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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 6, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> l.a.'s on fire. >> the california wildfires. forcing stars to flee. >> it's tragic. >> as the flames intensify, we're on the ground with the stars in jeopardy ofs looing their homes. >> i'm shaking still. plus -- >> no ♪ what you made me do is matt lauer headed for divorce? where we found his wife without her wedding ring. and doan mess with meghan markle. >> fbi! >> why the royal bride-to-be is seeking martial arts training. margot robbie. revealing the side of the skater you never knew. >> everybody was so quick to call her white trash. i was shocked. this is "entertainment tonight." hollywood on the run from multiple wildfires raging in southern california. the frightening video that went viral today of cars driving
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right beside a massive blaze. it's like a scene out of a disaster movie. kevin frazier son location. >> reporter: we're inside gated neighborhood in bel air. some of the priciest proper the i in l.a. where many of the stars that you know and love live. let me show you how chaotic it's been. one structure already burned. another one there is smoky. a very dangerous and stressful day herehollywood. >> l.a.'s on fire. >> reporter: actor rob lowe posted this video. said we're safe. others aren't. play for them. this morning, actress lea michele was evacuated from her home. >> thanks god their this event. i got up at 5:30. encame to the house, they're like, we need to leave. threw my cat this the bag. and left. >> you have to take a moment to
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pray for people to send out good vibes. >> it's tragic. my daughter lives in studio city. it's getting closer and closer. >> reporter: "real housewife" kyle railroad achs wore a mask. her husband, hollywood real estate agent mauricio says their home is in a mandatory evacuation zone. >> we have a lot of belongings in the house we're soling. we have people living in the house. we asked them to fwrab some of our photos and personal stuff. >> reporter: the fires are also impacting production on movies and tv shows. filming was suspended on hbo's "westworld," which shoots in santa clarita. we're told the show is scheduled to resume shoogt today. the production will have a fire safety officer on set to monitor conditions throughout the day. jeffrey wright, who stars on the show, posted video after being evacuated yesterday. and also in northern los angeles, production on cbs'
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"s.w.a.t." was suspended. she mar moore instagrammed from his backyard. >> you hear the helicopter coming. l.a. is a mess. stay safe. >> reporter: lionel richie, who lives in bel air says he's helping family evacuate to a safer place. we're not far away from his ex-wife's home. this is one of the structures that the firefighters could not save. it will be a long night and a tough day tomorrow. >> sure is. hopefully, everyone stays safe. kevin, thank you very much. in other news, "time" magazine announced its person of the year. we should make it persons. the honor went to the women who inspired the #me too movement. that includes taylor swift. in the magazine, she gets candid about her sexual assault testimony. i was angry. that's taylor's simple yet powerful explanation for her fierce testimony against the radio deejay who sexually
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assaulted her in 2013. she became one of "time's" people of the year because she refused to back down or accept blame for the assault. in her first interview about winning the lawsuit in august, taylor tells "time" -- i figured that if he would be brazen enough to assault me. imagine what he might do to a vulnerable, young artist if given the chance. taylor says the trial upset her mother so much she became physically ill. quote -- when i testified, i had already had to watch this man's attorney bully, badger, and harass my team, including my mother. accusing them, and me, of lying. taylor says that moment maerd testify without holding anything back, telling "time," i'm told it was the most amount of times the word "ass" has ever been said in colorado federal court. the singer shares the cover and the person of the year title with the leading voices of the me too movement. including ashley judd. >> who were we supposed to tell? some fantasy aattorney general of moviedom?
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there wasn't a place for us to report these experiences. >> reporter: also honored, rose mcgowan, one of the first to speak out against harvey weinstein. >> i think people forget there's a human behind it. someone who was wronged. that's okay. it fueled my fire. they really [ bleep ] with the wrong person. >> in a federal court, six women filed a suit against harvey weinstein. they likened it to organized crime. well, matt lauer's wife, annette, has yet to speak out on her husband's scandal and the firing from the "today" show that followed. she was spot t out for the first time. the 50-year-old looked solemn. seen out this morning not wearing her wedding ring as she picked up breakfast in sag harbor, new york. >> hey, matt, are the allegations true? >> reporter: matt was also seen out at the same deli today.
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without his wedding ring. are he and annette headed for divorce. >> my wife annette. how does it sound? you like the way it sounds? >> reporter: the dutch-born model, who filed once before citing cruel and inhuman treatment and later withdrew her petition, could file again according to her father. henri roque told quote, everybody feels betrayed. she is not going to stay with him and work it out. married 19 years, before matt's firing over sexual misconduct claims, they lived largely separate lives. she in this $33 million hamptons estate with their three kids. he in this manhattan apartment building, his home during the week while co-hosting "today." >> so nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. >> reporter: hoda kotb continued to fill in today on the show where matt's alleged infidelity was rumored to be well known. last week, after a "variety" expose claimed lauer had consensual relationships with staffers, matt released a statement which read, in part, some of what has been said about me is untrue or mischaracterized.
