservative flake said today he is retiring after one term, a move applauded at the white house. "...based on the lack of support that he has from the people of arizona, it's
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probably a good move."corker has been tennesee's junior senator for two terms. on twitter today, president trump called the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee "incompetent" and said corker's departure will allow him to move forward,his press secretary says anyone attacking her boss will regret it. "the president, he's a fighter, the people didn't elect somebody to be weak. they elected somebody to be strong. when he gets hit, he's going to hit back. (catherine) the intra- party feud comes as senate republicans are trying to put together a tax reform package. we'll look at those reforms and what they could mean to you, on kron four news at five=thirty. grant? (vicki) coming up on kron4 news at five. a warning as you plan your halloween costume... why doctors say áánot to wear decorative contact lenses.
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(grant) plus... a little girl comes home from school with a shaved head. hear why the school says they did it.
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a mother is upset tonight after she says her 7-year-old daughter's head was shaved at school... without her permission. (grant) it happened in boston about a week ago. the mother says the school told her it was because of hygiene problems. but she says there was nothing wrong with her hair. (vicki) the little girl told her mother that a school employee said her hair would grow back straight after it was shaved. the mother is now working with a lawyer. (grant) as halloween approaches... the state department of public health is warning people about the risks of wearing decorative contact lenses. (vicki) they are often advertised as decorative or fashion lenses. but without proper consultation of an eye-doctor... they can cause serious injury. (grant)
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the sale of contact lenses without a prescription is illegal. decorative lenses are intended to temporarily change the appearance of the eye, but do not correct vision. the risks include infection, ulcers, decreased vision, cuts or scratches to the surface of the eye, itchiness or redness. (vicki) decorative contact lenses are typically sold at beauty supply and novelty stores. (vicki) ahead on kron four news at five... a man goes on a deadly shooting spree in lake county... and tonight we have new surveillance video as it was happening.
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to figure out the motive behind a deadly shooting spree in lake county.(grant) the suspect was caught on surveillance video. alan ashmore, of clear-lake accused of going to two homes and killing one man in each home. he is also accused of shooting and injuring two others...includi ng a chp officer. police say he also fired shots at a gas station. ashmore then reportedly headed down the road to a convenience store... where he held the manager at gunpoint. that officer was sparred more serious
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injury because he was wearing body armor when he was shot in the leg.. police say ashmore eventually gave himself up at a roadblock. officials are still working to figure out if the shootings were random or targeted. (vicki) police in the east bay are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man. it happened late last night in front of an antioch convenience store just off of highway 4. the shooting happened in the parking lot of bonfare. the victim died at the scene. right now, there is no description of the gunman. (vicki) a man is recovering after he was shot when a man asked to use his cell phone... and then tried to rob him. it happened early this morning in san francisco's lafayette park. the 20-year-old was walking in the pacific height's neighborhood when he was approached by another man who asked to use his phone. when the victim pulled his phone out, the two men struggled over it and the suspect pulled out a gun. the victim ran away, and the suspect shot him as he fled. he was taken to a hospital but is expected to survive. police are still looking for the gunman. (grant) democrats and
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republicans couldn't have more different opinions on the proposed tax plan.(vicki) republicans say it will help middle class families pay less. democrats say it will do the opposite..(grant) alexandra limon reports from washington on what the numbers actually say about how your tax bill could be impacted. ((ááápkgááá))republicans say their plan will equal a smaller tax bill for middle class americanssen. bill cassidy / louisiana (r) :05-:10 our goal is to double the standard deduction, aside from that to increase the child tax credit. under the republican tax proposal the standard deduction would double from12- thousand to 24-thousand dollars for families. that sounds great, but personal exemptions and exemptions for children would be eliminated. that means the bigger your family the bigger your tax bill. because under the current tax code a family of four would be able to add a deduction for each person in the family to the standard deduction.totaling 28thousand dollars in non taxable income. alexandra limon / @alexlimonnews :39-:51one
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thing that could help middle class families is a change in the child tax credit, which is real money off a family's tax bill for each child. republicans are promising an increase, but there are no details yet. leader nancy pelosi / california (d) :52-:55 if you're in the middle class you will most likely having your taxes increased.democrats say corporations and the wealthy are the ones who actually benefit from the tax reform proposalsen. jeff merkley / oregon (d) 1:02-1:10 what it does is deliver about 4 trillion dollars in tax breaks, tax benefits to the wealthiest republicans say slashing the corporate tax rate will draw businesses back to the u-s which in turn will create jobs and higher wages. cory gardner / colorado (r) we know right now that it can add as much as 9 thousand dollars to the average median household income in this country. simply by lowering taxes means more wages to the american worker.democrats disagree. they say those estimates are over stated, and there's no guarantee in the bill that corporations would pass on tax savings in the form of higher wages. in washington alexandra limon.
