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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 13, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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cover came off what appears to be an engine under the right wing. let's go ahaed and take a look at some videothese are pictures taken by passengers on the flight. you can see the the engine is exposed. we don't yet know why the cover came off or where the plane was when it happened. it appears from the pictures that they were at pretty high, the missing cover caused the engine to start vibrating and that led to the pilots declaring an we also have video taken by passengers showing the frightening moments just before they landed. the flight crew had everyone brace for impact by putting their heads in their arms and leaning forward. fortunately, the plane was able to land safely. as a precaution aircraft rescue & fire fighting crews at the airport in honolulu were deployed out onto the runway as a precaution.the passengers were allowed to deplane at the gate and then plane was moved to hanger where it will apparently be kept until investigators have a chance to examine the plane and figure out what happened.for now that is the very latest her at sfo, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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news.clifford kron 4 her at sfo, charles the very latest for now that is the very latest her at sfo, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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old melissa leonardo... police say they are boyfriend and girlfriend and they both lived together in a home in modesto... tonight investigators say that home... is helping to connect the dots between the victim and the suspects (vicki) gross and leonardo are being held in the santa rita jail.... they will be arraigned tomorrow. (grant) tonight--- we are hearing from the driver who found the stabbing victim on the side of the road yesterday. richard load-holt says the woman was fighting for her life when he found her... soaked in blood and dragging herself.
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was courageous. she fought, and she fought a good fight." > (grant) to hear the (grant)(grant) to hear the rest of interview with the man who found the victim-- log onto kron4 dot com... we have it posted the entire interview there. (grant) and we are learning more about the victim...lizette cuesta... the 19-year-old called a couple places home within the bay area. she was most recently living in tracy.... but kron four's spencer blake reports from san jose, where she grew up and recently graduiated high school. (looklive)i'm on the campus of silver creek high school, where lizette cuesta graduated in 2016.(vo)that means this year's juniors and seniors overlapped with her at the school.(sot)"it sounds familiar but i never knew her." (vo)when kron four spoke to some of staff at the high school, they looked somber, but said they weren't allowed
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to talk about the tragic event. the east side union high school district provided a statement, saying they are in shock and disbelief over cuesta's horrific also says, quote, "our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, and loved ones."after school some students gasped when they heard about the heinous crime, even though they didn't personally know cuesta. "sometimes we hear all these things on the news and you don't always think that it's going to happen to people that you know."(vo)after high school cuesta attended san jose city college.though she wasn't currently enrolled, the news of her death saddened fellow students."as a community as a whole, this school is very good about - the students and the faculty - everyone is pretty connected here."(vo)from her facebook page, it appears one of cuesta's hobbies in life was skateboarding.(reporter)there will be additional counselors and support staff available to students here at silver creek san jose, spencer blake, kron four news. (vicki) tonight ... a vigil is being held for the victim... lizette cuesta.. at
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great oaks skate park in san jose. kron 4's ali reid joins us live where the memorial is well underway... ali ? it's been a somber night here at this skate park...where a number of lizzette cuesta's skateboarding friends, family, and schoolmates gathered to remember the teenage victim. this brutal stabbing comes as a shock ... they say lizzette was vibrant, and fun to be around. it's so difficult for the people here tonight, that they found it difficult to explain their feelings.they displayed her photos and a skateboard in her memory.her friend's father, who happens to be a pastor ... started off the evening in prayer and got everyone here to lift their candles as they remembered the light lizzette brought to their lives.sot - these candles represent something very beautiful. your candles represent a light that cannot be extinguished. a light that although it's dark out here, the darkness cannot overtake the light. and the one thing death cannot do altough it's so tragic and painful ... is take away the memories we have of liz.the two suspects accused of stabbing lizzette to death is expected in court tomorrow.reporting live from san jose .... ali reid ... korn 4 news. (vicki) and we continue to cover
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this story online at kron4 dot com... there you can see crime scene photos as well as the suspect's booking photos.... it's all on kron-4 dot com. (vicki) 10 children were taken to the hospital... after getting very sick at a middle school in san francisco... and tonight we're learning marijuana could be to blame. (grant) kron4's dan kerman
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reports from james lick middle school in the city's noe valley neighborhood. students said they ate medical edibles and now they're in the officea 911 call about students becoming ill after ingesting medical edibles bring 7 san francisco ambulances and the fire department's mass casualty bus james lick middle school in noe valley tuesday afternoon sot lt. jonathan baxter/san francisco fire dept. 12-23 we're not sure what the substance is that the student ingested. the students named off a couple of items that they thought it was, however we are working with the hospital and poison control to determine the exact substance at which time we can divulge what that actually wasit all began with one student who went to the schools office at 120 in the afternoon reporting they were ill after ingesting something. over hour one ill student expanded 10 students who were ill. fire officials say 7 had minor symptoms, 3 others more significant symptoms.sot2 we have classified as moderate or yellow which means they are showing more severe signs which could include naseua and vomiting altered level of consciousness and they are
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being transported to a hospital and we have one student that was showing extreme adverse effects and we categorized him as red which is critical but not life threatening5 students taken to the hospital for treatment initially though eventually all 10 were to be transported. in the meantime the school district has notified parents of every child in the school just in case they too become ill.sot gentle blythe/ sf school district spokesperson 129-129if they see any symptoms or have any concerns and they should seek medical help immediately and all students in the school have been notified they will not be in trouble if they come forward having ingested something, we just want to make sure all students are safe and have the care that they need.standup dan kerman /sf 149-again authorities are not confirming what or how the students got it. in san francisco , dan kerman kron 4 news.