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>> i read some stuff. i laugh. as long as my kids, our family, our friends know the real story, that's all i care about. speaking of strong women, hollywood's most powerful ladies in one room. >> i looked to the left. icon. right, icon. this is such an inspiring moment from angelina jolie to skren for lawrence. the power 100 event celebrating faems in the industry. girl power. more meaningful in this climate than ever before. and even the men represented. starting with justin timberlake. ♪ i can't stop the feeling ♪ so just dance >> reporter: did you know that justin timberlake just walked by? >> yes, girl. i saw him. i said good morning. he's just the bomb. >> reporter: how much do we love j.t., showing love for strong women, including keynote speaker
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angelina. >> listening and doing last-minute homework. and listening. and debating the importance of brushing teeth. >> i actually did debate some teeth brushing this morning. um -- i lost. i was raised by a strong woman. i was lucky enough to convince a strong woman to marry me. she got nominated for a critic's choice award today. shoutout. >> as i look out at everyone here today, and justin timberlake. i'm reminded. let's be outspoken. let's be resilient. let's all be silence breakers. >> reporter: j. law received the leadership award. she's the magazine's cover girl. she turned serious about empowerment. >> so many people are listening and watching. i have a responsibility. >> what a great event. >> it was fabulous. a shoutout the lea michele. we saw her earlier. when she arrived on the red carpet, she was shaking holding
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my hand. she had just evacuate ed her house. she said this keeps me going. i had to be here. the road closures and safety concerns, due to the wildfires in l.a., kim kardashian west, kendall jenner, and selena gomez didn't make it. their houses are safe, we do want to say that. up next, us clues i have new details about the royal engagement. why meghan markle's royal training includes a crash course in martial arts. plus, what brought tonya harding to tears. >> no one listened when she said things like, my mum beats me. sorry. i can't make it.
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. ♪ take a look at this. that is not just any tiara that kate middleton is wearing. the it's the same one that her
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mother-in-law, princess diana wore. it was diana's favorite. it was the queen mary's lover's knot tiara. right above the perils, you see the lover's knot. >> what is that all about? we have to think of how special it must be for prince william to see his wife wearing the the tiara that meant so much for his mother. we have new information about prince harry's bride-to-bemeghan markle. let's just say, you better not mess with meghan. the bride-to-beis seeking a professional martial arts trainer to teach her the basics of self-protection as she gets ready to become a royal. as a royal, it will be part of her duties to constantly meet and greet the public. a source tells "e.t." meghan will be trained in many different techniques including what public places to avoid. ♪ >> fbi! >> reporter: on the tv show, "fringe," meghan played a federal agent and had to handle
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a gun. now, she will travel with royal protection with her at all times. for her self-defense training, the source says she will also learn what to do if she was ever approached and attacked in public. and how to release herself from a dangerous situation like that. in the past, kate middleton and other royals have reportedly taken specialized survival training courses. "e.t." has also learned meghan is seeking a personal trainer to get her into tiptop shape for her wedding day. she has even consulted with one of the uk's best known personal trainers. and if you wanted a copy of meghan's three-diamond engagement ring, sorry. it's one of a kind. harry had the ring made by the london jeweler cleave & company. >> no, no. we're not going to be making replicas of it. if the you want a ring, we'll design you a different one. and that's that. and we're quite happy to do that. >> that jeweller said making the engagement ring was the biggest secret he has ever had to keep in his entire life.
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>> he had to tell somebody. maybe a wife. a mom. somebody. still ahead -- >> the dog is left home all day. the dog now belongs to us. >> we're calling this paw and order. with judge judy. only we can show you what happened next to this little pup. plus, zac efron trourns his roots. and margot robbie with on the a ya harding after playing the disgraced skater on film. >> the big question is -- >> what was tonya's reaction to the finished film? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ it was an emotional red carpet reewe union for margo onmargot robbie and tonya harding. tonya was enjoying the moment. >> and margot looks stunning.