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(grant) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. strong high pressureover the region this afternoon along with offshore flow hasresulted in very warm to hot temperatures. many inland locationsthroughout the central coast have exceed 90 deg f with the big surstation reporting 101 deg f. a few lower 90s also being reported in and around the oakland area at at locations such as half moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations.
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(grant) as wine country struggles to recover from the wildfires that ravaged it. restaurants across the country are banding together to help out.(vicki) call it - putting money where your mouth is... earlier this morning, i dropped by san francisco's ferrybuilding, when they kicked off "chefs-giving." an early thanksgiving of sorts... chefs
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from top restaurants uniting to raise money for those affected by the fire. cooking up a special fire- inspired curry dish and dishing it out for free. and launching "chefs-giving" with a goal of raising a million dollars. ...and their lives. chefs giving runs november 13th thru the 19th. top chefs from more than 100 restaurants are participating... so are winemakers. proceeds from dinners and dedicated menus go
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to fire relief. and the week culminates in a chefs giving gala on sunday, november 19th at the ferry building. for tickets and details go to our website at (grant) the tubbs fire destroyed a large section of cardinal newman high school... but things are starting to get back... to some resemblance of normalcy.(vicki) the football team played its first game since the fire last night against rancho cotati in rohnert park. as kron 4's ella sogomonian shows us ... the team's spirits were high for their first game back. a tribute to first responders set the scene at the cougars stadium in ronhert park monday night. it's the first game back for cardinal newman high as they go up against rancho cotate after the tubbs fire badly damaged their school. and at least five of their own players have lost their
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homes.but players say it's football that's getting them through it.sot: dino kahaulelio, cardinal high junior// "most of us loko at football as more than just a sport. it's more of a family aspect. so we like to come together in multiple aspect we hang out together we eat together so this kind of brings us into a mentality where we have someone to lean on when we have our sorrows." they've received an outpour of invitiations from area schools for a place to practice until they chose el molina high. varsity coach paul cronin says it's been tough for the team but they've gotten through it. sot: paul cronin, cardinal newman high football coach// "anytime you have cahllenges put in front of you i think people want to rise to it . although it's been chaotic the teams tells kron4 they felt prepared and are happy the game brings them a sense of normal again. (vicki) another harvey weinstein accuser goes public with her allegations of sexual assault.
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still ahead on kron four news at five... hear from the victim on why she decided to come forward.
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(vicki) twitter says it will provide more information about political ads on its service, including who is funding them and how they are targeted. the move follows similar steps by facebook and the introduction of a bill that seeks to bring more transparency to online
5:42 pm
political ads in an attempt to lessen the influence of russia and other foreign entities on u.s. elections. the bill would require social media companies like facebook and twitter to keep public records on election ads and meet the same disclaimer requirements as political broadcast and print advertising. twitter says it will require ads that refer to a candidate or party to be clearly identified as election ads. for non- political ads, twitter will provide limited information such as how long they've been running. (grant) a warning about food poisoning tonight... still ahead on kron four news at five... the steps doctors say you need to take to avoid getting sick. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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(vicki) with each passing day, we are understanding even more about the devestation of the north bay firestorm.
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let's check in with pam moore in the newsroom to add some perspective( pam ) (pam) buinesseses lost.. and thousands of homes gone. the state estimates more than a billion dollars in loss from the wildfires. a huge number.. but what does it mean if you have insurance? tonight at six.. we will ask an expert what's ahead.. now that the dust is starting to settle. and why you may want to heed the advice.... even if you do not live in the fire zone. we'll see you at six... but right now let's get back to the news at five. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
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strong high pressureover the region this afternoon along with offshore flow hasresulted in very warm to hot temperatures. many inland locationsthroughout the central coast have exceed 90 deg f with the big surstation reporting 101 deg f. a few lower 90s also being reported in and around the oakland area at at locations such as half moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations.