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lawrence karnow: to was a cool and crisp day for parts of the bay area. sunshine ruled the skies with highs in the 50s to mid 60s. winds have calmed to a gentle breeze after a gusty night. bring a light coat if you're going out tonight. there will be plenty of stars and it will be chilly. doppler radar is still showing some rain in southern california as low pressure spins along the coast. on the satellite you can see another storm coming out of the gulf of alaska. it won't bring us any rain but we will see some clouds tomorrow. valentine's day will be partly cloudy and cooler with highs in the 50s to low 60s. more sunshine is expected on thursday as high pressure begins to return and temperatures will start to warm too. warmer weather is expected on friday and saturday with some highs possible into the low 70s. major cooling will begin on sunday with the possibility of
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record cold temperatures at the start of next week and maybe some showers too. (vicki) coming up... teachers from a north bay school are coming forward saying male students are sexually harassing them.... what we are learning about the investigation tonight... (grant) plus... about a hundred people rallied in support of an east bay... family planning a wrongful death lawsuit against bart....after a man was shot and killed by an officer... what the victim's brother is saying tonight, after seeing video of the shooting.. (vicki) and up next... a deputy body-slams a high school student and it's all caught on camera... now
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to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, our queen c2 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $699, save $200. ends soon. visit for a store near you. (grant) in national news
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tonight... parents at one florida high school are outraged after video of a deputy slamming a 16 year-old was posted online. ty russell has the story. this is cell phone video given to us by a spruce high school student in volusia clearly shows a volusia county deputy grabbing a student and forcing him onto the ground. one parent told us, according to the video, the deputy overreacted.jennifer cronk/parent: "i would not be happy if that was my kid i'll say that."investigators didn't give us body cam or surveillance video they have showing before, during or after the incident. but an incident report states the deputy initially touched the student on the shoulder to direct him away from the crowd. according to report, the student turned toward the deputy-balled up his fists- and took an aggressive fighting stance.that's when the report states the deputy
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got the student onto the ground and handcuffed him.ron wilson/grandparent: "it must have been something else building up to that."the report states an argument started in the gym after one student made threats toward the student in the cell phone video and someone else. (grant) the sheriff's office says there is body camera video there is body office says the sheriff's (grant)(grant) the sheriff's office says there is body camera video of that incident but it's not being released. officials say the video backs up the deputy's account of what happened before he slammed the student (vicki) back here locally... an east bay family has filed a civil claim against bart -- paving the way for a wrongful death lawsuit. 28-year-old shaleem tidle was shot and killed by a bart police officer last month. (grant) it's a shooting that tindle's family says... never should have happened. kron four's philippe djegal reports from oakland... where tindle's family and other community members are demanding action. (philippe) shaleem tindle was killed january third... when a bart police officer shot the 28-year-old across the street from the west oakland bart station... where on tuesday, members of
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tindle's family and their attorney john burris declared the shooting was unjustified. john burris/attorney- "this is the backside of shaleem. one hole here, one here and one here." burris shared this photo of shaleem, pointing to three entry wounds on his back. the result of the three gunshots burris says bart officer joseph mateu (muh-too) the third fired at tindle. investigators found a gun on the ground after the shooting. tindle's family says it was shaleem's. in a civil claim filed by the family against bart... the tindle's say shaleem shot the man he was fighting in the leg before the officer responded... but that shaleem was not in possession of the gun when the officer opened fire. laron mayfield, shaleem's older brother witnessed the shooting... as did shaleem's two young kids.laron mayfield/shaleem's brother- "i seen it with my eyes, and it was heartbreaking. my brother put his hands up and he turned around. he has his turned. he turned around and looked at the police like what the hell are you shooting me for." john burris says the civil claim filed against bart... lays the groundwork for a wrongful death lawsuit against the transit agency. burris says the oakland police
