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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 8, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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flight to meet his fiancee.the family is very concerned concernedthe family is very concerned breaking news ... police shoot what they described as a "dangerous fugitive" at a busy east bay gas station. good evening, i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson.this is happening in antioch.we're told there is a heavy police presence right now.grant lodes is in tracking the latest developments... grant? (grant) this shooting was it happened just after 5:00 people were heading home from work. the sudden violence was on golf course road near lone tree way...not far from dallas ranch middle school. antioch police says officers spotted a dangerous fugitive...a guy wanted my
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several local jurisdictions.... and tried to take him into custody. that did not happen peacefully. it's unclear how and why things escalated into a shooting. police say they recovered a gun at the scene. no word on the suspect's condition...he's in the hospital. kron4's ali reid is on scene gathering informaton, talking to witnesses. we'll be updating this story throughout kron4 news in primetime...and always on < "he pulled the trigger and said, 'do you want to die?'"> (pam) new tonight at 8. a mother in the east bay feared for her life and her family's life... as four masked suspects held them up at gunpoint, inside their own home. (pam) this happened in fremont in the weibel neighborhood, on little foot place. the family was home, with relatives who were visiting. several of them were hit in the heads with guns. kron 4's justine waldman was the first reporter today to speak with the family... about their terrifying night.
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sot i was praying allah i should be alive i have never seen a gun in my lifenow he has a pistol whip gash on his prasanth's home on little foot place wednesday night around 830.police tell kron 4 news 4 suspects wearing masks and holding guns stormed in...pra-sant thinks a family member did not lock the front door all the way.once inside, he says they began demanding cash and hit him in the head with the gun's handle.nat a taller guy came in and knocked me on the groundinside this bedroom, one suspect took his wallet off the nightstand.then dragged him into the living room.sot when they pulled my brother in law from here to there and he was saying don't shot don't shot and he was really begginghis sister in law madhavi, in town visiting from india, says the family dogs were barking like crazy. and she watched a suspect hit her teenage niece in the head with a gun.sot he said give me money give me money i said i don't have it and he grabbed my gold chain and i immediately gave itthe family says the suspects ransacked the house, flipping the mattress in a guest bedroom and pulling out all the drawers.meanwhile, prasanth's
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wife hid in the bathroom and called 911.madhavi prayed for her life.sot gun pointed the whole time when i said i don't have he said do you want to die?the family is trying to put their life back together this home invasion lasted 6 minutes, but felt like an eternity.sot that was really scary and traumaticprasanth has lived here for 18 years and always thought his cul da sac was a fortress, until now. sot how rich the community is how safe the community is doesn't matterstandup justine waldmanpolice believe the suspects took around 8- thousand dollars worth of stuff from the home, including 5 laptops, jewelry and a lot of cash. the best lead police have, comes from a neighbors security camera got which got an image of a smaller suv leaving the area with the suspects fremont justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(steve) here's a live look at washington, d.c. tonight -- as we're now less than an hour away from another potential government shutdown. congress has until the clock strikes midnight on the east coast to get a budget deal done. (pam) this time, there is a bi-partisan bill on the table. but reporter natasha chen from our partners at c-n-n shows us... why one senator is blocking the vote. sen. rand paul, (r) kentucky: i think the country is worth staying here til 3 in the morning if senator rand paul continues to stall... around three in the morning is the earliest possible time the senate could pass a bill that was ádesignedá to avoid a government shutdown.of course, by then, the midnight shutdown deadline will have passed.sen. rand paul, (r) kentucky: this bill increases the budget by 21%. does that sound like a large amount? is anybody at home getting a bonus or an increase in your paycheck of 21%? and yet your government is going to spend 21% more without really having a full debate.paul objects to how
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this bipartisan deal raises spending caps by 300 billion dollars over the next two years.a majority of that is for defense spending.rep. paul ryan, (r) house speaker: for months now, we have been working to get our military the resources it needs to keep the peace. this budget agreement delivers on that commitmentbut senator paul would rather have an amendment to keep spending limits where they are.senate leaders don't want to do that...sen. chuck schumer (d) new york: frankly there are a lot of amendments on my side and it's hard to make an argument that if one person gets an amendment then everyone else gets on and we will be here for a very long time. the senate has the votes to pass the bill as is.the plan would fund the government through march 23rd... while raising the debt ceiling and setting spending caps for the next two years.but even after the senate approves this - the house needs to vote - reporter: so you will vote for it?rep. nancy pelosi, (d) minority leader: no i won't.- and the house is where democrats may object to the bill for still not addressing the immigration problem of what to do with so-called 'dreamers'.in washington, i'm natasha chen.