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(vicki) another woman has come forward alleging that harvey weinstein sexually assaulted her after her repeated refusals. in a press conference with attorney gloria allred-- mimi hal-aye detailed her interactions with weinstein over the years. hal-aye says she met weinstein in 2004 and he sexually assaulted her in 2006. weinstein has not commented on the accusations. allred says she has written to the weinstein company board... asking for a meeting.
5:50 pm
urge him or his representatives to contact me to discuss our plans for justice for victims. vague apologies are not enough."> (vicki) more than 40 women have accused weinstein of inappropriate behavior... ranging from sexual harassment to rape. weinstein's spokesperson says the producer "unequivocally" denies all allegations of rape. (grant) for your health... we're smack dab in the middle of football tailgate season, and with the whot feels like summer...and lots of people are firing up backyard grills. (vicki) but you need to be careful. reid binion gives us some tips on how to prevent food contamination. summer might be over but fall football cookouts are just getting warmed up.and one of the biggest health concerns are foods that may be contaminated with salmonella. cross-contamination of foods
5:51 pm
should be avoided but can be easy to do when setting out that salad bowl after mixing raw hamburger meat or setting out raw avoid salmonella poisoning, which can be deadly....the centers for disease control and prevention suggests washing your hands before handling any food and between handling different food items.cook poultry, ground beef, and eggs thoroughly. never eat or drink foods containing raw eggs, or raw (unpasteurized) dairy products.people who have salmonella poisoning or even symptoms, such as diarrhea, should avoid preparing food and drinks for others.also wash your hands after any contact with all animals. (grant) the mega-millions lottery is in for some mega- changes. starting with next week's drawi... the game will cost twice as much to play, up to two dollars per ticket.(vicki) it will also have longer odds and feature bigger prize payouts. jackpots will now start at 40-million... up from 15-
5:52 pm
million. lottery officials say the changes are a response to customer demands for more high-dollar jackpots. it's also a way to better compete against the rival powerball game. mega-millions is played in 44-states -- including california. changes start with the october 31-st draw. (grant) next on kron4 news at five... a well known actor is going behind the camera for his next film. we'll take a closer look after the break.
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(vicki) a hollywood a-lister goes áábehind the camera for his latest film. (grant) david daniel has more.
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(vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (pam) coming up tonight at six... testimony about what happened that fateful night on pier 14. eyewitnesses who where there that night and saw the defendant take the stand an we were there in the an we were take the stand an we were there in the courtroom.(steve) and what now for those who were burned out of their homes in the north bay fire storm? some insurance advice that applies to every home or business owner.. coming up at six.( pam ) our news continues in 70 seconds. we;ll be right back. (steve ) day two in the kate
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steinle murder the jury saw a photo taken by a witness that captured the suspect and the victim in the shot, moments before steinle was killed on a local pier. (steve )good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam ) and i'm pam moore .the case sparked a national debate over sanctuary cities and immigration .... the suspect is a mexican- national, who had been deported five times before the steinle killing. tonight, kron4's maureen kelly has the latest from inside the courtroom ... where witnesses who were along pier 14 .. talked about the suspect they saw... both before and after the shooting. (anchor #1)(anchor #1)
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the kron four mobile app is one way to keep up with the latest developments in the steinle murder trial. it is available for free for apple and android devices. just make sure you enable the push alert feature so you can receive breaking news updates. ( steve ) new at six: we just got a new piece of video into the kron four newsroom that shows how the north bay firestorm erupted.( pam ) it is a map showing the 9-1-1 calls... as they came in. grant lodes is here with the details. ( grant ) it is heat ( grant ) it is heat map that
6:03 pm
tracks all the calls that come in. the brighter the color on the map... the more reports
6:04 pm
that are coming in from that area. it starts at 7-30 p-m on october 8th. not a whole of activity at first... then as the night goes on... the calls start coming in. you see a flood of calls coming in from santa rosa... and to the east of the city as well. they gradually build throughout the night as the firestorm spreads. it really starts to peak at about two in the morning... you can see a lot of yellows and reds on this map. the map goes all the way through october 19th. we areposting this video on our website so that you can view it as... just go to kron four dot com. (anchor) ( pam on cam) more now on this big story: there are still a number of people reported missing .. connected to the north bay wildfires. the number is a moving target according to the sonoma county sheriff's office..(steve on
6:05 pm