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department, which is leading the investigation... allowed him to see the officer's body-camera footage from the incident as well as some members of the tindle family.john burris/attorney- "whatever happened before, we don't really know. but obviously there was a fight going on. but in terms of the officer's ability and legal basis to shoot, he did not have that at the time." bart says it intends to release the body-cam video once the investigation is complete. in the meantime, officer mateu (muh-too) remains on paid administrative leave. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) the city council in concord is voting tonight to consider a one-point-five million dollar contract for police body cameras, dashboard cameras and smartphones. as of right now... concord police do not currently have
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body cameras or dashboard cameras.. if approved-- all officers will have body and dash-cameras by september of this year. (grant) in the north bay... a school district has launched an investigation after several teachers have come forward saying male students are sexually harassing them. in one case...a teacher says the high school students were sending her obscene e-mails and text messages... during class. multiple high school teachers throughout marin county..who have been afriad to speak in the past...fearing retaliation...decided to talk about the issue... during a recent board meeting. (sot) (grant) the school board has now hired a private lawfirm that specializes in work place issues. the board will also be bringing in a speciality female administrator. (vicki) a warning out
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tonight for hikers on a popular trail in san mateo.... a mountain lion was spotted around 2:30 this afternoon near the crystal springs reservoir. the mountain lion was seen about a mile and a half north of the sawyer camp trail entrance on skyline boulevard. it didn't seem aggressive... but officials are warning people to be alert while walking the trail. they also say if you do come face to face with a mountain lion make a lot of noises and make yourself come off as bigger to scare it away. (grant) happening now...four climbers stranded on mount hood in oregon have just been rescued... after another climber died today after a fall. an oregon national guard official also says the climber was in the area known as "hogsback" when they tumbled between 700 to one-thousand-feet down the mountain. the climber was airlifted to a local hospital but officials say they did not survive. rescuers worked feverishly to reach four other climbers who were stranded --- including one who is injured. within the past hour those climbers were pulled to safety. (vicki) now to our four
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zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: to was a cool and crisp day for parts of the bay area. sunshine ruled the skies with highs in the 50s to mid 60s. winds have calmed to a gentle breeze after a gusty night. bring a light coat if you're going out tonight. there will be plenty of stars and it will be chilly. doppler radar is still showing some rain in southern california as low pressure spins along the coast. on the satellite you can see another storm coming out of the gulf of alaska. it won't bring us any rain but we will see some clouds tomorrow. valentine's day will be partly cloudy and cooler with highs in the 50s to low 60s. more sunshine is expected on thursday as high pressure begins to return and temperatures will start to warm too. warmer weather is
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expected on friday and saturday with some highs possible into the low 70s. major cooling will begin on sunday with the possibility of record cold temperatures at the start of next week and maybe some showers too.
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(vicki) still ahead... valentine's day is tomorrow and for all you procrastinator s why not get your sweetheart some chocolate... it's not only tastes good, it can be good for your health. we'll explain. (grant) and after the break... the momentum is building in the fight for paid family leave. the new proposal white house officials are working on to provide new parents with six weeks of paid leave. 4 your money tonight.....
