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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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police officer shot at a suspect described as a "dangerous fugitive" during a pursuit this evening, police said. the incident occurred around 5:15 p.m. in the 4600 block of golf course road. as officers were trying to take the suspect into custody, at least one officer fired his duty weapon and shot him. the suspect was wanted by multiple agencies, according to police. the suspect was taken to the hospital and information about his condition was not immediately available. no officers were injured during the incident, police said. the case is being jointly investigated with the contra costa county district attorney's office. anyone with the incident is asked to contact antioch police at (925) 778-2441. tips can also be sent via text to 274637 using the keyword "antioch" in the message.
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(vicki) and kron4 told you about this breaking news through our mobile app. we sent a push alert right to your phone at 6:45.... make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news alerts. (grant) kentucky senator rand paul..holding up a vote on a two year budget deal and he's showing no signs of backing down. which means the government officially shutdown at 9:00 our time. (vicki) the senate just
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returned from recess a couple of minutes ago. they are expected to take up a procedural vote within the next hour.((vo + sidebars)) here's what we know so far. senator paul is opposed to the bipartisan deal which raises spending caps by 300-million dollars over the next two years.((reveal)) most of that will go to defense spending and domestic programs.((reveal)) if the senate passes the will go to the house for a final vote.california representatives nancy pelosi and jackie speier both say they will vote no on the bill. (grant) another big story we're following tonight...a correction...on wall street. for the second time this week, the markets took a dive. the dow lost nearly one-thousand-33 points today.... that's the second thousand-point decline this week. and it officially means the markets are is in correction mode...the dow is down 10 percent from its record high just two weeks ago. experts blame the plunge on continued concerns over the bond market, inflation, and
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interest rates. these are the closing numbers... all of them taking hits...the dow fell a little over four percent. the nasdaq and s-and-p also saw steep losses, with each falling nearly four percent. (vicki) back here locally... a berkeley family is grieving tonight after their daughter was killed this morning when her car collided with an ac transit bus. kron 4's dan kerman spoke with the victim's father, and is following this tragic story... a day of grief for this berkeley man his 27 year old daughter kelli killed when her car collided with an ac transit bussotshe's been an inspiration to me since she was bornthe incident happened around 640 in the morning. berkeley police say the bus was traveling west on ashby where there is no stop sign while kelli zachery was heading south on californiawh ere there is a stop sign. the vehicles collided hit another parked vehicle and then slammed into two homes kelvin zachery heard about it on the news and biked down to the scene with his sonsot kelvin zachery/victim's father 37-48i noticed a description of a type of vehicle that my
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dauther does drive, so me and my son jumped on our bikes because we were concerned, i just had a feeling something didn't feel right and that was the first notification that i had.ironically kelli zachery's father is also an ac transit bus driversoti've been opeating for 26 years , very loyal to the company so that's what caught my attention for our other brothers and sisters that have these type of things, accidents, especially when it's a fatality my heart goes out to other co workers just the afternoon both homes that were hit were red tagged by the city the porch on the house to the right is off limits, but residents can occupy the rest of the house. the city says the home to the left has electrical water and gas issues which must be fixed before being occupied. also thursday afternoon berkeley firefighters stopped by zachery's home with food and to pay their condolences for his losssotshe was loving giving caring.very outgoing down to earth, the sweetest child you would ever want, very loving child, she is really going to be missed, i just don't know which way to go right now.standup dan kerman 157-207the investigation into the cause of the crash is still underway. the driver of the bus has been on staff since 2014 and is cooperating. as is protocol, ac transit says he is undergoing drug and alcohol testing , funeral arrangments for the young woman are pending. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(grant) in san francisco... police are investigating a suspicious death. it happened last night around 6:30...on post street near union square. police found an unconscious man who died at the scene. the victim -- identified as 31-year-old andrew emmett -- had injuries that were consistent with a
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homicide. investigators say they were led to petaluma and detained three people of interest. emmett's exact cause of death is unknown. (vicki) a manhunt is underway after two home invasion robberies and a police chase. one person was shot and killed. three suspects were arrested in vallejo... but two are still on the loose. the two home invasions happened in sonoma county. the first was on fulton road in santa rosa early this morning. then - about two hours later... there was a second home invasion on melcon lane. police then spotted the suspects in vallejo. the suspects gave chase, and that ended in a crash on redwood road near broadway...