cam) that is because the sheriff is still receving calls almost hourly regarding someone missing. add to that there is still one section of sonoma county that has to be cleared of any possible missing persons...kron4's haaziq madyun shows you where in this neighborhood down the hill on mark west springs road in santa rosa you see residents cleared for re-entry into the wildfire burn zone going over their properties. at the top of the hill vehicles are being turned around. this area has not been cleared for re-entry but soon will be
6:06 pm
mssing persons report in the county numbered 2,200. on monday that number was down to two persons missing. tuesday the number increased to 12this is constantly fluctuating? also important to note, going forward the sheriff wants you to call his office directly to report missing persons in sonoma county connected to the will find that number on our website in santa rosa haaziq madyun kron4news we have dramatic images of the devastation in courtesy of quad copter four. we sent it up over santa rosa ... from the air... you can see the scope of the
6:07 pm
destruction. entire neighborhoods have been reduced to piles of ash ... with just about the only thing left being foundations, and maybe a few items that some how survived the intense heat of the flames. the drone's view provides a much broader picture... we know from santa rosa's mayor that some 29-hundred homes were lost there alone in the firestorm. (steve 2-shot) san jose police have teamed up with a south bay sikh community to help north bay fire victims. (pam) kron four's rob fladeboe reports now ... on this truck load ofgoodwill. for the past two weeks, worshipers here at san jose's sikh gudwarahave been donating and sending relief supplies to five differentshelters in napa county. one of them is also a san jose police officer.sot john motzouridis/san jose police officers assoc. "...through the efforts of sergeant johal we have come together to offer the fire
6:08 pm
victims some relief to help them through these hard times..."the p.o.a. and gudware sikhs have filled three trucks with food, water, diapers, paper products and other sorely needed goods. they have also cleared many south bay store shelves of eye drops and cough many as 25-hundred meals have been delivered.sot john motsouridis/san jose p.o.a. "....we're all one community. we're all either police officer and or members of the sikh community and we just want to come together and make it a better day for the people up there in napathe p.o.a. is also working on a separate relief effort and sikh gudwara is organzing a blood drive. in san jose rob flaeboe kron 4 news (pam)(pam) our guest today is tiffany won with state farm insurance to help give some advice to the scores of families now trying to work through the insurance and rebuilding process following the wildfires..
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
( pam ) another near calamity at san francisco international airportand you'll hear the control tower hear the control tower audio coming up a bank robber gets taken down when an ordinary customersteps in and says no way .... compelling video tells the story.just ahead. and we have new video tonight showing just how dangerous the clearlake gunman was before being captured yesterday (brittney wx tease)
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
kron 4 news has just learned the suspect in the maddy middleton murder .... will be tried as an adult. a-j gonzalez was 15 at the time of his arrest. the santa cruz county prosecutor's office told kron four this afternoon, it plans to
6:15 pm
charge gonzalez as an adult in the rape and murder of the 8-year-old girl. the killing two years ago ... rocked the santa cruz community a touched off a frantic search. investigators have described the murder as one of the most heinous they have ever seen. gonzalez was neighbor of the victim.. ( pam ) we have new video tonight of the suspected gunman in a lake county deadly rampage.... as well as a timeline of events.( steve ) we still do not have a motive... but a clearer picture of how the events unfolded yesterday. grant lodes is here with the new information. ( grant ) there is a lot to sort through.. but from what police are telling's what happened. surveillance video captured the suspected shooter... alan ashmore... as he walked into a gas station convenience store in clearlake oaks. you can see the suspect carrying what
6:16 pm
looks a rifle or shotgun. the vendor inside gets hit as he tries to flee. police say ashmore fired at the man but missed... hitting a car instead. they say ashmore grabbed a soda and left and went to a second store down the toad. that's where a man says he had a terrifying encounter. ( grant ) investigators say ashmore left the second convenience store and started lighting fires along the way. he was ultimately arrested after a brief chase. we also know one of the victims killed in the rampage is ashmore's 85- year-old father. according to investigators... ashmore shot a woman in the foot during an argument at his home and went looking for her
6:17 pm
after she ran off. he didn't find her and as he returned his father came out of the home. that's when he was shot. police say the other victim killed in the rampage was a 64-year-old neighbor. (pam) mountain lions are back at it again roaming around san mateo county. this incident happened around six- this morning, in the community of el granada. a witness spotted the mountain lion on el granada boulevard. sheriff's deputies combed the area looking for the big cat but could not find it. wild life officials say, if you do come across one... do not run away. instead ... make yourself look big... by waving your arms, throwing rocks and making loud noises. we learned new details today about how police tracked down the suspect accused of carjacking a san lorenzo man and then running over him and killing him with a truck. 42-year-old victor alvarez faces charges of murder, carjacking and evading an officer. prosecutors say
