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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 2, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(pam) and i'm pam moore. one of the chemicals found... is known to cause cancer but as kron-4's dan kerman ... the toxins in the air ... are about as bad as health officials had expected. air samples collected from tuesdays fire at a richmond scrap metal facility proved to be as toxic as expected.áásot randy sawyer/c.c. county environmental health dept. 06- 12it's always concerning when you have smoke all smoke , all smoke from fires are toxicmost concerning from the air samples collected, the discovery of the cancer causing chemical benzene 3 times over the safe limit in point richmond, 40 times over the safe limit across the street from the facility and likely due to what was in the scrap yardsotbasically they had a number of automobiles they were dismantling , there might have been fuel left like gasoline or motor oil or upholstery and plastics inside the vehicle that could burnthe fire burned for some 10 hours, and residents were warned to stay inside. many are still contacting the county with concerns.áásot david goldstein, m.d./deputy c.c. county health officer 53-103we tell them if they are having symptoms now they should contact their health care
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provider, long term risks, we are more concerned about chronic exposure to these types of chemicals and particulates than the acute event would have caused them long term injurystandup dan kerman/martinez 112-122fire officials are still investigating the cause, the air district is still determining if the facility will be fined for violating any regulations. in martinez, dan kerman kron 4 news. news.kerman kron 4 news. (pam) new tonight at 8. san francisco police have just released dramatic new video ... from a violent encounter with car-break in suspects.(steve) it started when plainclothes officers spotted suspects in a black infiniti breaking into a car. then the officers confronted them..and this is what happened next.(steve) that suspect car ran over the officer and another officer and ran over the suspect car
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that (steve) that suspect car ran over the officer and another suspected accomplice twice ignoring commands to stop. the two suspects in the car then fled. but got into an accident nearby and were arrested. the other suspect who was run hospitalized with trauma injuries. all three suspects are now both facing a slew of charges. including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. (pam) the latest flu report shows it's has gotten worse...and there are still weeks of suffering ahead. (steve) 127 people have died from the flu in california. these are the deaths of people younger than 65. here in the bay area... sonoma county just reported it's first flu death of a person under 65. bringing the total in all of the bay area to 22. (pam)
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and experts say the flu season is not over yet. kron-4's gabe slate tells us how you can protect yourself...and the one symptom you should not ignore. sound from - scott alonso, mpa - sonoma county department of health servicesflu is bad this yearscott alonso with the sonoma county department of health services says they just had their first death of an individual under 65.sound from - scott alonso, mpa - sonoma county department of health servicesis it bad to have younger adult diedoctors also want people to know about a flu symptom that tends to be ignored dangerously delaying treatment.that symptom a severe headachepeople in emergency rooms and doctor's offices all over the country are reporting severe headaches as the onset of the flu, not realizing they have the virus. doctors say if you have a persistent headache, take yourself in and get tested for the flu.. you might have the virus. sound from - scott alonso, mpa - sonoma county department of health services still bad out there..scott says don't let this nice weather trick you and be careful attending a football
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watching party this weekend the flu season is not over sound from - scott alonso, mpa - sonoma county department of health servicesstay home protect yourselfhealth officials say it's not to late to get the vaccine.. sound from - scott alonso, mpa - sonoma county department of health servicesfind a vaccine in santa rosa gabe slate kron 4 news (pam) a texas man is facing charges in the bay area .... involving an inappropriate relationship with a minor. police say, gabriel gonzalez met a 16 -year old sunnyvale teen online .. back in july 20-17..
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then police say, he posed as a teen and exchanged inappropriate pictures and videos with her. this past december... investigators say, gonzalez flew to the bay area and had sex with the teen in a mountain view hotel. a multi=agency investigation led to his arrest and extradition to california. he is now facing charges... including intercouse with a minor and production of child pornography. (steve) a woman reportedly sexually harassed while on a bart train after falling asleep on a train. she has taken to social media to tell her story. as kron four's terisa estacio reports - many other bart riders are now sharing their own safety concerns. (terisa estacio reporting0a bart spokesperson tells kron four news that they are pulling surveillance video at the time of the report to try and zero in on a suspect(take vo)according to reports, the rider boarded a train at the 16th and mission station - dozed off and that is when the lewd sexual attack alledgely occurred. a bart spokesperson says they have
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reached out to the female rider and the bart police department is talking with her. rider that is horrible. bart riders friday expressed their condolences to the female rider for having to endure such a violation.rachel benkowitz. it is horrifying, unethical, testament to the metoo movement. just last week, kron four news told you about a woman who found drug needles on a seat. others shared their safety concerns while riding bart. juan enriquez, bart rider. last week actually, a man was cussing at a woman and i was with my niece and tried to protect her from hearing that stuff. i am always strategic when i ride bart. i could never sleep, i don't feel safe to do that. terisa estacio kron four news.
