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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 20, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> then -- after fergie national anthem fail, josh duhamel to the rescue? jlaw's got a crush. the young oscar nominee jennifer is gushing over. >> i'm waiting for him to get a little older like a pig for slaughter and i'm going to swing right in there. >> this is "entertainment tonight tonight.". >> jennifer aniston and justin theroux secretly leading separate lives before their split? >> we are new info on why there was mounting pressure to talk about their break up. >> justin theroux was set to be a guest on the late show with stephen colbert but he pulled out. what's behind the cancellation? >> a source tells us justin is going to lay low and try to recalibrate. the last thing he needs is to be
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on a major talk show so soon after a major announcement. the 46-year-old actor has two upcoming netflix projects to promote, the tv series maniac and the movie mute where justin wears a blonde wig and plays a surgeon, also a source tells "e.t." jen and justin weren't planning to make the split announcement last week. there was mounting pressure as the tabloids and pop rat si were catching on to the fact they were apart. when justin was in l.a. with jen he was reportedly spending most of his time in the guest house. the bel air estate is featured in "architectural digest." finally jen on break ups. she shared her philosophy with us in 2006 and could explain why she's doing fine. >> relationships happen. they happen for a reason, a specific period of time.
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they're not necessarily meant to go on forever. >> all right. we hear you. let's go back to late night for a second. jen's frequent co-star jason bateman is set to go on jimmy kimmel. jason married justin antigen. >> i think kimmel will go there in his own jimmy way. >> they have to do it. >> from a split to a wedding. we have news on prince harry and meghan markles upcoming i dos. first kate steps out one day after her bafta snafu. here's how the duchess is making fashion news. kate's 7 month baby bump was visible. she was celebrating british designers. she co-hosted with do co if i the countess of wes sex. the duchess donned a dress from erdem.
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the countess wore burr berry. kate chatted with stella mccartney. the duchess met with vogue editor and chief anna wintour. the prince took a spin on a new bike while touring the factory. in royal wedding news meghan markle is busy planning. a source tells "e.t." she has met with her dress designing aiming to make the wedding intimate. >> i will. of course i will. ♪ >> the two made it a date night on friday attending hamilton. meghan previously saw it in new york with pher gal pal. at a runway show for quinn
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wintour kept her sunglasses on and the queen seemed to like the fashion. >> looks thrilled. >> also during london fashion week amal clooney and her mom checked out the show room with the company's ceo. george released a serious statement today. nischelle turner is here with that. >> he's showing his heart one against. he announced he and his family will join high schoolers from parkland, florida at their protest in d.c. next month. quote in the name of our children ella and alexander we're donating $500,000 to help pay for this ground breaking event. >> how awesome. more news about singer fergie. >> in tonight's know and tell fergie's gift. ♪ >> frergy's friendly ex josh
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duhamel is offering some support after the singer was blasted for her jazzing rendition of the national an item. ♪ say ♪ >> josh brought a bouquet of roses to the singer's l.a. home. on the card the words i love you even though they called it quits a year ago. ♪ life goes on >> josh posted on instagram this adorable message from axel. love is so strong nobody can break it not even hulk. >> up next the on again couple's trip to the caribbean marks a milestone. selena is justin's date to his dad's wedding. a source tells us justin's family welcomed back selena with open arms. however the same can't be said of selena's family quote they're not quite there yet. justin and selena are going strong. they're together all the time.
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finally, dakota johnson and chris martin smar a sweet date. the low key couple of four months stepped out in vancouver whoo dakota is shooting a new movie and appear happy. the "fifty shades freed" star may have some competition for her man. diane keaton told ellen she has a crush on the cold play frontman. he's gorgeous. he was wearing a hat like this. it was to die for. >> diane said when she saw chris she didn't even really know it was him. we should point out diane was kicking back with a little wine while telling this story. >> all right. let's turn to a highly anticipated celebration of another kind. today was supposed to be the day the dance mom's star abby lee miller would be released from prison. unfortunately that just went bust. a source tells "e.t." miller is definitely not getting out
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today. a major blow for her. abby lee served seven months of her 366 day sentence. she plead guilty to bankruptcy fraud in 2016. this is what miller looks like now. at least 100 pounds lighter than when she went in. our cameras were there with her last year. >> i hate what i look like on tv. i want to look better. nothing makes the mothers more jealous. >> our source tells us the dance mom's star is looking forward to life out of prison. while somethings have been horrific in prison somethings are pretty much the same. another source adds miller will be going under the knife soon. she'll be furthering her physical transformation with a tummy tuck and skin removal surgery. >> it's been a long time coming. i feel like i'm in control of my own life. >> abby lee won't be completely.
