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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 30, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ tonight, meghan markle's beauty evolution. >> icing on the cake. >> her style, her workouts, how she influenced harry's health. plus hollywood bridal beauty -- >> it's going to be very special, very emotional. >> kalie coke owe, gwyneth paltrow, and meghan trainor dish on upcoming i dos. >> i want lace and long sleeves. workout secrets of the stars. >> take the leg all the way back -- >> how to get abs like kate hudson, legs like reese, arms like jen garner. >> i really like to diet. celine dion turns 50. ♪ staying alive staying alive >> "e.t." celebrates her many musical sides. ♪ put your head on my shoulders ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." hello and welcome to our special
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look at hollywood beauty and how you can get it. all right, let's get started with the american actress who's about to become british royalty. the one and only meghan markle. >> just 50 more days until her big day with prince harry, and we know she's going to look breathtaking because we have been tracking meghan's beauty evolution. >> meghan selfie, okay. one, two, three -- >> reporter: she's becoming one of the most famous women in the world and her style has come a long way since she was a briefcase model on "deal or no deal." >> meghan, open the case. >> reporter: these days her makeup is more natural and she's dressing in a conservative manner. but still showing her personal flair. we love these jimmy q. heels. the california girl has always been health conscious. >> meghan is a complete fitness fanatic. she loves to run laps around kensington gardens which is just south of kensington palace. i'm told she's a fan of a private members club that do intensive fitness training classes.
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>> reporter: in "harry: life, loss, and love" her healthy influence has rubbed off on harry. >> he likes to start his days with green juice like meghan. you'll often see him visiting the gym. and he's given up his beloved marlboro lights, or at least smoking less and drinking less. >> i've been blessed with a lot of hair. >> reporter: oh, we know. whether she wears it down and loose or in a messy bun, meghan's hair has made headlines. her style is similar to what her character rachel wears. >> we've got this rachel quintessential polished blauout. in real life i like more texture and play with it. >> reporter: for her glowing complexion, she visits london's skin guru, specialty a deep face massage. >> to give you that high cheekbone. >> reporter: when it's time for a girls' night out with friends the future royal drops by the brown cow pub owned by a friend of harry's. a killer burger, bloody marys, and chocolate mousse.
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we'll have what they're having. >> chocolate mousse? not before your big day, she's got to be on wedding bod, "operation wedding dress." >> that man likes her curves and edges. have two, meghan. >> and a margaret that. meghan is not the only bridal beauty gearing up to say i do. if you're weapon notwithstanding paltrow, don't expect much the second time around. >> have you started planning the wedding? >> not yet. i'm so busy. you know, i'll get -- i will. i will. at some point. >> will everybody be involved, big? >> i'm old to have a big wedding and a big old white dress. i've got to be -- i've got to dial it back. >> a lady is never too old to have a white dress and a big ring, honey, that's a good thing. >> reporter: did i hear you say -- >> you're going to have all your animals? the wedding? >> yes. >> wn is this happening? we've all been on pins and needles waiting for this day. >> there's no info when it's happening. put it this way, there will be no animals left behind.
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every animal we have will be part of it. it's going to be very special, very emotional. ♪ >> are we having an l.a. wedding or going destination? >> i don't know. i have no idea. i was thinking about hawaii. >> do you have a dress? >> no. i know i want lace and long sleeves. >> reporter: megan's been shedding for the wedding, down 20-plus plans, including no alcohol, no smoking, just water and workouts with fiance darrell sabarra. >> he saved my life in every way, taught me how to eat healthy, we work out together, we do everything together, yeah. it's a problem. >> we work out -- >> we meditate, we work out, we cook together. we're just like cute as gross, everyone hates us, you know when you're that couple. >> reporter: secrets on how bride to be detaily koko got this bod, ditched soda and started getting cups.