6:18 pm
alvarez has a lengthy criminal and was part of crime ring. kron four obtained court documents that reveal the victim... 46-year-old james figueroa had briefly stepped away from his truck last thursday as it was was running. investigators say that's when alvarez got inside and figueroa was then thrown the truck and runover. the alameda county sheriff's office says it used the ping from figueroa's cell phone to track down the stolen truck. it led them to oakland and ultimately the suspect... victor alvarez. he is due in court next monday. you can find the court documents on our website... kron four dot com. ( pam ) we are learning tonight of yet another close call at san francisco international airport involving an air canada flight. the federal aviation administration says the plane landed safely on sundat night. but the problem is when the flight from montreal was coming in for landing. air traffic controllers tried several times to get the plane to circle around because they were not sure if the runway would be clear. the f-a-a
6:19 pm
says the crew did not respond to radio traffic or a red light gun that was flashed to get their attention. air canada has said there was an equipment problem and it is investigating. ( pam ) back in july... an air canada plane narrowly missed hitting another plane as it came in for landing. surveillance video caught the incident. the flight from toronto got to within about 60 feet of the plane sitting on the taxiway before speeding up. it narrowly missed... avoiding what experts have said would have been the biggest aviation disaster in decades. four planes were waiting to take off as the air canada plane came in. the national transportation safety board is investigating that incident. ( steve ) tonight is the deadline for a berkeley homeless camp to clear out. this notice went up over the weekend... telling the people who live there they need to get out. the camp sits on martin luther king junior way and adeline street... right near bart. it has been at the location for quite some
6:20 pm
time... but what wasn't clear is who the property belonged to. it sits right on the berkeley- oakland border. bart determined it was the owner of the land and came in over the weekend. let's take a look outside right now...(pam) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the four zone forecast. (( áá pam / two shot áá )) one republican senator decides not to run for re-election(( áá v.o. / pam áá )) while another speaks out strongly against the words andactions of president trump(( áá v.o. / steve áá )) and what do you think? should the cash bail system be endedor kept alive? a prominent judge
6:21 pm
shares her opinion.
6:22 pm
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6:25 pm
( pam ) california's chief justice is weighing in on the debate over reforming the state's bail system. tani cantil- sakauye says, she wants to do away with the cash bail system. the chief justice would prefer the state would rely on risk assessment ... when it comes to deciding whether and where defendants should be released before trial. critics of the current system say, it hurts
6:26 pm
the poor because they cannot afford to post bail while those with money can.. supporters of the current system say, the cash bail ensures defendants will show up for court. (steve) in pennsylvania .. police and a bank customer join take down a would-be bank robber... surveillance video shows robert sakosky walking into the bank on friday. two more people walk into the bank and remain standing near the door as they wait their turn.. police say that's when john ryall rushes in..... wearing a mask and waving a gun to rob the place. he gets the clerk to put money in a bag ... but then suddenly..... sakosky tackles ryall... forcing him to the floor where the two men struggle off camera.... people living and working near the bank call sakosky a hero.. (sot) (steve)donna shaw / neighbor: "he is exceptionally brave to have done that. i certainly would not have encountered anybody with a gun, i wouldn't have tried to do it."nick olmstead / edward's motors: "to be honest with you, it's samaritan take down someone that's doing a robbery over there. you know it's actually nice to know that we have a community that's willing to help out." ryall ran away from the bank...but didn't get
6:27 pm
far...sakosky helped identify him as the culprit to police. ryall faces a slew of charges, including robbery and making terrorist threats. he's due in court next week. (( áá v.o. / pam áá )) a conservative young senator, respected on both sides of the aisleannounces he's not running for re-election and targets the president inhis remarks today(( áá v.o. / steve áá )) the oakland raiders will be without marshawn lynch against the buffalobills this weekend, find out why he lost his suspension appeal(( áá v.o. / pam áá )) the twitter war of words between president trump and republican maverick bob corker went to a new level today. (anchor)(anchor) breaking news - people are being told to stay
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
away from lands end in san francisco beacuse of a brush fire. this is a photo we just received from a viewer.... you can see the smoke in the distance ( pam ) president trump traveled
6:31 pm
to the other end of pennsylvania avenue today ... to pitch his tax reform plan to lawmakers on capitol hill. but as has often happened in recent weeks ... the focus is on another public feud.( steve ) this one with a senator from the president's own party...tennessee's bob corker. omar jimenez (prono: he-men-ez) with our partners at c-n-n has the details on this explosive spat.
