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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 22, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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lucky to be alive tonight.. after good samaritans came to her rescue. thank you for joining us... im pam moore. (steve)and im steve aveson. the store clerk was being choked so hard witnesses say she couldn't breathe.. that's when three men jumped in to stop the violent attacker.kron 4's j-r stone is live in san francisco with why at least one of the good samaritans says he is not a hero. jr in for 10i spoke with a homeless man, who didn't just watchhe helped this woman and tonight she's alive because of his actions. watch as this gas station clerk in san francisco walks towards the door and gets taken to the ground by a much larger man, then put into a choke hold. sot she couldn't even get air out of her throat.she's fragile.jesse green walked in as the man had the 29 year old female clerk on the ground.sot if i wouldn't have saw that i don't know what would have happened. sot i mean her face was purple.thankfully green, who is homeless, was there picking up trash outside at this shell station when all of this went down. after seeing the woman on the groundhe yelled for
10:01 pm and two others, who can be seen in this video, then pried the attacker off of the victim.sot i almost started crying because i was thinking we would have found her with her broken neck laying right there and nobody would have known. i mean there was intent but i don't know what was going onshe's okay and that's all there is right.police arrested the suspected attacker, brian holste a short time later. the victim told officers holste had bought a water around 20 minutes before the attack. green says holste was just sitting outside with that water before going back inside. i asked green if he should be called a hero for his quick actions in helping the clerk.sot oc: right place at the right time jr out for 10a stand up response from a man who doesn't even have a place to call home. i did talk with the victim's best friend tonight. she tells me that while her friend is okay she is traumatized by what happened to her and no longer working at that gas station. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(pam) police in the east bay have made an arrest after a 13-year-old girl's purse was snatched at a shopping center. we first told you about this story last week ... as police are warning people about what's called 'drive-by' purse snatchings. the incident happened at the hacienda crossings shopping center in dublin last sunday.
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the girl was standing in the parking lot, when a car drove by... and somebody inside reached out and grabbed her purse. police say on friday ... they arrested three teenagers from antioch in connection with the crime. (steve) it is a case of now you see it, now you don't for a fremont magician who came to san francisco to take in a magic show he was the victim of a 'smash- and-grab' auto burglary... however, the magician says, he is not only willing to forgive, he is also willing to make the incident disappear without the burglar being charged with breaking the law... kron4's haaziq madyun kron4's haaziq madyun explains.. it is an opportunity for someone out there to learn the tricks of the trade from dan chan the master magician...all they have to do is return the magic kit that was stolen from his car during an auto- burglary in san francisco
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teach the people who broke into my car how to do magic instead of breaking into car, i want people want people to have a side hustle of learning how to make people smile">the smash-and-grab happened on golden gate avenue while he was attending a magic show at the exit theatre in the tenderloin. he says the items were in an ordinary bag and have no real value to the auto burglar but for this magician...they are priceless
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elementary school is on edge ... after their campus is vandalized. take a look a fence, once filled with inspirational quotes and messages ... is ripped apart. the principle of rancho elementary school in novato says, those notes were handwritten by the students... a practice started last year hopes of creating a 'bully free' enviroment. kron 4's charles clifford is live in novato tonight.. he explains the students are now learning a new lesson of kindness. charles? no unfortunatly, whoever vandalized this project right behind me here did it over the weekend for unknown reasons. the faculty here is now trying to use this as a teachable moment for the kids. natsthe idea was simple. every time a student here at rancho elementary did
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something kind or generous. they would write it on a tag and hang the tag on this fence. it was part of the school's do good, be kind. . campaign. rancho principal angela kriesler says students really responded to the project.sotkids came during school, before school and after school . we added tags as kids were doing acts of kindness.sotit nice to show our hard work that we've done. but this past weekend, someone ripped down all of the tags. angela found them on the ground monday morning.soti was so dissapointed and disheartened at the thoughtlessness that someone would think it would be ok to take these down.sotwe felt sad and dissapointed.kriesler doesn't know who did this. . or why but because there's no damage to the building or monetary loss, the school didn't report the vandalism to police. the principal did send out a message to parents, fellow teachers and the community and she says the response has been overwhelming. soti have just been inundated and flooded with responses of support. we have students at our middle school and our high