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>> i sometimes do meatless monda mondays, no meat on mondays. i was a spinning fanatic and i need to shock my body. yoga did it for me, vikram. hot heated yoga. i feel five pounds lighter. >> reporter: gwyneth posted this shot of her fiance, she calls him the epitome of love and timeless. what i love, her ex, chris martin, is totally okay with her upcoming i dos. how do they make this modern family work? >> luckily i have a deeply loving ex-husband who's very open-minded. it's for the kid. you don't want your kids to -- obviously if i could have stayed married to the father of my kids, that's kind of the dream. but it didn't work out for me. so i'm really lucky that i found a partner that's patient and loves me and is willing to, you know, help me with my process. >> i like how you smile when you talk about her. you get this twinkle in your eyes, that's good. >> reporter: it will be a race to the altar this year.
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also engaged couples include sophie turner and joe jonas, john cena and nicky bella, paris hilton and actor chris zilka. >> can i see your ring? we haven't seen it up close. how'd you pick this out? >> inspired by her mother's engagement ring. >> reporter: the guest list? >> i feel you've been hanging out with kardashians, we say you at dinner with paris jackson. >> all my girls will be invited. >> what about britney spears? >> i love brit. everyone, yes. >> there's someone who knows all about being a bride, miss amy schumer. >> amy married chris fisher in a surprise wedding last month. life is pretty good right now. from the looks of amy's new movie she's feeling pretty too. >> there's a scene where i enter a bikini contest. >> deejay, hit it. >> that scene was so insane, so fun. and really empowering to shoot for me. >> reporter: amy goes from
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insecure to confident after a bump on the head makes her see herself in a whole new way in "i feel pretty." . >> you look good! i'm beautiful! >> you wish you could have your best friend be more confident. you wish you could just kind of have them see themselves the way you see them. >> i'm just like dealing with low self-esteem and like -- >> i want to punch you right in your dumb face right now. >> reporter: schumer shared her insecurities about body image before, so the comedy that also stars naomi campbell and michelle williams fits in with amy's manifest tear. >> some days i have insecurities. i'll be like, when did that get here? oh, it's just more of my ass. but then other days i feel really sexy and good in my own skin. and i just try to remember those days on the days where i'm not feeling as good. but, yeah, i feel good -- i feel good about this. >> amy is the best. you will love this movie, it's
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all about loving yourself. 80 feel pretty" hits theaters april 20th. celine dion turns 50 today. >> happy birthday, queen, we love her so much. currently on a two-month hiatus from her vegas residency to recover from ear surgery. we know at least for today she's able to take her mind off of it. ♪ she's black she's white ya-ya yeah ♪ >> reporter: a source tells "e.t." celine had a big celebration planned but since the show was canceled she's spending the day with her kids and loved ones instead. ♪ staying alive staying alive >> reporter: we remember how she catapulted into icon status with the "titanic" ballad in 1997. ♪ wherever you are >> reporter: her eldest son, 17-year-old rene charles, is in awe of his mom reflecting at last year's billboard music awards. you understand how popular, what that song means to this entire
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generation? >> oh, it's crazy. such an iconic song. very special. >> 20 years already, i'm like, oh, okay. i think we're going to need to hold on to something, i don't know. >> reporter: she looks like she's holding on just fine as she celebrates this milestone birthday. seriously, who else could pull off an amazing dress like that? celine, are you there? celine? over the shoulder! >> we wish her a speedy recovery. by the way, keep in mind she's scheduled to be back onstage in vegas may 22nd. coming up -- >> the star's strangest beauty tricks. >> giving your face a workout. >> jessica alba's skin-tightening secret, madonna's facial, and which singer swears by goat yoga. >> i have to go home and explain scratches and hoof marks. >>. >> curly hair's making a comeback. owe live yeah halle, emma,
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together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort. ♪ carrie bradshaw rocked the '80s in "sex and the city 2." what's good enough for sarah jessica parker will always be good thuf for us. guess what, those waves are
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making a big comeback as we go inside hollywood's permanent obsession. >> we're done. ringlets. i feel so pretty. ♪ i really like it >> with two kids and working all the time i thought i'd wake up with glamorous waves. wake up every day like amazing. >> did it take you some time? >> kind of did, kind of didn't. i was like, oh, this is like the early '90s, i remember this. >> reporter: it started with emma stone who hash tagged this shot currently is the new straight. olivia munn sharing her transformation, rollers covering her head to the finished product. >> i love it. >> before loving low-maintenance hair, you can get up, save time in the morning, have those beach waves. >> reporter: celebrity hairstylist tabatha of 901 salon explains the process costs about $400 and lasts four months.
