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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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parkland school shooting survivors tell legislators and the president to end gun violencewhooshholy ááá ilm going to keep on videotaping and only on four ... we talk to the man you see being kicked and pummeled outside a san francisco night club. officer: "where? shots fired west oakland shots fired."( steve ) video from bart...showing the frantic moments before, during, and after a deadly police shooting. good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. last night on kron4 news at eight... we showed you a áportion of that video... which had been leaked on the internet. that leak, prompted bart to release the entire video today. our grant lodes has been working this story... and is here with that new video. (grant) first off...we
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want to warn's graphic. shaleem tindle was killed january third when a bart police officer shot the 28-year-old across the street from the west oakland bart station. here now...the video the transit agency released today. (grant) prominent local civil
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rights attorney john rights local civil prominent (grant) prominent local civil rights attorney john burris is representing shaleem tindle's family...and in a press conference last week... burris said that police officer joseph mateu the third... shot tindle multiple times in the back. investigators found a gun on the ground after the shooting. tindle's family admits... it was shaleem's. but in a civil claim... filed by the family against bart... the
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tindle's say shaleem shot the man he was fighting on the ground...before the officer responded... but the family is adamant that shaleem was not holding the gun when the áofficer opened fire. "what (pam) bart's police chief held a news conference today .. as the agency officially released the body camera video. (steve) kron 4's gabe slate was there...he joins us live tonight from oakland.. and gabe ...the chief wants the public to have all the facts before rushing to judgment. the bart police chief said the video that leaked yesterday on the internet does not show the entire story it was just a few seconds of a video that is over 1 minute he wanted to release the body camera footage so that the public could see the entire video. sound from - bart police chief carlos rojashas everybody's running into the station in a frenzy he's running towards gunfire and what i call that
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is couragebart police chief carlos rojos wants the public to not rush to judgement on his officerfor the january 3rd shooting that ended in 28 year old shaleem tindle's death. chief rojas says the short clip of the body cam footage leaked on the interenet tuesday shows just part of the storysound from - bart police chief carlos rojasand so he finds himself at 7th and chester in front of them struggling for what i believe to be a handgun to individual struggling for a handgun in yellow and i believe that and i believe that the individual that's trying to fight for his life has already been shot by mr tindle give another shooting at already occurred on assault with a deadly weapon or attempt homicide all that remains for that finishing off his it's just the movement of the finger and you have a individual and were investigating a homicide there based on the video and i believe he's holding the gun at the time at the time he is shot and there's at least 3 times he yells let me see your hands words to that effect oakland police and bart police are still investigating the incident.sound from - bart police chief carlos rojas
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criminal culpability investigation on criminal culpability on part of death officer inshaleem tindle's family believe the officer fired his weapon to quickly not giving shaleem time to raise his hands and cooperate. sound from - john burris - tindle family attorneyhe shoots shaleem in the back, he could not have seen a weapon of any kind.the tindle family has hired famed civil rights attorney john burris andhas filed a civil claim against bart paving way for a wrongful death lawsuit.sound from - john burris - tindle family attorneyin terms of legal basis to shoot he did not have that at the time in oakland gabe slate kron 4 news
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(steve) new tonight at 8. santa cruz police are reminding people that if they see someone of any age having a violent outburst, they should contact authorities before someone gets hurt.... (pam) the warning comes after they discovered an 11- year old child.. had planned to harm 3 other elementary school students. kron 4's dan kerman reports it's here at bay view elementary school in santa cruz where police say an 11 year old intended to harm several other students.police discovered this after the 5th
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grader lost control in class tuesday afternoon.sot andrew mills/santa cruz police chief 12-19he was vandalizing property, throwing it out the classroom, just really having an emotional outburstas per protocol, a teacher evacuated the other students and the police department's school resource officer was contacted as the child barricaded himself inside the classroom. when police arrived he was safely removed from the school and taken to a healthcare facility. only later did police discover he planned to harm other students.sotthe child had targeted three different students to harm them and that was the unspecified threat that he was going to harm these students. police say the 11 year old had ongoing issues with other students prior to tuesday but would not elaborate as what that was. after learning of the threat, police removed a licensed handgun that was in the 11 year old's home out of an abundance of caution.sotthe gun was in the house in a room accessible to the child, but there was a cable in the gun so in the parents mind it was secure.but not secure enough for police though they can't say whether the child intended to use the gun to carry out
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his threat.sot michelle stroet/grandparentterrifying, i have 4 children and 3 grandchildren and i have them in 3 different schools in santa cruz county.this woman's granddaughter attends a preschool located on the bay view elementary campussot i am so grateful to whoever handled itstandup dan kerman/santa cruz 137-147both police and the school district will review the incident to make sure protocol was followed and whether anything needs to change. they will also host a meeting for parents here at the school thursday afternoon. in santa cruz, dan kerman kron4news.154/std (pam)(pam) tens of thousands of students across the nation.... standing in solidarity with survivors of the florida school shooting.