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school that want to participate and add tags to the monday afternoon, the studenenst here at rancho had managed to replace about half of the fallen tags. kriesler says she hopes the kids will learn that kindess is something that has to be practiced even when no one is looking.sotwe hope that by the end of the year, we will hvae this fence filled with tags galore.sotand we should fix them up and keep writing even more than we had. now, rancho elementary is also participating in the great kindness challenge. a nation wide effort to promote kidness in schools. that program kicks off novato, charles clifford kron 4 news. bart unveiled its new train on friday.... but just three days later, two were already taken off the tracks for repair.(steve) kron 4;s ella sogomonian is live at the walnut creek
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bart station where commuters say they're not surprised. ella? live they're not surprised because they've run into technical trouble on bart before. but commute times weren't impacted tonight so they're just happy some work is being done to prevent any major issues later. on friday the proclaimed fleet of the future was unveiled a year and a half late, by monday the new 10 car train has dropped by 2 in need of maintenance.sot: tiara celestial, bart commuter// "i'm not shocked that they went out of service. i've been riding bart since i was 14 so they always have trouble with it."commuters are neither surprised nor distraught by the news saying they're used to malfunctions on bart.sot: bart commuter, "it's hard enough as it is getting to work on time with the trains breaking down it definitely makes it a little bit harder." a spokesperson with bart explained this was expected maintenance given the complexity of the machiner, a learning curve for technicians plus the new train went through 75 thousand miles of testing before it was introduced to riders. so bart commuters are understanding of
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the need and see it as preventative care to avoid bigger problems later.sot: abdallah abdelhamid, bart commuter//"you know hopefully as someone who's going to be riding the bart regularly on a frequent basis i hope that works out really, really well." a bart notice says the new 10 car train will operate with 8 cars until further in walnut creek ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (steve)new at ten:police in san jose they arrested this man for sending harmful matter to a minor. they say luis cruz-cruz sent multiple sexually exploicit images to a 13-year-old online. according to police the victim and her family attended the church where cruz-cruz was a youth pastor. authorities believe there may be more victims.if you have any information on this incident or other
10:10 pm are urged to call san jose police. (pam) crisis averted ... for now.after three days of a congressional stalemate -- congress has passed a short- term spending bill ...and we do mean short -just 17 days... that the president has signed into law. but the negotiations are anything but over. kristen holmes explains. after three days of nail- biting negotiations -- the government shutdown is over. nats in a breakthrough agreement monday - senate leadership hammering out a short-term plan to fund the government for two and a half weeks.democrats giving gop leader mitch mcconnell the support needed to reach the necessary 60 votes. sen. mitch mcconnell: (r) majority leader: i'm glad we've gotten passed that, and we have a chance now to get back to work. in the end, democrats hoping that mitch mcconnell will keep his word and hold a vote on daca in february.sen.
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chuck schumer, (d) minority leader: if he does not of course, and i expect he will, he will have breached the trust of not only the democratic senators, but members of his own party as well. democrats insisting republicans offer an up or down vote on a plan to protect 700-thousand so-called 'dreamers' who were brought to the united states illegally as children.but even if lawmakers are able to work out a bipartisan deal on immigration it's unclear whether president trump will get onboard.sen. mitch mcconnell: (r) majority leader: i'm looking for something president trump supports and he's not yet indicated what measure he's ready to sign. the president meeting monday afternoon with a group of gop senators on immigration -- along with two red-state democrats. the white house - avoiding a direct answer on whether the president supports a path to citizenship for dreamerssarah sanders/white house press secy: "i wouldn't say it's the highest level of trust, but i think we're certainly hopeful that we can reach an agreement on responsible immigration reform. on capitol hill, i'm kristen holmes. in local news. the immigration debate...has put bay area dreamers in the center of policy making. dreamers ....are people brough to the u.s. at a young age without proper documentation.
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..that have been protected from deportation by an executive action... that will soon expire. in san jose...being undocumented never stopped katiuska pimentel from chasing her dreams...but lately...she's been worried. she overstayed a visa at age 13...and now her and her familys status in this in the hands of congress.(sot) " i try to be strong and resilient and be positive like something is going to happen something has to happen but every time i feel like they keep pushing it off or that they want me to have citizenship at the expense of my parents deportation" pimental plans to start a ucla law fellowship on saturday...she dreams of going to law school...and building a life in california. lawrence karnow: the day started with some rain and ended with some sunshine. storm clouds moved in overnight to bring the rain.