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j. lo's to blake lively's natural curls. >> when people are coming in to get perms they're asking to look like sarah jessica parker. she was wearing this style on "s "sex and the city" days and rocking it today. >> the higher the hair, the closer to heaven, right? all right. still ahead -- >> high-energy, super-hard, but you can do it workout. >> reporter: want arms like jennifer garner? we'll show you exactly what she does to get them. bold eyebrows are on trend. but if you weren't born with them, we'll show you how you can still get the look. >> we are using a blade made up of needles. and how to tighten your tummy without moving a muscle. plus gwyneth paltrow reveals the most daring beauty treatment we've heard yet. >> of course it's [ bleep ] painful! closed captioning provided by --
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oh, channing tatum posted this hilarious shot of his daughter. "what it looks like when a little tyrant fairy artist holds you down and makes your face look better." i love it, those some are good parents. we know mom jenna has beauty tips to share. >> obviously you have to do this in combination with working out. >> reporter: jenna dewan tatum does lacers to tighten the skin on her tummy. her secret for flawless toned legs? a cocktail of shimmer makeup. ♪ madonna makes 59 look like 39 by doing fork physical therapies. >> a facial happening with a fork. it works really good. tightens the skin. >> mom of three jessica alba uses this $69 tool to tighten and impreserve skin tone. >> it like heats up and massages your skin. so under here, which is my favorite thing to do, giving
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your face a little workout -- >> reporter: tricia yearwood tried goat yoga. >> when you're in that position, you know there's a goat on you. i have to go home and explain scratches and hoof marks. but you know. >> reporter: what are other celeb secrets? pilates devotee kate hudson does collagen smoothies. gwyneth has tried all sorts of nontraditional beauty treatments, to get rid of inflammation. >> the bee sting has all this amazing healing properties. >> huh? >> really painful. >> of course it's [ bleep ] painful. >> i've been using light stim. little lasers at home. there's one light for wrinkles and sun damage. there's another one to kill bacteria that causes acne. >> i've been wrapped in foil because i heard it was supposed to detox your body of like any aluminum and like blah, blah, blah. >> girl, i felt hot and sticky
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and i want to take a shower. that's what i feel like. >> i haven't done this, but i really want to try the pedicure with the fish that eat the dead skin. >> stars like mandy moore, demi lovato, and the real housewives of beverly hills have tried cryotherapy. the treatment is said to burn 800 calories in three minutes. >> freezing! [ bleep ]! i don't like this! >> maybe the most interesting beauty tip we've heard comes from sandra bullock. use preparation h to get rid of undereye lines and bags. >> apparently models use it. they put it in the fridge. i've never used it. if you want to put butt cream on your face, i say you put that butt cream on your face. >> confession, i've used it. >> does it really work? >> it works. >> really? >> it does. >> okay! let's go to workout that all women can agree on to get in spring break shape. >> bikini season is pop us, body by simone is a favorite of jennifer garner's. the secrets behind her all-star
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sweat session. >> body by simone class, i did it this morning. it's like a dance cardio, weight, trampoline, all kinds of different things, really fun, high-energy super-hard, but you can do it workout. >> jennifer garner's arms, one trick to getting those arms. heavyweight, so women, don't be afraid to lift heavier weight. making sure that you're working to muscle fatigue. >> 45-year-old jen prepping for her role in the revenge thriller "peppermint." she worked out with simone one to two hours a day six days a week. >> jennifer garner seems line somebody who works hard. >> she wants the gold sticker. >> reporter: other stars have gotten hot bods thanks to simone de la rue. >> legs all the way back. working your quads, hamstring and glutes -- >> reporter: reese's legs and these planks for kate hudson's abs. >> one, two, three, four, and down, two, three, plank --
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>> reporter: simone's making it easy to do the jen garner workout. she's not a new app out, including diet tips, courtesy celebrity nutritionist kelly, getting body back after baby. >> kelly navak, amazing nutritionist. i've just had a baby and it's hard to get back in the saddle. but i think it's time. >> jessica alba. she's my soul sister. i mean, what a supportive and wonderful woman. >> reporter: jessica and jen drink this power smoothie every day. >> jen created this smoothie for me herself. using my formula, which is great. so it's chocolate protein, almond butter, flax, a handful of spinach, and blueberries. it tastes sort of like cookies and cream. >> i like it. >> everywhere i go someone's telling me to drink a smoothie and all i want is pasta. keep in mind when it comes to beauty, thin isn't always in. time to go bold with your brows.
