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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 26, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> in the "bad mom" sequel, the ladies turn christmas upside down. >> wait until you see what they do to the most famous game show ever. >> i'm saving this forever! >> forever. >> kristen, mila, and kathryn -- come on down! >> the bad moms are here, and we are taking over. >> so much energy. everyone's freaking out. i literally had an out-of-body experience. >> you have to showcase. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> i'm still a little bit like, what just happened? >> that's not easy. i've done it before. now at eight he committed battery and assault with a deadly weapon.a road=rage suspect on the loose in the east bay.berkeley police want your help in identifying the driver of the white mercedes. whoosh the father of a third grader arrested after his son is caught with a loaded gun in school ... i think it's outrageous just one of three
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gun incidents at bay area schools this week.whooshtwo years after the murder of an east bay musician ... oakland police say a tip helped them has helped them solve a cold case... even though the suspect cannot be arrested whooshhow safe is the water at your child's school?why some parents are worried tonight. you're watching kron four news in prime time. < he reached into my car and punched my partner in the face. he cursed at me and that's when he sped off and hit me with his car.> (pam) frightening moments for two victims of road rage in the east bay after they say, a driver hits one in the face--- then almost runs the other over. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) i'm steve aveson. berkeley police are investigating this as assault with a deadly weapon. this happened on ashby near college avenue in berkeley. that's where we find kron-4's dan kerman...he joins us live.. and dan you
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talked to the victims in this case soti've seen road rage before but i have never been involved in a physical altercation before.berkeley police say this pleasant hill couple, who asked we not show their faces was attacked by the driver of a white mercedes last thursday along ashby avenue, punching the passenger in the face, and hitting the driver with his car police say it was all captured on videotape and now police have released this still image of the mercedes driver sot sgt. andrew frankel/berkeley police 40-45 it's a very clear picture of the suspect and his new model white mercedes, cl 630 amg, we're asking people if they recognize this man they should call the berkeley police homicide detailthe couple says they were heading eastbound on ashby about 5pm when they saw the white mercedes driving erratically and trying to pass along the shoulder. words were
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exchanged and then when traffic came to a stop, things turned violent when the mercedes driver got out of his vehicle.sothe just reached in and without any warning punched me on the left side of my face.things got worse when this man's partner then got out of the vehicle and attempted to stop the mercedes from leaving the scene.sothe cursed at me and then sped off with his car, at that point i was sideswiped, i was standing next to his front wheel and he hit me and i fell into the street.the driver suffered back injuries soti cant imagine what was going on in that guys mindsoti guess it could have been worse, he could have had a weapon.sotit was uncalled for and i hope justice is served against him 141/justice is served against 141/justice is against him justice is served for and i hope it was uncalled sothad a weapon.he could have had a weapon.sotit was uncalled for and i hope justice is served against him141/justice is served against him
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(steve) for the third time this week, school officials in the bay area confiscate a gun from a student. this time ... it was a school in milpitas.(pam) kron 4's ali reid joins us now with the latest.ali? (ali)milpitas high school was on lockdown today while police searched for 2 possible students with handguns.this is latest in a string of incidents involving guns on school campusesone of them including an 8 year ild child. a student at twin creeks elementary school in san ramon told his parents he saw another third grader with a gun. tuesday, parents reported it to the school. during a
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search warrant police recovered the fully loaded weapon in the student's backpack at home. the child has been suspended...i think that's outrageous. i can't believe people leave a gun loaded and unlocked. i can't believe they went days without noticing the child had it. i've been told about the disciplinary actions about the child but he's 8. i'm more curious about what's gonna happen to the parents.late this afternoon his father was taken into, san ramon police detectives arrested the child's father . 30 year old anthony o'donnell, at his home. police say that weapon was stolen. if you see something, say something. hopefully all the parents will address that with their children again just to make sure that we're all keeping an eye out to keep each others kids safe. also today, police recovered a gun, and detained a student at milpitas high school today. the school was shut down a second time after a rumor circulated that there was another student with a weapon. by late afternoon police say the student was contacted off campus. if you see something, say something. and in pleasanton, a student was arrested at village high school monday after police found the teen in possession of a loaded gun. the student was taken to juvenile hall.i was a little worried but i know all the staff and people at village