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(steve)a berkeley family is grieving tonight after their daughter was killed this morning when her car collided with an ac transit bus. (pam) kron 4's dan kerman spoke with the victim's father, and joins us live in the newsroom with details.dan? (dan flash)it's really a tragic story... we don't know the cause at this point, but we do know a young life has been lost sotshe's the best daughter anyone would want to have kelvin zachery is speaking of his 27 year old daughter kelli. she was killed about 640 thursday morning on her way to work when her car collided with an ac transit bus at the intersection of ashby and california. ironically kelvin zachery is ac transit bus driver himself áásot kelvin zachery/victim's father 20-30you never expect it to happen to you, you hear about people losing children on tv but when it hits home it's a tough thing to get through. but we have god on our side.police say at the time of the collision, the bus was traveling west on ashby where there is no stop sign while zachery was heading south on californiawhere there is a stop sign. áásot
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erica noble/felt crash 41-47i felt a loud boom, a vibration, i thought it was an earthquake but it wasn'terica noble felt the crash and when she looked out her window the bus had come to a stop after hitting zachery's car , a parked car and the two houses next to hers.sot20 feet away, it kind of makes you think, you never really know, it could have been my house, but i am glad my neighbors are afternoon both homes were red tagged by the city the porch on the house to the right is off limits, but residents can occupy the rest of the house. the home to the left has electrical water and gas issues which must be fixed before being occupied. berkeley firefighters stopped by zachery's home with food and to pay their condolences for a life cut too short.sot i'm just trying to keep faith as this processs goes on but it will live with me for the rest of my life, i will never forget this day.
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(dan flash)the investigation into the cause of the crash is still underway. the driver of the bus has been on staff since 2014 and is cooperating. as is protocol, ac transit says he is is protocol, ac cooperating. as since 2014 and is cooperating. as is protocol, ac transit says he is undergoing drug and alcohol testing , and is being provided counseling. dan kerman kron 4 news. (steve) new at eight.... san francisco police are investigating a suspicious death. it happened last night on post street near union square around six thirty. once on scene....police found an unconscious man. he died at the scene. the victim -- identified as 31- year-old andrew emmett -- had injuries that were consistent with a homicide. officials were led to petaluma and arrested three people of interest. emmett's cause of death is unknown. (pam) today -- some of the people affected by last year's coyote creek flooding in san jose.. held a press conference to discuss the lawsuit they are filing against multiple county and
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city agencies. an attorney representing the more than 150 -families seeking compensation... told us, an official complaint was filed today against the santa clara valley water district, the city of san jose, and santa clara county -- among other departments. the complaint makes several allegations -- including negligence and dangerous conditions of public property. city officials estimate.. the floods caused about $73- million dollars in damage. (steve) a family is pleading for help locating a 50 year old missing man from the bay area. the details of his disapeerence are making the case challenging for police. (pam) kron 4's gabe slate met with the investigators ... who are asking for the public's help in locating him. on tuesday, the san rafael police department was contacted by family members of don alan wilson, a 50-year-old resident of san rafael. police say according to family members, wilson was scheduled to meet his fiance in philadelphia that day.sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police he did not board his plane it's unusual sergeant lisa holton with the san rafael police department
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told me they visited don wilson's residence in san rafael, and the door was unlocked and no sight of wilson.however, there was no signs of struggle or anything suspicious but they did look into the flight that he was supposed to catch from sfo sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police he never booked a ticket sergeant holton says don wilson's family and friends are all trying to find him and contact him through calls, texts, and emails and no one is getting through sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police they say it's not like him wilson is described as a white male adult, 6'1", 200 lbs. with a shaved head. he is possibly driving this gray 2002 range rover, with a california license plate. police are asking the public for help. sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police anyone with any information regarding don wilson's whereabouts please contact the san rafael police department (415) san rafael gabe slate kron 4 news
