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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hermela what have you found out about the shooting? (hermela aregawi)we're slowly learning some details about this shooting.we know that four people were shot around 7:25 this evening in the area of filmore and golden gate.all four of them have been taken to a local hospital.and they are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.we also know that two suspects have been's unclear at this time.. if the shootings were targeted.right now the scene is very intense and very much active.some roads in the area are blocked off so keep that in mind if you're traveling through the area of filmore and goldengate. more than a dozen police vehicles.. and officers are therethey are combing through the scene looking for evidence.what led to the shooting.. how and if the suspects know the victims. we spoke with police investigating the incident.. here's what they are looking into at the moment. again, four people shot. we don't have any information on the victims at this time.just that all four of them were taken to a local hospital and are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.two suspects have been detained in connection with the shooting.
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at this time... the motive is we don't know if the shootings were targeted... but police are on the scene trying to figure out reporting live in san francisco, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) as soon as our newsroom learned about the situation in san francsico.. we sent a breaking news push alert. download the kron 4 mobile app and be the first to know about breaking news when it happens. (steve) we're tracking some breaking sports news..a brawl at the warriors game involving draymond green.. kron4 sports reporter henry wofford is in the newsroom with the video...
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draymond is known for having a very short temper...but based on the video of his fight with the washingtonwizards bradley beal, green was not the instigator.the incident happened with 19 seconds remaining in the second was attempting to run down the court in transiton, but beal put his hand around draymond green's head. seconds later the guys were chest to chest and wrestling. both players were ejected. the game just ended, we'll hear from later in sports around 10-45. (pam) happening now: bart police are looking for this man.. they say, he graffitied several offensive images at the embarcadero station in san francisco... including several swastikas and racial slurs..... the vandalism has since been removed. police believe this man is connected to other instances of vandalism in san
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leandro, glenn park and macarthur stations. (pam) also happening now - police searching for a suspicious man who tried to talk to young teens in millbrae. we first told you about this story last night at ten. now, police have released a new description of the man they are trying to find... kron4's dan kerman is tracking developments.
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(pam) another big story tonight:within the last two hours we have learned.... a fire burning in the east san jose foothills is out.... the thick, black smoke could be seen for miles earlier... we know a trailer home has burned... along with several cars. and now we have some new photographs showing just how close this fire came to a nearby residential neighborhood. you can see flames burning right behind homes.. no one was seriously hurt...(steve) let's take a closer look where this fire burned... it's a rural are near pleasant acres drive and klein road... tonight we're learning more about the person who owns the lot where the fire started. kron4's ella sogominan joins us live...
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neighbors say the owner of the property is a man named david lu who's got quite the collection in his yard that unfortunately fed those flames although we don't know the cause yet. propane tanks and several cars exploded in the back of this east san jose home after a four alarm fire broke out at around 4 friday night. smoke could be smelled and seen for miles away.and next door - there were already signs of the damage from the smoke on window covers.sot: "you can even smell it in the bedroom it's just horrible."neighbors say this man david lu has owned the property for more than 20 years on the corner of klein and pleasant acres drive. and that they've called the city several times to check up on his ever growing collection of cars a trailer and other property on his fighters say the crowded yard posed a challenge. sot: brad cloutier, san jose fire captain// "although it was a hot day with
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temperatures reaching 85 degrees the wind was fortunately light or else fire crews say this could have been a whole different story with a less fortunate ending.the fire was contained to the two acre infrared helicopter scanned the area for any hotspots. and just to be sure three engines will remain on site overnight to make sure this fire stays in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (steve) it's been hot and dry this week..look at the
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haze above the bay area today.. it was a spare the air day...fires are a concern as we head into the weekend.. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center with what to expect. a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week. (pam) (pam) tonight, we are
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hearing from a santa rosa man .... who helped save dozens of neighbors from the north bay firestorm. we were actually contacted by his father... who wanted to share his sons story. today kron4's charles clifford talked to the man being hailed a hero .
