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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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natsjoanne gomez fiske and her daughter haley love putting up halloween decorations outside their house here along lakes street in san francisco. there's spider webs, skulls, tombstones, and witches.sot it's gotten a little bigger each year. the neighborhood kids really like it.soti like dressing up but i also like the decorations.but this past monday morning, joanne came outside to find that most of their decoration were gone. . . someone had taken these witches, a ventriloquist and a skull. joanne has no idea who might have stolen them. she and haley are heartbrokensoti don't know who would do this. it's kind of like the grinch that stole halloween.soti mean, they are just things, but i really like decorating.
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joanne says that the stolen decorations weren't worth much, she's more upset because the neighborhood kids loved them. sotwhy would you take away things that bring little kids joy. joanne did file a police report for the stolen items, but she's not optimistic that they will be found. they have also now reluctantly put up motion detecting lights and a surveillance camera outside their home to discourage future thefts. joanne hopes that whoever took the decorations won't do it again. soti just hope that the people who did this will reconsider doing it in the future. it's one thing when you do (pam) another big story :
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record temperatures around the bay area today.. san francisco international airport hit 91- degrees.... some of highest temperatures were some spots that are ánotá accustomed to feeling the heat. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center.. with a look at today's records -- and what's ahead for tomorrow.. brittney? strong high pressureover the region this afternoon along with offshore flow hasresulted in very warm to hot temperatures. many inland locationsthroughout the central coast have exceed 90 deg f with the big surstation reporting 101 deg f. a few lower 90s also being reported in and around the oakland area at at locations such as half moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations.
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(steve)(steve) our (steve) (steve) our weather team coverage continues with kron4's ella sogmonian.. ella -- it was nearly 90 degrees in downtown san francisco today -- how did people cope with the heat? well they came to places like this - the beach resorting to
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the outdoors for some relief. but lets take a look at video of the mission district. that area is particularily hit hard during scorchers like today because many buildings there are not equipped with air conditioning. so again lot's of people outside with ice cream or a cold drink in hand. trying to get out of their stuffy homeslot's of windows left open today although some told me it's better to keep them closed so a little debate about that. and locals told me the concrete structures ther actually help kept the cold in. sot: gigi munoz, mission district local// "well actually because the buildings are older a lot of it is concrete so that retains a lot of the coldness we've experienced in the days prior. or just run a fan." sot: lorena dzib, mission district local// "go outside get some fresh air drink a lot of water. put on clothes that are fresh not too hot. short sleeves, shorts. go to the beach!" back out here live at the's still warm about 70 degrees but tomorrows high will actually drop significantly from what we experienced today so no need to panic. live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (steve) you can track the
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temperatures in your neighborhood with the kron4 mobile app. you can also be the you can also be the first to know about breaking news when it happens if you enable push alerts. (pam) firefighters are getting closer to full containment of the deadly north bay wildfires. this is video of the destruction in the fountaingrove neighborhood of santa rosa. the damage has been declared a public health emergency, because of household hazardous waste ... including freon or asbestos. and the process of cleaning all of it up --- could take months. tonight - kron4's j.r stone is live in santa rosa... j-r you talked to a family who not only experienced a big loss in the wildfire there.. but they were also victims of the valley fire back in 2015....
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pam, it's been a tough couple of years for the mondragon family. first victims of the valley fire in middletown and now their mother is a victim of these north bay fires in santa rosa.on the left side of your screen is what marilyn walden's home looks like today. then you can see what it looked like on the right side of your screen before the fires hit in santa rosa. she lived off of the fountaingrove parkway. she credits her grand-daughter jennifer for saving her life. family members weren't allowed in the neighborhood and jennifer called a neighbor after unsuccessfully trying her grandma and begged them to wake marilyn up, which they did.jennifer is no stranger to fires her home burned in the valley fire two years ago in middletown. this is a picture of her home burning in that fire. her family ended up moving to santa rosa after the
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whole ordeal. she said when she learned of her grandma's home burning to the ground as well. she was so sad.(back on j.r.)