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(steve) the woman killed monday in a murder suicide outside a san jose denny's has been identified by police. they say 32-year-old ciria sanchez diaz was found suffering from at least one gunshot wound on the corner of east alma and south first streets. the man who took his own life after shooting sanchez was identified last night as 42-year-old timoteo morales. according to authorities, the two had a prior romantic relationship -- and the sanchez had obtained a protective order against morales. police say this was san jose's fourth homicide of 20-18. coming up at eight... police are asking for help locating a package thief on the loose in the north bay.
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and... one person is dead after two home invasions in santa rosa -- we have team coverage on what happened and where police are searching for suspects. and what could be the worst storm of the season is hitting a major transit hub -- how it might affect your travel plans -- coming i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(steve) a manhunt is underway after two home invasion robberies and a police chase. one person has been shot and killed. (pam) 3 suspects have been arrested in vallejo... but two are still on the loose. (pam) the two home invasions happened in sonoma county. the first on fulton road in santa rosa early this morning. and then, about two hours later... there was a second home invasion on melcon lane. police then spotted the suspects in vallejo. kron 4's haaziq madyun picks up the story from there...
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a high speed police pursuit of five home invasion suspects in this minivan stops after a collision with another vehicle. at that point the five suspects, 4 men and a woman inside van got out and started running in different directionssot the wild scene took place on redwood road in outside of linda bracciotti's flower shop sotthis is a photo of one of the three home invasion suspects being arrested. a perimeter was set up and the search was on for the remaining two suspects, a man and a woman spotted running away from the vansot
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in connection to a pair of pre- dawn, violent, home invasion robberies in santa rosa. the suspects tied up the victims... sot
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(pam) our team coverage continues on this story tonight .. with new details about this case and its ties to sonoma county. it was early this morning when shots rang out... and deputies rushed in. kron four's terisa estacio has more from santa rosa. terisa estacio. i am here on melcon lane in santa rosa, behind me crime scene tape - this is where the second home invasion occurred and where one person died. misty harris. "it is really sad, it is really unfortunate, we don't like seeing this type of violence in our community at all. misty harris with sonoma county sheriff's department says the scene at melcon was actually the second of two home invasions. the first case, around 4:20 at a home on the 1900 block of fulton road. both connected and both later tied to this van found by police in vallejo. 3 people were caught, swat teams memebers are still looking for two suspects. harris says drugs seem to tied
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the two cases. harris. was this a drug deal gone back? we don't know, but we do know that marijuana play a factor in both cases. we have learned that in the first home invasion, it was violent too, a person tied up, another family member pistol whipped and another person shot - he was rushed to the hospital for treatment of a gun shot wound. in the meantime, sonoma county sheriffs' deputies guard this home as crime scene investigators must do their job of documenting what happened here. (estacio) family members have been coming in and out of the home here on melcon throughout the day, but they have said they don't want to talk right now about the homcide. in sonoma county, te (pam)ááá oncam ááá new at
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8. we are getting a look at video ... showing a package thief in novato. it happened february -third ... at a home on alice street take a look. you can see a man approach a porch... he then grabs a brown envelope... before casually walking away... like nothing happened. the suspect is still on the loose. novato police are hoping that somebody will recognize the thief and come forward.