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(steve) in the east bay.... the funeral was held today for the two antioch sisters killed in a car accident last month. lenexy and camila cardoza were with their mom, driving home from a doctor's appointment when a stolen truck crashed into them. their mom, edith, was injured while both little girls ultimately died from their injuries. the suspect in that crash is being charged with two counts of murder. (pam) nearly 80 businesses across northern california ... have been visited by federal immigration agents. today - immigrant rights supporters held a news conference in san francisco.... to make sure employers and their employees know their rights before agreeing to be audited. it is a federal i-9 audit or
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inspection. it requires employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of their employees. these i-9 audits and inspections ..... are conducted by federal ice officers. leaders from san francisco's faith, labor and civic leadership communities.. held a press conference outside san francisco's federal immigration building. they want to make sure employers and their employees know their rights ... if ice agents show up at the workplace. a new law has been authored by state assembly member david chui. according to the new immigrant worker protection law employers are supposed to be given advance notice before the i-9 audit. employers should ask for a warrant to makes sure it is a legitimate audit.
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lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with record breaking warm temperatures. highs soared into the 70s in many places and was beautiful all the way to the coast. high pressure continues to send any chance of rain well to the north keeping the entire state dry. doppler radar is of course clear of any rain. temperatures will stay very mild well into the evening. on the satellite image you can see high pressure building into the state sending the clouds and rain well to the north. highs around the state will be running well above average and in the 70s in many places. if you're headed to the sierra you can expect spring-like skiing conditions with highs in the 50s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with some highs in the upper 70s. it will cool slightly on sunday with some partly cloudy skies and highs in the 60s and mid 70s. sunshine and above normal temperatures are expected for most of next week.
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coming up at eight.. a warning for north bay homeowners about to rebuild. what the state is doing to make sure they are not victimized again. plus. it's time again to file your taxes we'll tell you why your refund might be late this year. and next. several south bay schools set to close amid a budget crisis. where the students and teachers of those schools will now go...
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to the south bay ... where today parents learned ... several elementary schools in san jose will be closing.(steve) it's a story we've been tracking for weeks. a cash-strapped school district says a budget deficit has forced them to close three schools in the oak grove school district.
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kron four's rob fladeboe reports. it was a sad day here at del robles elementary where some parents were only just hearing thenews as school let out. the oak grove school district board voted thursday to close three elementary schools, del robles, glider elementary and george miner elementary. shaun tanner has three kids at del robles.shaun tanner/parent "'s disheartening, it's sad. whenever you uproots the kids and take away their friends, it's sad and it's going to be that way until june..."the district said the closures were needed to help offset a projected 12 million dollarbudget deficit. in a statement, superintendent jose manza said the action will help to maximize diminishing resources and deliver a quality education to all students. shaun tanner is critical of how the decision was reached.shaun tanner/parent '....some of the schoolsdidn;t even have representation on the committee, like miner, which is closing didn't have anyone to speak up for it and that is just sad...."the district, having lost 200 students in
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each of the past four years, cited declining enrollment tied to high housing costs as part of the problem. if approved, a parcel tax will help offset the deficit. parents like shaun tanner plan to ask the board to reconsider it'sdecision.shaun tanner/parent"...what i want to do is unify all the school to speak with one voice and go to the board and say closing schools is not the way to do this...."rob fladeboe/san jose "'s not clear if there will be any layoffs associated with the closures. for no, teachers and students are to be re-assigned to other schools after attendance boundaries are re drawn in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(steve) c-h-p says an officer injured in a suspected d-u-i crash is finally going home from the hospital. chp contra costa posted this video of officer lendway being released. he was greeted by his fellow officers. lendway was injured in a crash on highway 4 earlier last month. after 18 days in the hospital he is now going home. (steve) a popular halftime perfomer will be getting back up on her wheel...thanks to the warriors. the team is stepping up and replacing the red panda's seven-foot unicycle. the warriors are shelling out at least 25- thousand dollars to have a new, specialty bike custom made in china. surveillance video caught a man taking the unicycle from the baggage claim at s-f-o last week. police are