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all to send a powerful messages to lawmakers.. and urge them to pass tougher gun laws. this was in washington d-c.. (pam) and thousands of people converged on the florida state capitol with the same rallying cry. survivors of the shooting taking their fight directly to tallahassee. calling for changes to current gun law... including a ban on weapons like the a-r-15... (steve) 400 miles away.... 2- thousand students, parents and teachers held hands and chanted never again outside marjory douglas stoneman high school in parkland florida. and students in washington d- c took their message straight to the white house. holding a protest there (steve) other survivors from florida were inside the white house. delivering appeals to president trump to act on school safety.(pam) the guests at the listening session were personally affected by some of the most high- profile school shootings in america, including columbine, sandy hook , and last week's shooting in parkland, florida. (steve) and emotions ran high as
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students and parents shared the horror of their experiences...and their frustrations.
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website.. we have the reaction from president trump on last week's shooting plus... video of students across the nation protesting gun violence.and how the bay area group "moms demand action" plans to join forces with other anti-violence groups across the's all just a click away... at kron 4 dot com. coming up at eight.. fairfield police looking into a homicide of a 28- year old benicia man. who investigators say they want to talk with ... plus. san francisco unveils a new plan to fight the epidemic of car break-ins. how they are getting the community involved. and next... a man attacked outside a nightclub... and it is all caught on camera .. we hear from the victim. a story you'll see only on kron-4.
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a quick punch to the face ... left a san francisco man ... bloody and bruised... it happened outside a nightclub
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in the city.. (pam) the man says, the club's bouncers assaulted him.(steve) he is sharing his story with only kron 4's justine waldman. she is live now in our newsroom with this story. (justine) he tells me he is sharing the video with kron it can serve as a warning to others. nats in this video he shared with kron looks like jonathan, in the blue jacket on the ground, takes an upper cut punch to the face... he says this was just after a bouncer at encore karakoe club on california and polk street denied letting him in friday night. then beat him up.sot i expect security to keep me safe not injure me jonathan did not want to show his face during our interview because of his bruises.sot i am still pretty out of it i have a black eye and swollen spot in my forehead the bike delivery rider from san francisco admits... he had been drinking but was not drunk. and the club's door bouncer got aggravated with him when he couldn't find his id, and instead showed his crows feet to illustrate his
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age.sot when i squinted my eyes he grabbed me by my neck and tried to physically remove me from the premises jonathan says he got tossed to the curb and kicked in the face, by three people who work at the club. the video only shows a man punching him.sot i had a concussion so i was vomiting for the next day and half several on-line reviews for the karakoe club, reveal claims of assaults by bouncers. and rip the place for how it treats people. jonathan knows he will he heal, and hopes the club learns a lesson.sot i would like the business to cease to exist. (justine) the owner of the karaoke club, chris, did not want to go on-camera and spoke very briefly to me over the phone... saying, "i have no interest in talking about
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this." live in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news. (pam) a benecia man's body was found this morning in a parking lot near downtown fairfield. the victim's name has not been released yet. police are investigating this incident as a homicide... they say, the 28-year-old victim's death was not a random act... they say, the victim and the suspect were familiar with each other. police provided this photograph of the suspect... and a friend of the victim says, people in the area ... believe they know who committed the crime. "they heard screams and i guess he was beat, or stabbed or something...everyone pretty much thinks or knows who did it," said griffin. "they're looking for him. he's a known bully. he bullies people. he got into it with a couple of other people at the library was threatening them."(pam) police say, there is nothing to worry about... as they are investigating the situation... and have numerous officers and detectives working to get a lead on the case. (steve) calling the rash of car break-ins in san francisco an epidemic, the district attorney has unveiled a new plan to fight