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forecast... and how bay area flights could be affected by the chicago storm lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with warm temperatures all the way to the coast. it is a little cooler near the coast as high pressure begins to weaken. there will be some bigger changes as we head into the weekend. it will be mostly clear tonight with a few patches of coastal fog. lows will be in the 40s and 50s. on the satellite you can see how the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. this will allow an area of low pressure to drop right over the top for the weekend. it won't bring us any rain but it will help to bring a few clouds and cooler
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temperatures as well as gusty winds. so enjoy another mostly sunny day tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze kicking in in the afternoon. highs tomorrow will still be nice and in the 60s and mid 70s. it will be windy at times on saturday with much cooler temps in the 60s. there is a slight chance of a few light showers on monday but it doesn't look like much. mild and dry weather will return on wednesday.
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new ahead at 8... c-v-s is the latest company to announce a raise for its employees -- we'll tell you how much more wages are expected to rise. and a new push to save a part of san francisco's past -- thought lost. what's being done to preserve a bay area institution. ((gary sports tease))coming up later in this broadcast, jimmy garoppolo got paid and then some.also check in the warriors against dallas at oracle arena.and the weather just perfect day one of the golf tournament, the annual affair we'll have the highlights in a few minutes. ((steve))here's what we are
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tracking new tonight at nine. it's every bride-to-be's worst nightmare.flushing her engagement ring down the toilet!it happened to one bay area woman...but there is a happy ending to this story. find out how they got it back...tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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cvs is raising its minimum wage for employees to compete with other retailers. usa today reports the company is boosting starting salaries to 11 dollars an hour, which equals salaries at wal-mart and target. (pam) the drug store chain also says.. it will give raises to pharmacy technicians, and many other workers already making higher wages. c-v-s expects the added salaries, along with maintaining health insurance premiums and increasing
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parental leave .... to cost about 425 million dollars a year. the company says, it is investing its tax savings into the workforce. ((bam/vo))((steve))plans are underway to preserve san fransciso's oldest gay bar. ((pam)) supervisor jane kim's office announced today.... it is working to preserve and relocate "the gangway" .. which closed its doors last month. the bar first opened in 1910... and was 'officially' named a gay bar in 1961. ((steve))supervisor kim's office says it is looking to relocate the bar somewhere in the tenderloin near its original location on larkin street.she is looking for investors and contractors to help contribute with the relocation effort.((pam)) the current location is expected to become a space for a kung-fu themed laundromat. coming up at eight... concerns over flare-ups at an east bay refinery -- what officials are saying about any possible dangers to the public. and a new lawsuit revolving around ride- sharing companies. why san francisco is now suing the state of california. and flooding on the peninsula
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causes a school to close for the rest of the week. that story coming up... just after the break. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a a massive amount of water
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flooded the streets around south el camino real and norte dame & 9th avenue in san mateo this morning after a water main broke.(steve) kron4's maureen kelly reports ... a catholic school had to
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cancel classes today and tomorrow because of the damage. water from the broken 24 inch transmission line flooded streets....requiring lanes of traffic on busy south el camino real to be blocked off....and created a lake in the courtyard of st matthew's catholic school. it happened before only a few early drop off students had to be evacuated. looks kind of muddy it looks really muddy it's kind of depressing but i kind of like it because we don't have schoolthe classrooms were not affected, but school staff and parent volunteers could be seen cleaning up the gym and the church, which bore the brunt. it's mostly the floor the carpets the water got pretty deep especially in our gymnasium but we have multiple restoration cruise and everybody is working side-by- side trying to quickly get the water out the mud out will begin the repairs as soon as we canclose to a half dozen homes on nearby avalon drive had water flooding into their basements and garages. the resident of this house didn't want to go on camera but says they've only been back in their house 9 months after a big remodel, and will need to move out again until this mess is cleaned up.and a man who lives just north of where the break happened says his son's car was flooded. here's a picture of what it looked like before they got the water out. it's pretty flooded it 8 inches of water in the inside had to drain it out and vacuum it outby mid afternoon the spokesman for california water service said they still did not know what caused the line to break. will know more as we get into the repair as we have