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still trying to figure out if he stole it or took it on accident. (pam) an undercover sting nets 13 - suspected unliscensed contractors... allegedly trying to take advantage of people victimized in the north bay fires. and as kron 4's maureen kelly reports - the sonoma county district attorney plans to make an example out of them.. to send a message. don't do what they did but we're gonna come after youthis weekend the contractors state liscense board brought a number of people advertising on craigslist as contractors to this santa rosa house damaged by the fire and asked for bids. the bid for basically the same job very from 850 all the way to $13,000. so they're all over the board it really is par for the course for unlicensed contractors because there's no saying these people know what they're doing now 13 people are facing misdemeanor charges of illegal advertising, and 12 are facing felonies ....10 of which are for contracting without a liscense...and because of the recent
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diaster....they are facing stiffer penalities. the penalty is stiffer right now we are under a disaster declaration so it is a felony. it's punishable by a term of three years.more stings are planned as the rebuilding effort ramps up.....but every week state investigators like this man here are out conducting compliance checks...making sure those helping fire victims rebuild are legit. he says they are already seeing unliscenced tree removal and debris cleanup out here.but expects to see a lot more of this type of shady conduct as the work in areas like here in coffee park ramps those of the first things that were saying however we're already kind of trying to say some contractor starting to dig dig footings i'm starting to do to dig the placement of the foundation. standupthe spokesman for the contractor state license board says not only could you be at risk for getting shotty work when you deal with an unlicensed contractor you might not get any work done at all the california state liscense board says you can check the status of a contractor's liscense or find licensed contractors working on your area on their website, which we've linked on maureen kelly kron4 news.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with record breaking warm temperatures. highs soared into the 70s in many places and was beautiful all the way to the coast. high pressure continues to send any chance of rain well to the north keeping the entire state dry. doppler radar is of course clear of any rain. temperatures will stay very mild well into the evening. on the satellite image you can see high pressure building into the state sending the
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clouds and rain well to the north. highs around the state will be running well above average and in the 70s in many places. if you're headed to the sierra you can expect spring-like skiing conditions with highs in the 50s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with some highs in the upper 70s. it will cool slightly on sunday with some partly cloudy skies and highs in the 60s and mid 70s. sunshine and above normal temperatures are expected for most of next week.
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new ahead at 8 a nurse says, she called out sick from work...because she had the flu. then she was fired. and next. late night parties... and trash left behind... a lake tahoe neighbor says,
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the vacation rental next door is out of hand... and even attracting danger. ((gary sports tease))coming up later in this broadcast alicia and the emails, do you have any positve ones?we maybe one or two nice ones today lucky you.i love to see the nice ones even though it might bore you.also lebron james tells everybody 'hey man, i'm not going no place and that warrior thing is the media's fault... little bit later in this broadcast.
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(steve) new tonight at 8. residents in south lake tahoe say ... they are fed up
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with vacation rental homes turning into party houses.(pam) as doug johnson reports .... one neighbor says, though she lives in a peaceful area, sometimes it feels like she is living on fraternity row. nats sue talking'you can see they donút clean up the pine needles.'sue smith has been living right next door to a vacation rental just down the mountain from heavenly in south lake tahoe.nats'look they left the hose out.'while the natural beauty of her neighbor may seem peaceful... she says at times it feels like sheús living on fraternity row.sue smith'what we have is a lot of bachelor parties and they are up until 3-4 in the morning. iúve had to ask them embarrassingly in my bathrobe to be quiet.' weekends seem to be the worst time.and when they leave, they attact an even more dangerous guest.'they donút understand the issues we have with bears up here, so theyúre very sloppy with their garbage.' smith is not the only one having these problems in town. nats meetingat an el dorado
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county board of supervisors meeting thursday night...nats meetingso many people came to city councilús chambers... the south lake tahoe fire department had to shut it down. nats meetingjim drennan, south lake tahoe fire'that was a first for me.'the room is only supposed to have up to 112... but fire fighters say the crowd was way beyond that.jim drennan, south lake tahoe fire 'if you count the room itself 150, 175, and then at least a 150 out front.'while nothing would have been passed...the board was supposed to be discussing the topic of vacation rentals...considering new ordinances on putting a cap on occupancy, addressing noise concerns and increasing violation fees.'the hot tub is right out there in front on the porch.'all were ideas smith hopes keep her from having to come outside at 3 in the morning ever again.'one summer i was just out there every single weekend asking them to be quiet at 3 oúclock in the morning.' (steve) that public meeting had to be rescheduled to find a bigger venue for all the people attending. once it's decided...people will be given 72 hours notice to attend. (pam) wells fargo is