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and searched the area for the two suspects--- one male, one female.. but after two hours of searching it was called off. (grant) we had team coverage on this story.... tonight we are learning more about how this all started in sonoma county. kron4's terisa estacio is in santa rosa. terisa estacio. i am here on melcon lane in santa rosa, behind me crime scene tape - this is where the second home invasion occurred and where one person died. misty harris. "it is really sad, it is really unfortunate, we don't like seeing this type of violence in our community at all. misty harris with sonoma county sheriff's department says the scene at melcon was actually the second of two home invasions. the first case, around 4:20 at a home on the 1900 block of fulton road. both connected and both later tied to this van found by police in vallejo. 3 people were caught, swat teams memebers are still looking for two suspects. harris says drugs seem to tied the two cases. harris. was this a drug deal gone back? we don't know, but we do know that marijuana play a factor in both cases. we have learned that in the first home invasion, it was violent too, a person tied up, another family member pistol whipped
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and another person shot - he was rushed to the hospital for treatment of a gun shot wound. in the meantime, sonoma county sheriffs' deputies guard this home as crime scene investigators must do their job of documenting what happened here. (estacio) family members have been coming in and out of the home here on melcon throughout the day, but they have said they don't want to talk right now about the homcide. in sonoma county, te lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with warm temperatures all the way to the coast. it is a little cooler near the coast as high pressure begins to weaken. there will be some bigger
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changes as we head into the weekend. it will be mostly clear tonight with a few patches of coastal fog. lows will be in the 40s and 50s. on the satellite you can see how the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. this will allow an area of low pressure to drop right over the top (vicki) in san mateo..
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traffic is back open tonight... after a water main break caused major flooding in the downtown area. it happened on busy south el camino...the incident created a mess for nearby st matthew's catholic school and church. classes were cancelled today and tomorrow .....the gym will be out of service for the next two month. some cars were flooded....and the basements and garages of several homes on avalon blvd were also affected. authorities are looking into what caused the line to break. (sot) will know more as we get into the repair as we have the engineers take a look at it. age is not the only factor on main breaks it can be a pike condition pipe material soil conditions earth movement etc. (vicki) officials say the water gushed out at a rate of 300 gallons per minute...before they were able to cap the watermain around eight thirty this morning. no one in the area lost serivce because of the break...and what is coming out the taps was unaffected and drinkable. (vicki) ahead at 9..... a woman in the east bay accidentally flushes her engagement ring down the
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toilet... find out how the couple managed to recover the ring that went over 100 feet down the pipes... (grant) plus... a man from the north bay suddenly goes missing...right as he's set to meet up with his fiance. hear his family's desperate plea (vicki) and after the break... two hikers rescued and a third one dies after falling down a 100-foot cliff at a popular resort in the sierra... what officials are saying many hikers need to watch out for to prevent this happening...