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(steve) tonight -- there are 31 people missing in sonoma county... following the wildfires. that number is fluid.... it keeps going up and down as more people are found, and as others are reported missing. for example -- overnight alone police received 22 new calls about missing people. tonight the sonoma county sheriff has a request to help
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speed the process of finding the missing... the sheriff also wants people to call his office directly to report missing persons in sonoma county connected to the wildfire... we have that number posted on kron-4-dot-com. (pam) our team coverage continues now... today, a group of senior citizens evacuated during the fire in santa rosa, were allowed to return home.. all of them suffer from some form of memory loss ... and the night the fires started raging, they all had to get out immediately. kron 4's justine waldman takes us ... to todays' emotional welcome back celebration. after two weeks away. the senior citizens at the vineyard at foutaingrove memory care.. finally returned a champagne celebration!natsbig hugs welcomed all 17 of the residents back.the people who live here.. suffer from memory
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loss.making the trauma of the fire and its aftermath that much harder to process.sot it is amazing how we escaped it allcharlie king sot we just grabbed clothes these are the only shoes i have had for weeks with the fire alarms blaring and flickering lights. maintenance worker hercules cuveas came to help his work family in the middle of the night.he and three caregivers, sensed the fires danger knew they had to get everyone out of harm's way.hercules cuveas / maintenance worker sot it was pretty rough some of them were startled they didn't know who i was but we did it it was awesomewith fire burning around them, he first took them to his church in santa rosa. they stayed until the flames threated them there eventually, some were moved to vineyards sister facility in they are back and reunited again.sot things are starting to get back to normal so it is a blessingsu the fire got so close to the building it burned the hillside just to the west of the building the flames got just inches away from a residents window.nat fansonly a few fans in the hallway blow out the lingering smell of smoke.the community is basically brand new, it just started caring for people in august.sot i am feeling so sad for the people who are suffering we didn't lose a thingsome cannot recall anything about the fire,
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evacuating, being away or even understand where they are now. while a few know just how special this day is sot that is the other thing i feel so luckybecause there is no place like santa rosa justine waldman kron 4 news
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(pam) an update now on napa county.. tonight, all fire- related evacuations have been lifted... and all roads have reopened.. the nuns fire is 91 -percent contained.. and the atlas fire is 95 -percent contained. (pam) an update on the 'bear fire' in santa cruz county... full containment is expected by thursday. the fire started just over a week ago. eight firefighters have been hurt battling the flames. at last check, the bear fire was 85- percent contained. (grant) another big story tonight....the teenage suspect in the murder of maddy middleton .... will be tried as an adult. a-j gonzalez was 15 years old at the time of his arrest two- years ago. today, a judge ruled, gonzalez be tried as an adult in the rape and murder of the 8-year- old girl. the 20-15 killing rocked the santa cruz community... and touched off a frantic search for the little girl. investigators have described
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the murder.. as one of the most heinous they have ever seen. (steve) coming up new at ten:a walk takes a scary turn... when a puppy falls 10 feet into an open manhole.... tonight -- it is still ánotá covered... (pam) then - new at ten: keeping your kids safe on halloween... what you need to know to make sure they do not knock on the door of a registered sex offender... (steve) and next:day two of the kate steinle murder trial.. what a witness caught on camera -- just before the fatal shot was fired.
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(steve) today was day two of the kate steinle murder trial. the jury was shown a photograph taken by a witness.... which captured the suspect and the victim, just moments before the killing. tonight, kron4's maureen kelly was in the courtroom.. where witnesses who were along pier 14 .. talked about the suspect they saw... both before and after the shooting. the first witness on the stand today said she saw the suspect.jose garica zarate.seen here in an eariler court appearance.on pier 14turning around and around in a swivel chair looking at people and laughing. that the woman you see wearing a khaki shirt....michelle loan east coast tourist who like kate steinle.was pier 14 that day back in july 2015 to sightsee with her family.the procescutor showed pictures taken by low that caputring zarate garica and kate steinle in the same frame.kate could be seen with walking towards the water, her
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back to the could be seen in the background with her back to the camera towards the water.low testified walking towards the bay to see some fisherman when she heard a loud bang. and then a very sharp scream. she says she saw a kate steinle on the ground her father holding on to her and people coming to help. but the man in black was walking away.defense attorney matt gonzlaez tried to poke holes in her testimony refering to a police transcript and asking her why she didn't tell officers then about his clients alleged demeanor the day of the shooting when police were looking for the suspect. there's a natural embellishment that takes place i think a witness who never says anything about mr zarate garcia as acting in any kind of erratic way when given an opportunity and then two years later for the first time then the day before the trial starts says gee i remember this detailthe jurors will sort it out and that's why we have 12 jurors.the next witness was a central valley school teacher who also says she took pictures of a man in