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are really good about that stuff and they're really prepared. (ali)30 year old anthony o'donnell, is the father of the 8 year old who brought a gun to police arrested him on charges of posession of stolen property, criminal storage of a firearm accessible to child and child endagerment.he is being held on 140-thousand dollars bail. reporting from the newsroom..ali reid.kron 4 news. (steve) and in the south bay. campus police arrested a man who they say brought a concealed gun on campus. this happened at foothill college this afternoon. the 28 year old was taken to the main jail in san jose (pam) in the north bay ... nearly two weeks after the firestorm erupted ... firefighters are close to fully extinguishing the wildfires.(steve) containment numbers up today on all of the fires and full containment is expected
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tomorrow in total the fires have burned more than 160- thousand acres. 42 people have been killed. and more than 7-thousand homes and businesses (pam) today, some of the local leaders in north bay.. boarded the napa valley wine train together. kron four's philippe djegal reports... the message is ... the napa valley is ready for visitors to come back. (philippe) although tens of thousands of acres of the napa valley have burned in the past two and a half weeks... much of the area was untouched... and, remains as picturesque as it ever has. popular tourist attractions like the napa valley wine train are open, ready for visitors.... and, the mayor of the city of calistoga, chris canning says fire victims returning to work... could really use the business.chris canning/mayor of calistoga- "the most important thing for us is the vast majority of our residents make their living in the hospitality and wine industry, and they're hourly employees, and they work when there are people here. um, they've been doing this for years and years and what they want to do most, is provide first rate hospitality. its what we've been known for since the 1800s, and they're ready, they're willing, they're able and they're anxious to serve everyone again and they want people to come back to calistoga."
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the mayors from the city of napa and the town of yountville were also on board the wine train... saying this is a great time to visit the valley.john dunbar/town of yountville- "what we don't want to see happen, is employees losing their jobs. or, businesses having to close because the visitors aren't coming back." local leaders saying you can help, by simply showing up.jill techel/mayor city of napa- "go out to dinner, stay in one of the hotels, um, i call that win win. you have a fabulous experience and we get our employees back and then back and working." working to get back on track and the train is a good place to start. in the napa valley, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) another lovely, warm day around the bay area... (steve)let's check the four zone forecast with chief meterologist brittney shipp. two more days of warm temperatures can be expected across our region before a
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modest cooling trend returns highs back to normal by the weekend and into early next week. dry weather persists at least through the middle of next week before a major pattern change takes place. (pam) cal-trans is warning drivers .... of some major traffic changes coming to the highway -101- willow road interchange in menlo park. it is part of a larger project to rebuild the busy interchange. the work begins friday night... and
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ramps will be closed and reopened in new configurations ... throughout the weekend. cal-trans wants drivers to be alert... and allow for extra time to get accustomed to the new setup. officials say, the revamped ramps will have tighter turning radiuses ... and many connections that were once free-flow, will now have signals. (steve) bart's south bay extension is finally complete. kron four's rob fladeboe has more on how the trains are being readied for the first riders next summer. rob fladeboe/milpitas "...five years after construction began, bart trains are running along the tracks from fremont, through milpitas to san jose...."this is one of two three car trains that have been rolling back and forth along the recently completed extension from fremont through milpitas to san jose. but before the highly complex system is certified to carry human cargo, it must first be put through a series of test runs says the vta's brandi childress.brandi childress/valley transportation authority ".....that means we are in a phase where we are testing all of the trains movements. we've finished with the static testing of signals. now we've
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got the trains on the tracks at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour testing all of the systems..."the new bart stations here at the great mall in milpitas and and the berryessa station insan jose are all but finished now. several months of what's called the static testing of signals and other equipment so what will people see and hear now that trains are running along the tracks? brandi childress/vta "....people have been hearing construction for the past five years, now it's going to be a different noise, the operation of the trains, they'll hear the electric motors and the wheels but we've done a lot of mitigation to lessen the impact of the noise of the trains...."yes, that means the system is now fully electrified and vta is reminding neighbors and pedestrians to heed warning signs posted along the tracks. rob fladeboe/milpitas"....when it opens in june of next year, the south bay ridership is expected to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 23,000 people each day. in milpitas rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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ahead at eight.. the san francisco 49-ers teaming up with police... the changes the team says it is committed to seeing done in the community. plus. california may have legalized marijuana --- but county in the state--- says not here. and next. a cold case murder in the east bay === closed. how police tracked down the killer. and why they say... he áwill notá be prosecuted.