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some of the norht bay locations had over an inch of rain with lesser amounts futher south. the rain has ended now and we are looking at partly cloudy skies. you can see on the doppler radar that the rain has moved on. but with the moisture left behind we will likely see some patchy dense fog. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure system that brought the rain but it is now falling apart. we will see a brief break in the wet weather before another pacific storm moves in later this week. highs tomorrow ill be cool with partly cloudy skies and number in the mid 50s to low 60s. there will be patchy dense fog in the morning that may affect the morning commute. clouds will increase throughout the day on wednesday leading to rain in the afternoon and continuing into the night. cold showers will continue on thursdays. partly cloudy and dry weather will return on friday with dry weather expected for the weekend too. (pam) speaking out... the sister of the southern californian woman accused of torturing her 13 children. what she has to say about the relationship between her sister and brother-in-law. (steve)the process for new traveling requirements has started today. what you will need in order to board a plane.. human flu numbers are high.. now dog flu numbers are rising too. we'll tell you where it is spreading in the bay area.
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it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. (pam) the dog flu is becoming more widespread in the bay area. it started in the south bay, but kron 4 has confirmed, it is now spreading to san francisco. veterinarians say, the dog flu is similar to human influenza and that most dogs recover. but a dog in the south bay did die from the illness. there is a vaccine you can get for your dogs to make sure they are protected. some symptoms to look out for are coughing ... nasal discharge ... lack
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of appetitie ... fever and fatigue. (steve) in the north bay: solano county sheriff's deputies arrested a man accused of attacking another man with a machete. this is the suspect....44-year-old brandon foster of woodland. it happened at abernathy road and rockville road near fairfield. police say foster was messing with the victim's breaker box... attempting to turn off the power to the victim's home. when the victim confronted him... police say foster attacked him with a machete.. the victim was seriously injured and suffered major wounds over his entire body. nats "i'm excited, that's pretty good."(pam) southern california drivers can rejoice! the 101- north highway to montecito is back open... after those deadly mudslides shut it down for nearly two weeks. thousands of drivers expected to take the 101 -north... now that crews have removed the tons of mud and debris that covered the freeway. caltrans employees worked
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around the clock for 13- days clearing the 101. jonathan guzman/commuter:"it's much easier to get back home l, i had to drive 4 1/2 hours through the detour i had to go north first then take the 166 so it's nice that it's finally opened and i don't have to take the detour." although the lanes are now clear, some signs and guardrails still need to be repaired. (steve)one of montecito most famous residents personally thanked a police officer working in the area. ellen degeneres posed for a photo with a california highway patrol officer working on a road closure. the santa barbara division of the force shared the photo on twitter and thanked degeneres for her support. degeneres had to evacuate her home and has spoken about the mudslides on her television show. (pam)a live look outside (steve) lawrence has (steve) lawrence has the forecast.
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lawrence karnow: the day started with some rain and ended with some sunshine. storm clouds moved in overnight to bring the rain. some of the norht bay over an inch of rain with lesser amounts futher south. the rain has ended now and we are looking at partly cloudy skies. the doppler radar that the rain has moved on. but with the moisture will likely see some patchy dense fog. on the satellite image you can pressure system that brought the now falling apart. we will see a brief break in the wet weather before another pacific storm moves in later this week. highs be cool with partly cloudy skies and number in the mid 50s to low 60s. there will be patchy dense fog in the morning that may affect the morning commute. clouds will increase throughout the day on wednesday leading to rain in the afternoon and continuing into the night. cold showers will continue on thursdays. partly cloudy and dry weather will return on friday with dry weather expected for the weekend too.