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(vicki) new tonight at nine... two hikers were rescued and another one dies falling down a 100-foot cliff at a popular ski resort... it happened on a trail on granite chief mountain.... near squaw valley. reporter rowena shaddox talked to people at squaw valley in tahoe... who are sad and shocked that they lost one of their own... authorities say a hiker died after falling down a 100-foot cliff in the sierra nevada.the
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hiker has been identified as 36-year-old rene dewarrat of truckee.dewarrat was hiking in the area of granite chief on a trail for advanced hikers with two friends.sheriff's investigators say the trio set out later in the evening wednesday, when temperatures are cold and the paths have ice and and rescue teams skied out to the 9,000-foot mountain just west of olympic village after receiving reports of three stranded hikers.dewarrat had fallen approximately 100 feet down a precipice by the time help arrived.the two other hikers were rescued and not known to be injured. (vicki)(vicki) (vicki) that was rowena shaddox
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reporting.the president of squaw valley resort says employees are deeply shaken by the loss... and they are providing help to any workers who need grief counseling... (grant) the woman who was driving and live streaming when a car crash killed her little sister and friend... has been sentenced to six years in prison. today, obdulia sanchez was convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter, d-u-i and child endangerment. sanchez was driving around 100 mile per hours in los banos when she lost control of her car. the car overturned... ejecting and killing her 14-year-old sister. video shows sanchez taking her hands off the wheel while driving. the recording also shows sanchez leaning over her lifeless sister after the
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crash. (vicki) a family is pleading for help locating a 50 year old missing man from the bay area. the details of his disappearance are making the case challenging for police. (grant) kron 4's gabe slate met with the investigators ... who are asking for the public's help in locating him. on tuesday, the san rafael police department was contacted by family members of don alan wilson, a 50-year-old resident of san rafael. police say according to family members, wilson was scheduled to meet his fiance in philadelphia that day.sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police he did not board his plane it's unusual sergeant lisa holton with the san rafael police department told me they visited don wilson's residence in san rafael, and the door was unlocked and no sight of wilson.however, there was no signs of struggle or anything suspicious but they did look into the flight that he was supposed to catch from sfo sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police he never booked a ticket sergeant holton says don wilson's family and friends are all trying to find him and contact
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him through calls, texts, and emails and no one is getting through sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police they say it's not like him wilson is described as a white male adult, 6'1", 200 lbs. with a shaved head. he is possibly driving this gray 2002 range rover, with a california license plate. police are asking the public for help. sound from lisa holton, sergeant san rafael police anyone with any information regarding don wilson's whereabouts please contact the san rafael police department (415) san rafael gabe slate kron 4 news (vicki) a big name is in town...and visited san francisco earlier today.... it was canada's prime
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minister-- justin trudeau... it is the second day of his four day u-s tour.... promoting nafta and strengthened relations between the u-s and canada. trudeau visited the salesforce headquarters... and met with chairman and ceo marc benioff. salesforce has announced it will invest two billion dollars in canadian businesses over the next five years. trudeau is headed to los angeles next. (grant) some of the people affected by last year's coyote creek flooding in san jose are filing a lawsuit against multiple county and city agencies. today they held a press conference to discuss that lawsuit... an attorney who is representing over 150 families.... says an official complaint was filed today against the santa clara valley water district, the city of san jose, and santa clara county -- among other departments. the complaint makes several allegations -- including negligence and dangerous condition of public property... and the affected families want compensation... city officials estimate the
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floods caused more than 70 million- dollars in damage. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with warm temperatures all the way to the coast. it is a little cooler near the coast as high pressure begins to weaken. there will be some bigger changes as we head into the weekend. it will be mostly clear tonight with a few patches of coastal fog. lows will be in the 40s and 50s. on the satellite you can see how the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. this will allow an area of low pressure to drop right over the top for the weekend. it won't bring us any rain but it will help to bring a few clouds and cooler
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temperatures as well as gusty winds. so enjoy another mostly sunny day tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze kicking in in the afternoon. highs tomorrow will still be nice and in the 60s and mid 70s. it will be windy at times on saturday with much cooler temps in the 60s. there is a slight chance of a few light showers on monday but it doesn't look like much. mild and dry weather will return on wednesday.
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(vicki) still ahead... a new warning out tonight for a very popular herbal supplement used to treat pain.... why "kratom"... may affect the body the same way opioids do. (grant) and after the break... what's wrong with 250- thousand harleys. new tonight at ten...the bay area has long been known for being at the forefront of the environmental movement.but despite being an epicenter for all things green there are only a few places in the bay area where the earth conscious can go to their final resting place we take a tour of one bay area cemetary..that's part of this growing movement. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten....