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the engineers take a look at it. age is not the only factor on main breaks it can be a pike condition pipe material soil conditions earth movement one lost service because of the break...and what is coming out of the taps was unaffected and drinkable. maureen kelly kron4 news (pam) an investigation is underway ... after complaints of flaring at the chevron refinery in richmond. the bay area air quality management district says, inspectors are on the scene. this morning... they
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received at least two complaints of flaring. chevron released a statement saying .... flares are a "highly regulated safety device ... monitored by the air district .. used in the refineries." chevron also apologized to the public for any concerns the flaring may have caused -- but says, there is no need to shelter in place. (steve) today -- berkeley police worked to clear out a homeless encampment at old city hall.... after several complaints from the community... and a fire at the encampment on tuesday. public safety officials say there were also worries over hypodermic needles and human waste. the encampment was a growing concern due to its close proximity to berkeley high school. officers went to the encampment early this morning to give people notice that they had to leave in a few hours. ((pam))lawmakers in the state capitol are taking action to prevent sexual harassment. today democratic assemblyman marc levine introduced a bill aimed at stopping sexual harassment by lobbyists. the bill would ban lobbyists for up to four years for harassment.the moves comes just days after governor brown
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signed the whistleblower act..which protects legislative workers who report violations like sexual harassment by their collegues. "if we're perpetuating a culture that is pervasive for harassment and abuse, we're driving out women, we're driving out minorities, we're driving out underrepresented populations. that is an equation for very bad public policy. and, and it's imperative that we aren't perpetuating a pervasive culture of harassment and abuse." assemblyman levine's bill is expected to be taken up by a committee next month. (steve) on the peninsula... officers with the san mateo police department will start wearing body cameras. the department announced today-- all officers are now equipped with the body worn cameras. the cameras will be mounted on their chest or helmet. officers will record incidents they deem as necessary. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead
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lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with warm temperatures all the way to the coast. it is a little cooler near the coast as high pressure begins to weaken. there will be some bigger changes as we head into the weekend. it will be mostly clear tonight with a few patches of coastal fog. lows will be in the 40s and 50s. on the satellite you can see how the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. this will allow an area of low pressure to drop right over the top for the weekend. it won't bring us any rain but it will help to bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures as well as gusty winds. so enjoy another mostly sunny day tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze kicking in in the afternoon. highs tomorrow will still be nice and in the 60s and mid 70s. it will be windy at times on much cooler temps in the 60s. there is a slight chance of a few light showers on monday but it doesn't look like much. mild and dry weather will return on wednesday.
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(pam ) 4 your money tonight. for the second time this week, the dow jones industrial average saw its numbers significantly plunge. the dow lost nearly one- thousand - 33 points today. that is the second thousand- point decline this week. and it officially means the dow is in a correction, as the average is now down 10- percent from its record high just two weeks ago. experts blame thursday's plunge .... on continued concerns over the bond market, inflation and interest rates. the nasdaq and s-and-p also saw steep losses, with each falling nearly four- percent.
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still ahead at 8 ... an olympic controversy already emerging even before the official start of the winter games....and a new study shows .. people are leaving san francisco in droves... we'll tell you where they are headed... after the break.
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(steve) some remarkable numbers tonight on how the tech revolution is changing the face of the bay area.(pam) thousands of people moving to cheaper, less congested cities ... and thousands of immigrants coming to take their place. catherine heenan shows us where silicon valley residents are going ... and where the newcomers are arriving from. the online real estate firm redfin says sacramento is the top choice for people leaving the south bay.... followed by los angeles, seattle, portland and san diego.and the migration is driving up real estate prices in those cities.