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big companies have made headlines in recent years by expanding benefits for new parents.(vicki) that momentum is now growing..... paid parental leave has
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gained broad support among americans and has become a major talking point for lawmakers on both sides. in a new budget proposal released on monday.....the white house includes a family leave plan in its 2019 budget proposal. under the white house plan, new parents will get six weeks of paid leave. the budget didn't specify exactly how the benefit would work, but said the current unemployment insurance system would serve "as a base." (grant) an app that's helping employees speak up about problems at work with anonymity is gaining popularity. "blind" requires users to sign up with their company email address, but posts aren't linked back to the user. the app first launched in 2014 in south korea, but since coming to the united states a year later, it has added tens of thousands of employees from tech companies like apple, amazon, and google. businesses are taking note. last month, lyft began investigating complaints after accusations of improper access to rider data were
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posted on blind. (vicki) and is that love in the air...or french fries. fast-food restaurants are trying to lure sweethears for sliders...shakes or ice cream on valentine's day. kfc is handing out scratch-and-sniff v-day cards that give off a fried-chicken aroma. and the wingstop chain... just sold out of it's $25 dollar valentine's day kit...which came with a gift card and a heart-shaped box to fill with wings. the free gifts...are an attempt to capture the nearly $four billion bucks that the national federation expects americans to spend on a night out this valentine's day. (grrant)topvo you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, or so the saying goes.... but this valentine's day, a suitor on match-dot-com is actually a frog -- named "romeo". the 11-year-old
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bolivian water frog is on a mission to save his species. match-dot-com is teaming up with global wildlife conservation and the bolivian amphibian initiative in a fundraising campaign to help romeo find his juliet. the online dating giant will match each donation made through valentine's day... they're hoping to raise 15-thousand dollars for 10 expeditions to places where romeo's species was once common. (grant) coming up...two kron4 heroes from the bay...going the extra mile to address homelessness. how these officers actually use the classic good cop bad cop approach. (vicki) plus... as congress debates the fate of so-called 'dreamers' another court ruling could give them more time. we'll explain thelegal twist... (grant) and after the break... there has been a dramatic increase in std... how one local county is using valentine's day to try to get people to know what they're dealing with.
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now at 9:30... a scourge of the ages known as syphilis is on the rise. (grant) in santa clara count alone - there's been a three fold increase in the past five years.. now - it's not just syphilis - and health officials are sounding the alarm. kron four's rob fladeboe has the story. rob fladeboe/san jose"....with sexually transmitted diseases on the rise here in santa clara county, the health department is encouraging people to celebrate valentines day by showing you care. know your status, they say, get tested..."mirroring a trend across california and the nation, syphilis, gonorrhea
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and chlamydia have been increasing for the past five years here in santa clara county. california has the highest number of cases of all states and it's not just confined to the youngest, most sexually active people among us says the health department's dr. sarah lewis dr. sarah lewis/santa clara county health dept. "'s very worrisome because we're seeing the rise across all genders, across all sexual orientations and increasingly across all age groups. where once we saw chlamydia and gonorrhea mostly in people ages 15-25, now we are seeing these rising rates in all ages..."(full screen)in 2016, the latest data available shows that there were 6,963 cases of chlamydia, 1,914 cases of gonorrhea and 351 cases of syphilis in santa clara county. the number of cases of syphilis also tripled from 2011 to 2016. why is this happening?dr. sarah lewis/county health department "....we know it's more than the fact that we are diagnosing more cases, although that is a piece of it. it may have more to do with changing patterns about how people meet their sexual partners or how many partners they have..."std's are easily treated and cured with antibiotics, but if left untreated, can increase the risk of hiv infection and complicate pregnancy. what can people do to reduce their risk of contracting or spreading std's?dr. sarah lewis "....abstaining from sex is one option, another would be to reduce the number of partners, using condoms correctly every time and getting tested and treated
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regularly..."rob fladeboe/san jose" officials also point out that it is possible for someone to have an std and beunaware of it, potentially putting other at risk. all the more reason to get tested regularly. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (vicki) an undocumented