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some of the most enviable eyebrows in hollywood but that wasn't always the case. j. lo, angelina, and gwen when skinny brows were all the rage. >> her look has changed so much throughout the years. she used to have really small brows. and with her style now she looks so beautiful and so young. >> reporter: eyebrow expert lucy hart of loucy hart even has bee in the biz 15 years and has shaped more than 8,000 sets of brows. >> the number one celebrity brow, definitely kim kardashian's brows. >> reporter: there's a simple procedure that can help you go from this to this. >> a youthful-looking brow makes us look younger and micro beading is the only thing that can create that look. it's so soft and natural. >> reporter: here's how micro blading works. the first 30 minutes, lucy numbs the area and maps out the brows.
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>> then the fun begins, let's go. we are using a blade made up of needles. >> reporter: for the next hour, lucy makes tiny scratches that resemble hair, filling them in with ink. >> micro beading is more of a superficial type of tattooing. >> are you ready to see your new brows? >> yes. oh my gosh, wow. >> reporter: the down time is 10 to 14 days. during that time, you have to keep your brows clear of makeup, water, sweat, and the sun. >> those things are very important. taking care of the brows once they're done is going to ultimately affect the healing. >> a session with lucy costs $700 to $1,100, and should last about a year. i got mine done what do you think? >> amazing. >> you should get yours done. ha ha! when we come back -- >> the next time you take a selfie, this year's cover girl danielle harrington is going to show you how. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a south bay woman was shot at in her car... now the search is on for a gunman.
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we talk to her about the terrifying incident. he was shot six times in the back...what the details of stephon's clark autopsy reveal about the night of the controversial police shooting. plus what an east bay sheriff's office is doing drawing the ire of immigration groups. and we have your holiday weekend forecast. i'm steve aveson. i'm catherine heenan the news -- at eight -- is next.
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it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t."! >> this is the best time of my life! >> oh, wow! >> nobody knows how to live like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> bigger, better, and before everyone else. >> i love you, you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you go >> meghan selfie, okay. >> on instagram, facebook, and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t."
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promo considerations provided by -- >> daniel harrington is only the third african-american woman to make the cover of "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. >> tyra and beyonce did it. >> you hit on it the head. >> danielle's so gorgeous. even she wants to snap the perfect selfie, she shared tips with us. >> find the light first. go into light. work your angles. know your angles. twist your body. show your booty. >> another secret, cross your legs. it accentuates your waist and makes your lower body look tiny. >> there's no way. >> honestly, i feel prettier already. >> i feel ridiculous. this is all bad for me. >> kevin, i'm stuck. >> have a great weekend. i'll try and unstick. now at eight ... (sound)
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a terrifying trip through the drive through line.whoosh a bay area sheriff 's office accused of violating the state's sanctuary the state's of violating the state's sanctuary policy by helping federal agents find undocumented immigrants.whoosh "god definitely had his hands on her." this newborn baby survived a horrific car accident ... despite slipping out of her protective seat.what you may not know about child seats. "people think because they're being sold they're safe to use." whoosh six lucky numbers could change someone's life forever ... the results of tonight megamillions. (catherine) a


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