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i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ (steve) to the east bay.. where a cold case murder is now closed. oakland investigators announced today
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they know who killed a local musician.(pam) but police say, that person will not be prosecuted. kron-4's haaziq maadyun explains why. 24-year-old dejour jamerson of oakland has been identified the person resposnible for the 2015 shooting death of emiliano nevarez. the joint opd and fbi cold case heated up last month when police received evidence pointing to jamersonsgt. eric milina/oakland police departmentspecial agent john bennett/federal bureau of investigationeven though investigators tracked down the alleged shooter in this case, he won't be doing any time behind bars because...he died before they could put the put him in handcuffsin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
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(steve) the san francisco 49ers are pushing for more gun control legislation. the niners... san jose police officers association... and other major law enforcement unions across the country... are teaming up to sign a "pledge for a more understanding and safer america." the commitment... comes after the mass shooting in las vegas. the 49ers and police are pledging to push for
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legislation to ban "bump stocks" and any other mechanism that allows a semi-automatic weapon to become an automatic weapon. there is also a pledge to create a public awareness campaign to improve police and community relationships. the 49ers have pledged 500 thousand towards the campaign. (pam) the federal agent-- whose stolen gun was used in the murder of kate steinle-- took the witness stand today. (steve) his government issued semi automatic handgun was stolen out of his parked car a few days before the murder. he told the jury, that he was travelling in his personal car with his fiance and three children. they parked along the embarcadero, in a place he considered safe because it was well -lit, and patroled by parking enforcement officers. (matt gonzales/defense attorney): "there's no question that he acted... was a tinted window." (pam)tinted window."acted... was a tinted window."
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(pam) (steve) california may have legalized recreational marijuana but one state county is saying ...not here. kern county has banned the commercial growing and sale of marijuana. county supervisors there say the drug has had a destructive impact on their local communities. there are currently 28 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in that county. but officials say those will be phased out. california voters passed proposition 64 last year --legalizing recreational pot sales.
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however cities and counties still have the option of prohibiting sales. marijuana sales are still illegal under federal law. (steve top vo) the slopes will officially open tomorrow and saturday at mount rose ski in lake tahoe. they are the first resort to open for the season. (steve) and the excitement is surely building.(pam)kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast forecastwith the is here now with the forecast
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coming up in two minutes. a movie theater chain looking to test a new pricing strategy. how they would determine which movies cost more ---- or less. plus. a northern california family's truck is stolen --- with their six year old dog inside... how police saved their pet's life ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, marshawn lynch, playing high school football, we'll explain in a couple minutes...also tom brady has a new, i guess he's attached to an aston martin, those of you in the market for an aston martin or want to know how you can get closer to tom brady, later, in this broadcast." (steve)here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... it is a story grabbing national headlines...a 10 year-old girl with cerebal palsy...icaught up in an
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immigration started when she had surgery in texas this she's in federal custody...and may soon be deported to mexico...a place she hasn't been since she was a baby.we'll hear from her heartbroken mother tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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a truckee family is gratefull to their police department... their truck was recovered three days ... after it was stolen.(steve) officers say the family's dog... was inside the truck during the whole incident. reporter dennis shanahan has more. --supers--wednesdaytruckee, cacarolyn hamiltondog owner --reporter pkg-as follows-- carolyn hamilton / dog owner: "truckee police were dedicated to finding this dog."a very stressful three day ordeal began saturday night when carolyn hamilton and her husband were getting ready to go out, bringing along their beloved 6-year-old family dog albus."we just put him in the truck in our driveway, came back in to say goodbye, and