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(pam) (pam) with the olympics just weeks away, athletes are getting set to compete for in events they've spent their whole lives preparing for (steve)ken mashinchi spoke with modesto's first winter olympian who has taken a unique approach to racing for a medal. natsbut the olympian only realized her talent a few years agokendall wesenbergi'm definitely the new kid. i'm trying to pick it up as i go and just kind of winging it but yeah it's been quicker than most, probably on the quicker side of things, but it's been a process for sure the process began after watching the 2010 winter olympicsthe central catholic grad had been a star on the soccer field, so athleticism was not in question when she
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considered skeletonlaurie wesenbergliterally she saw it and thought this looks like fun. looking for her next gig once she got out of boulder and graduated college, she was like what do i want to do. wesenberg's rise to the top came quick, winning her first ever race in 2014 before becoming the first american to win the european cup in 2015now she's set to be the first winter olympian from modestokendall wesenbergi mean it's huge. it's crazy. obviously it's kind of what you set out to do if you get into this sport, but you just keep taking steps, try to trust the process. i don't know when it will really hit me but it's been cool.keeping cool is her specialty, especially when you are sledding headfirst at speeds that can reach 70-80 miles per hour, like this race from over the weekend in germanykendall wesenbergit feels kind of like that but then you are making so many decisions and processing so many things as you are going through these curves, registering where you are and how to get back on the best linesit looks so different than it feelsthe rise to the top of the skeleton world came fast, and now wesenberg is out to proves
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she's the best in the world in a sport she's still learning laurieto have an olympic athlete in the family i think is just something that no one can take away. i think somebody said you have a better chance of being struck by lightning and you know what the chances of being struck by lightning are. almost impossible. so i'm just so thrilled for her. everyone is just so excited for her. (pam)for the first time in more than three months... how students are doing in santa rosa, after they returned to their schools .. damaged in the north bay wildfires. (steve)today was day 5 of former usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar's sentencing..the response from the judge the response from the judge as the emotional testimonies continue. continue.
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gymnastics doctor faced more of his victims in a michigan courtroom today... for larry nassar - it was a 5th day of listening to emotional and angry testimony... grant lodes is here grant lodes is here with more on what his victims said today... (grant) it's not often that victim impact statements in court - take days and days........but larry nassar has had to listen to more than 100 women and girls.. and it's still not over. the testimonies are part of his sentencing...the hearing is
10:26 pm
expected to continue tomorrow.. nassar also worked at michigan state university. he has admitted to sexually assaulting and abusing women and young girls under cover of medical treatment. one victim today said she can't believe that the abuse went on since at least 1992 - and various institutions didn't see what was happening. clasina syrovy: how is it that you had so much clout in your profession that msu, usag, usoc, all turned a blind eye to what was going on when initial complaints came in? emma ann miller: i have never wanted to hate someone in my life, but my hate towards you is uncontrollable. larry nassar, i hate you. (grant) that teenager says michigan state university is still billing her for medical appointmentsduring which nassar assaulted her.
10:27 pm
tonight a university spokesman says her comments are being looked into -- and patients of nassar "will not be billed." pam and steve? (pam) also today, as the sentencing hearing for its former doctor nassar, continues in michigan.... a shake-up now .. at u-s-a gymnastics -- the federation has come under intense public criticism over how it responded to accusations .... nassar sexually abused young girls. the first in a series of tweets reads, quote:"u-s-a gym board of directors executive leadership - chairman paul parilla, vice chairman jay binder and treasurer bitsy kelley - tendered their resignations, effective january 21st, 2018. the board of directors will identify an interim chairperson ... until a permanent selection is named." (steve) an uber driver is
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facing charges of rape, assault and robbery of young women who were passengers. police in san luis opisbo arrested san luis opisbo arrested alfonso alarconnunez last week. he is charged with at least four rapes among the 10 charges he is facing. detectives say the suspect drove with uber. and would target intoxicated women. according to police... he would escort them into their homes and sexually assault them. investigators believe the 39- year-old searched for parties in san luis obispo and then tried to solicit rides as an uber driver. but would get paid through venmo to disguise his identity and records. (pam)coming up... the chp is fed up... the latest crackdown on dui suspects. (steve)a good samartian gone bad. what one man stole from an elderly woman after he helped out. (pam)flu numbers are going up... but the amount of vaccines available are coming
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up short. where you can get a flu shot.. and fast!