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facing new penalties from the federal reserve. the fed will freeze the bank's growth ... until wells fargo can prove it has improved its internal controls. the new penalties were announced today. in a statement, the federal reserve wrote - quote - .... it "cannot tolerate pervasive and persistent misconduct by any bank." the bank will also replace four of its board members and improve its risk management. wells fargo has admitted that employees opened millions of fake customer accounts... in order to meet sales quotas. the bank ended up paying 185- million to regulators... and 142- million to settle a class action lawsuit. coming up at eight.. it is not your ordinary football ... these are the ones used on the n-f-l's biggest stage. we look into the special attention put into footballs for the super bowl plus. it has been a bay area tourist spot for it has spawned a horror movie we
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take a trip to the winchester mystery house in san jose. and next... it is time to file your taxes... but there are concerns your refund from the federal government ... might be late. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(pam) tonight.... the i-r-s says.. it is ready to process millions of american's
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tax returns. (steve) but with the possibility of another government showdown only a few days away, could your tax refund be in limbo? kron4-s' white house correspondent mark meredith takes a closer look. ááánats of check's printingááá treasury secretary steve mnunchin says despite rumors of delays, tax refund checks will go out starting this month.nat: "do you guys have the money?"mnunchin: "we do, so are expectation is that we will begin paying refunds in february" the i-r-s estimates 70 percent of filers will get a refund this year.and that most taxpayers can expect a check within three weeks from filing.after you filed your taxes, there's a quick and free way to see the status of your refund.on the i-r-s's website, you can login to see the date your refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank.but officials admit there are two potential problems that could delay refunds.
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firstamerica faces another potential government shutdown on february 8th. but the congressional budget office says even if the government stays open, the treasury department is already running out of money.recent tax cuts mean the government is collecting 10-15 billion less a month.secretary mnunchin says the fix rests with congress."we've always raised the debt ceiling, its always been done, i think there's a understanding we don't want to hurt the credit of the united states"if congress refuses, the government won't be able to pay its billincluding tax refunds.maryland senator chris van hollen says lawmakers and the public need to realize what's at stake."if we don't do this, its like saying that we're not going to pay the mortgage on our home, even though we've already purchased the home"secretary mnunchin says he's confident congress will agree to raise the debt ceiling.however he's urging lawmakers to do it sooner, rather than washington, i'm mark meredith. (steve) we are just two days away from the big game and every legendary pass, catch or run in the super bowl involves one common element: the football.(pam) our
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anthony calhoun joins us live from minneapolis with the story of the highly- coveted game ball.hi anthony? these are the official footballs which will be used in super bowl 52... stamped with the team names and sunday's date. these footballs are babies-not even 2 weeks old... but they've already been on a long journey. it's more than a pigskin... it's a piece of history.:04-:08 last super bowl i caught some passes but i didn't score so best believe if i score i'm keeping that bad boy.before they touched down in minneapolis-nats-the footballs were born in the tiny town of ada, ohio. home of the wilson football factory. and the day after the super bowl matchup
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is set-nats-that's the factory's super bowl. :26-:30 monday we ship their practice balls 54, we ship another 54 for practice or game so they each get 108 balls. it has to be our total focus or we can't get them done that quick. each team then selects 54 game balls, nearly 5 times more than a typical nfl game. and for the fans-nats-the specially stamped footballs turn into a coveted keepsake. :50-:55it's gonna be very special, pass it down to my kids, so pretty cool. sot--i remember when i first came into the league my goal was to give a touchdown ball to every one of my coaches who helped me get to that point. and i've caught a whole lot of them so i was able to do that. sot--when they kickoff the super bowl is our factory's finest moment each year because i know all the hands that went into making that. you may wonder why they'll use so many different footballs during the game, its because of the value of a game-used football, especially for charity auctions and fundraisers. and as of today, the friday before the game, the league takes possession of the game balls to make sure they meet all size and air pressure specifications for super sunday.
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(steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden looking live at you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with record breaking warm temperatures.