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literally turned around and the truck was gone."truckee police tell us this surveillance video shows two men stealing items from a car. it's on the top right of the screen.this was just before the hamilton's car was stolen with albus inside. "we instantly called 911 and truckee police saturated the area."police caught up with the truck in downtown truckee but the thieves took off eastbound on interstate 80. the c-h-p joined the pursuit all the way to reno where the thieves exited.officers called off the chase when they deemed it too dangerous to continue. the hamiltons put up fliers. they and many volunteers searched for three days. truckee police kept looking as well. "there was some hope in it and some urgency. and i think that's a magical equation."nats: "hey buddy. you okay?"this is police body cam video from tuesday night, when they found the car abandoned in a southeast reno neighborhood with albus inside. truckee police told carolyn and us, they believe he was in that car the entire time."windows up. three days." albus was weak and dehydrated, but otherwise healthy.carolyn will never forget that happy phone call from truckee police. "immediately, every emotion ran through us."not knowing where albus was for three days, imagining he might be
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suffering...carolyn says the whole experience very eye- opening for her family."this is not a tragedy in the proportion of what people experience all around the world and in our community every day."she says they thought a lot about people who lost relatives and pets in the recent california wildfires. "we tried to always compare our grief to the larger grief. and i think what happened is that we were able to just be a little more compassionate for people who experience loss." the hamiltons have deep appreciation for their community and their police who didn't give up.the truckee police deartament shared this photo on facebook of officers paying the hamiltons a wednesday afternoon visit-- after albus came back from the vet."and they had a them that you don't attach to police officers, but we should from now on." (steve) starting in the new year... regal entertainment is going to try demand-based pricing for movies at some of its theaters you'll pay higher ticket prices for hit movies -- and less for flops. regal is
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partnering with the online ticket service and app "atom tickets" to test the program. movies playing at less popular times during the day would also cost less. if successful-- the new pricing plan could give theaters a much-needed boost. shares of regal, a-m-c, cinemark, and big screen operator i-max have all fallen this year because of poor box office sales. ahead at eight.. congress set to decide on whether to cut down more trees -- in an effort to lower the risk of wildfires. plus. documents kept secret for decades on the j-f-k assassination-- now made public. what they could reveal. and next. a warning for parents tonight... after lead is discovered in drinking water at schools.
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he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war. obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened
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to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. (pam) we have a warning
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for parents in san francisco tonight. lead has been found in the water at three schools in the city.(steve) the schools affected are west portal elementary, malcolm x elementary and san francisco international high school. the school district says, the problem is not with the water but with certain pipes. the fixtures where the high lead levels were detected are now shutdown. the schools are working to fix the problems... in the meantime bottled water is being provided. (concerned parent): "i was very concerned because both of
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my kids go to this school and drink a lot of water especially with the water lately being so warm that i gave them extra water bottles from home, bottled ones, because i didn't want them to try to get any water from the foutain." another concern... lead exposure in kids can affect the development of the brain and nervous system. earlier this month, a new california law went into effect .. which requires testing in all state public schools. (pam) house republicans will vote next week on a g-o-p bill .... to make it easier to cut down trees on national forests in order to reduce the risk of wildfire.(steve) the bill would loosen environmental regulations for forest- thinning projects on federal lands. the measure would waive environmental reviews for projects up to 30 thousand acres for areas in california prone to extreme wildfire risk. the bill comes as the forest serivce has spent a record two point for billion battling forest fires across the golden state...most recently in the north bay.
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(pam) 28-hundred pages of long- secret records === released to the public. president trump approved the release of some, but not all of the records related to the j-f-k assassination probe.(pam) a 1992 law required all government records related to the assassination .... be "publicly disclosed in full" within 25 years. that deadline is today.(steve) markos kounalakis from the hoover institution joins us now.. and markos can we expect any answers from these documents.
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comat kron-4 dot their entirety documents in the released you can read markos --- and thank you (steve) documents.