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she'll be living in a halfway hour and according to our source will have lots to say about her time away. >> now under federal guidelines with good behavior abby could be free as early as may after serving 85% of her sentence. she'll have two years of supervised release where she'll be monitored by probation. i want to say who goes to jail and comes out looking better. abby looks great. >> she'll have a lot to talk about. >> coming up next -- >> "black panther" what you don't know about the movie breaking box office records, the emmy winner who secretly had a hand in the script. >> plus chris evans on the marvel cast photo and his secret past as a board game model. >> then the stars most bizarre beauty secrets. jenna dewan tatum's
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>> "e.t." isn't just on the air. we're
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♪ you get to decide what cooped of king you are going to be. >> if you are one of the many folks who helped "black panther" hit $242 million in ticket sales this weekend, you know what, you may have noticed something. >> you may have noticed that donald glover and his brother were thanked in the credits. >> marvel knocked things down. we had a couple hours to look over it and punch up some jokes.
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it was cool to get our finger prints on there. >> it was cool to get your finger prints on there. there's also this lupita nyongo has recreated this shirtless rolling stone cover to celebrate the success of the movie. >> this is history in the making. chadwick got to take part of the photo with all the super heros including chris evans who is still reeling from that amazing day. >> everywhere you looked there was another person from an iconic film that probably meant something to you over the course of your acting career. it was really exciting. >> chris had a prime spot sitting dead center behind robert downey, jr. and pretty close to chris pratt and hemsworth. the chris is leaving marvel behind for broadway starring in lobby h ro. chris as a cop or as cap? >> i have a soft spot for the cap uniform.
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i think he weeds his power in a responsible manner. >> acting on stage is where chris got his start. check out this letter. christopher evans wrote hoping for a theater internship. before that he was a model on the 1990's board game mystery date. >> we still have the board game. there's a couple local casting directors. they would say there's an audition tomorrow for whatever, like a ford commercial, fruit roll up, whatever it was and you would be thrilled. one day i got a call about that and got lucky. highlight of sophomore year. >> chris also needs to thank his mom lisa who has been the artistic director of the theater forgiving him his big start. that's in massachusetts. >> always starts with mom. >> and chris has a major event on the way. all the marvel super heros
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coming together in avenger's infinity war. >> we've been waiting on that. >> still to come -- >> don't mess with jlaw. how she got into a bar fight. >> bar fight? >> i did that? >> then the star moms showing off her post baby abs. how she did it? then we reveal the celeb's cutting edge beauty treatments from the bizarre to the painful. >> of course it's [ bleep ] painful. >> bee stings, smoothies and the strangest tip of all. >> put that butt cream on your face. >> closed captioning provided by -- there's only one place where you can get...