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black from her hotel window walking briskly away after the shot was fired. as others on the scene stayed with the victim or rushed in to help. maureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) for the second time in 4 months ... there has been a potentially dangerous incident involving air canada airlines at s-f-o back in july, an air canada jet had a near- miss when landing... after it lined up with a taxi-way instead of the runway. this time, a communications failure resulted in a landing which
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the control tower tried to prevent from even happening. kron4's dan kerman is tracking developments. sunday evening when air canada flight 781 was 6 miles out from sfo, it was given clearance to land sfo's flight tracker shows it coming behind a southwest airlines jet and a hawaiian air jet but as they approach the runway the tower isn't sure one of the jets ahead has cleared the runway.--nats-so the tower tells the air canada jet to go around not just once, but 6 times natsbut the air canada jet does not confirm the go around and keeps coming sfo's tower then flashes a red light gun to alert the crew to go around and nothing. at 9:26pm air canada lands safety on runway 28r the runway was in fact clear and that's when the air canada crew indicates they are having problems with their radio.--nats-sot i had it happen to me in dallas we were cleared to land and we lost all radiocaptain dick deeds is
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a retired commercial airline pilot. while not common he says losing communication does happen sot capt. dick deeds/ retired commercial airline pilot 115-120did the radio fail, was the frequency dialed in wrong, they given the wrong frequency. deeds says he can also understand why pilots may not have seen the red light gunsotthat gun is in the tower, i'm landing here and the tower is over here, when i'm getting low to land i am looking at the runway and nowhere elseit was back in july when another air canada jet had a close call, almost hitting jets on the ground when it mistook a taxiway for runway 28 r. deeds say this past sunday's situation in no way compares to thatsotthat crew totally screwed up to land on a taxiway in this case they are lined up to a runway, they are cleared to land, so they're going to go ahead and land.202/ go ahead and land (steve)a live look outside
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tonight...(pam) brittney has the four zone forecast for the rest of the week.l.. strong high pressureover the region this afternoon along with offshore flow hasresulted in very warm to hot temperatures. many inland locationsthroughout the central coast have exceed 90 deg f with the big surstation reporting 101 deg f. a few lower 90s also being reported in and around the oakland area at at locations such as half moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values
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in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations. (pam) still ahead new at ten -- bringing smiles to passengers..tonight we'll hear from the airport worker ..who has gone viral for his unique send- offs... (steve) and next: also new at ten:we get lost inside one
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of the bay area's oldest corn mazes... luckily we brought alone quadcopter four -- to help our reporter find the way out... he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war.
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obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your
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member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. (pam) after this month's deadly and destructive wildfires, it is good to find any little spot of sunshine in the north bay. one of those bright spots is the petaluma pumpkin patch.its phone lines have been down because of the firestorm, but the family- friendly place is still open. before the fires broke out, kron four's spencer blake went out with quadcopter four to get an aerial view .... as he got lost in one of the bay area's oldest corn mazes. (pkg)the corn maze at petaluma pumpkin patch just off highwy 101has been jim groverman's
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fall project for decades.he has no idea how many people come, but he's sure it's been getting more popular."every year, just the number of cars that are in the parking lot increases."though pumpkins are the farmers money-maker, the maze is the draw that brings people - and quadcopter four - our drone took flight overhead, i strapped on a chest-mounted go-pro, and started my way through the labyrinth."my maze is an actual maze. there's one way in, one way out. most of the mazes, they are a picture of something you can see from an aerial view. i've always just done an actual maze."also unlike other mazes, there's no g-p-s guidance or tractors involved in creating this one. groverman simply cuts it himself.when the corn is still small, he makes his own winding paths by digging certain stalks out with a shovel."i don't write anything down, i kind of have an idea of what i want, and i try to make it as challenging as possible. you can make it too challenging, though, and people get frustrated and they can't get out. so there's kind of a balance there.""two, three, four, five, six."with multiple of these identical six-way intersectionsit's no wonder groverman himself
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sometimes has to stop to get his bearings.(standup) "fortunately there is a little bit of help. this is one of two look-out towers inside the maze. it takes you nine feet above the ground, and when you get to the top, you kind of have a better idea of what's in front of you."the good ones take a half hour to finish the maze, but other people are stuck in there for up to an hour and a half.let's just say i was on the longer end of that scale.seeing the drone above was a tease - an eye in the sky that couldn't give me any hints.but to be honest, i got plenty of tips from the maze master."people come out of the exit and there's a lot of hollering and a lot of, ya know, 'we made it!'""is that what i think it is?!"you still have until halloween to get lost in a good petaluma, spencer blake, kron four news.