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(pam) here is a look at the latest containment numbers on the fires in the north bay. that "atlas fire" in napa and solano counties burned over 51-thousand acres .... and is 100-percent contained. the "nuns fire" in napa and sonoma counties has burned over 56-thousand acres .... and is 96-percent contained. the "tubbs fire"... also in napa and sonoma counties has burned over 36-thousand acres .... and is 96 percent contained. and the "pockt fire" burning north of geyserville in sonoma county has burned over 17-thousand acres... and is 96-percent contained.full containment is now expected on all the fires by next tuesday. (grant) developing tonihgt: a federal grand jury in
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washington, d-c has approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. that's according to c-n-n. the charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. cnn is reporting plans were prepared today for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as monday. it is unclear what the charges are...and who's implicated. a spokesman for mueller's office declined to comment. the former fbi director and prosecutor was appointed in may to lead the investigation into russian meddling and potential collusion in the 2016 election. (steve) coming up a new warning for online daters... the scam that makes people think they've commited a very serious crime... all in an effort to get you to pay up... (pam) then - new at ten: this mug shot is setting the internet on fire.. some are even offering to pay this woman's bail ... just because she's pretty..tonight -- the serious crime police say she
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comitted -- with her baby in her car... (steve) and next: a bay area high school teachers resigns after a misconduct investigation.. even though the school allowed him back.. now we have new details about the alleged innapropriate contact with students.
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tonight a piedmont high school teacher has resigned... it comes just after the teacher was reinstated after innapropriate conduct with students. an investigation
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concluded the teacher did not commit a crime.. but parents were still very concerned. kron4's haaziq madyun has some new details about the conduct that led to the teacher decising to leave. repeatedly asking students to meet privately, touching, grabing student by the shoulders, head and backs, consuming alcohol in the presence of students...these are some of the investigative findings that led to piedmont high school ap history teacher mark cowherd resigning from his job on fridaypiedmont city councilmember and parent of a piedmont high school student, tim roodrood says he troubled to learn that cowherd was recently reinstated following an investigation confirming the inappropiate behavior
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directly">he says special training should be put in place to establish boundries between teahcers and their studentsnat/sot haaziqis that something the city council can get involved with to make sure that happens?piedmont police investigators say there will be no further police action beyond the investigation because they found no criminal conduct took piedmont haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) tonight the oakland unified school district says it has fixed the problem.. after tests revealed six
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schools had elevated levels of lead in the water. you can see the schools on this map they are: brookfield, burckhalter, fruitvale, glenview at san fe, joaquin miller and thornhill. 48 different locations have been tested so far... these six came back over the standards set by the environmental protection agency. earlier this week we learned three schools in san francisco had eleveated levels of lead in the water. (pam) happening now: a warning for anyone looking for love online. people are being convinced by a dating scam, that they broke the law -- and the allegation involved is so terrible.. it could ruin your life and reputation. reporter shannon behnken has details on the troubling twist ...... of an internet dating scheme.
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we all crave a áconnectioná rusty turned to the dating website plenty of fish. encouraged by friends, he dipped his toe into the pond ... and met a 27-year-old woman ... they texted .. it was exciting. he played along, sending pictures he now regrets ... and then..
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we will come and get you." shannon: "now, in that moment, are you thinking, i could go to jail because of this?man: "absolutely. " >the "dad" sounded legit... until he implied ámoneyá may make this nightmare go away. rusty frantically searched the web and realized he wasn't alone. it was a scam. i found changing your number is easy. there are many apps for that .. even to make you number show up as local police. even tampa police ..stunned by the sophistication.
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layers to it, so even if you're skeptical after the first layer, you might think, "oh, wow, this is really getting to be a big problem."> this scheme is
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(pam) (pam) still ahead -- make sure and fill up your gas tank soon.. we'll tell you when
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the new california tax kicks in.. (steve) and next:the story behind the california woman in this mug shot... going viral because the woman it is attractive..
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(steve) new at ten:this mugshot of a woman arrested by fresno police is getting a lot of attention on the internet.. some have even offered to pay her bail because they find her attractive.but what's the story behind the picture? reporter matt medez looked into it. 1:02:14 possession of loaded firearm in a vehicle... and she had her infant child with her 1:02:19 fresno police posted her photo to facebook ... it's been shared close to 4-thousand times.. received dozens of
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comments... and more than two thousand "likes" and reactions. sotero wrote "the only crime she committed was stealing my heart"shanell wrote "all about her looks and not about the child in the car or the fact she's a gang member carrying a gun with other gang members" another person offered to pay her bail.we took the case to vanguard bailbonds. bondsman charles vang says there's a liability for the person who pays for the bail.he says.. if the inmate misses court.. you could be stuck paying the entire bail amount... for ponce.. it's 155-thousand analyst charles magill says her looks could help her in the court of law. -- 1:24;26 i think the rule of thumb is .. judges do go more lenient on women period because of the bias. frankly. but there are a lot of female judges out there as well 1:24:37this comes two years after former stockton inmate... now model.. .jeremy meeks received nation-wide attention for his media experts say the public sometimes turns to social media for a way to cope.