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tonight... all you harley riders listen up... harley- davidson is recalling about 250-thousand motorcycles... (grant) and it's because the brakes can fail without warning. the company says the problem can be fixed simply by flushing the brake fluid. harley-davidson is performing the service at no cost. the models involved are the 20-08 to 20- 11 touring, c-v-o touring and v-r-s-c. they all have anti-lock braking systems. because of the issue, there have been 43 complaints, three accidents and two injuries reported. ... (vicki) c-v-s is raising its minimum wage for employees... to compete with other retailers. the company is boosting starting salaries to eleven- dollars an hour, which equals salaries at wal-mart and target. the drug store chain also says it will give raises to pharmacy technicians and many other workers already making higher wages. c-v-s expects the
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added salaries along with maintaining health insurance premiums and increasing parental leave to cost about 425-million-dollars a year. the company says it is investing its tax savings into the workforce. (grant) get ready to get more fast food favorites delivered right to your doorstep... yum brands is partnering yum brands is partnering with the food delivery app grubhub to deliver k-f-c and taco bell... as part of the partnership, yum brands is also going to buy 200 million dollars of grubhub's stock, and a yum executive will join grubhub's board. taco bell already offers delivery through doordash. (grant) up next... new sex abuse allegations at a prestigious all girls catholic school in the south bay... tonight - hear what the alleged victims are demanding... (vicki) plus.. the city of alameda is standing up against human trafficking.... details on the campaign that aims to raise greater awareness of the problem in the community. (grant) and after the
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break... four armed, masked men break into a home.. and hold the family up at gunpoint... where it happened and who police are looking for... sorry. i can't make it.
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your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. < "he pulled the trigger and said, 'do you want to die?'"> (grant) now at 9:30.... a mother in the east bay, was fearing for her life and her family members lives... as four masked suspects held them up at gunpoint, inside their own home.(vicki) and
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tonight police are still looking for all four suspects....(grant) this happened in fremont... at a home on little foot place. the family was home, with relatives who were visiting. several of them were hit in the heads with guns. kron 4's justine waldman was the first reporter today to speak with the family... about their terrifying night. ..... sot i was praying allah i should be alive i have never seen a gun in my lifenow he has a pistol whip gash on his prasanth's home on little foot place wednesday night around 830.police tell kron 4 news 4 suspects wearing masks and holding guns stormed in...pra-sant thinks a family member did not lock the front door all the way.once inside, he says they began demanding cash and hit him in the head with the gun's handle.nat a taller guy came in and knocked me on the groundinside this bedroom, one suspect took his wallet off the nightstand.then dragged him into the living room.sot when they pulled my brother in law from here to there and he was saying don't shot don't shot and he was really begginghis sister in law madhavi, in town visiting from india, says the family dogs were barking like crazy. and she watched a suspect hit her teenage niece in the head with a gun.sot he said give me money give me money i said i don't have it and he grabbed my gold chain and i
9:30 pm
immediately gave itthe family says the suspects ransacked the house, flipping the mattress in a guest bedroom and pulling out all the drawers.meanwhile, prasanth's wife hid in the bathroom and called 911.madhavi prayed for her life.sot gun pointed the whole time when i said i don't have he said do you want to die?the family is trying to put their life back together this home invasion lasted 6 minutes, but felt like an eternity.sot that was really scary and traumaticprasanth has lived here for 18 years and always thought his cul da sac was a fortress, until now. sot how rich the community is how safe the community is doesn't matterstandup justine waldmanpolice believe the suspects took around 8- thousand dollars worth of stuff from the home, including 5 laptops, jewelry and a lot of cash. the best lead police have, comes from a neighbors security camera got which got an image of a smaller suv leaving the area with the suspects fremont justine waldman kron 4 news. (vicki) (vicki) four people are without a
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home tonight...after a fire broke out a t a duplex in los gatos. it happened around nine last night on dardaneli lane. when firefighters arrived to the scene... they found flames coming from inside one unit of the duplex. the flames were put within an hour...however three residents were injured form the fire... firefighters say four people were displaced by the fire...and are being helped by the american red cross. the cause of the still under investigation. (grant) first it was san jose and now its berkeley... police have cleared a homeless