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(steve) coming up - if you thought the odds of winning the mega millions jackpot were thin already..... just wait until we tell you about the big changes coming soon to the lotto. (pam) then some advice all parents need to hear before halloween... how to make sure your kids are ánotá knocking on the doors of registered sex offenders.. (steve) and next:a puppy falls ten feet into an uncovered manhole during a walk.. we'll tell you what else the owner found when he went to save his pup.
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(steve) new tonight at ten: one week from now kids all over the bay area will hit the streets in search of treats.. (pam) but -- before they do - you might want to be aware of whose doors they'll be knocking on this halloween. reporter beth cefalu has what you need to know - to help your kids stay safe. kids once again will go house to house looking for candy. but the favorite holiday among children could easily turn into a parent's worst nightmare... especially if a child unknowingly knocks on a sexual predator's door. o before approaching that strangers door -- go online to see all the level two and three sex offenders in your
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neighborhood along with their photo, address, crime they committed and age of the victim...and if parents can't go with their kids -- just make sure they arent going alone (steve) there are special parole restrictions placed on sex offenders on halloween... they include a 5pm to 10pm curfew... all exterior lights of their home must be off... no offering of halloween candy, and no halloween decorations are allowed. we have posted a link to the california sex offender registry on going alone (steve) there are special parole restrictions placed on sex offenders on halloween... they include a 5pm to 10pm curfew... all exterior lights of their home must be off...
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no offering of halloween candy, and no halloween decorations are allowed. we have posted a link to the california sex offender registry on (pam)tonight...a story you will only see on kron 4.a bay area mother is demanding answers.her son...was walking the family dog when it suddenly fell into an open manhole.but what happened when her son went to retrieve the dog..has her outraged.kron 4's alecia reid has the story. it's been 3 days since this family almost lost their dog to an open manhole. and now there are a number of concerns related to it the incidentpkg 6 month old sue is still traumatized from falling more than 20 feet into this at&t manhole, whose cover is missing. on saturday the pooch unknowingly wandered off and fell right in.loretta airoldi - he said he could see the remains of animals hanging from the rebar on the sides. her owner, thomas airoldi climbed down the ladder to save the german short hair pointer but then it broke thomas plunging into the water completely was
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in his eyes and his ears and his mouth and his hair. he cut his hand. it's in the cut. horrific. he said it was a horrific experienceif it were me, i wouldn't have gotten out. and if it were a child, they definitely wouldn't have gotten out.his mother loretta returned this evening with a container she plans on getting a sample tested but not with at&t's help.i asked them if i can have a sample tested and they told me they don't have the ability to do that.loretta has good reason to be concerned. a day before the incident, thomas was celebrating a year's recovery from his second open heart surgery. i want it tested to see what kind of possible diseases he's been exposed to. tagthe contra costa sheriff's office has been in constant contact with the family. i'm told a deputy is working with public works tonight to cover the manhole. public works will then forward the bill to at&t. reporting from contra costa county ali reid kron 4 news.
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(steve) also new at ten police are on the hunt for a man who stole cash and other items from a gas station convenience store in san carlos. it happened before six this morning at a gas station on el camino real. authorities say the suspect entered the storewalked behind the counter and stole $250 bucks lottery ticketsand a pack of cigarettes the suspect put his hand inside his waistband..indicating he had a gunhowever the clerk was not injured..and no one saw a weapon. (steve) and marin county sheriff's deputies.. believe they have idenitied a man who has been tampering with mailboxes in marin county. authorites believe the culprit is 30-year-old jason dasilva stuchlik...he has an active felony parole violation warrant for burglary. last week... deputies received a report from an concerned resident who says she
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witnessed this individual going through mailboxes at an apartment complex in kentfield. (pam) new at 10. the santa cruz board of supervisors voted unanimously today approve the recreational sale of marijuana in the county. the law won't take effect untill next year. the approval makes the county one of the first in california to draft regulations related to the recreational use and sale of marijuana.. ... this follows the passage of proposition 64 last year. the vote allows 12 the vote last year. the vote allows 12 licensed dispensaries in the county currently selling medical pot... to sell it for recreational purposes. (steve) and happening now: a mountain lion warning in san mateo county... the latest sighting was around six- this morning -- in the community of el granada. the big cat was spotted on el granada boulevard. wildlife experts say, if you do come across a mountain lion - do not run. instead make yourself look big -- by waving
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your arms, throwing rocks and making loud noises. (pam) president trump goes to capitol hill to push for tax reform ... and runs into a protester throwing russian flags and calling him a traitor. he got an even rougher reception from a pair of republican senators today. arizona's jeff flake and tennessee's bob corker... both declared donald trump unfit to run the country. catherine heenan has the details. . "the personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms, and institutions, the flagrant disregard for truth or decency, the reckless provocations....""i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard, and debases our country in a way that he does, but he does."nine months into the trump presidency, the two senators say they're giving up. they say donald trump is out of control and beyond saving. "you know you would think he would aspire to be the president of
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the united states and act like a president of the united states but you know that's just not gonna be the case "we must stop pretending that the degradation of our politics and the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal. they are not normal."arizona conservative flake said today he is retiring after one term, a move applauded at the white house. "...based on the lack of support that he has from the people of arizona, it's probably a good move."corker has been tennesee's junior senator for two terms. on twitter today, president trump called the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee "incompetent" and said corker's departure will allow him to move forward,his press secretary says anyone attacking her boss will regret it. "the president, he's a fighter, the people didn't elect somebody to be weak. they elected somebody to be strong. when he gets hit, he's going to hit back.