6:32 pm
tax reform -- president trump's latest agenda priority-- was supposed to be the focus during his visit to capitol hill tuesday.(nats from trump on hill)but instead -- the day began with the president and republican senator bob corker going back and forth. senator bob corker / (r) chairman, foreign relations committee:the president has great difficulty with the truth. . // manu raju:do you regret supporting him in the election? senator bob corker / (r) chairman, foreign relations committee: let's just put it this way, i would not do it again. butted to senator bob corker / (r) chairman, foreign relations committee: "i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard, and debases our country in a way that he does, but he does. senator bob corker / (r) chairman, foreign relations committee: i've seen almost no
6:33 pm
evolution in an upward way, he's almost devolving. (tweets) in a series of tweets trump accuses corker -- who is retiring - of attempting to block the gop efforts on tax cuts... and calling him a 'lightweight'.nonetheless the two men attended lunch with other republican senators... a meeting intended to make progress on the presidents tax plan.senate republicans can only afford to lose two votes ... if all democrats vote against the plan. sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: tax reform is what we are all about. if there's anything that unifies republicans, it's tax reform. // we're going to concenatrate on what our agenda is, and not all these other distractions that you all may be interested in. house speaker paul ryan telling both men to cool it ... insisting the g-o-p goal of getting tax reform passed this year is still the top priority. rep. paul ryan/- speaker: "so all this stuff you see twitter this and twitter that, // at the end of the day, i know gonna vote for tax reform because he knows it's best interest of americans,so put dispute aside. in washington i'm omar jimenez. ( steve ) another frequent adversary of the president... arizona republican senator jeff flake... announced he is not running for another term. flake is one of the most conservative members of his party. he revealed his decision during a speech on the senate floor today... expressing frustration with the political process. flake made his reasoning to retire from the senate very clear.. and directed most of the speech toward president trump.
6:34 pm
flake's re-election campaign had been struggling with polls showing his numbers declining. a political action committee tied steve bannon is calling flake's exit a monumental win for the trump movement. here at the sonoma county sheriff's office in santa rosa, while there has been progress tracking down missing persons connected to the north bay wildfires, the effort to
6:35 pm
track down those who have not been found continuesthis is constantly fluctuating? in santa rosa haaziq madyun kron4news
6:36 pm
here in san jose, another truckload of relief aid is on the way tofire victims in the north bay. san jose's sikh gudwara has teamed up withthe san jose police officers association on a relief effort. organized in part by police sergeant hartaj johal, a gudwara member, the group has now collected three truck loads of food and other emergencysupplies. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with another look at the four zone forecast...
6:37 pm
(( áá v.o. / steve áá )) big changes coming to mega millions players, the payout is gonna be a wholelot bigger but you'll have to pay a new price
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
( steve ) if you are looking to hit it big with the lottery... be prepared for some mega-changes to mega millions.( pam ) they kick in with next tuesday's drawing. first off... the tickets will now
6:41 pm
cost two- dollars each. right now they are one buck. the biggest change however is with the jackpots and the odds. payouts will now start at 40 million instead of 15 million. they have decreased the number of white balls in play but increased the number of red balls. this bumps the odds of hitting the big prize from about one and 259 million to around one and 303 million. good luck! in sports... draymond green and lebron james give their thoughts on the "off the backboard dunk" by warriors rookie jordan bell last night...... and the ruling on marshawn lynch's suspension appeal hearing is in... gary will tell you if 'beast-mode' will play this sunday... gary will have all the sports... coming up
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6:45 pm
marshawn lynch will not play for the raiders this sunday in buffalothe appeal of his one-game suspension for making contact with an official last thrsday has been declined so he will serve that suspension this week without pay costing him $110, 662lynch will not be allowed to participate in team activities until next mondayhe was suspended for coming off the sideline supposedly to protect his cousin chiefs defensive back marcus peters who like lynch is from oaklandnavorro bowman and the two backs expected to carry the load without lynch jalen richard and deandre washington spoke about the suspension today(sot: bowman, richard, washington) "wish someone could have grabbed him and pulled him to the sideline,
6:46 pm
but we gotta deal with it. guys gotta step up and bring this win back hone."