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(pam)a big story we continue to follow: with a deadiler than usual flu season hitting the bay area, we have gotten some reports of local pharmacy's selling out of the vaccine.(steve) kron4's maureen kelly looks into whether or not we are experiencing an vaccine shortage. this sign hanging in a cvs
10:32 pm
pharmacy says it all....sold out of flu was the same story here at the cvs on center avenue in martinez....a worker there telling kron4 that they ran out of the vaccine last week and weren't sure when they'd get it back. while another location of the pharmacy chain on alahambra avenue said all they had was the high dose, the version for those aged 65 and older. while the walgreens on the same street was out of the high dose, but could still give the regular flu the rite aid on arnold drive has no supply problems as yet. one shopper i spoke to said the inconsistant supply of the vaccine around town is exactly why she got her shot months ago.i always think it's best to be prepared to make sure i get it before they run out you know it's been a bad flu year and it think a lot of people are frightened of getting flu shots and i don't think there's any need to i think that's kind of a mytha spokesperson for the cvs chain says they are experiencing an increased demand so they may be some instances where individual pharmacies are temporarily out of stock, like this one here....but they are continuing to supply their stores with the vaccine.the state deparmtent of public health says california has an adequate supply of the flu vaccine...and if someone runs into a spot can check in with their local county health for
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a referral or check out vaccine finder-dot-org. you on our website, kron4-dot-com. maureen kelly kron4 news. (steve) a man is behind bars tonight...accused of shooting a victim in vacaville. it happened around 10 saturday night on twilight street. once at the scene police found evidence of a shooting...including bullet holes in a car. and after futher investigation... officers discovered that 44-year-old joseph finocchio was involved in a confrontation with two people he knew...a man and woman. one of them was shot during the confrontation. finocchio was arrested after the incident. the
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victim...whose sex hasn't been released... is in the hospital tonight in stable condition. (pam) happening now: in santa rosa, police are looking for a group of intruders, who forced their way into a home and robbed the owners . it happened yesterday morning, at a home near the corner of golden gate and fresno avenues. the homeowner woke up to a loud knocking at the door. when he got up to answer the door .... three to four robbers forced their way in and demanded money. one of the suspects was wearing a shirt that said - "sheriff" .... but did not specify any sheriff's office. the homeowner was then assaulted... but is expected to be okay. another resident managed to escape. one of the residents grows marijuana at the home. police believe.. marijuana was the motivation for the robbery. (pam) three c-h-p officers injured. one killed. all in d-u-i crashes in the last 30 days. these two crashes happened in the last month. a suspected d-u-i driver slammed into officer andrew camilleri's patrol car on
10:35 pm
christmas eve...killing him. and another d-u-i driver is accused of seriously hurting a motorcycle officer in concord now c-h-p is taking new action to stop dangerous drivers.kron-4's dan kerman explain what's being done on the roads to curb d-u-i crashes. 2018 was supposed to be kassy badger-morse and her brother michael fosterús michael brother morse and her kassy badger-supposed to be 2018 was 2018 was supposed to be kassy badger-morse and her brother michael fosterús chance at a brand new life... (michael foster, injured in crash) 'severe pain. constantly. 'severe pain. crash)injured in (michael foster, life... brand new chance at a fosterús michael brother morse and her kassy badger-supposed to be 2018 was 2018 was supposed to be kassy badger-morse and her brother michael fosterús chance at a brand new life... (michael foster, injured in crash)'severe pain. constantly. thereús not a second of the day that iúm not in pain.'instead... the siblings are bandaged... physically broken... and upset at a driver they say was drunk (kassy badger-morse, injured in crash)'iúm really angry......... iúm really angry.'the brother and sister say they — along with
10:36 pm
kassyús boyfriend rich — were heading to a concert in oakland on highway 108 last wednesday night... they tell fox40 a woman in a mercedes crashed into their honda civic east of stearns road in oakdale (foster) (pam) (pam) happening now:
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you can start applying for what's called the "real i-d" ... at the d-m-v. the federal government will require driver's licenses or i-d cards to be "real i-d" compliant by october 2020. this means ... you will need a "real i-d" to board an airplane, or enter a military base and most other federal facilities. t-s-a agents will still accept passports, if you don't have a real i-d. the real i-d act was passed by congress, in response to the 9-11 terror attacks. if you plan on applying for a 'real-id' soon... these are the items you will need to bring with you. a valid, unexpired passport... or a birth certificate. your social security card, or a w-2 form or pay stub with your social security number. and finally... your proof of california residence. that includes a utiltiy bill, or a lease with your name on it.
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(steve) when an elderly woman was in a crash... she thought the man who stopped to help her was a good samaritan. as lonnie wong reports, that wasn't the case. nat. traffic just before christmas the 70 year-old woman apparently lost control of her vehicle and crashed hard into the guard wall at the top of the mace boulevard over-crossing of interstate 80. the crash got the attention 33 year old christopher scheuerman who apparently stopped to help out. lt. paul doroshov, davis police dept. 'in the process of rendering some kind of assistance, they managed to take her wallet.. later the crash victim began getting credit card bills from this target store as well as a nearby gas station.betty boyd, shopper 'iúm dumbfounded, i just canút believe somebody would take advantage of someone in need....