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earlier, i sat down with margot, who told me this film shows a side of tonya we have never seen before. >> i was amazed that no one had rally asked about her upbringing. her circumstances. everyone was just so quickly to call her white trash and, turn her into this monster. in -- in the media. i was shocked. >> reporter: channeling that emotion into a stunning performance in "i tonya" she says the film's mission is to humanize one of the most villainized figures in american sports history. >> when i was a kid, did you ever of me or anything? >> poor [ bleep ] you. i didn't stay home making apple brown betties. no, i made you a champion. >> you're a monster. >> spilled milk, baby. >> reporter: the film is told from the perspective of tonya, and the alleged abusers in her life -- her mother, played by allison janney. and her ex-husband and
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mastermind of the nancy kerrigan attack, played by sebastian stan. they've both denied allegations of abuse. was there any specific footage you researched? >> the documentary made about her when she was 15. she's speaking candidly. >> my relationship with my mom is really bad. she's a good mother. she's not a good mother. she hits me and she beats me. >> i guess she say sumd no one would see that footage. it was heart-breaking when no one listened hen she said, my mum beats me. >> reporter: tonya's mother, lavona, was also featured in that 1986 documentary "sharp edges." >> if there's no, you can't do it type thing, she won't do it. >> reporter: "i, tonya" masterfully replicated her unique look, bird and all. >> stop that. >> let's talk about the physical transformation. >> what kind of frigin' person bashes in their friend's knee? tonya, in her older years, we were trying to portray a
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significant weight gain. that required weight gain. at 15, the short hair and the braces. and tonya in her 20s. think, skate costumes are just so fun. we finally enough did a lot of countercontouring makeup to look more like tonya. >> what was her reaction to the finished film? >> she said she laughed and cried. i get the sense that she felt some what vindicated that her side of the story was finally told. >> this fim is awesome. one of my favorites of the year. it marx margot's first as lead actress and for her production company. blue, her husband tom is her producing partner. talk about keeping it in the family. >> a lot of creativity at home. we're going to hear a lot of "i, tonya" this awards season. thank you, carly. another film hoping to add razzle daz toll the box office,
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"the greatest showman." we have your exclusive first look. >> doing a movie musical is one of the hardest things you can pull off in the business. ♪ when the world becomes a fantasy ♪ >> it push us to do things, all of us to do things i have never done before. my 11-year-old wanted to come learn how to do the dance. ♪ the greatest show >> reporter: the cast spent ten weeks rehearsing just to get in shape for this musical take on the legendary p.t. barnum's life. >> this is barnum. he woumdn't want a staid old period piece. he would want music. he would want the dance to be fantastic and cutting edge and new. >> yes! >> it's about imagination. passion. and -- following your dreams. and just -- abandon, fearless abandon in the end. >> enjoy yourselves. >> reporter: "the greatest showman" has zac and zendaya flying high as star-crossed lovers. she's sporting some cotton candy hair for the role. hugh couldn't be prouder of his young co-stars.
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>> he sings astonishing. his dancing is amazing. he worked really hard on that. you clearly have a skill for show business. >> den someday ya was remarkably skilled at trapeze by the end of the movie. >> action. >> swinging around the room with one arm attached to a piece of rope. legitimately. no harnesses. >> usually, you have a love story and there's choreography. it happens on the ground. literally, everything that happens is flying in the air. me grabbing him. him grabbing me. swing around. >> p.t. barnum, at your service. he believes what makes you different makes you special. it empowers people to just be themselves. >> oh, my god. don't get jealous. i'm seeing this tomorrow. >> oh, i'm jealous. >> i'm very, very excited. hugh jackman is the best. he's always been himself. this was his reaction to his
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magazine cover. he tweeted, renaissance man? been called worse. >> he does so many things well. >> everything well. coming up, whatever happened to the mistreated puppy that judge judy confiscated. she'll tell you. lit touch your heart. that is next. next on kron-4 news at eight:no deal between the city of oakland and city workers..which means the strike will enter its third day.what the union is now demanding, and what the mayor has to say about it.that's next in a live report. also - the ferocious santa ana winds continue to fuel major wildfires in southern california tonight.when crews might finally get a break in the weather. i'm catherine heenan i'm steve aveson. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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we gotta get going. take point. >> tonight, on cbs, s.e.a.l. team smuggles a russian scientist across the afghan border. >> even if they walked away, how are they going to stay alive. >> i got to experience the cast's workout routine. come on. come on, girl.
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>> and david boreanaz showed me how they dressed the part. you put this thing on. i gotta get it right. walk right. act rikt. >> we got the real deal. promo considerses provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- lindsay lohan's return to acting? she's telling us about her hollywood comeback. and michael buble's son. >> you're scared all the the time. because you love him so much. >> an update on his cancer battle. tomorrow on "e.t." you work the dog is left home all day alone in the cage. and the dog now belongs to us. >> that was the episode that got judge judy viewers very concerned about the fate of a little puppy.
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>> yeah, the bailiff confiscated the dog. judge judy arranged for a producer on the show to adopt fox. >> after the show aired, so many of you wrote in that my hand was getting tired. to tell you what happened to foxy. she's in a perfect place. any, thank you, chris, thank you for taking such good care of her. i was happy to see her again. >> thanks. >> now you know. >> aw. >> foxy is a doll. >> absolutely. and then we see the softer side of miss judy. >> getting foxy a home. >> one or two. >> bye, everybody. >> bye. now at eight "we cannot spend
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money we don't have"oakland mayor libby schaaf faces off
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against city workers ... as their strike extends to a third day.whooshthe forward movement of this fire has been stopped ...the latest on the new wildfire threatening l=a's exclusive bel air neighborhood tonight.whooshthe man blamed for 36 deaths in the ghost ship fire tells kron four about his life behind bars. i died. i'm in embargo. i'm in another dimension nowwhoosh if you are one of the millions of women taking modern birth control pills ... you will want to hear about the assive new study about the risk of cancer. (steve) the strike is not stopping.with no agreement reached today thousands of city workers in oakland will not be on the job tomorrow. (steve) the unions are protesting what they call unfair labor practices. but mayor keeps saying the city can't spend money it does


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