6:47 pm
backboard caught it. and dunked itsteph curry kevin durant and even steve kerr reacted with some shock and enjoymentsome of the mavericks including coach rick carlisle didn't like it so much feling like bell was rubbing it in at the end of a blowout loss kerr said he talked to carlisle after the game meanwhile draymond green and lebron james gave their thoughts(sot: green and james) "you ant to throw it off the backboard, go ahead. it's a great play." "we're all men. try to stop me from dunking. would they be mad if he laid the ball up, were they mad because he through it off the glass and dunked it, be mad if he missed itif he missed it?"
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
steph curry was fined $50,000 by the nba yesterday but that didn't sour his usual good natureone of his opponents last night mavericks' guard devin harris lost his brother in a car accident last thursday harris' brother's son his nephew who's favorite player is curry was conforted by steph before yesterday's game over the death of his father curry talked to him and said a prayer while consoling the boy it was caught on camera unbenknowst to steph a steelers star if ofering game tickets for
6:50 pm
the return ofhis teammate's bycycleall-pro receiver antonio brown took to social media after rookie receiver juju smith-schuster's bycycle came up missingbrown tweeted this message showing smith- schuster with what looks like a pretty expensive bike offering two steeler game tickets to whoever returns it smith-schuster posted a video earlier this week expaining that his bike was stolen ready for a crazy soccer goal? we go to tailand bangkok sports club versus satri angthong in a penalty kick shootout the ball hits the crossbar and rockets upwards toward the sky the goalkeeper runs off in celebration.but as the ball comes back down to earth, it bounces back into the goal as the goalie scuttles back in vain unable to rescue it.
6:51 pm
we'll be right back.
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we want to go back to breaking
6:54 pm
news we are covering at this hour.a fire burning near lands end in san francisco.((pam dbl bx))kron 4's ella sogomonian just got to the area.. ella what can you tell us? last weather and goodbye
6:55 pm
final look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp.
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bill o'reilly speaks out. >> am i mad at god, yeah, i'm mad at him. >> was this tv anchor fired by fox because his sister spoke out on live tv? >> the 7-year-old boy mauled to death by two dogs. 15 people watched and said they
6:58 pm
couldn't do anything. >> the dog will not let go of the child. >> what you could do if you see a dog attacking someone. >> try to pull the dog up and away. >> justice for janet. >> the big backlash against justin timberlake super bowl come back. >> in the name of janet jackson, get out. >> jerry lewis's disinherited son breaks his silence. the comic legend left behind a $50 million fortune and not a penny is going to any of his sons. >> i knew i wasn't going to get anything. >> the real reason he said they were disinherited. then, the amazing race. he wouldn't leave his teammate behind. >> plus, the woman that went to the dentist and got the surprise of her life. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us.
6:59 pm
bill o'reilly is on the defensive after the bombshell report that he paid $32 million in a sexual harassment settlement. in his podcast, he said that he is mad at god for what happened to him. >> am i mad at god, yeah, i'm mad at him. >> bill o'reilly says he is mad at god? >> yeah, i'm mad at him. if i die tomorrow and i get an opportunity, i will say, why did you work me over like that? didn't you know my children would be punished and they are innocent. >> bill o'reilly spoke out in his podcast. the remarxist being ridiculed today. >> that's what you are going to say to god, bill. why did you work me over? >> there is more fallout over the bombshell "new york times" report that o'reilly paid a woman $32 million to settle misconduct claims. the brother of one of o'reilly's accusers, former fox
7:00 pm
hud juliette huddy was fired as a foreign correspondent. the dismissal came the day after his sister spoke out on megyn kelly's show on nbc. >> are you scared today? >> i am terrified. i don't know why i am about to cry. today megan told viewers she believes john huddy's dismissal was no coincidence before the end of our show yesterday, fox news fired juliette's brother john huddy. >> a spokesperson said his firing had nothing to do with his sister speaking out saying following a thorough investigation into a physical altercation earlier this month, fox news made the decision to sever ties with huddy. o'reilly remains defiant. >> if they win, if they do destroy me, okay. but i will go down fighting and i will go down telling the truth. >> o'reilly said the total of $45 million he has paid in six settlements to different women is in


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