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encampment at old city hall. this comes after several complaints from the berkeley community... and a fire at the encampment on tuesday. officers went there early this morning to give people notice that they had to leave in a few hours. the encampment was a growing concern due to it's close proximity to berkeley high school. (vicki) new allegations tonight of sexual abuse by teachers and staff at a prestigious south bay girls catholic high school. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now.... the alleged victims are demanding an independent investigation of san jose's presentation high school. catherne leehane/accused teacher of sexual abuse " incident was in the 1990's but we have incidents going right up to 2017..."1991 presentation high graduate catherine leehane says that since she and a classmate went public with their stories, 18 other former students have also come forward, implicating at least 8 teachers and staff members."...i was not surprised by the additional victims by my abuser, but to find out that there are additional abusers and violations of the law has been shocking and horrifying..." last fall, leehane went public with her story about how she
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was sexually abused by a teacher, who is now deceased, and how the administration failed to fully investigate. catherine lehane"...the teacher had me in his office and he put his arm around me and and was intimate with me and kissed my hand and later showed me a picture of a naked woman....."some 5,000 former students and supporters have signed an on line petition calling for anindependent investigation. leehane believes the abuse continues even now and shared a post from another former student. catherine leehane "....i listened to the victims stories and didn't have to hear the teachers name to know who they were talking about, many of these students were from my class. it was well known that these students were being groomed for sexual exploitation. i was normalized in hush hush whispers because we knew the school wouldn't do anything about it..." leehane and other accusers say presentation has broke the law time and again by failing to perform it's duty as a "mandatory reporter," which might have triggered questions from police. catherine leehane "....i cannot thin of any reason why they did not follow the laws. they are simple and straight forward. if you have anysuspicion of abuse, you go to law enforcement..." in a statement, presentation high school condemned the allegations, saying it conducted an investigation into mz. leehane's complaint, but could not disclose details, citing privacy
9:34 pm
concerns.rob fladeboe/san jose "...there has be been no legal action taken against presentation high school by any of the accusers so far. but some of those who signed the petition are encouraging alumnae to with hold financial support from the school until it agrees to an outside, independent investigation. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(grant) the alameda county district attorney is introducing a new campaign to fight human trafficking... and bring awareness... it's called "human trafficking: it's real and it's here." this is the fourth year of the campaign... designed to help the public recognize human trafficking in their community... they're talking about both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. district attorney nancy o'malley is a big supporter.(grant) each year... the campaign focuses on different aspects of modern day human trafficking. despite the ongoing work... o'malley says the public is still largely unaware that children and teenagers are exploited for
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sex... and that workers are exploited by their employers. the d-a's office says if something doesnt look right... speak up. (grant) if you ride bart, you may have noticed some of the seats have turned yellow recently.(vicki) take a look... bart says they are replacing the covers of all priority seats on cars with this new yellow-mustard fabric. they say it's a way to remind people that those seats are for those who need it. the priority seats next to the train door are for seniors and people with disabilities. the process is expected to take a few months to complete. bart's new fleet of the future cars already have a different color for priority seating. (grant) still ahead... a woman in the east bay accidentally flushes her engagement ring down the toilet... we'll tell you the length the couple went through to get the ring back.... (lawrence bay area weather)
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you ever remember an athlete who started only 7 games and then went straight to being the hiughest paid player in his game.say hello tp jimmy garappolo who has agreed to a 5 year 137.5 million dollar contract...74 mil quarterabck the 49ers. ofcourse numbrer one they are paying him for his productivity....bu a close seond it's the hope and
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spiririt that 49er fans have regained because of his prescence........the 49ers needed one guy to make their followers believe good times were on the horizon......good for d for garrapolo....hopefully he can at least live up to haslf the contract. it was a party in philadelphia the eagles were celebrating their first super bowl championship. organizers say they were expecting at least two million people to attend the parade. the last pro team from philadelphia to win a world title were the 2008 phillies. the eagles last world championship was in 1960. the five-mile route started at lincoln financial and ended at the art musuem steps that
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slyvester stallone climbed in the "rocky" movies. center, jason kelce, dressed in a full aladdin costume... stole the show. "doug pederson, when doug pederson was hired he was rated as the worst hire by a lot of analyst in the media. this past offseason some clown named mike lombardi told him he was the least qualified head coach in the nfl. you know what underdogs is? it's a hungry dog and jeff stalin has had this in our a quote in the o-line room that stood on the wall for the last five years... hungry dogs run faster, that's this team".