10:39 pm
everyone we talked with had the same reaction as betty boyd... talk about paul doroshov, davis pd 'this is a victim of traffic collision so obviously they are upset and traumatized... but people including police feel the crook was piling paul.... 'on top of that this is someone who is elderly and wanted to giver her trust in people helping her and they ended up ripping her off...' detectives eventually served a search warrant at scheurermanús apartment on marden street..not far from the crash scene and the target. they found enough evidence to the arrest him for robbery, identity theft and elder abuse. itús hard for police to warn against good samaritans because they encourage people to help others...but outrageous crooks force their paul 'if you are involved in a collision keep your valuables and your wallet...anywhere in public really with you and keep an eye on those things..' and the incident is causing betty boyd to raise her guard against those offering help betty boyd, shopper 'you donút know those people , you just donút know and this incident proves it... (steve)the sister of the southern california woman accused of torturing and starving her children is speaking out tonight about louise turpin's strange behavior...teresa robinette
10:40 pm
did a television interview today in which she said there was a time when she could visit the children...but then about eight years ago, all visits stopped... even skype contact was banned. she says she began to wonder if something was wrong...and became alarmed at some of the things louise told her. she claims the turpins began experimenting with different religions and indulged in bizarre sexual exploration... robinette claims her sister confided that she had had sex with a stranger she met online -- and her husband approved. teresa robinette - it did happen. she went to huntsville alabama and david dropped her off. she met this man at a motel and slept with him. what makes it even weirder she thought it was funny that one year later david was taking her back to the same motel, same room, same bed. so david could sleep with her in the same bed. (steve) she says
10:41 pm
louise turpin told her that she and david had stopped going to churchand were experimenting with different religions. robinette says she wants to come to california to see the children - to tell them that they have relatives who are "not deranged" - and who love them. she says wants absolutely no contact with her sister and her husband - saying they are'dead' to her.. (pam) for the first time in more than three months... students in santa rosa returned to their schools, which were damaged in the north bay wildfires. both saint rose catholic school and cardinal newman high school were back in session today. kron 4's lydia pantazes was there, as first responders welcomed the students back. this is the first day back to class for two schools here in santa rosa.cardinal newman high school here behind me and st. rose elementary and middle school.both are on the same
10:42 pm
campus.(take vo)let's take s look at video outside of st. rose elementary where a ceremony is taking place welcoming the students back. you can see staff and first responders holding signs, welcoming the students back to school.the school on old redwood highway north of santa rosa lost its preschool and playground in the october tubbs fire.after losing its pre-school, kindergarten and 2nd-grade classrooms to the fire, they had to completely re-do all the surviving buildings because the water company restored pressure before the fire sprinklers were shut off, spraying 5,000 gallons of water into the rooms and destroying some of those now they'll have to come back to some portable classrooms as well.we talked to a student this morning about what it's like to be back on kaylie travelstead/student "it feels really good to be back because we've been separate campus, it's kind of crazy thinking that they remodeled our whole school and that we're actually here and that the first responders did all this for us."the students have actually been attending school at another location but they tell me being back on campus makes them feel as if things are somewhat getting back to normal.reporting live in santa rosa, lydia pantazes kron4 news.