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(steve) the national park service is considering a sharp increase in fees at its most popular sites. that includes the grand canyon, yosemite, yellowstone and zion. the parks service is considering charging visitors seventy dollars per car.... that's up from the current 30 dollar cost for a weekly pass. the higher fees would apply during the busiest months of the year. the proposal comes less than two years after many parks hiked their entrance fees. this time park officials say the potential increase would be used to address maintenance backlog and infrastructure projects. (pam) big changes coming to the mega millions lottery.. it will be more expensive to play - and more difficult to win -- but the starting jackpot will be bigger. starting with next tuesday's draw, the game will cost up to two- dollars per ticket. jackpots will now start at 40-million, up from 15-million. the number of white balls will drop to 70 ... but the number of red balls will increase to 25. that move bumps the odds of hitting the jackpot from about one- and
10:39 pm
259- million to around one- and 303- million. lottery officials say, the changes are in response to customer demands for higher jackpots.
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yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. (steve) new at ten:two
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million views and counting --
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that's how popular this video has was taken at the greater rochester international airport in new york -- courtesy of musician terry mcbride. today reporter emily noonan spoke with the worker about his dance moves. kyran ashford started working at the airport over five years ago. but it didn't take long for coworkers and passengers to discover ashford wasn't afraid of sharing his fun side it's part of who i am i like to come to work and get positive energy all around me whether it be my coworkers passengers friends wherever i'm at i like to make sure that character is shown throughout whoever i'm around and then this happened... (viral video) he calls it the kyran twist"i didn't really see it going this far but i'm excited about it and i'm glad i have such a positive outlook :33 ashford says his work comes first but when he has that extra five minutes---it's showtime"people are flying out for so many different reasons so knowing that people could be flying out for a good reasons or bad reasons if i can just do something so small just to turn your day around and give you a smile just to get ready to start your day that i've done my jobits safe to say he's done a good job
10:43 pm
"it doesn't matter what you're doing if you're giving your best and be the best that you can be you'll enjoy yourself while you're doing it life is too short to be walking around upset all the time or wanting to be stuck in pride or stuck in anger let it go make the best of your day and other people will see it and it will turn their day around :01we could allá learn a little bit from kyran ashford" ". this was not the first time and kyran says this most definitely won't be the last time you see him out on the runway showing off his moves at the greater rochester international airport i'm emily noonen. (pam) as we get closer to the holiday season .... authorities start to see an uptick in people stealing mail and packages.(steve) but this time, as stanley roberts
10:44 pm
reports, the crooks had a postal service master key, and went after an entire building's mail. at 5 in the morning a man on foot closely followed by a white chevrolet pull into the mountain view apartment complex in the city of concord then booth enter the lobby of the complex one heads straight to the mailboxes . i'll let the owner doug smith explain they had a key they unlocked this set of mailboxes opened it up took all the packages and mail you heard him, they had a universal postal key key and started grabbing all the mail they could get their hands on . all under the watchful eye of security camera inside and outside the complex, in fact, one of the guys appears to look straight into the camera while the guy wearing a snap on hat and a fox racing shirt is grabbing the mail hie partner tries to remove the change machine then
10:45 pm
he switched to being the lookout man but something spooks them so one sits down for a few seconds to not be visible and when the coast is clear it's back to grabbing mail the truth is they went completely undetected .. it was a perfect crime .. except they used the garage can too haul all the mail away they closed everything back up we didn't notice there was a theft, we noticed that the gargabe can was missing so we pulled the video from the video camera to see who stole the garbage can and that's when we discovered that someone had opened up the mailbox with a postal key and stole the mail so now doug want them caught he believes someone knows who these two are and wants them brought to justice and one more thing the owner is offering a one thousand dollars if you can id the people in this video he doesn't just want them id'ed he wants them convicted ..they took mail and packages from 40 different mailboxes in just a few minutes and the fact that they have a postal key is even more disturbing the united states postal police and the concord police financial crimes unit are investigating this, and if more information comes to lite i'll let you know in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news (gary)