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our world 3:07 3:13 and people looking for relief. and internet is great for providing tons of information and providing relief from that 3:19> (steve) that was matt mendez reporting... according to a legal analyst -- if convicted she could face ten years behind bars. (pam) coming up - we"re hearing from the two women who spent five months stranded at sea.. they managed to keep, not only themselves alive -- but their dogs too.. (steve) and next two bay area teens arrested accused of impersonating police officers..
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(laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. two teenagers in san
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leandro are accused of impersonating police officers and trying to make a traffic stop.(pam) one of the
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suspects is just 15 years old. kron4's philippe djegal talked to police about how the alleged crime played out. (philippe) about 20- minutes after midnight... the san leandro police department says a man was pulled over near the intersection of bancroft and 136th avenues... by a silver crown victoria... a model similar to what police officers ron clar/slpd- "and, used some, um, used some sort of a lighting system to give the driver the impression that he was being pulled over by the police." lieutenant ron clark says it didn't take the victim long to realize that the four people inside the crown victoria, were not cops.. lt. ron clar/slpd- "as he looks in he looks in his mirror, he sees a person get out of the vehicle wearing a hoodie. hoodie gets put up over his head, zips it up. he realizes, this ain't the police and he takes off." lieutenant clark says the suspects sped off too. the victim chose to follow them, but lost them on the freeway. he called 9-11 and reported what happened. less than an hour later, the alameda county sheriff's office spotted the suspects on
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interstate 580 and stopped ron clar/slpd- "the , uh, driver of the vehicle was 15 years old. he was arrested for the impersonation of a police officer, stopping a vehicle. there was a 19-year-old adult in the car. he was arrested for contributing to the delinquency. and, the other two occupants were juveniles and they were released to their parent." police believe this was an isolated incident. and, that this case does not appear to be related to any others. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) we are learning new information about the two lockdowns at milpitas high school. two 14-year-old students were booked into juvenile hall .... after a gun was found on campus. school security found a teen with an unloaded handgun in the restroom at around noon yesterday. he also had a loaded magazine near his backpack. multiple schools in the area were told to shelter in place. about two- hours later... students believed another student had a weapon on campus. the school was secured again... while security searched for
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the student. he was later found off-campus ... and did not have a gun. police later learned that one of the students asked the other ... to hold the gun for him. .. (steve) happening tomorrow: if you're headed across the bay bridge this weekend... expect some delays.. traffic will be stopped intermittently from about 7-am to 9am in both directions... that's so crews can implode three of the old eastern span's concrete piers. this is video of a previous implosion.after the three are demolished this weekend..there will only be two left. the demolition for those piers is set to take place november 11th. (steve) we are now hearing from bart riders.. after the transit agency announced they will soon start checking for people for proof of payment. this is a story we told you about last night at ten... this begins next year.. it's an attempt to catch fare evaders.. if someone is stopped without a ticket, they will get a citation. adults will be charged 75- dollars...and 55-dollars for children... with the option of
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community service. bart officials say they are losing about 15 to 25-million dollars a year from people who do not pay for their ticket. these rules go into effect on january first. there is a one month grace period, but in february if you don't have proof that you paid you will get a citation. (pam) the wine and hospitality industries in the north bay are taking a big hit from the recent wildfires ..... in the form of lost revenue. kron four's spencer blake reports from yountville, where industry workers say, they are trying new things to make sure tourists and travelers know - wine country is still there.. and ready for business. (looklive)the vast majority of wineries were untouched by firesbut now they having trouble fighting
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misconceptions that there's nothing left for visitors to experience.(pkg)these barrels of wine might stay full a little longer than anthony bell would like"it's gotten very quiet. very, very quiet." that's because there are only a few visitors making their way to his tasting rooms. several people are cancelling appointments - or even vacations to the area - altogether, because of hearsay that vineyards and wineries were all destroyed in the wildfires."this is our busiest month. october for all of us is our busiest month. and for the right reason - it's harvest time, it's an exciting time of year. mother nature's kind of running our lives." gary thompson is essentially a wine tour guide. his business model has him driving visitors around napa county in their own cars or rental cars from tasting room to tasting room. he says lately, business has been virtually non-existent for him."we basically over the course of 14 days lost a total of nearly 20 thousand dollars in revenue, so for a small company like mine it's almost crippling."while everyone i
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spoke to recognizes the extreme loss of life and property is the most devastating consequence of the fire, insurance adjusters have told bell"that the loss of business as a result of the fire is in some ways as bad as the fire itself. different aspect, but it's quite a bit of financial damage."so now bell is doing more networking, making sure hotels in san francisco know that wineries are still open, despite the nearby destruction.thompson decided to lower his rates, and has seen some slight upward movement."i'm almost at full complement for the weekend which is an amazing sign showing that people are comfortable enough to come back."(looklive)something that might be a boon to the food and wine industries here is the napa valley film festivalwhich will hopefully get lots of out-of-towners back into the valley from november ninth to the twelfth. in yountville, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) students in santa rosa returned to school for the first time since the north bay firestorm broke out nearly three weeks ago. 13 schools reopened today ...