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immigrant is facing federal charges... after he was acquitted in the death of kate steinle last year in san francisco. jose garcia- zarate pleaded not guilty to two federal gun charges today in court. the charges came five days after his acquittal by a jury in the kate steinle case. in 2015-- steinle was walking on pier 14 with her father... when she was shot and killed. garcia-zarate's attorney claimed the shooting was accidental... and that steinle was hit by a ricocheting bullet. his subsequent acquittal prompted a firestorm of criticism from president trump toward sanctuary cities... because zarate... an undocumented immigrant... had been deported five times before the shooting. (grant) in national news... immigrant rights groups are organizing a new newtwork of neighborhood watch teams in response to threats by the trump administration of an immigration crackdown. religious groups and migrant rights activits are training hundreds of volunteers to be part of a rapid response network. observers on the teams document the arrests of
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immigrants... find them legal counsel... and support them and their familes as they navigate the court system. here in the bay area...fears of massive detentions have increased...amid reports that immigration agents are planning to arrest as many as 15 hundred people... who are in the country illegally. (vicki) in other national news... the intensifying debate over what to do about the so-called " dreamers took another turn in the courts this afternoon. a second federal judge...temporarily blocked the trump administration from ending the daca program. this...after president trump dubbed march fifth... as the deadline daca would end. for now though... a republican bill has been put forward... encompassing white house guidelines. so dreamers would get a path to citizenship... in exchange for billions in border security cuts to family- based migration...and ending the diversity lottery program. but some democrats are against it....(sot) sen. bob menendez -d- new jersey: our hope to try to achieve that, but i don't think an arbitrary deadline should ultimately snuff out the dreams of these young people.trump: it doesn't' work. and they're not giving us their finest. that we can
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tell you."(vicki) the justice department has said no current daca recipients will be affected by the decision to scrap the scheme... however no new applications would be accepted. (vicki) the city of mountain view is addressing its homeless issue head on. (grant) the police department there has created a specialized unit...tasked with outreach...and at times...enforcement. formed in july...two officers...who have been friends for work the beat together. they say despite the obvious challenges, they love what they're doing. you wouldn't call it traditional's homeless outreach.officer mike taber, mnt. view police: 5:48: "what's going on, good to see ya, obviously for the kids." and it's all day every day...for mountain view sgt. waheed, 'wally' magee and his partner, officer mike taber.on this february day, they're
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handing out donated blankets and stuffed animals.homeless child: 38:20: ""thank you." officer: "you're welcome." amber lake, homeless: 15:45: "that is awesome. what do you think you kids will think? i think they'll like it."30:35 - "is everything else okay, have you guys been to csa? yeah a lot."one of the main goals for these guys is getting homeless people to the local community services agency, or csa. officer taber: 34:20: "last time i saw him down there and i just wanted to make sure he followed through, and it looks like he did." "yeah thank you so much for everything.'' richard lake, homeless: "he took me down to csa. got me in with them, they have a food pantry, different things like medical trailers, so they've been a lot of help."but the job is certainly not always that easy.sgt. wahed 'wally' magee, mnt. view police: 51:42 - "it can take a toll on you emotionally, yeah we're cops we have a badge and vest but we're people to an it takes a toll when you see sad things." officer taber: 48:04: it's challenging. being in a police uniform it's hard to get people to trust you, especially when you're offering them services, so it's an uphill battle sometimes, but i take that as a challenge to try to prove to these people that i'm just a normal guy and i just want to get them help it doesn't really matter what i'm wearing. hear my voice, hear what i'm saying, let my actions speak for me. the key, they say, is balance.sgt. magee: 57:18 - "being a part of society means following laws, so having that balance
9:36 pm
approach when dealing with a vulnerable population that could be in violation of different things. vehicle code violations with registration, sometimes narcotic use, and sometimes they're just out of their luck and they need help, so making sure we balance how we're dealing with things and having compassion." richard lake: i have expired tags on my truck and they're lenient, they understand my situation." and that's just it.every situation is different.and when you can help people, especially kids - that's the best.sgt. magee: 51:24 - that's why it's rewarding, going out and doing this today, they're smiling, chasing me with their shark, i mean, that's what i do with my kid, you know, he has an iron man toy and we run around.two dedicated cops, one complicated mission...for these kron4 heroes...helping homeless people and the communities in which they live. (vicki) and these two actually
9:37 pm
employ the good cop bad cop approach.(grant) officer taber says he's more outreach focused... and hopefully people play ball and work with them. but if not, sgt mageee, who's often more focused on the letter of the law steps in and then the two partners work to... as they say... troubleshoot the situation. (vicki) still ahead... a couple from new mexico keeps a valentine's day tradition alive for 39 years... and it all started with a box of chocolates... but not just any ordinary box, we'll explain... (lawrence bay area weather)
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at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that,