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the crime wave. kron 4's maureen kelly reports that a new digital tip-line has been set-up... where witnesses can turn over evidence to help crack these cases. it's a frustrating crime that happens all over the city....crooks smashing in car windows and getting away with valuables. it happened 31- thousand times last year in san francisco...and partly because it happens so quickly.....arrests are rare. but today the d-a announced that he is seeking a million dollars in city funds to create an auto burglary task force....and has launched a digital tip line where people who witness these crime...can call or email in suspect descriptions....or submit pictures and video. they are also asking those with video surviellance cameras to register them with the d-a's office so investigators can follow up if crime happened near broken glass....the pieces of evidence in these crimes are scattered everywere....and the d-a believes a dedicated team can piece it all together and make some key reason....they believe many of these crimes are being committed by a lot of the same people.the auto burglary problem in our city is primarily driven by organized crime what i'm saying about organize crime i'm talking about organize groups of people that go in very quickly
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they might break into multiple vehicles there often using either stolen vehicles or vehicles with stolen license plates or rent-a-car's in order to be able to make a quick getawaybecause tourist destinations like by the palace of fine arts are being hit hard...the sf travel association is working on educating the city's visitors not to leave valuables in their cars. we do here from visitors who are very frustrated they are concerned they feel violated and we know this is a crisis in an epidemic that we need to resolve and we need to get ahead of it proactively as well here's a sample of the form on the car break in tip line website....the d-a's office wants to make clear that victims who's cars are broken into should still file a police report...this is for anyone who has any addition evidence to turn over...they say even photographs or video going back several years can be submitted. you can find a link to the tipline on our website, kron4-dot-com. maureen kelly kron4 news
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was another chilly day with partly cloudy skies and a few scattered showers. it will be another chilly night with lows in the upper 20s and 30s. if you're going out tonight grab a jacket. it will be chilly outside with stars and a few clouds. on the satellite image
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you can see another cold storm to our north. that will be moving in later tonight bringing a chance of a few showers. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a chance of a few shower and some snow on our local mountains. it will also be windy and cold with highs in the upper 40s to mid 50s. dry and cool weather will return on friday. it looks dry and warmer this weekend with a few passing clouds. rain is possilbe on monday with more shower later in the week. if you're traveling to the sierra make sure to bring chains. snow is forecast there tomorrow.
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new ahead at 8 the research that suggests drinking alcohol every day could help you live longer. plus. don't like your driver's license photograph?
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soon you could be able to pick a new one. ((gary sports tease))gary "coming up a little bit later in this broadcast the condition of the great orlando cepeda ... the giant legend ... we'll report. also rick pitino and the owner of the dallas mavericks mark cuban ... talking loud, who's listening ... coming up in a few minutes." (steve ) here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine.......come up with ideas (pam) not happy with your
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license picture? you could soon have the option to retake it. state senator josh newman has introduced a new bill .. and he says the goal... is for people to have
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license pictures they are actually proud of. under the bill... people would have two options to choose a new picture. you can ask the photographer to retake it. or, you can take your own picture away from the d-m-v... if it meets the agency's guidelines. the cost is being worked out, but the assemblyman says, it will ánot be 'expensive'. the money generated would go towards driver education programs. (steve) new tonight at 8. google's voice activity assistant is branching out to nest security cameras. and that has privacy watchdogs raising concerns google assistant is being offered to owners of the nest cams in a free update. that will give google a potentially valuable earhole as it strives to build digital command centers in people's homes. that ambition has already spurred warning about the potential for internet connected devices being used as surveillance tools nest says it's doesn't share its customers personal information without permission.