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and another 11 more are scheduled to reopen on monday. counselors were available for students who are dealing with stress and trauma after the fires. school breakfast and lunches were also available to any student who needed a meal. (steve) it is about to get even more expensive to fill up your car... the state's gas taxes are set to increase on wednesday. the new law adds 12 cents to the gas tax...from 18 cents to 30 cents per gallon. the tax is expected to generate more than $5 billion a year for road and highway maintenance and mass transit. part of the law will also make it more expensive to register your car. that price hike goes into effect in january. (steve) some california republicans will lose their seats.... that's according to governor jerry brown... he says they will get booted...if they back a tax plan that eliminates a state and local tax deduction... a deduction used by many californians.... earlier today brown made a comment saying the california g-o-p in
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congress are "like a herd of sheep" when it comes president donald trump's wishes. his remarks come just a day after the house passed a four-trillion-dollars budget that paves the way for passing a one-point-five trillion dollar tax cut. and all 14 california republicans supported it. (pam ) another big story tonight: two women and their dogs ... rescued after drifting for months in the pacific. we first told you about this story last night at ten... now we are hearing the women's incredible story of survival. the couple left for hawaii back in may and had planned on an 18-day sail to tahiti.they ended up drifting thousands of miles off course, finally picked up by a navy ship southeast of japan. catherine heenan has the happy ending to an incredible
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ordeal... "when we saw you guys coming over the horizon, it was 'oh god, we've been saved.'""yes!" jennifer appell and tasha fuiava admit the trip was star=crossed from the get=go. the mast was damaged 7=hundred miles into their trip.then on may 25th, a heavy rain squall flooded the cockpit and left them without an engine, leaving them at the mercy of the currents."we got pushed into what is known as the devil's triangle"like the bermuda triangle in the atlantic, the region known as the devil's or dragon's has a supernatural reputation."boats go in, but very rarely come out."they found instead a very
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natural danger ... "we learned that this was a tiger shark location."for one terrifying night the sharks battered the yacht, apparently teaching their hunt.night after days, the women sent out distress signals, all of them unheeded. they had a water purifier, but food supplies were running low. "beef jerky, rice, pasta, dried fruit..."when the pet food ran out, their two dogs, zeus and valentine, proved flexible ."the dogs turned out to like human food.""a lot."on the 99th day, their call was answered ... a fishing boat from taiwan alerted the u.s. navy and the u=s=s ashland picked them up."we're so grateful.""humbled." their relief is mixed with sadness ... they had to leave their yacht, the sea nymph, behind. they're hoping someone will salvage it...and are actually talking about getting it repairedso they can set off on a new voyage. (steve) one day after the release of more jfk assassination investigation documents.. the focus tonight is on what was ánotá released... next we look at the possible reasons why.. (henry)
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the warriors go toe to toe with wizards...more on the fight that broke out in the second quarter.and we'll hear from head coach steve kerr. ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me?
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who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. (steve) the wait for apple's new i-phone will be a long one. apple's online store started taking online pre-orders just after midnight for the iphone x. no surprise... the initial batch of pre-orders sold out quickly. the phone is set to be released november third. at this point if you order an iphone x -- you are looking at a wait of about five to six weeks.. (pam) there is intriguing new information pertaining to the assassination of president john kennedy... in thousands of newly- released de- classified documents. but just as intriguing... is the last minute decision to withhold hundreds more documents -- at least for now.