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(steve) thank you markos --- and the released documents in their entirety at kron-4 dot com (steve)a live look outside (pam)brittney has the forecast. the forecast.brittney has the
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forecast. the forecast.brittney has the forecast.
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a major baby food company responding tonight...after a report about contaminants in food for infants. and next. and a former f-b-i profiler is
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confident ... that a serial killer is behind a series of random murders in florida. why she says --- this case is unique.
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(pam) new at 8. police are hunting for a killer behind the random murders of three people in tampa florida. while investigators are not yet saying a serial killer..they have said they believe one person is responsible. but a former f-b-i agent and expert on criminal behavior is confident this is a serial killer. and talked about what makes this case different.
8:41 pm
they only have to get lucky once.">(pam) and tonight the tampa police chief desperately wants to talk to this person seen running... seconds after the first murder. (steve) yesterday we aired an alarming story about baby food and toxic chemicals. it not only caught the attention of a lot of parents... but we also heard from one of the biggest producers of baby-food on the market. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with the latest. (vicki) yeah steve... it's scary to be sure. that new study showed that out of some 500 samples of popular baby food - a high percentage showed levels of arsenic and lead. certainly not what you want to feed your baby. today, we heard back from gerber - one of the largest producers of baby food on the market. they said they want to reassure parents that the health and safety of babies is their number one priority. all gerber foods meet or exceed u.s. government standards for quality and safety. and encourage parents to reach out to
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gerber's parents resource center if they have additional questions. you can go to our website at for more details. pam, steve? (pam) in sports -- raiders running back, marshawn lynch might be suspended for sunday... but he's finding ways to stay active. gary will tell us what the oakland native has been up to(steve) plus -- the warriors are honoring.... legend al attles.... during tommorow night's game -- gary will share his thoughts and has all the sports coming up
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payday loans as emergency cash for bind. and in the there are more lenders than mcdonald's "these are that are really causing a lot of michael the center for responsible the loans with poor snare them in an endless interest they are already third of alabama democratic terri sewell. to stop the debt trap that so many constituents this month -- the consumer protection bureau issued restrictions receive the loans and how doled out. the payday sure people have the ability to lenders say put many of them out of leave people option to get emergency. "the cfpb which rules has been a republicans in congress who say oversteps its "big government constantly makes credit more less available to americans."but even many skeptical of reach support on payday lenders. the lenders to challenge the court before effect in 2019. (gary )
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the raiders are two-point and a half point underdogs against buffalo. jack del rio and oakland will be looking to get back to .500 buffalo haven't lost at home this season. weather conditions may play a factor... raiders will face strong raiders will face strong winds and showers. oakland is expected to stay in the east coast for their two game road trip. "it's almost like
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another camp where we're all together. we're all doing things together. guys, if they don't have their families, they're going out to eat together and having dinner. they're going out together and hanging out in the room together. those kinds of things. and i think that is, besides not having to fly, that's just a major benefit of guys just being together outside of the hour windows that we have here." marshawn lynch is not playing this sunday, but he's find ways to stay busy. he was in oakland tech last night to practice with his former high school. he posted this footage on his instagram account. lynch is not stranger to the foorball program... in the past he's had football clinics and occasionally visits the team.