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at the same time silicon valley is attracting record numbers of foreigners.the joint venture economic study found two out of five residents of santa clara and san mateo counties were born in another country.a hiher percentage than san francisco, and far above the state and national averages.mexico, china, india and other asian countries supply two thirds of the immigrants.foreign=born workers now occupy two=thirds of the jobs in computers and mathematics.and for the majority of residents speak a language other than english at home. in sports -- the warriors are playing tonight against the dallas mavericks. plus -- the 49ers sign jimmy garoppolo to a record-breaking deal. our sports director, gary radnich has the details and all the sports coming up. next at 8 --- the canadian prime minister makes a visit to san francisco. hear
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what he said to local tech luminaries in silicon valley today.
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a big name is in town... canada's prime minister-- justin trudeau-- is visiting san francisco. it is the second day of his four day u-s tour.... promoting nafta and strengthened relations between the u-s and canada.
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trudeau visited the salesforce headquarters... and met with chairman and ceo marc benioff. salesforce has announced it will invest two billion dollars in canadian businesses over the next five year.(sot) "the canadian advantage has many aspects from tax competiveness that is welcoming to the greatest advantage that canada canadians forward thinking ..a open diverse people" trudeau will meet will governor jerry brown and lieutenant governor gavin newsome on friday...before traveling to los angeles. (pam) san francisco ... is suing california... it is all because of a state law that allows uber and lyft drivers .... to have a single business license to drive anywhere in the state. san francisco filed the lawsuit today in state court. city attorney dennis herrera says, the law prevents san francisco from
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requiring drivers who live outside the city ... to obtain a local business license when driving in the city. herrera says, that deprives the city of money that could be used to offset maintenance and traffic costs ... from the large number of out of town drivers. (pam) the first controversy of the 20-18 winter olympics has emerged, and the games have not even áofficiallyá started yet. it involves four-time olympian erin hamlin, who won a coin toss .. to become the u-s flag- bearer in the opening ceremony. that honor is usually decided in a vote by the eight u-s winter sport federations. hamlin got four votes ... but so did decorated speed skater shani davis. hamlin won the tie- breaking coin toss, and davis was not happy. he took to twitter, writing in part: "team u-s-a dishonorably tossed a coin .... to decide its 20-18 flag bearer. no problem. i can wait until 20-22." the 49ers sign jimmy garoppolo to a five year deal
8:46 pm
worth 137-point-five million dollars... making him the highest paid player in n-f-l history. jimmy g. is expected to make 27-point-five per season... double of what tom brady is currently making. he will earn 74-million dollars in guaranteed money. tomorrow morning the team will hold a press conference. garoppolo's record- breaking contract eclipses matthew stafford's deal signed in august. this was the 49ers priority when the traded a second-round pick to the patriots for garropolo. the 26-year-old took over a team that was 1-10... and led the niners to win their last five games. this now becomes a destination for many free agents. the 49ers have their quartback of the
8:47 pm
future and have plenty of cap space left. it was a party in
8:48 pm
philadelphia the eagles were celebrating their first super bowl championship. organizers say they were expecting at least two million people to attend the parade. the last pro team from philadelphia to win a world title were the 2008 phillies. the eagles last world championship was in 1960. the five-mile route started at lincoln financial and ended at the art musuem steps that slyvester stallone climbed in the "rocky" movies. center, jason kelce, dressed in a full aladdin custome... stole the show.