10:43 pm
coming up pretty dog (thanks) all he's all wet got a chance to play in the water (a little bit) because of washington not being able to come up with a budget. it caused many people to wander around muir woods without any adult supervision i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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the dollar gets you more at taco bell. like the new $1 stacker. are all these layers of beef and cheese reserved for a secret society? or just anyone with a dollar? the answer is yes. (bong) (pam) all of the non-essential government employees are heading back to
10:46 pm
work .. the 3 day federal government shutdown .... which closed many of the federal parks around the bay has ended ... (steve)but when the parks were closed there was no one there to enforce the rules, so what happened? stanley roberts was there to find out. cg closed muir woods was busy to find muir woods all you have to do is look for the fork in the road good morning (good morning) where's everybody from? (berkeley) berkeley . yea welcome you got reservations today no please (laughter) you haven't found anybody acting badly.. well the parks closed i know so you haven't found anyone acting badly yes muir woods national monument in marin county was officially closed because people in washington dc couldn't agree to a budget . officially closed meant that there was no adult supervision at the park which meant people did whatever they pleases .for example. normally, dogs are not permitted in the park pretty
10:47 pm
dog (thanks) all he's all wet got a chance to play in the water (a little bit) . but finding dogs was rather easy .. if something happens there's no phone here, how about restrooms (no) we're guys trees (laughter) that's what they don't want you to do what about (we're not that far up the trail you can get back) but the nearest restroom is driving distancein fact all the restrooms were closed, most were locked shut the trash cans were not locked up however some people missed the trash cans despite many being nearby so they tossed their dental floss, their cigarette butts, their used water cups, on to the ground ..and this looks like some dumped ashes in the park apparently people like placing ashes of love one's inside the park according to visitors to the park there were sign inviting people to come inside and wander around . you know the parks closed right yea it say it but it says but there is also a sign saying they can't keep you out i found the
10:48 pm
sign. it wasn't really an invite. it basically advised people that they if they do enter, it's at your own risk .i found that without rangers people will wander endlessly in the middle of the road .. and park wherever they please ..oh and private buses, uber and lyft were still dropping people off with no way to get back thank goodness the shutdown has ended . can you imagine multiple days at the park supervision i think i'm going to go to there's a muir beach not to far from here muir woods national monument stanley roberts kron 4 news the giants finally have their centerfielder... according to multiple reports they have agreed to terms with austin jackson on a 2-year, 6- million-dollar deal... incentives could take it up to
10:49 pm
8.5-million jackson...who turns 31 next month... hit .318 with 7 homers and 35 rbis in 85 games for season. he also made what many considered the catch of the year in major league baseball... going over the wall in fenway park to rob henly ramirez of a home run the giants are now set in their outfeld the patriots are a high as 6 1/2-point favorites over the eagles in super bowl 52... the heaviest favorite since 2009... when the pittsburgh syteelers were 7-point syteelers were the pittsburgh syteelers were 7-point favorites over the arizona cardinals... yesterday... tom brady... despite the cut on is hand... did it again... bringing new engand from behind in the 4th quarter to beat the jacksonville jaguars... it will be the 8th super bowl for brady and billbellichick... they will be going for their 6th super bowl title... meanwhile... nick
10:50 pm
foles and the eagles where on fire... duismantling the nfl's top-ranked defense in the minnesota vikings to win the nfl title easily... 38-7... th eagles will be in their first ésuper bowl since losing to brady and the patriots in 2005 it's all set... patriots- eagles... here are foles and brady...(sot: brady & foles) we cherish these moments and opportunities and i know we have quite a few of them which we've been very blessed to. its been an unbelievable run i think everyone should be really proud of what we've accomplished this is a different team from last years team it didnt look good at 2-2 you know we just keep showing up everyday.i havent really had time to comprehend what is going on to be honest i dont know if i ever will its just unbelievable.its been good its been a great year it would be really great if we take care of business in a couple weeks we'll see the schedule... february 4th... two sundays from now in
10:51 pm
mineapolis... patriots versus eagles... kickoff right about 3:30 our lowest ticket price on the market is already going dollars drinking and running don't go well together... this eagles fan... who admitted to having a few drink prior... was trying to rally eagles fans on the subway before the game he started runner alongside the car as it pulled out... right into a concrete pole... the fan... jigar desai... who is an eagles season ticket holder... said he is doing ok... and his pain eased with the eagles' 38-7 win over the vikings desai went to his job today... but did say he is sore and may see the doctor tomorrow tomorrow
10:52 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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and more happy. and now you can stay steps away from the magic for less. save up to 25% on select rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. so now's the time to get more happy! we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. lawrence karnow: the day started with some rain and
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ended with some sunshine. storm clouds moved in overnight to bring the rain. some of the norht bay locations had over an inch of rain with lesser amounts futher south. the rain has ended now and we are looking at partly cloudy skies. you can see on the doppler radar that the rain has moved on. but with the moisture left behind we will likely see some patchy dense fog. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure system that brought the rain but it is now falling apart. we will see a brief break in the wet weather before another pacific storm moves in later this week. highs tomorrow ill be cool with partly cloudy skies and number in the mid 50s to low 60s. there will be patchy dense fog in the morning that may affect the morning commute. clouds will increase throughout the day on wednesday leading to rain in the afternoon and continuing into the night. cold showers will continue on thursdays. partly cloudy and dry weather will return on friday with dry weather expected for the weekend too. justic
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