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imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. two major sports topics
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today...respected nba coach greg popovich saying america is racist.... and warrior boss steve kerr answering why he let his players coach last night."i don't feel like we've focused well at all the last month and it seemed like just the right thing to do. i thought they communicated really well together, and they drew up some nice plays and it was a good night for the guys. "there's some people out there who feel that this might be disrespectful to the suns.""had nothing to do with being disrsepectful, it had to do with trying to reach my team. i have not reached them for the last month. they're tired of my voice. i'm tired of my voice." "steve, how do you think
9:41 pm
draymond in particular handled the huddles. "i don't know. i wasn;t listening (reporters laugh)." hard to argue with a two time champion... but ask yourself if you were phoenix and had lost by 46 points....would you appreciate a team experimenting on you???? tnow to popovich ... we got a pretty good sample on our morning show in regards how sports fans feel about things... many did not like popinvich's response.""i think it's pretty obvious - the league is made up of a lot of black guys. so, to honor that and understand it is pretty simplistic. how would you ignore that? but more importantly, we live in a racist country that hasn't figured it out yet.(wipe to popovich broll) . here are popvichs
9:42 pm
credentials for making this statement...over 30 years in coaching traveling with black athletes... he has seen alot..both positive and negative in regrads how his players are treated. for the record popovich is a graduate of the air force academy and served 5 years of active duty just to personalize this story....playing in college on a predominatly black basketball could feel often times the nervous in certain parts of the country when you entred a resturant with your teammates. i don't know if its racism...or just people who are uncomfortable with indivduals they can't relate to.... again its hard to argue with popovichs it you agree with his fine....and if you don't remember he is only a
9:43 pm
basketbal coach....with an oipinion just like you and i... see you next hour. coming up(who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it than you toohmmm they can see me but not the red light i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now, our queen c2 mattress is only $699, save $200.
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ends soon. visit for a store near you. (grant) if you drive around the bay area, this has probably happened to you. (vicki) you see two red lights in a row. you stop at the first and wonder if you can creep up to the second. well you can't. stanley roberts explains.
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.. (who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it thank you you too while i'm recording in public is some information that will save you the headache of getting a ticket for running a red light see this black and white sign which reads stop here on red . it's pretty much self explanatory but just in case its still confusing ill try to dumb it downnats: ambiance i'm just outside the moutain view caltrain station on castro street and there are two sets of lights one set before the tracks and one set behind the tracks when the light turns red everyone must stop here at this limit line and wait for the light to turn green easier said than done. nats: ambiance because many drivers roll right past the first set of red lights and stop at the second set . the problem with that is when you do that you are running the red light nats: ambiancein other cases drivers stop at the limit line only to drive forward to the second set again that is considered running the red light whether in a car or on a bicycle nats: ambiance all day every day you will see drivers run the
9:47 pm
red risking 400 dollar ticket and point you your driving record the reason for this is simple, it's to prevent people from stopping on the caltrain tracks and potentially getting hit by a train nats: ambiance and even with a green light drivers need to keep clear of the tracks all to often i watch drivers get stuck on the tracks or have to back up when if they stayed behind the stop here on red sign they would put themselves in a sticky situation. if driver would pull there head out there phones and pay attention to the road many of the mistakes could be avoided nats: ambiance so basically keep back until its your turn you can save money by not getting a ticket or have a life by not getting hit by a train .. in mountain view stanley roberts kron 4 news
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lawrence karnow: to was a cool and crisp day for bay area. sunshine ruled the skies with highs in the 50s to mid 60s. winds have calmed to a gentle breeze after a gusty night. bring a light coat if you're going out tonight. there will be plenty of stars and it will be chilly. doppler radar is still showing some rain in southern california as low pressure spins along the coast. on the satellite you can see another storm coming out of the gulf of alaska. it won't bring us any rain but we will see some clouds tomorrow. valentine's day will be partly cloudy and cooler with highs in the 50s to low 60s. more
9:49 pm
sunshine is expected on thursday as high pressure begins to return and temperatures will start to warm too. warmer weather is expected on friday and saturday with some highs the low 70s. major cooling will begin on sunday with the possibility of record cold temperatures at the start of next week and maybe some showers too. (vicki) tomorrow is valentine's day- and if you don't know what to get your significant other- try chocolate. while it may be linked with love and romance, it also has some healthy benefits. one study says as little as a quarter of an ounce of chocolate a day may keep the heart doctor away, dark chocolate that is. (vicki) the german institute of