8:49 pm
we head down to pebble beach for day one of the pro-am. the best weather at pebble in years... a bautiful day on the monterey coastline tony romo... who was granted an exemtion to play as a pro next month at a event... but an anatuer today... his chip sets up a birdie aaron rodgers... who arrived with new girlfriend danica patrick sinks a birdie putt of his own to the pros... rory mcilroy... the chip on the 8th hole at spyglass... it's in for a birdie... mcirlroy shot
8:50 pm
a 4-under 68... he is 3 shots back of the leaders one of those leaders is the phenom out of texas... beau hossler... who nails the long bidie putt on the 16th hole at pebble... he shot a 7-under 66 and is tied atop the leaderboard with kevin steelman
8:51 pm
the warriors trying to snap their first losing streak this season. tonight they are hosting the dallas mavericks we head to oracle arena for a quick update right now... game is tied at 60 the n-b-a fined him 50- thousand dollars for using offensive language towards an official tuiesday night against oklahoma city. draymond was elbowed in the second quarter. he complained to lauren holtkamp for not calling a foul and was given a technical. and in the fourth... he was tossed for throwing the ball out of bounds in the direction of a the referee. draymong leads league with 14 technicals this week's lexus ultimate highlight goes to lebron james last night against the timberwolves...
8:52 pm
lebron hits a buzzer beater over jimmy butler to beat minnesota in overtime. finished with his ninth triple double of the season... 37 points... 15 assists, 10 points... 15 season... 37 points... 15 assists, 10 rebounds. this is lebron's fifth career buzzer beater. the cavs haven't able to recover since losing to the warriors on christmas day. cleveland has only won seven games... but when you have lebron james you will at least try to fix the roster for this year. the cavs clean house before the trade deadline. they trade isaiah thomas, channing frye, and their first round pick to the lakers for jordan clarkson and larry nance junior. the team also traded jae crowder, derrick rose, iman shumpert, and dwayne wade and added george hill and rodney hood from utah. the lakers plan to keep lonzo ball as the starting point guard despite adding thomas this deal will help lakers possbily land lebron and paul george in the offseason.
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coming up -- new ways to express yourself via emoji -- we'll give you the rundown on what to expect, and when.... tonight at 9 so let's take a little quiz, should you stop on the tracks before the tracks or after the tracks (before) and wait did you do on it's a test a lot of people failed they were graded by san mateo county sheriff and burlingame police i'll explain what happened in the next edition of people behaving badly
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now,
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it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. (pam) your "emoji" library is about to expand... the unicode consortium -- a nonprofit that sets the global standard for emoji -- has announced 157- new emoji options will be coming in august or september of this year. the latest collection includes a cupcake, lobster, pirate flag and more expressive smiley faces. emoji will soon have a variety of new hairstyles, such as curly or bald, and more hair color options.. such as red and white. there will also be more animals. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right pam and at nine..we continue to track breaking news out of antioch.where police shoot a suspect they describe as a "dangerous fugitive"it happened at a busy gas station.kron 4's ali reid
8:57 pm
just got to the scene....standby for a live report.and a live look at the nation's capitol tonight...where we are just minutes away from another government shutdown.we'll tell you which lawmaker is standing pat...making sure a vote doesn't happen before tonight's deadline.((grant)) plus...a bay area family, tied up and attacked in their own the hunt is on for the four suspects. it's a story you wont want to miss. ((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
8:58 pm
♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (grant) that breaking news
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we're following tonight is in the east bay where police shoot what they're calling a dangerous fugitive... who's wanted by multiple agencies. good evening, i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis.... the shooting happened at a popular gas station on lone tree way near golf course road in antioch... that's where we find kron4's ali ried... ali what can you tell us tonight? (alecia reid) an antioch
9:00 pm
police officer shot at a suspect described as a "dangerous fugitive" during a pursuit this evening, police said. the incident occurred around 5:15 p.m. in the 4600 block of golf course road. as officers were trying to take the suspect into custody, at least one officer fired his duty weapon and shot him. the suspect was wanted by multiple agencies, according to police. the suspect was taken to the hospital and information about his condition was not immediately available. no officers were injured during the incident, police said. the case is being jointly investigated with the contra costa county district attorney's office. anyone with the incident is asked to contact antioch police at (925) 778-2441. tips can also be sent via text to 274637 using the keyword "antioch" in the message.


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