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the 49ers are doing anything they can to get their first win this sunday agaisnt philadelphia. the eagles are 12.5 point favorites. san francisco is moving eric reid to linebacker for the rest of the season. this week he's been practicing with the linebacker's group... and attending the position meetings. the 49ers decided to make the change because the team has depth with jimmie ward and jaquiski year of his contract and the niners haven't offered a contract extension so far this year. for this week's lexus experience amazing ultimate highlight we go to boston. highlight we go to boston. joe thorton ties jarri kurri on the all time scoring list against the team that drafted him 12 team that drafted him
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12 years go. he now sits in 20th place with 1,398 goals. but his night was spoiled... sharks lose to spoiled... night was but his goals. but his night was spoiled... sharks lose to bruins...2-1 the warriors will be honoring al attles be honoring al attles tomorrow night against the washington wizards. the warriors legend has worked for the team since 1969. the former warriors coach and player is a current ambassor for the team. steve kerr will be steve kerr will be wearing an attles inspired suit...players will wear warm up shirts celebrating his legacy. unfortunately, he will not be in attendance after being hospitalized with a health
8:51 pm
issue. the team understands the importance attles has had on the franchise "his legacy as a warrior and what he means to the bay area, warrior basketball is just unbelievable and everybody is just inspired to be hanging in the rafters next to him and the other guys that are up there, so, and the fact that he's still involved in the organization is huge. impact in the community, being a positive presence all throughout the organization." anything with tom brady's name on it is a
8:52 pm
big deal especially if it is high-endaston martin has begun selling a special tom brady signature edition car it is limited to just 12 total cars and will cost $359,950 eachit's a convertible that features touches signature is on the doorsill plates, and his "tb12" logo can be seen throughout the vehicle, including on the fender and embossed on the headrests.the five-time champion with aston after more than a year of company.not include a have to buy one himself. home depot goes the extra mile... to help a young boy in a wheelchair with his halloween costume.
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i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if?
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i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. (steve) halloween is just
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five days away... and many people are scrambling to put their costumes together.(pam) a north carolina boy was in home depot with his mom .. when a manager gave him a special holiday gift. jack mcilroy... nicknamed super jack... is in wheelchair .. he was at the hardware store to get supplies to create a costume. that's where store manager - valerie baker ... stepped in to help. jack's mother thought it was kind enough that the home depot manager shipped in a refrigerator ... in order to get the cardboard needed to
8:56 pm
create an elaborate costume for jackson's wheelchair ... but that was not all. (aimee mcilroy/jackson's mother): "we walked around the store trying to find things to make jack's costume and by the time we got to the end she took us up to the register and took care of the whole entire bill." take a look at jack's costume. he and the store manager decided to go with a pirate ... aboard his very own ship. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) vicki liviakis is here with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 9. ((vicki))that's right pam and steve...three incidents this week alone...involving guns on school campuses.that includes two lockdowns at one local high school today as police tried to track down armed students.we also have new information on the 8 year-old who brought a gun to his elementary residents impacted by the devastating fires up north...searching for answers
8:57 pm
about how or when they can start cleaning up.but tonight we're learning many of those questions...went unanswered. stand by for a live report. ((vicki))plus..another spare the air alert in effect for tomorrow.meterologist brittney shipp will tell us when things will finally start to cool down.keep it right here..kron 4 news at nine, is next. (vicki)(vicki)(vicki)
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(vicki) guns on school campus... at not one... or two ááábut three different schools in the bay area....(vicki) thanks for joining us, i'm vicki liviakis...(steve) and i'm steve aveson... in for grant lodes.... students brought loaded guns on two different school campus' in the east bay.... twin creeks elementary in san ramon... and village high school in pleasanton....(vicki) and earlier today... a lockdown at milpitas high school was lifted for the second time after a student brought a gun on campus there... that's where we find kron4's charles clifford... he has details on this story and tips on how to make sure guns stay out of kids hands... charles?
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well, so far there have been multiple cases of students bringing guns to schools across the bay area. here at milpitas high school, students were put on lockdown twice today. around noon on thursday, milpitas high school was put on lockdown following reports of student with a gun on campus. senior chris bui says he was in class when the announcement was made.sotall of a sudden we got the announcement that we are going on lockdown. that we couldn't leave our classroom and turn off the lights and just barricade the door.around 1pm, that lockdown was lifted after police say a student with a gun was found and arrested. why the student was carrying a firearm is still under investigation.just a few hours later, milpitas high went on lockdown for a second time on yet another report of a student with gun. this lockdown was lifted a short time later after it was determined to be a false alarm. bui says the idea of a student on campus with a gun is upsetting but he believes the teachers and staff handled the situations appropriately. sotwe have drills at school for earthquakes, intruders, and so we knew what to do. my teacher knew what to do.also on thursday, a san ramon man was arrested after his 8-year- old son brought a loaded handgun to school at twin creeks elementary. the third grader allegedly showed the gun to a friend. the father in this case, 30 year old anthony o'donnel was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, possession of stolen propey


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