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coming up at eight.. a california school shooting foiled --- after a tip leads police to an cache of weapons ... and a 17 year old's arrest.... plus. a local mayor is calling it's california's biggest issue... now there's a one point five billion dollar request to help fix homelessness. and next. a violent struggle between a passenger and four teens on a bart train... now, investigators are looking into whether there is a connection between this .. and another crime. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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in the east bay a violent struggle between a bart passenger and four teenagers began on a train... and ended on a platform.(pam) authorities say, a few days earlier - teenagers stole a cell phone from a passenger at a different bart station... now - investigators are trying to figure out... if there is a connection between the two crimes. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story.. sot it happened just before 11am tuesday morning here at the powell street bart station in san francisco. bart spokesperson alicia trost describes how the reaction of the victim escalated the snatch and grab cellphone robbery to a violent assault
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didn't give his cellphone up, they struggled for the phone and they came out onto the platform, the stuggle continues, the victim falls, the four teenagers grab the phone and ran out of the station so fast" >this is not the first cellphone snatch and grab involving teenagers targeting passengers this year. in fact trost says this past weekend four teenagers robbed a passenger of their phone this past weekend at the ashby bart station in berkeley because the cellphone thieves are juveniles the only description bart police can provide is that they were all males and all four were able to avoid officers here at the bart police substation as they got away. bart officials are checking surveillance videos to see if there is a connection between the two cellphone robberies involving teens at powell street and the ashby san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news kron4news
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(pam) the los angeles sheriff county says, one of those threats led to the arrest of a teenager and his older brother.(steve) deputies say they had two automatic rifles with dozens of high-capacity magazines... and credit an alert school guard with averting a potential tragedy, "just two days after 17 people were killed in the florida school shooting, security officer moreno chavez who works at el camino high school, in the unincorporated area of whittier, overheard a 17-year-old students say that he was going to shoot up the school sometime in the next three weeks."the suspect, unidentified because of his age, was one of more than 3=hundred students at the high school in the los angeles suburb of whittier. district officials say he was thrown
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out of class for ignoring a ban on wearing headphones. outside in the hall, he began mumbling threats ... overheard by a school safety officer, who confronted him."he clarified to the school safety officer that in three weeks he was going to bring a gun to the school."the student claimed he was just kidding, but the threat was taken seriously."deputies learned that the 17-year-old had an extensive discipline history at the school. they also learned that a smith and wesson semiautomatic weapon was registered to his home address."armed with a search warrant, they went to his home and found an arsenal."... two ar-15 rifles, two handguns and 90 high capacity magazines." the 17 year old was arrested for making criminal threats while his older brother was arrested on weapons the school today, students and teachers said the brush with near tragedy was life altering. "i have never been afraid for myself at any school anywhere, but i am starting to feel different now.'this is the one spot where every student should feel safe for the alert school guard ...i just want to thank him (pam) sheriff jim mcdonnell also
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called the guard - chavez - a hero. (pam) city mayors across the state say, homelessness is the single biggest quality of life issue in california. (steve) the leaders of some of the state's largest cities showed up in scramento today looking for the state's help in finding a solution to the problem.(pam) that support is "cash" ... our capitol bureau reporter kody leibowitz is in sacramento tonight one-point-five billion dollars - that's how much money california mayors are asking from the state to combat homelessness.mayor libby schaaf, (d-oakland) 22;42 "this is the number one issue plaguing california."that from oakland mayor libby schaaf - who called the issue of homelessness across the state a humanitarian crisis.mayor
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libby schaaf, oakland 23;57 "it is shameful that a state as wealthy as california is not providing basic living shelter for every human being, for every resident that calls this state home." 09almost 135- thousand people are homeless in oakland, schaaf says more than 19- hundred still sleep on the streets, almost 900 in transitional - schaaf along with mayors from 11 big cities in the state - joined state lawmakers to support a bill that would set aside money for cities. the amount: up to $1.5 billion dollars this year in state matching funds money that at least one lawmaker thinks the state can afford. asm. david chiu 29;52 "that starts with putting our money where our mouth is, investing a portion of our state budget's surplus towards the worse homelessness crisis in our states history." back to oakland - schaaf says right now the city is bringing handwashing stations and garbage services to encampments and putting sheds on empty lots. (;11)mayor libby schaaf, oakland "these are band-aids. the long-term solutions is emergency assistance for people to stay housed and tremendous investment to build permanent, supportive housing." schaaf says the city has been spending money on the problem including money from its general fund. she says getting matching funds from
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the state would go a long way for cities like her's. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: it was another chilly day with partly cloudy skies and a few scattered showers. it will be another chilly night with lows in the upper 20s and 30s. if you're going out tonight grab a jacket. it will be chilly outside with stars and a few clouds. on the satellite image you can see another cold storm to our north. that will be moving in later tonight bringing a chance of a few showers. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a chance of a few shower and some snow on our local mountains. it will also be windy and cold with highs in the upper 40s to mid 50s. dry and cool weather will return on friday. it looks dry
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and warmer this weekend with a few passing clouds. rain is possilbe on monday with more shower later in the week. if you're traveling to the sierra make sure to bring chains. snow is forecast there tomorrow. (steve) (steve) 'america's pastor' billy