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new at nine...on average there is one ticket issued every five minutes at the broadway caltrain crossing in the city of burlingame (vick) and you'd think that after two seperate train crashes people would get the message ..... .. hey good morning, the reason i'm stopping you is because you were stopping right on top of the tracksstopping on active train tracks is extremely dangerous, trains roll through at close to 80 miles per hour and takes almost a mile to stop nats: ambiance but everyday at the broadway caltrain crossing in burlingame drivers risk getting hitby stopping on the tracks nats: ambiance except this day was pop quiz day for drivers(sound of siren) what happened, (i don't know i want
9:46 pm
sure if i should stop on the tracks.) you should never stop on the tracks (or before it or after it) so let's take a little quiz, should you stop on the tracks, before the tracks, or after the tracks (before) and what did you do (on) so that means you did what (not the right thing) you failed i did fail a lot of of other divers failed too, and they received instant grades in the form of a ticket like this driver who stopped on the tracks and was immediately pulled over a word of advice, if you get pulled over for doing something unsafe around rail crossings you will almost always get a ticket you know why i'm stopping you because you stopped on the tracks i just turned the corner realized the light was red got stuck on the track got called out so keep this in mind when a train hits a car or a person, the train will always win . always also there is only one way you can get hit.. it's being on the tracks even partially... what happened, i'm in a hurry to go to work i wasn't paying
9:47 pm
attention during this crackdown on average one driver was pulled over every 5 minutes for various problems around the tracks, like trying to beat the crossing arms. that ticket is the same as running a red light it comes with a 490 dollar fine and i point on your driving record nats: ambiance and if by chance you get caught stopping on the tracks the fine is 238 dollars and 1 point..but if you get hit by a train . the fines won't matter now will it in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki) four your health tonight. the f-d-a has a new warning for a very popular herbal supplement used to treat pain. kratom...may affect the body the same way opioids do. and now the f-d-a is saying it may not be safe. research reports it has been linked to 44 deaths. however, critics say the research is flawed... noting some of the victims were mixing it with other drugs. one of a handful of
9:48 pm
scientists who work with the plant... believes the herb is beneficial. (sot) "we definitely believe that this could be a solution to or part of the solution to the opioid crisis that we're currently in.""around the world kratom, an herb, has been used for centuries to help people manage pain. but also for the withdrawal from opium."(vicki) according to the centers for disease control, on average, 115 americans die every day from an opioid overdose. in 2016, opioids were responsible for more than 42-thousand deaths. (grant) happening now... brace for another round of winter-weather disruptions in the air and on the road... one the biggest snowstorm is about to hit the midwest... you're looking at dash cam video captured a massive pile up on an icy missouri interstate... and snow
9:49 pm
impacting chicago airports nationwide, more than 645 flights have already been canceled. here is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with a look at if any local airports here have been impacted lawrence? lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with warm temperatures all the way to the coast. it is a little cooler near the coast as high pressure begins to weaken. there will be some bigger changes as we head into the weekend. it will be mostly clear tonight with a few patches of coastal fog. lows will be in the 40s and 50s. on the satellite you can see how the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. this will allow an area of low pressure to drop right over the top for the weekend. it won't bring us any rain but it will help to bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures as well as gusty winds. so enjoy another mostly sunny day tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze kicking in in the afternoon. highs tomorrow will still be nice and in the 60s and mid 70s. it will be windy at times on saturday with much cooler temps in the 60s. there is a slight chance of a few light showers on monday but it doesn't look like much. mild and dry weather will return on wednesday.