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highs soared into the 70s in many places and was beautiful all the way to the coast. high pressure continues to send any chance of rain well to the north keeping the entire state dry. doppler radar is of course clear of any rain. temperatures will stay very mild well into the evening. on the satellite image you can see high pressure building into the state sending the clouds and rain well to the north. highs around the state will be running well above average and in the 70s in many places. if you're headed to the sierra you can expect spring-like skiing conditions with highs in the 50s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with some highs in the upper 70s. it will cool slightly on sunday with some partly cloudy skies and highs in the 60s and mid 70s. sunshine and above normal temperatures are expected for most of next week.
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(steve) the winchester mystery house is the san jose tourist destination that's been fascinating visitors for decades.. and now - it's spawned a new horror movie. (pam) we sent kron4's will tran to the victorian mansion - which some say, is the most haunted house in america. sotwalter magnuson/general manager: "there are a lot of odd features in this house." that's putting it mildlyat the winchester mystery house in san jose.... there are stairs that lead to ceilings.... windy stairs through narrow spaces.... openings that allow a person to look into another room.the mastermind behind all of these quirks was sarah winchester who built the home to comfort ghosts of the winchester rifle... which was invented by her husband's family.sotwalter magnuson/general manager: "she sought out a medium in the boston area, who sort of explained to her all this
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karma and negativity from the gun that won the west, that gave her her fortune was sort of hanging on her. he advised her to build a house to appease the spirits. make the good ones happy and maybe confuse the evil ones." construction began in 1884. it went on all day and all night.. everyday... until the day sarah died right here in her room in 1922.the mystery house has been a mystery to many people in the bay area who have never visited the home.but with the new movie out... interest is sure to pick upsotwalter magnuson/general manager:"13 is a very very common feature. whether it's 13 spots on a stained glass window,13 hooks in a closet, 13 panels on a ceiling. so she seemed really obsessed with that number." (will tran/san jose 20:18- there are doors that lead to small rooms, to closets, to the ceiling. and yes, there is a door that leads to nowhere. check it out. the first step. it's a doozy.)and with the new winchester movie set to hit theaters this weekend... it's sure to scare up a lot more visitors to one of the most unique places you will ever visitin san jose will tran kron 4 news
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newstran kron 4 in san jose will tran kron 4 news
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(steve) chaos errupted in court today. the father of three daughters sexually abused by larry nassar-- attempting to attack the former doctor. during a sentencing hearing -- randall margraves listened to two of his daughters give statements against nassar. margraves asked the judge to speak to nassar in a private room. when the judge denied the request... the father took matters into his own hands. judge janice cunningham/eaton county circuit court: "you know that i can't do that-- that's not how our legal system works" you can see security tackling margraves before
8:42 pm
reaching nassar. the father apologized to the court and was released without punishment. larry nassar was sentenced to forty to 175 years in prison last week. more than 150 women said in court he had sexually abused them. (pam) in sports -- gary and his lovely wife alicia join us to read fan emails. (steve) plus -- lebron james shutdowns any rumors of joining the warriors. we'll hear from the cavs forward. gary has all the details and sports coming up. next at 8 a nurse says she got sick with the flu...and stayed home from work.. but then was fired. why the hospital says they did it
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new tonight at 8 a nurse in ohio is now out of a job... after deciding she was too sick to work!(pam) she says the hospital she worked for .... fired her after she got the flu. reporter kevin barry has more. "we know this flu season is worse than normal, and when one 'fill-in' nurse at university hospitals said she was too sick to work two times over the course of a few days, it violated hospital policy." just after christmas-- theresa puckett was hardly a picture of good health.she called out
8:46 pm
sick once at the end of 2017-- and when she came back a superior sent her home early because she was still fighting off the flu.theresa puckett / nurse:"i was putting in my cough drops, i was drinking my water, i was putting in my mucinex, i mean the whole nine yards just to patch myself up enough to go to work."that led to another sick day--opening her up to being fired because of u-h's policy that temporary nurses -- called "p-r-n's" like theresa--may be dismissed after two non-approved absenses over 60-days.theresa says it speaks to the nursing and hospital culture--keeping hospitals staffed no matter what the consequences."but when it happened to me, and i really truly was too sick to go to work. i was punished for that, i was punished for staying home with a doctor's note."u-h has a 'no-fault' attendence policy-- where the hospital tells us 'notes from a physician do not 'excuse' an occurrence of absence.'the policy says only approved leaves of absense-- workplace illnesses or injuries-- scheduled paid time vacation time or doctors appointments--or jury duty or bereavement leave are considered excused.that means even theresa's note from her
8:47 pm
own doctor saying she shouldn't interact with people who are already sick-- wasn't enough."there are times where i have gone to work so sick that the patient who is laying in the bed is in better condition than myself, that i am more sick than the patient lying in the bed.""theresa says the irony in her dismissal is a post on the university hospitals facebook page, telling visitors who might have the flu to stay home. (steve) that was kevin barry reporting. university hospitals says their attendence policy for fill-in nurses is similar to policies at other health systems -- locally and across the country. (pam) r-and-b fans are bidding goodbye to former "temptations" frontman, dennis edwards. edwards died in chicago earlier today. he sang in another motown band, the contours, before joining the temptations in 19-68. his voice ended up defining the legendary group in a new era for the group.. with hits including .. "cloud nine" and "papa was a rolling stone." he became a rock and roll hall- of- famer in 19-89, when the temptations were inducted. the band also
8:48 pm
received the grammy lifetime achievement award in 20-13. he was 74 years old.