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graham has passed away. he died today at the age of 99. (pam) graham eventually reached millions of people ... he came from simple beginnings in north carolina. as a young man, he practiced his sermons by preaching to the alligators and birds in the swamp near where he grew up. years later, at the height of his prominence, he was bringing the word of god into living rooms around the globe via t-v ... and dispensing spiritual counsel and political advice to u.s. presidents. the reverend billy graham, achieved a level of influence and reach no other evangelist is likely ever to match. his private funeral will the march 2nd. (steve) the wife of musician chris cornell told "good morning america" that she blames her husband's death on sleeping pills. the widow talked publicly for the first time since his death last may. she says he was prescribed the pills to "help him sleep" after suffering a shoulder injury. cornell was found unresponsive in his hotel room after a concert in
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detroit. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the wayne county medical examiner's office ruled his death suicide by hanging. a subsequent toxicology report cited a mix of prescription drugs in his system. still ahead at 8 cinemark changing what you can bring with you into the theater. and those changes start tomorrow. and next. why disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein ... asks a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit against him... at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing
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such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. there's more adventure,where you can get... more thrills,
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more magic, and more happy. and now you can stay steps away from the magic for less. save up to 25% on select rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. so now's the time to get more happy! (pam) harvey weinstein is asking a judge to dismiss a federal sexual misconduct lawsuit against him. and he did so, by using the words of some a-list actresses ... in his defense. weinstein's lawyers filed a response to the possible class action suit... saying, it should be rejected because the alleged assaults took
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place too long ago. his attorneys also cite comments by meryl streep and jennifer lawrence .. in support of weinstein. the lawsuit was filed by six women who claim ... weinstein and his former film companies, conspired to conceal his widespread harassment and assaults. (steve) starting tomorrow... cinemark is banning large bags from its movie theaters. the company owns several century theaters in the bay area. they announced the new bag policy today....saying they're trying to enhance the safety and security of guests and employees. bags can't be bigger than 12-inches by 12- inches... unless you're carrying medical equipment or a diaper bag. and if your bag 'is' too big -- the theater doesn't have a place to store it. also -- employees have the right to inspect bags before customers go inside. (pam) in sports...we have the latest on the condition of giants legend orlando cepeda...(steve) been a good week for dallas mavericks owner mark cuban... who was fined by the n-b-a for talking about
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purposely losing games... gary has that story...and all the sports... coming up next at 8 the new study that says drinking every day --- might help you live longer.
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(pam) new tonight at 8,
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want to live until you're 90 -- or even older? well one researcher says, reaching for a wine glass - rather than a dumbbell - may help you live longer.(steve) a neurologist from u-c irvine studied 17-hundred people who lived until at least 90. doctor claudia kawas found that people who drink two glasses of wine or beer every day reduced their chances of dying prematurely by 18 percent. the researcher says she does not know why modest drinking and putting on a few pounds seems to help people live longer... but that she firmly believes it improves longevity. (pam) a federal panel says.. it is okay for doctors to start using a kid- friendly nasal spray flu vaccine again. this, after an advisory group pulled its recommendatio n for the flu- mist vaccine two- years ago. but the advisory committee of immunizations practices ... voted to recommend the mist for next winter's flu season. the vaccine's maker--- astrazeneca said, a small
8:46 pm
study shows a new version works better flu-mist is the only spray- in nose vaccine ... on the market. and unlike other flu vaccines made with a dead virus --- it is made from a live, but weakened one. (steve) want to eat out without paying an arm and a leg? then you might want to listen up.(pam) in today's consumer watch -- mary moloney has money saving tips ... that will not take a bite out of your budget. just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you have to spend every night in your kitchen.if you want to go out -- find gift cards at a discounted rate.try giftcards dot com or restaurants dot com. for instance -- you can get a 25 dollar gift card to your favorite restaurant without having to pay the full 25 you end up getting some of your food for your research and ask for deals.many times -- kids -- seniors -- and members of the military can eat for free.plan to eat out on those special days -- and take the family.if you end up leaving a lot of food on your plate -- ask your server for lunch-sized portions.typically it's cheaper while also being
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filling.and follow your favorite restaurant on social media.many times -- that's the first place restaurants announce deals or sales.for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. the san francisco giants have given some clarity on the condition of hall of famer orlando cepeda... according to the team... cepeda suffered a "cardiac condition" monday night... reports had him in the parking lot of a golf course near
8:48 pm
fairfield when he was stricken the 80-year-old reportedly remains hospitalized and in critical condition... unconscious and unable to breathe on his own cepeda was a seven-time all-star who played in three world series... he was the 1958 national league rookie of the year with the giants...the same year the moved to san francisco from new york city the giants released this statement today...(wipe to fullscreen) baseball hall of famer orlando cepeda was hospitalized on monday evening due to a cardiac incident... he remains in critical condition at a bay area hospital... the cepeda family asks for privacy during the time... please keep orlando and his family in your thoughts and prayers. now on the the less serious stuff... pablo sandoval is taking on a new role at spring training for the giants... he will catch bullpen sessions...