10:43 pm
from our partners at c- n-n... reporter brian todd explians why there is lots of interest in what those unreleased files contain... tantalizing new details in the newly-released kennedy assassination files...a c-i-a document reveals lee harvey oswald spoke in broken russian, to a k-g-b agent in mexico city-- less than two- months before the assassination.but it may have only been to get help with a passport or visa.another j-f-k file - on oswald's proficiency with a details a conversation between two cuban intelligence officers in 1967... one says "..oswald must have been a good shot".. the other agent named abreu replied 'oh he was quite good.' asked how he knew this, abreu replied 'i knew him." o'neill"the conspiratorial angle would be 'hey the cubans were behind oswald assassinating a president. but it's much more likely that it's something more simple. someone boasting to another person. 'oh - i
10:44 pm
knew him four-years ago'. this was four-years after the assassination."in another file- - former c-i-a director richard helms is deposed-- and asked:" there any information involved in the assassination of president kennedy which in any way shows that lee harvey oswald was in some way a cia agent...?"the file cutsoff before helms answers. his response remaining sealed - 54 years after the death of a president. it leaves us wanting more - and fuels critcism of the intelligence agencies.analysts say some agencies are notorious for over-classifying. (--sot/sabato-)"often you will find in a research file, newspaper clippings that have already been published, marked "secret." now how would a newspaper clipping that has already been published be a state secret? but it's just easier for government agencies to do that, then they don't have to respond under the law to a lot of requests that they get."but veteran intelligence operatives say there are good reasons- why some of the j-f-k
10:45 pm
files should never be released. (--o'neil-)"some of the things in there might be assets or sources overseas that are feeding our intelligence engine."eric o'neill is a former f-b-i counter-intelligence officer, who helped capture russian mole robert hanssen.o'neill is played by ryan phillippe in the spy-thriller "breach".he says even with a case as old as the kennedy assassination- valuable informants could be compromised. (--o'neil-) "there can be assets who are still alive. there are sources that were put in place back then that are still being used. there could be sources that we began recruiting back then that are finally materialized. there could also be the family of assets who no longer useful but could be put in danger if this information came out." (pam)
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warriors hosting the wizards tonight at oracle arena. it's former warriors player and head coach al attles night. stever kerr sporting a throw back suit from the 1970's.19 seconds remaining in the half. bradley beal connects and hits draymond green in face. draymond was not having it. both players end up on the floor. and both men were ejected. 3rd quarter -- otto porter junior three -- washington lead by 18 (porter: 29 points team high) warriors woke up late in the quarter -- steph curry triple... cut wizards lead by ten (curry: 20 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds)
10:47 pm
durant got hot in the second half -- lead the golden state with 31 points and we had a ball game late in the fourth kevon looney... yes... kevon looney... with a big slam... golden state on a nine-to-oh run... lead by seven (looney: 9 points off bench) one second left... wizards trying to force overtime... the corner three no good warriors hold on 120-117let's here from steve kerr on draymond green's ejection
10:48 pm
dodger and astros split the first 2 games of the world series.tonight was game...another nail biter, but this time they were swinging for the fences in houston. houston texans 3-time defensive player of the year jj wattthrew out the first pitch. he's recovering from leg injurythat ended his season. yuli gurriel puts the astros on the board.what's his secret to hitting it so far? it has to be the hair.astros continued to build on that lead, scoring four runsin the second inning. brian mccann with a single to shallow right. evan gattis scores. sixth inning justin turner scores on a brad peacock wild pitch. that's as close as the dodgers would get. astros win 5-3. they take a 2-to-1 lead in the series. game 4is tomorrow night in houston. first pitch is set for 5-20.
10:49 pm
if your nfl team is not clicking. then it's time to get worried. sunday marks the halfway point of the nfl season raiders take on the bills sunday. marshawn lynch won't get a chance to touch the ball because beast mode is serving a 1-game suspension after shoving a referee. on other side of the ball, the raiders are still searching for their first interception of the year. this is unheard of...oakland is the only team in nfl history to enter week 8 without an interception. jack del rio want more from secondary especially sean smith who is getting paid 9 milion dollars this season.
10:50 pm
from zombies to politicians -- from zombies from zombies to politicians -- halloween scares up big bucks.the national retail federation says this year -- americans will spend in total 9-point-one billion dollars. that's 700 million dollars
10:51 pm
more than last year.which means -- the average household will spend a little more than 86 bucks.of the 179 million people participating in halloween -- 95 percent will buy candy.72 percent will spend money on decorations.and nearly 70 percent will buy costumes.on average -- men will spend nearly 20 dollars more than women perfecting their halloween looks.this year's top costume?adults will stick to witches and a batman character."oh, awesome. that's the bat signal, that's your - oh sorry!"kids like superheroes and princesses.and don't forget about dressing up your related costumes like pumpkins and hot dogs are this year's big as you're planning to fright and delight this halloween -- know that you won't be alone.
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(steve) if you're looking to have a spooktacular time this weekend... how about checking out a haunted house!(pam) today we got a look at the teen haunted house hosted by the alameda recreation and park department. the haunted house is run completely by teens.. 80 of them from 6th thru 12th grade. the kids create all the scenes... and are also
10:55 pm
the performers.this is the 14th year the event.. and it opened tonight. it runs from 3-pm to 8pm tomorrow and 3-pm to 7-pm on sunday in south shore center in alameda. a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week. next week. returning late rain chances the week with averages early in the week with
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