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with all the rumors surrounding lebron james leaving cleveland at the end of the year. it would be easy for the king to say heading out west to join steph curry and kevin durant could be a possibility. durant could and kevin steph curry west to join heading out king to say heading out west to join steph curry and kevin durant could be a possibility. but knowing lebron... he shutdown the warriors rumors... calling it complete "nonsense" "if you don't hear something coming from my voice, then it's not true. i don't give a damn how close they are i don't care if it's my kids, or my wife or whatever. if it's not from me, it's not true, so. not even like upset right now about it. i think it's just a discredit to my teammates because i'm the leader of these guys and for them to have to hear that
8:50 pm
stuff every single day about my free agency, i apologize to them. i will handle my summer situation when my summer gets here". if the warriors do end up going after lebron... he would take a major pay cut to his standards. lebron wouln't make more than 25-million dollars. it would be nearly impossible for the warriors to keep all four all stars. general manager, bob myers would have to move pieces around to make it work klay thompson most likely would be traded, need to take cut... and andre would be forced to at this unclear where lebron will season. he could in the western conference... the lakers, rockets, and spurs are frontrunners in adding james in free agency. the warriors in sacramento taking on the kings. golden state looking to bounce back after a 30-point loss to utah. shaun livingston and jordan bell out with injuries. quick update from golden one center-- warriors up 58-52 at halftime.
8:51 pm
why is tom brady bullying a young radio host? the host attacked tom brady's five year old daughter. brady doesn't want him to be fired over his mistake.
8:52 pm
i can't tell if you like bill belichick? all bill belichick wants is to win. he ranks among the greatest coaches in nfl history. i didn't know what the big deal was until i started
8:53 pm
watching your opinion pieces at 9:00 pm. i get it now. do you think the warriors are coasting already? the warriors turn it on when they need to... all they care about is locking up the first seed in the west. funny story about you running out of gas right before the show. why didn't you call your wife?
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (pam) americans eat more
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food on super bowl sunday ... than any other day of the year except thanksgiving.(steve) yeah.. super bowl sundays are full of fun, food, friends and football. but they can also be full of germs that you don't want to pass around. to avoid food poisoining the c-d-c says make sure you wash your hands and wash cutting boards. keep foods
8:57 pm
such as raw chicken, hamburger meats and hot dogs away from one another to avoid cross contamination. as far as those cold foods go, keep them cool. use small servicing trays or bowls of ice to keep salsa and guacamole around 40 degrees or colder. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) catherine heenan is here with kron 4 news at 9. (catherine)( vo & banner ) an arrest this week of a black man protesting alleged pay inequalityhas labor organizers blasting u-c berkeley... they say the school is honoring the legacy of the jim crow south.. the school -- is telling a very different story...( vo &banner ) and a woman reported as missing in northern california turns up - and she's doing just fine, thanks. the unusual and 'very' visible place where she was spotted... stay with us for the news at . (steve) new tonight at
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9... a laptop was stolen at gunpoint from the hands of an east bay woman sitting on her front porch. (steve) good evening i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan. the brazen armed robbery happened in the quiet town of albany. (catherine) that's where we find kron 4's ella sogomonian - live at the albany police department.ella what are police telling you? even the police here find this unusual. the home where this happened is nestled in the hills of a fairly quiet neighborhood. a sergeant says he's heard of laptops stolen at east bay cafes but never off someone's front porch. (nats) homeowners on this albany block of sonoma avenue say they chose to live here because it is safe.


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