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♪ that is jennifer lawrence today in london at the photo call for her movie "red sparrow." jlaw's plunging versace gown beautiful. giving us elizabeth hurley
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vibes. >> you might remember the iconic dress hurley wore to "four weddings and a funeral." i'm loving jlaw's hair. >> stunning. >> all eyes were on jennifer in london. only carly steele sat down with her before she left for engineer lan. even her co-star found it hard to resist jlaw's charm. >> how is your is he duck shun technique? are you coy and flirty or direct? >> very direct. >> jen is very direct. >> i never hit on you. >> i never said that. i said that's one of your qualities. >> sexy is he duck tv jlaw. after turns heads last night in a gold sequin dior gown is she turning eyes on her co-star? >> the fact you've never hit on me is like -- i'm waiting. >> i thought i saw you in the
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pool yesterday. >> are we going to become friends? >> jennifer plays a russian spy who masters the art of is he deck shun. as for her is he duck shun skills in real life? >> say i'm not making eyes on you. >> i'm not processing that as you hitting on me. to me it looks like you're sick. >> i am, love sick. >> you need to throw up. >> who would jlaw seduce, oscar nominee timothee chalamet comes to mind. >> i didn't realize he's so young. i'm waiting for him to get a little older. butter him up like a pig for slauter. i'm going to swing right in there. just tell him to wait. so talented. he's old enough to say that. he's over 18. >> yeah, 22. >> what if i was like he's hot and he's like 15? >> he is old enough to drink. they might want to avoid the
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club scene. while filming jennifer got into a bar fight and francis had to break it out. >> francis was like i saw some guy wet and crying. i was like i did that. >> you don't want to mess with jlaw or her bestie amy schumer. jennifer said they will begin filming their comedy soon. i cannot wait for this. she's going to be in ocean eight this june, rihanna. >> riri is celebrating. she turned the big 30. she instagrammed herself in i hate reality t-shirt. the caption last day to make a bad decision an blat it on the 20s. >> rihanna you're doing just fine. >> kicking butt and looking good. here's how other hollywood stars
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slay. >> come on. >> obviously you have to do this combination with working out. >> jenna dewan tatum does lasers to tighten the skin on her tummy and a cocktail of shimmer make up. >> madonna makes 59 look like 39 by doing fork facials. wait a minute. what? >> this facial happening with forks. it works really good. tightens the skin. >> trisha yearwood just tried goat yoga. >> when you're in that position you know there's a goat on you. i had to explain some scratches and hoof marks. garth was fine with it. >> what are some other celeb secrets. pilates indicate hudson does collagen smoothies. hallie berry works out with her trainer. gwyneth has tried steaming her lady parts to bee stings. >> the bee sting has these
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amazing healing properties. >> is it really painful? >> of course it's [ bleep ] painful. >> i've been wrapped in foil. >> girl, i felt hot and sticky and wanted to take a shower. i want to try the pedicure with the fish that eat the dead skin. >> mandy more, demi lovato have tried cryotherapy. it burns 800 calories in three minutes. >> it's freezing. i don't like this. >> it's not so bad. >> maybe the most interesting beauty tip we heard comes from sandra bullock, use preparation h for lines and under eye bags. >> if you want to put butt cream on your face, put that butt cream on your face. >> she looks amaze. >> we know somebody who does
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that. >> anyway -- >> check out catherine heigl. >> this is one year after she gave birth to son joshua and this one is this past weekend. i mean -- >> go girl. >> do your thing. heigl admitting the process is slow. she didn't go to the gym. >> instead she used an app that gave her work out routines at home. gotta love that. >> congratulations. >> coming up which "black panther" is rehearsing for his "snl" debut. ♪ next on kron-4 news at
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♪ >> it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoo! >> "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's
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seen. >> bigger better and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> selfie. one, two, three. >> on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by -- >> i'm going to be the best dad ever because i love this little girl so much that i don't even have a choice. >> "this is us" returns a week from tonight on nbc. sterling k. brown is appearing on another hit. >> sterling who is also in "black panther" will host "snl" for the first time. i hope he invites the cast. >> they need to laugh. >> he took to instagram to give
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us a preview. >> live from new york it's saturday night. live from new york it's saturday night with your host sterling k. brown. ladies and gentlemen, sterling k. brown! the crowd goes crazy. >> fun already. >> congratulations. >> bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ how beautiful, ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
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pick your free yogurt now at eight ... why thousands of convicted criminals in the east bay could find their records wiped clean.whoosh something's missing from this picture. low reservoir levels and no rain on the horizon. what we are learning about possible new water restrictions.whoosh what i felt were jolts the east bay shaken by a new swarm of seismic shakes. tonight
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... quake experts talk about the chances of a bigger earthquake.whoosh are you for or against the killing of students. it's a yes or no answer. there is no in between, this time it's students testing adults ... parkland shooting survivors confront florida legislators over gun control.


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