8:49 pm
sandoval vonunteered to go into the squat for a few sessions this spring... he is the team's emergency catcher this season sandoval was a ctacher in the minor leagues.. catching 176 games.... but admitted it has been a while since he has even caught a bullpen sessionsandoval is also carrying an outfield glove... but mnager bruce bochy quickly put to rest any chance the panda will play beyond the infield... saying... "he doesn't need to show me that glove," dallas mavericks owner mark cuban isn't afraid to speak his mind... the nba has fined cuban $600,000 for
8:50 pm
comments about tanking during a podcast with hall of famer julius erving. commissioner adam silver said the fine was for "public statements detrimental to the nba." the podcast with erving was posted sundaycuban said that he met recently with some of his players and told them "losing is our best option."... he also said he shared the club's summer plans with the players and... "that we're not going to tank again."... he said by the end of the season, it will be "a year and a half of tanking." of course cuban is worth about 4-billion-dollars... so he can tae the money out of his poket rick pitino spoke aday after his 2013 national champinship team at louisville was strippped of it's national title... the school's basketball program also had to vacate 123 games and reimburse million of dollars in revenue for multiple ncaa tournaments... this all stemmed from a
8:51 pm
scandal in which a basketball assistant was accused of providing strippers and prostitutes for recruits pitino was fired last september for a number off- court incidents regarding the program... he spoke today about having to vacate the 2013 title... calling the decision "unjust"...(sot: pitino) "these players dedicated their lives to win a national championship for all the right reasons. my heart breaks for them, the fanbase, and an outstanding university. if i hired wrong people at times, i take full responsibility for that."
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two-time pro bowl cornerback vontae davis... who is a free agent...agent...who is a free vontae davis... cornerback vontae davis... who is a free agent... visited with both the raiders and 49ers this week... the 9-year veteran was released by the indianapolis colts back in november after playing just five games with the team last season. the brother 49ers tight end vernon davis... both vontae davis would add cornerback depth... they at the position. unfortunately it appears the davis' best behind him
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an 11 year old summonded for jury duty ...and when his mom tells the court... you won't believe what the court said .. next. tonight at 9 morning (what the) censored holy (censored) man (oh thats fine) ( how can i help you) what a way to be greeted in san mateo during the latest driver share more with you in the next edition of behaving badly
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luke fox/11 years old: "my name is luke fox and i'm 11 years old.""i got summoned to jury duty.""i'm not over 18. i'm only 11, so i didn't think i'd ever get it."(steve) talk about a glitch. the young boy scout was ordered to show up for jury selection next month in chester county, pennsylvania. the summons came with two pages of instructions and dress code recommendations, telling luke to bring a magazine to read, even where to park his car, if he had one. when his mom called the county to alert them about the error....they told her he had to show up. she pressed further and was able to get luke removed. chester county officials said minors should check off the exemption box if they ever receive a summons. luke mom's thinks
8:57 pm
he would have done a great job and she was only concerned about the content of the case. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes is here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))new tonight at nine... the marin county search and rescue team.. is now assisting in the search for a bay area man who went missing over the weekend at yosemite.we'll hear from worried loved ones... next in a live report. also new at nine...a long time bar and grill on the peninsula is calling it quits after 60 years in business.reaction tonight from customers who are sad to see it go.((grant)) plus..the cold weather just wont let up now...add fierce winds and showers to the mix. your four zone forecast is coming up.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(grant) tonight police are looking for a local man - who went on a hiking trip in yosemite... and never came home...(grant) thanks for
9:00 pm
joining us, i'm grant lodes... (steve) and i'm steve aveson... now the oakland native's family and friends are worried. alan chow was last seen at the hetch hetchy entrance in yosemite national park... which is about a little over an hour away from half dome...(grant) tonight kron4's hermela aregawi spoke to some of his aregawi spoke to some of his family and friends... she joins us live from oakland.. with that story.. hermela, what this point? (grant) another big story we're following tonight.... bart police releasing the body camera video.. from a deadly officer-involved shooting. this comes one day after a small portion of the video was leaked online... this happened on january third.... shaleem tindle was killed when a bart police officer shot the 28-year-old across the street from the west oakland bart station. we're going to play the entire video released by bart police -- we do want to warn you -- it is graphic.(grant)


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