9:50 pm
(vicki) new at nine... an east
9:51 pm
bay couple is breathing a sigh of relief tonight after flushing their engagement ring down the toilet, and living in fear for days.(grant) neighbors joined the search, and after snaking through 100 feet of piping over 3 days .... they were able to locate the ring. kron 4's ali reid has the unbelievable story from alamo. haileigh morrissey is all smiles tonight, but just days ago everythign in her life was at a heart literally sunk to my stomach and i put ym hands on my head. all i kept saying was omg omg omgher $10k engagement ring was accidentally flushed down the toilet ... after momentarily taking it off, and her fiance dean put it in a piece of toilet paper.the sad thing is when i did it, i had the conscious thought that this is stupidthey called a plumber, who eventually gave up after a couple of hours.he was here for about 3 hours and no success. he took the toilet off. he tried to use the snake and look but..thankfully neighbors came together for a good cause.neighors had a snake that we borrowed and
9:52 pm
luke had the metal detector even with no plumbing experience, they stuck it out ... a solid 30 hours of digging and sifting before getting it did not smell good, but we knew all the hard work would eventually helpand it did. this beauty is now back on haleigh's finger. it went from screaming and being super excited to bawling standupneighbors turned close friends are now putting the pipe back together.the happy couple will be getting married in may.until then, the ring will be only be worn on special occasions, and otherwise will be kept in a safe place.ali reid, kron 4 news
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(grant) coming up... chefs for the norwegian olympic team try to order 15-hundred eggs for the their athletes... but end up getting 15-thousand eggs instead... details on the "scrambled" message next.
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(vicki) new year, new emojis.... 157 of them in fact. (grant) the unicode consortium announced the latest additions will be released later this year. they will include a cupcake, lobster, pirate flag and more expressive smiley faces. emojis will soon have a variety of new hairstyles, such as curly or bald.... and more hair color options such as red and white. there will also be more animals. smart-phone users can expect the new emojis to be released in august or september. (vicki) if your partner loves their big macs - then they're really going to want this. the seven-layer, stackable ring is called the "bling-mac." cosmo reports it's worth upwards of 12-thousand dollars. mcdonald's is giving the 18 karat gold, gem-encrusted version of it's classic sandwich away for free. for a chance to win it, social media users must tweet out their love for the big
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mac...using the hashtag bling- mac-contest. the ring is part of a new promotional launch introducing three different big big mac, and mac junior.big mac, and grand big mac, mac sizes: grand big mac, big mac, and mac junior. (grant) anyone know how to say "we ordered too many eggs" in norwegian? norway's olympic team tweeted out this picture after accidentally ordering 15-thousand eggs instead of 15-hundred. the chefs used google translate to put in an order with a local supermarket. but they clearly made an error somewhere. they say the truck showed up and started carrying in the eggs but after a while they realized it was taking too long. that's when they asked the driver how many eggs were there and the driver replied 15,000. fortunately for the chefs, the supermarket took back 13,500 eggs.
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(vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 9.(grant) pam moore and steve aveson are here with kron 4 news at 10....guys? ((pam)) thank you grant and at ten... we are staying on top of breaking news in the east bay. brand new video into our newsroom showing the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting at a busy gas station in antioch.the suspect...consi dered a dangerous fugitive by police.we are live on the scene with the very latest. plus...going green, for eternity.we'll take you to a bay area cemetary offering an environmentally friendly's a story you will only see on kron more spring- like temperatures on the way as we get closer to the weekend.but a change is in the air.your four zone forecast is coming up.((steve)) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime continues right after the break.
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