9:50 pm
human nutrition says it could lower the risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke. another study says chocolate can help improve a person's mood. its also a good antioxidant and helps with inflammation. (grant) one couple in in new mexico... is marking 39 years of celebrating valentine's day with their special tradition.(vicki)2 shot reporter megan cruz shows us the unique box of chocolates...the husband's been buying all these years... to help his wife remember this special memory. ron kramer/husband:"this is to my valentine."natsyou're wrong because this is no ordinary box of chocolates.natsto explain, let's go back in time to 1979.ron kramer was an
9:51 pm
insurance salesman here in january, he knocked on donna's door.donna kramer/wife:"he saw me first in my quilted bathrobe. i was really sexy!"ron kramer/husband:"and what did you have on your feet?"donna kramer/wife:"oh yeah, big bird slippers!"they started to date. on valentine's day, he asked if she liked chocolates.ron kramer/husband:"she says yes, i like dark chocolate cremes and i like it from buffet's candies."ron dutifully obliged. the staff at the candy shop... ron kramer/husband:"they said if you bring this box back next year and you want to refill it, we won't charge you for the box, we'll just charge you for the candy."natshe didn't think anything of it at the time, but donna...ron kramer/husband:"i wouldn't have had enough sense to do that."saw a tradition in the making. so, this valentine's day is the 39th year he's used this same box to give sweets to his sweet.megan cruz/reporter:"so do you pick the chocolates that go into the box or do you let them pick?"ron kramer/husband:"no, i let them pick, as long as it's dark chocolate cremes, and they know the variety better."store worker: "we'll see you next year?"ron kramer/husband:"you bet you
9:52 pm
will. we're not done with this box yet."with his heart... in his hands.natsron walks into brookdale... an assistant living facility.donna was diagnosed with dementia in 2014.ron kramer/husband:"she got to the point where she couldn't write, she couldn't speak, she couldn't go to the restroom. she couldn't do anything by herself. she had go into a home in august 2015, and that was probably the saddest day of my life."nats ron kramer/husband:"she's going to forget. she's going to forget who i am... so enjoy every minute you can have with them while they still remember you."lucky for him, she remembered.megan cruz/reporter: "you're a lucky lady!"donna kramer/wife:"i know. that's why i'm going to keep him. he's a keeper!"megan cruz/reporter:"you haven't kicked him to the curb yet!" megan cruz/reporter:"oh hell no!" (vicki) that was megan cruz reporting...(grant) the couple has been married for over 30 years...
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. fat tuesday is officially
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here and families are turning out for the holiday...(vicki) it's the only time of the year where you can find alligators, dragons and tourists celebrating together. more than 100 people came out to jackson square in new orleans this morning to watch as mardi gras festivities got under way. the first parade, zulu, got the crowds
9:56 pm
shouting for beads, toy spears and zulu's signature painted coconuts. (grant) recent frigid temperatures have made way for some fun for two friends in missouri. they recorded this slow-mo video of one of them jupmping on a trampoline that is lined in ice. you can see the ice sheet shatter into a million pieces. one of their mother's uploaded the video to youtube that has been seen over 30-thousand times. (vicki) this video of a giant wild boar scrounging for food for his babies in hong kong is going viral on social media. you can see the three piglets patiently keeping watch as their hungry daddy stands on two legs to
9:57 pm
hunt through the dumpster. no word on what kind of chinese delicacies he must have been after... but it's safe to say people avoided taking out their garbage while that big family was around. (grant)thank you joining us tonight at nine. (vicki)steve aveson is here with what is coming up at tensteve? (steve) questions and confusion at a vigil for a murderd bay area 19-year-old. next at ten: what friends and family say they wished they could have told her before she died. plus: how community leaders are helping residents pulled strength from lizette cuesta's fight to the very end. plus: battling the housing market is tough in the bay area. coming up at ten an in-depth look at one woman who says it was mere luck that helped her find a place to live.. but many other seniors are in very different it was cool and sunny today. next: chief meterologist lawrence karnow has how that will change for
9:58 pm
your work day tomorrow.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
i wish i told her and she knew that i loved her with all my heart... and i wish i would just explain this to her. (steve)now at ten: just moments ago .. a vigil for the young east bay woman ended.. where friends and family say her life ended too soon. thank you for joining us im steve aveson. (vicki)and im vicki liviakis.. in for pam moore. 19-year-old lizette cuesta was remembered for her strength... and her will to live until the very end. (steve) the mood at her vigil was very somber as the community says they are overcome with sadness. (vicki) as many stood hurt and confused ... they are trying to lean on each in this difficult time. kron 4's ali reid was at the vigil...ali, what were the words of comfort from community leaders.


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