10:46 pm
game one of the world series a scorching 103 degrees at first pitch at dodgers stadium the hottest world series game on recordbottom 1st/ scorelesschris taylor solo home run off dallas keuchel 1-0 dodgerstop 4th/ scorelessalex bregman takes clayton kershaw deep and out the 7th homer kershaw has given up this postseason 1-1 tiebut kershaw fantastic from there still in the 4th strikes out jose altuve looking altuve does not like the callstrikes out carlos correa with the nasty curve strikes out yuli gurriel to end the inning(kershaw: 7 ip, 3 hits, 1 run, 11 k's)bottom 6th/ 1-1 tiejustin turner
10:47 pm
2-run home run off keuchel 3- 1 dodgers(turner: 4th hr of postseason)final: 3-1 dodgers the game lasted onlt 2 hours & 28 minutes the fastest since 1994dodgers lead series 1-0 game 2 tomorrow in l.a. justin verlander vs rich hill
10:48 pm
marshawn lynch will not play for the raiders this sunday in buffalothe appeal of his one-game suspension for making contact with an official last thrsday has been declined so he will serve that suspension this week without pay costing him $110, 662lynch will not be allowed to participate in team activities until next mondayhe was coming off the sideline supposedly to protect his cousin chiefs defensive back peters who like lynch is from oaklandnavorro bowman and the two backs expected to carry the load without lynch jalen richard and deandre washington spoke about the suspension today(sot: bowman, richard, washington) "wish someone could have grabbed him and kept him to the sideline, but we gotta deal with it. guys gotta step up and bring this win back home."
10:49 pm
colin kaepernick has reportedly inked a book deal worth just over $1 million with random house imprint one world according to page 6one world's also publishes jay-z page 6 previously reported that kaepernick had been seen "taking meetings with publishers in the new york offices of wme" to shop the planned book he's repped as an athlete by agent carlos fleming and the book deal went through the hollywood agency lit department.reps for kaepernick did not comment on the reporteded one world didn't either ready for a crazy soccer goal? we go to tailand bangkok sports club versus satri angthong in a penalty kick shootout the ball hits the crossbar and rockets upwards toward the sky the goalkeeper runs off in celebration.but as the ball comes back down to earth, it bounces back into the goal as the goalie scuttles back in vain unable to rescue it.
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"tesla wants some of its cars to be made in china. the wall street journal and the new york times both reporting tesla has reached a deal to manufacture cars in shanghai's free trade zone and sell them in china. now tesla declined to confirm the reports but it has said in the past it wants to start producing cars here by the end of the year. this deal would be a first for a foreign car maker operating in china. the upside for tesla lower labor and production costs. that's a big selling point because at the moment tesla cars cost 50 percent
10:51 pm
more in china than they do in the u.s.. the downside...well the cars would still be charged. twenty five percent import tax because the factory would be in a free trade zone. other international carmakers operating in china get around that tax by partnering with local manufacturers. and like tesla those companies are also looking to cash in on china's growing electric car market. analysts say tesla will face stiff competition from bmw, mercedes benz and audi all launching luxury electric cars in china in the next few years.
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♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ strong high pressureover the
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region this afternoon along with offshore flow hasresulted in very warm to hot temperatures. many inland locationsthroughout the central coast have exceed 90
10:55 pm
deg f with the big surstation reporting 101 deg f. a few lower 90s also being reported in and around the oakland area at at locations such as half moonbay. do expect a few additional degrees of warming likely throughthe remainder of the afternoon before cooling later this evening.clear sky conditions and light winds will allow for modest cooling overnight, providing relief to the daytime heat. overnight lowswill generally be into the 50s or lower 60s with values in the 60sto lower 70s in the hills/higher elevations.
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